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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 16
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 16

The Evening Suni
Baltimore, Maryland
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iviovies WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1980 B4 THE EVENING SUN Adams is good for laughs; '13th' is good for nothing SEAN CONNERY may have been eager to rid himself of James Bond, but Don Adams has no such resentment toward Maxwell Smart, the character he did for five years (1965 to 1969) on television's "Get Smart." Here he is, 1 1 years later, redoing the bumbling secret agent in a movie called "The Nude Bomb," and it is almost as though those 11 years have not passed. Well, Adams' hair is back to black, but other than that, he looks the same in the new film which may be, no, is, the best of the new batch. Barbara Feldon doesn't appear in the movie, but Andrea Howard does, as Lou Cedrona He is Father Guido Sarducci, whose lectures are highlights of "Saturday Night Uve." He uses blackboard and pointer to explain the "coincidenza" between presidents Kennedy and Lincoln. Later, be talks about Cod making us all pay for our sins. "You pay God money he has paid yon for working for him, and the sins add up," he says.

Novello also has a "five-minute university" in mind. "You take four years of Spanish, and all you remember is 'Habla EspanoL' We teach that to yon in one minute. Have you got another minute? How about law school." Miss Radner does the little girl who is sent to her room because her mother is having bridge and doesn't want the brat around. She also appears as Rhonda Weiss, doing a protest song about the banning of saccharine, something she read about in the National Enquirer, then she sits down to play "The Way We Were" at the piano. It's cute, and it is sometimes close to boff, but overall, it is very thin staff that looks better at 11:30 in the evening when much can be forgiven.

All three films are available at area theaters. Friday the 13th "is a shamelessly bad film, but then Cunningham knows his audience. This is sad." When I was leaving the theater, the usher, when I said I loathed the film, defended it, saying that it was a good movie for those people who wanted a "good scare." Yes, I said, but don't you think it's a little sick, I mean, things like decapitation close, up? He said he guessed it was but that he hadn't thought about it The movie was done by Sean Cunningham who achieved some kind of recognition with "Last House on the Left" a movie that makes "Friday" look like "Little Women," and "Friday" is certainly bad enough. The murderer makes an appearance when the film is about ended, and when he pretends to console the lone survivor, says, "Who could have done this?" "You," said a child in the front of the theater, and when the murderer asked why anyone would do this, the same child said, "because it was your son who drowned there 10 years ago." There's no fooling these kids. They know their trash movies, and this is one of them.

It is a shamelessly bad film, but then Cunningham knows his audience. This is sad. Big movies, movies with names, never make it to this city, but films like this and "Silent Scream" have no trouble doing so. Besty Palmer is the only recognizable face in the film, one that takes place at a summer camp where all the counselors are to breathe their last after, of course, a roll in the hay. 'GILDA LIVE' is no more than a film recording of the concert Gilda Radner did on Broadway last season, and something has been lost in the transformation from stage to screen.

Miss Radner, an elfin talent whose material is sometimes looks good on "Saturday Night Live" where skits both hit and miss and where good taste is not necessarily in evidence. On film, however, as the star of her Agent 22 and is nice comedy foil for Adams. The plot has KAOS threatening to defrock the entire world with a nude bomb that would allow them a monopoly of the textile industry, and Smart is called in, or np, because Maxwell is nothing more than a send-up of the Bond movies. You would think that after all these years, after all these Bond films and Bond send-ups, that "The Nude Bomb" might be a waste of time. It isn't It isn't the most sophisticated comedy I have seen this year, but it has more than its quota of laughs, the film using material the television series could not, jokes that are just this side of raunch, and funny, funny, funny.

Sylvia Kristel and Pamela Hensley are agents 34 and 36, Rhonda Fleming is a fashion designer, Vittorio Gassman is the lead villain, and Robert Karvelas is Smart's aide who has a solution for the problem, should the nude bomb be detonated. "Let them wear food," he says, and then he goes on to explain why this might be a good idea: "When you're tired of wearing it, you eat it." I'd like to pass some of the better gags on to you, but that would be unfair. See "The Nude Bomb" for yourself. The children are too young to have seen the "Get Smart" series when it was new but know it through sydication. They're getting all the jokes, save for a few that are slightly over their heads, like the remark Smart makes when a giant zipper, leading to KAOS headquarters, is unzipped.

ALL THE YOUNG girls who die in "Friday the 13th" do so in their underwear. That's the kind of movie this is, one that mixes sex with violence, so much so that impressionable young people who watch it are going to leave the theater with the notion that sexual intercourse is inevitably followed by a cut throat or an ax in the face. own show, Miss Radner bombs with more resonance, and when her material succeeds, it does not exactly throw you into the aisle. Don Novello may have the best of it. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Today's Movies Roam APIX-IM t.

ImdMy-SMrv of Owlotti (X) JUMP! HI MALL tV-tov Rnl Bit! (PC) 75, SICURITV MALL CIN. Tha Ulti (R) SRNATOR SMI yart R. APOU.O-1SM Hirf Sam- JUMPf IS MALL Gfett Uv (R) iw (R) BM Mud (R) JM, to LAIR Air Lm MM LAURIL f-FrkWy tht Wti (R) JM, AMTMr (PO) 1, Jjo OULtVARD-m OrtWHMimt Avt. LAURIL ll-PooDn- Around (PO) 7 JO. -SMM Scrwrn (R) tarlt 1M CAMPUS HILLS CIN.

Alr- LIRIRTY l-Llkny 4 OM Cwrl- LovtatmmHto(pa) LIRIRTY Lib. A OM Cotrt SliM Sown) (R) UTTLI (9 N. Hnr Settomt (X) NurM For Sm (X) MAVPAIR-SM St. II trO Lovo ol tnl RIM, (PC) MouMy Husao MINILICK I Pmm Apoca- MINMLICK II PRnnlllt CM Aux Fooot (R) 1 4, 1, 10 MOVIIS MHOotv VI Kruur fDA atavria 111 CA CAMPUS HILLS CIN. Il-M Alr- CARLTON 1301 PortlK Mrl(PG) CAQROLL Womiiirtor umt Cvanst(R) CA ROLLTOWN I I IMtriborv Lovo At Frtt bm (PC) 7JO, CARROLLTOWNI Bldoribvrt- SMM Scnwn (R) 7.15, CARROLLWOOD l-MiatM iMax gets smart AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Don Adams takes Maxwell Smart from the tube to the big screen, and the gags still work.

Here he is about to unmask the bad guy in the James Bond spoof, "The Node Bomb." MAXWELL SMART CARROLLWOOD ll-AW Max (R) 7. ttt FT (o me, rtst, 3. i jm. jo 15 HUtM I CO CHARLIS 1711 N. ChartM Norttwn Ughti 7 JO, M0 CHURCH LAN! Horuman (PC) 7 JO, MOVII MaR-CDda Uva (R) mi.

lift 2:15, tM, US. 7 30, MS MOVII MALL Evarv WNdi Way But Loom (PC) Opara 10J0 CIN IMA I MOVII R. Man Lovt It icraam (R) 7J0, 1M iSrena Players' finale for the season musical comedy, 'The Amorous Flea TWO IPO) LIS. US. SJ0, JO.

1M STRAND Dwndalk Nuda Bon (PG) TIMONIUM CINEMA r-Vark GUdo Uva (R) 7JS, 10 TIMONIUM CIN, II Vark Uttia Oartoe. (R) 7.4S, TIMONIUM CIN. IN York M. SarW (R) JA TOWN 211 w. Payatta FMk Floor (R) Km Fu Mama IR) TOWN I CINTRI I-LOVO At FkH kVtt (PG) 1M, IM TOWN! CINTRI II -Sana Thar (PG) 7,115 TOWSON-Vark at Plra) Bita (PG) 2, 4, VILLA6I Raittarttavm SOtnt Scraam (R) 7 JO wcrrviiw cin.

i-aoa Ban. NaN. PUta-Eiaet Horaman(PG) atarti idO WtrrviBW CIN. II-AI That Jan (R) US, L40, Us, 7.55, 10 WCSTVIEW CIN. Ill Tha Fifth Floor (R MO, 120.1.140, 120, WESTVIIW CIN.

IV Hack SiaiBon (G) UUMAMJ1M.X YORK RD. CIN. I (374 Vark Al That Jaxx (R) 2, 4J0, 7, IM YORK RD. CIN II Whara Buflata VORKRIDCI I Hldo kt Plakt SKM (Rita, 4,8.10 V0RKRID6I ll-Black StaWati IG) US, BILAIR OwrdHrHIo Cloaad. Rao-pan Friday.

ILTSVILLI Batttvttla AfWr at AahrodM (X) Fantaui (X) Sdftm INOIRS-M17 lattam at Flnl BitKPG) Old OraciM (PG) DMONOSON-aON BafM. Nat. Pita -Lovo At FlrM Bita (PG) Old Dracuta LKRIDOI 4200 Watk. BJvd. Eiadrtc Monaman (R) tny Rioar (R) MANCOCK-Hancack-Ooud.

Raooan Fhdav. LAUREL Rta. Laural SIKM Scraam (R) Eacapa to Amtna (R) MONOCACV Tanartam Cknad. Rtopan Friday NORTH POINT-Na. PI.

Cloaad. Raopan Friday. PULASKI Pulatkl MldnigM Eurau(R) RITCMIR-Slaa Burnla-Tha Rota (R) Tha Fury (R) SUPER ITS-Odantan-Uya at Flnt Bin (PG) HI Bama (PG) aS-CalHarma-Cloiad. Raopan Friday. First Biff (PC) opam M.IS NfW-W Fori A ma.

-Slunt Scraam (R) Good Cuy Wsar Black (PG) NRW CARVIR-M Fama. Aa. OoHd. Raooan Saturday. NORTH FT FLAZA North Fatal Bvd.

-Sllant Scraam (R) 7 JO, tJO FALACI Fratttwrt AM. Uttla Dankiga(R)7, FARK Laxlnataa Far SDanl Scraam (R) 7 JO, (JS FATTRRSON I-31N lattara Frkay Ittt urn (R) ttant US FATTRRSON H-SIN lastara CIMIMA II Prarttwrt-AJ Thai ONRMA III Pratttwn-Lov at Flrtl Rllt IPG) 7X, I CIRCLI AmaMllt. IM. Sllant Scraam (R) 7 JO, COLUMBIA CIN. I-Rt.

CotemMa -Tha Nuda Bomb (PC) COLUMBIA CIN. II-Rt. CoHmkM -Skant Scraam (R) 7J0, JO ARLI-4K7 talalr Tango to Park (X) Lovt la (X) ASTPORT CIN IMA f-AimaaalU- Lova at First Rita (PC) 7.40, 9M KU8S The final production of the Arena flayers' 1979-80 season is "The Amorous a musical comedy adapted Moliere's "School for Among the cast of "The Amorous Flea" will be Arena Players Harvey IDenmark, Arena Players' president Sam Wilson and John King. "The Amorous Flea" is directed by Ed Terry, with musical direction by Shirley Watson. "The Amorous Flea" is at the Arena Playhouse, 801 McCulloh street weekends through June 1.

For ticket information, call 728-6500 or 728-1011. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE PGtg GLEN BURNIE MALL CINEMA PERRING PLAZA 668-3111 ApocatvRta Now (ft) CINEMA SECURITY SQ MALL 2S5-6911 HUm Wm FRRRINC FLAZA l-TavMt-Frksay tna Urn (R) 2, 4, MIWATIR CIN HAMMMUCINUU 761-6055 OiUCJTYCtaA STDANO 98-3033 HIUS CIH4MA 734-6963 HARFORD MALL CINEMA 638-6688' PATTERSON S7S4M3 HIPPODROME t-4775 AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS SUNPAPERS CLASSIFIED 539-7700 nuts 486-588 MMUMPUUACINIMA 66R-V1T a PERRIHD PLAZA tl-Tawaan-Nuda Bomb (PG) IMJMiMJMJM PIKES W1 Ralilaritawi Rd. Nuda Bomb (PG) 7.45, .5 PLAVHOOJE-Chartai 4 2Sm-Tha Human Factor (R) 1, 10 PLAYHOUSE Amapalll Coal Minar-t Dauohtar (PG) 7 JO, 9 JO PLAZA-Ualnata Park-Uttlo Dar- ttngt (R) 7 JO, 9 JO PLAZA I Annapalli Glkta Uva (R) 7.40, .20 PLAZA 11-AoMpalll-Foollrr' Around 7 JO, 9.05 RANDALLSTOWN Cbaptar Two (PG) 7.14, 9 JO RIISTIRSTOWN RO. Kramar n. Kramar(PG) RITCHIE CIN.

I-Ntw Ord. Black StaWon (G) 7J5, S.S0 RITCHIE CIN. Il-Evary Which Way AMUSEMENTS pl'lllaWIl'l''''iBS FREE BALTIMORE SYMPHONY CONCERT Thursday, May 15; Lyric Theatre, 8:15 p.m. The three finalists of the BSO's Young Conductors' Competition will conduct a free concert as the concluding session of this four-day event which attracted 150 entnes from all over Tht ChanwUno (R) a. 10, lis OCRWATIR CIN.

II Mad Max (PG) 7, ISO CLIN IURNII MALL Ota tvnils- Frlday tha 131ti (R) 7 JO, lis OR AND 501 S. CaMtllna Hsnaman (PC) 4JS, 7, 130 HARFORD MALL CIN. I-B4J Alr- Lova at Fim Bita (PC) HARFORD MALL CIN.II-Bal Alr- Frkiav ma IJm (ft) 7JS, J0 HARUNDALI l-Hrndt Mall- Whart Tna Buttalo Roam (R) 2, 4, 10 HARUNDALI ll-Nuda Bomb (PC) 1 JO, 3J0, 5J0, 7J0, J0 HILLINDALI I-104S Tavlar Scraam (R) 7 JO, IM HILLINDALI II-M4S Tavlar Kramar n. Kramar (PC) 7.55, HIFFODROMR-M N. lutiw FrL ma UmiR) Oracula(R) ttartt I HOLLYWOOD A mures Lova at FlrM Bit (PG) 7J0 HOWARO-IU N.

Haward- Kino Fury (R) Buck Strati Flantar (R) JOPPATOWNI-WM Japa FarniRd. -Sllam Scraam JUMFIRS MALL I RrtcMa Kramar Kramar (PC) 75, 14S JUMFIRS MALL II Mad Max (R) 7.50, JO (PG) 7.45, 1Ai RITCHU CIN. Ill Sllant Scraam (R) EASTERN SHORE 7.55, 10 ROTUNDA CINEMA l-Norma RM Mad Mu (PG) 1J0, JJ0, 5J0, 7J0, J0 ROTUNDA CINEMA II GIW. Lhro BPo77jJ (R) SEWRMALL CIN. "ZMTlT MWUJMJ the U.S.

ffiffiffiM? Come and judge for yourself! The winner will be announced by the liprs distinguished panel of judges after the concert j. No reserved seats first come, first seated! Uttla Darllnaa jjv, ju, i WORLD CIN II Saltifeorv SECURITY MALL CIN. Ill- Buffalo Buffalo Roam (R) 7jVlUS II 1 I BALTIMORE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA TwTiw 1 jCT 1 Sergiu Comisstona, Music Director I I .1 Willi i in ill! f' '-'Xlf I ji si wl FINAL WEEK. NOWSLiVE ON STAOES "I LOVED VERY MINUTE Of ft.H. Qardnar, Tha Sun "THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER SEEN IT.

SHOULD AND THOSE WHO HAVE. WILL WANT TO SEE IT MAIN." Lou Cadrona, Tha Evaning Sun "A WINNERI REALLY SPEOAU" Carol Marwig, Tha New Amarican Z3JfiiS3ik I Beverly Hills I I StanlglCCABJI.CAJfTOC Cv VvJCll WVi F. WOMNEMCLOM-MkS EEiMreduCTwJUJWtOtLWIafTXDffiS- I fiCik. 4 jt' PlHfl fMA EjtecutM Producri XWt KAWIS DIMY MAHIS Producwt WlfL4J 3 T.J 1 t. VVii.

1 Ul IU Vlib HEN WHEAT and WALLACE BEflNETT f3X.V It 'V'sT Gssaa ,,0. ifl (X civilized world I HttDGVER! xlHm will never BOUiEVARO HILLEN0ALE LIBERTY AO, X4AfJ I'AJi 33rd Gtaenmount tiit 28 tSOO Ml lack Sma Utwny Otd Coua C- Wjl tAMAfrHAm 235-4923 S234444 655-2600 i 'ftjfj I jggCl IWI FWW ViiCIIl lOKTHPOinPUZA RITCHIE CIIEMA tk iTK'OS ktl Bttwv lit. 40 Nonreotnt RttetM Mwv. at UNRELENTING LALinHTERVw I 4fpf1JUJ f4ff -ThcLoniRkLera- HERSCIIEL BERNARDI in the Original Broadway Production of wf DjvJdCmuUn Kfth na) Robert Cumdinm JauneaKeach Stacy Keach Z4tnntot2utUd Ravrvdy OvuOd ChrlatopiMrOuaal metMUaiuaa Mtiak comtKMMd and arrantwl by Ky Coodcr IWUtcad byTtm Tnncnnann Direti byWaJtnr Hill WHHan by BOl BrycltStaTVm Phillip Smith, Stacy OX KAUtch EMoutNa pwauo4n Jama and Stacy Kech (lTJoatJi bshnlooiar uud4ii f-r -rr I Mon -SjI 8 Mau Wrd A Sat 2PM -1 WSSrSSy United Artists I .1 XV. ,1.1,.

t. mi, i AlouMmencaCtmoKiy 1 I wow uiru Sal. May 17 Only' Charge Rv Phiinr Group Only 1301 1 752 1407 MORRIS A. MECHANIC THEATRE CAMPUS HILLS Hopkins Plaua. Baltimorr Rt.

22 Campus Hills Sho. Ctr Ritchia Hwy. at Jumpers HoleRd. 768 5151 879 9292 RANDALLSTOWN Liberty Old Court Rd. 655-2087 THE MOVIES II Golden Ring Mall 574-3333 P' I pfiMHm mMxt fat" OltSl tions JSTOSK JUWWW CINEMA 5)111 11 (1 HARf ORO MALI CINEMA wii RitChHwy at Jumpers Hole Rd 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 fill II.

if Harford Mall Shp Ctr THE MOVIES III ROTUNDA CINEMA 768-5151 JUMU J's Ul lUJ JJl Bel Air 838-6688 ife GoWan oej Mall 40tli and Kaswick Rd. 574.3333 235 1800 WESTVIEW MOVIES NEW SENATOR SECt'RtTY MALI CINEMA TIMONIUM CINEMA 6026 Baltimore National Pike Golden Rms Mall 902 Park Avenu: York Rd at Belvedere BaitwavEmt t7 vot Rd ow a Growda 747-6464 574-3333 757-7108 435-8338 i 2-e1t 252-2202 SUNPAPERS CLASSIFIED 539-7700 YORKRIDCE I Yorkrldga Shp. Ctr. 252-2256 TOWN 311 W. Fayette wttli 539-2294 "ST "LOOFT".

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