The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1931
Page 6
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_^m'HKVn.I,i; v (ARKMJOUKlRR NEWS Corry Injured iJalw Kutli I'Yom Field Frr" l i Air Sr-oi't Rackets' Chuck Full of Impovlnnl L'.vcnis. BYAVIM.IAM I'UAVrilF.K NEA Srrln-e Pywls P.j'tor ' NEW YORK. An;il "I 'LM'i.-H! : ; things !!-.•> l]!>. - :!i:iiiiiT <:r nl:o:it to '-. 'liap;.jen ii 1 . sev^n spcits as i swings into summer. The baseball r.vcs l-.avo Boxing is pc-ttln-; rf-artv for chnmrjinnsbl;) fli'ht?. In tlio Icpes of th.-v -1st an I v.vst c-irs- . men arc p'llllii',' for Piwrtikeensie. • TTO Croat intci.-olU'Oritc- wrts ruv i:i I! 1 .- 1 making. me cettin!; vr.v.'v for 1'ic HtliiMi •Ainc.lctir nnd Op'n i-n-1 (he Hvdcr | Cup. American Anr.lcur antl A-"- • cricnn Open en this i-'dc of the- j cccon. Davis Tin batiks air |i::;t i ahead .in f." nK Tbp. l.'iurhldiiri^ of: tl:? turrnre tnln'.ii' for thn Derby - anil rich pri?-s t:i l!v> north. The world's liirhlwelpht' rlum- I r'inslitp is at «!.Vr:e In a bent :it I riik.iso Sladlmn April 24. Tony, ' Cci-'oncri Mill def-ud tin title ', : r.pflust Kid Ber?. busy Britisher. I On llu cvpn'-i!! cf July 3 at i fcvc!and. Max F,™mfl!iiK will risk • - .Ills'lil champio ' n-jrrnst Ycunc C-'rihllnr*. . ' At itlinca. N. Y.. a Cornel! Is preparing for t!i': Pouyhki * rogrtla iu Ji'n? in Ih" hope ( r r ating last year' 1 ; victory. Hi; Pacific coast ccrncs a rtnnpii-.' i , jcnt by Washlnvtmand California i <_ oarsmen, nnd n promiii: 1'iat they ] will not bo "also raus" uea'n this, !!:l ' ;5 FRIDAY, APRIL _ 24. 1931 Lasl "Holdout:' To Join (la !•<!;? 1 wo Guilds Playod in L'VfruCH i"i ?l|'JWCr.i ' Khov/ers of rain tint 'Ml in .'.1: i mm IfU'rf!!!' ci:!'s tusl alnul -.p-.> 1- ! fit Uie bK' tliow yesn-rilay -vi:ii only ] lv,-o bi;; t!:i'.:' cain':s Iji'inj nJnyei. I rcrrfll uirn"d in 'n ; I'-.i' 1 :! ; victory of l":e S';LI!.O:I f:r Chv5lm,1 : by lurniir; back the Clilci';)'.ej SDX with live hits while hh in-i'.^-- I won 8 to 2. The Iiidlniii p-ii>l^i out Ihliiem hits oil tin o.l?ri!|-;<: | of nuiMnn anil Moire. V:,s ii'k. Cl^velaiKl sensation, v.vnt but cunllni.c:! !•) ti:\([ t.:i ! Ainciican league biti?rs. Tom Il:!d;:c5. Di'lrcit rn.iki?. nuil \Valti-r Stewart,'e sj!itii[:i; : ace. Iwnked up in a pili!:ii] • <;.M! at IJ.-ti-oit' liilh Uri:wi r>:n'.'.-;Ln-. thr '.ilnn-ir 1 fj 0. Bt_','.v.:t :i!l-i.v?:i only five bits l»:i t!-,_> llrj-.viii ;:: b::t cl! Hr:rt--;es. Tt:o loa" ni.i ill tlie iririii when cinr! (ir:-iirr.!cr doubled ami toUi.'d i M.j.scm-1. Ainons Iho !-c!ico:s lint (».iii,toj l:i t!,is sc-cLlcj.) A,, n,r,i,,,i ii.ivj IndiL-aU'd they will cnltr arc iiHlutc-mi nL is io::nj , ' .•5. nail!, Kvmioit, Iloiiiersvllle, ty of liuving eveiyilii)- t i ril-.vJt, Co-jt.-.-, Ha;\i, .Mahbn, U.niie, IModaett, Cliittlvc. Clmries- East 1'niirie, New ',:ic, P_il!ur Jlllllf.. lon. Djni;.]ia :i. \\ .d, H.\ .•;vJ S.ketton l:i a.uui-dunee with, th.3 sphll ol 11. i- times, when every event claims a L-ityr b liar" by.iUm than MCT . ,', ih'j proinoiirs of tne .*: ; slOI) -'i!JUlh''3M M.SSUll.'i gi JS tu.^k and field meet, arc inuin- i.aLiinij liial ncthi'ig of tils r.cotie :D l..u p.u;;o. ji m.L-t lias L.:cn :it- thc novcl- . fi«; free uu.iifio.i lor t-oiiU'StaiUK. tree e'l- try en tne part, of siwci'ators Preliminary events WHJ be n-i off at I',:o0 In His murnin* -ind lina.s nt l-.'M n, the ii!.,- rnotll Nearly 200 girl i-ontalmili, are o';- pottcu to lake part in Ui e j u v.ii.cli will \yy iiLlended by roo'.Y; fiom every school |>arli-;ipai; n< ' A ' Iclal of 21 medals, two trophy .• an:l one Individual av.ard ai t . 'j !;j o:icred to the wintic.'s in ./.. -:itht uvtuLs scheduled. .,.-.! ll.t ST. l.cuis, A-ii-il 'Jl. •:.. Cliailrs "Chick" !l-j:';y. I: .'.I :•:: nciclcr cf the Si. l.'nv< C.i ii has uirrc-?:! t:> a-_'c:';it ::r :•: terms." r n; s.i'n- [',• .'•>•.'(.• l'.:i' Cards i,n:i3uii;-:vl till.'. Hafcy is no\v at Hrrk-l.y. C.i; will report toy dmv ('::;• ::.'-.' •., Breadui suld. 'l : ;ii. I i c outflcl&r has h;lil on: : ,'. 1 rtfusing (•) :;>OL'| t::u C.i ! fcr of $1-2.530 . Hain caused pjstponetn:':it of al" ' " "" ' Naiiaial league fames ye.stj-J'.y i irO.CCO prvple. M-iyl)« nnd the WashiURton-Phibddphh i IICT w!iv rtilw lltit:i'..•; niul New York-lScs'.jii g,tin?s i:i i yia:-.' U:e American league. 1 • • Uabe Ruth, injure:! n V.'e-J;i"=.- day'i game, Is unier physician- 1 ca:e al liosion and may bt> out of !'.c (janie for several weeks. I1L.- t'hanre yt-ar. Syracuse and I,In":a?hn?!'!(s T,-rh, tmprovhiL', raiiv I?" hard to pull mil of (he pine: niyf '.hnw 1m- or> they enjoyed in 1030. T «ite May and sirlv .lure will sc? Ihe I'.C. 4-A games ! u Ihn c?.s!. an-1 in: Us haselmll's .ntnr. is shewn I'.eru being carried from the fic!:l at lioston by tcam- the- Injury ti> his ]e;j which niuy re.Milt In his being out of (!i? name lor several weeks. T ;,, n , K \ in front-criUcr is Lou Ciclirl-, another New York Yankee slur. nn.(!:\!i" fcr two mon;',i3 ami n half. I, —:RII'.:I; the lirst of T^fny- hnrlii« o[ nietlitn. Ths score was J! In -I ni'.li Antry, fJrax c.itclni 1 . :'i5 N. C. A. A. I rack ind lif'rl, 'Hu- luvt world Is f.imlrrj its eyes Kctlliig fuir binsles lor a perfect field meet In Chiraw. Thci- will | icv.-.ird Chmdiill Downs, whcve u day. bring cut Eiicli sturi ss Wykcff bip nirestion \vill be asked of Equi- ] neck liinlted t'ic Nash- f>'om 'the Pacific. coa>;t: Sontmah. i cc 1 '.'' iu lue Kentiicky Uerby May | vllle Vols lo six hits and tho Chick", the Illmois hurdle clinmplon, and | IB. Tiu liorsc that HruinLvd so much ! won 5 lo 2. The Memphis men scar• Churchill, the University cf Call- j a', j iKO-yuar-uitl. thrown Into com- j cd tlivci; in'ns in the third Irniin.? tD foriiid javelin king. I p-t tinri with such luu-ws us Mate, s^'.v up I'u-lj- |;-,1U3. Clc?rf) ef (he ihls year • Twcntv • Grand. Vauderpool and Vo!s snias!ic:i one over th? N'as!:- ! 1 otl'cr ' lilfili-rlnss tho'-ouijlihrcds,. villt- wall In t'rc ninth. j '" lallt jj HOW THEA 7 STAND Knutlirrn Track and field ev?nts IITIVO 'an added Ei'piifiriuue light. of the Olynlple fames will bo held at Los Anrnlt ' 11>32. America's sccrins the: that ! clearly would (bmo-s'.nu? Anrolcs :n ; by '.viiiiunj; at Louisville, the Bel- p»ssiliHitlr.5 ; nio:it, Ihe Arlinjtcu Castle and Hi; vill bo better known after the two j American Drrby am other rich natioual meets pvr.'ei that await the (Mslon of On-lfay 18, Uie first of tl'o creal [ljuvj tees and crcuclilny Jockeys. n 0 rolf toiurnanients will tc lic!d at V/cstwavd Ho!—the >'rili--,!i Amn- .teur. George Volst a'.'..I other Airo- j ricaus will try to pick up where- Ticbby Jtnes left Gtl& hut Uluv ] benr the knowlcdee that them Ls; l>!:nty to do. On June 1 tin' JUiil- Ish Open will be held at Carnous- lie, $cptlnnd. On June 2(1 and 21, .the lirilidi Ryc'pr Cup team will try. to. brat .nil American loam at, _. , Columbus, O. Not many miles; At anla Holds !'ll'Sl 1 laCC OlKCSlOH away,, at Toledo on July 2. 3 rmd: T i\- • i v.-iii b=| l'i l-'ixif 1 . Loop with ' the nrst; fa Q T!IO hhcd strum, scoring lv:o inns In ] Ihe ninth linilnz to b:at tlic Llltl.' , Ulllc Rock . New Orleans nock Travelers in a li s hl game ;: | B|»"|'>«l""n to 2. The Bimie was a Inirlln-j bat-', „ . fl!!" 0 ^ iietwccn yonn^ Newsotn cf .ti'.e Travelers and Uarloii (if [lie LOJ/.- onts. The Ilirmlnsham nnrans inani"- ed to outhst l-"e I'sllc.ins and WDH ,5 to 4.-Tlie Birds scored nil tour ! of their' nm» In the seventh in- j nini, r bul ruuld nut aild the lylu; i run. Caimbcll was the witiiunj 1 kurlcr. Nnshville Mobile Atnrrican 'l'0-\ C\n*-> On U.OS. Ull. Toledo on : 4. the Nations 1 Open • fcujht. .'with Jones for time'in" years n sib?clator. Tlv Na-j tional Amateur will be played over , ' a Dcy'urlcy courEo at Chlcngo, be-1 The At!:ir.ta Cracker? swept thru • -ginning August 31. - (tin defense of the- Mobile Marines • This is the first year cf int^r- ytsierday lo tnkc undisputed p^s- natlonnl tennis without Tild:n s«:sic/n of first jilace in the Rcul'i- fince the tall Philadelphia started cm I^a^ue P-nmant chase, wlillj his relgu more than 10 -seasons ago. j the- Memphis Chicks shoved into Tn o£ the veterans there will b? young men, Frank Shields nnd Sidney Wood, teaming up with 'Johnny Van. Ryn. V.'llmer Allison New York .. Cleveland ... ' W.ishinvitcn j St. Louis ... ! ChiCHKO i Philadelphia 1 Dstroll Dcstcn tuid Oeergc Lott. The matches will nlac; wit: n triumph ove- iVe Vols. The Atlanta batsmilKs polc.1 cut H bils off Mobile pHchim; to put t'.K'lr same on ke lieliiui the Play Blylheville Team Here W. . C . li . 5. 5 5 . 4 . 3 . 3 W. Q (i 3 . 3 3 3 . 'i : llox Nofcs ftoa has a rookl? natncd Ctrne" nut nt home the people know as Eugeiiio Merchantelli. !T,} it for the seorckeepM 1 :;. _ ConMasr f'e v:i-iivl--> of bi'; l!io career cf M: 1 . litlnnr Plcksr- :ns- from Horde. Kan. Mr Pick;r:m; v.ent Koutli witii t!-.j Grants as f. lliinl baj-'innn. Tne .-.(•••. son had harrtly begiin before J.'!:n McGnuv. !CI:BIIC exislenre .15 i:--:i:pimed In l^-ckiiiri over his iiifli'ld.'r-s, decided lie nr.'dod o:«' :••« er- third base- mj:n. Sj he s^.bl Uii:aru- i'itkerins to the liostou It-il 8;>x. Which Pius' uibunc .1 chr.m-e ly appear on Cie playin;; liAl in |-.?rto:i ac li '"Siy u.:r.r.:; a ri;:!ji-i leayire ball PC: .75 National | New York , Chicago .. '• Pittsburgh T.m Sikrston. Mo. Rolf team will invadi! nlythcvillc Sun:!ay to meet the colfers of tha Bythcvil'.i coun- | Philndclphia try chih in an inter-club tourney j Cincinnati here. The tourney will lie the first' of V number planned for this sen- r c'i. The local masiiJe woilriers ivill also make a number of 1'O.ul trips. The I2'.ythevil!e golfers have, a- [Brraklyn W. G . 1 . e . -t 3 1 . 1 Vo.'^I !Kl:rf'-rcnrs I C!iica7o .scribes are still u - oncV?r- : HL- about a decision made by Ui:i,'i'.- Meran in a ija'Ti lietwej'.i '.i'.n ! C-iiiis and Cubs. With a man on ' "!!•:•!. Uottoinlcy hit lo Stoplienron . u tlie .~:'t'e of nn ovrrHnv: or-'Mvd j Slivie muffed it. Mnian ruled; 'I'l'-cb-ilv hnrt ;)iaut:<cl at stcvlc,' ••'.::( Ibis was ir.teilt-rciice. sj the r.'nrcr en tirrt \v:is s:ui to third ' Tust Another Virdin 'After Tommy l.o:r;!;ran beats Viiturio Campolo May 15, hi- v,i\l bay, 1 wrn .seven bo-i's in a rc-.v nnce last October. The victims: Dick Daniels. Dave Maier. Kin? Irviii!.ky. Jack Gr.,rs. Mat Itaev Tuffy Griffitlrs and Victorio '!» I'.-t^ 2010 Al Cohen is the only hh Iva^tirr 'o male; t"o lii'.s i:i a tini" al b-,: .C.i '.li's ycnr. In a t:n:e at In I ih:s 'car. In a mivjp cl substitutions, .-i: Ale batted In tivo places on the bat- 311 tin;; ordT. makiivt a hit each tirtv.v .1!' Maybe Unc!c Kobbio lhci:-lii li:.12' I lectiecl t!ie iiratticc. Sikcston .1 ^ans Uig Girls Track May Firsi SIKE3TON. Mo. April 2!.-Si:;le-n i,ij!, v,h:.Ts in this district «'!!! yjnd r,'pi""'nlativEs to this e tv Fiidav-. >••-,- i for what is ex- Kccied 1:, 1 r> f.-e 1-ivgnst "for worn :n only" tiavk and f,::d iveet in wavs c'.rranrstralcd a )K\vcr[iil (in fins.' on their own links, in fart tlie locals have yal (o lie defeated by a visiting [ram..The Mlf- sourians lioiie to Lv> tlic first vfslt- ! iu l-:a-n to take the measure of the locals over the lengthy court: litre lias! fMson Sikcston was turned beck 36 points to 2-1 points bat the Misfoi'i.-I?ii^ later B>IVC U-.r Ulyliicvillo gollrrs a soinwl Iriin- inln ", 38 iioinLs to 12 when the Iccals nltrmntccl to L^p.t them over the Sik?5t.o]i ccnrse. [•^ riu-rc Slill Are Fighters Boxir,.; is frad. of csnrso. h-.:t r ,ot for tl;e ninalcurs An atnai^in 1 •join is about the only chance of- 'cred thc;e days to sec action. Tho uuat-iii-s aro rude ta one another. W Is Peaceful I'brrc Tiie Britiih golfers who arc worrying almut tlie way the new ball carries hif.icr .ind thilhor at th: wlitm of tlic winds need not br fre- ."ul about their play in the Ryder Cup iratches at Columhus. O. \Vin;l •, iinknon-:! in Juno at Caiimbus. • • * Th's I):prcv:ion ' In fo'ir at home with the! Red 'Sox. the Yankivs |>l:iy,-,i t ; TSamber keeps hu? liody out o' the vvjn^ a^ nuirli as ^ossible- Anv ilaycr will fm:l he can get t -Her llFtrnlci ar,,1 fontr;:! if he k opr. his borly o-.i! of it until he war.;.; be fln-.l 1' However. <!on't be misled by thinking tlie body. ^hculd stay n'li df it'enlirolv. Til.--' shot rccessi;a;;s the natural turn •f'the bcdy on bcth the bacfewlns •:id downswln •. -O? Tocii up GOLF A>» CM THE &.*-•£ nae rtSR. iE L^ST "Roa . By explaining the camfs cf ;i. timnvj i liope lo show yen ho-.v '.obtain tlie correct timing. A c.v.;i.( for poor timing Is Hie Imnin.- c: ' Ihe body loo quickly on th: iV., 8ROU6 UlS ARM |M TuJO RACK f : n . Th-y cal! this 'hi', .v ;oo:i." Er.pcrncss to hit inrri :the coimucn — Rcbtiildincr — Hcufivl' 1 — Hil-linns — Girbor, Ho'ls Co. Sloncvillc No. 1 seed iiK'h «i:nl sixteenth sla|i!c, saved brforc any rnln.;, hi;; Ijoll, ca?y picking, tunis out well At cin. 1'i'icc $00.00 per ton. ].cff than ton §;i.O^ IH-I- Hnitlreil or will cx- cli;tni;c one for two for ^•ooil prime seed. !L Smart, Sr. 1123 West Main I'honc Sol ordinary player. I'l Cbrencc Camber's gaii turn ol the body Is d:lavecl l.v to allo* th? hands and n come through. In riht-v Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Drl Nn. 2, ((7) Ssn.nn per (nn. Dc'fos 911, (fi) SI5.00 per (on. Seed giiarantocd inirc ;ind jrovmiiiation tesl 93^. This Mis-Dd is one yi-ur from Ijrcciliiijr stntion. Staple 1 1-8 inch, thirds ilsolf. The most satisfactory cotton 1 have ever jfi'own. Prices F. 0. B. Gi'ider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs OiHer, Ark. af the price of ordinary gaso/m QRAVITY from 60.6° to 71.4° TO MATCH WEATHER PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's largest producers of natural high gravity gasoline The more experienced a driver you are, tlie more you will appreciate the amazing results given by Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. The way your engine runs on it is our best advertisement. So we make it extra high test and charge nothing extra. With this honest, straight-forward policy, the Phillips organization has reached a place among the leaders. Millions of doubting drivers have proved for themselves that every gallon of Phillips 66 givesjjrcater value for the money. Motorists consistently report quicker pick-up, c.xtra power, silky smoothness, and longer mileage --premium performance on every count, without a premium price. That is the result of the Phillips principle of CONTROLLED VOLATILITY, which makes this gasoline match the monthly changes in your weather. Its year 'round gravity, from 60.6° to 71.4°, is always higher test than others. At no increase in price. Hence, you have everything tc pain and not!:ir,j; to lose, if you slop at the Or;-,gr. ir,c 66 shicl'l -ad uet A tanhful to ;ty. Also Phillips 66 Ethyl at the regular prica of Ethyl gasoline

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