Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 31, 1947 · 13
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 13

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1947
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Zaeriti tit adeu Saturday, May 31, 1947 HI O A a y w i i k w omen Cf)caso SDailp tribune 13 Garden Tea in Highland Park Will Benefit N. U. Settlement BY JUDITH CASS BESIDES hoping that spring or even summer really will arrive this holiday week-end, members of the Highland Patk branch of Noi thwesto rn University settlement are hoping for sunny skies for next Wednesday aflrrnoon, when a garden lea will hp held on 'be spacious grounds of the Hawthorne Lane home of Mr. and Mis. Eoswfll R. Swaf.v in Highland Park. The event will be the group's ar.r.ual June benelit for the village Thrift shop from which it shares :r: th proceeds. Each settlement member Is invit- Participate in , Flag Raising Ceremonies of Chicago Yacht Club :-g six guests to bring gifts to the !a for resale in the shop and o remain for the first fashion show in the oi year history of th shop. The models will wear costumes. Jewelry, hats, and acccs-' taken from the racks and h.ns in the shop. Mrs. Howell Murray it putting her gift for writing verse ta rood use in preparing a Front Views Profiles By MARL 1A WINN i Pink Coats and Mutton Third of a scries of Saturday es- commentary on tne snow, tone win :so,s on Chicago restaurants . have considerable latitude, lor the costumes will range from Gay Nineties outfits to children's, evening. e lora rhor.e. and ?frs. Howard Detmer v;l! play the piano during the shovv.i Englishman named Abson opened a Sevetal women who no longer are j on the lane. Mutton johops, served as thick as the beefiest t'ternnnn anH snnrtc clothes Mrs e aiie will re at the micro Back Sn the days when the old post office was the federal custom house and the narrow little lane midway of it running south was known as Custom House place, an a- tjve at the Thrift shop but who have pleasant memories or Us early Englishman likes them, were his cays have been invited to preside specialty, along with steak and kid-Rt the tea tables. They include Mrs. nPy pie and seasonal plum pudding. Frederick Boynton, Mrs. Otis This, in the year 1877, was the be-Eeards'.ey, Mrs. Thomas Creigh, ginning of St. Hubert's grill, the Mrs. George Allen Mason, Mrs. Tom;famous mile chophouse over which Wj'e, Mrs. P.oger Vail, and Miss ;the loop now towers. Custom House Charlotte Yoe. ! place now is Federal St., the tender- Mrs. G. D. Stone is general chair-i0-m district which once started a man of the party, with Mrs. Cla-j flock away has now receded to Hal-! urn Jones and Mrs. William Jones Uud, skyscrapers have darkened and m charge of lcfroshments. A num-vvrfed the little grill, but its heavy br of ounz children will be among : ,Voo-1 rtnor with the tended windows still admits as many, if not more, of the discerning hungry as ever. V the fashion show models. Other Benefit News Members of the Highland Park Infant Welfare Wings are confident that summer will he here by June 21, w hen they will hold a "Night in Pi.! is" dance in the Highland Park V. rf : lui -.if!) ' mi Ma I The entrance to St. Hubert's is so small you may miss it if you aren't i careful. It nestles two doors south i of the Union League club. Abson and his diligent wife, who used to pare the vegetables and toast the Engli- h muffins while the customers watched, retired long ago. Charlie Iinwcll, who started as Abson's bus-hoy and lived to take over the business, retired four years ago at the age of f(j. Tom Kelly, an Iiishman who doesn't know a thing about food except how he likes it, learned then that a syndicate planned to buy the place, rip out the smoke-dark ened walls of simulated stone in the men's grill downstairs, discard the beamed ceiling, wall tip the fl re- nance (j! the opera. "The, places, and install mirrors, shiny :.f I.ucietia," w hic h they will ; leather, bars, and, as final desoera-t 1- rr i r-'v night in the Shu-!tion, a 2(1 game in the stately dining i : pi ise Ewo, cf the .e con There will he plenty atmosphere. in hiding j .is. ji sidewalk cafe, and! midnight liner show, i C. Howes Jr. is chair- j benefit. Some of those; mitte are Mrs. Robert ' Mc-on. Miss Carol Jones, Mis. Berino F. Neil III , Miss Nancy Newman, Mrs. Dar.i'l Cunningham, and Miss Parr a: a Ies. Opera Theater Premiere Yi r many members of Opera Th'atei, the American premiere h' l t th t-r, will he a gala limax o the Memorial day week-end. Among those coming in from the coantr.' and suburbs will be the Junior Kellogg Fait banks, who will leave Lake Geneva tomorrow morn-!"g to cnTitain a large group at n luff't supper bfforc the opera. Tbe'r guests will include the James P. Humes, the Kail Kribbens, the J in-es p. Johnsons, the John C. M . r ; !: .. and tne Gail Roidens. WiHiam I-'raiM ' Anderson Jr. w ill Yhe Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Adams Jr., th junior William P. Dickin-st.s. and the p.obcit. G. Andersons in h,s party. Roger Ballard Jr.. who 'ntei tamed m rnbers of the i Hit Wednesday at dinner in j te i:', w ill have as dinner guests j! of the opera the senior! r:--gr r.ailards. Mr. arid Mrs. Wil- j rnri .1 I'.fiheits, anfl Miss Jano t Sew ell of Indianaptdis. Mis. Gioanni Cardelli will enter-: ta:n the Allied Spaulings, thei G ui;o Bolognesis. the Moss Harts, j hnd the junior Mr. and Mrs. Car- j d.-:.i. Mr. and Mrs. William Wood-j P:;r e will come in from the coun-i room upstairs. Actually he didn't learn this; he overheard It. It look , him 10 minutes to get over to St. muueris, wnere ne had heen a steady patron for years, and say, i" Charlie. I'm buying." He did, and 'the Old English tradition continues. j St. Hubert, as you may or may not I know, is the patron saint of the M hase. (.onseouonllv vou will find tin fish or dainty casseroles here. Nothing but thick meat, cooked ! magnificently, and served by waiters j in pink hunting jackets. Take steak, I if you insist you can't miss on anything here but if you follow the I recommendation of the house, you I take mutton chops. Correction. You Make a mutton chop. A single (hop. the routine order, is (really, we should italicize this five inches thick and weighs three pounds. The established licplid to wash it down is ale and porter, half and half, drunk from a pewter mug. You can't eat atmosphere, of course, but St. Hubert's happens to; have it, too. At the large oval black ( oak table downstairs, Rufus Dawes t t 1 I. : . . r ti - j try to entertain Jean.jaeques viaia, !nu ins u-muiy oi .i iogiess commit- h consul general, and Mrs. I tee had lunch every day before that Viaia and Mrs. Eartle Bull Rose- event. The Columbian Exposition rr.ary Baur, who is here from New 'committee lunched daily at the same York. The junior Charles F. Glores table in 1893. Clarence Darrow took JI- . V - ' " ! W ' " " -,..,... : v, if i i i .':.- :. i ! S f r: - V A ;:; - I 3 - V JJb---rz,- "J f ,,' v" -'- .... " " - : j L-s t T - -m. . TL. - l ' f r V --r -U-. X , - - " i ' : - -r:- - i. - x..- - v : ( -' - . -: f 1 . V.... ' f - . I ' .-" j ..4 . A -li . . , i i i ... j v vw. "? " ; 'i i- , , X f , - A- - j. I j T'"v X f - - -hV J " - ' TT--.. ,"-4 tr-"-" " U tf " f i $ i; :L ..v..- " - s. . ! I f - I - X ; : I . - -A (' ''"'.? i ' ON THE AISLE Negro Choir and Two of lis Solohfs Make Lisienlig a Pleasure in Orchestra Hall By Claudia Cassidy It sometimes seems to me that music reviewing has the car: the horse, for what good does it do to tell ou about th M nr. Senior choir's good conceit this morning when onl a handful o! heard it in Orchestra hall last night? The singers and their conductor, William E. Myricks, were as generous to Ih.n n audience as they could have been to a sold-out house, but they ci to he met on their own cordial terms. For it is a fine choir, this group of 51 singers from the Baptist church, a choir rich in good Ti-.-l --r el voices, exuberant with spontaneous delight in song, yet fully under control. It has a tenebrous radiance that clings to the ear after the actual sound is silent, and it has the same simplicity of style whether it Isings wonderful spirituals, the love-jly motet, "Send Forth Thy Spirit," which has become the Paulist Choristers' theme song, or a Moart "Gloria." Thru the Looking Glas What do ou do with a hc'..d-y? If you don't a orr.r!-? change, do you just grouse about the house and fee! as bore-d w;r'n life on Sunday night as you did on Friday? In the matter of hoi:. '.ay fare er. woman's meat is another's po:jr.. To make the mo-t of your fr- time, to make it icfrc.-hitig. a hu.i.i-er of health, good looks. nn1 g -o 1 spirits, see that your holiday is g'n-erously spiced with ror.tra.t to ttm things you do and the- kind ef l.l you lead every other day of Vri week. i Of the soloists who stepped out ,from the choir. Ruth Reese and IFrankie Carrington were outstand-ing. Miss Carrington is n soprano j with an ecstatic quality in the high range that ran make spirituals tremendously exciting, but she lacks the training to carry the technical load of a Puccini aria. Miss Reese is another, and could be quite an exciting, story. A tall ebony beauty, she has a contralto of superb range and wonderful color, but the way1 ,T , she uses it now suggests that its' Maybe ,he th,R ,hat ! potential glory has been wrapped in down about your joo is m blotting paper which thirstily ab-on your holiday what you sorbs its beauty before she can te- a lot of people, a lot cf lease it in song. The result prom- and some excitement. . ised so much and delivered so little isn't lho monot,,;IV hut the I lelt nerelt and tnat is as nign a compliment as I can pay something I heard more in imagination than in fact. Guild to Tour "Alice" No organization obligated fo fur nish more than lou.niH) subscribers 'air; on your free day rr..Ve with annual seasons of plays can point to lap up son;.- siin. or to take much time off to bask in satis-'ion it hivinim'v i,.. -. rfs yol not or. y ; reel u 'rc:s--, abe it the monotony but. the r.sior.s that make you sag at the end rf the week; for you. then, it's a go-i idea to bar the doors, stif-e the trie-phone, sleep your head off. and wallow in l (Taxation. Maybe you never get enough fr-i j faction, but the Theater Guild must be reasonably happy just now. It has Chicago's 1917-MS season niceK sewed up as of its decision to add the American Repertory theater's revival of "Alice in Wonderland" to our list, which also holds the current "Carousel" and the impending "O Mistress Mine." "Lady Winder mere's Fan," and probably "All tackle the clothes My Sons." Bambi Linn, who plays clown a wall, or to A f Mrs. Sumner S. Sollitt (left) and Mrs. Theodore J. Morris aboard the Sollitts' yacht, Ouida. They were among those participating yesterday in the flag raising ceremonies of the Chicago Yacht club at its Monroe st. clubhouse. Ceremonies were held simultaneously at the Belmont Harbor station. A color guard of marine corps sergeants took part in the Monroe st. festivities. A luncheon was held afterward. Commodore George Sollitt was in charge of. the Monroe clubhouse events. Vice Commodore Theodore Lumbard officiated at the Belmont clubhouse. TK1BUNE HieloJ are ers tickets ! h opera Here and There V.'l. n Miss Eleanor Hart cf New Yc'k and Miss llatiiet Welling, r i f the John Paul Wellings of Attor St., started their terminal leave from the navy, they didn't tne fxpeited and look lor a spot. cio plenty of rest in C: 1 1 his bride upstairs Tonly men may eat in the downstairs grill! for their wedding breakfast. Henry Irving, Ellen Terry, Sir Thomas Lipton, and Edward VII. when prince of Wales not only dined here but wrote back to say 1hey wished they could do so more often. Flames leap high in Instead,';"1 beautiful old Georgian fireplace, tv went right to work on collect- tanuie ngni illuminates tne copies irtficrii s and wntinz conv tor i "m" p.etorial lecoid of the WAVES i w-ainui paneiea wans ana ine poi-. ! i h is titled. "While So Serving," i'shpcJ brass on the old, old sideboard nd will be ready for publication ; of bk,fk orik- conversation is low --ut midsummer. and muted, and , . . where were Welling was in the WAVES we? . In br'(,f. 'u will find here and one-quarte r 5 ears, while j nul,1,nS our, 01 cnaracrer, enner loon friend served almost from the j or surroundings or your fellow- uinei, lor tne grossest person in- Dual Weddingj of Kelly Sisters Set for June 14 The Resurrection church at Learn-: Household Forum By Louise Bargelt ling a canvas article which lias con-' t lasting stripes, and one wants to ''blot out the stripes completely. ington av. and Jackson blvd. will be the scene of a double wedding at 11:30 a. m. Saturday, June 14. when the Misses Ri1a and Therese Kelly, daughters of Mrs. Peter M. Mrs. Helen II., Chicago I have found that new linoleum rugs are less likely to crack if they are warmed before you unroll them. Ij Mrs f harI,s t y(,sivr 20!) E. 1st have bought several new ones late-ist. Dixot1. u.jn adding flour to ly, and before unrolling, I placed an) pan Krcasf. for a Kravv. stir with electric heater at one end and a . rork nf s. will nhsorh much more i quickly. Also, the lumps will dis- fan at the other. Mrs. Jack It., Chicago We have just given our awnings a fresh coating of paint, manufactured especially for canvas articles. As the awnings were originally verv dark, we an- Kelly of S. Cicero av., become the Pnf.d first a coat of white paint, then brides of John McKillip and Lew is j followed wit h tan. A first coat of P. Monckton Jr. Mr. McKillip is the white is equally good if one is paint-i suit ul vuai ira jj, ington blvd. and Si evens State near Washington Budget Shops Open Today, 10:00 to 5:30 appear. Margery A., Kalamazoo. Mich. To dry dress belts easily, especially those with imitation leather lining. I stretch them around jars. In this way they, don't roll along the edges when drv. Please Your Idea Now! voluntarily mules his voice and actions or finds St. Hubert's dull, by his standards, and does not return. The discriminating, if they can afford it, always come back for more. T W O h r I of the reserve for women M;v utid Miss ILii t fcutbeied their pictures from large i: v.y hotcgratic l.hiaries, from i rr.mcn la! sources, and from "wherever they turned up." The writing and picture gathering woik tock four to five months. Weddine News M ss Matjcuie Ewer, daughter cf NomintlttJ fnr Pnst nn M:s. Warren Badger Ewer of Fon-j rnra. Wis., forme-iy of Highland City Club' s Committee Park, and the late Mr. Ewer, will ,, . , b. nan ied at 4:.".0 p. m. today to I M' Harriet itlum, who in April Cha-.les Jav McClain. son of ' Mr. "nnced would retire as head r-1 Mrs. Ravmond McClain of Bav i1 es".!ent of oithwestern university senicment alter 41 years oi service, Harriet Vittum to Be in The wedding will take Presbj t rian ihe Second i"-..iih. rf Evanston. After & wed- '.v.Z tur, Mr. McClain and his bride w;ll live in Boton. Aro'hor bride cf today 5s Miss C-'s:e Wenuher, who wiil be mar-: .ed I "1 John Bvrne Chamberlin, son cf Mrs. Henry B. Chamberlin ' Chicago, at 3 :."!) j.. m. in the Kva-f'.n home of her father. Otto K 'A'Tichcr. A reception will be r'.'i fit 4 "0 p. m. in the Orrington !, Mt. .! hn Detmer and Mrs. n B. Halla will attend their sis-'f r. Mi. Chamberlin and his bride W Jl 1-ve en the near nmlh side j-';et a wfdriing trip to Sea Island, (,s. M'ss Glo; ianne Jensik. daughter of Mtss. Ai'hur Y. Jensik of N. Taint an av . will be married today to James Eutrell Meigs Jr.. son of Mrs. Meigs cf Patagonia, Ariz., and the late Mr. Me'.gs. After the wed-rhr.g ceremony in the Fourth Pres-t; church, a reception will e he'd in the Kdgewater Beach i o'ei. Mr. Meigs and his bride will -I -r.d a nn-nth at his family's sum-"T h'ir;e at Ear riu Flambeau, . ':( making their home in ','. .r; M I -'!..!:! h.i Sc, daughter i Continued on page J5, coluuia 4 will be nominated for the office of jvice chairman of the municipal icitk'enship committee of the ; Woman's City club at a meeting of the club's board of managers, at 1 10:30 a. m. Monday, at 410 S. Michi-jgan av. I Mrs. John Sharpless Fox, chair man or the municipal citizenship committee. will present Miss iVittum's name, and it has been announced that board approval is a ifoiegone conclusion, with the entirel iciub nady to welcome Miss Vit-i ;tum"s teturn to active service. I n j 'the formative years. Miss Vittum : helped to initiate many of the: :pobcis on which the organization! still operates. j j A second appointment, also said to he assured, will be that of Mrs. Robert A. Madigan as vice chairman jof the public health committee. Her name will be submitted by Mrs. Thomas 11. Ludlow, committee chairman. Daughters of Empire Miss Alice Baum will show pictures which she made in Palestine for Queen Mother chapter of the Daughteis of the British Empire at a meeting Tuesday evening of members and their friends in room Sll of the Fine Arts building. McKillip of Wash the late Mrs. Mc Killip. Mr. Monckton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Monckton of Wright- wood av. Miss Rita Kelly Is a graduate of St. Mai y-of-t he-Woods college, and her sister will be graduated next Thursday from Mundelein college. The brides' brother, Peter M. Kelly Jr. will give Miss Rita Kelly away, while Dr. John S. Kelly, another brother, will give Miss Therese Kelly away. Among the brides' six attendants will be their sisters, the Misses Mary, Catherine, and Patricia Kelly. A breakfast will be held in the Edgewater Beach hotel after the ceremony. Mr. McKillip and his bride will live in Long Beach, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Monckton will live in Chicago. The Rev. Elmer W. Palmer will officiate at the double wedding ceremony of his daughters, Fhyllis Eileen and Dorothy Jean, in the Judson Baptist church tonight. Miss Phyllis Palmer will be married to Clifford R. Raad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Raad of Chokio, Minn. Her sister will be the bride of John C. Lobos, son of Mrs. Raymond Wagner of Shamokin, Pa. The Misses Palmer, whose parents live on N. Nagle av., attended the Moody-Bible institute. The two sisters and their husbands will live in Chicago.! M iss Deborah Lindsay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Lindsay! of Newtonville and Nantucket,! Mass., was married at 4:30 p. m. May 24, in the Second church, West Newton, Mass., to Joseph Weishar, son of Lewis Weishar of Chicago and the late Mrs. Weishar. A reception was held afterward in the Woodland Country club. Frederick Weishar and William Weishar, brothers of the bridegroom, were among the wedding attendants. Mr. Weishar, who served four years in the naval air forces, attended De-Pauw university and the University of Illinoii. 'KF'"Shoes ITT, Acrobat Shoes are three w n potter for grow inp; feet. Know these features and look for them in your child's shoes. ROOMY TOE ... for freedom of action RIGID ARCH ... to hold the fool firm FLEXIBLE SOLES ... so muscles develop naturalfy And cay little styles that youngsters love that make them proud to say, "Look at my new shoes'." ! j 4 - 1 4, V- f "j 2 J t V 1 -v. J A 1 1 & 'I Giant Illustrated Book A gay aJvntcire bonk, rittrn in rhime a gift from Tumbim Tim ilh each pair of Acrobat Shoes. Moil tylrt 11.9.5 In $5.95 according to me. 'Rigid pch Flexible sole Shoes for Boys and Girls Consult your classified directory for the nearest Acrobat Dealer I- cool and color-gay . . Button-bright Coat Dress of airy spun rayon in bold colors! With clever contrast, white buttons ski across the shoulders and down the front of this bright 5 dress. With its sleeves cut snort ana its SKirt cut wide, it's a dress that will breeze through summer Cool spun rayon . . . Red, Luggage or Green. 14 to 20. It's easy to wear and so color-Ray . . . see this dress today. 10.95 Downstairs Floor Wabash Direct Subway Intrnnc Chas. A. Stevens & Co. clecply. Outdoor 'are best of all Vou'lc hilled ami nothing to da th. said for rather around the hon,. plenty of w oi km and nervous, for lively therapeut ic Spoils, of Si .IIIp t 1 - :u. I. . a hi' Vloiefl' ; We-ir- g w :rr. ::. whom it i on a d.iv 1 n j - T s ') on 1 I;,, to i 1 or: r- w a - ;V S oi Alice to Eva Le Gallienne's White Queen, Margaret Webster's Red Queen, and Philip Bourneuf's White Knight, created the role of the dream daughter in "Carousel," now so exquisitely danced by Bella Striegler. A revival of "Rip Van Winkle" would like to snaie Mr. Bourneuf for the New Vork summer if rights can be cleared for the Joseph Jefferson version. JVore Howard Lindsay and Dorothy Stirkney will not only play their original roles when "Life with Father" takes over the lung run record in New York June 11, but they will play an additional two weeks when the comedy moves to the larger Alvin theater June 17 to try its luck at a $2 top. . . . Tallulah Bankhead will tour in a revival of "Private Lives," and Jose Ferrer may do a revival of "Design for Living." The Theater Ouild just acquired a play Mr. Ferrer thought of doing when he was here with "Cyrano de Bergerac." It is "A Member of the Wedding," adapt e,) from Carson Meddlers' novel by Ihe author and Greer Johnson. cooking spree The impoitant thing is r.-and hdget and. in 1he ai Uvt? day. to try for contrast, f; routine of jour ordinary li impoitant. too. to utilize time for beauty hui Id i n g t hat leisurely massage of face n;d you're always promising your.-e never get around to. a brushing session, or just an mt at. jour minor living a new stjle or a new makeup. El.KAMir. r.'.vN t " of ! r f: b - r -rv at ha.r- Mnntfticin Class Th- l.iss .f t.'".v w .:; anniversary I c-union June S at Mund'-lein e..; Reunion l:..ld a ' ! 1 Stevens Stat rtar Washington Budget Shops Open Today, 10:00 to Stevens St Pttr WsSio,-0 Budget Shops Open Today, 10:00 to 5 30 5:30 v." Yti:::i fi ' V ' l-Vi'v' Vi" wonderful f t f 1" - I 'i ; i - !" af - " 1 2-95 M VI ! j w I ) I summer preffy I fj ' and soft as siilc you'll look smooth and cool in this Peplumed Junior Dress 4 of pastel butcher rayon! . Is Vf It's easy to keep on the V this smart two-pieccr of airy butcher rayon. The peplumed jacket is short-sleeved for coolness . . . and the skirt is wide and "easy." Pale Coral, Aqu3. Tink or Grey. 9 to 15. It's scaled to fit your junior figure to perfection . . . see this dress today. 12.95 summer Floral Print Dress of Mailinson's 100-d enier rayen crepcl 4 v- V:. S 0 Downstairs Floor Stat Direct Subway Infranc Chas. A. Stevens & Co. So much summer pretti-ness ... so low priced! This pretty dress of Mailinson's fine 103-der.ier rayon crepe looks art i feels like silk . . . and it's printed with big White llowers. So temm,ne with soft drapery, subtle styling and figure conscious fiatttry. Beautifully made, too. with the careful attention to details that you like. BJack, Erowrt or Green. 12 to IS. Cool and delightful to all summer and a won lrriu! value . . . see this print i today. 12.S5 Downvtoin Floor Stat Diract Subwoy lrnc ! Chas. A. Stevens & Co.

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