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Chicago, Illinois
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'CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNES T.W.y.Atf.S.19tf Tf Mum DV THIS DAY IN HISTORY BRrwtT -HPS ILL. 'CF, VM SURE GLAD OUZ AMY ACKCED Oft SLACK CROWS TO SAT71E XA710NS, GENERAtf ILU Ul It I tlSL W-. I I I Gabriel horn trumpet was J10, and the professional trumpet was S12. There also was a baby trumpet, used for baby voices, at S2. The attendant suggested we might take our own trumpet to a seance and get the medium to "magnetize" it.

We attended an afternoon meeting in the auditorium at which 250 persons were present. The program included pipe organ music, a talk by Dr. Richard W. McClaln, psychiatrist at the Jackson, Mich, prison, and platform readings by two of the Aug. 9Wcbstcr Ashburton Treaty A LADY WITH.

36 SPIRIT HUBBIES SAYS IT'S FRAUD Even True Believers Gag at Spiritualist Fakes (Thin it the fifth and taut of a FLO i iff i I mHE sitrnine of the Webster. I Ashburton treaty in Washine- 1 ton, D. 103 years ago today put an nd to a dispute which mediums in attendance, Loretta 1 3 had brought the United States and Great Britain to the verge of war. Maine had entered the Union In Schmitt and Fanchion Harwood. Blindfold That Doesn't Blind Good Judges of Good Whiskey to try a Fine Old Brand! The only feature of interest In 1820 with boundaries so vague that terie of articles bated upon an in-relitigation of Chicago mediumn the session was a new blindfold thru 12,000 square miles of her technique employed by the medium claimed territory settlers had no way of knowing whether thev hy Mint Rose Mackenherg, former inventi gator for Harry Iloudinl, the Harwood.

in which she placed one strip of adhesive tape horizontally eventually would come under the control or me united States or across ner eyes ana two other strips vertically over each eye, after which a blindfold was aDDlied. magician.) BY E. W. WILLIAMSON One of the secrets of Miss Rose Mackenberg's success in unmasking Britain. The framers of the treaty of 1783.

which pretended to draw a boundary line thru th vast wil Miss Mackenbere later dunlirateri the blindfold, and showed me how fake mediums is the crcumstance derness lying between Canada and FLEISCHMANN'S PREFERRED it was possible to see with it, be that she looks like anything but tne new American Renublie. had cause when the eyel ds are lifted what she is, a shrewd, resourceful used language which was rnnW of various interpretations. they lift the horizontal tape with them, and there Is adequate space The British accused th Ameri ror vision between the vertical tapes and the nose. fr A Whiskey that has the full, ripe richness of the world's finest, most limited brandsl Apparently we were spotted as cans of sending armed patrols Into Canadian territory and of building entrenchments there. The Americans charged the British with erect investigator to whom her mentor.

Houdini, taught all the tricks and deceptions current In the trade. If she were placed in a group of 10 women, and you were asked to pick out the investigator, she would be No. 10 on your list. This has enabled her to continue her work since the death of Houdini in 1926. Since then she has received messages from the spirits of at least strangers at the afternoon meeting, Decause when we emerged we found ing extensive military barracks nn two tails on us.

A tall is someone assigned to follow a suspected American land. There were quar BLACK CROWS ARE PURE FOOD! Cwki. m. kr Nm ti Ok rels over limber cutting. At one point a shooting war broke out.

but "I've done everything but whistle at him. Do you suppose he think a truce was arranged. Soft chewy gnm drops nada with pore extract of selected Ecorke roots In ApriL 1842. Alexander Ririno we have a nonfraternize law over here? three dozen different husbands and as many sons, despite the fact that she has never married. One of her favorite spirit husbands is Walter.

person without being seen, to sec where he goes and what he does. This obviously made further investigation futile, but we had already obtained our view of the camp and how it works. Attendance Lower This Year A woman who operates a dining Lord Ashburton, arrived In Wash- ngton as a soecial minister nt th British government to conclude a Really Getting: Fond of Him 11 Performs His First Marriage treaty coverine the dlsnutee h. "I've received so many messages tween the two countries. Secreturv room near the camo told us that from Walter that I'm getting really fond of him," she said, except that I consider him an awful dope be of State Daniel Webster represented the attendance' this year is lower law 'r than usual, and that many oersons me unuea states.

Work in earnest began in June. cause he's always telling me to give from the camp who ate in her place were complaining of wartime Drices GE RATES part of his insurance money to the medium." Discussions went on thru th. hot Deing charged by the mediums. months of the earlv summer. On if; fvrSSe SI I She has been ordained as a This apparent commercialization Is frowned on bv certain factions one point after another agreement was reached.

Despite the Interna among the spiritualists themselves. medium six different times, tinder various names, after completing courses of study ranging in length from 20 minutes to three days. tional suspicions and hatreds in in me June 24 issue of the New York Spiritualist leader, a spiritualist weekly edited by Marearet volved In the disputes. Webster and Ashburton had confidence In each other's sincerity and treated rh She has appeared as a witness '0m Hall, is a letter from a contributor ft other with perfect frankness. The before congressional committees, and also in many court trials Involving spiritualistic issues.

One of stating that she "cried for hours result was a treaty which. it when I read the names of the Ches satisfied neither country rnmniti are in effect for a limited lime at Arthur Murray9. Enroll Today) Come to Arthur Murray's vhile yon can save half the usual cost. Lessons re delightfuj exercise and greet fun. You'll surprise yourself with your fast progress.

But the biggest thrill comet when you try out your new skill at your next party and everyone tells you you're a marvelous dancer. -A whole new world of fun and popularity opena up for you! Decide now and enroll while 2-for-l rates are still offered. Tbone WAB. 8510. Studio open daily until 10 P.

M. these was a suit brought by the at at least averted the Immediate dan WMII" ger or war. Of the disnutod n-t. terfield workers for this year. The way they are fooling the poor souls that make such sacrifices to go to camp and talk to their loved ones Wh V'.

m' Xf torney general of Pennsylvania to break a will leaving an estate to establish a college for mediums. The suit was successful. tory, 7,015 square miles were given to the United States and Dreaks my heart." To which the Britain. "Among the more than 1,000 me editor appends the comment "So The treaty, which also you see how deep the tide is run provisions other than th ning against the Chesterfield chican to the Maine boundary, was signed diums I have investigated," she said, I haven't found a single one who was not a fraud or a victim of psychosis. Of course, to be perfectly fair, I usually investigate only those ery." AU.

1.0-1.4. I So next time you ro to a medium ARTHUR MURRAY 57 E. Jaclcson Blvd. remember Houdinl'i offer of Sio.onn III, who are suspects. Inevitably, in for a genuine nh.

TIES CACSES 11,000 LOSS Dttmatr MtfinttaJ j-tfejiMael MfctrfA TRIBUKK Photol Judge Edwin Robson (left) performing his first marriage cere-mony, for George Cooney and Josephine Blaiser, yesterday. times of stress and turmoil, the number of medium sky rockets. This nomenon; remember me and my spirit incense; and remember Miss BUY MORE WAR BONDS AND STAMPS is true today. Vh.L?0 am floor suin tn tprtti to raacKen Derg "messages" from her three dozen spirit husbands. Lay Their Groundwork Early Ai long ago as 1942, they began rrs 90 moof, tooi plflSCHHAHiij to lay the groundwork.

In that year. Brief Ceremony OP A TO START RET AIL PRICE is a devout believer in the psychic and probably will sit with her trumpet right up to the last day of her life, waiting for the thing to float about and speak. in connection with an appeal for funds to send spiritualist literature to soldiers and sailors overseas, published in the Psychic Observer, a spiritualist paper with a nation-wide circulation, appeared the the follow SURVEY AUG. 15 yi jj I A survey of retail prices of cloth But if the trumpet should float and speak, one of two things will have happened. Either she will have become psychopathic or she Ing, home furnishings, and shoes BLENDED WHISKEY The straight whiskies in this product or 4 yeors or more old; 35 straight whiskies 65 neutral spirits distilled from grain.

The Fleischmann Distilling Corporafio feeluini.N.Y. ing exhortation: "'Then, too, you might know of was announced by the office of price Superior Court Judge Edwin A. Robson performed his first marriage yesterday since he ascended the bench In June. In a brief ceremony in his chambers Judge Robson married Miss Josephine Blasier, 35, and George Cooney, 40, an Interior decorator, both residents of a hotel at 212 N. Hamlin av.

Cooney explained that the romance budded when he redecorated his new wife's apartment- administration yesterday to start Aug. 15. Its effect will be lower will have become wise to the busl ness and will be deceiving others. some mother, father, sister, or brother who "lost" some one in action. Send their names and we prices, OPA administrators said, and Mediums are constantly information with one another at the declines will be apparent to the will see to it that they receive shopper about Nov.

1. IC1EP proper attention." their gatherings. These include the Fake mediums," Miss Mackenberg spiritualist camps at Lily Dale, Rae E. Walters, regional administrator, and Kenneth E. Erickson, regional chief of the consumers' goods N.

and at Chesterfield. Ind." continued, "do not draw their clientele exclusively from the igno So we went to Chesterfield, Ind, to see what a spiritualist camp and service section, met with re 3S tailers' representatives to explain the survey. They said it would rant or the particularly gullible. Most men and women who go to a medium are average, everyday peo meeting looks like. It'a an Impressive Tlace reach 6,500 stores In Chicago.

ple. Many of them are in trouble, We found it housed in a spacious PIf Erickson said shoppers already searching for the help and advice have benefitted from regulation No. grounds, two blocks off a main highway, with two hotels, a cafeteria. their friends cannot give. They are EjLII llii 578, which affected prices on women's cotton dresses and Infant's so eager to be convinced that they selves, nor can the law protect them.

Most of the mystic cults and frauds are cloaked under the protective name of religion and thus are free from prosecution. Hence, numberless court cases have failed, and plain common sense obviously cannot debate the issue. When the spirits come in at the door, common sense flies out the window. "I have no advice for the uninhibited members of the cults. Their cases are hopeless.

I know of a woman who bought a trumpet to become a medium and start a accept the preposterous dressed up as the psychic. wear. Overcharges on pre-ticket items, articles on which the manu HOLLANDER NORTHERN BACK "In their anxiety they throw out clews about their identity, the state with Nuiol an auditorium, a prayer garden, and 20 or 30 cottages housing mediums, all bearing signs advertising trumpet readings, materializations, or whatever the medium's specialty may be. A bazaar offers spiritualistic equip-ment at prices somewhat higher than those in the catalogs. A practice trumpet was 56, a bell-bottom facturer has stated the retail price, have been noted particularly in of their emotions, and their finances.

Any amateur psychologist or second MINI1AL OIL rate detective could pick them up. suburban stores, Erickson said. If these violations are persisted in, he said OPA will seek penalties In the ISo Law to Protect Them The easy-action laxative The clients cannot protect them- church of their own. She certainly form of treble damages. for ordinary constipation MUSKRAT WM first to Sears then to School COATS for GLAMOUR GIRLS, j.

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Adams, Centery Im. 301 Tefephone WABath 2994 LOGAN SQUARE R. Neor Terminal Tel. SPAulding 4100 NORTH-SIDE 4049 N. Western Cor.

W. Devon Im.20oDevonBIdg. 7tl.ERlorgal4121 WIST-SiDI 410 West Modison Neor Cicero KeittoWolgreen Tef. MANitld Gil SOUTH-SIDE 751 79th Cor. Cottage Grove Avekm.206,2nd Ft.

Tel. SADcJffe 6500 SOUTH CHICAGO 9113 S. Commercial Avenue, Lincoln BeRding, Room 10 Tef. KGeof 6220 SLUE ISLAND 1301 1 Sooth Western Avenee, Ground Ftoor Tef.Dio'Operofor.BvelsfoiidSd HARVEY 1 64 East 154th Sfreet.Second Floor.opp. J.C Penney Dept.

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