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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 9
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 9

The Evening Suni
Baltimore, Maryland
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ISi-2. EN crp 75 Baltimore, Saturday, UN 7w7y Jtf, zs cr PAGE 9 erf, I son Slow Orioles1 Flag nve vv -swwvijv The Colts Flock's Dip Hits 4 Tilts As Tiger Duo Pulls Encore BILL.T ANTON Rookie Corps Pared; Yets Awaited Brown Probably Buying Time With 'Retirement' By Douglas Brown Detroit, July 1(5 It's not that Is everyone convinced Jim Brown Is going to stick to his the Tigers are so tough as group it just those two guys named Don Wert and Earl Wil son. By Jim Walker The Colts reduced their rookia corps by three today with the release of punter Dave Connell (Vii. lanova) and guards Lou Nevett (Clark College) and Bill Janiak (Louisville). Three more freshmen who put teenth, Wilson came out of the dugout with a bat and ended it with a tliree-run, pinch homer off Stu Miller. Actually, Wilson and Wert formed their anti-Oriole habits some time ago. Back in May, when he was still in a Boston Red Sox uniform, Earl beat Jim Palmer, 2 to 1, with a tenth-inning They could marke a career out of molesting the Orioles and they don't soon knock it off, the American League might have a penmmt race again. Four-Game Loss Streak in bids during this week's four-day advance training camp at vv 3 4 1 TJ homer. Wert .447 Against Birds That's been the story here the last two nights Wert and Wilson and today the Orioles are stuck with a four-game losing streak, the And Wert? "Do me a favor," Western Maryland College in Westminster are due to be dropped before tomorrow's noon reporting time for veterans. Which means 21 fledglings, in addition to several of last year's Oriole manager Hank Bauer said last two compliments of the in the course of discussing last night's 8-to-5 loss, "and figure what Wert's hitting against us. He Result: The Orioles' league lead over second-place Detroit has been 6haved to six games. The must have 30 hits." xf Not quite. He only has seven irony of it is that Wert and Wilson teen. He's batting .447 against the now are under the direction of Frank Skaff, a Timonium (Md.) Orioles and .248 against the rest resident and currently Detroit's of the league. acting manager No. 2. Miller figures he has felt the sting of Wert's bat more often In the series opener Thursday night, Wert drove in two runs with a single that dribbled than any other Oriole pitcher. Palmer, Short Go Tomorrow Dave McNally wm to oppose TiRer re Denny McLaln In to-day' series flnnle Jim Palmer and Hill Short wUl work against Gary Peten and Jack Lamabe, of White Sox, In tomorrow'i double-header In CMrano It'll be John Miller against Juan I'uarro Monday night Wally Uunker, last night's Oriole starter, retired after lifth with blister on 11 titer Steve Barber, who aggravated elbow in.liii Thursday night, planned to return to Baltimore today and will undergo examination by orthopedic surgeon Monday llarher probably will miss next start Tuesday night through Steve Barber's legs, Second Best At Third "Last year," he said, "he mu- while Wilson pitched seven strong sta hit .800 against me. Well, sev en-fifty, maybe. I got to rate him the No. 2 third baseman in the league behind Brooks. 'When I "got him out in the innings and knocked in the final and decisive run with a sacrifice fly. Doing Well Till Ninth Comforted by the knowledge they surely would see only Wert last night, the Orioles were doing nicely until the ninth inning. Then, sure enough, Wert lashed a two-run single to tie the score, twelfth inning, I just about leaped lor joy. And a strikeout, no less. But, alas, along came Wilson. "I expect," Miller said, "we'll UPI Telephoto BROOKS ROBINSON JIM ODOM JOHN RICE see him in centertield tomorrow retirement Irom pro football? I'm not. I don't think Brown is playing the old salary game with the Cleveland Browns. This Is no holdout, such as Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale staged this spring. The issue In Brown's case is altogether different. With him It's more a matter of pride and dignity. Sometimes it seems as if the great fullback for my money the greatest that ever carried a football-is intent on proving he's boss, and not the Browns. But any way you look at it I'm very disappointed in Jimmy. Ke has had things pretty much his way for a long time in Cleveland. At least he has since Art Modell took over from Paul Brown. And I'm not referring only to his $80,000 salary, the highest tver paid a pro football player. Jim deserved every penny of that because he is the closest thing in the National Football League to a one-man team, which is precisely why his actions of late are so regrettable. Paul Brown. Ousted For Jim It was Jimmy, you'll recall, who led the palace coup that ousted Paul Brown as coach. Jimmy told Modell he didn't like playing for Paul and he wanted a new coach got one, Blanton This was quite a concession for an owner to make to any player, but it paid off in championships, the N.F.L. title two years ago and the Eastern Division crown last year. Jim was supposed to come back this year to play the second and final year on that $80,000 contract but he decided instead to go to England In April to begin work on a movie which he knew might cut into training camp. His fee for acting in the film, "The Dirty Dozen," is $40,000 and shooting is not likely to be finished until about the time the Browns open the league season September 11 in Washington. Brown had a colossal nerve getting involved in a movie at a time when he knew he should be getting ready to play a season of football. I think he showed a shocking lack of respect and consideration for Modell, the guy who got him the coach he wanted and who pays him that record salary. Carit Have 2 Sets Of Rules When Jimmy announced this week he was quitting the Browns to finish his movie and to work for the National Negro Industrial and Economic Union, he was giving the back of his hand to a lot of people in Cleveland who have treated him rather well. And, of course, Brown has hurt himself by teaming with Cassius Clay, who right or wrong is probably the most unpopular athlete in the history of American sport. You can hardly blame Brown for not wanting to spend eight weeks training for the season. He doesn't need that much time. But you can't have one set of rules for 39 Cleveland players and another for Brown and still have a football team. And don't think Jim could fly over from England in September and play the opener, even though Koufax showed how unimportant spring training is in his case. Football is not baseball. It's a lot more physical, and even a man with the magnificent physical gifts of a Jim Brown needs at least three weeks to get in shape for it. I think if Brown had had his way he would have joined the Browns just In time to get ready, but Modell forced his hand. He wanted an answer now yes or no and he got it. Coach Collier Changes Tune Brown was determined to stay with his movie and therefore Ump's block does justice to Colt aspirants as he repels Irate Detroit spectator It was a good pitch I threw him 5 to 5, and finally, in the thir at least, I thought it was a change-up knee high. But to him it evidently looked like a canla Switcheroos! Pro Football loupe." An Off Speed Hitter band squad members and a handful of varsity holdovers who participated in the early drills, will join the 34 varsity returnees for the opening of regular camp. Three other rookies Sam Ball, Barry Brown and Tom Bleick will return to camp in three weeks, after participation in tha College AU-Star game August 5 in Chicago. Once the regular training sessions getunder way following tomorrow's issuing of equipment, physical exams and timing in tha 40-yard dash and agility drills coach Don Shula will be wielding the hatchet freely. Serious Competition Near In less than two weeks, the Hos- "The surprising thing," said Eddie Fisher, his locker mate, "is he's a good off-speed hitter. Not Wilson Calls Shot His Most Eventful many pitchers can hit that stuff." Veteran Johnson Signs Oiler Pact "All I know," Miller said, "he's a good hitter with two out in the thirteenth Over in the Tigers' clubhouse, Detroit, July 16 OP) It's still a i and California nudeed Rnslnn 4-5 Houston, July 16 MV-John Henry Cleveland fullback who retired Skaff was in excellent spirits little early to pass iudement on Johnson, twelve-year National from the game earlier this week. Asked if he was now ready to pre the trades made by the Detroit dict a pennant for Detroit, Skaff Football League veteran, decided the Houston Oilers of the Ameri didn take the bait and, instead, scs stage their first full-dress out- replied affably: ing-Colt Nite-on July 2-and can Football League "might be a team that could use some help," so he signed with them yesterday There only one pennant. Bal Minnesota's Don Mincher broke open a tie ball game with a run-scoring single in the eighth inning after two were out. Harmon Killebrew, who had singled, scored the decisive run. Cater A's Hero Danny Cater's two-run double in the eighth gave Kansas City Tigers in the past year but a couple of them looked like million-dollar deals last night. Bill Monbouquette pitched four flawless innings in relief and Earl Wilson stroked a three-run pinch timore figured it won it last winter when they traded for Frank only five days later go against tha Washington Redskins in their first exhibition game, August 3 in D.C. Stadium. as a free agent. He doesn't have Brown's speed, but he'll first down you to death." Lemm said, "It remains to be seen what he can do for us," and added Johnson's signing doesn't mean fullback Charley Tolar, who also has had knee trouble recently, will be forgotten. Johnson said he has been running and working out since February and felt in good condition. His injured knee hasn't bothered Robinson. And they're doing a "I follow the game pretty and it appeared to me that this homer off Stu Miller in the thir Shula is keeping a generous teenth inning in a dramatie, 8-5, supply of local youngsters around the runs they needed after New could be a team that, with a little help, could go all the way," the victory over the Baltimore Or pretty good job right now." hy He Picked Wilson The question may have arisen in some minds why Skaff used a pitcher, Wilson, as a pinch-hitter. i one naa scored a pair ot un lor the regular camp. In addition to flanker Al Snv. ioles before 43,647 fans. 230-pound fullback said after sign earned runs in the sixth. In the "I flashed Wilson the single ing with general manager Don ninth, the A's went into a zany sign and he crossed me up," an him, he said dcr, two-year veteran of tha American Football League and a Colt band squad member last tour-outhelder defense that may Klosterman here yesterday, Terms Not Disclosed elated Frank Skatf said after or may not nave meant some There were several reasons. "I didn't know Earl had beaten Baltimore with a home run when watching the Tigers win their sec year, Shula wants a further look thing. At least the Yanks didn't College All-Stars Open Workouts Terms were not disclosed. The 35-year-old star played out his op ond straignt since ne took over at four State rookies. score. for ailing acting manager Bob Tom McCraw cracked a single Evanston, 111., July 16 WV-The Swift. the seventh to drive in Chi he was still with Boston," he said, "but I did know he was a good hitter. Besides, he was the only hitter I had left, except for Orlando McFarlane. And I couldn't use College All-Stars opened workouts Wilson Due Steak "But I don't think I'll fine him. tion with the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. Johnson, a Waterproof (La.) native, started with the San Francisco 49ers in 1954 after a year in yesterday for their August 5 meet cago's winning run. John Romano had opened the inning with a homer that tied the score. Bruce ing with the Green Bay Packers In fact, I'll probably buy him a Baldwin Blocks Well They are Bob Baldwin, fullback from City College and Clemson who showed special blocking talent; Jim Ward, quarterback from Gaithersburg who played at Gettysburg, and Morgan State team-mates Tom Carr, a 6-4, 251- in Soldiers Field. him because he's my infield, out steak," Skaff chirped. Canada. In 1957 he went to Howard, after a shaky start, re Monbouquette, who retired all field and catching protection." Long before Wilson ended it so Head coach John Sauer and his staff handed out assignments. Linebacker Doug Buffone, of twelve men he faced seven of Compared To Brown decisively, there were two key them on flies to the outfield said he "Got away with a couple of Oiler coach Wally Lemm said pound tackle, and Ken Duke, Louisville, had to leave camp to report to the Illinois National plays which, had they not turned in favor of the Tigers, might have bad pitches. "it's fantastic what this guy can do. Open just a little hole in the tired the last twenty men he faced. California moved into third place as George Brunet picked up his tenth victory of the season despite homers by Joe Foy and Rico Petrocelli. Rick Reichert scored one run and drove in another. 1 But he was the only Tiger in the nara-running 223-pound fullback. A handful of veterans, including quarterback John Unitas, receivers Jimmy Orr, Raymond Berry, John Mackey and Willie line and he 11 jump through it Guard for duty In Chicago's West Side riots. One switch found Michigan de enabled the Orioles to win in reg ulation innings. Northrup'i Fly Drops In clubhouse to slough off his per When I was with St. Louis, we formance. The triumph brought the ex-Boston hurler's record to 5- spent as much time defensing fensive lineman Bill Yearby work In the first inning, center fiel John Henry as we did Jim Brown, ing out at offensive tight end, a 6. der Russ Snyder and left fielder position which the New York Jets Wilson, who beat the Orioles Curt Blefary lost Jim Northrup's Richardson, linebackers Dennis Gaubatz and Steve Stonebreaker and all-purpose back Tom Matla worked out on their own at Westminster this week. have mind for him. earlier this year when he was tly in the twilight and the ball with Boston with an extra-inning announced his retirement from football. So the pressure is off him for the time being and if and when he does decide to come back and play, he will be welcomed as a hero instead of as a guy who merely late for training camp. Collier claims he did not expect Jim to come back this year. That's hard to believe. I had a nice, long talk with Blanton last month at the N.F.L. coaches' meeting in New York and he certainly expected Brown back then. "I think we'll be stronger than ever this year," he said in New York, "because this will be Jimmy's last year and his great pride will see to it that it's a great season." Now Collier says he thinks the Browns, without Jimmy, can till be a contender, and he may be right. It's a weak league, the East, and with Brown gone from Cleveland there won't be a truly strong team in the division. There's at least one man who Is not about to send any cablegrams to England Imploring Brown to come back. That's Charley Winner, former Colt assistant coach and now head man in St. Louis. Winner if Brown stays out could win a division championship his first year in St. Louis. Don't rule out the possibility that Charley and his Cards will meet the Colts for the N.F.L. title. dropped for a run-scoring triple. Sloan Replaces Randy Johnson Latest Colt to sign a 1966 con homer, said he hit a low pitch. "I've hit some pretty big ho Snyder was in the thick of it again in the ninth when Wert Hapless Reds Try Outfielder On Hill tract is Jerry Hill, who turned in a superb performance at fullback mers before including one in the struck his game-tieing single Asheviile. N.C.. July 16 IB- no-hitter I pitched, Wilson said. Gates Brown was on second, but Randy Johnson, of Texas last year, capping it by penetrating the Dallas Cowboys for 90 'But for the importance of a ho Russ might have thrown him out has been ruled out of the College at the plate if he hadn't lost the yards on eighteen carries in tha All-Star game and will be re mer I've hit, this one has to be the biggest." Cincinnati, July 16 Young ball in his glove. Play-off Bowl. placed at quarterback by Steve Mel Queen savs his chance to In other American League Sloan, of Alabama, the Atlanta pitch was an outfielder's dream games, Minnesota edged Wash Falcons were told last night. ington, 5-4; Kansas City came said Queen with a laugh. "Here was a young guy, inexperienced, who might throw wild and they would get hit. But I knew I had control and although I was nervous going to the mound, I lost that once I got there." come true and the former major league hurler's son made the tfom jonnson end Moan are from behind to get New York, Falcon rookies. Johnson, who guided the West to a 24-7 victory 5-4; Chicago beat Cleveland, 4-2, most of his opportunity. The 24 -year -old right-hander 7 last Saturday in the Coaches' All- pitcched a perfect inning of relief mi America game, suffered a cracked we might have tound some rib in the game. thing," said Bristol, who took Friday night as the St. Louis Cardinals routed Cinncinnati. 9-2, and the Reds' fans cheered every over the team Thursday after Falcon doctors said he should be held out of contact work for about three weeks, but Johnson pitch he threw less than a doz en in all. went to Chicago for additional "Almost any outfielder at times examinations. Don Heffner was fired. "It's time to get him out there and see what he'll do." The manager said he liked the looks of Queen's slider and fast ball. I would like to be a pitcher, especi The Falcons were told that Chi cago doctors agreed that Johnson ally when he's not hitting," Queen said later. "And I suppose a pitcher would feel he'd like to be Wert should not play. an outfielder when he gets wal loped. "So far I like pitching, but then Back Injury Endangers Albie Pearson's Career there the question of how a fel low would feel with guys on base 9 vva- i and then somebody would knock the ball out of the park," he ad ded. Card Batters Nervous The Cardinals clouted the first Anaheim, July 16 They gave Albie Pearson a rousing ovation when baseball's smallest player came to bat for the first time this season and possibly the last i i. -f i 7 time in his career for the California Angels. four Cincinnati pitchers for a to-4 tal of fifteen hits and then interim manager Dave Bristol who has I promised some changes sent in I I Queen who had just reported back I 'to duty after two weeks on the back ailment all season and the Angels have asked waivers on him. If he Isn't claimed on waivers, the Angels plan to send Pearson to Seattle of the Pacific Coast League, where his progress the rest of the season would determine whether he returns to the majors. It's quite a comedown for the little man who was Comeback Player of the Year in 1965 when he led the Angels in hitting with a .278 percentage. "The Angels The littlest and most popular Angel grounded to shortstop as a sick list. pinch hitter in the Angels' 4-2 victory last night over Boston. Pear Charley Smith hit a little tap son returned, head down, to the near the plate ana was thrown out. Dal Maxvill and Julian Ja tit dugout with applause ringing in vier both struck out to end the CPI Telephoto MIKE McCORMICK EARL BATTEV his ears. Tha 5-foot-S, SO-vear-old out have been good to me," Pearson DAVE JOHNSON BILL FREEHAN Tiger catcher breaks up Birds' double play attempt ninth. "Those guji were Just Twins catcher races for topped ball hit by Senators' pitcher. Battey jot tht ball and bit maa fielder has been sidelined with said.

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