Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 19, 1953 · 66
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 66

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, October 19, 1953
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v v V v v v w - v v v J i ' v v . . -j , "i 11 a" X7 itiiHnp aj 7 ,T r ? ? 7 r r jKIiitagn Satlg QTribattf Monday, Uctober 19, 1953 Spt..Bus-Page 2 F 1IALAS SPURNS ALIBI; DENIES DEAR COLLAPSE Lauds Players, Game's Entertainment Value BY GEORGE STRICKLER , George Halas saw nothing akin to collapse in the performance of his Chicago Bears yesterday when they succumbed to a 35 point San Francisco rally, after leading 21 to 0 at the end of the first 10 minutes In a National Football league game m Wrigley field. Defeat must be attributed, in Halas opinion, to the fortunes of football war. You don't, he added, try to explain the fortunes of football war; you. try to bear up under them without becoming despondent. "No one can say our fellows didn't keep on trying," he said. "And nobody can .complain about the game from an entertainment standpoint." v . Cites Turning Points Turning points, Halas said, were Jim Powers' recovery of a blocked San Francisco place kick, the roughness penalty called on Dick Hensley when Howie Livingston intercepted a San Francisco pass, and Leon Campbell's fumble on the 4 in the scoreless second quarter when the Bears were about to add to a 21 to 7 lead. "How are you going to call misfortunes like those three incidents a 'collapse?' he wanted to know. His audience had no explanation. " . Campbell Explains Fumble Campbell said he had caught the full force of a flying tackle by a San Francisco line man on the shoulder as he went into the line. It knocked his grasp loose from the ball. George Connor, whose return to a defensive assignment resulted in the former Notre Dame star playing his finest game of the season, said he thought he would never be able to last out the first half because of the heat. It was in the high 80s on the field until the sun began receding behind the stands. Over in the San Francisco 'dressing room. Powers, accepting congratulations on his debut performance as an offensive quarter back, said it was nothing. Powers Lauds Slates "With backs 'like Joe Perry, i Hugh McElhenny, and Joe , Arenas, a fellow should apply to ( the nearest employment agency if he can't make any offense " work. Buck Shaw, who had prac- tically given up all hope of scoring his second triumph over the Bears in six starts when Y. A. ( Tittle was knocked out of the i lineup last week in Detroit, was of the opinion that his team was badly handicapped by the loss ' of the veteran quarter, back, f Shaw was at a loss to explain the 49ers frequent offside viola- tions. San Francisco was called ! 11 times for infringement. ' Deplores Defense Lapses i . "I can understand how it ? might happen on offense," Shaw said. "Changing quarter backs as we have had to do with Tittle I out can result in a change in cadence on starting signals. But I don't know why we should, get offside on defense. That's inex-! cusable." ' The,49ers break up their tem-porary headquarters at the Windermere East hotel this morning to fly back to San Francisco, where they will meet the Detroit Lions next Sunday in a battle for first place. The Bears go west Wednesday to meet the Los Angeles Rams. ORIOLES WILL PAY $48,749.61 FOR TERRITORY I MONTREAL, Oct. 18 (P) The International Baseball i league and the new Baltimore Orioles of the American league , reached an agreement today un j der which the Orioles will pay the Triple A organization 548, i 749.61 for relinquishing claims to I the Baltimore territory. An International league spokes I man said after the meeting there was no discussion of addition to the International league of Rich' mond, Va., or of an interlocking schedule with the American as sociation next year. The spokes' man said any decision on the matter would have to wait until the annual meeting here Nov. 15. Sonny Day in New York a it m f m GIANTS 21 CARDINALS, . 7 gift vv'::r.t y"A ( f FAST, FREQUENT TRANSPORTATION CUVATED LINES Douglu Prk Express Trains. Connecting buses direct to track. SPECIAL BUSES: LOOP Hotel Sherman. NORTH SIDE Howard Street "El". Loyola "El". Edgewiter Beach Hotel, Sheridan-Sunnyside. WEST SIOE-Washinctofl-Crawford. SOUTH SIDE - 63rd-Cottage Grove. 63rcf-Sangamon, 79th -Stony Island. (Last las Unas 45 MlaatM Mart First Race) ' NO MINORS' ADMITTED TUESDAY LADIES' DAY FIRST RACE 2 P.M.-SAT. 1:30 A i Everett (Sonny) Grandelius, New York Giants' half back, advances 1 yard to Cardinals' 3 in first quarter in New York yesterday. Cardinals' Don Paul (left) moves in for tackle. Grandelius scored on next play. Cardinals suffered fourth straight National Football league loss and Giants SCOred firit Victory. Associated Press Wirephoto GIANTS DEAL CARDINALS 4TH DEFEAT, 21 TOT Continued from 1st sports page the ground of minus 1 yard for the xiay. The Cards were abla to move the ball only thru the air and then only when Steve Romanik was working the T attack. The former Bear was acquired only last week and did not appear in the lineup until midway in the second quarter. He was far. superior to Ray Nagel, the rookie whose early tossing had been ineffective. He was too late in arriving on the scene, however. Conefly flipped one touchdown pass and set up another score with accurate tosses. The other was the work of the alert Giant defensive line. Chuck completed 10 of 15 pitches for 174 yards end looked more like a pro than at any previous time this year. He had a world of protection from his blockers and seldom was harried. Field Goal Attempt Falls The Giants got the first wedge toward a score in the opening quarter when the running of Randy Clay and Sonny Grandelius took them to the Cards 37. Here the Cardinals braced and Clay tried and missed a field goal from the 44. Chicago had to punt when Nagel's passes went bad and the Giants took possession on their 39. Conerly tossed a short pass to Ray Pelfrey and then lobbed a high one to Grandelius, who took it on his 40 and ran to the Chicago 31. Ed Price lost 6 yards on a deep reverse, and Conerly then flipped high and far to Clay. Safety Man Ray Ramsey let the Giant half back get loose and he took it on the 11. Ramsey knocked him out of bounds on the 4. The Cards were penalized 2 yards half the distance for having 12 men on the gridiron and Grandelius went over from the 6 inch mark on third down. Clay kicked the extra point. After the kickoff, Nagel tried to pass from his 25. Dick Wood-ard, Giant line backer, nearly took his head off with a neck line tackle and the passer fumbled. Guard Bill Albright picked up the loose ball near the 20 and charged across with the second touchdown, 69 seconds after the first one. Giants Strike Back Ramsey intercepted a pass by Conerly on his 33 in the third quarter, returning 22 yards to the Giant 45 Romanik, then teamed up "with Don Stonesifer, the leading pass grabber of the league. They connected for 9 and then for 12. It was first down on the 22 when Romanik switched to Gam Nagler, the other end, for a 9 yard pickup. Billy Cross and Charley Trippi 49ers Overcome Bears' 21 Point Lead; Triumph, 35-28 Continued from 1st sports page Francisco's first touchdown. , It was a 51 yard, dash, and he made it on the old geometric principle that a straight line is the shortest distance - between two points. Arenas Goes for 60 5 It now was the third period, and he 49ers were in a march. Livingston, making his debut as a Bear after having been released by San Francisco, intercepted Powers' pass and re turned 17 to the 49ers' 43. But End Dick Hensley, one of the real stars of the game,-was called for roughing the passer and the ball was given back to the 49ers on their 40. Joe Arenas immediately raced 60 yards off the Bears' left tackle for a touchdown. 6 Rookie Tommy O'Connell, attempting to pass, fumbled and End Clay Matthews recovered for San Francisco on the Bears' 27. Perry fumbled on third down on the Bears' 1, and George Connor, who made the unhappy day the occasion for one of his greatest games, recovered there.- Hugh McElhen-ny who had been checked pretty well all day, returned Fred Morrison's punt 24 yards to the 21. Two plays later Powers passed over S. J. Whitman's head to Jimmy Wilson for the tying touchdown. It Happens to Bears 7 In the fourth quarter the 49ers marched 54 yards to the Bears' 24 before Hensley, Connor, and embattled colleagues forced Gordon Soltau to place kick on 4th down with 4 yards to go. Center Wayne Hansen blocked the kick, but Powers recovered and got away for 16, enough to make a first down. It happens only once in a lifetime and then only to . the Bears. Three plays later Perry went over from the 2 to give San Francisco the lead, 28 to 21. 8 It became 35 to 21 six plays later. Matthews recovered Stone's fumble and returned it 7 to the Bears' 13. McElhenny, finding himself trapped along the right side line on a running pass attempt, reversed his field and went to the 3. Perry then ran hit the line to the 2 and Romanik sneaked over on his second try. The Giants' Em Tunnel returned the kickoff from his 5 to the 38. Grandelius hit the line for 2 to the 40. Then Conerly passed high and far to Peltrey who battled Ramsey for the ball, juggling it while on the run. He took it on the 21, and then shook off 'the Cardinal on the 15 to go all the way. Statistics: GIANTS CARDS FIRST DOWNS 10 14 NET YARDS Rushing 64 1 Paslne i5S i66 FORW'RD PASSES Attempted 17 39 Completed 10 16 Intercepted by........ 2 3 PUNTS Number 7 9 Average distance 46 46 FUMBLES Number 0 3 Ball lost o 2 PENALTIES Number 4 5 Yards penalized 45 42 Man Id A Hurry :r rv - ,r "TCl 9 "a Charley Trippi once passed and rushed for 384 yards in a single football game. Charley is known as a real speed merchant. And the "Trip" wastes no time in buying anti-f reeze ! "At the first sign of cold, I put in Trestone' anti -freeze," says Charley. "Then I know I have complete protection for my car all winter long!" Sure, Charley ! One shot lasts all winter! And you get full 4-way protection for your cooling system with "Prestone" anti-freeze. No freeze-ups, no boil-away, no rust-clogged radiator, no foaming off. No other anti-freeze gives your car the same complete protection. Always ask for it by name "Prestone" brand anti-freeze I A iff right at Livingston and butted him over the goal. 9 In the 10th minute of the period. Perry fumbled and Hensley recovered on- the 49ers' 16. Willie Thrower, former Michi gan State Negro quarter back star making his major league debut, passed 12 to Dooley, putting the ball on the 4. Blanda and "Morrison came into the game, and the crowd responded with a resounding razzberry. They wanted Willie to put it over. But Morrison did it on a . blast off tackle. The boos changed to cheers. The Bears still had a chance on the clock. But that was the only place. The game ended with the 49ers on the Bears 9, where Lowell Wagner had -wound up after intercepting Thrower's pass. 1 1 ... . The Bears were ready for this game, even to the extent of lineup changes. Dooley, who has been performing at end, was dropped in at a starting half back assignment to give them extra receivers on planned strategy. Stone, usually a right half, was moved to left half. ' Connor Backs Up Lino Connor for the first time this season was backing up the line, a place where he made a league wide reputation in other seasons. Connor responded with one of the finest performances by a National league linesman this season. - San Francisco, bewailing the loss of its quarter back, Y. A. Tittle, could find no complaint with Powers, who for the last three seasons has been confined to the defensive platoon. He directed the attack with the poise of a veteran and gained confidence as the game progressed. ... Couldn't Do Better Tittle, convalescing from facial surgery in a San Francisco hospital, could not have done any better on this day when a capricious fate was toying with the destinies of pros, especially the Bears. San Francisco had gained only 4 yards rushing until- Perry's 51 yard touchdown run. But in the second half the breaks and the heat combined to lessen Bear resistance, and Perry, McElhenny & Co. were able to conform more to advance billings. Statistics: Bean 49eri FIRST DOWNS.; 17 20 Rushing 6 12 Passing 9 7 Penalty 3 1 NET YARDS, Rushlnt 74 24S Passing 191 128 FORWARD PASSES Attempted 36 31 Completed 13 11 Intercepted by..... 1- 1 Yards Interceptions returned 8 22 PUNTS Number 8 7 Average distance SO 42 Returned by 4 3 KICKOFFS Returned by .... 5 4 YARDS KICKS RETURNED.. 139 170 Punts 18 32 Kickoffs ...123 138 FUMBLES Number 5 , 2 Ball lost 3 2 PENALTIES Number ........ 6 11 Yards penalized 37 70 RAMS INFLICT FIRST LOSS ON L10NS.31T019 Continued from 1st sports page off his only bad punt, a 9 yard carry that, went out on the east side line on the Rams' 41, the thousands of loyal Detroit fans prepared to cheer a winning rally. But the Lions immediately ended the hope when Lew Carpenter fumbled on first down after running to the Rams' 24. Score on 45 Yard Pass Back in character in the fourth period, Layne fumbled and re covered for a 4 yard loss on De troit's 43 and then was thrown for a 6 yard loss trying tb pass. Norb Hecker then intercepted Layne's third down pass and was stopped on the Lions' 45. Van Brocklin at once took advantage of the Lions' despair as he passed to Bob Boyd over Carl Karilivacz's head for the touch down that put the decision out of Detroit's reach. The 45 yard scoring pass thoroly discouraged the champions, w$ho merely went thru the exercise required to complete the contest The Rams' first touchdown was result of its most sustained attack, eight plays that covered 65 yards after the starting kick off.- Van Brocklin led off with a 12 yard pass to Hirsch. Skeets Quinlan ran to his left to the Lions' 19. Paul Younger picked up 4 yards, and after a pass failure Van Brocklin pitched to Hirsch for a first down on De troit's 3. Fumble Stalls Detroit Younger went over on his second try and Ben Agajanian kicked the point for Los Angeles' 7 to 0 lead. Bob Hoernschemeyer s fumble ended Detroit's first assault but the. Lions were moving late in the first period. Harley Sewell's interception of Van Brocklin s pass started the drive from the Lion 28. Walker made 28 yards on Bobby Layne's pass on the opening play of . the second period. This put the ball on the Rams' 16. Layne then threw down center to Leon Hart who smashed into the end zone. Walker's kick was blocked, and the Rams led, 7 to 6. Kickoff Returns Dazzling Lewis returned Detroit's kick-off 69 yards to the Lions' 27 but Detroit held and Agajanian missed the field goal. Lewis again meant trouble for Detroit as he and Duane Putnam, taking a lateral, returned Bob Smith's punt 45 yards to Detroit's 35. After a penalty for offside Van Brocklin passed to Hirsch, who made a fine goal line catch for a touchdown. Aga janian added the point. Late in the second - period Agajanian kicked a field goal with the ball held on Detroit's 12. Walker matched this in the last minute with a 40 yard kick and Los Angeles held a half time advantage of 17 to 9. Statistics: Rams Lions FIRST DOWNS........ IS Rushlnt .................... 9 Passing 9 NET YARDS. Rushlnt 183 Passing SOS FORWARD PASSES, Attempted 37 Completed 12 Intercepted by 2 Yards Interception returned 45 PUNTS. Number 4 Average distance............. 34 Returned by.' S KICKOFFS. Returned by 5 YARDS KICKS RETURNED.. 291 Punts 117 Kickoffs 174 FUMBLES, Number 1 Ball lost 1 PENALTIES, Number 8 Yards penalized............. 59 23 10 13 163 "263 S3 16 1 A 6 45 2 5 126 6 120 ' 4 2 2 20 LIGHT HEAVIES FIGHT TONIGHT ON WGN-TV Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct 18 Spe cial Wesbury Bascom of St Louis, who went eight, rounds against Ezzard Charles and six against Dan Bucceroni in bouts this year, will meet Floyd Patterson, young battler undefeated in seven fights as a professional, in the 10 round headllner of the Eastern Parkway arena boxing show tomorrow night The bout will be televised, with WGN-TV the Chicago outlet, at 9 o'clock Chicago time. Fight Decisions LAST NIGHT At Paris, Franc Gilbert Lsreca stopped Barry Bom 41. Miss Rawls Wins, S and 4, in Final of Texas Open Fort Worth, Tex., Oct 18 UP) Betsy Rfwls, former University of Texas co-ed who now registers out of Spartanburg, S. C, today won the 18th annual worn-en'i Texas Open golf meet at River Crest Country club with a 5 and 4 victory over Polly Riley, Fort Worth amateur. CENTRAL STATES FOOTBALL YESTERDAY'S KESt'LTS Waataa, 25; Waakegan, O. 81. Louis, 21; DHaran, 0. Waterloo 28; Racine, 7. 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