The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1953
Page 8
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101 SIGHT BLYTHEV7LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS COURIER MVWV ni OOUMWI MEWA 001 H. W. HAMM, Publtaher RT A. HAINEB, Artitant PubUiher A. A. FRBDRICKSON, Mltor MVL D. HUMAN, AdTerUtk« Me M*Uontl AdrertUlnj Representative*: TT»Jen Wltaer Co.. New York. Chicago, Detroit, MemphJ*. Kotered u Mcond cl»si matter at th« pott- >i BtjrUMVlUe, Arkanuu. under act of Oon- October I, 1817. JUmber of The Auoctetod Pitm nj main- SUBSCRIPTION RATB8: Bf curler In the city of Blythevllle or •utourtxn town where carrier service li tained, Me per week. Bf mall, within a radius of SO miles, 15.00 per je«. IS.SO for six months, tl.25 for three month*; by mail outelde 50 mile lone, 112.30 per year peyabW In adranoi. Meditations And the temple WM filled with smoke from the fiery of God, and from his power; and no man wu able to enter Into the temple, till the seven yUfMf at the •even angeb were fulfilled. — •or. M.-l, * * * Converting grace pub God on the throne, and the world at His footstool; Christ in the heart, and the world under His feet. — Joseph Allelne. Barbs personality consists of acting natural and Impressing people at the same time. * * * The title on an advertisement read "Bff Shoe Sale." And they expect women to buy? * * * The stranglehold Is barred with regular wrestlers — why not with teen-age dancers? * * * An Illinois tinsmith was uninjured when he fell three stories while fixing- a roof gutter. Lucky evesdropperl * * * When your sins find you out It's about as bad as when the collector finds you in. "\ Many Martoonez Jtmn Martinez, a Puerto Ricati try- Ing to get b»ck from New York to his TUESDAY, JULY U, 195S . n«tiv« S«n Juan, ibok the wron^ turn •t th« forki at Jllewild Airport »nd wound up in Newfoundland. On the way north in the plane Martinez, who speaks only Spanish, muttered his last name several times to the stewardess and each time she brought him « martini. Discovering its mistake, the airline brought 'the tippling traveller back to New York, put him up in a hotel room, and finally shipped him off to San Juan. Martinez was infatuated with the whole whirly situation. There can't be too much wrong with a world where a guy can get taken a thousand miles to a place he doesn't want to go, drink drinks he probably doesn't want just because they sound like his last name and have the whole thing wind up with everybody friends. It Could Be, You Know! Views of Others Beria Purge Won't Change Red Goal of World Rule Some might see in the. fall from power of Russia's No. 2 man an event which could affect the world situation. But most Indications are that they would be seeing something that just isn't there. Rather, there is considerable evidence that the downfall of Lavrent! Beria. Russia's deputy premier and head of the secret police, is purely an internal matter. Experts in the field of international politics see small chance that the circumstances surrounding Beria's cast are such as to afect Russian external policy in Korea or Europe. A tip-off on what very possibly may be the' principal case against Beria is to be found in the fifth of six charges against him as listed in Pravda, official Communist Party newspaper: "Attempting to turn the Ministry of Interior into a privately dominated force." That ties in with recent reports from Europe that Beria had been craftily increasing his power since Stalin's death. Only the day before the announcement of Beria's fall, NEA Correspondent Leon Dennen reported, "The chief of Russia's secret police is inching towards the seizure of power in the Kremlin." That reflects the old Kremlin tradition that if you plan to wield the axe, wield it fast, before you get it yourself. The possibility has also been cited that Beria, as head of the secret police, was made the fall guy for the recent uprisings against Russia in East Germany and other parts of Eastern Europe. And there's the possibility that Premier Malenkov is sacrificing Beria as a sop to the Russian people, who both hated and feared the police chief. Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia said in an interview only a few days before Beria's fall that while big policy changes were undoubtedly going on inside Russia, there was no reason to think she had changed her "basic aims." The President's Committee on International Information Activities reported to Mr. Eisenhower July 8 that there was "no reliable evidence that changes in the Soviet regime and in Soviet tactics involve any change in the basic Soviet objective of a Communist world controlled by the Kremlin." Thus the facts at hand would indicate that while Russia is having her troubles they do not necessarily in this case involve the outside world. In fact, they probably don't. Keep S.S. Tax Static If President Elsenhower has his way, your take-homo pay won't be nicked another one- half of one per cent come January, and your employer won't have to sweeten the Social Security kitty by that additional amount, either. The President Is right. His critics are wrong when they insist that the scheduled Increase should go into effect automatically the first of the year. The Social Security reserve now stands at >18 billions. That, as the Chief Executive says, should be enough. Actually, the reserve doesn't exist in the form of cash. For years, the Treasury has been borrowing It as rapidly as It accumulates depositing bonds In Its stead and paying Interest thereon. The present margin between income and outgo In the Social Security fund Is building that reserve at the rate of about |1 billion a year. Government statisticians — s.S. or otherwise — have advanced no actuarial forecasts Justifying a larger reserve In the years Immediately ahead. The fact of the matter Is that the Social Security taxpayers can use this half of one per cent of their income better at home than by sending It to Washington. They already are sending a substantial portion of their earning! there. As President Elsenhower says, an S18 billion reserve Is enough. The tax should not be changed unless or until something more convincing than a bureaucrat's dream establishes the need for It. —NashvUle Banner. Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD—(NEA) — Exclusively Yours: The knowledge that surgeons may have to amputate her leg—to keep a bone tumor from spreading — hasn't dimmed the shine in Suzan Ball's eyes or • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Reader Could Not Misplay This Hand By OSWALD JACOB* Written for NBA Service No reader of this column could possibly misplay today's hand. But if you were playing this hand at the table, instead of in a newspaper column, you might have a little more trouble. When the hand was actually played. West opened the three of spades. Dummy finessed the jack and East was allowed to win the first trick with the queen. Dummy won the spade return with the ace, and Declarer quite Peter fdjon'j Washington Column — Truman Has No Entree to GOP White House; Politics vs. Protocol Performers A-P!enty Having heard her, we will not go out on a limb and say Margaret Truman Is a great singer. Nor Is she beautiful. However, she Is not unattractive, particularly when compared with other TV personalities. And the girl does have talent. She can keep up with Tallulah In repartee, if not in revelry, moves with easy grace both on and off stage. It was generally suspected that her first big contract, ending ominously In November, 1052, the i month of the great change, would be her last, that she would fade away wjth her father. But she fooled the cynics, came up with a new contract, and pay boost, from NBC. We're happy for Margaret, wish her success. Too, maybe tho new contract will serve to scotch these rumors about her running for Congresi. There are too many performers there already. —Charlotte (N.C.) News. WASHINGTON — (NEA) — Not much attention was paid to It nt the time, but In addition to all the Democratic politicians who called on ex-President Harry S. Truman during his recent Washington visit, there were nine Peter Edson Short Essay Says A Lot Millions of words have been written on the subject of free enterprise — and doubtless a fair amount of the output has even been read. W« freely admit, however, that editorials In this newspaper on the subject, like most of the rest of what has been snid and written about, used more words and told less of the story than we find In a prize winning essay of 25 words. This Is what won a national prize for Cajolyn Hentz: "There isn't any miracle about our power to produce; it's Just that our system of Incentives and rewards Is a better spur than force. That's it, isn't it? —Tallahassee (Pla.) Democrat. SO THEY SAY Rhee has destroyed the morale of every G.L over there. — Sgt. Louis poggioli, Brooklyn, N. Y., home from Korea. » * » He's a very wild fellow. — North Carolina deputy sheriff describes man sought for killing Sheriff Mlddleton and "at least six or seven other men." * * * There's an old newspaper adage that the only thing you can safely attack in print is the man-eating shark. In Hollywood you can add actors in with the sharks. — Frank Lovejoy, says actors are the most abused people In the world. » * * To arouse the country to the danger of creep- Ing paralysis of our freedoms In thought and action, arising from such activities such as yours. —Senator Lehman (D., N. Y.) defends his use of mailing frank. * « * So far, that's all we've felt we should do. But If necessity demands us to go down the road toward a political (Labor) party we'll do It. — George Meany, president of the AFL. * * * I think Syngman Rhee Is one of the greatest patriots of all time. He Is doing a tremendous Job In protecting the rights of his people. I think he Is absolutely right. — Sen. Joesph R. McCarthy. > foreign ambassadors a m ong the visitors. Most of the calls were purely social. The ambassadors who had been In Washington while Mr. Truman wns in the White House merely came around to pay their official respects. But several of the ambassadors came around to ask Mr. Truman If he couldn't do something to get them in to see President Eisenhower, They snld they had filed their official requests with the ever happened. They wanted some action. Ex-President Trumnri had to confess to his old friends that there wasn't much he could do about It. In loot, it was surmised that if he sent such a request over to the White House, It would do the ambassadors' cause more harm than Rood. Mrs. Hobby Objects In a recent article by this correspondent on the "State Department Clean-up" it was stated that Mrs. Oveta Gulp Hobby. Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, would not give "assurances of no security risk" In the case of Mrs.Mildred Mcnfee Horton. Mrs. Hobby says, as reported, that she sponsored Mrs. orton'K appointment as U.S. delegate to the United Nations Economic nnc Social Council. Mrs. Hobby says she wa s asked to recommend someone for this appointment by the Department of state. At no time, however, says Mrs. Hobby, did she refuse to vouch for Mrs. Horton on the question of security, and she was never asked to do so. Political Courtesy.. President Eisenhower invite in Adlai Stevenson before he bi gan his world tour. President Tru man invited Ir ex-President Herb ert Hoover and put him to wor on postwar famine-relief problems even though Truman's political ai vlsers were against It. And Tru man's first act when he revisite the Senate was to go shake hand with the ailing Senator Taft. There was considerable speculation and gossip in Washington over whether President Eisenhower should have invited cx-Prcsidcnt Truman to come over to the White House for a friendly chat, u became an argument of protocol vs politics. Ex-President Truman sort of put the kibosh on any such meeting before he got to Washington, by saying that the President" had more to do than see every Tom, Dick and Harry who came along] There was some feeling that th courteous thing would have bee: for Mr. Truman to go over an pay his respects to the President just to show there was no hare feeling. But Raymond D. Muir deputy chief of protocol at UK State Department, Is authority for the statement that an ex-Preslden should always wait to be Invited to the White House, "Just like any other citizen." Horn Blows at Acheson At the dinner reunion which ex- President Truman had with those members of his cabinet who were Washington, former Secretary of Slate Dean Acheson presided as master of ceremonies. Acheson told one on himself. When he came back from his vacation in the West Indies, the first morning he set out for his law office he decided to walk. It'e a good two-mile hike. Going along one busy street, the former Secretary of State said he heard an auto horn being sounded somewhat angrily behind him. The driver of the car kept It up. Turn- 'ng around to see what it was all about, the ex-secretary said he thought to himself, "What's that? People still giving Acheson the Bronx cheer?" Peron Man and Wife Washingtonians who keep up on the international situation by reading the society pages have wondered a number of times about the popularity of the Argentine ambassador, Dr. Hipolito J. Paz. They are among the most regular attendants at all diplomatic parties in the capital. This is something of a surprise in view of the unpopularity of the diplomat who is an anti-Peron man explains it, "The Argentine government sent an extremely personable envoy with a beautiful wife." Hapless Harry Stymied Retired Maj. - Gen. Harry Vaughan has found out the hard way that he doesn't rate around the White House any more. Mr. Vaughan Is now in public relations in Washington He got a request from one of his clients for President Eisenhower's autograph. Vaughan sent the request over to the executive offices for handling through channels, as General Vaughan had himself handled many such requests when he was military aide to President Truman. The Vaughan request apparant- y got as far as the offices of the Assistant to the President,. Gov. Sherman Adams. There it was stepped with a comment that they :ouldn't think of bothering: the 'resident for anything like that, will give frank opinions about his Speaks of Fellow Bulls It isn't often that one senator will give frank opinions about his olleagues, other than to call one f them "My distinguished oppon- nt" during debate. Freshman Sen. .Ibert Gore (D., Term,) did that he other day, however, in a speech NORTH (D) *AJ WKJ82 4743 + KQ108 WEST EAST 4107632 4Q85 14 ¥84 » K85 + 743 North 1 4 3N.T. VA1097 4 962 *A62 SOUTH *K94 VQ53 » AQJ10 + JS5 North-South vul. Eart Sooth We* Pass 1 * Pass 2 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Pass Pas» Opening lead—* ) properly tried the diamond finesse first .When South played the queen of diamonds from his hand, West very casually played the five of diamonds. West simply didn't want to give up his only possible entry to the long spade suit. South could have made his contract by continuing with the diamonds in order to force out .West's sing. But how was South to know that West had the king of diamond? The finesse had apparently succeeded, and South was afraid that West still' had one of the two missing aces as the entry to his spades. Having won the first round of diamonds with the queen, South next turned his attention to clubs. Bast won the first club trick and ' shadowed her smile. "There are worse things than the amputation of a leg," the U-I starlet told me gravely. "Look at the hundreds of G.I.'s who get along with one leg. Sarah Bernhardt lost a leg and went on with her acting career. "I feel confident that my career as an actress will go on. I ca.i still sing and paint and write. So I won't be able to do cheesecake or dance. I never had legs like Betty Grable's In the first place. Suzan injured her knee six months ago during filming of a picture and unless heat treatments are successful doctors say amputation will be necessary. Esperanza Wayne, who blames her bad press on John Wayne's press agents. Is shopping for a publicity man who will present her to the public In a kindlier light. Milton Berle's 77 - year - old mother, Sandra, broke a leg bone in an accident and Uncle Miltie'« worried about his favorite applause starter. REMAKE MOVIE Walt Disney's colorful "The Sword and the Rose," with Glynis Johns and Richard Todd, turns out to be a remake of Marion ' Davies' old silent hit, "When Knighthood Was in Flower." It'i on again with Maureen O'Hara and her mysterious Mexican adorer. The star, her daughter and brother are south of the border now with Senor Question Mark. Moppet in Columbia 1 * Judy Holliday starrer, "A Name for Herself," told Director Georgs Cukor:: "I've heard of you before, Mr. Cukor. Aren't you In television with Fran and Ollle?" It's Marge and Gower Champion for sure as the stars of Jesse L. Lasky's million-dollar movie, "The Big Brass Band," an upcoming new musical with a high school arid college background. led his last South's king. spade, ' forcing out ellvered In his home state. Here re a few of his Impressions: Senator Taft of Ohio — "He Is man who has provoked and ir- tated many people. But he has t the same time retained the ad- liration of some of his bitterest ritlcs." Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas —"not being particularly adept^in rensics, or unusually articulate, e does not at first sell himself what he is worth. But as quick- as any man I know, he can go It was now perfectly natural for South to lead a club to dummy and try another diamond finesse. This was, of course, a fatal move. West won with the king of diamonds, cashed his two remaining spades, and then led to his partner's ace of hearts. The casual refusal to take the first diamond trick produced a set of two tricks instead of allowing declarer to make his contract with ease. Very quietly, without any of the press catching on, John Agar'« wife, Loretta, has been working as a fashion model to help pay the bills that mounted while he was on the county farm. 15 Years Ago In Blythevillt the heart of an issue. He Argentine government in Washington official circles. The explanation given is that ambassador and Senora de Paz played their social cards smartly right from the start. For their first ye"nr in Washington they gave no parties. They hired a top-rank social secretary. Meta Morris Evans, and with her they studied the Washington social scene. Then Senorn de Paz gave a small tea. Gradually they began accepting a few invitations and by careful planning stepped up their own entertaining;. Now they rank as one of the most popular couples n the diplomatic set. As one former South American as done much to reknlt the rips nd tears of the Democratic Party in the Senate. There is more Democratic unity now than In the last decade." Senator Knowland of California —"I knew him and he may have recognized me as a congressman, but I doubt that he could have called my name. . . For the most part, his thinking Is straight, though not very fast. He is a very serious and intense man. and IT have wondered if his lack of a sense of humor would not be his greatest drawback as a leader." Of senators in general Freshman Gore observed—"If you sit down to lunch with a senator or meet him in a social hour, he is a Chesterfield. But on the floor of the Senate each one is a prima donna carrying a flag which reads, is like going into a on Me." Entering by trying to avoid unnecessary annoyance, worry and emotional upsets. If the condition has lasted for a great many years, treatment Is complicated, long, and often not completely successful. Even after the disorder seems to be much better, some mental or physical upset or some change In diet may bring on another bout of trouble. This condition Is never fatal, does not increase the chances of developing cancer, is not a ture inflammation (and therefore should not be called colitis) because the "-ills" part Implies Inflammation. Mrs. Rives Allen and son, R. C, and Mrs. Jesse White and son, John Charles, returned last night from Equality, El., where they visited relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hlgglnson and daughter, Dorothy Jean, have gone to Bonham and Dennison, Texas, where they will visit relatives until the 20th of the month. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huffman, Jr., have returned from their honeymoon spent in Hot Springs and are now at their new home on Walnut Avenue. If they keep on raising postal rates, Aunt Molly Harmsworth says she's afraid more and more relatives are going to think it's cheaper to drop in for a week's visit than to write letters. Screen Starlet Answer to Previous Piml* ACROSS 1 Screen starlet, Susan 3 Foreman (slang) 4 Worthless table morsel 5 Years between 12 and 20 6 Brag 7 Tear Senate debate 'Don't Tread ring with 95 semi-friendly bulls." the Doctor Says— By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D Written for NEA Service More inquiries are received by this column on "colitis" than on any other subject. Probably, this is merely a reflection of nip vast numbers of people who are afflicted with this condition, belter Known us spastic colon or irritable bowel. At any rale, no matter what called, the condition to which it refers certainly causes n lot of physical and mental distress. Whe »n spastic colon is present the wave-like motions of the bowel which carry food and waste through the intestine! come too close togci- er and this pushes the content/ along too rapidly. The usunl result Is KlturnaluiR periods of dinrrhca and "constipation," the Inner merely reflecting the fact Hint there Is nothing left In the lower bowel to eliminate. The so-called constipation- stage frequently gives people the idea that something drastic must be done and a cathartic is taken which makes matter worse by causing the whole vicious cycle to be repented Victims of a spastic colon are almost always nervous and emotional. They get upset easily and whenever this happens, their symptoms get worse .This Is cause by the fact that mental strain stimulates the nerves going to the In- wnvc-Ilke activity. A bloated feel- Ing; is common. Ourgllng sounds tcstlnns and results Is, Increased which are caused by churning Inside the intestines mny be heard 'or nn embarrassing distance. Discomfort and griping over the entire abdomen is the rule. Exposure to cold, various Irrlta- tin foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables, may make the condition worse. Cathartics and laxatives are frequently responsible for setting off what might be described as an attack. A spastic colon is a most uncomfortable condition. When it has not existed too long treatment Is fairly effective. This Includes strict avoidance of laxatives and laxative foods such as raw fruits and veg Holes. The use of what is called a bland diet consisting largely of cooked cereals, creamed soups milk product*, eggs, fish and other non-Irritating substances and attention to the general health is deilrable. Certain drugs may also be helpful. Sufferers Can Help Sufferers who understand the re- Inlion between their nerves and the symptoms of Irritable colon cnn «lso help Uiemselve« i great deal 6 She has dark eyes and hair 11 Idolized 13 Evening party 8 Crimean city 14 Quicker 9 Have existed 15 Small candles'° Bird's home 16 Bitter vetch I2 SIa « 13 Cubic meter 18 Device used by golfers 20 Fall flowers 17 Memoranda 13 Permit 20 Affirms 22 She is popular on movie 25 Observe 26 Genus of maples 30 Glazier's frame 32 Diadem 33 Ventilated 34 Jaeger gull 35 Approach 36 Pedal digit 39 Palm leaf 40 More efficient 43 Malt drink 46 Mountain nymph 47 Fiber knots 50 She was born in ——, Mass. 52 Freebooter 34 Natives of ancient . Latium 55 Everlasting (poet.) 56P»r«tlliei J7 Pilfer DOWN 1 Ftestiunnt 2 Hebrew , monUi 28 Pertaining to 43 Capable gn age 44BiirHen 29 Amphibians 45 Royal Italian 31 Editor (ab.) 32 Symbol for tantalum 36 Mountain pools family name 47 Nostril 48 Volcano in 21 Mariner 36 Mountain Sicily 22 Scrutinize pools 40 Pare 23 Indian 37 Native metal 51 Important 24 Ancient Irish 38 Storehouse metal capital 41 Satellites 53 Expose to 27 Muster 42 Redacts moisture •

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