The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1953
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 1053 BT.YTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Get-Acquainted Policy May Make Eisenhower Popular WASHINGTON (AP) — nothing-like-getting-acquainted He's been practicing it himself at home since he entered the White House. Even if he wonted to go abroad, he's' been too busy here to RO. He's been sending some of those closest to him. Vice President Nixon is the latest to get his marching papers. He'll leave in the fall for the B'ar st and South Asia. Others who preceded him as good will ambassadors were Secretary of State Dulles, Mutual Security Director Harold E. Stassen, and the President's youngest brother, Dr. Milton S. Eisenhower. Eisenhower showed how much stock he put in the personal acquaintance idea almost from the start of his presidency when he becan inviting members of Congress to White House breakfasts. Dinners, Ton These were in addition to the regular and frequent conferences lie held with Republican leaders n the House and Senate for gel- ting his programs through Congress. Then he besan holding stag dinners in the White House for men distinguished in various fields of American life, like business, labor, politics, religion, publishing. These groups, in batches of a dozen or so, put their feet under the White House table at the same time. If they hadn't met before, they became acquainted there, with one another and the Presi- 2nt. Months ago Eisenhower sent Dulles and Stassen on a fast tour of the West European capitals where they met the heads of state face-to-face, discussed their problems, expressed sympathy, sought to build up good will. They were hardly home before they left on the same kind of mission to the Near East and Southern Asia. The President was reported pleased with what they told him when they returned. Latin America couldn't be overlooked, so Eisenhower sent his Brother to South America, where he is now. And yesterday the White House announced the news about vixon. The Tiice president and his wife, accompanied by State Department officials, will go to the Orient, perhaps in October. As the White louse announcement described it: "The purpose . . . will be for the vice president ... to become acquainted with the leaders of the countries visited, to hear their views, to gain first-hand impressions, to carry the sincere greet- ngs of the people of the United States . . . and the personal greet- ngs of the President . . ." No doubt the reports brought sack by those personal ambassadors—on the problems, attitudes, and expectations of the countries visited—should be invaluable to Cisenhower in shaping his foreign >olicies. And the people of the countries visited cannot but be imprcsed by the effort Eisenhower Is making get to know them and the in- erest he Is showing in them. These By JAMES MARLOW President Eisenhower seems fo be a firm believer In there's- school of public relations, both locally and world-wide. expeditions can hardly make ene-0, mies and should make friends. The Russians are probably concerned about it, just as this country would be if the Communists sent their foreign Minister Molotov around the world to have private talks with heads of state everywhere. In the Ions run. though, since these heads of state are practical men. this country will be judged by what it does for them, or about them, more than by pleasant conversations. And no matter what plans Eisenhower may develop as a result of thse foreign visits, Congress will have a major voice in making the. final decisions on what plans are carried out. DANE FERGUS Continued from Page 2 like Ben and Harold went out on a one-man goodwill tour and advertised Osceola as being the logical town for factories. Men like Dave Laney, R. C. Bryant, J, C. Buchanan, Faber White, L. C ,B. Young dug deep down in their pockets pushing Osceola forward. There is no reason WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Lucius Vassal- (Col), Ptf. vs.. No. 12429 Ethel Vassar (Col). Dft. The defendant, Ethel Vassar. is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Lucius Vassar. Dated this 7th day of July, 19E53. Geraldine Listen, Clerk By Laverne Ball, D.C. Taylor & Sudbury, attorney for ptf. James Garner, atty. Ad Litem. T8-15-22-29 WARNING ORDEE In the Chancery Court. Chicka- •awba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas. Louise Cranick, Ptf. vs. No. 12428 Orrin Edward Cranick, Dft. The defendant, Orrin Edward Cranick, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the. court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Louise Cranick. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1953. Geraldine Liston. Clerk By Laverne Ball, D. C. Percy A. Wright, atty for plf. Claude P. Cooper, atty ad '.Hem 6J25 7|l-8-16 3-War Kftlff for Dry Eczema Itch When itching persists due to lack of natural skin oils, Rcsinol Ointment gives quick relief. Rich in lanolin, it oils and softens dry skin as its sis medicants soothe fiery itching. 2-Way relief that brings long-lasting comfort. The Best Family Reference ' Work Available is: WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Parents: The time to answer their questions is the time they are asked. Can you do it easily? Do you have an up-to-date, pictorial set to refer to? They soon learn to look up their own answers with WORLD BOOK. Order it now to give them confidence! Bill Patton^ A. A. Adams CALL Blytheville Osceola 8890 836 - cr 4Q6 W. Main Phone 4591 Thursday Morning Only! Reg. 2.98 Cotton Dresses |QQ I each Sizes 11 to 241 for Osceola to stand still. "I have only been here a few years," continued Dane," and maybe this is the reason I can see the results of the hard work those men have done. "At the Sept. 24, 1948 board ol directors meeting of Chamber of Commerce (the year Dane was the Chamber's president) the new grade school building was adopted as it's number one project. Improved sewer facilities, study and support of early construction of a hospital for Osceola, two reclasslfy the town from a second class city to a first class city. "All of those dreams have materialized and are active projects with the exception of the hospital but before this month Is out, it will be completed. 'The first meeting of the Chamber of Commerce which was sponsored by the Rotary and Kiwanls clubs, was held on March 5, 1847 so in that year and a half a lot was accomplished by the Chamber of Commerce. "Steve Bowker, who had done Chamber of Commerce work befove coming to Osceola, presented to that first meeting his ideas concerning the need of a chamber here and that was really the kick-off that got the ball to rolling. "One of the best things I he Chamber undertook In the very beginning was to prohibit Indlseilmi- nate solicitations in the city limits, before that every time a merchant looked up there was some waiiiiui (usually with n iruit j a r or a tambourine taking up collection for some non-existing church or orphanage, with the aid of our city marshals thnt nuisance has practically stopped." Another big event when Dane was president of the Chamber of Commerce, was the torch light Christmas parade. There were 10,000 people who witnessed that event. "We had planned on making an annual, event of the parade." Dane said, "but after the second one, the mothers of the children who look- part in the entertainment decided it was too much work, and expense so the idea was abandoned and money used for advertising it and for prizes given was given to the Goodfellows for their Christmas baskets. "The bandmothers were responsible for taking the town's census to change Osceola over to a first class city, they really worked hard at it, and now they can see the fruits of their efforts being put into effect for the advantages it did in increased municipal turn- backs, establishing a municipal court and giving the city the right to enact building and zoning ordinances. "I believe." continued Dane, "the Chamber of Commerce has done more to bring our town's standard of living up than anything that ever happened in Osceola. With the unceasing efforts of Harold bhlendorf, Osceola will have something to be proud of for generations to come and that is the Laxative-Menace Read Why Many Laxativ* Drugs Impair H«a/fh Cause Many Serious D/g«fiV» Disorders DOCTORS WARN AGAINST Doctors denounce habit-forming laxatives and "purging" cathartics that irritate and shock the system. They've seen the serious effects on nerves and digestion. 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Saf*..Ifft(tiv»..Drw 9 l»il INIXOIL Tasteless, easy-to-swallow INER- GEL Tablets never upset the system . . . action begins when they reach the colon. There INERGEL becomes a soft jell-like solution that protects —as its absorbing, moving action, brings comforting, natural elimination. Stop endangering your health — get INER- GEL for safe satisfying relief. At good druggists everywhere. Insist on genuine ... inergel ^bth JllMormlnt HUGHES-BROGDON DRUG STORE HUGHES DRUG STORE . . . . . Main at Division Main at Lake WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD A Slice or a Truckload Special Prices For Picnics and Parties BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main St. Blythevilla Crompton Company of West W»r- wick, R. I., which will be In operation before too lone. "There were several obstacles Hint slowrd up the work ol the plant, none of which was the lault of Crompton but for the scarcity of vital materials which were needed in th« construction of the plant and were needed also for this Korean war, which had to come before anything." Dane, who heads practically every drive In Osceola Is a favorite amoiiR all of the various clubs in south Mississippi County for his bountiful gereroslty. I know lor H fact, on two occasions, he donated » »50 prize for » benefit party at Wilson and one In Osceol-a. to say nothing of the many, innny lesser expensive gift*. He doesn't look on his shell lor unsalable merchandise but give. 1 ; things anyone would be proud fct own. Club women love him and especially those who are on the committees to ask for donations. He belongs to the Mack Grlder Post 150, American Legion and is a steward of the Methodist Chuich. He's firivJM His Cares Away! There's a great industrialist in Detroit, and a well- known scientist'in New York, and a famous statesman in Washington who will tell yon that the best way to relax from the cares of the day is to get behind the wheel of a 1953 Cadillac. , And there are also thousands upon thousands of other Cadillac owners throughout America who will gladly add supporting testimony to these revealing statements. Fqr these motorists know, from their own personal experience, that there is no faster or surer way to relax and refresh than 10 take to the highway with * smooth, comfortable, quiet Cadillac car. It makes a man feel good just to sit behind the wheel. As he glances about his Cadillac's gracious SULLIVAN-NELSON 301 West Walnut interior, he's reminded that he has made something out of his years—and that, in itself, gives a lift to his spirits. And then, once he's out on the highway—well, in no time at all, he's as happy and contented and trouble-free as it's possible for a motorist to be. He is surrounded with comfort—and his driving is so relaxing and effortless and enjoyable that his mind clears, as the miles go by—and his heart grows gay and his outlook bright and hopeful. He has literally driven his cares away I You really ought to try it sometime. Come to think of it, you ought to try it today . . . after your day's work is done. The car is waiting—and so are we, CHEVROLET CO. Phone 4578 Just Received Shipment of 1953 Bryant Room Conditioners 406 W. Main Phone 4591 Just Received Shipment of 1953 Bryant Room Conditioners 3 Pieces $188 YOUR CHOICE-$188 REG. 199.95 REFRIGERATOR-JIBS 7-eu. ft. M-W Refrigerator has freezer—holds 35 Ibs. frozen foods. 3 full-widrti, 2 hoif shelves give 17.1 iq. ft. storage space. 8-qt. food freshener keeps fruits and vegetable! crisp, tatty. Eaix-to-deon porcelain flnisk WASHER, IRONER, CHAIR-$188 Aj.i.oS borne laundry equipment at a low sal* price. Ironer has convenient knee control, leaves both hands free to guide material. M-W Washer with 6-van* Swirlator washing action wakhei 8 Ibs. dry clolhes without tangling. REG. 204.95 GAS RAHGF. Big, 40-in. M-W Range has built-in cooklop light, elecfrtfl clock-timer that signals 1 to 60 minutes, 2 appliance outlets. Lighted 20-in. oven with picture window in door. Separate waist-high broiler—baki, broil at the lam* time.'

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