The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on February 7, 1974 · 22
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 22

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1974
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4 C CENT- On Movies and Plays PAGE B6 THE EVENING SUN, BALTIMORE, THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 7, 1974 'Serpico' Irritates Cops; John Wayne Gets Off Horse Weekly Calendar: Movies Norton Mockridge After All, Fair Is Fa ir NEW YORK CITY policemen are in a rage over the film version of "Serpico." While other films and many more television shows are revising and downgrading the lawman's image, "Serpico" is is based on fact and is doing excellent business; that many more people will see it. and that many more New York cops will be angered by it. "Serpico'' offers evidence that almost all the police in New York are on the take. Only Serpico and a few others refuse to become a part of the corruption and fight it. According to the book and film, Serpico and Sgt. David Durk pounded on door after door but won no sympathy until they went to a New York Times reporter whose series of stories led to the formation of the Knapp Commission whose findings led to the predictable shake up and some change. Serpico was later shot in the face while making an arrest, and while the assailant was identified as a pusher, it was obvious that some of the victim's colleagues were overjoyed to see him hospitalized. The detective, who wore hippie garb, was a loner who liked ballet. He recovered and according to the film, is living somewhere in Switzerland in fear of his life. This may not be quite true. The detective is not really hiding out, and in fact, has expressed disapproval with the film. He feels remote from it, he says. This is a story that seems to be happening to someone else. I don't know why he feels that way since the film follows the book rather closely, and I don't know why Durk has taken to making gratis talk about defamation of the police image because he comes off very nicely in it. Filmed In New York REACTION aside, "Serpico," filmed entirely in New York, is a brisk, exciting film, direct in accusation and language, a film that entertains despite its 130 minutes running time. "Serpico" has humor, too, most of that in the first half of the film. What it does not have, though it does better than the book, is motivation. Those factors that make Serpico the social, moral loner he is are a little more clear in the film than in the book, but they remain indefinite. Director Sidney Lumet has Lou Cedrone i f K rv AL PACIXO A loner who liked ballet chosen to emphasize the action rather than definition, and the spectator is left wondering what makes Serpico behave as he does. Lumet falls short on another level, if this is his doing: the music goes Neapolitan whenever the policeman's mother appears, and the effect is not always touching. Foolish perhaps, but not touching. Al Pacino plays "Serpico," and his is, as you might expect, a magnificent performance. In love and out. irate or tranquil. Pacino is well entrenched in characterization, filling in some of the gaps left by those who wrote both the book and the script. He will be a contender for the Oscar and will probably win it, deservedly so. "Serpico" is playing at area theaters. It includes language that is rarely heard on the screen but is now available both here and in "The Exorcist," something I mention only because this still offends a portion of the population, a group that frequently includes those who never utter a word of protest against violence. Wayne Uses A Car JOHN WAYNE gets off his horse long enough to play detective in Seattle in "McQ." and the change is agreeable. He's a little too beefy and his walk is all the more amusing in a contemporary setting, but he moves, and sometimes the film moves with him. Sometimes it does not, and sometimes you may wonder where the plot is going, but crime film for crime film, this one is largely if not consistently interesting. Wayne plays a good cop trying to solve the murder of another cop, one who had been acting as his own executioner. Heroin, as usual, is behind it all. Diana Muldar is the murdered cop's wife, and Clu Gulager is the detective who supports Wayne when he is suspended from duty, and you shouldn't have much trouble guessing who is behind the killing. Not many surprises here, but that too, can be fun, correctly identifying the bad men behind the bad men. "McQ" is showing at area theaters. McQ John Wayne gets off his horse to play detective in Seattle, and he's not all that bad. The film moves like Wayne does for the first half, then becomes more active in the chase tradition. Rating: PGArea. FANTASTIC PLANET -French-made animated futuristic film in which humans are kept as pets. Rating: PG. At Charles. SERPICO Exciting, provocative version of the book about the cop who refused to go on the take. Rating: R. Area. FIVE ON BLACK-HAND SIDE Domestic comedy in the black tradition. Unpolished, perhaps, but a welcome relief from the usual exploitation film. Rating: PG. At Met. EXORCIST - Laughable rather than scary, but that isn't keeping anyone from seeing it. Linda Blair is the girl possessed by a demon, and Jason Miller is the priest who invites the devil to fight like a man. Rating: R. At Tower and Strand. LAUGHING POLICEMAN A good-bad cop pursues a mass murderer. Exciting but bloody, brutal and coarse. Rating R. Area Theaters. THE LONG GOODBYE Return of the private-eye film that died everywhere but in New York and for that reason, has been reissued and given new promotion. Elliott Gould stars. Rating: R. Area. THAT MAN BOLT-Crude and badly performed crime film in which Fred Williamson is faster and luckier than James Bond. Rating: R. At New. SLEEPER-The best of Woody Allen as Allen goes into a hospital for ulcer treatment and wakes up two hundred years in the future. Rating: PG. Area theaters. PAPILLON-Interesting if familiar film version of the book by one man who escaped Devil's Island. Rating: PG. Area. DAY OF THE DOLPHIN A scientist teaches a dolphin to speak and is sorry when evil men use the information to their advantage. A warm, funny, exciting film. Rating: PG. Area. THE STING-Generally entertaining period gangster film in which Paul Newman and Robert Redford con a crime king out of $500,000. Rating: PG. Area. MAGNUM FORCE Dirty Harry returns in a film that can't seem to make up its mind what it wants to say about law and order. Exciting all the same. Clint Eastwood stars. Rating: R. Area. THE WAY WE WERE Superior romantic drama in which Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford are ill-matched lovers, he a conventional Wasp and she, a battler for causes. Rating: PG. Area. L.C. New York Friend of mine sings with a barbershop quartet, and recently he and his canary pals went to G. Grossinger's for a performance. After the evening's entertainment was over, the hotel manager took the stage and began presenting certificates to all the acts on the bill. In time, he called up an outfit known as "The Roaring Twenties" and handed them their certificate. "Now," said the leader of the group, "we have a presentation to make to you." "Oh, no," said the manager. "That's not necessary." "But we insist," said the lead singer. "Wel-1-1-1," said the manager, obviously pleased. "If you insist." "You've been so good to us," said the singer, as his buddies began to pull things out from under their coats, "that we're gonna return the towels we intended to take home!" It was at Grossinger's. incidentally, that my friend picked up another little gem. Seems that one night there was a young girl skater on the bill, a kid who'd made quite a mark skating in the show at the rival concora Hotel. After she'd skated, the Grossinger m.c. smiled at her and said: "Now, tell me, HONESTLY, where do you prefer to skate? Here, or at that other hotel? Tell me HONESTLY remembering, of course, that you want to be asked back to Grossinger's!" While I'm thinking of gin mills and such, I might as well tell you about the sign over the bar in the Bridge Tavern in Fort Lee, N.J. It says: "Please feel flattered if we ask you for your identification card. You do not look your age!" And then there's this sign in Beekman's Liquor Store in Glen Rock, N.J.: "10-Gallon Limit Per Vehicle." Dick Bremer tells me that radio station WTIC, Harford. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS NOW thru FEB. It T0NITII P.M. "Mitt Colbert it remorkobl . . . clearly a terccrttt on the tlag. It it an uncanny ochievemeM . . . ADMIRABLY SUPPORTED IY A FINE CAST." Pkwd Cee-Wo. !. OHmtoHlHH 1 un u u mm kIW Nl INfl v u m u M . M W I ' I) M K H , am II Tick Inenetieei MS-ltM Vttt by Jtromt Chodoroe ? s St;, AMUSEMENTS CarlinST" 0uiC otrvi at mi cicil it 1500 a II li """ ond a minute to pray... a second to diet ALEX CORD THE KING of FRANCE TAVERN Nightly Mon. thru Sal HAJAS JaxzPop lntrumntal & Vocals Car peel Special Porty ot 43 Covert Party of 6 4 Covert Party of 8 J Covert MAINLAND im Annopolri, Md. 3 Cinema 1 yomuudce kttwaytzlt Mrtortk'ltlltf mini-Elide 1 nxjctvuxi ill releteretewa read Beltway Exit 1 Aeute-ejl-im SiST -Steeper" 2. 3 30. S. 6 SO. 8. 9 30 The Playhouse CHARLES VU1ACE tfthatCkarlecS-4M mini-nick 2 rauvux 111 reieteretewe, read kit way Exit 1 Seata3-1177 "HArWKIWyiAtV 2.4.6. 8.10 Cinema II vmuuudcz Beltway Eatlt North The 5 West Kerth at Cbarlea 7-IM 2.4.6. 8. lO WILLIAM PETER BLATTY'S THE EXORCIST tWcriaHJAM REDKW KtrmcTEO DAILY. 12:45, 3KX). 5.15. 7:30. 9:45 ot both ftwotrts SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY ond SATURDAY NO PASSES EXCLUSIVE PO INFO CALL. 385-0712 III VOLUME DOESiS'T HAVE TO MEAN I.OIIIi I i After 33 years in business, we've seen a lot of earnet Heatere rma .ri m.. r J of them ranted and raved about wholesale prices, free installation and a bunch of .; f j promises they couldn't keep. At Calvert Rug. we simply stock large quantities of r ; fine name brand carpet and sell it to-you at a Drice that reflects a substantial aum' 'J over manufacturer's suggested retail. In : for instance UBIIANT JAMES nylon tweei with built-in rubbtriztd cushion, ttsy to instill ind mnntttn on $8.00 volu 99 volu s4t 6) on $8.00 OUNCY BARWICK value multi-colored thtg feiturmg pimvn or iwty com in inl popultr look of todtf vai 3 99 I AGNIFICENT MO. HAWK tip-shet'td pofyester. beautiful color tnd elegant UnUrt. iroderitelr priced DVENTUROUS AlDON ouerter inch kodel the look o unrretched t tg"ce in thick ond dwi- a $9.00 value 99 vai s4 0) 6) OUNTIFUl ticnow tip-sheered acrylic beautiful and carefully finished for clear, afiarp appearanco decor a $12.00 value a $14.9$ valut $099 l6 99 7? UGGED OVAl BRAID-I V) ED RUGS reversible for tic the wear, a greet e ta fug buy. appox. y air o $59.95 value $3995 SUBURBIH NORTH Towson Plaza Shopping Center fete beHmey eiit 27 south 823-8318 anient t .1 i i 3 J I 3 I f"l . Ml yi STRAND if: TOWER HARVARD'S MAN OF THE YEAR JOHN WAYNE EDGE ALBERT OWAUJUWJR AitfTTTjJ.w Wayne on wheels! GRAND 51 1 i CMUf LIBERTY I aivteoo RITCHIE CINEMA 2 mom t t mm oeoNMa k MIT TO eoevfTTi 7M.M40 CAMPUS HILLS CINEMA 2 e N0RTHWOOD 2O0 Uk Urt In. rttrtr rtn-lhwn Cm ee'taos DOW Til 9SATUKOAY 111 5:29 :n mt lumkwmt uumr V (C in our f anHH A year - I : .iy-iMivE 'DAY OF THE DOLPHIN" ml i ! , hrf ernl ,4-t-iet SI IE TTVW1 1-'?' - 1 Wair Monroe LAUGHING POLICEMAN 3rd Week SUBURB AH WIST 6430 Baltimore National Piko I mia off betwey exit IS west 744-7900 .1 "THE WAY WE WERE' Ifra."" "THE SLEEPER'' '"'i'.?H "THE WAY WE WERE 'THE LONG GOODBYE' f-,.i'r-J.:l7J ;ni .t i-nifi '.i"-i i, ,V ia "THE STING" E 1 "SCREAM M.OODY MURDEI" (I) "TMUNDCR IN CAROLINA" (R) has a program on which somebody phones in a question and somebody, hopefully, phones in the answer. Recently, somebody called and asked (what with the need to find additional ways to heat your house) how can the harried house owner clean his fireplace chimney. Quite a few people phoned and said that the best way is to tie a rope to your Christmas tree and pull it up through the chimney. When the caller said he'd already disposed of his tree, it was suggested that he pull a live chicken up through the chimney. A few minutes later, however, another listener phoned and said: "Don't do it, I beg you! I tried pulling a live chicken up through the chimney, and the rope broke!" Best bumper sticker of the month (so far): "Good Plumbing Can Make It Perfectly Clear!" (c t'nlifd Frtur Syroilrete AMUSiMtNTS AMUtlMINTS Movie Calendar AEIO MtddW Rer I'dllNG PLAZA CINEMA II Tew we ) Col ot APfX llOS.Ireodwey K$ 1001 leutentewn 14. Oerrv, Kerry end toqutl.X) ThtWoytWi't,G) fHiKpo'er. 4?nd Street, Xj PUYHOUSI Cherlei A JJrhSrt. APOUO I S00 Harferd Ave. HoppvNe vor .G) HHUpinHorlem.e 2 . 6. 8. 10 PM. C "'''! PLAYHOUSE Annepeh ARCADE S41Merferdld. Sleeper 'b" Woed PUZA Arir.epe IELAII lelA, Md. U'exe ? Co11":?) PIAZA lenttei.Perk,M. IOUIEVAP0 3301 OreetimeoBt Ae. Cio'ley Vo'o O1 St,K"r"ca IANDAUSTONPlAZA liberty Id. IIOAOrYAY 50 S. lreody Tt-e Sw -PG Oeyefthe Joctol PGj MS. 3 3C 4 8. 10 1 3 'M. CotryWrtic.PG; IEOENT 6e:7Penne.Ae. CAMPUS HIUSCINEMA I lelAlr.Md. H.H Up l Horlem I, Wofciro To! '1 oiyew e CcQtt P' , , CAMPUSHIUSCINEMAII lei Air, Md. IBSIilSTOWN IOA0 PUZA McQiPOl IkeDoyotthe Dolphin (PC) V30, 330. 3 30. 7 30. t 30 PM. ?. 4. 6. 8. '0. CAPITOl Annopeiit.Md. I EX Ye A CeldSpej.le. Uairdol Hell Heme PGi PaperoniX) CAIUON 1J01 OendolkAve. Soul Sr.oer WalinaTol.r IITCMIiCIW.I New Ord. A itchea) Hwy. CAIIOll WMtmintf,Md ? S TheWayWe Wye PGi 7 jV.v ,5'-M CHAIUJS 1711N.Ch.rle.Sl. ,ffCH,,CMN?eVlfl0'1oV',h FoMottkPio'.t poi 1"?,?7 n,9 w ?.337.i 14 .631.1 28. 1CCSPM. trtCHIICIN 1 New Ord. A lichee Hwy. CHURCH I A CINEMA Ceteeytette.Md. Paper wo" ,0 THtM.0. SECUIirfSQ.CINEMAI Seointylle!. CINEMA I Ye'tAI-eefy Idt ,h?ln e,fr,lIl", Sleeper, 0 1 ?, 4, , ', '9 ' 7 .3.30.3 6 30 8 9 3CPM tifiinTVta fiNtMAii SetvrilylM. CINEMA II Yertt Reteelyldl. , s"" TheleeaGMdb.e !R) 1, ? H, 3 30, 7 4i, 10PM. :.4.i.l. IQPM, SENATOR JWdY.rkRd. CIRCLE Annepelle. Md. , . L?J , u CadieellfCl ? 4 35. 7 13. e 35 PM. ClUSTiR 303 S Ireeewey SIRI Aberdee,4. the legeed of leeay Creek tC) Cerdor. WeffR, Ha-ki TrOvbeMotlfti COLONY IllSHerferdRd. SNO Deeeek "f.l HOsiPM. COIUMIIACN.I ...JIC... TM0NIUMC,N;MA TrtliMh 74743P. SeBa P.7 30.?30M ' COIUMIIACIN.B tIMONPJM CkNEMA Yert Rl Ope, herfdt. TnewotWtWe-e 'PQl St-pa P. I 10 P. CREST 343l.ter.teweld TIVOU Predertck, Md. HtHt'clrMorum Wafcia TaR 'R) EARLE 4l47lekeirRd. TOWEI IChertMClc. TheOeyClteei(Tl.TSeMuttieri,X) . Tlie Eeort fR) AtoeAUr,IT.K"ed!X) 1? 43.3, 3 13, 7 30. 43 P. IASTPOIT CINEMA I Aitnep.Kt.Md. TOWN 111 W. Payer It. Doottht OelcWe (G) Serpiee'R) IASTPOIT CINEMA II Annepeh,Md. """" Lor,flQaedbye:R' TObYSON) Verbid. IDMONDSON VILLA OE Idmeedteii Ay. I'Ttlfi'fZ) TKeteegCeedbreiR) Cieied Peepee Saturday 3.4.6 I. 10 PM. VHLA&E lententewn, Md. PREOERICK MALI CINEMA I Predericb Rabw Heod ,G) Te ro WESIVIEW CINEMA I 4013 lor). Net. Ribe HBIIKK MALI CINEMA 1 Iredencb ? -TS Don't loo. se. r r CLIN IUINM MALI Clenlem. " CINEMA Mil l.H. N.t.Pd,. waamii feroe ( me-' 1 30 3 30. 3 30.7 30 0 30 RM. or- GRAND 504S Ceklr.,S, " McOfPGl letfljM9 PolKaman (I) 1 30. 3 30. 3 30.7 30. 30 PM. 7 50.P3OPM. MAGERSTObYN CINEMA I He.erelewn WtSTVIEWCINEMAIVtOO0lekj.Nel.rk Ihe Stira .PGI GotqtSer, HAOEISTOWN CINEMA H He,...,,, J'1 " Th Pobo wooo Gl bVESTVYAY Cerenmae HAIPORO MAIL CINEMA I tel Air iMlS"'? Obm HQd fG) 11 T ' r" " ii ' mmmeaaaaam HAIPOI0 MAilCINEA. A H I.A. Y" "lD.eMk, Oa,pK,(PG)T,',l,A Tr.eav..Were'PCl 2.4 6.1 10 M. ' HARLEM A1tN.Gilir.ei HelUpbiHarletit'R) BIIVIJMI WeeW W CoOei IP) m-mmmmm NAIUNDALIONEMAI M.wedel. Cle,.d te.n P.6""1"1 Thelegejiir.QPoliceKMi .,, v' 1 30 33Q.3 30.7 30 9 3CPM. I INDIES 34l7Eeeleni Ave. HAIUNOAlIonEMAI," HeLdekeMdl SSH6 5tva 'PGt i i 30 4 33.7 20 R 43 PM CAILINS , PerkCkde NUINDALI . ""e I Prey Swd T. 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