The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1953
Page 3
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TBUBBDAT, JULY 9, 1983 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Propaganda or Information? State Department Puzzler WASHINGTON (AP) — That's the difference between information and propaganda can be a thin line, sometimes practically invisible, is illustrated by President's Committee on International Information Activities. Not that this was the committee's intention. It expressed great distaste for words and phrases like "cold war" and "psychological warfare" and "propaganda." It doesn't want them used in connection with this country's overseas Information program. But a person on the receiving end, after reading what the com- *mittee says, may,have difficulty distinguishing between information that is strictly information and information that might be considered propaganda. The committee has been occupied with the problem of making friends and influencing: people abroad ever since it held its first meeting last January, after President Eisenhower created it. Headed by William H. Jackson, a. New York investment banker, the committee has just turned over to Eisenhower a number of recommendations, most of which have been kept secret and a few of which have been made public. The committee said: " 'Cold war' and .'psychological warfare 1 are unfortunate terms. They do not describe the effort of our nation and our allies to build a world of peace and freedom. "They should tie discarded in favor of others which describe our true goals. New terms are needed to express the solidarity of freedom-loving men and women everywhere." So terms like "cold war" and "psychological warfare" may dis- Flight Packs Aid Handicapped DALLAS Cff) — The flight packs you thumb through to while away park of the time on air trips may have been prepared by physically handicapped persons. Year-round employment is being given to three handicapped persons by a national airline with headquarters in Dallas through a contract with Goodwill Industries, a Community Chest agency. The workers assemble 30,000 flight packs a month. Each cellophane bag contains items such as maps, luggage s.tickers, post cards and travel information. appear from the language of gov. eminent officials. But what is this information program—it's been in operation for years already—and what will It attempt to do as a result of the committee's recommendations? The committee explained: "The primary and overriding purpose of the information program should be to submit evidence to the peoples of other' nations that their own aspirations for freedom, progress and peace are SUP' ported and advanced by the objectives and policies of the United States. "The efforts of all media—radio, press, and publications, motion pictures, exchange of persons, and libraries and information centers- should be directed to this end: to show the identity of our goals with those of other peoples." . This seems to say the committee wishes to depend strictly on Information in dealing with the minds of people overseas, for it clearly stated in its recommendations that a "propagandist note" should be avoided. But if the basic purpose of the information program isn't to win friends for this country, and away from Russia, what is it? The committee seemed to agree this was the basic purpose, for it added a phrase: "These goals and desires which we hold in common must be explained in ways that will cause others to join with us in achieving em." An Englishman or Frenchman, reading the first part of what the committee said the program's purpose is, might feel: "I'm going to receive strictly objective information that will let me make up my own mind." But when he reads that addi- -ional phrase, that this information must be explained to him in * way that will "cause" him to adopt the American viewpoint, he may ask: "When will this information be information only and when will it be propaganda, since propaganda is information of a kind intended to cause people to think along certain lines or adopt a special viewpoint?" News of Men Lti the Service Airman 1-C Ben Lancashire, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Lancashire of Lakeland, Fla., formerly of BIytheville, recently returned to the U. S. from an overseas tour of duty in Oie Par East and Is stationed at Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Miss. His brother, Airman 3-C Jim Lancashire also is stationed at Keesler Field taking training in electronics. Gerald D. Reagan, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reagan, BIytheville, Et. 4, is serving aboard the anti-aircraft cruiser USS Juneau. During her present tour the cruiser will operate with other units of the U. S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and will be engaged in extensive maneuvers involving shipboard readiness condition. || Call From the Wild Hens inherit the trait of cackling after laying an egg from their wild ancestors. Jungle fowl, alter taking time out to lay an egg, cackled to signal their whereabouts to the wandering flock. PAGIJ THREl NOTICE OF PKTITION TO ANNEX TERRITORY Notice is hereby given that a petition has been filed in the County Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Aikan- sas, by Russell K. Marr, Marguerite W. Marr, his wife; J. R. Marr, Jr., Mary Kathryn Marr, his wife; O. E. Snider and Bill McCaughey, who are the owners of the property mentioned herein, for the annexation of the following property to the City of BIytheville, Arkansas: Beginning on the prtuunt corporate line of BIytheville in the north line of Hardin Street, at a point which is 50 feet north of the northeast corner of lot No. 2, block No. ,5, of the Country Club Area Addition to Blythovllle ,ancl running thence north 703 feet, to the south line of Marr Avenue; thence west along the south line of Marr Avenue, 230 feet to point of intersection with present corporate line of BIytheville; thence south long present corpor- ate! line, to point of Intersection with the south lino of Lot No. 4, block No. 2. of the Country Club Area of BIytheville, Arkansas; thence east along present corporate line, 40 feet; thence south along present corporate line. 285 feet to point of Intersection with north line of Hardin Street; thence east along present corporate line and along north line o( Harrthi Street, 100 feet to the .point of beginning. Dated at BIytheville, Arkansas, on thl3 6th day o? Juiy, 10*,. Marcus Evrard, Attorney for Petitioners 7|9-16-23 RETURNS FROM TCOBEA— Seaman James W. Campbell, USN, , son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baker, recently landed at Long' Beach, Calif., following an eight- months' tour in Korean waters aboard the destroyer USS James E. Keyes. Harry A. Hodges, avaltlon struc- ural mechanic 3-C, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hodges of 801 Chickasawba Street, Blytheville, is with a Naval Patrol Squadron in the Mediterranean Sea. Jerald D. Grimes, husband of Mrs. Fay E. Grimes, BIytheville. Bt. 4, has been promoted to Ser- eant first class at Fort Benning, Ga. A platoon sergeant, he is assigned to Support Company of the 508th Airborne Regimental C o m b A t Team. E. B. Gee, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Gee, Sr., BIytheville, is Oiie of 197 AFBOTC cadets atend- ng summer encampment at Reese Air Force Base, Tex. The four-week encampment is jart of the cadet's four year training program prior to becoming commissioned in the U. S. Air Porce Reserve. Cadet Gee is a student at the University of Arkansas. Four Mississippi County Naval Air Reserists, are scheduled to take part in a.two-weeks training course at the Memphis Naval Air Reserve Training Unit beginning Alonday. Members of the three participating squadrons from Mississippi County are Ernest E. Allen, airman apprentice, of BIytheville: William W. Crowder, airman, 403 North .Broadway BIytheville; Billy J. Bell, airman recruit, Leachville, Rt. 2; and John S. Standrod, seaman recruit, 30 Jackson Street, Wilson. KILLS JOHNSON GRASS, BERMUDA uKnOO, and many other grasses and weeds. Destroys weed roots . . . prevents regrowth. In convenient powder form; «asy to mix for use ras o spray. E. C. ROBINSON. (7 **; CLEARANC Al n L REG. 67.95 CUSHIONED BED GLIDER Now Only •3D 00 •37.00 Nationally known Bunting Glider converts to 65x43-in. bed. Innerspring seat and curled hair back cushions provide utmost comfort. Upholstered in extra-heavy weather-resistant plastic in tweed-effect pattern. Sturdy steel construction in enamel finish. Ask about convenient Terms. REG. 29.95 SUNTAN LOUNGE 1Q 05 Adjoitable l**f+ 10%dn.on Ttrmi Innerspring pad supported by link spring. Adjust to 4 levels without getting up. Water-repellent plastic cover cleans with damp cloth. Enameled steel from* witti tubular steel arms, plastic arm restt. YACHT CHAIR— REG. 5.98 Hawonbr fair «° fold fn Sturdy tvbulor rteel from* flnfohed hi weather-resistant bakod-on tnamcl. S«oJ and back of heavy. water-rep«)1ent dock. Foldi flat for «oiy carrying or 7 HONEST-TO GOODNESS JULY CLEARANCE SALE Not Super-Colossal, Gigantic, Stupendous, Unbelievable But Just Downright Honest-to-Goodness Dreifus Values! WATCHES REG. 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