Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on January 26, 1946 · 13
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 13

Chicago, Illinois
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Saturday, January 26, 1946
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- Screen's Story of an Alcoholic Superbly Done THE LOST WEEKEND Prodatra by Paramount. rlrrrlr4 ty Blllr Wilder. Adeptee) tram the neves ky Charles Jack-em. Presenteel ft the A poll theater. TIIK CAST IXm niraaan ....Rey.MIUanel llrlea at. Jinwt .......Jan WrnM etc Wreaen. ............. ...Philip Terry Nat. the bartender ...Howard da Bllva titoria......... ....Doris Doerllnf. Itim . - ..........Prank raylea Mra. Deverldce Mary Yeanf Mrs. foley Anita Bolster Mn. St. Jamre. ....... ....Lilian rentalne Mr. fit. Jamra. ........ ....Lewis L. Koesrll Attendant at Opera rrank Orth By Mae Tlne Like many of his kind, Don Eir- nam had intelligence, good health, cood looks, friends, a girl who adored him, and no particular sor rows to drown, but he also had a thin skin and a dislike for facing realities. Alcohol changed the picture for him, temporarily, and it be came a release he couldn't live with out, a habit which progressed from crutch to conqueror, until the craving dominated his life and made him a torture to himself and others. Drink eventually meant more to him than his honor, his reputation," or his girl, and he would lie, steal, beg, stoop to anything, to satisfy his thirst. As a bartender warned him, one was too many and a hundred not enough. The story of the erstwhile charming and personable Mr. Eirnam is told in straightforward and sometimes painfully graphic detail in The Lost Weekend." It is done so skilfully that not for one moment does your attention or your concern stray from the pathetic and terrible story. Ray Milland makes the central figure hateful, likable, and somehow understandable. His portrayal is a masterpiece of superb control, versatility, and sensitivity. The direction Is brilliant, with the main theme and the contributing details skilfully woven into a finished, forceful whole. Every member of the cast is completely attuned to the story, from Philip Terry as the DOWNTOWN I BALABAN & KATZ ALL THEATERS BELOW PRICE " in ii In Person i of im piano DOORS OPEN 9:30 A. M. LAST SHOW 10:50 F. M. Lou (lutata OPEN i A. M. LATE FEAT. 1 1. P. M. Cent OPEN I 4S A. M LATE FEAT. 11:07 P. M. jannfflsnaBawLI-Jr" tVE SWDEW.SWW BlYTM.QnuCf SEWwrTT OPEN A. M. LATE FEAT. 1 1:24 P. M. SHOW TONIGHT L V Til GUM' TOTUrbHe!-tcofcfceif wild vetl al lit t wilfesll "MR. BIG" IN PERSON DOHALD 111 liiaUII ill SHUT STAal 6WEI O'CONNOR f ATST O'CONBOB THE KEMMTS BETTY LEE SWIFTS Rot Laif lr Orel. TOfi RANDOLPH j SCOTT I AIX DVORAK "the I AST flHAMP.F" UIUI UllflllUiaJ mA Film of Immsasurebls lmportanCr SAM lI$NH."Ce)ry Mews" mStiptrb MoviaP MAI TINE!. -Trla.aa-"A COilCr HENRT MURDOCK. "Ja" T OORIS ARDEM. "Times- world PLAYHOUSE "eUif Film fv ver Sttn" 6REER 6AIS0M Tok About Suspense ibis nas itr' ALFRED HITCHCOCK. t in- WEST BALABAN ft KATZ WONDER THEATERS 4ca I 4j Le.t realure 10 4S f. M. Vaa JOHNSON. Lana TURNER. Walter PIDGEON "WEEK-END AT THE WALDORF" Wtttieal Pard In Tewhrnwlor ! "YOU HIT THE SPOT" PARADISE MY PAST" A ' CENT. PKr Laurel A Hardy, Opea 1:302 LATE FEATS. Fred MarMurray, "PARDON 'FIRST YANK INTO TOKYO" St.. 1:00 PEGGY ANN CARNER. "JUNIOR MISS" "NOTHING BUT TROUBLE" SENATE Open Ai I STATE pa I -M) MANOR ) JAMES CRAIG SIGNE HASSO "DANGEROUS PARTNERS" LAUREL A HARDY "NOTHING BUT TROUBLE" CENTURY J4-"l W. Mixliaon. :t KeHturf Tnrhen ll-y. -BLACK IXIl.t." S.K.ije -".nli-t.. Ti A Y fU'ON" Wendy Herrle Vim Pin ill-lit. Turim Helctere" (leiihy llevrs nr Arf.' l ri. titer. Jimitie Hel'lrrs MARSHALL SQ. :71 W. Ormek. (l"n 1 T'l TFT R T A V : R N ' P'r llsiwv Jemes Crlf "lanserr.tte Perfners" A I PY "'-' w. Martiaon f-t. Oiiem 1 2 .'10 AL.E.A ,r"r. Raft. "JOHNNY ANGK-T." him la Her I'ler" Jen Hell. Louise Allbrltton XI HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Jan. 25 If R. K. O. doesn't find a suitable director for "Christabel Caine" by Monday, the picture will have to be postponed till fall, because the option on Henry Fonda, who has a commitment with John Ford, will be lost. If this happens. Joan Fontaine will get the dream and Billy Wilder' " Vienna Waltz," would mean Joan's family battine a 1 f Robert Tmm OUvia De Harllland Joan Fontaine Dorothy McGelre Wilder. Her mother was in "The Lost Week-End"; Olivia De Havil-iand's getting raves for " To Each His Own and Joan, completing the cycle, would have her best role since " Rebecca." . . . Kathleen Lockhart goes Into "The Strange Woman," but she won't be playing opposite her husband. Gene. In the film he's married to Hedy Lamarr. ... Lee Cobb has been added to Claudia and David," which co-stars Dorothy Mc-Guire and Bob Young. Rumors for Rent Blng Crosby, having settled his argument with his sponsors, comes home next week to do 13 more stints for the Kraft show, in addition to steady, less brilliant, less charming, but completely sober brother who supports Don, down to the coldly cruel male nurse" in the alcoholic ward of a public institution. Howard da Silva probably is second to the star in his characterization of a bar tenderblandly blase about drunks and their promises, but considering such as Mr. Birnam just a part of a wearying if steady Job. His work is an important factor in the general honesty and realism of the film. Jane Wyman is the woman who loves and waits and worries for three long years, the one who can never completely discard Don in spite of the suffering he causes her. Doris Dowling also is an essential part of the general scheme of things, the girl who works out of the saloon but regards the handsome Don as real Romance, a prince charming beyond her eager reach. A great part of the credit for the general power of the film must goi JDOWNTOWN- WONDER THEATERS CHANCE AT NOON " """JnC manic ROSALIND RUSSELL mi m m m a aa$a. taro morocaiB man mvwr m WBX'SI,enWdlit BREESE LEE BOWMAN Thenar Ortbotrs AOELE JERGENS Tflrrant nf I nvi in Tsrhnirnlnr - t a 20 cnmenr-roi ncrm TURKEY Cornol WILDE Jeonno CRA1H ytfE Jh "' ruthless rt neids strike againl VALWNS RIDE AGAIN ALAN CURTIS-ION CHANEY-MARTHA O'ORISCOU -r-v WOODS i, , ' S?i ' R4K0OLPH AJ r , CfAfOM I . " . 1 7i A. M. . CONTINUOUS T3V uriiiiMVMi'ii.rmikaii.irw.'ie WEST XMCDIPRU N- Aihland FIVE HITS! AIYlCnlUAIl TWO CARTOONS! NEWS! Rlrhard OIX. "VOICE OF THE WHISTLER" Siuna Hbho, Jat. Cral. "Danserout Partners" I eiir.l anit H.rrfy "TMF C HIMr" r I L A f ''", 1 mtn '( iiii' . i m ii I .jr. jj r - a a lOV Upens I :J0 P. M. JUI THREE CARTOON RIOTS! Charles Starrett. "ROUGH RIDIN' JUSTICE" Bill Elllntt. 'GREAT STAGECOACH ROBBERY' rnAWCflnn Crawl. Opens I 30 llilftlirUnU Musical In Technicolor! Jeanne Crain. Dick Hayaies. Dana Andrews "STATE FAIR" Plus Murder Thrillerl "MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS" at RVnn Cieere and Madison Opens ISO OIIIU Tern Neal. Ann Savage. "DETOUR" Hedy LAMARR. Robert Walker, June Allysen "HER HIGHNESS AND THE BELLBOY" WEST END j2caMr toons 5 HITS! Hepaleng Cantldy, "WIDE OPEN TOWN" Bill Elliett. 'GREAT STAGECOACH ROBBERY PURPLE MONSTER "THE FATAL TRAIL" 4iTAI?s418 "Secret Agent X8" 5 P.... O 1 Al Mad. rira for Dead Men" CaiS. ALAN LADD, GAJNGS, INC." TAKAIKE PAY VARY CiltANT MR. LUCKY OK 1'IONFERS" IMPPDIAI 2.'tM Mili.on. 3 Keaturea trfoon 5 Trice Change WlM Hill Elliott 'STAGFroACH ROBBERY' 1W8XIy?" "la lugosi K, Dowd. 'AKCFLTOMFS TO BROOKXYN' SOUTH HAPVAPn e.lrd-Harrard. OPEN 5:46 IlrtIA Y JAIVL Exflunive Advnnr Showine: BURGESS MEREDITH as EKKIE PYLE "STORY OF G. I. JOE" "AN ANGEL COMES TO BROOKLYN" rru J.S26 E. 47th. Romance and melody aVdls that will make your hrart ning "IIHAPSODY IN HLUE" STORY OF" GEORGE GERSHWIN If IMRARV "240 Kim bark. Ov. 12:30 lli110rvl Joan Robert Alda "RHAPSODY IN BLUE" 'A nierlrane In Perls T"f Wetrti Dlsnry Cartoon MIPUirAM 6Slh and Mich. Openn 1 :.tO iiiiwiiunn ALL-AMERICAN NEWS I flr.DT I.AVtATlll. ltdllUtT WI,Kf:R "Br.H K1GHNKHH ANI TRE KHI.I.KOT" Mnrrtr Thtlll.l "MY NAMK IH JtlMA ROSS" IAriCnMDlf 67th-Ht.wiy. NINA roCH jntlUUlt I XV. MT NAME TR Jt'l.IA ROSS JKANKK CHAIN "lAIIj I' 1 ll rninr FAD Ovrn 1 :45. ROBERT ALDA. JOAN rrVV.r "RHAPSODY IN It LITE' MARQUETTE Jeanna Train. Tena 6.1'f Klrl. RKiert Mltrhlim "Wr;KT OF THF PKCOS" Antlrewe. RTATF FAIR" COMMERCIAL BLNG CROSBX Sinn Commerclel. Op. 11:30 "Duffy Tavern" u t- V AV A) Looking at Hollywood part of her life in Charlie Brackett which will co-star Bin Crosby. This hundred per cent with Brackett and to the dialog, which is Intelligent, adult, and fitting in character. The film builds up slowly and rises to a crescendo of horror when the victim escapes the screaming bedlam of the chronic alcoholic ward, only to have his own particular form of delirium tremens descend on him when he's alone and helpless. That scene, to me, was one of the most sharply hideous I've ever witnessed, and no child belonging to me would be permitted to see it. The conclusion seemed a bit pat to me I hope the recovery was that quick and easy but on the whole the film has punch, power, pathos. pull all the words customarily used in the advertisments are true. It is quite possible that Mr. Jackson and Mr. Wilder are doing a service in giving this story to the millions who are movie audiences. Certainly no one seeing it will be inclined to abuse alcohol. You'll want to slip out of The Lost Weekend " and into a cool glass of milk. SOUTH WARNER BROS. THEATERS SOUTH SIDE'S FINEST ENTERTAINMENT 7t mt St y-SVee Perfc. Late Show 10:0$ Late Show 10:00 Charles Boyer Shirley Temple Lauren Bacall Bon Benehley "CONFIDENTIAL "KISS AGENT" AND TELL" Joan Davis Fred Mac Murrey iack Haley Marfuerlte Chapman "CEO. WHITE'S "PARDON SCANDALS" MY PAST" r.iniry.VilJM1r Late Show Tonight at 10:30 STAGE: 5 BIG ACTS Plus an the Sereen: A Twe-Fieted Adventurer Turns Pioneer! "DAKOTA" John Wayne. Walter Brennaa DCICDI V 95th-Aihland Free Parkins DCVCnLI Year's Oreateet Laush Hit! Laurel A Hardy. 'NOTHING BUT TROUBLE' JEFFERY - Peigy Ana Garner Allyn Jaslyn "JUNIOR MISS" Laurel A Hardy NOTHING Bt T TROl BI.E" 7l.t-JefIery RHODES 79th-Rhedea 0GDEN 63rd-Alhlnd GROVE 7bth-Cottate HIGHLAND 7ith-Aihlnd I Binf Crosby 1 Betty Huttsn "DUFFY'S TAVERN" James Craig I 'DANGEROUS Partners' C UnCIC 73th-Kingtton Thrill Hit! OnUnC "ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY" H edy Lamarr. "HIGHN ESS A BELLBOY" FROLIC aJth-Ellia Thrill Hit! MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS" Hedy Lamarr. "HIGHNESS A BELLBOY" nnrllA 2 Aitlen Thrlll.ri! UUOITiU James Cainey. "FRISCO KID" Wild! Daring! "KING e tha STALLIONS" U II Mil Tr)U 7let-Pax. Robt. Aids nAmlLlUn Joan Leslie. Chas. Coburn, Al Jeleen. "RHAPSODY IN BLUE" niui HUri 39th-Dres. SiHene Thriller! UHMAItU Ann Savage. "DETOUR" Hedy Lamarr. "HIGHNESS A BELLBOY" aiMCTfi 47tn-6a. Phwy. Two Thrill Hits! ill CI Hunan! Eseittngl "DANNY BOY" Rl.hard Dlx. "VOICE ef tha WHISTLER" BALABAN & KATZ WONDER THEATERS T- Open 1:30 ROBERT CUMMINGS, Lizabeth Scott ?ornede "YOU CAME ALONG" Dennia O'Keefe, Maria ("Tha Body") McDonald "GETTING GERTIE'S GARTER" LAST COMPLETE SHOW STARTS 100 P. M. bp. l:uu rHfcO ASlAIKE. LUCILLE BREMER "YOLANDA AND THE THIEF" A CHAS. LAUGHTON iiPKDT Ifinn" RANDOLPH SCOTT s IVIUU L AST COMPLETE SHOW STARTS I03 P. M . TOWER PhAeUnLre,d 'SPANISH MAIN' MAUREEN O'HARA plus LANGFORD "RADIO STARS ON PARADE" MRDVI ttin PEGGY ANN GARNER In luAn I LAND "JUNIOR MISS " plus Laurel A Hardy, "NOTHING BUT TROUBLE" nppil LLOYD NOLAN. SIGNE HASSO iitUAL WILLIAM EYTHE TNT ACTION ! "HOUSE ON 92ND STREET" tfbru 'What Next, Corp. Hargrove?' m-ll Oa. lao. Den Amache. "Ureeneieh village" V Wa. Bendix. C. Miranda. V. Blaine. A. Dekker, 'Woman l Tewn' C. Trevor Glrl In Case' 1.1111 Dp. 12.30. C. Grant, "Gunge Din" Deug. AH IV Fairbanks, V. MeLaglea "Sky Is Limit" Fred Altai re. J. Leslie. 'Tal. Mr." W. Bendts m i n w a y a- ;."'." r S asw at aj WM as v Di icn, risnik. njan, Vi viiiw w 'Gay Cbllero" D. O'Keefg, "Jimmy Valentine" W00DLAWN " DO U B " IN D E MN IT "" B. Stanwyck, Ed. G. Rebinsen. "ICELAND" Sonja Henie. John Payne. "MOONLIGHT and CACTUS" tni u Oa.l 30. 'Oreheetra Wives' G. Montgomery MAI Lynn Barl. Ann Rutherford. Fred. Mareh "Star Is Born" Janet Gaynor, 'MeGuerns Brooklyn' xnyrl TtTU Open JO. Claudetta Colbert bntUlCri "PALM BEACH STORY" J. MeCrea, Mary Artor, "DUKE WEST POINT" Joan Fontaine. Louis Hsyward. "Gorilla Man" a-CIIM 7218 Went. Op. 1:30. "Gentleman After "OUll Dark. Brain Denlevy, M. Honklne "Adv. Tern hwnr" and Seflvel a Cartnene FIRST SOUTH SIDE SHOWING JAMKS SYLVIA CAONrY MOSKV "BLOOD ON THE SIM" J. J. JA1SH DONALD WOOJJS "STAR IN THK J1C.HT" Also LATEST MARCH OK TIME -Jf STICK COMES TO CKBMA.NV MinUICCT Blnsj CroKby. Betty llutton irllUrVLol HDimfl tavekn" "KIPFK A IK KKOK " HARPER JJana Andrews. Jrnnne Crain "STATE FAIB," CRIME DOCTOR'S WARNING" UVnC DADIr' Martha Scott, William Garten nlUC rHlllV "CHEERS for MISS BISHOP" CTATC 11020 S. Mich. Aye. Ends Tonite Olrtlli UufTy'a Tavern' 'Dansemue Partners' Tomorrow: L. Demell. O. McClure, 'Great Jolin U' and Jrein Leslie In "T'o Young to Know" I rv 11C2 K. 63d BU Open 13:80. Jeaima, Crain 1-iCiA liana An1rewt and Dirk Ilaymea In PTATB TAIIC A 'MT NAM B IS JfTLIA ROBB' DAMAUA 15th and Balsted. Jamea Cralf 1UI1UU V rs Bl ana Hafso. "Dengernue Partners" 82 STARS In "DUFFY'S TAVERN" UirUTATAV 63d-Weatern. Robt. Witchum niVlIliT A I "WEST OF THE PECOS" Jfnnnei Crain. T!in Andrews 'STATE FAIR' PflD A I D6th-Clrero. Ovn 1. Fire I'nrkinr .uiinu Anita Intite. "Flrhtlnf otterdimen" Tyn Gnrrry. "COME QTTT FIGHTING" Pfll fiWV 6nth-K1si. Inurvl A Haxrty L.UL.U11 I "NOTHING HUT TROUBLE" S3 GUEST STARS in 1 CUFfY'S TAVBU" By a couple of guest appearances. Frank Morgan will remain on the program. Here are rumors Eing had to deny while he was away: Twice that he'd died; he was in a Baltimore hospital; he'd gone to Mayo's; he'd bought the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Dodgers; he intended becoming a New York theatrical producer; he was retiring; he and his wife had separated; he'd gone east to put two sons in a school. A year ago only worry we had about Bine was whether he'd show uo for his academy award. . . . Twentieth Century is discussing Diving Champion Norman Spear Jr. for the role opposite Jeanne Crain in ' Margie." . . . Now it comes to light that Eddie Cantor wanted Ezra Stone to write "Nelly Bly," but Billy Gaxton and Victor Moore thought -he was too young. Ezra didn't do badly with " This Is the Army." Incidentally. Ezra's babv .will be born March 29 at 10 a. m.. exactly two years from their first ' 1 'subi,rthday- Like the fit. it'll be caesarean. . . . Believe me, Ben Hecht knows the value of a fine cameraman. To get Lee Garmes for .his picture, he agreed to do the script for "Dishonored Lady" with aiiuumii auucu, j. course. Its Realism Defeats Story "Scarlet Street," banned in New York and Minnesota, depicts a perfect crime. That's the I - m. pinned on an innocent man. who iuc gumy one in me ena isn't convincing enough to atone for his deeds. Same story was banned in France until certain deletions had been made. With our juvenile delinquency soaring, I agree with the censors. We shouldn't show the young how to get away with crime. . . . Irene Dunne wakes UD screaming ever inr h rlM c-ona with - for " Anna and the King of Slam." from Florida, and when dropped was supposed to smell food and take off for it Well, the snake, thinking Irene was its meat, went for her. . . . Irene and her husband have borrowed Joe Schenck's Spanish teacher to brush up on that lingo for their South American trip. . . . The rhlllp Dorns are adopt int: a 17 year old kinsman. Esther Bannatt, who is the sole survivor of Philip's family in Holland. The rest were killed by the gestapo. She arrives this week. Cinderella Rides Again Susan HerdtL 19 year old University of California co-ed, caught the bouquet on the "Bride and Groom" show. Don Barry saw her. took her to Republic's Herbert Yates. Now she's in "Earl Carroll's Sketchbook." From the radio show she got the jackpot a mink coat, a diamond necklace, and a half dozen pair of nylons. . . . Hear Jean Arthur owned 25 per cent of that show she left before it hit Broadway. . . . Peter Loire's beinc raeed for JefTrov tv - Strangers." Incidentally, did you TMW AM t W "l" vult-e ana ex-mavor Ja Guardia's? . . . Don't miss "Hitler Lives," a short Warners is releasing. . . . R Mrr.v t. was a knockout in " Stranee Triangle " with Siene Hasso and Preston rosier. . . . Mark Stevens is one young men I've met in ages; and I him. He's now playing in "Dark since his marriage to Myrna Loy Is tiagiand is on on a three weeks vacation. . . . Clifton Webb, discussing voice with little Cathy Downs, asked. "Have you much range, Cathy?" "Only eight octaves," said Cathy. But now she knows what an octave is. JVORTH- a IIII I R El Belmont Op. I 30 HITS! JULIAN THREE CARTOONSl SMITH BELLEW Thriller "RAW H I OE" TEX RITTER. "FRONTIER FUGITIVES" Spade Ceoley and His Western Swing Band PURPLE MONSTER. "THE DEMON KILLER" LAST SHOW STARTS AT 8:39 P. M. OCUCDinRII 03a Sheridan OPENS 1 :30 OntiillJAn ROBERT WALKER. 'WHAT NEXT, CORP. HARGROVE?' Jean LESLIE. Robt. HUTTON. Dolores MORAN "TOO YOUNG TO KNOW" LAST TWO FEATURES AT 1110 P. M. 1nrilC 3812 Broadway ROBERT YOUNG lUUUC Dorothy MeGuira. "CLAUDIA" BETTY G R ABLE. Phil Silvers. Cesar Romero. Gee. Mentaomery. "CONEY ISLAND" Technicolor LAST COMPLETE SHOW 10:00 P. M. MCinC 3912 Sher. ( HITS! 3 Cartoons! lYlUUC Tex Ritter. "DEAD or ALIVE" Jimmy Wately, "SPRINGTIME IN TEXAS" Jungle Raiders. "VALLEY OF DESTRUCTION" 400 6746 Sheridan ROBERT YOUNG DOROTHY McGUIRE. "CLAUDIA" BETTY GRABLE. Martha Raye, Joa E. Brown, Chas. Spivak A Band "PIN-UP GIRL" Color! DEVON 622S - Broadway N. CENTER op,o 4031 Lincoln bTrrvrfrfWrTraTri DUPy'lUt 3I N. Clark OPENS 1 30 DUUi lYI Star Cast! BING CROSBY, Betty HUTTON, Alan LADD. Dorothy LAMOUR 6eaVdanrecrh,e' "DUFFY'S TAVERN" "JUNIOR MISS" PFfiRY ANN GARNER opens m rr?ijf riDir ARGYLE at 10 J.lV)IIIlVima. KENMORE ROBERT ALDA JOAN LESLIE ALEXIS SMITH CHARLES COBURN OSCAR LEVANT PAUL WHITEMAN "RHAPSODY IN BLUE" The Story of Gtorga Oershv-in mrr complete show starts io:oo p. m. BERTHA 4714 Lincoln OPENS 1:30 "PHANTOMS. INC." Cartoon I Joan LKSLIE. Alexis SMITH. Owar LEVANT George Gershwin'e "RHAPSODY IN BLUE" Prim Chenee et S-nn p. M. BALABAN KATZ WONDER THEATERS Starts 2:00 Last Feature 10:50 P. M. Van JOHNSON, Lana TURNER, Walter PIDGEON "WEEK-END AT THE WALDORF" Muileal Pared In Technicolor! "YOU HIT THE SPOT" Open 1:45 Two Lata Features! CHARLES LAUGHTON. RANDOLPH SCOTT KfiVoV 'CAPTAIN KIDD' EDMUND LOWE. BRENDA JOYCE 'ENCHANTED FOREST' i - i t.v w. j. : it n :w 1 WTTtri 1 U " i U WW t-t 1 Open 1:30 Two Lete Features! FRED ASTAIRE. Lucille Bremer in Color Hit "YOLANDA AND THE THIEF" Joan Davis (ft., uiuirrir eniuniiei Jack Haley ni I a. d dUHflUNU CENTURY Open I JO MAUREEN O'HARA PAUL HENREID "SPANISH MAIN" FRANCES LANGFORD 'RADIO STARS ON PARADE' NORSHOREj Open lao NORTOWN Open 1 :30 PANTHEON Open 1:30 BELMONT Open 1:30 HOWARD Open 130 BING CROSBY BETTY HUTTON. 'DUFFY'S TAVERN" e. Allyn Joslyn. "JUNIOR MISS" LAKESIDE Open I 'JO COVENT Open 1 :3Q CINE1 O pen I :SI DICK HAYMES DANA ANDREWS "STATE FAIR" NINA FOCH "MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS" I kYV QHflPF 8175 Bdy. At 8:18-6:45-10:14 jUftfVd OliUIYle E. G. Robinson, M. O'Brien "OUB VINES HAVE TENDER GBAPES" Alan Lsdd. Michele Norran in "JOAN UP PARIS" at 1:45. 6:14. 8:43 RTrilF 1650 Uevon. Op. 1 :30. Last Day UlUUL "MY NAME IS JIH.1A RnHS" nl,.. Dirk Ilaymea. Jeanne "tClMTL' ii'ATl?" Crain. Dana Andrews J M. J. 1. Cj I ANFPfTlIRT AnnlUse-Clark. Open 12:30 IwUlJJA Robt. Walker, Hedy Lamarr "HER HIGHNESS AND THE HELXHOY" Nina Fcn-h. "MY NAME IS JPLIA KOSS" PflCFUnnn lK3Mimt. Hie. 1:30. Steele. IVlJL TT UUU "WEST OP THK PErfIS" Warner Baiter, "CRIME DctCl'OR'B WARN1NU" "HAt MKN OF THE BOIIIItR" Chi ft 6404 N- Clark Street. Own 12:;iO VrtLU "DF.TOITR" Roht. Walkpr. I.ntrmrr, "HKK HIOHNDRR and tha HKLLHOY" FIRST SHOWING. "CALIFORNIA JOE" TIF I IIYF 1141 Wilson. JEANNE CRAIN eLaLef aKJj L S TT A T f PAIR" Nina Forh. "MT NAME IS SVTtAA ROSS" IN TKrHNH'0!,(R 3 IJX I Hi rVllL WIWnQflD I22S N- r,,rk Rtreet Pn 1 :S0 HUIUOUR it TTI.''T.,V'C T 4 t'l'DVl BING CROSBY ' KUI'l' A J lAVIjltit ESSEX SSEiSk BnwCA. TY POWER TIT W. Bberldaa. B. Batbbona, B CABLET CLAW BIOGRAPH I AWMtsA 2433 LINCOLN 1..M.I VJ 1 1 . 1 OPEN t2-AS ) DAVIS i -J jHU I -4 4614 LINCOLN MlHIM if in open t:se iai''PFPri,lfl V lb SHEFF.BELM I "X d M "4f 4 S&sarrS,,,, Hedda Hopper we, aaw VI VUVlCi .n, 111U1 UCi. 13 goes to his death. And Insanity of A non-poisonous reDtile was brought " - - .7 . a aw II a, UOIII KJ J TTllil ever notice the resemblance between of the most likable, modest, sincere don't think any one's going to spoil Corner" . . titled "Until Morning." . . . Bags (Copyright: 196: By The Chicago Tribune -DOWNTOWN. ir1 -IJORT11- 1L ESQUIR oti mis ex eiicMieAii "PARDON MY PAST" Fred MocMURRAY, Marguerite CHAPMAN Akim TAMIROFF. William DEMEREST And THE ESQUIRE HOUR Feature et 2:36, 4:39, 6:44, 8:49. 1 1:00 Free Parking et Dearborn and Oak review 2:00 jT feature 2:20 4:006:00 MCtt4S 4:206:20 8.OO-I0.00 Kri-r.M 8:20-10:20 IRENE DUNNE ALEXANDER KNOX in an unusually amusing comedy "OVER 21" ADELPHI&t.'ffiS OPENl:13 A MUST See Program lor All! MARGARET O'BRIEN, EDWARD G. ROBINSON "OUR VINES GRAPES" TENDER MUSIC HIT I "SWINGIN OS A RAINBOW CITDC Dearborn at Division Request Films OUIr ytmt. at J:00-S:S8-S:21-T:14-:OM1:00 "DOWN ARGENTINE WAY" ALICE FATE DON AMFCHB AND THE SI'RK IK;t:ST JfORTHWEST. I'KUh ( U.lM,h AT 6 1. M. IPnSsK "DUFFY'S TAVERN" D?ur,h "STAR In tht N1QHT" earAIVI Milwaukee-Sawyer. MAT. DAILY lJ UHll First Exclusive Lagan Sq. Bhowinf Burgess Meredith as Ernie Pyle In "STORY OF G. I. JOE" Also "MiW ORLEANS BIX'KS" S ACTS OK VODVll, ON THK bTAGE A I AMfl 363i Chicago Avenue ALAIflU Allyn Joslrn. Faye Marlow -J UJMOR M ISS" rNA" ga!S Danpcrou, Partnera" fDAWri 4.13 W. North. Open 100. Nina r-h UKAniJ "MT NAME IS JULIA ROSS" LOVE LAFK8 MF.IXJH1KSI In Tatlinlrolor CT ATI," X? A 1 1? Jeanne Crain Dana An.lreae AVAfrtl? ll"- Disney Cart., LaU News AYALULi Koht. Alda. Joan Leslie. A. Hmlth "RHAPSODY IN ULUE" DALE itif.O Milw. Open 1 :30 Roert Jn.n Leelle. "KHAPHOOY IN HI.I K" Alio Hon Mltrhum. "WKMT Of THE PBCOS" Mil rnDn N. rulmki Hi. Open 1:30 llllL.rUIU Robert ALDA. Jnan LESLIE Oeorire flerfhwtn'S Rhepiody In Blue" Masterful 1 VITA 2015 Milv i' 11 A 'MR. BUG Op. 1 :30. Late Show 10 MR. BUGG GOES to TOWN" "Trouble Chaser" "Heert et the West" S Stooges Js Cartoon eiMei.aewaaa Women Study Own National Defense Plans Washington, D. C, Jan. 25 HP) Six hundred women, delegates from 32 patriotic and veterans' auxiliary organizations, tonight opened a two day convention here dedicated to the creation of a women's plan for national defense. "Actually," said John Stelle, national commander of the American Legion, whose auxiliary women's organization is sponsoring the meeting, "this is the first great organized step by American women for world peace." Mrs. Walter Craven, president of the Legion auxiliary, set the theme for the meetings at the opening session when she Indorsed universal military training. Discussing ways to prevent the possibility of World War III, Mrs. Craven said causes of war can be " ironed out by a properly functioning united nations organization." "Next," she said, "we can see to it that our youth is equipped thru universal "military training to de fend us in very short order." But the greatest preventive of all, she said, is universal knowledge that wars do not pay, and public sentiment against war. The convention is the 20th annual women's patriotic conference on national defense, sponsored each year by one of 32 patriotic organizations. Stelle said the American Legion believes national defense Is the first step toward world peace end he said universal training is a necessary part of national defense. , AMUSEMENTS SELWYN tIIv TONIGHT 8i30 rT-UC I E I Ili-i. THE JOYOUS SEASON" """S y PHILIP BARRY Ens.. $1.20 ta $3.60; Mat. Sit.. $1.20 ts $3.00 P.p. W.d. Matt.. $1.20 ta $2.40 Ta In.l.) JJOWNTOWN- aA sjaa. aT ni niNU 'lA.ji!HB Di-w'-VVs ,iVv AY -i tka.ard W 0' JsIORTHWEST- BALABAN & KATZ WONDER THEATERS Starts I 5 Twa Late Features! CHARLES LAUGHTON. RANDOLPH SCOTT "CAPTAIN KIDD" EDMUND LOWE. BRENDA JOYCE 'ENCHANTED FOREST' rnurnccc i pavl henreid op" i!5H"51 "SPANISH MAIN" RATFWAY I rl" Frames L an j ford starts i:46 ) 'Radio Start on Parade' TWO LATE FEATURES TERMINAL Open 1 :45 CRYSTAL Open 15 B1LTM0RE O pen 1 :45 BELPARK Open I :45 JAMES CRAIG SIGNE HASSO DANGEROUS PARTNERS" Plus LAUREL aV HARDY I 'Nothing But Trouble Extra I Feeturerte! 'A Star fn the Night Will Rogers Open 1:4$ DRAKE Open l:4S Hedy Lamarr. Robt. Walker "HER HIGHNESS AND THE BELLBOY" Plua TOM NEAL "DETOUR" PORTAGE , Plus Nina Feeh, pea Dick Hey met. Jeanne :4S. Crain, "STATE FAIR" MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS" All MID HI Open 1:43 Margaret O'Brien H U lYI I II A L "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes" Plus Jana Fraree. "SWINGIN' en RAINBOW" I HUH Open Georse RAFT. Sisne HASSO "JOHNNY ANGEL" "THIS LOVE OF OURS" bUllfl :4S. Plus Merle Oberen, HI DA a" :43 MARGARET O'BRIEN MLDM'OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES' Plus Jane F razee, "SWINGIN' en a RAINBOW" L1XIWI MILAN. MI.I1AM KV1IIK "HOUSE ON 92ND STREET" ElniK ItKACKKN. VERONICA MKE "HOLD THAT BLONDE" Din Oleu 1:30. LATE SHOW 11 P. M. 1MU254( Milwaukr. FIRST SHOWING I The EVIL EYE' 'SCREAM in the DARK' aleo "MURDERING YUKON" KARL0V Zane Grey's "NEVADA" Gene Kelly. Frank Plnatra Kathryn Grayson. "ANCHORS A WEIGH REVUE 3956 Elston "SK1CKA HEM NO. 7" ENGLISH TITLES ALSO "SMALANNINGAR" MITTI?n 3308 Iwren-e. Robert Taylor OF RUSSIA" luuiivu "SONG Joan Crawford. ABOVE SUSPICION CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNEt AMUSEMENTS GT. NORTHERN Opens Tomorrow America's Funniest Stag Play v From Laswell's Hilarious Book m MB Nites $1.20 to S3 (Tax Inc.) Seats Today Mats. Wed. and Sat. $2.40 Best Seats ERLANGER E.V,ET7 L1c. ONLY MAT. SATURDAY A New Muifcaf Comedy ftevee WILLI! HOWARD SUI UTAH BOBBY MORRIS BOB RUSSELL DICK BUCKLEY MASTERS & ROLLINS RUTH CLAYTON MYRTILL fACAUD T H 40 Beautiful Oris Company at 100 BLACKST0NE tonight 8:30 Matinee Today Eves. Except Sunday Tha MESSRS SHUBERT prtient mm 3? h DRAMATIC LEGEND BY HOWARD RICHARDSON J, WILLIAM BERNE? with RICHARD HART, CAROL STONE A. WINFIELD H0ENY Evas. $1.20 ta $3.60. Mats. Was.. Sat.. $1.20 te S3 in 333 E. A At the J DEL. ERIE MR EN A 8500 AFTERNOONS, 2:30-EVENINGS, 8:30 "ICE-CAPADES" OPENS MARCH I7TH r "h.T TODAY at 2:33 & JULIEII BRYAH l .resents South AMERICA BOLIVIA Co' trie'taOaa All Motion Pictures in Color Tkts. 1.50. 1.20. has scats l.0. Cal. 0 in, tax JDOWNTOWN- - e.AfU MusiCi Glorious In Techim 5U JUDY GARLAND has a Garland of song hits in 7 MGM't fun-KIM musical . mosh-Sor-pockod . . . with JOHN HODIAK RAY BOLGER ANGELA "LEGS" LANSBURY. (And con she Con-Can I) PRESTON FOSTER VIRGINIA O'BRIEN KENNY BAKER MARJORIE MAIN. CHILL WILLS Laia Feat. lltIS P. M. itlonroe Dearborn at Monro Open 8:30 29c to 5:00, plus tax Plot to uncover secret of etom bomb William Eythe Siqne Hasso 'HOUSE ON 92nd STREET Eddie Bracken Veronica Lake "HOLD THAT BLONDE" John Wayne Walter Brennan Added feature on Everg 6 how "DAKOTA" MOO mini ccr TT Aff VeVM MMM AMY FONG In Bl Revue Screen: Why filrls Leave Heme' La. J Lore Snow Erory Sot. Night. 10:45 P.M. JSIORTHWEST- LIBERTY 70a f ULLtHION HITS! Open 1:30 3 CARTOON".! cpr';;vfighting bill carson' dunu wr uniiiuu rittlh JUNGLE RAIDERS "PERILOUS MISSION" open ia AVON ruiiFRTON LATE SHOW! M V J n et KIMBALL "OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES" EOW. G. ROBINSON. MARGARET O'BRIEN "SWINGIN ON A RAINBOW." Jane Frarea pnnUII 1607 W. Dlv. OPENS 10 A. M. UnUrVN both fists flying; JAMES CAGNEY SMS "BLOOD ON THE SUN" Plus Leon Errel. "BEWARE OF REDMEAOS" "AIRLINES TO EVERYWHERE" Buns Bnnnv DIVni I 4380 Klstnn. Amateur Rtase Show rVlVUL.1 Open 1 P. M. 8 BIG ACTS , Robert ALDA. Joan LKRUR. Aleile SMITH "PHANTOM. INC." Comedy Cartoon Nova list. Tree te Kids A W ait Disney Character EMBASSY I .Vl'Jflity. 3940 W. Fullertea ' -1 i 1 i ' i 1 1 I OPEH ! 7WT LATE SHOWI aBaeMeMK IRVING fa lUHl 4003 Pars' iPVTtr"" OPEN 1:30 I "jk A Ii TSiy Saturday, Jaa. 28. 1948 13 AMUSEMENTS MinniC EVE. StfO Exe. San.l riMKKIO Mate- WeiLiU X UJO GOOD SEATS AT BOX OFFICE LAST 2 WEEKS A Comedy by NORMAH KKASNA Directed by MOSS HART r. Wa. Mata.. 11.20 te I 4t T I I Evaa., $1.20 to w.u, Bat.. la M Tomorrow, Mat. 2i30, Evi. 8:30 Tuo I'trtnrmanctt Only! World Famoua Magician and Mrntaliit TARBELL The Men with Miracle Vision Seats Now on Sale SHuDcrtr FORMftLr MAJESTIC MONROE at STATt ST. CEN. S240 fUH STARTS AT ( ALSO SUNOATSJ MATINEE SATURDAY ONLY HNSOi FRANK LIBUSE WILLIE WIST AND McGINTY MATA HARI MARY LA ROCHE MUSIGIRL RIOT CIVIC THEATER -m? POP. MAT. TODAY 2:30 ANNA LUCASTA Em.: Main Fir.. 3. SO: Bala, $.00. 2.40. I.$0. 1.20. Matlaaa: $.00: Bali.. 2.40, 1.00. 1.20 (Tax lacl.) Vh. Birth. Mat. Fri.. Frb. i4 GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE for ALL PERFORMANCES at BOX OFFICE STUDEBAKER MATINEE 2:30 'St. Laxara's Pharmacr la tor man. woroea and rhiMrm ho know htstity and thTr mbrn they are them" . . . Harritaa. Tka SUM. Edrile Dnllm ana Lao la 1. Sinter areeeat HOPKINS "d 'FR'DOLIN' ST. LAZARE'S PHARMACY By MIKLOS LASZLO Adapted end Steoed by Eddie Dowlinq JIOWNTOWN. JK0 3? ran ROMANCE and Beaut! Song 0, it s 4& Prlci Ctaangt 12 Neaii KID.-tTlTI Oa. MUat lis te I LATE tHOW f&fi 1 j r.te.l.. nruufrninti FRED ASTAIREliL 1 limine ddcucd S-n IhUlilLLI. UstsITla.n . ,; .ridTTFTiT TTPJIIITIT I H" UHa La. UUmmlLlf With FRANK MORGAN MART HASH THE HOUSE onfwAYHE" 92nJSTREHToinT" WHIM niHE-Slilt I1SSNM)IJ Vaa Bursa at Mlchliaa A Opaa QM i awae.ei e Syi as,aa msJ aasn. aJaXtJaa.AJS,fcaaa mMJ - sQfa, aMA .

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