Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 5, 1955 · 15
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 15

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1955
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(ljtra0ii Satltr STribttttr Tuesday, July 5, 1955 F Part 1 Page 15 Miss Argentina HOST AGGARDO BOASTS SHORTS AT LAWN PARTY Outdoes His Guests in Casual Attire Tony Accardo, crime syndicate boss, startled 300 hoodlum associates by appearing in blue Bermuda shorts yesterday at gangland's biggest social event of the year, the annual lawn party and barbecue on the grounds of Accardos stone mansion at 915 Franklin av., River Forest. Accardo, his ensemble completed or perhaps " finished " would be the word by a blue figured sports shirt, high blue socks, and black moccasins, drew glances of amazement, quickly disguised, as he strolled among the lounging mobsters. No one objected to the sight. It would have been considered rude. In fact, it is considered uncivil even to fail to show up at the party, once one has been invited. Accardo's Fourtn of July fetes are always perfectly attended. Casual Attire Rules The guests were attired casually, tho not as casually as Accardo. Paul The Waiter Ricca of River Forest wore his blueand brown check sports shirt outside his gray slacks. The. mane of white hair which is . one of the distinguishing marks of Claude Maddox of Barrington, labor racketeer, rose above a pair of dark sunglasses. Jack Guzik's paunch ballooned thru a white, short sleeved shirt. Joe Caesar Di Varco of the near north side wore a pink sports shirt with black trim. Tony Tough Tony Capezio of River Forest was there and so were Rocco Fischetti of Evanston and Joseph Crackers Mendina of Lake Forest. So were Harry The Muscle Russell, Joe Aiup-pa, Ross Prio, Sam Golf Bag Hunt, and Joseph Joey Glimco. Fountain Spouts Champagne ' In the center of the yard was an electrically operated silver champagne fountain.. Guests filled glasses' under the bubbling spout. A corps of waiters poured two cases into it. During a brief rain, which drove guests under a canopied ter-xace, the fountain was shielded to prevent dilution. Food was served under the canopy. Beer poured from four taps and was drunk from silver steins at tables set under red, - f J ,0 I United Presi Photo I vlsavel Sarli, victor in Buenos Aires contest, will represent Argentina in the Miss Universe contest at Long Beach, Cal., starting next week. green, and blue striped umbrellas. About 150 cars, some from out of state, lined both sides of Franklin av. Two cars, loaded with guards, cruised constantly around the block. Other River Forest residents tried fo peek thru the shrub bery surrounding the garden as they walked by. Inside, quiet " business " talks occupied the guests. Ricca, holding forth at the fountain, had two long conferences, one with Accardo and one with Guzik. There were no fireworks. They're illegal. He Does Not Like Beer; Men Jeer; He Dies in Gas WARRINGTON, England,! July 4 Reuters Ronald Higham, 28, was found dead in a gas filled room His widow told an inquest today that fel low workmen had laughed at him because he did not like beer. 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