The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1953
Page 5
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Instead, it ofiers tha wonderful lubricating influence of lanolin ihclf that combats drying conditions due to lack of natural oils. There's a j;ood reason why lanolin is sc bcne.'icial to skin. Lanolii, is obtained from sheep's woo! and is most similar to Uie natural oils of our human skin. So when .Nature's own lubricants ;i r e so closely duplicated, it's no wonder that your skin responds quickly and eagerlv. LANOLIN PLUS LIQUID CLKANSKR should be a ''must" in your daily skin care. It's amazingly effective ... delightfully a-fre-shing ... and so economical! Only one dollar phis lax at a!! cosmetic counters. Reveal Your Hair's Natural Loveliness With Lanolin Plus Hard Water Shampoo Perhaps you are one of the many women who are at a loss to know how to keep their hair and scalp scrupulously clean, yet preserve the natural oils that are essential to soft, glistening hair. Possibly you've found that ordinary cleansing has either had a severe drying action, leaving the scalp flaky and the hair brittle and unmanageable, or has left a sticky, dulling film on your hair. Now, Lanolin Plus Hard Water Shampoo answers this problem for you. For this is the shampoo that contains a superabundance of lanolin, the nearest duplication of nature's own oils. It not only helps lubricate scalp and soften hair, but at the same time it lathers beautifully in the hardest water. Its rich, lanolized suds thoroughly whisk away dirt and grime so that the hair is left soft and silken and gleaming, as it should be. Just 33 the shampoo cleanses, its oil pampers the hair. It's economical, too, because it's fast-acting, and ordinarily only one application is needed each time you wash your hair. All cosmetic counters can supply you with LANOLIN PLUS HARD WATER SHAMPOO for only a dollar. You'll never know how really clean, soft and manageable your hair can be until you use this thorough shampoo, containing such a generous supply of lanolin. Try it, and see if you're not amazed at the new loveliness it gives U> your hair. BEAUTY BOX You can nave tlic best even '/ your Beauty's on a Budget! For only $100* LANOLIN PLUS HARD V/ATER SHAMPOO 6-or. $1.00 16-01. $2.25 LANOLIN PLUS HAND LOTION 4-«. $1.00 12-oz.S2.25 IANOLIN flUS CLEANSING CREAM FOR DKr SKIN 3/1-01. $1.00 16-01. $3.00 LANOUN PLUS All OVtC BODY LOTION FOR DRY SKlN 12-01. $1.50 IANOLIN PLUS SUNTAN IOTION X-or. $1.00 s rjiictcd tin not include lax. • *AM products art $1.00 exctfit Ihe 12-onnce size of Lanolin Plus Body Lotion which is $L5Q CQNlQLIDATt* CO1MITICS, »Q WIST HUftftARD STUIT, CHICAGO 10, ILLINOIS

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