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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 31
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 31

The Evening Suni
Baltimore, Maryland
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FAliE Cll THE EVENING SUN, BALTIMORE, TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1971 AQUEDUCT RESULTS Double Judy Ron-Nehoc's Brother (11-7) $69.60 BONIFACE SELECTS: AT DELAWARE TOMORROW By William Boniface Angels Like Their Rook; KCs Better FIRST RACE 3-yrs. up; 7 fur. 1 Prob. Last Oddf Fin. P.P.

Hen Wi. Jocker Judy Ron (Guadalupe) $7.40, $4.40, $3.40 Split Silk (Venezia) $5.60, $4.60 Tud Knowz (Cruguet) $12.20 Time 1.26 2-5. aJamies Jet, Berle Girl, Utania, FIRST RACE 83,20:0 dm. loch Goes Through 186 Pitches, 3 Shirts Timepasser, Ermine At Last, Wren, Insananity, aRestless Miracle also ran. Anaheim UPr-It was billed as a coming out party for Mickey Rivers but it turned into a Royal aCoupled.

3-yr. up; 5-2 2. 3- 1 3 4- 1 3 5- 1 6 8-1 9 8-1 7 10-1 7 10-1 20-1 9 20-1 20-1 20-1 20-1 9 20-1 20-1 .7 2U-1 Comment mdns. 6 fur. Missed by two to Joe Hi Evenly behind Lucky Bernle Speed from gate most starts Closed to sixth lone outing Could use better postpos.

for qbc; stopped to seventh Best might ta' small share half in .49 2-5 from gate Lightweight not enough help Works are nothing extra time starier bv Groton Probably needs conditioner Neither early nor late speed Not likely to go; just as well Probably need race over track Unknown quality; works not any real ability Speed from gate in morning 3 Young Will, 122 12 Steamer Bay. 122 Mis Franklin Road, 108 N.B. 2 Bov Mist, 108 AgneUo 11 Rulbel. 122 Kotenko Determined Pro. 113 10 Oldiield Cove, 113 Howard 7 Cabaret King, 113 Torres 4 Tax Loss, xxlOl Vangllder 5 Mla's Ray, 113 Wright 6 Dltes Moi, 113 8 Billy Blastoff, 113 9 Brother Emmanuel, 113 Walsh Marine Scene, 113 Jav Upshur, 122 No boy Saggy Sam.

113 No boy Eduwar, 113 Martinez 1 Feiiclano occasion. 3-yr. up; 6 fur. The California Angels unveiled heralded rookie Rivers last night and the 22-year-old outfielder put on an impressive display with a pair of singles Nenoc's Brother (L. Adams) $12.60, $6.00, S5.C0 Eroch (Baeza) $4.80, $3.40 Sullivan Road (Venezia) $13.00 2-5.

Little Dix Bay, Hail To Glass, fAbaolutely, 10 20-1 20-1 The Tigers weren't kidding when 'they Mickey Lolich would pitch the first game of the series. 01' rubber-arm pitched and pitched and pitched. Lolich cranked up at 8.21 P.M. (late start for television) and was still firing at 12.05 A.M.-No way the Orioles. were going to, knock him out-or Billy Martin was going to take him opt.

It would' have taken a motorcycle and six pallbearers to get Mickey off the mound if Baltimore's unique midnight SECOND elm. 3-yr. 6 fur. fFrere De Jacques, fFlighty Duchess, Wine Seer, Dependable, and a stolen base. 2-1 1.1 Conadora.

xxxl02 9 2 12 Romola. xxxl02 Pucker Power, Wrong Address, Ded Drop Inn, Little Mountain 5-1 10' linnet, liz Chuckle Now. 112 also ran. 5-1 3, Miss Quality, XX105 6-1 fField Horse. PfflL GAGLIANO CLINCHER iFormer National Leaguer knocked in actual winning run in seven-run seventh as Red Sox beat Washington, 10-4.

But the Kansas City Royals and pitcher Paul Splittorff put on an even better performance. His First Shutout 1 Splittorff decisioned the 11 mil's satan, xxioj 6 All The Luck, 112 cm iinuve x-uue. 116 10 Seeadreain. 112 Drops in class to get call Missed by 6 to Quick Thrill Benn running for $5,000 tag Could win off halter form Beaten favorite when ninth 6th when No. 1 horse won Outrun early at Liberty B.

would hardly be enough Early speed against better and runs slowly at Shennv; fourth here Has shown little In works Broke first; walked in str. First timer bv Hampden: fit Trailed field by 5 lengths to last for $4,000 any real speed in A.M. Trailed field by 5 lengths Vangllder Feiiclano Jett Gress Gress Agnello Thornton Gress No Boy Feiiclano Canesta 1 10-1 10 10-1 6 10 1 9 20-1 10 10-1 4 20-1 20-1 11 20-1 20-1 12 20-1 11 20-1 20-1 11 Angeles for the second time in 10 7 Aaele's Alibi, xxlOS 8 Cloud 2 Deal Dear, 112 4 Cycler. 117 5 La Strega, 112 9 Mia Comet, 113 I've Got Mine, 112 Fast Llll, 117 3 Klnda Happy. 113 days, scattering seven hits and curiew naani aone tne jod nrst.

Three hours and 44 minutes after Lolich began flinging, the old clock on the wall kayoed him. It was a four-star, three-shirt performance. Every hour, Mickey ducked into the runway and changed his flannel jersey, "I figure I threw about 163 pitches," Lolich said after Delaware- recording his first major league shutout in a 3-0 Kansas City Vic tory. THIRD elm. 3 yr.

7 fur. (hurdles) $0,813 mm sDEE3 0 SCB EH nn.D0Da.00 DHDB l-Reneged's Degree. 2-aGran Kan. 4-Portmenech. 4-aTreas-ure Hunt III.

Frolic. 6-Samigo. 7-Blue Runner. 8-Pelham II. 9-EI Diehoso II.

10-Jus Behaving. winning siaiemate. "i don't Keep an exact count, but i at 7 Colin Jay. 113 Gress Straight Talk, 113 Passmore 9 Tim Can. 117 Feiiclano April Storm, 117 Wendell McPete, 113 Kurtz 5 Surrender Not.

113 Kurtz Tips For Tomorrow usuauy pretty ciose." ri Mickey's arm may be super-human, but his brain is still fallible. Pitching coach Art Fowler reported that Lolich cast 12 Mltzle Su Su, 108 Gress up; 6 fur. 52 8 Fav. here In mv 2- 1 3 Led for half in tough field 3- 1 3 Beaten 6 lengths as fav. 3-1 2 Recent out was a surprise 3-1 4 to Joe HI was in mud 7-2 4 Plenty ol speed in Philly 9-2 6 Brief speed In 1st try here 6-1 10 Has little to recommend 12-1 Passed tired horses last go 15-1 5 Showed little here In mud 20-1 8 Got some play at Shenny 2n 10 racing debut at Shenny 20-1 9 outs lately at Liberty 20-1 12 Trailed all way In mud 20-1 10 Lone Laurel start was dull 20-1 10 Likely to need a race 20-1 9 No threat In field of winners 20-1 Can'( pick foranyhouots "He's going to be an exciting, entertaining player," Angel Manager Lefty Phillips said of Rivers.

"He runs like the'wind on every play. You saw the contrast of a man who runs "hard forcing an error in the 'ninth inning," he continued, comparing Rivers' hustle with the lackadaisical approach of the sus 6 uro weaver, 113 Wendell 1 Kitchen Boss, 113 Passmore 2 Queen Swan, lot Spencer Eddie's Bl Catch, 108 3 Hidalgo Halg, 108 Agneilo 4 Hast; Millie, 108 Gress 8 Little Quick. 108 Ynuna By Lale Austin aF.A. Clark entry. 10 Yak Da, 117 No Boy 11 Sir Gilbert, 122 Wright smani uniei, 113 uenme Phi Betta Pixie, 108 Boy Day's Best Wager MANIPULATION (Ninth) After forcing' the pace then FOURTH elm pended Alex Johnson.

5-2 3 9 Crimson Aid, 117 Sky Travels, 120 Glno Red Sky. xxxllO Graham 7-2 Jockey Dies After Fall Tijuana, Mexico MV-Appren 11 Docpus, 120 Wright suffering interference on the turn, Manipulation drops into an easier bracket and figures to be prominent all the way. Twins Sign Sox7 Thomas St. Paul-Minneapolis UPr-The Minnesota Twins placed infield-er Rick Renick on the disabled list Monday and announced the signing of utility infielder, George Thomas, recently re 4 Running story, lzo Kurtz 1 Dee's Scholar, 120 Passmore 2 Bev's Rle Deb, 117 Aneilo 3 Joy Smoke, 120 6 River Abroad, 120 No boy 7 Restless Haste. 115 5 fur.

Tired after leading first out Missed by 4 same price to show speed in A.M. would take a small chare Up In class after 4th at Lib, timer by Yes Vou Will Pieces Of Eight IMce Blue s. timer by Be Somebody. First timer bv Going Abroad Drops In class to have chance Ran once and tlnished last Could use a better post pos. Showed little In tiebut Some speed In the morning Some speed from the gate Speed at Shenandoah Downs Won't be missed it scratched Been half in .50 from gale tice Jockey Alfonso Munoz, who 4- 1 3 5- 1 2 10-1 4 81 10-1 12-1 20-1 20-1 10 20-1 8 20-1 11 20-1 10 20-1 20-1 20-1.

6 20-1 20-1 10 Colony Prince, 120 Aenello fieafen Choices Last Out won Cahente thoroughbred a Liquid snaaow. in ooy riding championship Sunday for the first half of 1971, is dead in a Rivers opened the ninth with a routine ground ball to veteran second baseman Cookie Rojas. But Rojas, aware of the youngster's 3.3-second clocking to first base, kicked it for an All Under Control However, Splittorff prevSnted the Angels from capitalizing He upped his record toj3-l, refusing to allow the Anels more than one hit per inning while striking out five. "My control was better this time than when I faced them li Fun Play, 113 stovall Triple Shot, 118 Spencer Count Conway Lane, 120 Walsh Betty's Babe. 120 Smith Rock Festival.

117 Boy Straight Squall, xxllO Hess horse exercising mishap. leased by the Boston Red Sox. Munoz, 21, of Tijuana, died MISS QUALITY (Second) COLIN JAY (Third) TIM CAN (Third) AMBETELLA (Eighth) FLYING MONKEY (Ninth) Miss Quality tired in the FIFTH elm. 4-yr. ft up; 12 Twisty Clem, 114 Passmore 5-2 3 Monday of head injuries suf Renick underwent surgery Monday to remove bone chips 9 Eric Brother, 114 No boy 3-1 9 4 aPasan.

114 Walsh 7-2 8 fered when the 2-year-old filly he was exercising, May Not, from his right knee. 11 Copper Miner, 114 Feiiclano 4-1 7 shattered a foreleg and crashed 2 Dedicator, 113 o-i 1 Lady Gress 6-1 2 Lotsa Native, xxl07 Tolles 8-1 3 aEaomanic. 116 Walsh 7-2 5 stretch after setting the pace in a fast quarter. Colin Jay raced into the rail at the three-lengths fur. (turf).

'5 Drops 2 lbs. after game try up fore, the pace for $10,000 Sharp with same at Pirn. Ignore last; proven ability Lays win streak on line Good race in filly-mare field Win here was as longshot Pirn, wins were at 6 furs. Led for quarter In '70 bow. No speed as Treetop won lead on main track New York form is okay Been racing at 1 l-16th ml.

form is only so-so. Hardly figures off Jersey try Likely to need a race entry. Thomas, a native of Bloommg-ton, compiled a .256 batting average during 10 years with the Red Sox but had been 10 Adam Hadem, 112 Parker 10-1 9 pole. wide when the footing was before," the 24-year-old left-lander said. "But I thought I Jiad better stuff in my last start at at bat only 13 times this season a natty rype, 114 zo-i 0 3 Kith, 114 Glno 20-1 7 1 Cherry Liege, 114 Passmore 20-1 4 5 Val Dun II, 114 Canessa 20-1 5 6 Many Pinnacles.

112 No boy 20-1 6 7 Royal Tlp6ter, 112 Rogers 20-1 9 T. V. Doubletalk, 112 Kurtz 20-1 7 aQuality Hill Stable and Bernice B. Murray and had one hit. Chicago." "muddy." Tim Can rallied to within six lengths of the winner at Liberty Bell.

Ambetella lost ground while racing wide on the turf. Flying Monkey lost by only a nose after closing from sixth. Splittorff was the loser in a 12-3 White Sox rout on that occa SIXTH elm. 3-yr. sion.

Ic up; 2 1 1 2 5 5 7 3 Field Queen, 108 Marques 5-2 4 aThinklng Nelly, 110 'Wright 5-2 8 B'llaut S'dent, xxll4 Jamtgaard 4-1 1 aCount The Belles, 108 Wrigut 5-2 2 Summer Reading, 117 R.A. Smith 9-1 7 Bold Moment, 119 Desplrito 10-1 6 Ocala Holiday, 108 No boy 10-1 9 Conella. 117 Feiiclano 10-1 The Royals, winning their second straight after a disturbing seven-came losing streak, will F. ft M. 1 ml.

70-yrds. Missed by 2 for same tag Won sprint; should go route easily at onlv 6 furs. Missed by 3 to Hears All Early. speed; tires late Led for half but stopped Apparently gone off form Surprised everyone with speed Enough speed to- be with pace Drops slightly In class Crusader Camp Opens Thursday The second session of the second annual Crusader Basketball Camp at Cardinal Gibbons will begin Thursday from 6-9 P.M. pitches.

p- "That's still not a record for me," the 30-year-old lefty -p said. "I threw 187 last year in a 5-0 shutout on opening day in Washington." J-. Can you imagine 187 pitches in a nine-inning shutout? i. Sounds, like a million 3-and-2 counts, and dozens of dential souvenir foul balls. a Redemption Of The Fat Man Lolich guzzled a beer, accepted telephone congratulations from 'i Tiger owner John Fetzer and called last night's marathon "a good workout." He promised to take his I regular turns against the Orioles in Detroit this Friday night, i "I don't think Earl Weaver likes me," Mickey said with a smile.

"I've read where he says I'm fat and out of shape." "Well, I call it the redemption of the fat man. It's like the 1968 World Series. Guys watch me and say, 'See, wife, 6ee a fat man can do I'm a hero to them because I have a little paunch." Lolich's slight belly sag, which he calls hereditary in his Yougoslav family, encourages him to root for roly-poly athletes like Sonny in other sports. Mickey points to his record 179 innings, 144 strikeouts, 10 complete games, 11 wins as proof that he is in shape. He is averaging eight innings per start.

The pine-tar inquiry, requested by the Orioles and by umpire Bill Kuhkel, amused Lolich. "He asked for ray glove and hat and I handed them to rh'him right away. Then he started to unbutton my shirt. But when he saw I wasn't wearing a T-shirt, he stopped because Jt wouldn't look too good on national television." The southpaw explained that he dried his sweaty palms on the glove throughout, the game. ion A Batting Hero Lolich was more chameleon than comedian last night as i.

he played all the roles the brilliant shutout artist, the tiring hero, the embarrassed goat and finally the gutsy comback pitcher. He even had a chance to drive in the winning run when Martin apparently dreaming of some romantic ending, al-i, lowed him to bat in the eleventh with two runners aboard. Dick Hall got Lolich to hit a double-play grounder. A lesser man might have collapsed after Brooks son's dramatic homer tied the score in the ninth. But Lolich is getting accustomed to such cruel disappointments.

Dick Brown did -the same thing to me here in my last big-league start," he recalled. "And Paul Casanova tied the 1 score in the ninth with a homer off me in Washington last month. I pitched 13 innings in the rain that night." -When Lolich gets tired, he tells Martin, "I've had it." Until then; Billy sticks with him stubbornly. The Tiger ace claims his fast ball took a leave of absence "last season, but he learned how to pitch smartly to most AL hitters during a 14-19 "off year." He entered 1971 with control, confidence and, suddenly, a recaptured fast ball. Lolich can become a 12-game winner tonight without "Tlifting his tired wing.

Jf the Tigers score in the top of the and a relief pitcher blanks the Birds, Mickey feel a lot better about the Baltimore curfew. send Mike Hedlund, 6-4, against The thoroughbred, a valuable futurity candidate that Munoz had ridden to victory as recently as June 20, had to be distroyed. It was not known what caused May Not to break her leg, a track spokesman said. Funeral services for Munoz were scheduled today. U.S.

Golfers Pace Qualifying Montreal (flV-Forty-three golfers, all professonals, qualified Monday over the- par 72 Richelieu Vallev Golf and Country 10 Apache E'press, xxxl09 15-1 the Angels tonight as the four- 5 Miss Make believe, 119 Hartack 15-1 a Roy R. Hunt and Hilltop Stable entry. game series resumes. SEVENTH elm. Equipment Changes (All with blinkers on) KINDA HAPPY (Second) LITTLE QUICK (Third) YAKA DA (Third) ADAM HADEM (Fifth) VASTNO (Ninth) LIBERTY BELL FIRST RACE After a weekend holiday break, former Boston Celtic great Sam Jones will lecture 3-yr.

ft up; 1 1-16 ml. (turf) 3 Up close all way with tougher 3 Will be comin-on down lane 6 Returns to more proper spot 1 Dlsq. after a neck win 2 6-lengths after layoff 3 Closed sharply In sprint 3 Picks up 5 lbs. for this 3 nose, neck for $10,500 7 Not too far back with same too far back with same 6 Promise O'Plenty. 121 Walsh 5-2 7 Amber Prince, 129 Walsh 7-2 4 Trade Wagon, 121 boy 4-1 1 Tommer, 117 Gargan 6-1 3 Afan, 117 1 Hartack 10-1 9 aMopambee, 117 No boy 12-1 2 Romarino, 119 Canessa 15-1 3 aMy Pag, 117 Feiiclano 12-1 Diana 114 20-1 aKaplowltz entry.

July 6 on the techniques of shooting a' basketball. Other Kansas City scored one run in the second inning on singles by Ed Kirkpatrick and Gail plus a run-producing groun-dout by Joe Keough. They got their other two in the third a single by Paul Schaal, a double by Rojas, a- wild pitch by lbsing Angel hurler Archie Reynolds, 0-3, and a single by Amos Otis. scheduled lecturers include Edlsto (Patterson) 5.00 4.00 EIGHTH 3-yr. Is up; 6 fur.

Club for the Canadian Open to coaches Nap Doherty (Loyola); Tom Young (American University); and Dave Smalley (U.S. Naval Academy). Beguiling Miss (Brumfleld) 10.60 9.20 Fiendish Lad (Martin) 8.60 Time 1.12 2-5. King Caesar, Asourv Suin, Caballlto Mlo, Accelerate, Cool Richie. ShrlmD Pro.

Chance Query. Tiger 6 Forced pace in seasonal bow 3 Closed some under 115 pounds 3 Well-Plaved as part of entry 5 Forced wide in turf test 6. Been Idle since October be played over the same course July 14. 6 L'Alglon, 122 Gress 5-2 3 Close Decision, 108 Passmore 7-2 4 Irish Mate, 119 Feiiclano 3-1 5 Ambetella, 117 Snencer 5-1 7 Bold Favorite, 122 Boy 8-1 1 Jovial Story, 110 Nelson -1 2 Spring! Road, 117 Feiiclano 15-1 Terry, Colone Smith also ran. ot speed at Liberty a.

Whipped $15,500 clalmerg elm. 4-yr. ft up; 12 Manipulation, 113 No Boy 9-3 1 Ble vert, 113 Kurtz o-z J3CUUIHUB XMNlUy, 1XV f- 11 irinlty River, 119 Gress 9-2 Demon jacK, 119 uno 5-1 Flying Monkey. 113 Feiiclano 5-1 RP Flying Monkey. 113 Ballinauah.

113 Canessa 6-1 Seagram'sYO. Canadian. For people who get the most out of life. 10 San Quenthi, 113 Kurt! 6-1 1116 ml. (turf.r.

'( I Been running with better 3 Lost by 8 lengths when 3d. 1 Last time win was in mud 2 up 2d was local debut 2 Main track form Is good 2 nipped by Tomevy on dirt 2 Just nipped by Tomevy on dirt 9 Chance off Pim. turf test 3 Ran game race at Plmlico 3 Fair try in Philly at 1-ml. 2 Beaten a nose when rallying 3 Prominent all way with mdns. 5 Last Pim.

try was close 5 fair Maryland campaign 7 Overmatched last time 8 Can't pick off hunt form 3 Fair outs In sprints in hurdle races lately 1 Trailed here after win at runts pounds, apprentice allowance claimed, post 1.30 P.M. xom rerruic, i ia jvorenno o-i Fiddler Ona Hoofv 113 9 Tremolo, 113 Agnello 10-1 5 Gay Enchantment, 113 Lee 12-1 8 Captain Puff, 116 Nicholson 20-1 3 Digital, 113 Kotenko 20-1 4 Vertain, 113 Pilar 20-1 6 Pilgrims Progress, 113 Nelson 20-1 Flashy Gem, 113 Feiiclano 20-1 7 Vastno, 113 Feiiclano 20-1. 6 Piltrlm' Progress. 113 Garram'e 20-1 xFive pounds, xxseven pounds, xxxten E-denotes also eligible. Track fast.

First Shenandoah Tonight Clm. 3-yr, olds: avfefur. 5-2 3-1 7-2 5-1 New System To Decide Gage Tournament Byes Very speciality Canadian. Very right. 3-1 6-1 8-1 12 Orsinette's Sleep, 115 Gustlnes 6 Dr.

Alexander. 117 Fitzgerald 3 Wishing Cap, 114 No Boy 11 Skepticism, 117 Freshman 7 All Chic, X112 Kirk 10 Limb To Limb, 109 Fitzgerald 9 Indigo Girl, xl04 Elliott 14 Miss Shelly Renee, 109 Boy 1 Dee Lee, 115 No Boy 2 Miss Willie Mae, 109 5 Finnie, 109 No Buy 8 Nevis, 114 13 Northern Slope; xl09 Canizo 8-1 10-1 12-1 15-1 20-1 Shenandoah Scratches FIRST RACE Icy Nip. Dr. 'Light-foot, Evil Tudor. BobCavan.

SECOND Maximize, Hasten To Finish. Lexington Green. Mother's Buns. THIRD Davie Glance, North Dallas, Lap Sitter, Poor Paul. FOURTH Dee Lee.

Wishing Cap, Finnle, Northenr Slope. FIFTH Tthat's Why, Top Yank, Byra, Cinderella Step. SIXTH Sparking Burgundy, Man Overboard, Lucky Trend. Sickle Pear. EIGHTH Great Anxiety, Hello For Me, On The Hill.

NINTH Senator Ed, Jimmy Dixon, Interstate Champ. 'Cloudy and fist. FIRST RACE fur. man of the NCAA University Di 20-1 20-1 4 Briar Mine, 114 Roberts vision tournament committee, said the change will eliminate FIFTH 4-yr. ft UP.

clm. ($1,500) 6 fur. the possibility of teams' earning 13 Byra, X107 Flreins 5-2 9 Annee's Unk, 114 Freshman 3-1 2 Miss Produce. xllO Kirk 7-2 4 Combustionalre, 109 4-1 6 Bit Mist. 114 Roberts 5-1 waivers into the upper rounds of the tournament because of out dated records.

7 Cheechocko. 109 Sam 6 8 Alkallb, xl09 Eli 11 That's Why. X104 Kirk 8-1 Fifteen conferences in the East get automatic NCAA tour 14 Cinderella Step, 109 No Boy s-i 5 Don Diffidence, 114 No Boy 1M 10 Tiger Poise, 114 Testerman 15-1 1 Nag Not, 114 Whitenant 20-1 nament berths for their winners, Myrtle Beach," (S.C.) W-A "committee of the National Athletic Association has decided to judge who gets status in its annual bas-- ketball tournament by looking at a team's record over the last 10 uv.The 10-year basis for NCAA byes would replace the current system, which measures the team's record since the tournament began in 4939. Dr. Tom Scott, Davidson Col-" lege athletic director andchair- 15 Tnn Vault.

114 A'Vosa 3 BrookvUIe Belle, 115 No boy 3-2 1 Glnchees Chance, 118 Vasil 3-1 9 Granny Glasses, 115 Williams 7-2 7 Marks Reason, 118 4-1 11 Mountain High. 118 Nicholson 5-1 2 Top Of The Town, X113 Figgins 6-1 5 Monchanin, 118 Cape 8-1 6 Tricky Lady, 115 No boy 8-1 12 Royal Form, xllO Kirk 10-1 13 Evil 115 Hedge 10-1 4 Western Stormer, X113 Canizo 12-1 14 Bob Cavan, 118 Depalo 20-1 including the Atlantic Coast 3 Satan's Fury, t-eiers o-i SIXTH $2,300 4-yr. up; can. iw.wu- Conference. This right stems 21 5-2 from the generally strong teams 3- 1 4- 1 such conferences produce.

5-1 Of the 15, seven are allowed to' 8 Icy PilP. ooy wi 10 Dr. Llghtfoot. 118 No boy 20-1 SECOND $1,800 3 ft 4-yr. olds; dm.

4 Aeolian Princess, 119 R. FgeraJd 3-1 5-1 61 S2.250); 6 fur. 12 Babu's Galaxy, 117 5 Miss Crasher, 112 Detlege 13 Lucky Trend, 114 14 Sickle Pesr, 114 Saavedra 2 Big 112 Depalo I Mis. Brick, 109. Ourine 4 Fee Simple.

xl07 Elliott 8 No Matter What, 109 Lewis 10 Lisa Pamunkey. 112 Sam 6 Avla, 112 GrSve 9 Trl Pammy, 109 No Boy II Man Overboard. 114 Boy 3 Sparking Burgundy. 107 Kratz skip the first round of the an 8- nual NCAA tournament. The change in judging team records 10-1 12-1 13-1 would apply to the determina 20-1 6 Pango Prince.

121 R. Fitzgerald 5-2 8 Narnal, 116 Addesa 7-2 11 Hasten To Finish, 119 Reeder 4-1 10 Bar Night, 124 Gallegos 5-1 5 William White, 124 Reynolds 6-1 7 No More Static, 119 6am 8-1 1 Maximise. 119 Laucirlca 8-1 20-1 Seventh $2,500 ft up; 21 5-2 3-1 41 5.1 sviiur. 3 Go Over, 120 Cannon 2 Halterman, 120 Orve 6 Me Of Ischla. UJ 10 Grand Pas, 120 Benjamin 4 Hanlex, 114 No boy 9 Brimon, 110 Grove 5 Miss Bibro, 109 Hawthorne 1 Lord Arion.

114 J. Kratz 7 Clu Pac, 107 Elliott a Rail R.1U. 10Q MvirM 6-1 15-1 20-1 2 Sally Bumps. 119 Rivera 10-1 3 Go Bardock. 119 No boy 15-1 9 Orphant Sun.

xll9 Flgglni 20-1 13 Lexington Green, 121 Sam 20-1 14 Mother's Buns. 119 Benjamin 20-1 12 tee Bo, 121 Sluti 20-1 elm. 4-yr. olds ft up: 3Va fur. 8 Maluna's Star, 109 Oustineg 2-1 5 Time For The Money, 114 Lewis 6-2 Miss Glnd, 109 Fitzgerald 3-1 3 Mr.

Mike 120 Roberts 4-1 1 Hlzh Calorie. 112 Detlege 5-1 2U-1 EIGHTH ft up; tion of these seven. Delaware Park 'Dark' Today Stanton, Del. Delaware Park has another "dark" Tuesday today, fifth of the 33-day spring meeting which ends on July 5. Racing resumes tomorrow with the nine-race program beginning at 1.30 P.M.

World Champions w'Jive' U.S. Olympic boxing champions have gone on to be-come world champions. Olympic champions include Fidel La-Barba, flyweight, and Jackie fields, welterweight, both 1924; loyd Patterson, middleweitht, M952; Cassius Clay now Mu--fcammed Ali, 1960, and Joe Frazier, heavyweight, 1964. 11 North 117 No Boy 5-1 a1, iur. 2 Hy Tumble, 120 R.

Fitzgerald 7 Regal Money, 114 Vasll 6 Strength De Fer, 114 Orove 1 Great Anxiety. 114 Orove 11 On The Hill, 114 Depalo 4 Proud John, 114 Esolrosa 5 Bold Conqueror, 120 No boy 12 Sweet Thang, 114 Roberts 3 Shining Cap, 114 Lewis 10 Rough Jade. 112 Depalo a H.Mn For Me. 112 Grove 21 5- 2 3- 1 7-2 4- 1 6- 1 61 1-1 Al 15-1 20-1 2 Ken Lark, U4 uoiiegos j-i 9 Totsy Al. 109 No Boy 8-1 Trolea, ll7 Peters ll Davie Glance, 114 KraH lO-l 4 Mickey Bound, 114 Slgler 12-1 10 Mid Pines, 114 if! 13 I.hd sitter.

X104 Elliott 20-1 14 Poor Paul, 114 No Boy 20-1 8 Arloscooe. 117 Clark NINTH 4-yr ft UP 1 mi. 13 Our Rusty, 117, 2 Cross Fighter, 117 Addesa SELECTIONS AT DELAWARE TOMORROW 7-2 6 Glllzah. 117 Selclomndne 4 OlvmDie You. 114 Sam 4-1 11 Hot HaKte, 117 Mulling 5 Some King, 120 LewU 6-1 12 Penny Oarvey, 109 6-1 It JlmmT Dixrm.

1 112 Kirk 6-1 10 JnteTBtHe Chump, 117 Nbny ln-1 Arba Fleet, J. srau iu-i Lat Trip, 109 No boy 15-1 Menantlco Jet, 112 Detleie 20-1 Senator 114 20-1 XFive ooundi aonrentlce allowance claimed. Post Time 7.13 P.M. BONTFACB WHrrTTNGTON AUSTIN LjggggES ROAMEH AP CONSENSUS ywlS YowS oung Will aiKS SSyWoff gayjllst DJMd SSSf USSSt. Sega 1 gglnoia Cycler Phil's Satan Unliet LajBtrega u.ii.

Colin Ja Colin Jay Colin Jay Kitchen Bosg ralght Talki Tim Can Tim Can Hasty Millie I Storm HMty MllUe Surrender Not Sir Gilbert Colin Jay Straight Talk at. Travel! 1 But Travel Dees Scholar Crimson Aid CrfmVoiad! A 3" Smoke River Abroad Sky Travel Red Sky DeeT Scholar Running Story Red Sky Colony Prince Running Story TWISTY CLEM Twisty Clem VAL DUN 0 CnerryLlegt Twisty Clem Pasan Erics Brother Eric's Brother Natty Type Eric's Brother Erlc i Brother gJJ pMtn Twisty Clem Many Pinnaclen Val Dun II ST Mm?" lW Wwan" PromlMOmy Kmb. ShM "PU? tevgon Trade Wagon '1 rrrr J. itX 5S7DecitorT Bold Favorite Bold Favorit Close Decision IAIflon ft7j5ifift LAlJlon SPr8 Bt I'Aiglon Ambetella Kfttto Ambella Jovial Story Irish Mate Bold Favorlt Manipulation BlTVert MAMPULAT'M BleW00 SelnSU'd, 8ESSSSSSS c.ant't.IWVnU Morgan State On National TV New York r-Grambling Col-lege and Morgan State will meet Sept. 11 at Yankee Stadium in the first Whitney M.

Young Memorial Football Classic, it was announced Monday. The game starting at 6.30 P.M. will be telecast nationally byABC. suns of jpiu misnu. iim m.m koof.

mm oistilurs co, ht.c.

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