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nc nr inn ffiT El Ji I ,1 LI HAST CHANCE! CROWN EIGHT CHAMPIONS PARI wts finance 4 GOLDEN GLOVES FINALS TONIGHT IN THE STADIUM! first bout at. 'O'citock 1 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1960 4 ff STADIUM (1 Tickets on Sale Tribune Public Service Office, 33 W. Madison from 1 1 a. m. to 5 p.

m. and at Stadium, Gates 2 and 5, from 6:30 p. m. PRICES: 4, 2.75, '125 GETTIN IN THE GROOVE Jones and Clay A PAIR OF SLUGGING BROTHER ACTS GUARANTEE A 'HIT' SHOW Slug It Out Gloves Facts TONIGHT EVENT Finals of 33d annual Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions sponsored by The Chicago Tribane Charities, Inc. 1 napsasjBsnBBjsjpjjgf A I I i -K a I I i i PLACE Chicago Stadium, 1800 W.

Madison st. TIME 8 o'clock. Doors opes) at 6:30. NUMBER OP BOUTS Fourteen six semi-finals and eight for championships. CONTESTANTS Twenty-two surrior of last week's Tournament of Champions from a field of IS.

000 amateur boxen ia 20 states and SO major centers. WEIGHTS All eight weight classes 112. 118. 126. 135, 147, 160.

175. and heavyweight. BOXERS' INSTRUCTIONS An re if XT port at aooa in C. Y. O.

gymnasium. 1140 W. Jackson for weighing and physical examination. TICKETS Reserved seats at S6. 4.

$2.75, and $1.25 on sale at Gates 2 Madison st.l and 5 I Warren Chicago Stadium, from 6:30 and at the Tribune Public Service office. 33 W. Madison from 11a. m. to 5 p.

as. TELEVISION ABC network, coast to coast, from 9 to 10 o'clock. Chicago 1 ft lr, "I -n))- m. outlet. WBKB.

Channel 7. BY MAURICE SHEVLLN Chicago's western Golden Gloves champions in each Nick Spanakos (left), 126 pounds, and his brother, Pete, 118 pounds, who will represent Hollywood, CaL, team. Ryne Duren, New York Yankee right hander, threw hard Tuesday for first time this spring in St. Petersburg, Fla, training camp. tupi Teiephotoi of the eight weight classes will be determined tonight in RIVALS HUNT the Stadium during a 14 bout program starting at 8 o'clock.

The colorful annual show, presenting the 22 survivors of the rigorous three night Tournament of Champions last week in the Stadium where 240. champions from 30 cities and 20 states competed, promises to be the best in the 33 year history of the By- DAVID CONDON FLAWS OF SOX Yanks, Indians Hope Mike Triolo, C. Y. O. boxing director, gives pointers to Tommy O'Shea (center), 126 pounds, and Tommy's brother, Brian, 135 pounds, "who will help1' carry Chicago colors into Golden Cloves finals tonight in the Stadium, (tribune Photos THIS NONSOPHISTICATE just has returned from Squaw Valley, CaL, and the Olympic winter games, where the finest amateur athletes from 30 nations thrilled him more.

than he ever has been thrilled by Rocky Marciano, the late Willie Hoppe, the late Bill Tilden, the Ohio Ousts Irish, 74-66 event sponsored by The Chi-j Golden Glove Finals Bouts to Be Televised i Champion ship bouts scheduled between 9 and 10 o'clock in the Finals of the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in the Stadium tonight will be televised coast to coast by the ABC network. They replace Wednesday night's weekly professional contest. The hour long show will be under sponsorship of the Brown Williamson Tobacco Corporation of Louisville, and Miles Laboratories, of Elkhart, Ind. The Chicago outlet is WBKB Channel 7. Bullpen Magic Dims BY EDWARD PRELL Chicago-' Tribune Press 8errlce? Sarasota, March 8 Rivals always probe for champions' vulner cago Tribune Charities, Inc.

Every one of the boxers, including the 12 who must JUMP BALL Overcomes Early first engage in semi-final Stage Fright Lexington, March 8 151 bouts scheduled to precede the first five championship engagements, has his heart set on being selected to the Chicago Intercity squad Ohio university overcame first half stage fright Tuesday night and beat Notre Dame, Baltimore Colts, the Chicago White Sox, or any other of sport's mercenaries. Squaw Valley convinced him anew that a man dedicated to sport is most dedicated to amateur sport that unheralded amateurs, be they high school basketball players from Pinckneyville or hockey players from Russia, provide more exciting entertainment than, say, the hired legions of the Los Angeles Dodgers' Walter O'Malley. For that reason, he still is eager with anticipation as he awaits Wednesday night's Golden Gloves able spots and this year the White Sox are the target. It is the hope of the Indians, the Yankees, and the other J- rt V. 1 which will meet, the eastern 74 to 66, in the first game of the Mideast regional of the N.

C. A. A. basketball tournament. champions March 21 in New York.

The fighters also have eyes on the Olympic trials this summer. Jones Meets Clay clubs that age catches up In the evening's second con Leading Cub test, Western Kentucky Willie Hoppe Four, and possibly five of whipped Miami of Florida, with the club which took it all last year. Turk Lowb the three round champion Hurlers May 107 to 84. The winners now move to ship bouts will be televised coast to coast, including the heavyweight match between Louisville, where Friday night Rescue Klein Chicago defending cham Ohio will play Georgia Tech and Western Kentucky will They hopefully point- out that Gerry Staley and Turk Lown can't go on forever with their bullpen magic. Some think this is the year when the two ancient gents 1V, 4 ill I Vl I "II I Vs I mvminiifMiirifiiifiriir iirrr mri "nrft nfm wnrinii'iri'iii'ifi'iTTriffnriri iscaaooeticabflB meet Ohio State's Big Ten BY RICHARD DOZER Chicaco Tribune Press Serried pion, Jimmy Jones of Gary, and Louisville's Cassius Clay, last year's 175 pound Golden champions.

Mesa, March 8 will start slipping. Gloves champion of Chi 6 Ties in First Half Ohio took the lead 30 Eight pitchers have served cago tournament, the Inter The White Sox don't think so, even tho Staley will be city show, and the National seconds after the intermission and never was headed altho with varying degrees of success in two i ntrasauad A. A. U. tournament.

40 next August and Lown will turn 36 in May. It's not the Irish threatened seriously late in the period. Another of the featured events will bring together the age, it's the arm, and the style of delivery, say the Lgames tnus six ties in the first Jeff Davis of Nashville, the half, when the lead changed 1959 champions' 1959 runner-up to Clay, and far, but inasmuch as only one stands an 11 times, Ohio's Bunk Adams Billy Joiner of Cincinnati, re Staley has pitched in 190 cently returned from four games since the Yankees sent slipped under a lay-in to give the Bobcats a 33 to 32 edge. outside chance years with the air force. Also scheduled for the At one point, Ohio led, 50 of accompanying the Cubs him to the White Sox for the waiver price early in 1956.

In a career going back to hour on camera are the wel to 39. Notre Dame, with its one-guard offense, cut the uux ill, uu uiie Dick Drool 1941, Gerry has appeared in is paying much terweight and lightweight title clashes. In the former, Ferd Hernandez of Omaha, a 517 major league matches and ITRIBUNK Photo! Thumbs of Referee Joe Freund are raised skyward, signaling a jump ball between Ed Sutherland (32) of Crane Tech and Bob Hoffman (55) of Vocational. Crane won emi-final Public league playoff game Tuesday, 47 to 36. Crane Ousts Vocational 1959 runner-up, will meet pitched 1,805 innings.

His minor league career totaled 119 games and 827 innings. Bobcats' advantage to a single point at 58 to 57. But the hot shooting Bobcats soon had their lead built up to a dozen points at 72 to 60. Mark Burds of Denver. In the finals in Chicago Stadium.

He knows that the 22 young men on Wednesday night's card, tho lacking professional skill, will provide a memorable show. Their desire guarantees it. Because in Golden Gloves, the participants are not motivated by promise of a paycheck. They are not urged on by professional managers who would cut them up like a cabbage salad. They are spurred only by their interest in, competition.

THERE IS A song that stresses that you have to have heart. And, of course, any man who reaches the pinnacle in any vocation has had the heart of a lion. Cowards and weaklings fall by the wayside, even without competition. They early are winnowed from the field of challengers. Sometimes even the contemplation of competition, in business or sport, is enough to make a contender throw in the towel.

But it is easier to have heart when there is a rich, concrete reward for your sacrifices. Many men would be willing to be knocked senseless by Heavyweight Champion Ingemar Johansson could they be assured of a wonderful pay day. Money could buy courage, false courage, for them. Yet it only is a unique breed of hero who will take punches to the nose, and to. the jaw, and to the body, merely for the sake of athletic competition it is a unique breed of hero who will indulge in a rough, bodily contact sport knowing that his only reward will be an amateur championship; who knows that defeat wili not -provide even the consolation of a few dollars.

THE YOUNG MEN who will exchange punches in Chicago Stadium on Wednesday night are engaging in sport for the sake of sport itself. When the bell clangs, it will not signal a pay day. For them, the bell will mean only that they must step out and prove themselves better than an opponent who may come from any corner of these United States. That opponent may be of a different color, or religion, or social or national background. But that will not matter.

All that will count will be the size of the opponent's heart. If his heart is bigger than his foe's, his punch can be weaker. See you there. Thus, he has pitched profes latter, Chicago's crafty and hard hitting Brian O'Shea will meet Reggie Davis of Fort Worth for the 135 pound attention to the offensive deeds against But attention is due to perk up Wednesday along with appetites as Dick Drott, Moe Drabowsky, Glen Hobbie, and Bob Anderson lend a varsity touch to the pitching mound. Loses Second Game Manager Charlie Grimm Western Kentucky's victory in Public Playoffs, 47-36 sionally in 636 games and worked innings.

Lown's 358 games in the majors cover 808 innings. His minor league figures are 252 games and 1,207 innings, making his grand total 610 came within one point of tying the N. C. A. A.

tournament single game scoring record of 108 set by Utah crown. Knockout Artist If time permits, the mid Prep Basketball against Seattle in 1955. dleweight title bout between Ohio r74 Kotre Dame 66 Leotis Martin of Toledo and James Ellis of Louisville also 2 2-4 2 McCarthy 4 0-12 wouldn't say which pitchers vould be assigned to which team, but Coach Lou Klein Continued on page 5, col. 1 8 6-6 3 Graney 8 4-5 4 11 7-114 Dearie TUESDAY'S RESULTS Pt'BLIC LEAGUE PLAYOFFS Varsity Semi-Final Crane Tech, 47; Vocational, SS. GAMES WEDNESDAY PUBLIC LEAGUE PLAYOFFS Varsity Seini-Final Marshall t.

Carver, De Paul anlTcrsity, 3:15 P. m. 9 3-6 4 1 0-2 2 Adams Kruger Joliif Whaler Bandy Katz 3 Continued on page 4, col. 1 2 5-6 1 1 0-0 0 0- 0 4 Crosby 1- 1 2 Schnurr 0-0 0 McGann Skrzycki Bekelja 0 0-0 1 1 2-2 0 Golden Gloves Roster. Pairings 26 14-22 14 29 16-22 15 Free throws made and attempted.

Halftime Notre Dame. 32; Co, 31. Miami 841 Western Ky. games and 2,015 innings. Both Pitchers Confident Last year, Staley set a White Sox club record by participating in 67 games.

Lown answered the summons 60 times. He won nine and lost two, saving innumerable games. Staley had a won and lost record of 8 and 5. He, too, was high in saves. Both Turk and Gerry said Tuesday they are confident they'll be able to carry on in the manner in which the White Sox have learned to become accustomed.

They were backed by Al Lopez, the manager, and Ray Berres, 1-2 2 7 8 U. S. Olympic Hockey Star Faces Hawks 5-6 3 Ellison Todd Osborne Rascoe 4-4 3 7-11 4 3 10 1-4 1 Parsons 3 2 5 2 2-3 5-7 2- 4 3- 4 1-3 5-5 0-0 0- 0 1- 2 0- 0 1- 2 2- 2 Godfrey Appleg'e Manus'w Hickox Cohen Hamm'd Stazreti Landis Spisak Nebel Shipiro Snider 0-0 3 2-2 0 2-3 0 Sarakafs 0 Talbott 0 Bicknell BY JOHN LEUSCII Vocational was pared from the dwindling list of contenders for the Public High School league basketball championship Tuesday when Crane Tech plodded to a 47 to 36 victory over the Cavaliers before 1,800 in De Paul university's Alumni hall. The story of this first semifinal contest in the conference playoffs was wrapped up in the last four minutes of the first quarter, during which time Vocational experienced a scoring drouth and it rained baskets for Crane. 12 to 1 Stretch The Cougars outscored Vocational, 12 to 1, during that stretch.

The tall Cavaliers never, got back on even terms. Vocational owned a 6 to 5 lead, but then complications developed. Successive field goals by Henry Jackson, Bob Dillard, Jackson again, and Ed Sutherland sent Crane into a 13 to 6 lead before Vocational interrupted with a 0-0 .0 2 McDaniel 0 BY CHARLES BARTLETT 3-4 2 0-0 1 1 0 1 smith 2 Warren 0 Barnard 0-0 1 will be made at noon Wednes- -day. Winners of semi-final bouts will provide last three contests of the Finals program. FINALISTS Order of Boats 147 POUNDS Fred Hernandez, Omaha, vs.

Mark Burds, Denver. 175 POUNDS Jeff Davis, Nashville, vs. Billy Joiner, Cincinnati. HEAVYWEIGHTS Jimmy Jones, Chicago, vs. Cassius Clay, Louisville.

135 POUND rian O'Shea, Chicago, vs. Reggie Davis, Fort Worth. 160 POUNDS Leotis Martin, Toledo, vs. James Ellis, Louisville. ROSTER of 22 contestants in Finals of Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions tonight in the Stadium; SEMI-FINALISTS 112 POUNDS Chris Rafter, Chicago; Murray Roark, Memphis; Humberto Barrera, Fort Worth; Wayman Gray, Toledo.

118 POUNDS Pete Spanakos, Hollywood, CaL; Oscar German, Grand Rapids, Darrell Shavanaux, Denver; Carlos Rodriguez, Fort Worth. 126 POUNDS homu O'Shea, Chicago; Nick Spanakos, Hollywood, Roy Honpe, Zanesville, Joe Bennett, Streator. Pairings for semi-finals 41 25-36 20 31 22-32 21 The Chicago Black Hawks Tuesday evening flew their four-game National Hockey league winning streak to New Free throws made and attempted. Halftime Western Kentucky. 61; Miami.

40. Center of Interest Mr. and Mrs. Redbird At the feeding board -Make a splash of color Against the' sparrow horde. Mrs.

Dick Tracy. Life's Little Thrills To suddenly get the point of a joke heard long, long ago. The Uneducated Philosopher. The Wake Depends Help! Upon Its Friends Help! CALIFORNIA WINS pitching coach. "I know that good relief pitchers sometimes last only a few years," said Lopez.

But most of them were San Francisco, March 8 JJFi York, where Wednesday night they meet the cousinly Rangers and the goalie with the best average in the league Olympic Hero John Mc Cartan. Reason for McCartan's leadership in the goals against department, of course, younger than Staley and over- Ten Years Ago This Date Butler defeated Ohio State, 66 to 65, as Ralph O'Brien of the Buckeyes set an Ohio State fieldhouse record with 39 points. Continued on page 4, col. 2 California's defending collegiate basketball champions, paced by All-American Dar-rell Imhoff, breezed past Idaho State, 71 to 44, Tuesday night in an N.CA.A. western regional playoff game.

Imhoff scored 19 points before leaving the game with eight minutes remaining. VP" NEVER SAW Mff I SUPPOSE) TTT sETX 72' KENNEDY OR MR. NIXON YOU LL oHy 1 WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IP OUT IN PUBLIC WITH YOLTRE ff3 fME VVTLuX I I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH DIRTY EARS AND BETTER, pT TCLU I EGGONMYFACE? RUMPLg ifT lEMMYlME $1 is that John has played only one major league game in his life. In that successful debut last Sunday, the young -St. Paul ex-amateur star permitted the Detroit Red Wings only one goal the while his Ranger elders were getting three.

By this happy decision, the-Rangers and McCartan did the Hawks a generous service, dropping the Wings into fourth place, a full game behind the Chicagoans. free throw. Another basket by Sutherland, and a 47 foot effort by Dillard just before the buzzer made it 17 to 7 at the quarter. The closest Vocational got in the second half was five points on two occasions. Great rebounding by 6 foot 3 inch Robert Conley kept Crane out of danger thruout.

Conley outrebounded the entire Vocational team in the NCAA Playoffs TUESDAY'S RESULTS MIDEAST KEGIOJTALS At Lexington. Ky. Ohio 74: Notre Dante, 66. West. Kentucky, 107; Miami 81 EAST REGION AL8 At Madison Square Garden Jfew York U.

78; Connecticut. West VtrgfaiU. Nary, 86. Dvke, 84 Prteeo, FAB WEST BEGIOKAM At Sa Pranctae California, 71; Idah State, 44. Detroit tied the Hawks for Continued on page 2, col.

2 'Continued on page 3, coL 7.

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