The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1953 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1953
Page 14
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PAOB FOWRTBIW * . ,.,M..«»i.i-'«i..y *L riflfc Y ILL*. (.AKK.) OUUtUfii* JULY 13, Cherry, Girls' School Trustees to Confer on Superintendent/ Row LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Gov. Cherry will meet wit (rustees of the Arkansas Girls Training School tomorrow t find out "what all the strew is about" concerning the school' superintendant. Mrt. Maxine Cogbitl said las week she had resigned as super intendect because she though Gov. Cherry wanted her to do so The board,"in a subsequent meet Ing, said it would do everythin; possible to retain her services. Gov. Cherry said this week-em ttiat he thought he should receivi an apology from the board, Mrs 5. Korean Police Fire at Jap Boat Dispute Flares Up Again over Land Claimed by Both TOKYO (.<P>—South Korean policemen fired at a Japanese Coast Guard patrol boat yesterday on disputed outcropping lying midway between Korea and Japan in the Sea of Japan, Japanese national police reported today. Japan's Foreign Office and Mari_ time Safety Board (Coast, Guard) announced they were in conference <- over the incident. The rocky, uninhabited outcropping, Take Shima, has been claimed by both South Korea and Japan. It serves as a resting place for both Korean and Japanese fishermen, and it lies in a good fishing area. Police reported the Japanese coas guard boat found three Korean fishing boats yesterday morning operating near the island, escorted by seven or eight Korean policemen armed with automatics. They said that when the patro: boat tried to land Its officials on the outcropping, three Korean policemen rowed to the Japanese landing party and demanded Japanese quit from this Korean territory." Police said that after the Japanese landing party returned to the patrol boat, the South Koreans fired scores of shots at the boat. They said two hit the hull but no person was hit. The Japanese government contends Take Shima was a Japanese island since before Japan annexed Korea 40 years ago. The islet is still ^ Included in Shlmane perfccture. an administrative area to western Honshu. Take Shima is located inside the "Syngman Rhce Line" claimed by the ROK government, but lies outside the Korean waters defense line established by the U. N. Command. Cogbill and the newspapers. He said he had made no efforts to force Mrs. Cogbill to resign adding: "I just don't know what all thi stew is about." Mrs. Cogbill has said she wa left out when the 1953 Legislator raised the salaries of most insti tutional hea.ds. She said she ha< been unable to obtain an interview with the governor and that he ha not visited the institution since fie took office. The Rev. C. V. Farrell of Texar kana, board chairman, said tha 'the whole idea of staggered, lonorary boards is at stake." Taking the issues one-by-one, )y-one, Cherry said: 1. He received Mrs. Cobill's •eslgnation "but I did nothing because it should have been sent to he board. It was not within my Authority to act." 2. A legislative bill that would :ave raised Mrs. Cogbill's salary rom $3,600 to $4,200 yearly was is suggestion "and I knew noth- ng about the amendment in the enate to cut it back." 3. Mrs. Cogbill came to his office 'ithout an appointment and "I had (her appointments. I knew she ould have to wait several hours .so I sent out to learn what she anted and was told she was'up- et about her salary. If she has nother grievance, I don't know bout It." r. "I have given more authority i boards and commissions than ny other governor. I have done nothing to stir up the board." 5. He has not visited the Girls School because "the information I had was that the School was being operated in good manner." He said he planned to go there last. Mrs. Cogbill declined to comment on the governor's statements. Mr. Parrel could not be reached by telephone. BREAKFAST IN BED—Many patients at the U. S. government National Institute for Health, in Bethesda, Md., will eat in dining rooms, but for others, the doctor may order "breakfast in bed." As modern as the nicest hotel, all the room» will be air-conditioned for the patient's comfort. Diet therapy, based on a study of the patient's nutritional needs, will be important in many of the studies. *ro-West Group Holds Lead in .ebanon Voting BEIRUT, Lebanon UP)— Pro-West- rn nationalists and moderate in- ependents made the strongest lowing in returns today from the round of Lebanon's parliamen- ary elections. Fourteen of the 21 eputies chosen in the voting yes- irday were members of tho old arliament. Balloting for the 44-seat one- ouse legislature was In Beirut and dount Lebanon. The remaining 23 eputies will be picked in other sec- ons on the following two Sundays. I With the official count complete! all but 2 of the 21 electorates, the ' ational Bloc seated 4 of 6 candi- ates nominated. Three of four In- ependents endorsed by the bloc which has bitterly denounced Western defense plans for the Middle East and charged American meddling in the elections, won only one of 6 seats it sought. The solitary winner was party leader Kama! Jublatt. Convicts Again Threatening Violence in Oregon Prison SALEM, Ore. tfl — 8om« 1,000 convicts, after ending » three-day revolt and being Jed their first meal in 48 hours, became restive and "threatened violence" at the Oregon State Penitentiary late last night. Warden Clarence T. Gladden said those still remaining In the prison recreation yard where they have been confined since early Saturday would stay there at least until this morning. "They're getting ugly. They don't appreciate good treathent. They act as though they haven't had enough," he said. About 125 men had been returned ;o their cells when Gladden made his decision. They had been' searched and admitted to cell blocks in groups of 20 each. Apparently a meal of hot soup, given to them after they surrendered, changed the convicts' attitude. As early as yesterday morning hey were ready to give up. But jladden decided to hold them in ,he yard until he was sure the rioting, which caused more than 100,000 damage, would not Jlare up again. Those still in the 100 by 150- r ard recreation area were hud- led around small bonfires. Heav- ly armed guards patrolled the irison walls above Uiem. Twenty-one felons, identified by LITTLE LIZ— Automotive Hint When making repairs, cylinder head gaskets can easily be broken without resorting to force, simply by utilizing the engine's compression. Leave spark plugs in place, removing all cylinder head bolts, and give the engine a few turns with the crank. The seal will be broken by the compression. Some people hope to leave their footprints in the sands of time^ others ore satisfied if they can Just cover their tracks. •«'«« islator serving five years lor larceny, was named after the warden earlier in the day told the prisoners he would have nothing to do with their 25-man "grievance committee." The trouble, which began Friday morning with a no-work strike to enforce demands for improved conditions, reached Its heighth of violence Saturday morning. Then the convicts attempted to storm the prison control buildings. They tailed and were driven at rifle point into the recreation area, which is in one corner of the walled prison. The convicts set fire to the pris- Qladden as ringleaders of the revolt, gave themselves up earlier ast night. Their surrender was the condition Gladden set for turning on the water supply to the area. The convicts had been virtually without food or water since Saturday morning. Later Gladden conferred with a prison - appointed committee of three convicts. The committee, headed by R. H. C. Bennett, a former state leg- on tailor shop. A building housing laundry equipment, the flax plant, and the machine shop also were damaged by fire. After the convicts were herded into the recreation area. Gladden ordered the only water line to that section of the prison shut off. With temperatures soaring above 90 degrees, the convicts attempted to dig up a water pipe beneath the baseball diamond. But guards broke that up with a few dtoclplint bt had imposed ifa he became warden April l. bunta of rifle fir*. Gladden, a veteran employ* oC th« federal prison system, said the strike ocourred because of sterner Read Oourler News OlasriHeH At' WORID'S LARGEST SELLER AT IOC St. Joseph M *• m*mm^mm.m^ • < ASPIRIN SAVE MORE-BUY 200 TABIETS.790 "FROSTY" The Smoother, Deliciously Different Soft ice Cream Try it at (he RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN. Served to you In your car or come into our air conditioned coffee shop. 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