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15 Miss Bergner Scores Again in New Movie 'Escape Me Never' Should Wow Audiences. Country Clubs to Have Parties on Saturday Linen Girdle JusttheThing for Hot Day White Flannel Berets Go with Sports Outfits. Sees Horse Show at Oakbrook Chicago Golf Will Enjoy Costume Event. mm THURSDAY, JULY 11. 1935.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS I 1 1 vm -w- i WWHWP UJIIIWUW BY JUDITH CASS. ITHOUT doubt the Chicago Golf club in Wheaton is going to have-one of the most suc BY RHEA SEEGER. Real finds! All white linen girdles that can be monogrammed in any color you choose. They are slick under-layers for cool cotton clothes, can be tubbed frequently, and also can ba tubbed frequently, and can also be matched to tailored white linen brassieres. The monograms are embroidered high at the' right side of the front panel of linen, side insets are of rubber meshed elastic.

Young shoppers and slim older buyers are getting into these summer affairs as fas' a trtjr can be wrapped and carried dome lllili "ESCAPE ME NEVER." Produced by British and Dominions. Released through United Artists. Directed by Paul dinner. I'rcsented nt the I'nited Artists. the' cast.

Gemma. Bergner SebuKtlun HukIi Sinclair Caryl (iriflith Jones Sir Ivor Mclean Leon (uartermaine Lady McLean Irene Vanbraugh I'enrlln Penelope Hudh-y-Ward Herr Heinrirh Lyn Hardin Teremtehervn Konalind Fuller I5y Mae Tinec. Good Morning! Elisabeth Bergner, as of course you know, is the small packet of genius and personality whose inspiring work made Catherine the Great one of last season's most talked of photoplays. In "Escape Me Never" she bowls I I'M, V. 1 it -v -a 4 iiiiiiiwiii fmmmmmmm Jk-.

llillil )M XH ir mmr ssa I TRIBUNE Photo. 1 Miss Mary Freer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Freer of Hinsdale, is one of the popular members of the younger set in the western suburb.

This picture was snapped while she was watching the events in a recent horse show at Oakbrook. tsrw cessful parties in its history Saturday evening. Nasturtium yellow Invitations, that look more like dodgers, were in yesterday's mail bidding the members to come as they please" for cocktails, dining, and dancing. The idea is that they will appear In costumes tliat are, perhaps, the expression of long suppressed desires. Pirates and cowboys, gigolos and waiters, cabaret dancers and prima donnas all of them are expected.

But for the- sake of those who hesi tate to depart enough from conven tionality to rig themselves in some disguise, Albert J. Pardridge, the party promoter, explains that white linen or a black tie will be acceptable. The Chicago Golf club hasn't had such a party for at least four years. so its no wonder that the members are rallying to the idea with enthusi asm. There will be prizes for the costumes that show the most origi nality, also for those judged the most amusing.

sir. and Mrs. Pardridge will enter tain one of the largest groups. Amon, their guests will be Mrs. Robert R.

McCormick, the John Jay Bryants, and Mr. and Paul Walker. Scott Linn has reserved an especially large table for his guests, most of whom will come out from town. The Horace Wetmores and the George F. Henne berrys will be still other hosts and hostesses.

Party for Young People at Onwentsia. Lake Forest's young set, a number of them to be debutantes this autumn, will claim a major share of the attention at the supper-dance the Onwentsia is having Saturday evening. The invitations have explained that the party is for the young people but that the grownups may come if they desire. One of the largest groups will be that to which Miss Gwendolyn Bowen will be hostess. Miss Bowen is entertaining at dinner at home and then the Onwentsia party for Miss Peggy Clow and Miss Clarice Hamill, both of whom are to make their- debuts this fall.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Carr, the Ross Byrons and Mrs. Byron's parents, the John W.

O'Learys; Mr. and Mrs. David J. Molloy, Mr. and Mrs.

Cushman Bissell, and Mr. and Mrs. Ferre Watkins are a few of those who will entertain Saturday evening at the southern party at the Knoll- wood club. Mr. and Mrs.

James R. Bremner, both senior and junior," will have one of the largest tables beside the swimming pool, and the Percy Wilsons Patricia, will be hostess at another. Mrs. Wilson and her daughter have just returned from at holiday at Northport, Mich. The party at Knollwood is the first pool party at the club this season.

Tables will be arranged on the ter races surrounding the handsome nata- torium. There will be a swimming and diving exhibition, and then a mid night supper will be served in the clubhouse. The first big party at the North Shore Golf club this season, to be held Saturday evening, will mark the dedication of the club's new swimming pool. This club also boasts some fine new tennis courts, and the members have access to the stables of the North Shore Polo, Riding, and Hunt club. The Herbert J.

Lorbers will entertain one of the large parties Saturday eve ning, and the Charles Ellises and Continued on page 17, column 1. We discovered some very unusual white flannel berets in a young girls department, but the head sizes are the usual for average tops. These white berets are dotted in colors, such as scarlet, bright blue, and navy. The dots are dime size and are embroidered cn the flannel like small bumps. As tops for smart sports clothes they can't-be equaled.

There white linen nightgowns, made long and fitted, with just the minimum of color accent at the necklines, on the tip end of the tit sashes and perhaps a bit of embroidery that looks like a complicated monogram or set of. initials. Coral rose, and a peacock blue are the best color contrasts used as accent for these lovely sheer white linen numbers. Another white hope for a summer sports wardrobe is a new two piece knitted outfit, the skirt slim and straight, the slip-over top scanty as to very short sleeves and a high straight across neckline. The sleeves and the clever way they are inset to the sweater itself make these knits far more expensive looking-than they really are in fact the rather startling price mark will make you look twice.

Incurable bargain hunters are having a grand time with all the clearance sales around the town. What you will find are reductions in white gloves, that are well worth buying for future needs. Also white felt hats, and some of the best buys of the season in backless white sports dresses. Slim, expertly tailored white suits of linen crash, palm beach, and. other summertime materials, all of which can play a return engagement next summer.

For information on articles described in this column call Rhea Sec-ger, Superior 0100.1 Negro Players to Present Shaw Drama in City Parks A group of Negro actors called the Richard B. Harrison players will give three operair performances of Bernard Shaw's play Androcles and the Lion," in the Chicago parks next week under the sponsorship of the park district. The schedule is as follows: Tuesday, July 16, in Washington park; Thursday, July 18, in Humboldt park; Saturday, July 20, in Garfield park. Performances "will begin at 8:30. There will be no charge for admission.

A chorus of 100 voices will sing Negro spirituals during the intermissions. Sorensen, Denver Dealer, Heads U. S. Costumers David C. Sorensen.

operator of the Colorado Costume company, Denver, was elected president of the National Costumers association at the final session yesterday of the association's three day convention at the Hotel Sherman. Martin Giesen, St. Paul. was elected vice president and Lester Essig of Chicago was named secretary and treasurer. front ViewSoProfiles By June Provines Columbia Photo.

the velvety brown eyes and the beautifully modeled; face fan. While she dramatizes her own type she preserves her intelligent, care of herself. that casual effect by a good deal of tions, sir," he told the professor, "but the grass cutter replied: Those blankety economists have stopped enough machines already; they're not going to stop mine." SIGN In window of vacant store: Who's laundries was washing in this place has not get it back. call at Blank Wentworth avenue." f. XJOTE in The pair of sculptured hands cast in bronze that serve 5 as book-ends in the i library at the apartment of Dr.

and Mrs. Loyal Davis at 219 Lake Shore drive are Davis own hands. Mrs. Davis had Sculptor Bernard Frazier do' the hands of Dr. Davis, famous brain surgeon.

in the hushed, elegant atmosphere of her own bedrooms. Claudette has all the gifts that make an ideal film actress. First of all, she has intelligence which shows in her eyes. Because she feels and understands every situation of her script she acts with subtlety. She can djj more with a twist ot her moutn or a droop of her eyes than some of the baby faces can with dramatic dynamite.

She is photographic, too. The modeling of her face is unusual. Her enormous brown eyes are wile set, her face is quite broad at the tomples, but her chin is almost pointed. Cameramen like its planes. Claudette has done an excellent job of making the most of her own type.

She has discarded her own eyebrow line; she chooses instead a penciled line in a high arched effect that swing southward rather than downward at the outer corners. Her hairdress is one of her pet concerns. The hairdresser may trim and wave the sides and back of her hair but no hands save her own cut or arrange her bangs. She thinks the arrangement of her bangs is what gives individuality to her coiffure and she achieves personal effort. Health is the real beauty secret, she thinks.

She admits frankly and wisely that her greatest prof essional asset is her animation and you can't keep that quality if you're under par. So she works at being healthy. Because she has a tendency to go under the weight mark if she isn't careful, she supplements her daily meals with three glasses of plain or malted milk and every night before dinner has a luxurious massage to erase the wear on nerves and muscles of a day before the camera. She doesn't fuss much with her skin outside of scrubbing it furiously, after cleansing with cream, to remove the heavy makeup she must necessarily wear all day. When it gets out of whack for one reason or another she gives it corrective treatment, but she doesn't have any set skin program r.side from cleanliness.

Lots of hard work, some good, wholesome and using the old bean about taking care of your health will keep you young and beautiful, says Claudette. Just one look at her and you'll be sold on the idea that it's a good formula. Eleanor Nangle. at FIGHT you over again. There's no disputing one thing she is utterly, fascinatingly unique.

The picture is an adaptation of the successful play in which Misa Bergntr also appeared. The play was evolved from the books of Margaret Kennedy, who is responsible for that collection of queer, fictional geniuses, the Sanger family. In "Escape Me Never" the diminu five star portrays Gemma, a waif, and a mother without benefit of clergy, who is victimized and remains loyal to a musician who has genius, looks, egotism, magnetism and nothing much to commend him so far as character goes. Still, the fellow loves her after his fashion, and, though he's been bad to her as bad can be. Gemma cries.

between tears and laughter born of tears, when he promises to reform: don't tcant a good man There are women like that. Jcnotc Gemma bursts tempestuously Into she picture. She breaks away from a schoolgirl party being thrown through the staterooms of a Venetian palace occupied by Sir Ivor and Lady McLean. She explains her presence but with an elfishly humorous appreciation of her predicament and the effect her word3 have on her flabbergasted listeners. She is unmarried.

She has a baby. She is hungry. Hunger is her reason for attaching herself to sightseeing parties because after sightseeing trips there is always tea somewhere. And Gemma, In the confusion of settling down at tables, is usually able to seize a morsel here and there. She lives with her friend vho had taken her and her baby son off the streets and befriended them.

Who is the friend? Jlis name is Sanger. He is ihc son of the great composer -who is dead. My friend, too, is a composer Whereupon the McLeans gasp and flounder like fishes and order Gemma out. FOR at that very moment isn't their own and only daughter out with Sanger in whom she has displayed a remarkable interest What neither the McLeans nor Gemma know is that old Sanger had two sons The story transports the observer to the Dolemite Alps whither go the McLeans to see what can be done about repairing Fenella's broken heart, and where they are followed by the brothers Sanger and Gemma, with her baby in her arms object of the trek being to put Mamma and Papa md Fenella right as to Gemma's destructive, though innocent, statement But nobody foresees that Sebastian ond will fall for one another. See the picture for further developments.

It's a charming film alternating laughs icith heart prods. It's alive situations that are unusual and interesting. Direction, photography arid staging are splendid. Dialog's in-teUigcnt and smartly seasoned. Miss Bergner is fascinating.

There's discerning thought behind everything she does and says, and yet, there isn't a moment when she doesn't seem completely spontaneous. Hugh Sinclair, handsome, poised, electric, was the perfect choice for Sebastian. I We'll be seeing you in Hollywood, Hughic! Other roles are handled with nice discrimination. Unless I'm all wrong, "Escape Me Never will wow audiences. If it doesn't, it should.

Unless I'm all wrong. See you soon! ENGAGEMENT Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Kahn of 4905 Woodlawn avenue announce the engagement of their daughter Elaine to Walter Frank son of Mr.

and Mrs. Walter Frank of 2440 Lake View avenue. Miss Kahn is a graduate of National Park seminary and Mr. Frank of Harvard university. The wedding is planned for early fall.

nmyiSHTFn HAIR 'fcyBurfa Electrolysis A smooth, blemlsh-f res skin will magnify your natural beauty.Com in and how inexpensively, how safely, how surely you can permanently and painlessly be rid of superfluous hair. Warts, moles, facial blemishes removed. Expert, speedy operators with years of experience. Multiple Method. Burnham's have given Elec trolysis Treatments for over 40 years.

Recommended by physicians, rree Consultation. Call orphoneNUW. E. BURNHAM! World's Oldest and JCargest 138 NORTH STATE STREET axil Claudette Colbert of proves to be a health natural endowments by HOLLYWOOD, Cal. i a 1.

Our first glimpse of Claudette Colbert was through the door of her temporary dressing room on the sound stage at Columbia where they are filming "She Married Her Boss." Carpenters were hammering furiously at some scaf folding; people were milling madly around with sound apparatus and props. -It was all about as quiet ana as private as a print shop with the presses rolling. But Claudette was sound asleep, lying on her back on a yellow divan, as relaxed as a kitten in the sun and looking enchantingly beautiful. She told us later that she's an ex pert cat-napper. She trained herself to curl up on a dime and go sound asleep whenever she gets the chance.

In fact, she says she's reaching the point where she does better wooing sleep under difficulties than she does WEDDING Miss Margaret Joan Millhauser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. De Witt Millhauser of Rye, N. last Friday became the bride of William M. Cahn son of Mrs.

William M. Cahn and the late Mr. Cahn, at the Millhauser home. The bride is a graduate of the Knox school and attended Connecticut College for Women. Mr.

Cahn prepared at Phillips Exeter for Princeton, where he was graduated in 1933. Mr. and Mrs. Cahn will live in Chicago. THESE A UNIVERSITY professor who was lecturing on the causes of the depression became annoyed at the sound of the gasoline lawn mower that passed Objector below the windows Sign every four or five Hands minutes.

Motioning Relief to a student in the Proof. first row, he asked him to go tell the operator to cut grass somewhere lse until the class was over. The student complied and returned his seat. Hardly had the professor regained the interest of his class than the sound of the- lawn mower again -his words almost inaudible. This time the professor, casting an indignant look at the student.

Instructed a' 6 foot 4 athlete to see that the mower was moved elsewhere. As the athlete departed on his errand the first student asked permission to speak. I did carry out your lnstruc- Bridge Expert Weds His Prize Winning Pupil Greenwich, July Two bridge experts were married here today. They were Richard L. Frey, winner of the masters pair title and former member of the Four Aces, and Mabel Planco Kalman, his one time bridge pupil.

With her mother she won the women's eastern pair title this year. Anklets are best for play- I or (ramps or i Vs. I CONDITIONS A WOMAN who is writing a book on her genealogy has decided to call it What! No Horse Thieves! It was her own exclamation as she closed the last reference book after going to the Newberry library every day for a month to look up her family tree. A SUCCESSFUL mechanical en gineer has an eighth grade school diploma, framed, hanging on the wall in his office. A visitor, observing it, turned to him with' an inquiring smile.

I had to put that up," explained the engineer. A lot of my friends won't believe I ever went to Sheer and lovely, Gadabouts come in sunshades to go with your hot-weather clothes The feet are specially orced. rem- 19C OS IERY SHOPS 6761. Stony Island Ave 4626 Sheridan Rd. 1145 Lake, Oak Park 631 Davis, Evanston lb East A clam a St.

SX 69c Teeth so white so brilliant because of special cleansing formula Here is a dentifrice that 13 superseding old-fashioned powders and pastes that is winning men and women everywhere because of its remarkable results. A special formula a secret formula is the answer. Hard-to-clean teeth are actually transformed, thousands say. Dull, lack-lustre, off-color teeth take on new brilliance and flash. Stains disappear like magic, men declare.

That unpleasant coating on the tongue is swept away by the action of paste and brush. Flabby, below-par gums, when massaged with this tooth paste, are stimulated and a blend of mild fruit acids gives needed alkaline effect. Try a tube today. Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Missouri.

steal yoyr REGULAR LARGE SIZE DOUBLE SIZE 40? ft I QTi STE PA 1T71 TTmrrTTn- Tlii-ir- -tit 'T IT in 1 1 i ITT 1 111 in iisii i in r- -H---T nr'rrr-'''TTrrr OatttcitLaM JhtiTO irfl 25 for just watching. In gay summer have then: up to size 10V2 at 14 NEUMODE LIST 0 16 S. Michigan Ave. 55 E. Randolph St.

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adv. ay entirely soapless tooth powder worthy of the Listerine name. LUterine TOOTH POWDER aj 25.

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