The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1931
Page 5
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.FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1931 BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVl The Housewife's Guide to Better Marketing and Home Management \ FAVORITE RECIPES FOR THE HOME TABLE Buy Only Guaranteed Products Such As Those Advertised By Merchants On This Page « Time and l$bor*fs Saved When Kitchen is Carefully Arranged. Americans who lead the world in efficient machinery, who pride themiolves on their sense of Importance of proper equipment in office and factory, arc paying a great deal of attention to the humble kitchen, the workshop of onethird of the working population of Hie nation, according to Miss Hildegard Kneeland, ol the Bureau of Home Economics of the Department of Agriculture. "Until recently," Miss Kneeland s&irt, "no one has considered the work of the household worthy of study. We have been content to dismiss it with a few noble phrasea about Home and Mother and the easy assumption that as a producer the housewife is rapidly becoming as extinct as the dodo." How to Do It Miss Kneeland, who has made extensive studies in all phases of homq management anil who is an authority on the most effective ways of securing household efficiency, gave the following suggestions for planning an efficient kitchen: '"The first, essential of. efficient production is the proper physical plant. There is no such thing as This Type Kitchen Saves Extra Steps and Work Elizabeth Arden's Venetian Toilet Preparations are on sulu exclusively at Kicient operation without adequate equipment,. The Montana voman whom we've all heard about, who walked a quarter of :i mile baking a lemon p!e—she ac- ually did—wasn't walking for .fun. :t was Impossible to work in her kitchen without making a track nect of it- The properly-equipped kitchen lias a separate working surface for each activity. This means a table for the preparation of foofls. 11 kitchen cabinet lor storing <li<ht-s and supplies, another talilc lor serving and of courss the sink lor washing dishes. Arrangement IiiiTortaul VAYrnngc the equlpuu'iit in a stepsaving sequence. Place the furnishings in Hie order they are used, wherever the size and sha]X> of the kitchsn will permit. This would indicate first refrigerator food cupboard, cabinet, stove, serv- Hng taulc; then the stack (able sink, dralnboard and cabinet foi china," Miss Kneeland cautioned Hie home manager against wasting energy by stooping and stretching She said all equipment should b within easy roach of the wcrkes Knives and other utensils shuuh be kept handy. The height \vorking surfaces should be coti- .relied whenever jwssible, as a ta- jle or-cabinet too high or too io'.v causes great waste of energy. 'The efficient kitchen is also ur. attractive kitchen, "Miss Kncel.ind said. "Kitchen equipment, cabinet.'; •uiu tables, may be pmclmed in gay colors which are so well lin- .shcd. they are r.a harder to keep lhan the less attractive ones." Courier News Want Afls Pay. The Laundry Will "Clean It" I'hone 327 ve Easy to Cook ane Give 1 louscwifc Time for Other Work. 11V SlSTLIt MANY XI-A Servce Writer Meat dishes [or every day family use always ire interesting nnd v;el- comcd by liomemaker?, und \vhcn they combine vegetables nnd meat la trill 1 labor-saving fashion, Ihoy arc n decided boon during house- clranliiK nnd liardcii-nmklng dnys. The following mlc for brnist ol Inmb makes n illsh that needs only a salad am! simple ifcssert to provide n nourishing spring dinner. (Breast of lamb A l)fc:ist of lamb Is steamed Tor three hours. Arrange on a hot platter with parsnips which have been boiled, peeled and cut n quarters. Pour over creamed pens. ter in stew pan, (idct water nnrt when butter Is mclU'il add incut anil lettuce. Cover closely and simmer for o:ie liu'.ir. Add pens nnil cook minutes longer. Thy mixture ilso can IX! cooked in ti flrxtos cooker or lurge douulcbollcr for two or three Imrs. Serve in u deep iu n border ol macaroni. Fresh or canned peas can be used. Hum and .\plii:idi llAibalc makes delicious luncheon or sunuci dish. ihm and Si>aiadi Tlmlnlc Two povimls fplnach, 1 tnble- s;>cim made musUird, 1 cup chop- pod hum, 1 cup coarse stale toast. numbSj 1--1 nip chopiwd nmsli- looms. I teaspoon sail, 1-1 teaspoon pcpiwr, -l eess. Wash spinach onil cook In water that clings to Us leaves. Cl\op nnd id<l onion, mustard, ham and loust crumbs. The crumbs should absorb the excess moisture. Saute mushrooms In n little, butter. Add eggs beaten until stiff nnd turn Into a well buttered mold. Place In n pan of hot water and bate 30 minutes In n moderate oven. Daily Menu DrtEAKFAST-Slenmed Itgs will: EVANSVIUiG, Ind, (UP) — A," lower weighing 250 pounds, 18 leet''" In circumference and consuming five gallons of water dally, Is own-'' cd by William Ncilncgcl, florist here- The plant Is a Daisy Mar-. : yuerlte. Convenience in the kitchen Is easily obtained when one gives a little thought to efficient arrangement, such as is shown In Us photograph above. Complete equipment arranged with a view to saving steps and excess work gives Joy to the kitchen worker. Bright and attractive furnishings mako for n cheerful workshop. At the left is Miss Hildegard Kneebud, ol the Bureau ol Home Economics of the Department ol Agriculture. Day and Night Service Station, Inc. "Phillips 66" Gas—Quaker State and Hlobiloil Oils— Willard Batteries Cotton Belt Bus Depot I'hone 555 Walpole Electric Shop For Kan Repairing and Cleaning Phone 314 Lawn and Yacht Matched Colors. Chairs, and Lawn Umbrellas in Try Cafeteria Idea In The Home for'Variety BY SISTER MARY NEA Service Writer If you want more time to enjoy the spring sunshine why not simplify the food question? Tills dcesn't mean that you will cut down on the food itself. But it does mean that you will lessen the ort of preparing it. The cafeteria idea will work as well in a home as in a restaurant every now and then. Of course it" can be overdone, but if used just occasicnally it becomes a pleasing novelty as well as a time-saver. The various dishes of food can be left in the kitchen and each member of the family can dish out his portions. When the meal is ready the required number of trays can be placed on the kitchen table. Each tray should te equipped with a napkin and silver. The water glasses should also be placed on the table so each person may drav: his own water at the cold water tap in tl-js sink. You can make your sink into an improvised steam table by filling it with warm water and settin; the receptacles that contain your hot foods in this watr. It you are Carney Awning Co. 113 S. 1st St. I'hone G-13 A. G. 1211 W Plumber Main St. I'hone 89-l-W COOK WITH COAL ''Economical and Safe" Coal and Feed Phone G4 Permanenis $10 Genuine Eugene permanent .... Nestle Improved Permanent Special manent $5.95 Mr.s. Mabel Outlaw is now connected with (his shop. Elois Beauty Shoppe Phone 305 What Can You Cook Best? If you arc a good cook the. chances are you have one or more favorite recipes. Maybe its for vegetable soup, a loin : steak dish, ice box pudding or a delicious party salad. At any rate the Courier News would like to print your best recipes on this page for the benefit of June brides, and others who are not so. adept with skillet and ladle. We will appreciate your sending us some';of your most successful recipes this week. To make creamed peas, melt 3 tablespoons butler n siuir^]>an When bubbling, sir In 3 table spoons flour. Slowly add 2 cup milk, Stirling constantly. Season salt and pepper, bring to the boiling ixjint anil add 1 1-2 cups cooked peas. Either fresh ur canned peas c:m t.: usril nn<l carrots can ' be substituted, for parsnips. The liquid under the sleamcr should be saved. Cooled and freed from fat, it mukes choice lamb broth. The next rule IISPS mutton to miil:c an appetizing meat nn'd vegetable dish. Mutton and VrRciublc Stew Two pounds mutton, 2 onions, -1 sl!cc-.s breakfast bacon, 1 teasjxwn, 1-2 teaspoon pepper, 2 small firm heads lettuce, 2 cups green I r.oas, 4 tablespoons butter, t-2 cup water, 2 cups cooked macaroni. Put mutton, bacon and onions through fowl chopper. Season with salt and pepper- Cut lettuce Into shreds and add to meat. Melt but- lemon, ccreiil, creum, waffles, maple syrup, milk, colfce-. MJNCUKON—Hiim und splnacl tlmbale, whole wlwul Parker House rolls, sliced bananas, ginger snaps milk, tea, y DINNER—Mutton ami vegetable slew, Jellied tomato salad, rhubarb bread pudding, mlk, coffee. Expert Watch Repairing PAT O'BRYANT Alciridgfc Jewelry. Go. Easy to Serve Keep a Case of in the Ice Box "When Your Clothes Arc Dirty King Seven-Thirty" Hals Rebuilt en-ing a salad," a•'shallow ..pan* tiled with ice will provide a metli- xl of keeping the saad crisp and cold. This is an excellent way to serve meal when you want to have nourishing foods instead of a hastily concleved. lunch, but must Economize somewhere on your time. Indians Learn to Read and Write at Clinic WASHINGTON. (UP)'— More than 236 adult ..Indians, ranging from 22 to 84 years of age, learned Good News! Sterling Silver Flat Ware and Community Plate At New Reduced Prices Aldridge Jewelry Company SPECIALS PEACHES, LibV.y 1j\C Fancy, No. 2'/ 2 Canlu PINEAPPLE, Lib In- Fancy, No. 2'/ 2 Can OOC Sliced or Crushed uU No. ^C Flavors /?C PINEAPPLE, 1 Crushed ll Blytheville 2 Can OCC JELLO, Package 1? K A N S Green, No. 3 for . t*0 SUGAR -JQC 10 Lhs. 4«^ COFKKF, Four Leaf HOC 1 LI>. Can £0 HOVEY'S he rudiments of reading and wril- ng during the two weeks Tillteracj Clinic heid recently on the Blcck- eet Reservation in Browning, Montana, Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart, chairman of the Executive Com-1 mittce of the National Advisory Committee on Illiteracy, said in a ' report on the clinic to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. The clinic, which was held with the approval of Secretary of Interior Wilbur, closed with content; In rending and writing, an Indian feast and a program of addresses. John IJltlo Blaze, a sis-looter, aged 58, won the reading contest. Scalps Him With His Own Knite. a woman, aged 60, took first honors in the writing lest. There was no opportunity fo'r cheating, Mrs. Stewart's report said, and the o:ca- sion was enlivened with a special and original class yell. Enjoy Home Cooking Here— 75c B lack Cat Coffee Shoppc j. the Robinson Milling Co. I '" Sslina— Kinsas Distributed By the Arkansas Grocer Company Blytheville, Phone 337 -i The smallest BIG radio ever mad® for only $|*Q- 50 COMPLETE wltb ttKUeCfniis The New Stiperhefrodyne—New 235, Super Control Tubes. PARKHURST CO. 105-109 E. Main St. Courier News Want Ads Pay. "Suy if With Flowers" Mother's Day May 10th BEATON'S TIOMK OF FI,0\VKKS We Telegraph Orders Now Showing 0in- New Line of Wash Frocks 31.00 to 83.95 HALL SISTERS SHOPPE The as a household necessity — K o r shopping. Mrs. Housewife, you'll find the Kotd i-ar the liantli- csi nnd most economical yon can luiy. The ease with which it can he handled in I raffle, and its ability to be parked in a crowded street make it the favorite home car of American women. Motor Co. Authoiized Dealers Phones— 8in-Sil-777 Weather Ahead! Genuine Alaska erators Meal Oil

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