The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1953
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 14, 1953 BLYTHEVTLLB '.ARK.) COURIER NEWS FAGS THREI Robertson Heads For U.S. to Report On Talks with Rhee TOKYO (iB — U. S. envoy Walter S. Robertson left today by plan* for the United States to report directly to President Eisenhower on his 16 days of secret talks with President Sygnman Rhee on a Korean armistice. The assistant secretary of state Is Jlying by way of Alaska. He reportedly tooS with him a signed pledge by Rhee agreeing to abide by an armistice in Korea if one can be arranged at Panmunjom. Robertson was affable, but just before boarding his plane, he read this statement, to newsmen: "I have noted in the press many misrepresentations of the friendly and frank exchange of views in conversations including President Rhee, Prime Minister Paik, Foreign Minister Pyun, Gen. Clark, Ambassador Briggs, Ambassador Murphy, Mr. Kenneth Young, and myself over a period of two weeks In Seoul. "However unintentionally such misrepresentations may have been made, they were none the less real. It was to avoid the confusion and possible misinterpretations of separate statements that President Rhee and I agreed upon a joint statement to be released simultaneously in Washington and Korea not before 10 a. m. Sunday, July 12, Korea time. As indicated in this statement the United States and the ROK government reached a wide area of agremeiit. ' "Nothing agreed upon is inconsistent with an immediate implementation of the truce and the long-announced objectives of the United Nations, the United States and the Republic of Korea for an independent, unified Korea and a just and lasting peace in the Far East. ' "I do not wish to make further, comment before reporting in person to President Eisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles." Robertson did not specifically mention what he called "press misrepresentations." However, he was known to feel that his mission to Korea was damaged in particular by a news story from Seoul last Saturday which quoted Rhee as saying South Korea would abide fay an armistice for only 90 days. Robertson was said to feel that the particular news account gave a false assesment of the accomplishments of his mision. Reportedly, Robertson and Rhee agreed that it no headway was made in 90 days of talking at the post-armistice political conference, the United States and South Korean governments would then confer ngain and decide what course to take. Destroyer Aground TOKYO W) — The Canadian destroyer Huron ran aground off the Communist northeast Korean Coast yesterday and suffered heavy damage, the Navy announced today. There were no casualties. The ves- j «el was refloated after three hours j and escorted to safety. 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Roach's business boomed. He cashed in on the public's yen for comedy with such attractions as Our Gang, Charlie Chase, Laurel and Hardy, Thelma Todd, Patsy Kelly and others. . But Roach had his ups and downs. At one time he needed some money and liquidated some assets, including Victor Mature, who was sold to 20th Century-Pox for a reported 5220,000. On another occasion he sold his backlog of comedies and features to a TV distributor for a figure estimated at 5750,000. Turns To TV Five years ago, Hollywood thought Roach had gone off his rocker. He announced he was through with making films for theaters. His studio would be devoted exclusively to turning out movies for TV. At that time, it seemed folly for a sizable studio to cast its lot with the infant industry. The game paid off. So far the Roach lot has ground out 546 TV , commercials snd 855 TV films, Including such series as "My Little Margie," "Life of Riley," "Lone Ranger' 'and "Fireside Theater." "Now we're going back to making pictures for theaters," said the veteran producer. "I figure that there will be a scarcity of product in the theaters this fall, and additional features will be welcomed by theater men. "We have learned » lot about streamlining operations through doing films for TV. Now we plan to make a feature in three days' rehearsal and nine days' shooting. That's for a picture that would have taken six weeks in the old days." Roach admitted that his studio had some growing pains in adjusting to the TV operation. "At first, the sponsors wanted quality films for around $7.500," he said. "We convinced them that wasn't possible to do and stil stay within union bounds Now TV films run about two or three times that figure for a half-hour show." The producer had some sage observations on the state of the film industry. Some To Sink 'I think two or three thousand more theaters will have to go under," he remarked. "The age of transportation has a lot to do with that. Roads and cars are good, and people will drive farther to see a good picture at an attractive theater, rather than go to their rundown neighborhood house. 'One of the things I hated to see in the picture business was the growth of the theater chains. The theaters began to be cold, Impersonal operations. I've always thought that the theater man should have a friendly contact with his patrons. II would be the meeting place for the community, with women's groups gathering there In the daytime and so forth." Roach was one of the great producers of comedy, a kind of enter tainment that 4s largely missing from films today. He explained the cause of its demise: "The double bill killed comedy. In the ear days of pictures, the two-reel comedy was the mainstay of the program; people would sit through a bad picture because they knew they were getting a good comedy. Double bills knocked out the two - reeler, and comedians were never as funny In feature films. You couldn't sustain the laughs." 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