The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1953 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1953
Page 11
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TffCMBAY, t, 190B dg^^^^B hi tfMMMh^^^B (1MB.) vwVMMl PAOB Casey May Get Another Lefty NEW YORK (AP) — Manager qasey Stengel, under fir^ for failing to select more than one left-hander among his six pitchers for the All-Star game next Tuesday, may name another southpaw to the staff within the next 48 hours. "" * Stengel refused to confirm this today but he admitted he had four pitchers in mind should any of the six he named "come up with a sore arm or something." The four pltcners Stengel said he had "under consideration" were Boston's Mel.Parnell, Detroit's Tec Gray. New York's Ed Lopat and Washington's BOB Porterfield. All, with the exception of Porterfield, THE PITCH — The Phillies' RoMn Robert*, their idol, Is al- w»js ready to jive Little lea- ruers advice. (NBA) Pafko Thinks Of His Wife PITTSBURGH—Andy Pafko, Milwaukee Braves' outfielder, is a man who thinks of his wife at all times. In a recent game with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pafko suffered a badly bruised knee in a collision with teammate Jack Dittmer. As soon as Pafko was helped into the clubhouse he called the press box to notify the radio broadcasters that his injury was slight. He knew the game was being beamed back are left-handers. Wants Only Six "I want to make it plain," the old New York Yankee skipper said, "that I intend to carry only eix pitchers. That's more than enough for any single game. "Hosvever, I may make a change. It all depends upon the condition of the pitchers I have. I understand one of them is not in the best physical shape to pitch. If that's the case, all his manager has to do is to tell me his guy is not ready and I'll replace him with inother guy." Stengel kept the name of the "doubtsul" pitcher a secret but it was rumored that he might be Satchel Paige, the St. Louis Browns venerable, relief ace. The other All-Star pitchers are right-handers Allie Reynolds and Johnny Sain of the Yankees, Bob Lemon and Mike arcia of the Indians and southpaw Billy Pierce of the White Sox. Parnet! Rumored The report also persisted that Parnell, who has won 11 games while losing only four, will be the replacement. The Bed Sox expressed surprise at the suggestion that he was being considered. "This would be a fine time to pick a guy," Parnell said sarcas- ;ically. "Why doesn't he wait until 'ive minutes before game time? I've already made plans. I'm gong fishing those three days." ;o Milwaukee. "Ask them to put it on the air right away that my right knee is just bruised," Andy said. "My wife is listening and I don't want her to worry." t 8UT A5 BEEN LOCKING, HOMERS CAND THEKBCfS LEAD TJ-f= MAJORS) IT'-:, A CAfJ KESP AHEAD or= THE CHARITY OF fiED HU&L.ERS. Young Arthur Persley's Ring Career Given Sharp Setback by Zulueta NEW YORK (AP) — Arthur Persley, who was being groomed for a lightweight title shot at Jimmy Carter, was back among the also rans today after an upset defeat by Orlando Zulueta. Zuleuta, a sad faced Cuban with a fancy left, looked like a Rocky yfarciano against the rubber-legged lad from Red Cross, La. Time after ;ime his slapping punches staggered Persley across the ring. "I don't know what happened," said Jackie Levine, Persley's tnana- ;er. "Middleweights hit him and nothing hapepned. He toyed with Percy aBssett interim featherweight champion and now he gets staggered with slaps. He didn't get hit a real good punch all night." A select "studio audience" of some 2.000 watched in amazement at Madison Square Garden as Zulueta drove the wobbly Persley around the ring. He never knocked him down but that hardly was ex- i Aklns, August 5. pected. The Cuban has knocked out only five of 71 opponents and was an 8 to 5 underdog. "He hit me a punch on the back of my neck," said Persley, "it seemed ot drain everything out of me." Zulueta, 132',4 to Persley's 135 'A, naturally was elated. He called his best United States fight. Next for him is a Chicago date with Virgil Mantle vs. Mathews Both Showed Promise from Beginning Hudson By JOE KEICHLER — NEW YORK (AP) — The first time Joe DiMaggio saw Mickey Mantle, his successor as the New York Yankees' centerfielder, hit, run, and throw, Joe said: "There's the next great ball player." The first time Baseball Commis- Paralleled only three times before, sioner Ford Prick saw Eddie Mathews swing a bat in the Boston Braves' training camp, he said: "This boy could develop into the next home run king of the majors." There handly is a person today who would dare to disagree with these observations. Prom his first swing at Phoenix, Ariz., Mantle had everyone watching and talking. As a switch hitter. Mantle consistently flogged the bail 400 feet either way. His speed, power and arm made the most hardened campaigners on the field or Jn the press box reach for superlatives. They forgot, temporarily, his jump from Joplin five leagues upward to Yankee Stadium had been by Rogers Hornsby, Sid and Mike Gonzales. Switch-Hitter at 10 Mickey was only 10 when he became a switch hitter. His dad was a righthanded semi^pro pitcher and his grandfather was a southpaw. So he swung lefthanded against pop and righthanded against granddad. At Joplin, Mantle hit 26 homers, 14 righthanded and 12 lefthanded. In his first year with the Yankees, Mickey hit 13 home runs, seven righthanded and six lefthanded. Of his 23 homers last year, 13 were hit righthanded. So far this season, he has hit seven homers righthanded and five lefthanded. Mantle's speed is as extraordinary as his hiting. Mickey gets away from home plate as if it were about to explode. He has been clocked at 3.1 seconds ..for the 90 feet from the plate to first base. Manager Stengel thinks Mantle's biggest drawback is his eagerness to try to hit the ball out of the park every time he comes to bat. That, of course, makes him bait for bad pitches. Mathews' development as a ball player followed the Mantle script. The only difference was that Eddie did not have a lefthanded pitching grandfather. Mom Shagged Flies "Pop always wanted me to become a ball player," and Eddie. "Many a day he'd pitch to me righthanded and mom would shag flics." The first time Mathews worked out with the Braves, he struck out three straight times which prompted a disgusted Boston player to holler: "Let's get a batter in there.' But shrewd baseball observers watched the kid carefully and were When Michigan State's Stan Drobac and Tom Belton won the Big Ten No. 1 doubles championship this year, it marked the third straight year the Spartans had won this tennis title. quick to spot the latent talents in Mathews. One of them was Dixie Walker, coach of the Cardinals who managed the Braves' farm club at Atlanta then. "We could see right off that Eddie was a natural hitter," Yalker said. "You had to be blind not to see it. But he was no Pie Traynor in the field. As a hitter he was knocking them out of sight, but he couldn't stop a ball unless it was hit right at him." Dixie wound up his dissertation like this: "When that boy gets into a pitch he drives it as far as anybody And • he's a nice kid to have on your club! —on and off the field." j About 180 species of birds, 6 species of mammals, 25 reptile and five amphibians are include in the animal life of the Gran Read Courier News Classified Ads Puppies • parakeets • Kittens • Canaries • Tropical Fish • — All Pet Supplies — The PET SHOP Mrs. N. G. Jerome 133 S. Division Fh. 8075 Having a park; ? Get -the Calverl Summer Home Bar CALl FOR COOL CAIVEIT SUMMtt DRINKS AT YOU* FAVORITE TAVERN Culvert Summer Home Bar Cah/eitWhiskcg-.-Ofilverir Gin..., Have -them both when -folks drop in I Calvcrt Reserve Blended Whiskey—86.8 Proof— 6i% Grain Neutral Spirits, divert Distilled London Dry Gin—90 Proof—Distilled from IflOJiGrain Neutral Spirits. Calvcrt Distillers Corp., New York City CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR CR DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE Midsouth Plumbing Supply Co. (WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY) Rear 213-215 W. Walnut Phone 8353 Will Yankees Win Flag by Aug. 29? Bf HAKRY ORAYSON NEA Sport. Editor NEW YORK (NEA) — The current edition is well on Its way toward making near- oldlfmers forget the Yankees of 1927. Maintaining their present pace th« World Champions would clinch the pennant with ern history of the major leagues. They returned from their all-conquering and record swing through the west with a percentage of .788. The Cubs of 1906 were the wln- ningest outfit at the wire with 116 won nnd 36 lost and .763. The "27 Yankees — you always go back to them — hold the American League mark with 110 and 44 and .714. If the Yankees complete a three- jame set in Cleveland, Aug. 29, at the rate they have been traveling, they would cop their fifth straight [lag by playing .500 ball, even :hough the Indians captured 24 of their remaining 25 games. • • • It might not be a bad idea to play a split season, start all over again July 4. Perhaps the minor leagues' Shaughnessy Play-offs, which give entire first division a new shuffle ir. the Pall, m,ight help. The way it is, there is nothing !eft by a five-way race for second place. Maybe it would be a good idea for he harassed owners of the other ;even clubs to put up a bonus for ,he runner-up. That might re-cre- ite some interest in the run-away. Not a few smart baseball men now contend that the Yankees could beat he remainder of the field with Ca- ;ey Stengel confining himself to his •eser.-es. right down through tfce j )itchers. i The Bronx bench easily could be I he strongest in the annals of base- all. It was the dugout that enabled the iombers to very seriously threaten he American League high of 19 consecutive victories, 14 of them scored in a clean sweep in the west The Yankees rambled right along even though one pitching ace, Vic Raschl. flopped and the other, Allie Reynolds, couldn't finish a game. * * * Off their performance, It seems preposterous, but the Yankees returned home with only six completely pitched games out of 52. That record is a false one. of course, for Stengel, the genius, seemingly relieved pitchers for no other reason than to give another work. That's also Manager Stengel's way of conserving his staff. When Reynolds couldn't go the route. Stengel did the next best thing, made Wahoo his star relief worker, a task at which the Injun exhibited tremendous adaptability two years ago. Since he was shaded by the Tigers 7-6. In his first outing as a fireman, Aug. 22, 1951, Reynolds, the Jire- baller, hasn't been beaten in 18 trips to the box in that roie — two in '51, six last season and 10 this. He won three in addition to those saved in the first one-third of this season. Casey Stengel had so much Grade A material that he can do most anything and get away with It. Pitcher Turned Salesman NEW YORK (IP) — Maurice C. (Mickey) Harris, former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators and -Cleveland Indians, now is the New York Sales representative of AMP Pinspotters. Inc. The most famous of Pinspotters' machine which sets up bowling pins and returns the ball automatically. Karri's last season in baseball was in 1952 with the Indians. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New York 8 Orlando Zulueta, 132 'A, Havana, outpointed Arthur Persley, 135 'i, Red Cross, La., 10. Bridgeport. Conn.—Sammy G.uill- ani, 162. Stamford, Conn, outpoint- ed M--k Stanford, 101, Englewood, N. J. 8. STOCK-CAR FEATURING an ALL COLORED RACE and a POWDER PUFF RACE FRIDAY. JULY 10 Blytheville Speed Bowl — Walker Park Time Trials . Races Start . . .7:30 p.m. . . 8:00 p.m. THRILLS GALORE! The Best Family Referenct Work Available is: WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Parents: The time to answer their questions Is the time they are asked. Can you do it easily? Do you have an up-to-date, pictorial set to refer to? They soon learn to look up their own answers wUli WORLD BOOK. Order it now to give them confidence! Bill Patton A. A. Adams CALL Blytheville Osccola 8890 836 've S/0s/ie</the Cost : I Now! For pennies a day you can change your old-style space-stealing refrigerator for one of these modern beauties from KELVINATOR NflV 7.1 CD. FT. MODEL • Across-the-Iop Froztn Food Chest holds 26 Ibs,- • Cold-Clear-to-the-Floor D«fgn only 2W wid« • Roomy clear-across Moat Tray . . . pluj special tall bottle ipacs, 12.7 iq. ft. of shelf ipace, famous Kelvlnator Polariphere cold-making mechanism , . . oil this in a cabinet only 2 feel wide and less than 416 feet high) on/y*2 Per Week («rttr minimum down paymint) WflrV 9.5 CU. FT. MODEL • Across-lhe-top Frozen Food Chest holds 32 Ibs. • Cold-Clear-to-the-Floor Design only 28%" wide • Extra space for tall bottles • 3 Handy Door Shelves t> • Covered 9-quort Crisper • Roomy clear-across Meal Tray ... a beautiful, spacious modern Kelvinator so compactly built that it actually takes less kitchen space than small-capr"'ty old-style 6 cu. ft. models. Week m •rrtcw shown »re for delivery in your kitchen with Five-Year Protection Plan, fimw and loeif ttxca eilra. Prlcw »nd i peel flea tlooi tubject to dianfio wit tout notlce- Costs «van /•«* whan you trade us your present refrigerator! 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