The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on November 25, 1907 · 3
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 3

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1907
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THE SUjS", BALTIMORE, MONDAY MORNING, -NOVEMBER 25, 1907. CO UM HELD?: "Help Wanted" and "Situations Wanted" Advertisements 10 cents per -line HELP WANTED-FEaiALE. Advertisements under this heading 10 cents per Agate Line each insertion. A WOMAN, to MEND GRAIN BAGS. Apply at 124 S. CHARLES ST., upstairs. It WANTED A refined, middle-aged White Woman, capable of making Work Shirts, as MATRON OF SEWING ROOM AT A SUBURBAN INSTITUTION FOR BOYS; salary $14 a month and laundry. Address K 024, Son office. n2S-3t WANTED Experienced SALESLADY IN EE-TAIL SHOE STORE. N HESS' SONS, It 8 East Baltimore street. WANTED An ASSISTANT COOK. Apply, at onre, at NORTH AVENUE LUNCHROOM, 128 West North avenue. n25-2t WANTED An experienced and artistic DRES9-. MAKER, in a private family, by the week. Address X U13, Sun office. It WANTED Competent WHITE NURSE FOR CHILDREN; good wages: reference required. Write at once to MRS. D. H. HAMILTON, JR., Sudbrook lane, Pikesville, Md. n2-2t WANTED A neat White Girl, to do light CHAM-. BERWORK AND ASSIST WITH NURSING. Address MRS. P. RODGERS, Woodlawn Post-office, Baltimore county, Md. n24-2t WANTED Thoroughly Experienced Hands for LADIES' ALTERATION ROOM: good, permanent positions. THE HUB. Baltimore street at Charted. sl8-tf I WISH TO ENGAGE A SETTLED WHITE WOMAN; must be experienced COOK, who is able to do good plain cooking; no small children; no washing and ironing. Address N G47, Sun office. . ri2i-2t BUTTONHOLE OPERATOR, Apply, at once, to MENOELH BROS., n2i-2t 115 Hopkins Place. WANTED Experienced ALTERATION HANDS. THE ORIOLE STORE, 907- 911 West Baltimore street. WANTED TUCKERS AND TRIMMERS ON LADIES' WAISTS; ALSO A FEW LEARNERS. J. MAYER & CO., 21 WEST FAYETTE ST., . RIDDLEMOSER BUILDING. OPERATORS ON WAISTS. Steady Work All the Year, i Highest prices. Apply LOWENSTEIN & GREENBAUM, N. E. Cor. Paca and German St3. CASH GIRLS. Apply to the SUPERINTENDENT, STEWART & CO. SITUATION WANTED FEMALE Advertisements under this heading 10 cents per Agate Line each insertion. A RESPECTABLE WHITE WOMAN woud like to have Position in Hospital or at kitchen Woik, by day; good references. Address 1702 HOFFMAN PLACE, one door from Broadway. It EXPERT Stenographer and Office Assistant, educated, desires Position. N t$7, Sun otHce.25-2 RESPECTABLE White Girl wishes Position as Cook or general Housework. 435 W. 23d st. It GERMAN GIRL wanU Position at HOUSE-WORK ; no washing. I03O JOHN ST. It SITUATION wanted by White Girl; experienced NURSE. 50.'i LAURENS STREET. It BOOKKEEPERS and Stenographers furnished on application. Btrayer's Business College. n9-eotf INDIVIDUAL Instruction; children adults; call evenings. Madame Chuard. 17QO N. Charles. XOUNO LADY WISHES POSITION AS PRIVATE SECRETARY; several years' experience; best references. Address T 072. Sun offlce.24-2 HELP MALE AND FEMALE. Advertisements unditr this heading 10 cents per Agate Line each insertion. MEN AND WOMEN-Know no dull times; sell LUCAS LINIMENT; half profit. Address N 527. Sun office. n23-3t WANTED COLORED BOY OR GIRL. Apply at 1 4'jtH SOUTH PATTERSON PARK AVE. 23-3 HELP WANTED MALE. Advertisements under this heading 10 cents per Agate Line each insertion. CROCKERY SALESMAN WANTED One having a thorough knowledge of our line and acquainted with the Southern trade; a liberal salary, a large extent of territory and every facility will be oli'ered to a Salesman possessing the necessary qualifications. FISHER. BRUCE & COy. n25-m,w,sa3t 2S1 Market st.. Philadelphia, Pa. MAN. to RUN SAW; one experienced in Nailing and Cabinet Work preferred, Address J C23, Sun office. It JOB-PRESS FEEDER WANTED. Apply to SUMMERS PRINTING COMPANY. 11 South Eutaw Btreet. lt WANTED Several experienced CORNHUSKER3 (White) ; wages $1 a day and board. Apply to-J day from 1 to 2 P. M. to I G, A. CAIRNE3, f Kerbaugh's Hotel, It Corner of Hillen and Forrest streets. WANTED At once, WORKING FOREMAN: inmt be sober, energetic), well recommended and thoroughly understand farming. WHITEHALL MANOR STOCK FARM. Glyndon. Md. 25-3 WANTED A WHOLESALE GROCERY SALES- pec ted and references; S Oil, Sun office. 25-3 WANTED A Boy ft about 16 or IT years old), to LEARN THE IJRUG BUSINESS; Southwest, fro Section. Address DRUGS C31r Sun office. WANTED A practical BANDSAWYER in a Fur. niture Factory; steady work. D. WILFSON & SONS, Howard and Stockholm streets. n25-2t WANTED A Young Man (about 18 or 18), to WORK IN A GROCERY STORE. Apply at 3745 BERNARD STREET. It WANTED Young Man. to ASSIST BARTENDER. Apply 14SO PENNSYLVANIA AVE.25-2 WANTED First-class COLORED BUTLER. Apply at 4 WEST BIDDLE STREET &t 8 P. M. WANTED MEN FOR THE UNITED STATES NAVY; nges 17 to 35 years; must be American citizens; pay $16 to $70 per months according to ratings. Apply to NAVY RECRUITING STATION. 17 South Gay street, Baltimore. Md., or ddress BUREAU OF NAVIGATION. Navy Department, Washington. nt-lm . WANTED First-Class WHEEL RUBBER; also, SAWYER for Marble Works; married men preferred; permanent position; 3.50 a day; fare to Coast refunded after six months. Address, with references, "MARBLE WORKS," 23d and Santa Fe Ry., San Diego. Cal. nl2-14t !W ANTED Reliable Man, acquainted with the Tinphite aud Metal Business, as SHIPPING CLERK AND INSIDE SALESMAN; state go, reference and salnrv : all communications confidential. Address B 536, Sun office. n21-4t .WAITED Married Man, for general FARM WORK, who understands Working Horses. Ap ply to ARTHUR H. MANN. Edmondson ave. and North Bend, Catonsville. Ellicott City cars. WANTED An experienced TRAVELING SALESMAN for Carriage and Wagon Hardware House; all communications kept strictly confidential. Address N 547, Sun office. n20-14t WANTED-SOLICITORS IN BALTIMORE AND MARYLAND TOWN8; salary $18 weekly- no life insurance or books. Address POSTOFFICE t BOX 324, Baltimore. n23-7t WANTED-STOCK CLERK IN UNDERWEAR FACTORY. Adress, in own handwriting, stating experience, wages wanted and references, O B77, Sun office. n23-3t WANTED Thoroughly experienced Hands for LADIES' ALTERATION ROOM; good, perma-pent positions. THE HUB. Baltimore street at Charles. tiS-tt WANTED A CHAUFFEUR, to RUN BOTH A BTEAM AND GASOLINE TOURING CAR; give reference. Address J 603, Sun office. n24-3 .WANTED An OFFICE BOY, from 8 A. M. to 7 P. M. week-days and from 12 to 1 and 6 to 7 on Sundays. Address S Q71, Sun office. n23-2t WANTED JOB PRESS FEEDERS. Apply to AMERICAN LABEL CO., n!3-tf Oroea and Covington sts. WANTED A capable OPERATOR FOR REMINGTON OR SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER. Address M 52Q, Sun office. , n2S-tf WANTED VARNISHERS AND RUBBERS. BROADBENT MANTEL COMPANY. n23-3t Aliceanna and President streets. WANTED Reliable Man, to PAINT TIGHT BARRELS; liberal wages. Address BOX "J," Portsmouth, Va. n23-3t WANTED COMPOSITOR. H. E. HOUCK & CO., Courtland at Franklin street. n!&-2t MAN, AS ASSISTANT MANAGER, FOR AN OLD AND WELL-ESTABLISHED INSURANCE COMPANY. Must be willing to invest four hundred dollars in cash and accept half interest as security. To the right man we will pay $60 a month to start. Address R 050, Sun office. n24-2t 'BOOKKEEPER-Young Man who can use Typewriter; a permanent position is offered with nrst-ciass nouse. Aaureaa u Qg, Sun office. urs wjvu rAiSia: Dnng sample. REINHARD. MEYER COMPANY, . n22-4t 327 West Baltimore street. $10O A MONTH and traveling expenses paid Sales. men to sell goods to dealers: reliable company; . experience unnecessary. PURITY CO.. Chicago. WANTED A BUYER FOR LADIES' NECKWEAR, LINENS AND HOSIERY DEPARTMENTS. Address, stating full particulars (in confidence), It 630, Sun office. . CASH BOYS. Apply to the SUPERINTENDENT,: STEWART & CO. .WANTED Experienced FLOOR MAN, for Retail s Store. Address, stating salary expected and full particulars, IT 612, Sun office. HELP WANTED MALE. Advertisements under this heading 10 cents per Agate Line each insertion. BOILERMAKER3. with Railroad experience; good pay; steady worn lor nm-ciasa Mechanics. Address, stating age, reference and experience, O G8S, Sun office. n25-3t WANTED Several Married Men mn FARM HANDS; must bo witting workers and well recommended; wages, $25.00 a month, with house and firewood. WHITEHALL MANOR STOCK FARM, Olyndon, Md. n25-3t WANTED A White Man, to DIRECT AND ASSIST IN CLEANING OFFICE BUILDING: one who is willing to work; must be sober and rcpuuiuie. Auureee, wua xeierenees, rox j xytfl. Sua office. It WANTED Colored Man, to WORK IN A RES- TAUKA.NT. 3GS NORTH GAY ST. It WANTED A COLORED BELLBOY. Apply at HOTKL JOYCE. Camden street. It SITUATIONS WANTED MALE. Advertisements under this heading 10 cents per Agate Line each insertion: MARRIED MAN WISHES A POSITION AS OVERSEER ON FARM OR COUNTRY PLACE. F., T30 Thirty-fifth St.. Hampden. JANITOR. WATCHMAN; sober, industrious middle-aged man, familiar with heating apparatus. Apply at 1002 EAST MADISON ST. n25-3t MARRIED MAN wishes a Poeition as OVERSEER ON COUNTRY PLACE. A 555, Sun. COLORED MAN, with good references, wants Position as COACHMAN. 325 PEARL ST. It A FIRST-CLASS CONFECTIONER (fine Decorator, Hotel Baker and Pastry Cook) is open for Engagement. Address M 66G, Sun office. n24-3 EXPERIENCED SHIPPING AND RECEIVING CLERK, competent handler of help, -also Correspondent aud Office Man, desires permanent Position with retsponsible house. G Q2-1, Sun. 24-T WANTED A Position as Traveling Salesman in Virginia. North or South Carolina. Address B. L. SKINNER, 230 High sU, Petersburg. Va. MAN (of long experience), as MANAGER OF STABLE; best references. Addxess D OoS. Sun office. - nZi-3t EXPERIENCED Wine and WhisSy Bottler wants Position; Al references. B Q3G, Sun office.24-2 BY MAN OF EDUCATION. REFINEMENT. ABILITY AND GOOD APPEARANCE, POSITION WITH SOME RELIABLE CONCERN ON OR ABOUT JANUARY 1; AM 32 YEARS OF AGE AND HAVE HAD 15 YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN THE LUMBER AND GENERAL CONTRACTING BUSINESS; very best references. Address X 553. Sun office. n21-6t AGENTS WANTED. MARYLAND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE. Forty-Third Year of Conservative Business. CAPABLE MEN WANTED AS SPECIAL AGENTS TO SELL ANNUITIES, ENDOWMENT AND LIFE POLICIES. Contracts will also be mada with men who can give but a portion of their time to the business. For full particulars apply to WILLIAM 6. BLACKFORD, Manager of Agencies, Room 24, Maryland Lifa Building, y and lO South street. WANTS. WANTED TO BUY ELLIOTT & FISHER BILLING MACHINE; must be in good order. Ad-Hrp v. . Sun office. n25-3t AT ONCE 250 Old Feather Beds, highest cash price; old Mahogany and Modern Furniture; Old Silverware, Brass, etc.; Cast-oft Clothing; city and country. JOSEPH, 511 S. Fremont aye, tf WANTED FOR CASH FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS; entire or portions of Household bought: modern or antique: send postal. J. CARROLL, 48 S, Charles sU C. and p., St. Paul 3981; Md., Courtland 3056. n26-tf OLD FEATHER BEDS. Market price for Old Feathers, Antique Furniture. Colonial Antique. 323 N. Howard st. Phone, tf WANTED FURNITURE Highest cash price paid for FURNITURE, PIANOS, Carpets, Bedding, Bric-a-Brac. etc. Entire or portions of Households purchased. Reliable Q12. Sun office. AT ONCE 250 Old Feather Beds, highest cash price; old Mahogany and Modern Furniture; Old Silverware, etc. ; Cast-Ou Clothing; city and country. NATIONAL CO.. Q12 N. Fremont ave. tf 50O Old Feather Beds We positively pay highest price for Old Feathers ; also. Old Mahogany and Modern Furniture, Gents' Cast-On Clothing. Send postal. U. 8. Feather Co., 1Q9 S. Spring st, I PAY CASH FOR DIAMONDS OLD GOLD A.NL BJJ-.V J!it. OT WIU A , ri A I KiH, t ua NEW JEWELRY lii.uiM ljJiVZ, Jeweler, nH-tf 309 West Lexington street. WANTED OLD GOLD. SILVER and BROKEN PLATED JEWELRY FOR CASH. CHARLES E. OBERHEIM, 223 North Calvert street, WATCH. AND JEWELRY REPAIRING. n9-lm WANTED OLD GOLD, SILVER AND PLATED WARE. KANN BROS. SILVER CO., 525 North Eutaw st. Replating and Repairing a specialty. C. & P. Phone. Alt. Vernon 1004-R. DIAMONDS, OLD GOLD. SILVERWARE, Bought for cash or exchanged for New Goods. C O. CROOKS CO., Jewelers, 114 West Baltimore street. 003 NORTH EUTAW STREET GOLD AND SILVER of every description bought also, ANTIQUE SILVER and fine ANTIQUE JEWELRY. B. D. NUITZ. WANTED FURNITURE, Dry Goods, Groceries and General Merchandise. J. ANDERSON. 103T West North avenue. Md. Phone, 663 Courtland; C. and P. Phone, 3645-M St. Paul. tfB WANTED FOR CASH Furniture and Household - Effects; entire or portions of household bought modern or antique. Send postal. B. V., 1928 McCulloh street. O. & P. Phone, Madison 2843-Y. WANTED At once, 200 Feather Beds, highest prices paid; Old Mahogany, Modern and Antique Furniture, Old Silverware, Cast-Off Clothing; city or country. Balto. Feather Co., SOS S. Fremont. 300 Old Feather Beds Highest price paid for Old Feathers and Old Mahogany and Modern Furniture, Gents' Cast-off Clothing; send postal; will call. Balto. Feather Co.. 214 S. Caroline st. n3-lm OLD FEATHER BEDS. We pay highest cash price; also pay highest price for Old Mahogany and Modern Furniture. Send postal ; will call at once, Cincinnati Feather Co., 1527 E. Lombard st. NEW AND OLD FURNITURE. TOOLS, VIOLINS BOUGHT AND SOLD. CHARLES J. EDLAVITCH, 12 Albemarle street. n23-4t WANTED Secondhand MOTORCYCLE; state make, condition and lowest cash price. Address O 528, Sun office. n23-3t COMPLETE LIBRARIES AND BOOKS OF ALL KINDS BOUGHT. GOLDSMITH BROS., n20-6t 20 East Baltimore street. BOARDING. CONDON HOTEL, S. E. COR. FAYETTE AND PACA STS. Modernized, Renovated, Refurnished. Electric Lights, Steam Heat, Elevator. Up-to-date Appointments and Conveniences. Excellent Cuisine. Polite Service. Moderate TermsL Special Permanent Rates. 213WEST LANVALB STREET Second-Story FRONT ROOM. MRS. HAMILTON EASTER; HOTEL ALT A MONT, Eutaw Place and Lanrale. Most beautiful spot in Baltimore. American and European plans. Special rates for permanent guests. Furnished or unfurnished Apartments, with or without kitchenettes. C. WARNER STORK. Owner and Prop. 041 CALHOUN STREET. NORTH (Opposite Harlem Park), SECOND FRONT AND ADJOINING ROOM. WITH BOARD. n24-lm THE BRISTOL. 1525 1527 1529 Eutaw Place Steam heat; modern improvements; fur-niahed or unfurnished rooms, with first-class Table Board. Transients: Table Boarders. o29-lm "THE PARK," 508 Park ave. Select Boarding House; central residence section; best cooking; newly furnished; steam heat; private baths; clean, bright, attractive: $7-$10 weekly; $L50-$2 daily. THE GASTON, Conveniently located. Superior Cooking. HO and 111 West Saratoga st.. Near Hotel Rennert. , Steam Heat. nlO-lm SUBURBAN BOARD. ROLAND PARK Desirable ROOM and BOARD. 417 HAWTHORN ROAD. n25-3t ROLAND PARK-508 WOODLAWN ROAD. Attractive ROOMS ; moderate prices. n23-7t ROOMS FOR RENT. THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS; bright, well heated; southern exposure; accessible to all car lines; bath on all floors. Apply at 224 WEST MONUMENT STREET. nl7-lm THE ROCHAMBEAU. Charles and Franklin; The Winona, Park and Monument; Housekeeping and Bachelors'; very reasonable; first floor. 24-4 TO ADULTS Two large THIRD-STORY ROOMS, East Lafayette avenue, near Guilford; $10 a month. Address H 042, Sun office. n24-2t THIRD-STORY FRONT ROOM, furnished or unfurnished. 108 a WASHINGTON ST. n24-2t FOR RENT Three Rooms and bath, second floor. Apply at 327 NORTH SCHROEDER ST. 24-2 LARGE THIRD-STORY FRONT ROOM. Apply at 8Q5 WEST NORTH AVENUE. ' n24-3t Opposite Residence of Cardinal Gibbons FURNISHED ROOMS. LARGE AND SMALL; CENTRAL. ROOMS OR FLATS FOR RENT AT 1810 N. CHARLES ST. Four-story DWELLING, in good condition : bathroom on' three floors. CHARLES J. BONAPARTE. Trustee, nl-lm 216 St. Paul street. FURNISHED ROOMS. BRIGHT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM for rent. Apply at 822 NEWINGTON AVE., between Bolton and Callow aves. Use of phono. n23-3t TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, all con-venience3. 631 N. C4RROLLTON AVE. 24-2 ONE LARGE FRONT R"OOM, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, facing Lafayette Square. Address S 511, Sun office. v n22-4t 1214 MADISON AVENUE Two Parlors and other ROOMS; no housekeeping. n23eolm ROOMS, Furnished, single or en suite; use of tele-phone; private family. 17Q4 Madison are.f.m.tu LARGE FRONT, also SIDE ROOMS; ell light; nicely furnished : all conveniences. 337 WEST BIDDLE ST.. two doors east of Madison ave. ROOMS WANTED. WANTED TO RENT Two ROOMS AND BATH, Cathedral. Eager streets, Park avenue or Chase street. Adrdesi F 6GO, Sun office. n24-2t MONEY TO LOAN. ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL Salary Loans. 339 Equitable Bldg., Calvert and Fayette sts. 1891 OLDEST ESTABLISHMENT 1891 THE MARYLAND CHATTEL LOAN ASSOCIATION, ALBERT BLUME, JR., MANAGER, CALVERT BUILDING, - OPP. COURTHOUSE. Rooms 229. 231 and 233 (Second FloorV 6. E. COR, FAYETTE AND ST. PAUL ST3. SIO.OO UP TO S500.00 LOANED On FURNITURE, PIANOS, etc, without removal. LEGAL RATES. NO EXTORTION. See U and Keep Out of the Clutches of Loan Sharks. Address or phone and agent wiU call and explain rates without cost. Md. Phone. Court, 735; O. and P.. St, Paul 265?. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FKIEND TO LOAN YOU MONEYT HOC WEEKLY PAYS A 10 LOAN. SOc. WEEKLY PAYS A S25 LOAN. Sl.OO WEEKLY PAYS A 150 LOAN. 1.25 WEEKLY PAYS A 75 LOAN. 2.00 WEEKLY PAYS A 8IOO LOAN.. Loans on Furniture, Pianos, Salaries, etc, without removal or knowledge of your employer. In small weekly or monthly payments. Full amount of money given. Discounts allowed when loan is paid before due. Loans taken up from other companies and more money given. AMERICAN TRUST CO., 140 WEST FAYETTE STREET. Corner of Liberty, Second Floor. - Both Phones. OLD-ESTABLISHED AND RELIABLE. THE SARATOGA LOAN COMPANY Makes Loans on your Household Property, Furniture, Pianos, etc., at lowest legal rates, from $3 np. SARATOGA LOAN COMPANY, 423 North Howard street. MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. WE LEND MONEY on Household MONEY. Goods, Pianos, Organs or any kind of MONEY, personal property without removal or MONEY, publicity. Loans made for any time, MONEY, and you pay for the tinoa you have the MONEY, money only. We take up loans from MONEY, other offices and give you more money. MONEY. - Maryland Phone, Courtland 2014. BALTIMORE GUARANTEE CO. 218 N. EUTAW ST.. RQOM 1. MONEY LOANED on Furniture, Pianos, Organs, 25c. AND 50c. .WEEKLY. Special for Christmas. We take tip loans of other companies and lend you more money on cheaper terms. You can get the monev with or without husband. M. PENTZ, 9 North Paca street. Md., Court. S231-B. O. and P.. St Paul 1799. HEALEY - Investment Co. Loans Money cheaper than others, $5 upward on Furniture, Pianos, etc. ; low rates ; easy payments. West Branca Y.M.C.A. Bldg.. 1232 W. Balto. st,. cor. Carey, tl 120 NORTH LIBERTY ST. LOANS ON FURNITURE, PIANOS ETC. AT RATES THAT DEFY COMPETITION. THE FOLLOWING i-Aia bAun. lis t UL.L.i BORROW S15; YOU PAY BACK S17.00. BORROW 20 ; YOU PAY BACK S22.25. . BORROW $5; YOU PAY BACK KS27.50. BORROW 30; YOU PAY BACK abit.OO. Larger amounts in proportion to above. We assure privacy, as we conduct our business in a most confidential manner. Open from 8 A. M. to 6 P.'M. FURNITURE LOAN CO., 120 North Liberty Street, Near Lexington Street. C. & P. Phone, St. Paul 386. MONEY ! MONEY! MONEY I! FOR THE HOLIDAYS. We loan money at a small rate of interest on your Furniture, Pianos, etc, on terms to suit, from 1 to 13 months, weekly or monthly payments. We charge yon for the time you have the money only, allowing a liberal reduction. NATIONAL CREDIT CO. ROOM 6. BUILDERS' EXCHANGE -BLDG.. Corner Charles and Lexington streets. Entrance No. 2 East Lexington street Phone Md. W-5611, or write. Agent will call. tf. LOANS $10 AND UP. WE GUARANTEE -LOWEST RATES. - QUICKEST SERVICE, ABSOLUTE PRIVACY OUR GUARANTEE. . No matter what rate you are now paying or have paid any other company, we will m&ka you & loan at a lower rate, and on easier terms. NO ONE WILL KNOW. NO RED-TAPE. " We hand you the money while others are thinking about it; you pay only for the time you use the money. No advance charges of any kind, nothing deducted; you receive the full amount in cash. CALL, WRITE OR PHONE AMERICAN LOAN CO., 205 CARROLL BUILDING, Cor. BALTO. and LIGHT STS., Entrance on Light street, Over Thomas & Thompson's Drug Store. C. and P. Phone, St, Paul IsOO. MONEY TO LOAN 5M85Sg2& HORSES AND WAGONS AT THE OLD RELIABLE CHESAPEAKE GUARANTY COMPANY. 2 East Lexington street, ROOM 7 ROOM-BUILDERS' EXCHANGE BUILDING. Second Floor, Entrance Just Around the Corner from Charles. nl-lm THE BALTIMORE INVESTMENT CO. (Inc.V ' WE. MA KB PRIVATE LOANS ON FURNITURE, PIANOS, SALARIES, REAL ESTATE OR ON YOUR NOTE. Town or Country. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD HERE. A personal interview will demonstrate the advantages of doing business with this corporation. We are prompt and reliable. , BALTIMORE INVESTMENT CO. (INC.), 120 North Paca street, near Lexington Market, ' Office Open 9 to 5 o'clock. tf MONEY ON FURNITURE, Etc., LOWEST LEGAL RATES. Private Rooms Easiest Terms. N. E. Cor. Lexington and Liberty sts. Private er trance. 201 N. Liberty st., over Kahn's Drug Store. 2 N. Fremont St. 202U Frederick ave. Phones O. and P., St. Paul 1727: Md., B-626L THE WEST BALTO. LOAN AND COLL. CO., Incorporated and Governed by Maryland Laws. QUICK LOANS on Furniture. Pianos, etc.. without removal or publicity ; monthly payments. For $10 pay $2 month; $20, pay, $3.82; $30, pay $5.55; other amounts in proportion; full amounts applied for given. BOWERS. 43 S. Arlington ave.. ot. Hollins Mkt. THE CHATTEL LOAN ASSOCIATION. -RGANIZED IN 1898 TO SAVE BORROWERS FROM EXTORTION. 9 EAST LEXINGTON ST. S20.00. SIX MONTHS. S4.00 PER MONTH. S25.00, SIX MONTHS, &4.90 PER MONTH. 930.00. SIX MONTHS, S5.75 PER MONTH. $35.00 SIX MONTHS. .75 PER MONTH. FRANK S. HAMBLETON, President: D. O. AMMIDON, Vice-President- DANIEL W. HOPPER. Treasurer; W. N. FINLEY. Manager. tf BUILDING ASSOCIATION LOANS $20 UP TO $50O ON FURNITURE, PIANOS, ETC. Same day you apply. Rates lower than advertised by others. Also, LOANS ON REAL ESTATE. Small weekly, monthly or quarterly payments. MUTUAL LOAN FUND ASSO., 210 EAST LEXINGTON STREET. OPP. P. O. LOANS ON FUNITulii. $PLANOS.?ETL LowesiRtes. Easiest Terms. PROVIDENT CHATTEL LOAN CO.. 507 North Eutaw street. Second Floor. Md. Phone, B-3951. O. & P., Mt. Vernon 4500. No Charge Unless Loan is Granted. Private Offices. t Confidential. $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ A SHORT TALK WITH US Will convince you that it Is to your interest to deal with us if you are in need of money. Very low rates for this month. THE MARYLAND LOAN CO., 815817 EQUITABLE BUILDING. Md.. B-9-5-1. Both Phones. C. & P.. St. P.. 2-1-5-9. MONEY TO LOAN. Need Money? Don't Worry. HERE IS AN. EASY WAY ' TO GET MONEY. Promise to pay back so much each week or monthas suits you, and we will lend you the amount of money you desire. No Investigation or Publicity. Write or phone and Agent will call and explain rates without cost to you. THE LENDAHAND BANK, - lOOO LIGHT ST. 1744 EASTERN AVE. ' 205 NORTH EUTAW STREET. Second Floor. Take Elevator. MONEY LOANED SALARIED PEOPLE AND OTHERS, without securitv: easy payments: largest business in 60 principal cities. TOLMAN, lull American tsiag.. Baltimore ana esoutn sts. PAINTS, MACHINERY SUPPLIES BOLTON BROTHERS. ) PAINTS AND OILS ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES. I I W ... -SAW A M. I . i-l A A .J JL I I . t , O. & P. St. Paul 1489. Maryland Courtland 4139. TREES AND PLANTS. SUPERIOR STOCK ShrubberyCalifornia, Privet xieuges, onaae iTees, ijruit, Jrnamentals, n mt a n'u , muKLuvr yriues. write or call J. W. 8ASSER, 215 Old Frederick road. C. and tr. f none, catalogue iree. n7-lm MUSICAL. ALONZO J. MAY'S MUSIQ STUDIO. 1439 Mc Culloh st, Vocal Lessons (Italian method) Piano. Violin and other atrinirwl inat lect Singing and Recitations. Era. 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. f A VnATJV (lnltn, T4 Tr:;t r t . A x t i.T-TT .J ""H" iuai-rucnons (J. J. LEVIN, national reputation ; concise and morcragn memoa. 41 IN. HOWARD ST. Classes at Y.M.C.A. and Y-W.O.A. Booklet free. Advertisement a under the headings of Real Estate, Flats fob RexTt, Flats Wanted, Apabtmests fob Bent, Apartments Wanted, Offices fob Rent, IxEotjnt Rents, Mortgages, Etc, will he found on PERSONAL. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE THAT I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DEBTS , CONTRACTED BY ALBERT HOLST. OR FULTON CAFE UNLESS CONTRACTED BY ME. n24-5tp WILLIAM C. BARRETT. SHORE Janitor desires to meet Woman without children; object, matrimony; German preferred. Adrdess K 664, Sun orfie. n2-2tp SAVE MONEY . by having your Roofs Repaired. Painted. Made 12?'T "Ha fraranteea at small cost. Utl WOiilv bv stalled labor. Estimates tree. ROOF AND METAL PAINT MFC-. CO., 1017 Hillen st, C. & P. Phone, Wolfe 2S91-K. Defiance Brand Roof Paint, 75c. per gallon. THE BARMORE PIANO, $175. NOTHING DOWN. : $1 WEEKLY. 10 DAYS' TRIAL. Just telephone cr write us to send you the Bar more Piano on 10 days trial and we'll send to jour nome as fine an instrument as anyone coma desire. The price of the Birmore is $175. You'll find it in everv wit thm ennui tn anv mano that is to be had from any exclusive piano dealer at $250. If yon decide to keep it, we ask nothing down when yon buy and but a dollar a week in payment thereafter. - Remember that no piano bargain can be superior to the Barmore at ! 1 7 .". We could sell ym a piano at $123, but it's the class that we couldn't afford to handle, for we ceuldn t guarantee it ana we sell nothing but that we can put our reputation behind it. HECHT'S RELIABLE STORES, 517-519-521 SOUTH BROADWAY. OPEN MONDAY AND SATURDAY EVE. FURS REMODELED BY G. FEIKIN & SON. Expert Furriers; high-grade work: moderate charges. Be sure to go to G. FEIKIN & SON, 721 W. Baltimore st. C. & P.. St. Paul 3553-M. WHY LEAVE HOME WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR JEWELRY AT YOUR HOUSE? Phone or write us and our salesman will call any time you want with a complete line of Diamonds, W'atches, etc. Make your selection, pay a little down and the balance either weekly or monthly. Goods left on approval. . S. & N. KATZ, : 1423 EAST MADISON ST.,i - Near Caroline. WEEKLY PAYMENT JEWELERS. O. & P. Phone. Wolfe 1882. BRADFORD'S DETECTIVE AGENCY, COLORADO BUILDING, WASHINGTON, D. C Expert Specialista. Delicate and Intricate Mat- ters; any cause; all sections. p21-6tp FREE ! HAIR TONIC. To prove that LORRIMER'S EXCELSIOR HAIR FOOD will grow hair, stop hair falling, remove dandruff, gray hair, etc., we will give a trial outfit. FREE OF CHARGE, to all who call or write. LORRIMER'S EXCELSIOR HAIR FOOD 17th year. LORRIMER MEDICAL INSTITUTE, INC.. 118 120 NORTH PACA STREET Near Lexington Market s2-tfp ea.SO ROOMS PAPERED. Call, write or phone (a and P. Phone, Madison 1816). W. P. BARTHOLOMAY, n2X-lmp 2100 Pennsylvania avenue. OVERCOATS, SUITS. CRAVENETTES, Silk-lined, imported material, built by experts for $40 and S50. Our price, S17 and S20; also. SAMPLE SUITS AND OVERCOATS for $8 and $10. Fine assortment to pick. from. HIRSCHMANN'S CLOTHING PARLOR, 1 13 N. Eden st, o26-lnJp LEAKY ROOFS PAINTED, made absolutely tight and guaranteed, at small cost; will call and give free estimate. - Our Furnace Roof Paint, 73c. gal. Guar. Roof and Metal Paint Co.. 307 North st. B. WE YFORTH & SONS, POPULAR-PRICE TAILORS, 217 219 NORTH PACA STREET. Fall and Winter Woolens, Novelties, Fancy Veatings. Trouserings, Overcoatings. Suits to order, $13 up; Pants, 85 up. Both phones. Open till 8 P. M. tfp UN-QUES-TION-ABLY The Store for Quality. , . FRANK J. MUJtlPHY, . 320 and 322 West Lexington St. YOU SAVE 25 PER CENT. ON YOUR PURCHASES OF FURNITURE, CARPETS, LINOLEUM AND GENERAL HOUSEFURNISHING3 AND CAN HAVE THEM CHARGED. PAY $2 CASH AND $2 PER WEEK ON $100 WORTH OF GOODS; $1 CASH. $1 PER WEEK ON $50 WORTH; 50c, CASH. 50c. PER WEEK ON $25 WORTH. - OPEN SATURDAY lO P. M. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. FOR SALE Stock and Fixtures, neat, good-paying little Grocery, with established trade; low rent; modern two-story Dwelling; only S20O; real bargain. Apply at 21 lO MONTROSE STREET. 25-3 ONLY 85 Stock and Fixtures of 15 years' established Corner Grocery; splendid stand; rea-sonable rent; big bargain. 709 S. Fremont ave. MANUFACTURING PLANT (most profitable line) for sale; great bargain. Apply at CHAS. H. EVANS, 210 North street. n25-2t LET ME SELL YOUR PATENT ; booklet mailed free; 16 years' experience; patent sales exclusively; call or wire, WM. E. HOYT, Patent Sales Specialist, 29Q (M) Broadway, New York.l-lm FOR SALE Large STOREROOM AND DWELLING, with two acres of land; cash trade $40,000 year; with or without stock of goods. FRANK L. STONER, n20-6t . Frederick, Md. WANTED Active Man, with small capital, to ENTER REAL ESTATE. RENTAL AND FIRE-INSURANCE BUSINESS, with active, experienced Man on the Eastern Shore of Maryland; good chance for good man. Address POST-OFFICE BOX 35, Cambridge, McL nSlt WANTED TO BUY AN INTEREST IN GOOD MANUFACTURING BUSINESS; ref erences ex-changed. Apply 113 NORTH GREENE ST. GROCERY, PROVISION AND FEED STORE, clearing over $5,000 a year, for sale at invoice; also, PROPERTY ; books open for inspection. Apply at 113 NORTH GREENE STREET. n2i-3t SALOON FOR SALE, including Fixtures and Stock ; old stand ; good reasons for selling : long Jease. Apply at Oil SOUTH BROADWAY. BARGAIN $S00 will buy ICE-CREAM MANUFACTURING PLANT that cost over $2,000. Apply at 113 NORTH GREENE ST. n24-3t FOR SALE Al MEAT MARKET, clearing over $5,000 a year books open for inspection. Ap ispection. Ap-3TREET. nai-3 ply at llii rv( tjKiiii-Nii; s HARDWARE AND PAINT STORE-Must be Bold this week; going to country; all reasonable offers considered. 517 COLUMBIA AVE. 24-3 $50 CAPITAL, and I can show you how to make easily $409 or $500 a month in a legitimate business. Call or address H. AUCKER, n24-2t 751 East Preston street. FOR SALE An old-established GRAIN AND PRODUCE COMMISSION BUSINESS, now doing a good business; a good investment for the right party. Address "OWNER" 7S, Sun office. ' n23-3t WANT TO BUY ENTIRE OR INTEREST IN PROFITABLE BUSINESS or furnish cash to open place. M. NELSON. Station P. n23-3t FOR SALE 1801 and 1841 NORTH CHAPEL STREET, between North avenue and Lafayette avenue ; new Houses, new neighborhood ; good location for a grocery, provision, notion, bakery or shoe store; price one thousand dollars ($1,000). Apply to - . WALTER L. WESTPHAL. nlo-16t - 1700 North Bond Btreet. BEST-LOCATED GROCERY STORE IN WAL-BROOK, doing business of $2,000 a month; property in fee; Dwelling has every modern convenience.. This is the best opportunity ever offered to a live Dusinesa man. Owner being forced to go West is the only reason for sacrificing this splendid proposition. C. MORTON, Both Phones. 20 St. Paul street. BUSINESS AND REAL ESTATE BROKER. MAURICE LAUPHEIMER, 6TH FLOOR CALVERT BUILDING. tf MERCANTILE COUPONS. The Oldest Premium System, but one, in Baltimore. The only system supplying excellent Premiums for $10. -The system that gives S5.0O free on every $109 redemption. No outlay of money required to inaugurate our system. Mercantile Coupons draw trade and hold It permanently. It will pay you to investigate. Show Parlors, 60 WEST BALTIMORE STREET. n7-lm EDUCATIONAL. MI83 B. W. WEEMS' Baltimore School of Pernin Shorthand, , 508 Union Trust Building. Individual Instruction. Lessons by Mail. SYLLABIC SHORTHAND IN THREE MONTHS. Miss KENNARD'S SCHOOL OF SHORTHAND. Hoffman Building. 11 East Lexington street. MISS GARDNER'S SCHOOL OF SHORTHAND. 335 NORTH CHARLES STREET. McKee System. Day and Evening Sessions. Correspondence Course. BERLITZ SCHOOL. FRENCH. GERMAN, SPANISH. ENGLISHw ITALIAN, etc, taught rapidly by the most cele. brated methods. Natives. Class and Private. Day and night. Teachers sent to residences. Transla-tions. 14 W. FRANKLIN ST.. near CHARLES. MAPLEWOOD, Concord ville. Pa., a successful School, near Phila. ; one ot the best to wake up Boys to duties of life; prepares 40 Boys for college or business; 46th year. Fine large gymnasium; excellent dept. for Little Boys. Booklet. P. O. Box 25. J. SHORTLTDGB (Yale), A.M.. Prin. nl2-2m PAWNBROKERS. THE NEW YORK LoAN OFFICE. 608 West Baltimore st. Largest Loan Office In this State. LOANS ANY AMOUNT ON WATCHES. DI. MONDS. JEWELRY. CLOTHING. ETC MONEY TO LOAN ....MONEY 1JN 8UJ1B XJ BU11, ' AT BENJAMIN & CO.'S LOAN AND BANKING HOUSE (ESTABLISHED 1830). NOS. 420. 422 AND 424 E, FAYETTE 8T., NEAR GAY. We continue to advance the largest loans on all kinds of valuables and collaterals. Jewelry of all kinds bought and Sold. Open daily till 6 P. M.. Saturdays 10 P. M. Private entrance. 420. ESTABLISHED 1825. CONSOLIDATED LOAN COMPANY. LEWYT & SALABES. 1 NORTH GAY 8TREET. The largest and best-equipped LOAN OFFICE In the city. . Side entrance to private office. We loan money on everything of value. S. SALABES & CO., WEST BALTIMORE LOAN COMPANY. 675 WEST BALTIMORE STREET. Between Pine and Arch streets. Liberal advances on merchandise of every descrip. Uon. An ur-to-date Loan Office, conducted on up-to-date principles. Side Entrance to Private Office. EOST AND FOUND. LOST Driving from tollgnte on Liberty road and Chesapeake avenue, Walbrook to 2S01 WesS North avenue, a small HAND SATCHEL, containing Jewelry. Money and Valuable Papers; owner's card with address inside. Satisfactory reward if left at 2801-WEST NORTH AVENUE. No questions asked. - n25-t LOST Large, new, flat MINK MUFF. Saturday afternoon, fcetween 5 and 5.30 P. - M.. corner Franklin and Howard streets, or on Emory GroTe car. Liberal reward, will be paid if returned to D. Rw - WALSH. Architects' OfSoe, Baltimore and Ohio Central Building. r.25-2t LOST On Orleans street car or between Baltimore and Hollidav streets and Hollidv" Street Theatre. GOLD NECKLACE AND BROOCH; initials R. R." Reward at 111 WARREN AVE.f LOST, STRAYED OR STO LEN One BIRD DOG; license No. 1955e; color blrck and white; female. Return to MR. H. O. NICOL. T25 Ramsay street, and receive reward. n'5-3t LOST BILL PURSE, containing Money and Papers, Liberal reward if returned to H. POW-DERMAKER, Greenwald Packing Company, Union Stock Yards. n25-3t LOST-Saturday night, on Lexington Rt., BLACK SATCHEL, containing Glasses and small sum of money. Reward at 31S"S, CENTRAL AVE. LOST Saturday afternoon in or outside Academy cf Music or in Roland Park car. BLACK LAMB'S WOOL STOLE. Liberal reward if returned to 1212 NORTH CALVERT STREET.24-1 LOST A POCKETBOOK, containing a small open-face Watch, oo Tuesday ; "monogram "M. L. R. W." Reward if returned to 2120 MARYLAND AVENUE. n24-3t LOST-A 8ILVER BELT BUCKLE AND A - BLACK RIBBON BELT. Reward if returned to 2722 MARYLAND AVENUE. n24-2t STRAYED FROM HOME Saturday morning, White-and-Brown FOX TERRIER, female; collar and locket attached around neck. Liberal reward if returned to 217 SOUTH HANOVER STREET. n24-2t STRAYED FROM HOME November 5, large dark . gray MALE CAT. When last seen wrs wearing collar with locket. Liberal reward if returned to 1707 NORTH CALVERT STREET. n24-3t FOUNTAIN PENS. L A N C A S T E R F O U N. T A I N P E N S FOR CHRISTMAS' give a . 1 LANCASTER ' FOUNTAIN PEN - We are offering for the holiday trade some beautifully decorated models many of them filigreed in exquisite gold and silver mountings. Ask to isee them. BUY HERB FROM THE MAKERS AND SAVE 25 to 40 ON THE BEST FOUNTAIN PENS MADE. Colonial Fountain Pen Co., 413 E. BALTIMORE STREET. Second Floor. ' Baltimore is the home of the Original Fountain Pen. W. N. Lancaster, Originator, 1879. HORSES, MULES. ETC. KING'S 100 PER CENT. SERVICE AUCTION. PUBLIC HRSE SALES, MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS, COMMENCING AT 10.30 A. M. Over 200 private entries each week of seasoned workers and drivers, Carriages, Daytons, Wagons and Harness. Sellers get spot cash the minute they sell. PRIVATE HORSES ENTERED FREE. No charges unless sold, but we guarantee the sale of your horse at a fair value. You get your settlement in full, in money. PRIVATE SALES DAILY. FARM AND BUSINESS HORSES. HIGH-CLASS DRAFTERS. SEASONED MOUNTAIN STOCK ' and a good selection of big and medium sired secondhand Horses and Mules; some a little thin, but serviceable. KING'S, LARGEST COMBINATION OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD. SELLERS AND BUYERS TAKE NOTICE. For good reasons we sell 95 per cent, of the Horses, Carriages, Wagons and Harness sold by private parties at public auction in Baltimore city. $135 BUYS BLOCKY HORSE, new top Express Wagon and set Brass Harness, suit grocer, baker or delivery; $100 buys Team, suit business or pleasure; no further use; owner must sell; top Buggies, Runabouts, Surreys, Daytons. 815 Hillen st. CHEAP. FOR CASH. Five good HORSES AND MARES; suit any work. Also. CARTS AND HARNESS; no reasonable offer refused. Apply at n25-6t 1111 NORTH FREMONT AVE. $20O BUYS TEAM BILLY B., golden sorrel, sound, fearless, ladv broke ; can show 20: handsome rubber-tire Runabout and Gilt Harness; also, 4 fastest trotters in State, cheap. 817 Hillen. AT HALF VALUE Good WORK AND BUSINESS MARE; young, sound and promnt driver; used in grocery wagon; must sell quick. Call Immediately at 2114 PENNSYLVANIA AVE.25-6 KELLEY'S EXPRESS will sell 15 Horses, Mares; pair Mules, $G5 ; pair large Draft Mares, weigh 2,600, price (pair), $90; also. Team, suit grocer or express, $S5. Rear 408 N. HIGH ST. n2S-t 30 HORSES, MARES AND MULES, suit any business, prices $25 to $75, weigh 000 to 1,300 each ; also, top and no-top Wagons. Carts, single and Double Trucks and Harness. 822 ADDISON STREET. See Stable Boss. ' n25-6t PRIVATE PARTIES, WHO WANT THE BEST RETURNS FOR THEIR STOCK. SHOULD SEND THEM TO FOXS AUCTIONS. o3-tf TRANSFER COMPANY. S35 TO S5.- lOO HORSES AND 50 HEAD OF YOUNG BLOCKY-BUILT MULES, ages 6 to 8 years old, weighing 900 to 1.400 nnds, to be positively sold at rate or 23 d a week: all good, serviceable stock, right out of hard work. Also, 20 big. fat MARES, pavement sore, will come sound in the country; 2 fast driving MARES, very cheap, can show 2.40 speed. See Manager, at Company's Stable. . S. W. CORNER OF LEXINGTON AND FREDERICK STS. ANY KIND AND ANY PRICE HORSE OR MULE . AT FOXS. oS-tf LOOK AT THESE PRICES. COME AND SEE THE STOCK. FRIEDENWALD'S The place where you can save money, get a square deal and six davs' trial on every horse you buy, PRIVATE SALES EVERY DAY. HORSES, MARES AND MULES FROM $25.00 TO 875.00. Every Horse as represented or mony refunded. OUR NEXT BIG AUCTION WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27. COMMENCING AT 2 P. M. 78 HEAD OF HORSES. MARES and MULES, unlimited, and must be sold. Also, Wagons, Buggies, Harness, etc. . FRIEDENWALD'S - RELIABLE AUCTI0N8. 315-317-319 NORTH CALVERT ST. 40 HORSES, MARES, MULES, CHEAP, $25 TO $75. NOTICE. Western Maryland Express Company will sell 40 HORSES, MARES AND MULES; several Mares in foal; Mules, $50 to $150 a pair; Horses $25 to $85; weigh 900 "to 1,400 pounds; some little tender in feet; bargains for farmers. See Sta-ble Boss, 431 aad 433 NORTH HIGH ST. n4-lm FOR SALE-HEBE, BAY MARE, absolutely sound; goes without a boot; Hebe will go in 2.13 next year; has beaten all the horses in the club; I can't keep this mare any longer and will make a big sacrifice; also, two MATINEE CARTS, two seta HARNESS and BLANKETS. Phone, C. and P., Arlington 78. F. M. RICE, n24-7t Denmore Park, Arlington, Md. HORSES AND MULES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION ALWAY3 ON HAND, AT PRIVATE SALE. AT FOXS AUCTIONS. oS-tf PARTY LEAVING CITY WILL DISPOSE OF A BAY RIDING AND, DRIVING MARE, 5 years old; BABCOCK RUNABOUT AND HARNESS. Apply at CHAPMAN'S STABLES, 331 North Calvert street. n24-3t HANDSOME COMBINATION HORSE, Bay; kind, gentle and fearless; all gaits under saddle; square trotter in harness. HARRY B. WOLF, Attorney at Law. 204 Courtland street, ' n24-2t PRIVATE SALES OF HORSES AND MULES, ALL DAY AND EVERY DAY AT FOXS AUCTIONS. oS-tf JUST RECEIVED Carload mountain HORSES from West Virginia; suit any purpose. Also, some cheap MULES and several EXPRESS WAGONS. Our Motto Square dealing. JOHN E. KIRBY. nl3-18t 2Q3 2Q5 South Paca street. FOXS AUCTIONS. HORSES AND MULES. No By-Bidding or Supposed-to-Be Buyers. Every Sale a Bona-Fide One. fO-XP FOR S ALB Horse, Wagon and Harness; good roadster; also Heavy Wagon. 1 03U Calhoun st. WHEN OTHER STABLES CANNOT SUIT YOU IN A HORSE OR MULE. VISIT FOXS AUCTIONS. o3-tf FOR SALE Handsome, good-size DRIVING OR COACH HORSE, sound and fearless. Apply at 25 WEST BIDDLE STREET. n22-3t FOXS AUCTIONS TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY. 318320322 NORTH STREET. o3-tf HORSE CLIPPING By electricity while you wait; expert clippers; not taken off in chunks. JAMES KING & CO. ?EN OF LARGE SIZE MULES, PEN OF SMALL SIZE MULES. PEN OF MEDIUM SIZE MULES. FOXS AUCTIONS. o3-tf FOR SALE OR HIRE Forty HORSES AND MARES, suitable for all purposes; aim. DRUMMER'S TEAM. Apply at 315 WEST FAYETTE STREET. mll-tf 200 HORSES AND &ULES AT PRIVATE SALE. ON MONDAY. NOVEMBER 25. I will have a fresh shipment of 200 Horses and Muleg, consisting of fine Kentucky saddle and harness Horses, draft and general-purpose Horses, 6 months' old Mule Colts, yearling Mules, 2-year-old Mules and broke Mules of all sizes and ages. Come to see this lotof stock and get first choice. They will be for sale at my stables in York, Pa. n20-7t v JOE KINDIG. FOXS AUCTIONS TUESDAY, THURSDAY. SATURDAY. HORSES AND MULES of Every Description. 318-320-322 NORTH STREET. o3-tf FOR SALE Lady's DRIVING OR WORK MARE. 8 years old: fearless of ail objects: safe and sound. Apply to KIRBY. 33 North Gay at. HORSES, MUXES. ETC. $15 TO iO EACH. We will sell lO HOR-SE3 and MARES at above prices. indiKiing three MAREd guaranteed in foal; 1 days' trial given. Apply UNION EXPRESS STABLE, SIO Davis St.. one square north of City Postc3ic. 25-3t SEND YOUR H0RSE3 AND WAGONS. IF YOU WANT TO SELL THEM. TO FOXS AUCTIONS. oJ-tf S25 TO 75. Ten HORSES AND MARES, suit carts, any use; MARES IN FOAL: fast family animal, safe and fearless -Carts, top three-spring Wagoii, single and double Harness; 10 days' trial given. For bargains call at STABLE ON BUTCHER'S LANE. d of 1040 West North avenue. n22-4t NOTICE We have added a new addition to our hiring department and are now prepared to handle additional business, either in monthly horses or entire teams; also will in the future furnish Draft Horses by the day. This branch owing to our other busi-nessy has not received the attention in the past we will give to it in the future. Your petronag-e solicited if you want good service. We will take a limited number of boarding horses. TTte only perfect sanitary stable from all points in Maryland. J m nnies KingSt Co. HIGH. NEAR BALTIMORE. HARNESS, ETC. 57 HORSE BLANKET. All wool; 84x90; T pounds; solid green; extraordinarily strong and handsome value for 4.S. Others, S3c to $12. LITTLE JOE'S, Baltimore and Howard. HORSES WINTERED. HORSES WINTERED. $i a month; 15 miles out-the Belair road. EDWARD HALL. JR.. n23-6t 637 Eiiultable Building. HORSES WINTERED AT ELMORE, Belvidere avenue and Pimlico road. N JOHN FITZBERGEK. Both Phones. nl3-lm PASTURAGE. WANTED PA3TURE FOR DRAFT HORSES FOR WINTER MONTHS; state terms: Address Y 074. Sun office. n23-3t PASTURAGE. FOUNTAIN VALLEY STOCK FARM. Reisters-town, Md. HORSES BOARDED winter and summer; everybody cur reference. W. P. BIRD & BRO.. 211 North Paca street. nl-lm CARRIAGES. WAGONS. ETC. WHAT SHALL THE HARVEST BE? We do not know what the future will bring forth, but if you have any money you want converted into Carriasres and vehicles of all dearrintinniL ni. lu than manufacturer's cost, rou can reap a harvest Of us. 1,000 sets Harness. Robes, Blankets, etc. JAMES KING & CO., It HIGH, NEAR BALTIMORE, SWAPPING DOLLARS For $L23 worth of Wagons. Got anv dollars T 250 Wagons and Trucks in stock, ready for immediate delivery. - Repairs guaranteed one year. Be sure to get our bid. Rubber tires put onf MARYLAND WAGON WORKS, JAMES KING & CO.. Proo're.. it Fayette street, near High. H. H. BABCOCK COMPANY. . Carriage Builders. The newest, latest, best Handmade Carriages for fall and winter. Handmade Harness. ''Auto and Carriage Robes, Horse Blankets, etc., etc P. E. SANDS, Manager. o30-lm Fajette and Hanover sta. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A BETTER OPPORTUNITY THIS YEAR TO SECURE A BARGAIN THAN RIGHT NOW. CARRIAGES of almost every description, almost as good as new, by best builders in thi country. Here on storage several FAMILY TURNOUTS Horses, Carriages and Harness; very superior HORSE, RUNABOUT and HARNESS, in fine order; heavy and light Double Harness, PALACE STABLES AND CARRIAGE WORKS, North and Mount Royal avenues. nlB-lm J. S. DITCH & CO. BABCOCK JAGGER9 AND'BCSINESS BUGGIES. Don't buy one without seeing ours. o30-lm FAYETTE AND HANOVER STS. FOR SALE. SHOWCASES AND STORE FIXTURES. F. X. GANTER, SALESROOMS 13 WEST PRATT STREET. FACTORY SHARP AND STOCKHOLM STS. SACRIFICE PRICES OF UPRIGHT PIANOS. - Twenty-five new and slightly used UPRIGHT PIANOS of aU the leading makes at $38, $110, $115, $120, $130, $140, $150, $175 $1S0, $225 and up. Stool, Cover, 10 years' guarantee and delivered. Call early if you wish to avail yourself of these great bargains that will be placed on sale Monday niorn- E. T. LUMPKIN & CO., PIANO WAREROOMS, 209 NORTH LIBERTY ST., , OPPOSITE GAS OFFICE. $75 SAVED. K250 UPRIGHT PIANO FOR $175. This Piano, a handsome Mahogany Upright, of a reliable make, sold le? than two yars ago on monthly payments for 9250. has been returned after $75 has been paid. We will sell it for the balance still due on it of 9 175, payable $10 cash and $5 monthly; with a liberal discount for all cash. Handsome Stool and Scarf included and guaranteed same as new. This is a rare chance to save money, as the Piano has been so little used it would readily pass for new. R. LERTZ 6c SON, Stein way Piano Wareoonis, 14 West Saratoga Btreet, opposite Rennert's, n24-3t FOR SALE This is the time of the year to use TOP SOIL (Garden Dirt) and we have it rich as cream. We also have short, well-rotted MANURE for top dressing. You can almost see the grass grow when applied. JOSEPH H. PENTZ, Md. Phone, North 175. Guilford ave. and 25th st. COAL. WOOD. COAL. BROWN BROS., OFFICE, 20 EAST LEXINGTON ST. RAILROAD YARD. 1520 MARYLAND AVE. Call or Write Before Buying. Both Phones. "WHITE ROTARY" DROP-HEAD SEWING MACHINE, good as new, only $18. GEORGE A. KRAFT, n5-lm 304 North Charles street. COAL. COAL. COAL. "iT"!?'!'! f 25 Bundles of Kindling Wood. We J- J-VXJJZi . will give to every cash purchaser 25 bundles of Wood free on each and every ton bought. S5.00 THE LARGEST SMALL NUT IN THE CITY. 87.00 No. 1 Hard. . No. 4 Nut-87.25 $7.25 No. 2 Hard. No. 2 Sunbury S7.50 7.25 No. 3 Hard. No. 8 Sunbury 87.50 G. C. KRAFT, 1302 1304-130a N. CHARLES ST. C. and P. Phone Mount Vfernou 292. TYPEWRITERS g&t5?,firl Chicago, $12.50;. Oliver, $30: No. 2 Smith. $40. NICHOLSON TW. EXCHANGE, 112 N.Howard. A LOT of Secondhand Treadle Presses, Apply Slaysman Co., 718 E. Pratt Bt. s3-m,tq.w,thtf COAL AND WOOD. THE E. D. ONION COAL CO., C30 C3S EAST MONUMENT STREET. OAK AND PINE WOOD. CLEAN COAL AND 2.240 LBS. PER TON. p5. Pea Coal 5 00 S7 00 Hard No. 1 7.00 7.25 Hard Nos. 2, 3 and Nut J?7.25 ST.BO Sunbury Noa. 2, 3 and Nut 7.50 S.10...Lykens Valley Nos. 2, 3 and Nuf...SS.10 ' Best Grades Blacksmith and Steam Coal. BOTH PHONES. n5-lm FOR SALE-LIGHT PINE AND OAK PILING, TELEPHONE POLES. L. C. O.UINN, n24-3t - Queenstown, Md. GUNS. FOR SALE At very lowest prices, a great variety of all gauges of the dnest imported BREECHLOADING GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS. LOADED SHELLS. CARTRIDGES, GUN CLOTHING. MARINE AND OPERA GLASSES, ATHLETIC AND SPORTING GOODS. DRAWING AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, etc.; Repairing a specialty. H. S. HARTOGENSIS, Closed on Saturdays. 600 East Baltimore st. S4.00 "THE CHEAPE3T FUEL ON EARTH" is U cord of E. S. BRADY & CO.'S Dry Yellow Pine Wood; sawed and delivered for 84.00. All kinds cf COAL at the lowest market rates? 00 SOUTH CARLO IN E STREET. Branch PATTERSON AVENUE AND MONROE ST. Both Phones, tf MACHINERY. 300 pieces in stock for immediate delivery prices to suit the times; 50 boilers; 3 to 150 H.P. Engines, all sizes and types: 5-ton Road Roller; 150-H.P. Fitchburg Engine; 2S-H.P. Farquhar Combined Boiler and Engine on wheels; Gas Engines, Air Compressors, Hoisting Engines. Heaters. Blowers, Fans. Lathes, etc. MALLORY MACHINERY CO., 310 South Charles at. nlS-lm WE GIVE GOLD CHECKS 55.00.......LARGEST SMALL NUT. SS.OO ST.OO HARD NO. 1 $7.00 $7.25. ...HARD NOS. 2, 3 AND NUT....7.25 $7.50 SUNBURY NOS. 2 AND 3 87.50 CASH COAL CO., 310 EAST LEXINGTON ST. (Hoen Building). C. and P.. 2233. Maryland. Courtland 4a3. 81GO WILL BUY UPRIGHT PIANO, Mahogany Case; cannot be told from new; Stool and Scarf-fully guaranteed. SANDERS & 6TAYMAJ? CO., S. E. corner Charles and Fayette sts. o28-tf S225 Beautiful HARDMAN UPRIGHT PIANO. nuuiuu; vajMs , uuc wnmuoo; guaranteed: Stool and Cover. SANDERS & BTAYMA? CO., S. E. corner Charles and Fayette streeta.oa-tf WE GIVE GOLD CHECKS $5.00 LARGEST SMALL NUT.......fT5.0O 7.00 HARD NO. 1 .....SOO 87.25.. ..HARD NOS. 2. 3 AND NUT.. ..87.25 87.50 SUNBURY NOS. 2 AND 3. .87.50 THE CHESAPEAKE CO., 1518 MARYLAND AVENUE. C. and P.. Mt. Vernon 1833. Md., Courtland 1351. PIANO BARGAINS. UPRIGHTS from 875 up SQUARES from 810 np - Cash or Mor.thly Pav-menta GEORGE WILLIG & CO.. 218 and 220 West Franklin st,. near Howard street. GOLDEN STAMPS. 54.50.. Half Cord Pine Kindling or Block"84.'ho UOrsSUMilKS' COAL CO., Both Phones. 218 West Fayette st. 8125.00 UPRIGHT PIANO, slightly used, in ex-. cellent condition, with Stool ana Cover and Manufacture's Guarantee for Ten Years indorsed by us. Cash or alight advance on installments, payable monthly. : , COHEN & HUGHES. U 04 North Howard street. 5.0 Large Size Small Nut Coal $5.00 87.0O No. 1 Size Hard Coal 87.00 87.25 Nos. 2. 3 and 4 Nut Hard Coal JS7.25 4 FOR SALE. TEE GREAT HOUSE OF ISAAC BEKESCH & SONS 549-551-553-555-557-569-571 N. GAY ST., BELAiRBMlisrr. Open Late Monday and Saturday Evenings. PDA NOS Is there anYthing more beautiful, more acceptable, or more lasting as a Christmas present than a Piano! You may have been thinking about giving the wife or daughter one, but didn't just care about spending the cash money for it. Well, that needn't prevent you from bringing gladness to their hearts this Xmas. ' Come in and select one from our great stock ; we'll deliver it . to your home whenever you say, and you can pay for it in small amounts as best suits your convenience; W9 GUARANTEE TO GIVE YOU A BETTER PIANO FOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTIIER HOUSE IN AMERICA. NEW UPRIGHT PLANOS AS LOW AS SI 35. If you are looking for, bargains in slightly used Pianos, we always have a few which we take in exchange for our New Pianos, and they can be bought cheap. JACOBS BROS. UPRIGHT FIANOS. -Taken in exchange for one of our fine "Davenport & Tracey Pianos; cost when new $450. Will be sold for SLIGHTLY USED MILTON UPRIGHT PIANO In very good condition; cost new $350. Will be sold for. . . . ONE NEARLY NEW UPRIGHT PIANO m $115 ONE USED UPRIGHT PIANO FOR HIGH-GRADE HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. nrly new, at very low prices : nne irass oeu. aum Bureau. Wardrobe, Mahogany Pining Table, Buffet, Leather-Seat Chairs, Body Brusl. Wilton and Axminster Kurd. Brussels Carpet, Portieres. Curtains, Window Shade.. Cutlery. Eddy Refrigerator; almost four ton of Coal; no dealers. Call ftJA.NMk& APPLETON STREET, u3-3t Near North avenue. TWO 5-H.P. ELECTEIC MOTORS, one 1-H.P.; also, one 100-light DYNAMO -Motors bwjrht. sold and exchanged. McCAY ENGINEERING CO M PANY, U East Lexington street. n-5-Lm 15 USED ORGANS, excellent condition, from $13 to $): Stool. Book. SANDERS & STAYMAN CO.. oCS-tf S. E. corner Charles and Fayette streets. WE GIVE S. & II. GREEN TRADING STAMPS. f.-00 LARGE SIZE SMALL NUT 5.00 iir.OO No. 1 HARD .7.00 JS7.25....HARD NOS. 2, 3 AND NOT....ST.25 117.50 NOS. 2 AND S SUNBURY 8T.SO ! 11. SO... Half Cord Pine Kindling Block.. .S4.5U McCULLOUGH COAL CO., Park avenue and Fayette street. Both Phones. U H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS S2COO 2 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS 25.00 2 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS 30.00 1 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS .v. ..KS.VOO 1 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS 842.50 2 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS 50.00 3 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS. 3AO.OO 4 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTOR3 S?7f.00 5 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTORS -.90.00 Sixty used Electric Motors on hand; 10 White & Middleton Gas or Gasoline Engines; Motors loened while repairs are beinir made. SELL. RENT OR EXCHANGE. IVES MANUFACTURING CO.. 12-lm 203 Hanover street. SACRIFICE PRICES OF UPRIGHT PIANOS. Twenty-Are new and sllgUUv nsed UPRIGHT PIANOS of aU the leading makes at $03. $110. $115, $130. $130, $140. $130. $175. 5190. $225 and np. Stool. Cover, 10 years' guarantee and delivered. Call early if you wish to avail yourself of these great bargains that will be placed on sale Monday morning. E.T. LUMPKIN & CO., PIANO WAREROOMS, 209 NORTH LIBERTY ST., OPPOSITE GAS OFFICE. FOR SALE Large ICEBOX, also LUNCHROOM FIXTURES, incliidititr Range and Coffee Urns. JOHNNIE HOPWOOD, n2I- 425 East Baltimore rt. WE GIVE S. & H. GREEN TRADING STAMPS. $5.00 LARGE SIZE SMALL NUT SS.OO Thoroughly screened and Free from Slate.) 97.0O No. 1 HARD 7.00 7.25....HARD NOS. 2, 3 AND NUT....7.25 7.r.O NOS. 2 AND 3 SUNBURY S7.SO 4. BO.. .Half Cord Pine Kindling Block.. .$4.50 FIDELITY COAL & IRON CO., Both Phones, Main Office, 112 N. HOWARD ST., OAK AND 20TH STREETS. tf 8TEINWAY UPRIGHT PIANO Will Be bold to Cash Customer for $300. O. H. HILDEBRANDT & SON. n3-lm 321 North Howard street. GASOLINE ENGINES Marine and Stationary. Special bargains in new and secondhand LN-GINE3. HENRY KEIDEL & CO.. T)6-lm 405 West German street. 803 PIANOLA, Mahogany; excellent condition; big bargain. SANDER 3 & 8TAYMAN CO.. o2S-tf 8. E. comer Charlea and Fayette streets. WE GIVE S, & H. GREEN TRADING STAMPS. 95.00 LARGE SIZE SMALL NUT.... .$5.00 , (No Dirt and 2.210 Pounds Guaranteed.) 7.00 No. 1 HARD 87.00 87.25. ...HARD NOS. 2, 3 AND NUT....S7.25 7.50 NOS. 2 AND 3 SUNBURY &7.50 4 BO...Half Cord Pine Kindling Block.. .4.50 INDEPENDENT COAL CO., MU V. 14S8-K. Office, 323 N. HOWARD ST. ASPHALT BLOCKS. (SECONDS.) THE MARYLAND PAVEMENT CO., H East Lexinston .street, or Patterson avenue and mroe street. nZJ-'t BUY YOUR COAL FROM THE OLD RELIABLE FIRM OF A. P. SHUTT & SON,. Which assures you getting the best grade ot Coal, clean, free of slate, full weight, prompt and. neat delivery. We give a MONEY REBATE FOR CASH to offset competitors' inducements. HT ISOKTH fcUTAW STREET. ... J BIO MARYLAND AVENUE. KstaDiisnea im. Both Phones. ONLY 815 FOR FINE SQUARE PIANO. In perfect order and with Stool, Cover -and free actively mciuaea; owner declining housekeeping and baa no further nse for it. Apply at n21-tf 214 WEST SARATOGA ST. TYPE WHITER S. RUNS SELLS LIKE liixu mi SELLS FOR Rents for only $2 a month. THE WELLINGTON Standard Visible Writer. Office. 117 North Eutaw treet. WINTER RESORTS. The Midwinter Gateway To The Land Where It's Summer All. Winter A trip of continual ecenlo surprises from New Orleans to San Francisco with, a da-lightful ocean trip New York to New Orleans. The Southern Pacific SUNSET ROUTE Offers The Natural Midwinter Route to CALIFORNIA and all points in . Louisiana, Texas, Arizona. . B. B. BARBER, Agent, 20 W. Baltimore st,, Baltimore. VIRGINIA. THE MECKLENBURG HOTEL, Chase City, V a. On the Southern Railway, ninety miles south of Richmond. Hotel thoroughly modem. Rooms single and en suite, private baths, steam heat, electric lights, elevator. Climate ideal,' location and surroundings superb: cuiaine and service the oest. All popular diversions. Game preserves ot 30 M acres; quail, deer, turkey. Fox hunting. Baruch and Nanheim system of bathe. The fa-nous Mecklenburg Springs water Lithia and Calcium Chloride served to guests. Touriat rates from all points. Weekly rates, $15.00 and np. American plan. Booklets. , o2S-lra ATLANTIC CITY, W. J. HOTEL DENNIS, ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.. OCCUPIES ONE-HALF SQUARE OF UNOBSTRUCTED BEACH FRONT. oSO-28t WALTER 3. BUZBY. HOTEL TRAYMORE, ATLANTIC CITY. Overlooking the ocean. Open aU the year. , .TRAYMORE HOTEL CO. CHA3. O. MARQUETTE, D. 8. WHITE. nl-30t - Manager. President. BERKSHIRE INN, g nond $3 to $15 weekly. "Capacity, 300. Elevator, baths, etc J. O. & J. E. DICKINSON. SONG OF THE WINDS The winds they come like bounds of the night, And they will not let me be; Whirling the leaves In their wayward flight, Sweeping the bill and lea. What of their song when v the branches sway. Ere the night shades lift to the dusk of day; A ship Is lost and a heart in Tain Waits and hopes at the window pane, There by a cold, gray sea. The winds those trailing dogs of the night. i Hark, hark to their whispering! They moan of a soul that has taken flight. And never a hope they bring. The lights of the night gleam cold, so cold, Over the hills and the npland wold And yonder a night bird, lonely, grieves For you out there 'neath the sod and leaves And thus do the night winds sing ! Will F. Griffin, in Milurauke Sentinel. FOR SALE. .$83 $165 .,...504 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ITasrla Brown Killed By Fall Frou Window Of Ilia. Home. Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Son.l Washington, Not. 24. Hugh Brown, S3 years old, of 702 F street nortawest, filed at Freedmen's Hospital toaignt from a fractured akulL Ha fell from a window In the third story of his home. Brown was formerly employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company as an engineer. He lost his position about two weeks ago, and since then bad been with out employment. lie returnKl hom yes- teraay aiternoon ana went to Li a room, on j the third floor, to sleep. A few minutes t later Mrs. Frances E. Pierson, who occu- I pies tne nrst Boor, beard the sound of a fall outside ber window In the rear yard. She rushed from the bouse, to find Brown lying In a heap and groaning. Tha man said: "Hurry and get me a physician. I't I fallen from the window." i The Eighth Precinct Police Station was j notified, and about 10 minutes later Brown was removed, to the hospital. He was a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive ' Engineers and the Maccabees. Waahtnarton Artist Cbosen. L. Amateis, a sculptor of thia city, has j been selecetd to design the monuments to the women of the Confederacy which will 1 be erected in the capitals of the Southern States. Holy- Xame Society Meet. About 500 members of the Holy Name Society of the District attended a rallv meeting In St Dominic's nail. Sixth and F streets southwest, Friday night, the first of its kind held In this jurisdiction. Among those present were Rev. Ignatius Fealy, of St. Joseph's Church; Rev. P. J. O'Connell, of St. Vincent de Paul Church; Rev. Rather Leary, S. J.; Rev. J. D. Noon. O. P.; Rev. E. O. Fitigerald, O. P., and Rev. Father Flnerty. A musical and literary program was rendered. ' Rescued From James Creek Canal. While on his way to his home, 414 Second street southwest, Charles V. Haskell, 63 years old, fell Into the James Creek canal, near South Capitol street and Virginia avenue southwest. He called for assistance and wag dragged from the canal by William B. Wlnton and James W. Callan. The police of the Fourth precinct were notified and sent the man to the Emergency Hospital, where he Is a patient. Hla condition Is not serious. Drove Into C. And O. Canal. Losing bis way In the darkness, David Stunets, 54 years old, of Ballston, Va drove his horse and wagon into the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, near Thirty-third street northwest, last night and narrowly escaped death by drowning. The horse was drowned. Mr. Stunets Is a patient at Georgetown University Hospital and the doctors say he will recover. When the horse went overboard, dragging wagon and driver after him, Mr. Stunets clung to one of the wheels and cried for help. John Carroll and Herman King, hearing his cries, swam to his assistance. Together they dragged him ashore. Tills AVeelc At The Theatres. The attractions at the local theatres tor this week will be as follows : National Lulu G laser, in "Lois, From Berlin, Belasco Clara, Bloodgood and William Courtetay, in "The Truth." Columbia "The Dairymaids. Chase's Polite vaudeville. Majestic Kathryn PumeU Stock Company, ta "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Academy "Bertha, the 8c wing-Machine GirL" Gayety "Bon Ton" Extravaganxs, Company. Lyceum "The Lady Birds," in "Tha Isla ot Samoa." Marrlasre Licenses. The following marriage licenses were Issued In Washington yesterday, the persons being from this city unless otherwise stated: Hiil Bcraxia. Henry J. Hell, 34 ; Matilda S. Buehner, 25, both of Baltimore. Minister, Rev. E. Hez Swem. Dempwolf Obwio. Rh Inch art Demp. wolf, 22 ; Grace Orwlg, 21; both of Philadelphia, Pa. Minister, Rer. Jaraes D. Buhrer. Jaeeett Dwyek. Edward A. Jarrett, 27 ; Mary K. Dwyer. 23, Rockville, Md. Minister, Rev. George A. MHIer. TO FORCES OF LAND AND SEA Orders Issued To Members Of Both Branches Of The Service. Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. Washington, Nov. 24. The following orders to army officers have been Issued : First Lieutenant Samuel A. Price. Twenty -eighth Infantry, -wiU proceed to Washington Barracks. D. C and report to the commanding officer of the genera' hospital for treatment. C&pt. David C Seagrave, ordaanoe department, win make a visit to the works of the BemeVSotvay Company, Syracuse, N. Y.. to Inspect material la process of manufacture for the ordnance department. Major Carl Belchmann. Twenty-fourth,, Infantry, will report to the commanding general. Army of Cuban Pacification, for duty pending the arrival of tie Twenty-fourth, Infantry at its stations in the United States, when ha vSl Join that regiment. Leave for one month and IS days Is granted First Lieutenant Guy G. B. Hanns, Coast ArLClftry Corps. Second Lieutenant Andrew W. Smith, Third Cavalry, is detailed as professor of military science and tactics at the University of Idaho. Leave for two months is granted Lieut -Cot, Walter L. Flsk, Corps of Engineers, from December L Lieut. -Col. William T. Wood, inspector-general, is relieved from detail In the Inspector-General's department, to take effect December 8, and Is detailed to fill a. vacancy in the Inspector-General's department, December 23. - The following transfers are made: First Lieutenant Lanncelot M. PurceTl from the Third to tha Twenty-sixth Infantry; First Lieutenant James W. Ererington from the Twenty-sixth, to the Third ; Infantry. Second Lieutenant David L. Roscoe, First Cav- , airy, is relieved from treatment st the general fccwpitilJSan Francisco, and from further duty on general recruiting service, and will join his regiment and proceed with it to the Philippines. First Lieutenant Noble J. Wiley, -Twenty-second Infantry, is transferred to the Fifth Infantry. Capt. William F. Creary, Eishth Infantry, upon the expiration of his present leave of absence, will report to the commanding general of the Depart ment of California for duty pending the arrival of his regiment at its station in that department, when his will join his company. " Leave for three months and six dsys is granted First Lieutenant Douglas H. Jacobs, Twelfth Cavalry, to take effect December L Xaral Orders. Special Dispatch, to the Baltimore Sun. Washington, N,ov. 24. The following orders to naval officers have been Issued : Naval Constructor R. E. Robinson is transferred from the Bureau of Construction and Repair. Navy Department, to report to the commander in chief of the Atlantic fleet for temporary duty on one of the vessels under his command. Assistant Naval Constructor I B. McBride is transferred from the navy yard. New York, No-Tember3Q. to report to commander in chief of the Atlantic fleet for temporary duty cm one of the vessels under his command. Movements of Naval essels. - Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. Washington, Not. 24., Th5 following movements of the vessels of the navy have been reported to the Bureau of Navigation : Sailed The Milwaukee, from Magdalen bay for Pichilinque; the Eagle, from Norfolk for Key West; the Lebanon from Key West for - Puerto Cortex. Honduras; tie Stricgh&m, Thornton. Da Long and Stockton, from Norfolk for AnnapoUi, Arrived The Shuhrick, at Norfolk; the Wasp, at Yonkers, N. X.

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