Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on December 9, 1955 · 2
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 2

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1955
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two THE HARTFORD COURANT: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1955 mm Washington Report By ROBERT D. BYRNES Th Hartford Courant Washington Bureau ft. Ml W 11 4 v Wyoming Killing Involves !Row EPts Former Hartford Couple I (Continued from Page One) ! World War II German general stalf. Fett j now in charge ol the I bombings and a score of other moves for independence of this i crimes, including assassinations. 'North African territory which the I Constantine, in Northeast Alge- French regard as part of metrc-jia, is a center of Nationalist ipolitan France. SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Manchester Broadcasting To Seek Power Increase In Station Bid ! WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 Counsel for Manchester Broadcast-; ing Co., announced Thursday it will seek to amend its applica- o . tion lor an AM radio station to increase power from 100 to 230 oUSDGCt watts. The two other applicants for the former WTHT channel,; 1 Regional Broadcasting Co., which proposes a station in East Hart-i frniinllpri trnm pat, rwi ford, and Brothers Broadcasting Corp., which would locate the: t-nt.nued from lage one) station in Hartford, have each applied for ZM) watts power. ' C'ca"u"' ' ?"'"",? ministry's military olannine divi- i H4rttAi(i rrAmari a-ac tn c nara numa mn ni a cina nmr " m v. city, renewing old friendships in she walked along a catwalk, s-n. He is also an ofliciai m the (g 1933 at the time his blonde. 27- tripped and fell into an excava- new joint forces department head-year-old wife, Barbara, was be- tion hole. Loose bricks were dis- c( Dy Gen. Hans Speidel. Bcr- W. ; inc iiuiicu cneain ms rifvv (ionic uiuucu. k-u uii nti aim auijarem- . , .... , . She saw Eengruen U deputy chief of the , Benito Gaguine. counsel for Manchester, in announcing the proposed amendment at a pre-hearing conference Thursday morning, said one reason for the change to greater power is that tests have shown Manchester "is on a gravel pit with virtually no conductivity." It was explained by attorneys and engineers that the strength of a radio station depends in part on the nature of the ground on which it is located, with the in Casrvr Wvn a rplafiip nf'lv paused her death Aleandri said here Thursday blood and fled, . army department. f might. i On the night of July 19, Alean- Blank wanted to make Fett, 43, fif Aleandri's first wife, Mrs. Rose dri visited h e r at her place and amj Bergengruen, 47, major gen- P Alexander, 42, mother of two, risked her to take care of the .. . xm,;t; ' ' jf,. :T j pleaded innocent in Casper Thurs- children since Barbara had evi. m recognition - defense Mm- i jday to charges she had killed her dently "left town on business." ',jtl'y officials say of their key husband's second wife- on July On -July 20 she said she re- roles in planning the rebuilding of ;18. 1953 and buried her with a turned to ihe scene of the acci- the army and of their long fnili- lis ! crude cross clutched to her breast dent and ouried Barbara under lary experience. .... in 1h hacrrYrn nf 1na A tninAri a civ.innh taiof rki riyt in tha lin ! Wpcfr r-rmanv uilt hllf crtmo ff l it'll a mmli ml nnl ,1 hi n in " " ' ' " "'o""" "... j ui - oi, iu home. The first wife is the for- finished cellar. A month later Ihe military equipment for the new service, aia not iaie me siana. ... r,. t- . - D, iaj; , j -,., vTn niinni iiii i ,ti.-. iiw- ill i rtin.- .aniii'ii i n i u a. luui aiiu ct iiaw piiiij iiiiii wiii'.i iiquuiio. Blank announced in Parliament today. Look 90 Larger! 87 More Bri 'not know hv''he or ?"d A"dri 7"? h i Mice tv. icno,? rief Dc. 28, 19.J.3 in St. Ann t frienrllv manner a Trial Tti,. Aleandri. according to police. Wright Gilford disposed of sever al n-titr. v'(fi nii ..tn Former CapOlie , Rebel Hand Smashed" reported his second wife missing nine months after her death At; (Continued from Page One) ALGIERS. Algeria. Dec. S i.fl 8 The French announced tonight they have knocked out a "terror ist organization in Constantine, S best output coming from locations where the ground is dampened by salt water, and the poorest from rock. rsniir' annmmrement started a lone .arsrtiment over lation cases. They smiled occa- A. 1";. . 1 '.s. ,'M'!-i changing an application after proceedings have started. Gaguinejsionally. She laughed aloud once. otr(ipt 1 ar,:.i, rC a -vear ancl 8 nair- unarles iX-ner' long a rebel hotbed, with the ar- maintained he is not asking for a postponement. Hearing Ex- Mnger s parents sat silently in . , , brother in lw aid Al -rv Nose) Gloe was shot t0 death rest of 19 persons, aminer Basil P. Cooper said it is not fair to other applicants to, the row behind. - nf1H ain allttZ -tTZ 'lAuff. 18. 1954. Five davs later! The band is accused of several rave f:e case Ciangea ai me nevcmii huui. x-c io.u usuiui: "J'' 'l"'"--u 1uss middle nf Tl'lv tn the middle nf Prank- Marifnte rh.t he Wflni citations howintr Federal Communications Com- Treggor in detail on the meals -m...le. ? ;L,-7t0.!he m.ddlo ol tranK Mantote minion favorable action on such petitions. The upshot was that she had with Singer, ranging n' nrevinn visit n 194S amond- was killcd b' a shotgun it was fmallv agreed that Manchester, though the first applicant from single cup, of j., in fu "ereTon a prpVous ln JJ4S- blast. ! to Iv'ive filed, would put on its testimony last to reduce the pros- liver and bacon dinner. . Greenbere .... ,i... xi.: i a; irr i-.; ; e u ;j c: , . , ... Firemnn Here 1ft venrw vji.lui;.i, peer 01 wasting lime xaKing ieimoiiy uii a xw-wan mm nun m, one uu omscr, arrcsiea on, .... ... .. $100 GIVES YOU THE $200 LOOK! $200 GIYES YOU THE $400 LOOK! $250 GIVES YOU THE $500 LOOK! Nothing gives you 'BIGGER value than qenuine 5 - Dimensional Diamond Rings, ft x c t u s i v e with SAVITT, 35 Asylum St. jpjf Want T1 M a I See Savitt for 11 Flawless Diamonds 1 1 alias Frank Di- 33Wsa53S!3" whose admitted . Manchestei when the issue would be a 250-watt station there. Remainder Devoted to Testimony The remainder of Thursday's session was devoted to testimony by Raymond E. Rohier, engineering evpert for Regional and endeavors by both Brothers and Manchester to get admissions to support their assertions that the East Hartford application is designed to provide another station for Hartford. Regional proposes to locate its transmitter at the junction of Prospect Street and the New York. New Haven and Hartford Railroad tracks. From this site. It was claimed 95 per cent of the East Hartford iirbani.ed population would be in the nighttime coverage area 01 tne station. Nov. 12, was "always a perfect! Aleandri, Who tau3ht manual -onneclion will i the brewing f,rrn h VV; "'y,; VTT -"-iirammg at a mgn scnooi in casp-. minor skjrmishcs wilh the ding that s enemy. "he was not only my! Pr, was known there as Alexander. during prohibition. ; Hp ivnia a cnhctiluti itrnman horn . . , , Dr nrr MimvM th n i. ' vA "T ' " , ui irt i'jw, wncn nc unsuccess- ! the stand. He tn rf nf ereatincr . , r :, ; . . " enme a regular niemoer oi ine aAtan her for a eas m-intestma nnpt:j i i. : j naoian and doubtine her claim that s 7 a u- r ! " ' -New York Liquor Authority sai u j n,tr tia,m lnaz sne chine shop. He and his first wife: r.nh., .c .r.nin--,nut:ur , had poison in her system. imovert tn Wvnmin in io H'Gieenberg was notoriously cot i in.. ii -i i. . ... movea to Wyoming in i3i.), ana -4.j ,ifu )V, w -n-. !n J l"m'Sf P"flcn f ne were div0rccd there in 1950. i?ui,?LD.r- uAb''ahaP1 ,Stplman., Mrs. Rse Aleandri was arrest ;u ..- mic!, uii.c. lu.MUUiUKisi, ior pA aftpr Rarhara s .native nf LANE BUDGET ACCOUNTS fully sought a license, to sell Ca- Ace in New York, the d con nected with the old Capone gang." Testifying before a congressional subcommittee in 1918. No bank No finance company No endorsers No .red tape. You do business directly with LANE. STORE HOURS Mondays through Fridays until 9 P.M. Saturdays 'til 6 P.M. Plenty of Free Parking Rohrer told Philip Baker, counsel for Brothers, that ho had . ur?5 ..trl, advice before taking blood and 1 ,f.lV"t -L , I . l! "i Greenberg admitted knowing , , 1. iirtiuin, muih.. aim niouicr iimomkm,( ih r.. mh fnr no Knowledge of the site being selected to cover as much of Hart-1. ,,17.'; ford as possible, but: admitted the proposed station would serve ' i " i?"" a large area of Hartford. Gaguine tried, with vigorous objection , C!LU)1 Dr. George Crawley of West hpr tomh Mnn(liv four and a half many yeats " artfnrrt qtrn. Pnii . . . ncr tomD tMonaa , jour ana a iia u T, f,mmitt. physician :inches undpr TUn u'.tvimitiAA t-a tfr in ntiro) connection with i u"! ,,T4" rl L ''? . ing the circumstances surround- romllaurice M. Jansky, counsel for Regional, to develop that ,$krd ? n m Sinl Mi"s cellar of her new home, i l If 0 ..j .1,. . ioti in on area hMirwn Siwnwr 8nH,lw",0la i r o m bingei , . Miss t, f .., ,.i,i,., ,,i, pagna, f'aul XJeiucia ana Fnu GIVE- something for the home f ti;m u t.;,, hn. hoen ahlfl t nraw mnw nfilrp?SOr and MlSS . Arnold. ..... u.c " o"u: r, y ".u"" . " ! coed's roommate r,?Si riartlOia DUL ICSS Ul rictlliujll. iwin ci uouiifu LJiai attra was not a? favorable because of interference with the airport and interference with other broadcast stations. Examiner Cooper, protesting against spending "tremendous time quibbling over trivialities" ruled that possible selection of another site is a matter lor possible rebuttal testimony. ; The hearing is still in a preliminary stage which seeks a determination of whether the location of the station can be decided on the question of best utilization of the channel. If, through evidence on this question, a determination can he made, it will not be necessary to go into the comparative . merits of the applicants and their plans for operating the station. the: ing the religious symbol took 'T- - : 1 :j:u. I- t .1 unt'u in a muvit: IUI I HJI 1 U1LH. I ' i.;.J u I'lni c ai jiuuillKlit Ul lilt- umi-i . T .u. ..-:u iu. "on .innool F i I1UUM? BlllT fl ol, C l" h hX "l '",t! It of the dead woman, had "of both Singer and the girl. He also said there were at times Electrified Farms Figure Changed Again traces in hair and fingernail clippings. He-.told of testing the contents of several bottles of chemicals found among Singer's In the trial at which the four were convicted. Greenberg was wailed over the exact spot of her callec? d! ?tlines$. "J m?i :li makeshift "rave ' members of the syndicate. At the Rose had previously led the pc'time gangland tipsters said it was lice to believe that the grave was rumred(UGreenberS wf root" in another corner of the cellar. I m for ,,he government. Police started to dis there hut. ureenoerg was snot aown a iew cnemicais iouna among linger s: . ter-findi" 0 in7w5 hrt , stridM from the ,ass dome Hic' hmgs and running tests on dust f"erc nf'nd "f " 1S'.s"1e,,, kory Pit at 2724 S. Union Ave. from clothing without findine line S?0T over vvaicl1 tne d0S was any trace of the poison. iiv . ". Atty. Harris maintained that !,I,'fan('s. "P;.. , l in the couple's relationship there! Aleandri told this story to Cas-" : ' ncr authorities: Tlie federal government, this time in a release Jhursday tromu d ., . ;hcr.f 'n ' I Twelve sears after his mar- the Census Bureau, produced a new count on the farms in Con- aid their"was a normal r'ne to Rose thev moved west, necticut without electricity. The Census Bureau figure, based on fShi jJh ;V ..?i;They were divorced in 1950. 1 he 1954 farm census taken in the late fall of 1954, is that 177 farms in the state do not have electricity. Four years ago, in 1950, the Census Bureau reported there were 1,190 farms in Connecticut without electricity. The Rural Electrification Administration, which uses the farm census figures after each five-year count, and in intervening years estimated the number of farms without service in order to apportion available federal aid, in 1953 divided the money on the basis of 88 Connecticut farms without electiiclty. In 1954 REA cut this figure to 16 and this year, jumped it up to 150, a rounded version of the 177 figure achieved by the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau figures for Connecticut credit the state with having 98.6 per cent of Its farm electrified, the highest percentage figure of any state except Xew Jersey which has a 99 per cent rating from the census bureau. The Census Bureau also says that 11,882 Connecticut farms, of a 1954 total of 12,753, have telephones. This is 93.2 per cent, !. kory Pit at 2724 S. Union Ave., where he and his wife had dined. He fell in the street, about 12 feet from the curb. Mrs. Greenberg ran back into Ihe restaurant screaming, "Call the police! A man's been shot." She was held for questioning. Foam Rubber Topper sOq (s highest figure for any state. i not beyond the realm of possibi-i nF later married baroara a -. jlity that the intake (of arsenic) midvvesterner. and they bad lived Alurich Calls On Eden ! resulted from food purchased in together aoout a year when Rose LONDON, Doc. 8 GP-U.A. Am- restaurants. He mentioned the j ' , lo llve " "n lntm- bassador Winlhrop Aldnch con- frequency with which such eat-1 A(Jer a wn,le Rose left, and ferred wilh Prime Minister Eden ing places use insecticides for ro- 'Barbara warned that she would toiaVi presumably to discuss the dent control. He said there was cavf hm d he ever visited his latter's January meeting with no basis for a bindover. iformcr wife again. He said Bar- President Eisenhower in Washing- Prosecutor Bvron Houston ar- bara disappeared in July, 1953, : ton. gued for the bindover in sum-,and he assumed she had learned r-Ii. sion. carried out her threat. He said K AVOID THAT JIAD 3 Trial Justice Gifford ordered he had no idea where Barbara ( DOWXTOWX HUSH Singer bound over to the Janu- n;1(l Rone. ........ ........ 3' ary term of Tolland County Su-!wife Claims Death Accident f l-IU'.L lAHKI A. perior Court, saying: .1 Rose told t h e following story : FREE DELIVERY !i; Let them figure it out.' I un July sha visited the il na Cl.o : i Aleandri home to ask for monev. AnhUr UrUff SlOreS 3 i L' 'vSl? XZ '' 'K V5 Vi- V4K 'a' DOGGONE IF TIME ISN'T RUNNIN' OUT; A WEEK OF DECEMBER'S GONE FOREVER! Not gone, but qoin' at a leisurely rate ar NICE GIFTS of our offering like: T-V Slippers, these of softest deer-skin glove leather with sponge rubber innersole, in natural tan, black sole:, $10.00 Of our many odd vests there are plain colors, checks and plaids. 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Can be selected to match any suiting, at $1.00 a piece 115 ASYLUM STREET OPEN MONDAY 12:00 NOON 'TIL 9:00 P. M. ! Record of Fires Thurs., Dec. 8, 1933 8:28 o.m. Still alarm, followed bv Box: Ml. 28 Sanford St., Ihive-stoty frame ; building. Owner. Albert Mnthipn;. orrupanl. Mildred Jones. Oiicirmt-ed In first floor kitrhen. Cause. n. fectivc ranee burner: no dnmnso. 13:IJ i.m.. -Still alarm, followed bv Bov .181. 21 Charier Oak Pi.. Hvo-story hrlik. Owner. Sirs. Forrest ferre: or. eupant. Biwk N. Steven Bakery. Buildine used warehouse. Fire orieinaterl in the firsi-floor office. Cause . unknown. Shunt damage. Jfaftforb gouftmt , Published Bv THE HARTFOK1) COURANT COMPANY tno oiuaa .i , naruoia i , onn. m. Telephone Hartford CHapel 9-6411 Entered in Ihe josi offire at Hatifoid .word class at'e' urtdrt the Art of fit Marrh 3. J "! BRA.NCH OKF1CKS R Bristol. HI Main St.. LU 3-S.T?S t Mani'heslet ni Mam St., Ml 3-6W0 R Middlelmvn 43 Main St., Dl S-14S'- and Dl 6-1598 f New Bniain 711 much St, BA HU375 (f and BA 9-.TMB Rochvillr. 7 West Main St.. 5-Jo'.! Sou: inctun. 49 No Main St.. MA 8-. Wlllimantie. 8M M.in St, HA .Vtfii'l Boston 8 73 Tremrint St W Chifaeo 11 4iHl Norih Miehmnn Ave. Jj Los Angele. 57 37(K W Third SL New VofK 36 19 Vest 411 h St Philadelphia. 13 Old Srwtoun lid Pan ' jinrncn . Ru Buildine Sulmerlntlnn Rate Pmi1iI In Ail h;,ilv tin- oav Six months 'ihiei' iih8 One Month Sunday fine year S' months Three months One Month Six months I'aily and : i.day tint i-ar Th months (Ine nionlh For a Friday Treat- 1 LOBSTER DINNER at tha Alden Restaurant Plus Cy Quinto Trio make reservations for Christmas partiet 11: CH 9-0150 135 W.th.rsfield Ave. Connecticut Skies ' Friday. December 9 Sunrise. 7:05 a.m. Sunset, 4:1!) p.m. Moon rise Saturday, .1.-12 a.m. New Moon. Doc. 11. Prominent Stars: Aldt-haran. in the east, G:25 o.m. The Pleiades, hish above Aldcbaran. Visiblp Planets: Venus, seis. 5:31 p.m. Mars, near the Moon. Saturn, rise s, 5:47 a.m. Jupiter, hish in southwest at sunrise. i Computed for Hartford) ' j., i mi mi i ii i iLm,, wJx!'i.B.'w'l!al4iA -Timi"" 'TTii nrr".. . ."BT" 1 nr i" ! Comfortable useful easy to operate a smart couch by day a restful bed for 2 at night FOAM, RUBBER TOP to . ; ' . give you years of extra comfort. Fine decorator fabrics kick pleat 2 cushions included. Another Shipment Of The New famous K0F0D- UftSEfJ CHAIR i its' r 1 . Aorszv Bob Fitzsimmons says . . . ilvsnra SI 10 40 ft sai K 2 AH S 9n 5 l.l.iiii Vt l ft J2U fi I-I I t mian 642 Park Street "One of Hartford's fine stores ' SPECIAL PURCHASE MEN'S GIFT MOC SLIPPERS FAMOUS BRAND ,99 Regularly 5.00 Sizes 7 to 12 I ; . 1 t I t 3 I i t I I I've been in thit biminesi long H time and beliv m I have never Ken any deal ai good at th now m fa mom 'Dworin Miracle Deal.' K Coma in and tt for yonrwlf what 1 ntran. 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Styled in the famous Dani:.h tradition of beauty and comfort From a design by KOFOD-LARSEN prize winning interpreter of modern Made of teakwood one of the hardest, richest woods) and Danish beech Rubberized hair scat cushions -. Rayon and cotton In natural gray or olive tweed Write phone or hutty to LANE FURNITURE OPEN EVES. TIL 9 P.M. 830 Farminqton Ave. PLENTY OF FREE PARKING West Hartford w.'"'V : SWiTtSiS K;Msiaa5j5.AA4ft310n Block Wst of Qulr Lana .

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