The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1953
Page 5
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r PAGE EIGHT HEVU LE (A.RK.) COUB1KR NEWS BATURDAY, JULY 11, 19M Kremlin Has Tough Decision Can't Decide If They Should Take U.S. Aid WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower's offer of food for rebellious East Germany faced the quarreling Kremlin today with a choice between accepting capitalist aid or letting Germans go hungry- Th* IT 8. proposal yesterday— • lo begin Immediate delivery of 15 million dollars worth of food to Germany'* Soviet-controlled Eastern lone—was made directly to Motcow. Thst bypassed the East German CommuQl&t government, which the TJ. S. has never recognized, and put the Issue squarely up to the Kremlin, which just rocked Lav- lenty f. Beria from his No. 2 perch as boss of the Soviet secret police. The dramatic stroke caught the Communists at a time when they were fighting the fires of revolt among Moscow-dominated peoples and stirring up sparks among the lop men in the Kremlin. Their choice lay between accepting help from the Americans they call "decadent capitalists" or rejecting aid whose humanitarian •specie can not escape the restive peoples of the satellite countries. 'SPACE MAN' TURNS OUT TO BE JUST A MONKEY — Dr. W. A. Mlckle, anatomy professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. (right), examines the body of what was alleged to be a "space man." It all summed up to the fact that the creature was Just an ordinary earth monkey from which the hair had been removed by the use of hair remover. Two Atlanta barbers, Edward Walters (left), 28, and Thomas Wilson, 20, and a butcher, Arnold Payne, 19, reported the wlerd looking creature had been killed by the car in which they were riding. They also said two or three other similar creatures "running like men" scrambled toward a saucer shaped object parked on a highway. (AP Wirephoto) BIG THREE Sudden There was an air of suddenness about the President's move, announced while he was conferring in Texas with governors of the drought-stricken Southwest. Eleven days ago at a news conference held by Secretary of State Dulles, a reporter suggested sending: U. S. food to East Germany. Dulles replied that he did not know whether the Allied commissioners In Germany had considered the idea. He replied it was news to The "Voice of America," which America," which au.ihhlog lib beams radio news to the world as an outlet of the State Department, gave global coverage to the food offer. A "Voice" official said it •was presented fully and as another Indication of this country's willingness to help the unfortunate. White House officials said most of the food would come out of existing surpluses held by the Commodity Credit Corporation under the government's price support program. But some of the commodities, like sugar, would have to be purchased outright before shipment abroad, they said. Foreign Aid Chief Harold Stas«en said the offer was made under authority of the Mutual Security Law which permits the President to extend up to 20 million dollars in aid to any one country. Besides sugar, the commodities would include grain, lard and soybean oil among others. Eisenhower acted in response to a letter from Chancellor Adenauer of Western^ Germany. Both Adenauer's letter, dated July 4, and Eisenhower's response were released by the White House. Adenauer Letter Adenauer's letter asked the U. S. to join his country ;n helping East Germany. He said political pressures there were "steadily increasing" while the food supply "has been steadily deteriorating." Eisenhower's response was an order to Dulles and Stassen to "take steps to see that this food is made available in Germany without delay." He said he had instructed d'affaires i offer to Moscow. "I sincerely hope." the President wrote, "that this effort on our part to relieve the plight of the people in East Germany will be welcomed by the Soviet government." He said he asked the Russians to consider distributing the food through German religious institutions. He invited other free world nations to join "in this emergency." Eisenhower has asked authority to give away or sell some of the three billion dollars in crop surpluses either held by or under loans from the Commodity Credit Corporation. But Democrats protested | he was asking for a "blank check" and Sen. Taft of Ohio, the ailing GOP leader, said the request for (Continued from Page 1) a middle of the road course aimed at keeping alive the hope of freedom but avoiding moves which could prompt suicidal revolt. Not Surprised All three ministers reported they were not surprised at Beria's fate and agreed that Malcnkov, with his power secure, might take a firmer line toward the outside world. Beria had been identified by some experts with a "soft" policy. Further discussions: European Defense Community- Dulles stated the V. S. view that the treaty under which West Germany would be permitted to rearm in a European army should be speedily ratified. Bidault stressed the difficulties of getting French parliamentary approval. Big Pour meeting of Eisenhower, Malenkov, Prime Minister Churchill and French Premier La- nlel—There appeared to be agreement that the Important question is one of timing. Dulles indicated the U. S. government does not think this is the time for such a session and looks for no magical solution from it. Salisbury said his government wants n meeting, but nt the prefer time, and indicated he would not press for action now. Bermuda conference—The postponed meeting of Eisenhower, Churchill nnd Laniel was talked about as a conference which may still be held, and as a desirable preliminary to any Big Four top level talks. Germany—The ministers agreed to discuss later the West German government's proposal for "immediate measures." The measures, if approved by Russia and the Western Powers, would remove East- West barriers in Germany and establish rights of political nnd personal freedom thrnuhout the country as nn initial step toward unification. SENATE (Continued from Page 1) profits tax "vicious in many respects." But he said:: "I will go along with a short extension, because the administration must have all the revenue it can get to try to keep some measure of economic stability." George said he would aid Milli- kln in resisting any amendments to the measure. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, the Democratic leader, has announced his support of the bill. And acting Republican Leader Knowland of California said it will 'have right-of-way the minute it clears the Finance Committee. Democrats argued in the House ,he Republicans wanted the extension for political reasons. While generally favoring the measure, they said the majority party could not afford to let business concerns get relief before individuals. Personal income tax rates are scheduled to drop 10 per cent next Jan. 1. However, administration spokesmen described the measure as a ceystone in the administration's irogrnm to reduce federal deficits nd help balance the federal bud- jet. MCCARTHY Negro Deaths 'Jniverse Entrants Ready LONG BEACH, Calif. ffl»,—Shape- ly blondes, brunettes and redheads from all over the world are assembled here for the MKs Universe beauty contest next week. Contest officials said representatives of 47 states in this nation have nov/ arrived and the 48th girl. Nancy Rogers, 19-year-old Miss Wyoming, will arrive .soon by automobile. The American girls will contest next Tuesday to decide which one will be pitted against the foreign beauties in the Miss competition. {Continued from Page 1) hower. Congress members and ciatfons from President Eisen- religious leaders. Earlier this week McCarthy had blocked demands from a majority of the subcommittee—the three Democrats and Sen. Potter (R- Mich)—that he fire Matthews for writing the magazine article. McCarthy refused at the time to let Matthews resign, claiming sole right to hire nnd fire subcommittee staff members, But in a surprise move Thursday, after Eisenhower called Matthews' article "alien to America," McCarthy accepted Matthews resignation. Potter said he thought the Democrats had chosen "a silly issue" on which to base their fight. The fourth Republican, Sen. Dirksen (111), reserved comment. Matthews said last night names of pro-Communist Catholic priests and Jewish rabbis are in his files as well as those of Red-sympathizing Protestant clergymen. | He waved aside a question as j to how many names of Catholics I and Jews he has on file. Oh, yes, Matthews said, he can name 7,000 Protestant clergymen who are Communists or fellow travelers. He said he has a card index of a quarter of a million Red affiliations—no names—and the protestant clergymen are all separate from the rest. TaH /s Up iciay. ne sam ne had the American charge in Moscow to make the ! Ruby Daniels Services for Ruby Daniels. 37, who died Wednesday night, nt her home on Clnrk street, will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the Caston Funeral Home Chapel by Rev. W- J. C.irut.hers. Burinl will he in Mt. Zton Cemetery. Stirvivom include three sons. Otis Cullens. Willie J. nnd J. B. Daniels, nil of Biytheville. nnd two daughters, Jlldv Dnniels of Plvthe- villa and Verneli Hilton of Miami. Fia. NEW YORK (XP) — Son. Robert A. Tnft is walking around his hospital room and his progress is good following an exploratory operation three diiys ago, it was announced today. Nest Over Floods During Venezuela's rainy season, species of egret, hevon, ibis, stork, and other wading birds, escape land enemies by nesting above protective floods. A Beatitude Is one of the eight or nine precepts contained in the Sermon on the Mount. KILLS JOHNSON GRASS, BERMUDA and many other grasses j and weeds. Destroys weed roots . . . prevents regrowlh. In convenient powder form; easy lo mix for use us a spray. E. C. ROBINSON authority was too broad. However, Chairman Aiken (R- Vt) said he thinks the Senate Agriculture Committee, which he heads, will be able to come up with a satisfactory compromise next week, in time for ncrioil on the measure in this session. Congressional leaders generally j were agred that the U. S. ought j to move swiftly on the psycholog- j ical front to take advantage of I Russia's internal difficulties and ' to exploit the unrest, in satellite countries. NEW*SONDAY MANILA, ARK. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 "Your Community Center" Don't Miss! "FROSTY" The Smoother, Deliciously Different Soft Ice Cream Try it at the RAZORBAOK DRIVE-IN. Served to you In your car or come into our air conditioned coffee shop. The only milk bar In BIylheviUe where you can be served in air conditioned comfort. llrini? your children inside ivhrrc it is cool and comfortable. Take a Quart or Pint Home Have You Tried The Drink All Biytheville Is Talking About? HIRES ROOT BEER Served From The "Wooden Keg'' In Frosted Mugs Try Our Wonderful "Frosty" Sundaes 15c 8, 25e Fresh Strawberry Pineapple Chocolate Black Walnut Cherry Banana Splits 25c Brown Derby 5c & lOc "Frosty" cones 5c-10c-15c Fountain Cocn Cola Malls and Shakes extra (hick All kinds of sandwiches. "FROSTY" at the Razorback Drive-In EISENHOWER (Continued from Par* 1) cy. Governors Dan Thornton of Colorado and Shivers of Texas said they would seek ways to obtain state funds for drought relief. In a statement following their conference with the President, the meeting, and a private session, the governors lauded current drought relief measures. The governors promised the small farmer ln~the drought area the same assistance given cattlemen and said they were recommending the federal government extend benefits to this end. In the only allusion to price supports, the statement said: "At the conference of the governors and in the public meeting which they attended, the point was raised that the livestock producer, while having no price support on his products, must use in his operation commodities which do have such government support. "The governors recommend that a thorough study be made of the implications of this- problem, a study which should lead to equitable solution in respect to all farm- ng and livestock commodities." The President, who returned to Washington yesterday, told the public meeting that he planned to sign a bill removing a $2,500 ceiling on drought-disaster loans today. Martial Law Lifted BERLIN UP) — Soviet Maj. Gen. P. T. Dibrova announced today that martial law imposed on rebellious East Berlin June 17 will be lifted at midnight. IT'S RIGGED—Lavergne Dorobiala, of Chicago, 111., demonstrates the Illinois Bell Telephone Co. ticktacktoe machine which never loses. The best you can hope for is a tie. Buttons light up the Individual squares with crosses and, as soon as one is pressed, the machine comes back with a circle—always at the best place. If you try to cheat by pressing two buttons a bright "" red light flashes. Free Rides Ended SAC RAMENTO, Calif. (IP) — No more free rides on railroads for employes of the California Public Utilities Commission. Since 1912 the railroads had issued some 300 or 400 passes a year. The Senate finance committee added $50,000 to the budget to pay for such rides hereafter. Said Sen. Randolph Collier: "The employes should not have free rides on utilities they may be rates for." Lucky Boy Has Bells on Toes LOS ANGELES (/P) — Twenty- month-old Mike Conrad thinks he's a pretty lucky young fellow to have bells on his toes. Although he occasionally bumps into things, he likes to toddle around tne house just so he can hear their, pleasant tinkle. The little bells, tied to his shoes, were the idea of his mother. Mrs. Paul Conrad, 33, 1322 East 64th St. She decided she ; needed to know the whereabouts o'f the active, energetic youngster and the bells tell her. Thus she can do her housework I and, by the way the bells tinkle,! she can tell where Mike is and pretty much what he is doing. If you think Mrs. Conrad is keep- ing closer tabs on her son than most mothers, she considers it necessary. Since birth, Mike has been blind. , ITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. •YOUt FMNMT THEATRE; Enjoy Cool, Air-Conditioned Comfort SUNDAY and MONDAY DOWTHTIittlONE-PffiSTON FOSTER-M NICOL ,,IMM.I im H«PH« SATURDAY POWDER RIVER RUSTLERS With Allen "Rocky" Lane SATURDAY OWL SHOW CAPTIVE WOMEN With Margaret Field Robert Clarke SUNDAY & MONDAY NEVER WAVE AT A V/AC With Rosalind Russell Marie Wilson Paul Douglas IF YOU LIKE A REAL BARGAIN, WANT ADS The BIGGEST selling job in town Here in the classified section of your newspaper . . . you meet personally those people who are really in the market for what you have to offer. They read your message because they want to hire or be hired, to buy, sell, to rent, or to do you a service. Within minutes after your paper appears YOU GET RESULTS THROUGH THE WANT ADS! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVTLLE COURIER NEWS Chinese Prove Big Problem MANILA (/P) — Disposal of 2,400 Chinese nationals whose visitor visas have expired is posing a big problem to the Philippines. "They cannot be deported as neither Hong Kong nor Formosa IB willing to accept them," foreign under-secretary Felino Nerl told a Senate Finance Committee hearing. Neri said the Chinese, here since 1949, are unable to return to their homeland because of Communist occupation: The Philippines has not recognized Communist China. MOX In West Biytheville Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always A Double Feature SATURDAY REPUBLIC PICTURE —PLUS- SERIAL — mystery Island & CARTOON SAT. LATE SHOW 11:30 BLACK With Lon Chaney Jean Parker SERIAL—King of the Congo & Pete Smith Comedy SUNDAY & MONDAY 'HERE COME ™= KELSONS' A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE ALSO CARTOON Television SERVICE ANY MAKE PA Systems lor Sale or RenC PHILCO FACTORY SERVICE Blaylock's N. 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