The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on May 17, 1869 · 1
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 1

Baltimore, Maryland
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Monday, May 17, 1869
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V V. -. V P"-INSURANCE NOTICES. ra.a-0!'i' t 'K OF TilK NATIONAL LU'K i ISsCKANCK. COMFANV-- I 01" TH8 f" UNITFD STATI-.S OF AMERICA, f Ko I8S BAI.TIMOIiK iSYUEET i the mnking Hoc V Johnston brothers fc Co.). !. W A. wifOSG.ta'e Collector of Interns! KeT- e in ih s citr. has been appointed MAXAUKKof Alio UiLIrF, I N'SUliANCK COMPANY OF EJiilIi SIAIES OF AilFKICA tor this Bejil!jii character and admirable business qoall-tlcns of Ms- Wisose eive full assurance that this olumsnt will b acceptable to the entire buai-f tomni unity, - , JOHXSTOX BROTHERS CO., tera. Brokers and Dealers ia loreien and Pontic Kxehauze sad General Agents N ational Life Sirance Conibanv of the United Stales of Amer-1 1S Baltimore street. ferrlnsto the above notice, 'I beef tolnform'my uls and the publie that I have accepted the posi-Df Manager of the National Life Insurance Com-of the tailed States ot America, and wiil here-be found at the office of the Company, in the ins House of Johnston Brothers & Co., 198 more street, where I shall be pleased' to see . i Where ajl correspondence will be ad-cd. W. A. WISOXG. - iger of the National Life Insurance Company of United States of America tor Maryland, ml7-tf)r LTIMORE FIRS IXSBHANCB COMPANY, V. Corses 07 South and Water sts., estab-I upwards of half a Century, insures against tr dauiace by fire, in the City or Country, on toe -ns descriptions ot" property. - !n issue, piBPETTJAL or FEB- 2x l-oacirsr: M r ' J.I. COHEN, Jr., President, i BOARD OF DIRECTORS. 1 Harrison, Joshua I. Cohen,Uer. Von Kapft, ' R. Ylckers, I rancia T. King, IT. Kobt. Jenkins, '. Alneks, fHenry Carroll, 1 C. M. StewartT 1 S. Wilson, inch. S. Steuart, I B. F. Newcomer, ininston, IWm. H. Brune, lOrvtlle Horwita 'tr FREDERICK V, OOPWORTH. Sec'y. i FIF.F.MEX'3 INS014AKCB COMPAST Of ALT1MOKK. ESTABLISHED IX 1S85, Offlcs northeast corner of SnxUh and Second streets irea all kind of property at home or abroad, Ct loss by Are. oa rery favorable terms. I HiJKKY P. PCHUKST, President J. Albert, .Mondesi. Cohen. H. R. londermsji Garrett Brown, Caleb Parka, Geo. Franck, J. Alex. Bhrirer, James Lucas, Herman J. Kelts, William StrobeL, vm. it. btran. 1 1 k T lAM BKLT " i rrmA- .t 1,0 K Kj aa.a t. aie. o. a aoui jwr,.t- i 1 - mj,i t rs ll a yry desirable 0, -Aliti 1. d JKCWBAY AFU iM,.. j.iuWe. 10 b 56 fo at to an -... - a hre-story and basement LjLCS , One-halt cssla) saJaMki4p bi (M WelT r -go la preujises, wa " uaA ArtVtM I)h Mill, a TOL.LXV. NO. 1.1 .wwith interest. -This Pronrtl J0 JS ? nioiert. .This Property Is worthy the especial artcrn laYiH . 'i1 . l' 'f about 13 y,-. - AucttofrW,. : .BALTIMORE, MONDAY MORNING, -MAY 17, 1869. ' Indies, Preserve Tonr Fars, Cakpets, &c, and bay yoar Camphor at lowest market price ol , . Colm an fc Rogers, r ' - 173 Baltimore street. A'Wew Style or Boot 3. 8. Lxwn ig Triakirjg the Gents' Southern Promium Boot, of French Calf, stitched, to order, for $T 50. , All styles, cur own make, for Gents, in Store. 43 Fayetto gtreet, between Korth and Calvert. ; Dr. John Wilkins Can be consulted daily, free of charge, at the iaDoratory or ine lrisin Mannractnrtnz com pany, iso. 43 S( o clock A.M. Second street, from 10 to 11 is WJilder. a. il. Anderson. t Achev. Leverimf, f. Aopold. a Drydea, Ufthmz, eW.FUck, iimms, P. W. Bennett, . 1 I T . Hash Bolton, Jos. J. Taylor, Jas. McConky, John G. Keaney, Austin J en inns. ( "i ausiiu d eu Kius, it in. n. otrsif. J. MAEaHALL WINCHESTER. Sec'y. ! MAETLAKD LITB INSURANCE COM 1 PANT OF BALTlilOliE. OFFICT? IS COMPANY'S BCILDIXO. SO. lO SOUTH STREET, IICT HOLDERS pTRTICIPATE IN THE PROFITS. snlyTlfe Insurance Company doing business viand harms; a deposit of tlW.OUO in first-cUuts tie, with the Treasurer of the State, as a peril aai antee to policy holders. Policies of every Uun issued at lowest rates. GEO. P. TUOMAs, President, i IT. BOARD OF DIRgCTOfiS. r li-cssfejcr, I Hnarh Sisson, I Thos. Casmrd, i.vw 1 Hiram Woods, wr I (ieo. ti.Mliler, , AN-Prvvi'm. pevrles, I Charles Webb. AnTie, Somrafdjca; Examiner. I1TANTED A SITIjtins Physician, eotfr - - ? -t - p ' nt vojirAiai vx pie bpsmaes. Reiorences ntit i . s. iaACOLS & ca. ao stpjtex. - "17ASTRI. A SITUlspN - f ercsnd3fo.-9 LA O IS-ers otV bra; to raslthun'if isefatcfi no ol City and pr.e oi tsro -weetre wiThoct piiyatil" B-ay.A-1drey S.C. U.,Pwotifeie. -VP. ' - Ki. sire tefalf- olt aa Sewta2..w,u, M tfffhani.&olytr , dyfeecood sts. li of Avjnr. , ToSt of the city. sa-lct lossja damage by Hnsnrances, may be effected for a single day r15as B. SSroESSTRICKER. Presideafc 'ifva TtlCTMia'Hoinday ac W . ".j.VSn S.-i. wamoM (eiLBash, iccree'Bi.'i ia j . nurcn, .. 'Beald. ir Thsmas S. Bennea Gut'rge Small, Gjorge W. Howard, sisson, llobert Lawson. H. C. LAN Old, Secretary, COMPAiif Al'.TLA-ND FIKK INSHUANCS OF BALTIMORE, OFFICE IN TliEIR MARBLE BUtXtISf, RSZJi SECO.Yl STREET AA'D PO6T0ffICE A To A" "', Ooposite L Pomjfice. asures aaxi'nt Loss or Damage by tire on ail ae-iptionsof I'roperty in the City or Coantry, lad ad Vese!s in Port and Steamers in the Bay. boil Risks taken for a week or loneer period. THOS. E. HAM BLETOX, President. OS. K. MILNolt. Secretary. lelb-eotfr ! ON C1LEXTAL FIRT? INSUIiASCE COMPAiir L OF BALTIMORE. pital saoo.oeo 'JJvJi, J"o. 30 -;COD STSEET. Cp Stnir. WILLIAM NUMSEN". President. ' SSO(VDE5 ANDREWS. Vice President fine Gold Jewelry,- Sterling Silver Ware, Tripp- Plated Ware. Table Cutlery, Clocks, Spectacles, &c at low prices, by Labkodb & Co., Lieht street. . t Per Steamer Berlin. Fresh supply of Johans Hoff s Gkhtisb Mait Extract, Su-triiive Tonic for emfeebled digestion, &c Imported direct from Berlin, and for sale by N. IIxsbon Jksnings & Co., 90 North Charles street. A Fact Worth Knowing, That you can Bet a discount of ten percent. on yoar premiums by o9erinr yonr business direct at the office of the MesoiuU Fir Insurance Company of Baltimore, iiAEBLB BrrrLTrK9, ) - - 82 Second street. First of the Season. i Gqaxd EscrRsrox or Lodor, No. 20,, K. of P.. to La BRX.U1 Grovb, On Tuesday. June 8, 1869. On board the safe and commodious steamer Highland Ligbt. Copt. E. T, Leonard. See fatnre advertisement. The Catholic Mirror, ' City Edition of May loth. Contains: A Lktteb Apostolic or His Hou-krss Fors Pics IX, granting a Fleuary Iudol- ; The Pastobai, letter of the Fathers of tbe "Tenth Provincial Council of Baltimore. St. Mtj Star of the Sea. First Commtlnlon at St. Peter's. Continuation of Atrei.ia. Interesting Keligiooa and Foreign Intelligence, &C &0& r. . .- - For sale by all Newsdealers. i " -7-' -Fnica Six Czsts. c- i. i r?XU Event of the Season. ' "We shotid pronoanee it, the introduction Of KlCHABD Waxzl's elegant ., . - PabS PlCTtTRBg." wt?ch are attracting the attention their beauty tad merit. s wPhotogTaphy In all its branches executed In ihefiaatttyU, at popular prices. Manuals of instruction to customers, as to dress, prices and general remarks, free on application. . ., ElCHARB WaLZTh ' Vi Photographer and Photorphlo Materials, Marble Building, ' Ko. 103 West Baltimore street. , V.' ... - : -..: ' Announcement. ' : The extraordinary interest felt in the remarkable "Romance," The Dead Letter, will be answered by Us early reproduction In the columns of the . -,,3 - Ii.i.TnciSATS'n-'W'iSBTints Wor.ii. . is the publishers of whlcb liave obtained tb exclusive right to such republication. It will now be given as originally written, and as it was before the parties surjposcd to be implicated or concerned attempted its suppression. The entire edition, some fifty thousand, which bad been ' printed in book form, has been entirely with- aTafrom the trade, and tne story can oniy oe obtained aV StK. h8 Dead rtter ia. a tale.I bloodf loveoer0 devoted eltv in following ud the almost invisible tiAJ. wrong and crime, so enticing that few minds can resist the fascination of the story. The edition commencing the story of The Dead Letter will be accompanied with a beautiful Cartoon, printed BTOil Colors, of "Opera Bouffe on the Rollins, Deep," 10x18 inches In size, in which the artist has introduced several Weil-known characters. $$ A'lolph Aliren. Jt. snuwden Andrews, A. B.Arnold. Ceo. E. Bowdofn. John K. EMjhltach, l".utPt Harvey, i'-eolyr' Gideon P. Hopkins, Henry E, Johnson, George V. Keen, Arthur Pase. John S. Reese. A. Kisbit Turnbnll. T. 3. RHETT. Secretary. SS(TIATED FIRE.MEN'S INSURANCE COil-(iQcp No. 4 Soutu hr. Cash Capital 12,500. iv J opcrw, in or oiit of the city, on farorablt Utt. THOMAS J. FLACK. President, Dirtf-ciuiis. A. A. HucS, Whctuoo, ne Young, J. Muion, nl Irasr. K. Wa'ker. Allen Paine, Jcuh. Vansant, Sam'l Kirk, J as. V. Flack. Jos. GrincfeldeT. Francis Burns, Lancaster Ouid, Alex. Rieman, wm. shamourg. JC.N DUK.iHART, Secretaiy. QF OSYARD FUIS INSCRA1CK COMPASS" BALTUiORS. INCORPORATED 1S36. CASH CAPITAL J2'H,0(. yyrt'icti-l C:mer of tHruUt trtd Water Street. lis t ompanv instrres aaint loao or damage by e on tiie various deacripiions of f ."operty in. the f or countrv. , . ti j-t Insui-ance may be effected for a single day or user period at tlie lowest rates. AN DitEW REESE, Presidentr BOARD OF piRsxnoRs: in?l Atpoid. , Ciiie. Hofiuiao. tY.. IT. Perkins. lien ringer, S.T. Hatch. u M,. L'eaon,i J. Sikr. Jenkins, oa r.entun, Jtt. u. rouiler. Saml. R. Smith, Jacob H. Tr.ylor. H.J.Werdebaugh J. H. KA 1'ZENBERGER.Sec'ry. RANK LIN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF ItALTiSlORK, 32. northeast corner of Sboojtd Hkllidat strkk t3. INSURES all descriptionsof jMr!f in Cities and elae where, oa the most favor ; terms. LKVJ g wprlTE pra8i,ient. BOARD OF DIRECTOR Gndgeons nt the Relar Plenty again, also White Perch, Biting Free. ' . Ensllsn Hosiery, a Cartwrlght's Merino Shirts for Ladies, Gentlemen and Childrent Just opened at W. H. Ring-bold s, 95 NrthChalesBtMnarMulberry. J French Flowers. " ! - J. W. BURNHAM'8. ' 44 Lexington street, east of Charles, - Toder PoUpck's Gallery. . Spinil . Smsi! A delightful Perfame for the Breath, only 10 eents. Sold by Tobacconists and Druggists. Depot, IjiX Baltimore street. " r-r entistry ) Best sets of Artificial on'y $15: Partial Bets $1 to $10. Nitrons Oxide" C."8 freBa daiIy- Baltimobb Dbtal Assocta'!??1' . - Ko. 14T Saratoga streC..- - Jones A Co., Saratoga street, second door JSant of Calvert, VManufnctnrers and Wholgsale Dealers in Minerai. Waters and Purr Strups. ' Orders from the trade will be promptly filled If left at Danssih & Cp.'s, 155 Baltimore street, or as above , ' Patronize Home Industry. Ask for LiTTLS's Insect Powders, which contain no Poison .and are warranted to clear your house of all kinds of Vermin. Give me a trial and you will want no other. To be had of Thomsin & Block, Brown & Bbohier, and all Druggists and Grocers. . . . . , I . A Card. Having returned from Europe, I hereby Inform the public that 1 have fitted up a Saloon, Ko. S3 Light street, in my usual style, and will be thankful to all my friends and old customers to ive me a call and try the celebrated Cincinnati ager Beer. B. Momentht, 23 Light street. formerly at 67 and S3 West Fayette st. THE SUN. Children Cry for HoIIoway's Yermi rtJGS CONrROTIONB, They Ar So Agreeable to Take, """ The doctors and parents say they are the most pleasant, safe and effectual remedy for those pesis of childhood, Wormsl , Sold by all Druggists. - " ' 'rr 4 Sirs. Eliza Horn, Corset-Maker, from Paris, 13l Lexington St., one door eaBt of Howard street, whore Ladies can be fitted with Corsets at the shortest notice. The fit of dress ia n aaDerio im loance When made over one of these admirable Corsets that Ladies will wear no other when they have once tried them. - - Cures Cures Cures Guilford Sprint 1. Cbase, ,rg;e M. Ehrman. i'.il'I Bttms. YauK ItrDwn. ma i. Marshall, jc-i C. Feiutaea. 'ii'J L yruo Gault, o ames iw Liars:, Jsmes Lone. Samuel Meakin. Ouver F. LanLt. John B. Piet. J.T. VOUNG. Secretary. j L DON PARK CF.METERT COMPANT, OKFICE No. 4 SOUTH UOLLIDAY ST., i Baltimore. May 5th, l-y. ' renerl meeting of the Stockholders of the L'DON PARIv CEMETEiir COMPANY will be 1 oa TUESDAY". May lath, instant, between the ir of 10 aid 11 oVToek A. M., ior ti,e ELECTION SIX JIANAGElWfci'or tne ensuing year. WM. F. PRIMROSE. r-7.1,l-i,17-5t Secretary. 1F1CE OF THE REAL ESTATE SAVINGS ASSOCIATION, 'NORTH CHARLES ST., ( Marriott's Bnildin? ) tire honrs from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. daily, and everv KIAY KVKNISG from ?K to 9. The Regular UtiilrlMeetinss wiil be he!d on the flrst Tuesday of b moi.ih at 8 P. M. R. H. CABK. President. ' F. R.AEtjo.v. Cashier. icas X. Waed, Sjl!citor. a5S-Imt H'lSISTO GIVfiNOTU E, That the subscribers "have obtained from the Orphans" Conrt of B ilti-re tuv letters tewtamentary on the estate of .liV WILSON, late of said city, deceased. All M'iiA having ciaitits airatnst said deceased ara eiy warned to exhibit the same, with the voncn-thereof. to the saijscriher.. on or before the 15th of Noveber next: as they may otherwise, by '. be excluded from all benrfLt of said eatate. perrotii, indebted to said e-tte are requested to ke immediate parment. Given under our bands sth day oi' May. '. P. S. W ILSON. th m as J. wii;oN. ' Executors. Mawtf HENRY K. WILSON. ) ;atement OT TF! PHCENLX MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF HARTFORD. CONN.. Tr tlkH Year Ending January Ul, 1869. miremsree'd dnrlng year...$l.71.1'S SS crest ree'd during year. . 1S7.S00 ID DlSHITRSEMKNTB. d claims by death on eighty-Ten Policies d Commissions and Salaries Azecla d Dividends, and for Poti- es Surrendered... d Physicians' Fees, Salaries, axes. Printing. Pontage and a oiiier expenses -81,300,333 51 I'. V1.5O0 6 22P.573 51 I:0 73 113.3?J K 65S, 119 84 i ATtT. insonKeal Estate t7S.K!09 ik Stocks and Ktilroad B'ds. X) 00 ,tel States Registered and late Bonds 1DS5 00 ford Ciiy Gaslinht Com- ny Stock 8,955 09 tns on Collateral Security.. 2S.4J2M Receivable, amply seou'd. 13ft.,''t W mlture in Olilees i:,l h in Bank 155.64 53 ;rned Interest and Cash aiaaces 85,77871 ouut lu the hands of Agents ad in course ot transmission. 256.363 Ti U".2.413 70 -t3,664,(K IS kiber of Policies Iuel dnrlai year.... ' 8.?!9 toent Insured daring the year $2?,5'iV43 i Amount of Losses Paid 7UU.400 BLE OF COMPARISONS OF THE BUSINESS OF ltt7-8 OF THE PHCESIX MUI UAM LIFE IXS. CO. tt-her of Policies fasned in iw. in tier of Policies issued In U&7.. .8.?S .5.311 Increase 5,413 1-aie oi increase, over 41 per cent. lount Insored In lount insured in lab'i i Increase ' Kate of increase 48 percent. ;ome daring year 1S68 " previous Tear....... Increase k liais of increase GO per cent. ieU.I9 lob Increase .'.7. . . . Kate of increase 65 per cent. celved from Interest In 18S8- id in Losses in 186a - awing that the company received aoretrom lnterecton investmentv .$32.5.549 00 . 15,AM),!il0 00 $7,272,&&00 ILOSOjeB 54 751.7S9 36 $3.6R(.650 18 2144 1.41i.7U8 C- m.B6 19 it paid in losses. fhis enmnaav bas been in onration for seventeen tr. daring which period it has never contested a tun. Particular attention u cauea to tne interest count in tne above statement. All losses are paid omptly at this agency by authority from the home tee. cjiu aecorums come law ot aiaryiauu. Ait are non forfeitable, and no restriction upoa tra- a, residence, or occupation. - CHAS. P MONTAGUW. li'-Str! . 48 FoatofHce a. aua r Water dyspepsia. liduey Complaints, Hood Diseases. This Is the oldest and most powerfal Medicinal Spring in America. Is endorsed and prescribed by the Medical Faoulty. Obtain a Descriptive Pamphlet of Thomson & Block, Colemaa & Rogers or Wm. H. Read. . .- t - Hleshill's Tetter Ointment. A sovereign remedy for Erysipelas, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Barbers' Itch, Pimples, Blotches, and all Diseases of the Skin; also, .Sore Eyes and Bye-Lids. Sold 60 cents per box. Sent by mail for 60 cents. Johnston, Hollo wax & Cows&s, 602 Arch street. Philadelphia. Sold by Canbt A Gilpiit, Thombiw & Block, W. H. Bbown & Bro., and all Druggists. t Rlrand's Imperial Bitters. These celebrated Bitters, extensively used In the South, recommend themselves above all tonics of the same class for their genuine intrinsic value, quality and superior taste, for which they stand unequalled. oia Dy oattlrr, j? ouster as Co., rj uneapsiae; a. v ogbler as co., o ana South Liberty st., Baltimore, and principal Drug gists ana Grocers. Ifasrau's J)Ias;nolia Balm. This article is the True Secret of Beauty. It is what Fashionable Ladies, Actresses and Opera binders use to produce that cultivated, ammave appearance so much admired ia the Circles of Fashion. It removes all unsishtlr Blotches. Redness. Freckles, Tan. fiunburn and efi'ects of Spring Winds, and gives to the Complexion a Blooming Purity of transparent delicacy of power. No Lady who values a fine complexion can do witli- ..... . ii. : i i . mi i v. , . : . . uuh LU, iTiaKuul 111U. lu voma Will uuj Lb vi any of our respectable dealers. LYON 8 JxAJHAIRON; is the best nair-Dressing, Insect Powder. How to Tkll thb Gbndink Articxr. Prof. E. Lyox, while traveling in Asia, discovered a flower, which, when nowdered. ia sure death to every kind of Insect, from a Cockroach to a Fly. He protected his discovery by letters patent, government medals, &c. put his signature upon everv uask or tne article, ana named it lton s Magnetic Insect Powder. He imparted his secret to no one but his successor. Purchasers of Insect Powder and it ia used in almost everv hiiose roust see to it that they are not deceived bv worthless imitations and counterfeits. The slanatvreof K. Lvon is the purchaser's guaranty Look sharp for it, and buy no Insect Powder that does not bear it. it may oe tiaa oi .Druggists and Family Stores, at 25 cents per flask. Dbfot No. 21 Park Row, New York. t A. Household Elixir Adapted to all Climates. It woTiTd be a haDDV thing for the world if all the excitants at present used in the practice of medicine could be swept out or existence ana IIOS fETTSR 9 HTOMACH BITTERS BUOBtilUiea 1U their olace. There is a probability, too, that this desirable substitution may one day be accom piished. Certain it is, that the Great Vegetable Tonic is gradually displacing them, and that the confidence of the Deople in its sanitary and sav ins properties increases with every passing year. "Fi-rures that cannot lie" show this to be the fact. No medicinal preparation enjoys the like popularity among all classes and conditions in everv section of the country. As an appetizer, a general invigorani, a rcmeay ior lnaigesuou, a eure for intermittent and remittent fevers, a gentle cathartic, a specific for flatulency and sour stomacn. a genue aiureuc a nervine, a uiouu ue-nureot. a specific for sick headache, a mild ano dyne, aud, above all, as a protection against ejn-dhni.Ts, it is unquestionably the standard medicine ot the whole United States. In the towns and cities it is literally a hovsehold' staple. Mothers believe ia it. They find it a "present help in time of trouble" a safe aud pleasant remedy for the various ailments to which their sex is ex clusively subject. Men believe in it, because it refreshes and invigorates the body and the mind, ana tones both without exciting either. i Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Fresh and genuine. Sold at Dougherty's, XUS West Baltimore st. 81 per bottle. I Pr.Sehenek's Pulmonic Syrup. Sea. wkkd Tonic and Man oka KB F11.13. For salo by Skth S. Hancb, 108 Baltimore street. t Traveler's Guide. Philadelphia, Wilmington anb Balt. R. R. Fo Philadelphia. Wat Stations and Dkla-Wakk H. R. At 7.25 A. M , (except Sunday.) Fob Philadelphia and New Yore ( Connecting at Perry ville lor Port ieposlu At .oa A. 4L. (ex trnt ftiinriftv.l For Philadelphia and New York (Connecting at Wilmington wim .Delaware K. it.; r. an. 'except Sunday.) Fob Wat Statioxs to Poet Deposit At S P. M .Tont ftiinil.l 1 . For PuiLADKLPHrA (Connecting at Wilmington, except Saturday. With Delaware R. R.) At 7.25 P.AL, F.Tii New York Exoress train at 10.10 P. M. Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Rail- boad Leave Baltimore at 7.25 A. M. and 2J5P M Northern Central Railway. Fob Pittsbitro. the West and North to Niaoa ra 1- alls, tiiyppmg at all auiiivn betireen Baltimore and York. Leave dally st S-SO A. M.. (except Sunday.) Fob Pittsburg, the West and North to Wil- uamsport and Erie. Leave dally at 12.15 F. M (except sunaay.) Fob PtrrsBt'RS. Niagaea Falls and Buffalo, rtAilv lv at 10.45 P.M. Fob Pittsburg, the Southwest, Hooping it Prittr cinai xisttfrmt between DalUmnre and Harrisburg.- I.AA-. ftlailv &t 1 411 P. 3tf.-ftxftent Sundav.i For WicsTBBit masiuss Hoad at SJ0 A. M. and S 3M P M, For Ha hove b akd GETTTSBUaa at S.30 A. M. and 12.15 P. al. . . Fob Cumberland Valley Road at 8.30 A. M. and .13.15 r. M. ron York. Leave daily atSJU tr. M., (except sou ths Election in Yiboinia Proclamation by the President. On Saturday last President Grant issued the following proclamation: In pursuance of the provisions of the act of Congress approved April 10th, 1SG9, I hereby aesignate the 6th day of July, 1SS9, as the time for submitting the constitution passed by the convention which met in Richmond, Virginia, on Tuesday, the Sd day of December, 18o7, to the yoters of said State registered at the date of such submission, viz: July 6, 1809, for ratification or rejection. And I submit to a separate vote tho fourth clause of section one, article third, of said constitution. ThiB article was given in full In The Son on Saturday. And I also submit to a separate vote the seventh section of article third of the said constitution. (This article was also given in full in The Boa on Saturday. I direct the vote to be tnken rtpon each of tb e above-cited provisions aloue. aud upon the other portions of the said constipation In the following manner, viz: Each voter favoring the rati3cation of the constitution (excluding the provisions above quoted) as framed by the convention of December 3, 18u7, shall express his judgment by voting for the constitution. Each voter favoring the rejection of the constitution (excluding the provisions above quoted) shall express his judgment by voting asainst the constitution. Each voter will be allowed to cast a separate ballot P against either or ootn 01 tne provisions above qoi., t in testimony wncreoi 1 15avsiui-" set my hand and caused the seal of the UiflftSfi-tego be affixed. Done at the city of Washington this fourteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord one L. 8. thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine. ana 01 tne inaepeuaence 01 tne emtea States of America the ninety-third. U. S. Grant. By the President: ' ' Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State. VIRGINIA REGISTRATION PREPARATIONS. General Canby has issued instructions to the military commissioners in Virginia for the selection of three registrars for each election precinct, and where impracticable tb appoint the requisite nomber, to consolidate the precincts and give timely notice thereof as to the place of registration. The commissioners are farther directed to forward to headquarters In Rich, mond the names of the parties selected as registrars and assistants, in order that they may be appointed at once, all of whom will be reanired to subscribe to the oath of office of July 2, 1S62. da v. 1 Fob Pabktoh-. Leave dativ at 10.20 A. P. AU. (ttxceot Sunuar.i M And li-M Thb Pachto Kailkoab Silyeb Tib and Golden Spike. The San Francisco Bulletin gives the following description of the silver tie and golden spike manufactured for use in joining the ends to the Pacific railway., The railroad sleeper was cut from a beautiful grained stick of California laurel. ; The silver tie is a plate six by eight inches, engraved with the following in. scription: - "The last tie laid on the completion of the Pacific railroad. May , 1S69. Directors Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins, B.'H. Miller, Jr.. O. P. Huntington, E. B. Crocker,' A. P. Stanford, Charles Marsh. Officers Hon. Leland Stanford. president; C. P. Hanlington, vice- 6 resident; C'has. Crocker, superintendent; Mark opkins, treasurer; E. H. Miller, Jr., secretary." The golden spike weighed eighteen ounces, valued at $350. On this was engraved the following inscription: "The last spike. The Pacific railroad ground broiT January 8, 18fi3, com Dieted May , 18ti9. May God CC", iuai th? unity of our country as this railroad unites the 7" roat oceans of the world. The directors' names on the tir'J aul8-and the officers' names on the fourth. Presented by David llewes, San Francisco." j .. . Aiinggct abont six inches in length was cast on the head-of the spike, to which it is attached by a slight neck, and this was broken off by President Stanford, that it may be made into memento rings, &c. ; Virginia State Agricultural Society. W. T. 1 Sntberlin, Esq., president of the Virginia State Agricultural Society, has issued an address to the people of Virginia, in which he says: 1 - Come to our fair and witness all that genius, science and skill can accomplish to lighten the burdens and cheapen the cost of farming. Come and see the great improvements which have been made in machinery of every kind, by which one man is enab'ed to do the work of ten. Come and feast your eyes on the collection of improved breeds of horses, cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry of every kind that will contribute to the interest of the occasion. Come and examine the steam-plow, the portable engine for farm purposes, the corn-shncker and Bheller, the ditching machine, and every other Improved agricultural implement by which your labor may be lessened and your profits increased. We feel warranted in expressing the confident opinion that our next fair will equal, if not surpass, in interest and in the variety of articles on exhibition, as well as in the number of persons who will be present, any ever before held in the State. We expect to see there many persons from other States, and we cordially invite them to contribute of their industry and skill to the interest of the occasion. We desire that they, as well as Oar own peoplo, shall witness what Virginians and Virginia soil are capable of doing. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM WASHINGTON. The Crops in Maryland. The accounts from different sections of Maryland continue to be very flattering. The Elktoa Democrat says: "All kinds and varieties seem solicitous to make amends for last year's failure, and tho proverbially poor bearer-flare thick with yonng fruit. The frnlt in the county never looked better. The peaches promise more than a full crop. That there will be too many so many as tc materially rednce their value iu market is now the apprehension. - -A correspondent of the Clayton Herald states that tho prospect for wheat in Kent is more flattering iban it has been for the last ten y jars, especially iu the vicinity of Massey's X Roads, Galena and Kennedy ville.f, The Qentreville Observer feraarks: "Wheat looks well In some parts of Queen Anne's county, especially in the vicinity of Sud-lersviiie and Beaver Dams. All are very sanguine, with reference to the peach, crop iu both Kent and Qneen Anne's counties; and if nothing happens to injure either wheat of peaches there wiil bo a greater yield of both crops on the average in both counties than ever hag been realized bejore." reKSr2IRAiLROAD. The Snow mil Messenger, referring to this road, sayst T't - Messrs. Pratt and Kimball, contractors of the Vineland Railroad, Bridgeton, N. J., propose to visit us in a few weeks with a view to getting the contract. They are willing to take from $15,000 to S20.000 in stock, and as much more iu bonds; to furnish rolling stock, &c, aud to take the contract for running the road for 20 or 30 years. The ghort rftilroad which these gentlemen have built in New Jersey, about the same length as the Worcester road, cost from two to three times as much as our road is estimated to cost, and was expected to be dead stock, but to the agreeable surprise of the stockholders, has proved a paying aud valuable investment. If figures do "not lie, such will bo the result if promptly built. Destructive Fire in Queen Anne's County. Md. On Tuesday Daniel Maginnis emmenced Dnrnmg brush-wooa on Air. vv m. Bowker s iand. lying contiguous to Crumpton. The wind was Diowing iresh at tne time, and the fire spread farther than was desirable.. After some effort it was thought to be extinguished, and the party went nome ior uiuner. onoruy alter a aense cloud of smoke arose: it was then ascertained that the fire had rekindled, and, carried along by the brush, had spread among the cord-wood. Mr. R. Bostwick and bis fishermen hastened to the scene, but it had gained so much headway. the brush was so tnicKiy scatterea around, and there being in the field about five hundred cords of pine wood, ali dry and highly combustible, it was found impossible to subdue the fire, and they therefore directed their efforts to turning the path of the fire aside and saving a lot of wood in a corner 01 me neia, wnica iney succeeded in doing. The fire, meanwhile, was sweeping across the field with alarming rapidity, and the houses occupied by Maginnis and Andrew Anderson were ia danger of falling a Drey to the devouring element, but were preserved through the exertions of a number of citizens. The clot hing of one of Maginnis s daughters caught nre, but she speedi ly extinguished it by jumping into a creek. The damage has not been exactly ascertained, but itis estimated that over 300 cords of wood aud about 1,500 pine fence rails were consumed, the money value being about 1.000. The underbrush in adjoining woods, northward, also took fire, and some of the trees were so badly scorched that they are believed to be dead. The loss, although immediately falling on Mr. Bowker, will affect Others, as the wood was about being sold, and the proceeds invested in improvements here. Vrvtnptontan. The Brooklyn Tragedy. The New York papers describe Miss Lizzie benbner, whom Talbot attempted to kill, asof dark complexion;of great personal beauty and about twenty years of age, her deportment and language showing the highest culture. In searching Talbot's room a tin box was found, containing two bottles, each of which had one-eighth of an ounce of mor phine. These bottles had never been opened, as they Dore tne original seal, in tne 00 x was also a bank book, showing that he had in the Na tional park: KsnK to nis creatt nearly $-4,uuu. There were with It some letters aud documents. none of which gave a clue to his premeditated suicide. His parse and his watch, a very valua ble gold repeater, lav on a chair. The watch had stopped at A. 51. All the appointments ot tne room snowea mac tne occupant enjoyea wealth and that his tastes were refined. His library contained no books of light literature. They were mostly on political economy, jurisprudence, ethics, moral philosophy and history. His wardrobe was superabundant. The Oil Production or Pennsylvania. The Tknsville (Pa.) Herald says that the oi! production during the mouth of April shows an increase. The- shipments amounted to 11,067 bar rels of 43 gallons each, being an excess of 1.27G barrels over the shipments 01 March, 'ine num ber of wells in process of drilling during the month was 333. beiug an increase of 41 over.the previous month.- Operations- had been commenced on upwards of fifty more. The stock of petroleum increased during the month, and on the 1st of May the total in an hands was 305.970 barrels of 43 gal) jus. As comofircd with the stock on April 1, tie stock on May 1 shows an increase of about S-.'.OOO barrels. The stock on the latter date was about 56,000 barrels less than.on the same day last year. The shipments of crude equivalent by all routes from the region during April reached 282,280 barrels of 43 gallons each, being a aauy average or about u,4W barrels. The Virginia Conbtituion. The Lynchburg Virginian says that if the county organization clause in the proposed constitution is to be retained in it without a separate vote, it will op- Bnse the whole constitution. The Richmond 'ispatch 'says "it is not at all pleased with the action of the Presideutwith regard to Virginia affairs," and that it "regarded him as pledged to submit not only the drfranchising features, bnt several others to a separate vote. Instead of so doing, he has consulted a cabinet of crazy radicals." We don't know about the "crazy" if so tbere is much "method in their madness," and they are working to thoroughly "radicalize" affairs in Virginia. We believe it is now generally admitted that the recent conservative convention would have acted wisely had it deferred any action whatever until the election was ordered in Virginia. Alexandria Gazette. Severe Hail Stork. Quite a heavy storm of rain and hail passed over Lancaster, Pa., on Thursday evening. The hail was as large as pigeoL eggs, and in some localities fell in great abundance. Mr. L. C. Eby, residing in West Chestnut street, showed ub a bough of an apricot tree containing several small apricots, which were entirely encased with a large cluster of bail stones frozen together. The mass of ice thus formed was over an inch In thickness and some four inches long by three in width. It appears that much damage baa been done to the frnit trees and zrape vines in this city by the hail, the rudimentary frnit in many places being beaten off and strewn over the ground. Lancaster (Pa.) Intelligencer. - : .- .- Army Besignaions. The resignations of the following army officers have been accepted: CapL Wm. U. Smyth, loth infantry; Capt. John H. Piatt, 31st infantry; Capt. Chas. H. Lester, 8th cavalry, and Brevet Major General Andrew Smith, colonel of 7th cavalry . Death or Da. Bolton. Dr. James Bolton, an eminent Richmond surgeon and oculist, died in Albemarle county. V last Saturday, after l brief il loess. LATER f ROM EDROPi BY THE ATLANTIC CABLE. -1 -1 Naval Okders. The following naval orders were issued ou'. Saturday : Lieutenant Commander Charles S. Cotton, Boatswain William Jones, to the naval academy: Surgeon A. A. Ilochling to tho receiving-ship Kew Hampshire, at Norfolk; First Assistant Engineer Frederick G. McKcan, to duty in the bureau of steam engineering; Assistant Surgeon M. C. Dreuuan. Acting Carpenter Benjamin R. Murphy and Sailmaker John W. North to the paactice-ship Macedonian; Surgeon James Mo-Master, Paymaster W. F. A. Toriert, Gunner Thomas P. Venable, Acting Carpenter W. U. Richards and Sailmaker John J. Stanford to the practice-ship Savannah on the 25th inst. Surgeon Somerset Robinson is detached from the reoeivine ship New Hampshire aud ordered to the practice-ship Macedonian. Assistant Surgeon J. K. Hartzcll is detached from the naval academy aud ordered to the practice-ship Savannah. " PosTor'piCE Affairs. Mail flouts Messengers. John F. Elms, of Alexandria, Va., is ap- ointcd on the line from Washington, D. C, to amilton, Va.. vice H. R. Purcell, removed. Route Agencies William H. Askew is appointed on the line fram Baltimore to Harrisburg, Pa., vice Webster, removed salary $3o0 per annum. John Hodgkins appointed on the route f&om Norfolk, Va., to Lynchburg, Va vice William Lyman, removed salary $H00. Route from Greensboro to Charlotte, N. C. James T. Harrison is appointed route agent, vice Eddins, removed salary $1,080 per annum. : , Contract Office Ol der. Ronte No. 3 039, Maryland, from Brownsville to Burkettsville, Georee W. Kooctz. contract is extended to Broad Run, twice a week and back (Wednesday 'and Saturday) from 1st of July. The Rise in' Coal. It is boldly asserted In several journals that the coal companies of Pennsylvania instigated the strike which has lately taken place among the coal miners of that State for the purpose of raising the price of coal. We can hardly believe there is any truth in the statement. It ia further stated that, as far as can be ascertained, nothing has been done by the companies toward effecting a compromise or acceding to the demands of the disaffected workmen. It. is thought that they will hold out for a lougtime and accept nothing less than the increase now demanded, which is about fifteen per cent. The strike will no doubt become general. Ji.'Yi Commercial. An Octogenap.ian Gomk. Mr. John McQnay died at his residence in Rroad Neck on Monday. MtT McQnay was born on the 7ch of April, 1784, aud consequently had passed his eighty -fifth birthday. He had been a member of the M. E. Church for sixty years, and was for forty years a local exhorter. Mr. McQnay was always a man of active, industrious and correct habits, to which fact may, perhaps, be attributed the unusual lengthening of his span of life. He leaves behind him three generations children, grand-cliildreu and great-graud children. St. Michael's (Md.) Comet. United States Consuls Declining. Secretary Fish is in receipt of letters from persons who are appointed consuls, and who have received their instructions, declining the places, because they ascertain that they cannot travel abroad from place to place. When they applied for consulships they misapprehended their duties. It is the opinion of the secretary that at least one-half of the consulates lately filled will be vacated in six mouths. WaMnglm SunJau Chroidcle. , . : Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. . , Foreign i Relations i or the United States The Rumored ..European ," Triple Allianee --Instructions of Nr. Slotley Changing; the Names - of War i Vessels Tbe Spanish Mission Revenue, and.. Customs ReceiptsThe European . Hall Contract Iecision of Mr. . Cresfreli lion. Keverdy Johnson. Ae. -Washington, May lo. Secretary Fish yesterday informed a leading member of the foreign afiairs committee that the instructions to Minister Motley were about completed. It appears t hat in the discussion in the cabinet meeting last Friday respecting these instructions, the reported triple European alliance was alluded to. Of course, as there is no official notification of such alliance, there is for the present to be no change in the determination of the government touching this question. , ; fat as concern? the reported alliance, It has been given but rhat the instructions would ba based upon points made iu Mr. Sumner's speech, but it is kuown that Secretary Fish is opposed to taking such bold ground. There is assurance that our minister will be very little restrained at the outset in his actions, and goes to England somewhat as did Reverdy Johnson, with geueral instructions only, and free to act upon his own best judgment, aud commencing diplomatic negotiations de novo. - An order will shortly be Issued by the Secretary of the Navy changing the names cf a large number of ships in the navy. Under the law of Congress, the Secretary was required to name all vessels of the first class after the States, the second class after the leading cities or rivers in the Union, and tho third class was left to his taste and discretion. Secretary Welles, it is alleged, disregarded the law and named the vessels as suited him a ad the department. In reorganizing affairs the new Secretary has docided to carry out the law of Congress, aud accordingly a large number of the names of vessels will be changed. President Grant Etated some ten days ago that there would bo no appointment made to the Spanish mission for some weeks, as Minister Hale's resignation diinot take effect until tho first of Jnly. No new minister will be sent out thore nntii after that time. The statement, therefore, that Gen. Sickles was shortly to be commissioned must be premature. Receipts from customs and internal revenue during this mouth have been quite heavy, tho customs footing up ' nearly seven millions and internal revenue over live millions. To the latter Bhotild be added aieo an additional two millions properly of last month's receipts and not in-clned in the public debt statement. In ali from customs Mid internal revenue tho receipts are, including the above "mentioned " commission, about fourteen rail lions. If payments in the War Department, Ac, bo not 'extraordinarily heavy this month, the debt will show a decrease on the 30th of about seven millions. . Col. Badeau, late of Gen. Grant's staff, and now assistant secretary of legation to Englaud, left here for New York to-night, whence he sails for Europe on the lath instant. Postmaster General Creswell yesterday finally decided that ho will not enter into contract wtth the Commercial rTavigation Company of New York, or with any othej- parties, to carry the mails from New York, Boston or Baltimore under and in pursuance of the law of last July. Mr. Cresweli is opposed to the feature of that act guaranteeing bonds, and although the Commercial Navigation Company is now governed by well-known financial men, who are willing to dispense with the guarantee of bonds and furnish ample means themselves for building ships suitable for the mail service, yet the Postmaster General regards the matter as now substantially pending before Congress, and that it would therefore be impolitic, if not absolutely without authority of law, for the department to take action as the case now stands. Hon. Reverdy Johnson, minister to England, has written to a friend iu tl i- city stating 1 ttiat he will leave Southampton lr: !la timore on the laj&nd.jexpects to arnvo about 6th of June. -J- ,. , The situation of Blonde RocffrBfi'P1 English steamer St. George was wrongly stated the newspa exact location should be known to mariners, the light-house board bus anuonuced that it lies a half mile south and three and a half miles east of the Seal islands oil the coast of Nova Scotia, and not off the coast of Maine, as represented. The Seal Island light-house (English) is three and a half miles frora Blonde Rock. The President has not yet taken preliminary action for submitting the constitutions of Mississippi and Texas to those States respectively. The House committee on appropriations meets here next Tuesday. There is a good deal of business awaiting the committee. Gon. Butler, who has been visiting Lowell, Mass., for the past fortnight, will return here 011 Tuesday next to look after the organization of his couimiltee. Data, Important Speech of the Emperor of , Austria Turbulent Political Meet-j fnj$s in Paris The .Retirement of United States Minister Johnson A Proposition to Make Spain a I'ede-. l-al Republic Rejected, t. ... J-, r - - " - AUSTRIA. j Vienna, May 151 The Emperor Francis 3 osepb, In closing the sessions of the Reichsrath yesterday, made a long and pleasant speech. He recalled the situation of Austria in 1866, which he compared with the present condition of afiairs, and traced the course of legislation of the Reichsrath since that time. Ho was rejoiced at the friendly arrangements made with Hungary, and at the condition of the finances and of the army." He felt that peace was indispensable to the national prosperity, and the present relations of Austria with the other powers of the world assured him of its continuance. He reviewed the late reforms enacted by the Reichsrath, : and hoped that they would become the basis of harmonious and pacific relatione between the church and State. - In concluding, he thanked all the members for their past exertions, and expressed the hopothat they would all support the constitution, as Austria offered full liberty to the peoplo of every nation, and guaranteed their right of self-government. ':- v.. .- , .-. . ,. . - -. - England. - London, May 15. Mr. Johnson, the American minister, took formal leave of the Queen by letter and not in person, as was reported- He had an interview with Lord Clarendon on Thursday, when lie officially announced his retirement, and presented Mr. Moran as charge d'affairs. Reports, believed to be based on good authority, are in circulation to the effect that the French government will soon publish a peaceful manifesto and simultaneously reduce the army.. FRANCK. Paris, May 15. Political meetings continue to be attended with disorder, and the police are frequently obliged to interfere. Several arrests have been mado of parties prominent in creating disturbances. The prefect of the police has issued an order prohibiting gatherings in the streets in the vicinity of electoral meetings. SPAIN. Madrid, May 15. The Cortes has rejected a proposed amendment to the constitution in favor of making Spain a federal republic. The vote stood 182 to B4. A proposition for the creation of a triennial directory, to be appointed by the Cortes, has been introduced aud is now under discussion. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. London, May 15, 1 P. M. Consols closed at 9256 for money to 92 & for the account; United States five-twenty bonds 78;. Stocks quiet; Erie 20; Illinois 96; Atlantic aud Gfcat Western 25. Liverpool. May 15, 1 P. M. Cotton The market closed a shade easier. Middling Uplands lld: middling Orleans Jld. The sales of the day have footed up 8.000 bales. Breadstuff's. Wheat 8s7d per cental for No. 2 red Western; corn 2Ss per Quarter for new mixed Western. London, May 15, 1 P. M. Tallow 42s per cwt, London. May 15. Sngar is firm for both on the spot and nfloat. No. 12 Dutch standard on the spot, 89s3d per cwt.; do., afloat, 29s3d. - ' JFIIItTHESt BT THE CABLE. French Election Meeting's Warnings from tiie imperial Government Clrent i'oliliciii Ag-itation in Paris The Spanish Regency to be Estab-'lisisett Trouble with Spanish Volunteers lor Cuba. TRANCE. Paris, May 16. Flection meetings were held in ad quarters of Paris yesterday to a late hour, bnt the excitement moderated as the day advanced. Late at night some crowds in the street were dispersed by the police. They made no resistance, and no serious disturbance occurred. The government has idBned a warning, which is placarded throughout the city, declaring that the renewal of the recent disorderly assemblages and demonstrations will not be tolerated. Minister Forcade La Roquette iBsued instructions to the prefocts advising them to-dissolve any meeting likely to lean to a disturbance of order, and to strictly enforce the law prohibiting political meetings within five days of election. London, May 16, 11 P. M. Telegraphlo ad- irom Paris show that the bas been revived to-day. ana thexcuelntlS 'ory great especially m those sections of thec77LhSre thf ,lberal V&nj is strongest. The authorities taking extraordinary measures to prevent dis'o'rc.u,?t last accounts no serious trouble had occnVi The Pays newspaper announces that a grand popular demonstration is to be made ou Monday. BPAIN., May 16. The Cortes yesterday, after a long debate, rejected the proposition for the triennial directory. It is now confidently be- leved that a regency will be established, with Marshal.Serano at its head.- Trouble has arisen with the volunteers for Cuba in consequence of the non-payment of their bounties. icKrwe"' - I London, May 16, 11 j was recen i"i JroI.iices received to-night ft papers, and as its j pofjl gUation there 1 11 tn miHnard , S i I ... ' - - fa xi. AFFAIRS IN TIIE SOUTH. Another Strike. The coach drivers of New York have agreed to a general strike on Wednesday next, provided their demands for an increase of wages are refused. They are at present re ceiving frora f 1 50 to $1 75 per day. The wages to be demanded are $3 per dav, which they con sider reasonable enough, inasmuch as they are obliged to work 12 to 10 nours out or the 24. There are about 1.000 coach drivers in New York. Iron-Clads to be Sold. The Navy Department has advertised for sale the following ironclads, in pursuance of the reduction policy of the government: Philadelphia navy-yard Cohoes, Koka, Nausett, Suncook, Warsaw, Yazoo and Casco. Washington navy-yara Chimo. Portsmouth navy-yard Muscoota. Brooklyn navy-yard Huron and Pequot- Norfolk navy yard Wmnspec. Rapting. The Wrightsville (York county) Star says: The water in the river etiil remains at a sufficient level to allow the rafts to float through the most difficult passes. The season has been a most favorable one for lumbermen, the river having been in good rafting order, with but short interruption, for the past two months. Rafts are still running and are being hurried by their owners to Port Deposit. - m mm m 9 ' ' r ' r ' Sad App air. Capt. George A. Bickford, of the ship Ellen Southard, was drowned at Savannah. Wednesday eveniug,by accidentally falling overboard. Deceased was forty-six years of age and a native of Maine. His wife was on a vessel a short distance from the scene of the accident, but fortunately did-not behold It. The body was recovered in an hoar, but all efforts to resuscitate it proved fruitless. , ... . , .. Butter. Butter is a drug in the Lewiston (Me.) market, and bas fallen eight cents within two weeks. There were thirty-eight tubs of butter sold at St. Albans, Vt., last week, the largest quantity of the season. Prices ranged from 30 to 30 cents.,: r Fatal Poisoning. The wife of Rev. Mr. Miller, Methodist minister stationed at Laurel, Sussex county, Del., was fatally poisoned last week by taking strychnine. tfyHoB. Andrew Gregg, nf UeUefoute- !'.. is dead, a Dromioaat citizen Acquitted of the Charge of Murder. Atlanta, Ga.. May 15. Captain E. McBaron Timsay, late of Hie United States army, who last fall, at the American Hotel in this city, in self-defense, shot and killed a member of the Georgia-constitutional convention named Richardson, wiB to-day found "not guilty" of the charge of murder, and released from custody. The Test Oath in Virginia. RrcHMOND, Va., May 16. Considerable interest was excited here yesterday by a statement that the United States'graud jnry had found true bills of indictment against several office-holders for perjury in taking the iron-clad test oath alter having aided the rebellion. Interesting South American News United States Minister McJInhon The Paraguayan War News, Src. New York, May 16. The Buenos Ayres Standard, of March 30, ptates that United States Minister McMfthon had arrived at Asuncion, but was very reticent in regard to his trip into the interior. Small forces of Paraguayan cavalry had frequently appeared at the outposts of the allies, but made no attacks. Signs of insubordination broke out in the ranks of the allies when they were ordered to march into the interior. It was not expected that the allies wiH be prepared to advance Tor at least' two months. A Buenos Ayres letter to the New York World, dated March 2f, states that on March 11th Lopez rigged ud two railtoad cars with two forty-pounders, and, enclosing them like baggage cars, ran them with a locomotivo right up to where a large force of Brazilians were repairing a bridge and fired on them right and left, and, after raking the r encampment, fled unharmed, the guard being armed only with lances. The next day the flwt corps of tho allied army, 10.000 strong, encamped near the bridge, and a regiment scoured the country, but as usual the Paraguayans did not appear when expected. Lopez bas established a powder mill near his headquarters. Thore Is believed to be a large number of families wauderiug in the woods who do not desire to return to Lopez, and a force was about to be sent out to. them to give them protection and bring them into the allied lines. The city of Montevideo was under a financial crisis, and a total suspension of business wa3 threatened: Extensive ConHla(;ration and Loss of Life. Dayton, Ohio, May 16. This morniug Turner's opera house in this city took fire and was entirely destroyed. The buildiug was occupied by McKtee, Waodward & Weekly, wholesale grocers; Black & Fox. wholesale china aud queeuBware, Grover & Baker's Sewing Machine Company, F. lauge, restaurant and billiard rooms. Nothing was saved bat a few sewing machines. Five residuuees on First street wore also destroyed. The fire extended to a building on Maiu street, which was entirely destroyed. Also the large furniture establishment of M. Ohmer, and the grocery store of Laudmyer & Bros. Herman l.audmyer, oue of the firm, while endeavoriag to save some of his goods, was caught and crashed to the floor by a portion of the falliug wall. His brother and several others attempted to extricate him, but it was impossible. He lived in this condition for awhile, wheu another crash came, burving him in the ruins. His wife and family were present, but no human power conld save him. The scene was heartrending. Total loss is estimated at $!00.OO0 to $800,000. The opera bouse was one of the finest in the West, aud was owned bv J. M. & W. M. Turner. The los will be $-5,000 over and above au insurance or S4iiu,uuu. -,-! - Election of a Bishop In Canada-Important financial Measures in the Dominion Parliament. Montreal. May 15. The Episcopal Synod and House of Bishops, after three aays' balloting, have unanimously chosen the Rev. Asbey Oxen-den, of Kent, England, to be Bishop of Montreal and Metropolitan of Canada. - - Mr. Rose, minister of finance of the Dominion of Canada, has introduced in the Parliament at Ottawa a banking system somewhat after that of the United States. It is DTODOsed that the bank notes and legal-tenders now in nse be withdrawn and that the currency consist hereafter solely of bank notes secured by government debentures. and the banks are to purchase government ae bentnres in such amounts as they may severally choose. They are to deposit the debentures in the hands of a receiver-general in trust: aud the receiver-general will give out legal-tender notes to the amount of the debentures deposited. The act, if passed, will not go into effect till 1870. Disappearance of a New York Bro - ker. ' .;.,.-? ,--r - New York. -May 16. Much consternation was caused yesterday in a prominent banking house lu this city Dy tne uisappearauce oi toe junior member of the firm, taking with him two certi fied checks one for $95,475, and one for $23,650. He left tne omce st aoont two o clock, carrainir with bim the certified checks and, 'certificates of stock to the amount of $95,000. make 'deli v erieaof the stock and a deposit of the proceeds. Not returning, at 3 o'clock, his partner made in- nmrles at the cut National Bank, and ascer tained that instead of making the deposits he bad obtained the certified: checks above-mentioned, snd cannot be found. Hi destination bas not yet been discovered, or what disposition ne nas maae oi ine cnecKs. ryMr. 8. R. Mallory, ones secretary of tbs Confederate navy department, is- Wtctariui ia lirwui oa TYoajjMija tier Kietus AdTHtBiS AS WtNDteilR1.lfit&. t "If-feast !too- jfiOlscfAoS' e tl I- r 'vaJtsV; : BIwtaAY. It M-onfc o'clock F, Ml at the F.xotwe fnH roen la the cUVCf Baltimore. -We shall mil u 4rWf tvrNTK SKAT LKM tiAjruoarp- aboat WSfacTC bind--' '"rilVI"18 ttvan Chapal. u, three mm -v-baif - im tne city Of Baplmore, and just bne Iwlt , . dArjlanet ltbelmt a nortfoBof the. 3Armat" estate. ' sS.Vy 2,3 wSM-Q1' t,,B city oi . , ..... ..... v.. 1. . II - . 1111 .lrvl7rfiv 'nd surrounded bybhruly b4d1l4f $outry seats tfWrvimP 'Jl"u.y doing business Iff the oltyA . Sitotir.ra m Tb aim pro vein en ts are verywostlr.Wliu nearly Pf'Ki'bINtJ u I,wV tisVof M E1;' ,yi'mSVpo,'1 ni KTtckeh oa arst Hoor. t mi ..T;:.adway. bat wet: dwellings and' tf simple,. frosts on Broadway 1 1amj surrounded attractive conntry-aetswherrfriiL0..t8e. -Thls-ls a wSid water.,rawliatloom. An rX, h., tired and heated by the aref.: TfsiX1g2"J U UeJiaairnJijiworiuenu usually, found !o.:i 1 .Miiui-r-'iutto twij Lwj dwih, ana t.arrisgo- lldtet.- ' -' rUUie na aU ouitsr , 1'kn.U.ll tm ..... U1l.K'...K A '.nlll . I - . .... loviiiiioo iu iucd. iuo ucuiouu vi ".u, Hi go ieioij M tiirf onoiecm r minor alt klnds.- Telegraphlc Summary. The store aud safe of R. Hills. Canandsigtia, New York, was robbed on Saturday of $5 000 worth of jewelry, ine sate ot the uouglas Hate Manufacturing Company, at East Douglas, Massachusetts, was also opened by burglars, aud from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars in cash Btolen. The shippers of the first two Invoices of grain in bulk by sailing vessels from New Orleans to Europe have been advised of their arrival in Liverpool, the bark John Geddes having made the passage in twenty-six days. Other cargoes are en route. - An explosion occurred In Blechman & Co. s cottonseed oil manufactory in Jersey City, on Saturday, by which the building, machinery, asc, were destroyed, ine loss, u",iwu, la cov ered by Insurance, A now pillory and whipping-post was inangu-rated in the jail yard at New Castle, Delaware, on Saturday. Three men were pilloried aud ten whipped. Two of the whipped were colored. The entire crew of the schooner D. B. Webb was prostrated by lightning on the 4th instant, wheu that vessel was off Capo Hatteras, aud Levi Knight, one of the numbbr, instantly killed. Memphis is rapidly filling up with strangers to attend the commercial convention on Tuesday. The Richmond, Va., and Charleston, a. C. dele gations have arrived. i ne LacKawana iron ana cori company s planing mill was burned at Scranton, Pa., Saturday night. Loss $15,000. Rufus L. Lord, tho victim of the celebrated Lord bond robbery, died yesterday at his residence in New York. Colonel J. Holmes Grorer, United States -con sul at Ancona, Italy, sailed from New York on Saturday in the steamer City of London. The Mississippi river at New Orleans is sub siding. ' ; NEWS IN BRIEF. On Wednesday, Hershman's sash factory at Mechanicsbiirg, Pa., was destroyed by fire; insured in Baltimore for $2,000. Mr. Seid.'e, who occupied a portion of the buildiug as a spoke factory, also suuerea Dy tne names, nut was insured for $2,800. The commencement exercises or Kraory and Henry College will take place on the 8th aud 9th June next. The Hon. Walter R. Staples is to address the two literary societies. James W. Shcfiey, Esq., and Col. John Goode, Jr., will also participate. Thursday next has been set apart by the ladies of the Hebrew Memorial Association of Richmond for paying their tribute to those who are buried in the section under their charge at the Jewish Cemetery. it is stated in a New iortt paper that I red Douglass is to be appointed as postmaster in Western New York, In New York and Boston no difference will be made ou account of race iu revenue nominations. The corner-Btone of the new M. E. Church South, at Bedington, Berkley county. Va., will be laid to dav. The Masons and Odd-Follows of all the neighboring towns will participa-.e in the exercises. The Hon. 1 . S. Bocock will deliver the address before the literary societies of Hampden Sidney College at its "annual commencement next month. Twenty-five tons of strawberries were brought into San Francisco in April, and retailed at 12 to 15 cents a pound. Cherries sola at a dollar ana a half per pound. . - . The Newport (it. l.) news says tnat lour houses have been let for the summer iu that city at rents amounting to $6,000. There is quite a rush for summer quarters. The ladies oi tne Augusta ( a.) memorial Association have decided to have their annual memorial ceremonies on the 5th iustead of tho 6th of June, the latter day being Sunday. . ,...'-... Col. Gilbert C. Walker, of Norfolk, the conservative candidate for Governor, addressed a large assemblage of citizens iu Petersburg, Va., on Friday ni''ht last. - Judge watts, oi worm carouna, nas sentencea Gus. Baker, Jim Thomas aud George Bay line, the Wade Ditch murderers, to be hung on Fri-dav, the 2Sth instant, at Halifax Courthouse. 'i'he now Evangelical Lutheran Chnrch," at Sharpsburg, Maryland, will be solemnly dedicatee! to the worship of Almighty God on Sun-dav. May 23d. - - .-. . A terrific bail-storm passed over Bedford county, Va., Thursday afternoon last. The stones were large as partridge eggs, and literally covered the ground. The Gait House ball st Louisville, Ky last Friday night, is said have been the most magnificent ever held in the West. - ... . . j . Improvements in Staunton are still going on rapidly. The enterprise exhibited by its citizens since the war is quite remarkable. The ladies of the Portsmouth (Va.) Memorial Association decorated the graves of the Southern soldiers at that place on Saturday last. ' The court-house and jail at Charlestown, Jefferson county. West Virginia, are offered for sale by the "supervisors" of that place. Rev. J. B. Hawthorne, of the Franklin Square Baptist Church, Baltimore, preached st the Second Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., last night. Mr. John Smith, for fifty years past a colporter In Southwestern Virginia, died recently, is Abingdon, aged 89 years. ' -. The Philadelphia carpenters held s meeting Friday evening to fix a uniform rate of wages, snd agreed spon fS 59 per flay. ' Moses Brooks, on of tbs oldest members of the M. fi. church is Cincinnati, died a day or two 'since in New York, st the advanced age of 84. . Tin fnhaeea AMoelation of . CinjRMisti- tbeir last relar meeting, decides to third annual nur on -rnoausy, ngii. - There is a line chance for miuistsri-i.t- New Haven. Coun. S! -tf bet SbjV , a ! without ossiors . - . " v creased travel have been found necessary Jo bej proviueu. jur. nenry lyson. tne supenutenaent of the railroad, bas satisfactorily met these demands heretofore, and on and after to-day still greater opportunities of reaching this favorite section of the county will be afforded by tho running of additional cars as far as Govaustown, four miles from the cily. At certain times of the day cars will be run to and from that point every half hour, instead of hourly, as at proseDt. Under this arrangement twenty-three cars duily leave Govaustown-for the city, whilst twenty-four cars from the city run to that point, forty-seven cars passing daily along the route. It is gratifying to note this increase of travel, and pleasant to record its prompt recognition by the railroad company.. The want of accommodation for the many ' colored persons, male and female, servants and ' others who have frequent necessity to use these cars, either through business or pleasure, has frequently attracted the attention of the most respectable portion of the traveling community on this route, and it is gratifying to know that Mr. Tyson, iu response to a petition uumeronelv signed by those most frequently using the cars of the company, has Indicated an intention to shortly provide suitablo and sufficinnt accommo- ! dation for this class of persons. This will meet 1 a want that has long been felt, and which, as tho subject has to be finally settled nt some time or other, might properly now be advanced, with a view to justice aud humanity. Sunday School Anniversaries. Yesterday was-observed at the Union Square Methodist EpiB-copal Church, on Lombard t troet, as tho anniversary of the Sunday School connected therewith. A sermon haviug refe .ence to tho occasion was preached in tho morning at 11 o'clock by the pastor, Rev. R. W. Black. Iu the afternoon at half-past two o'clock tho anuivorsary proper took place, a good audience being in attendance. The scholars, to the nnmber of about 300. occupied seats In the central section of the bnildiing, and under tho direction of Messrs. Sompler and Wilkinson interspersed the exercises by singing a number of favorite selections. Addresnes of an iutcrof ting nature were made by Rev. William F. Sptake, of the High Street, aud Rev. Wm.M. Frysingcr, of the Jackson Square Methodist Episcopal churches. A collection for the benefit of the library was taken up, and liberally responded to. The school, which presents a prosperous coudlf Ion, is under the charge of Mr. William A. Ciatk as superintendent. At the Bpaclons building on Lexington street, near Republican, occupied by the Methodist Protestant denomination, the Sabbath school connected therewith celebrated its sixth anniversary on yesterday. During the forenoon an eloquent and appropriate sermon was delivered by the pastor, the Rev. J. E. Reed, aud premiums for prompt attendance aud good conduct were awarded a large number of scholars. In the afternoon the scholars, teachers aud friends of the school assembled iu large numbers to participate in exercises suited to the occasion. These were commenced by singing an invocation to the young, which was followed with prayer by the pastor, and pertinent addresses from Bcale II. Eichardsou and Rufus W. Applegarth. Esqs. The services, though brief, were interesting, aud the occasion will long be remembered as one of the most pleasant in the history of the church. Methodist Episcopal Church South Mass Meeting. A mass meeting of the members and friends of the Methodist Episcopal Church South was held yesterday afternoon at the Western Maryland hay scales, corner of Fremont and Chats-worth streets. At the appointed time, 4 o'clock, there were several hundred persons present. Including many ladies, liev. 11. H. Keuncdy read the order of exercises and gave out the 7Jlst hymn, "Jesus shall reign where'er the sun," &c Prayer was also oflered by Mr. Kennedy. Rev. Dr. Linn, pastor of Central Church, and formerly of Louisville, Kentucky, then dolivered an inter esting address, iu which he dwelt npon the Christian duty of preaching the gospel to the poor. i3eisiateu mat meir oo.iect was to lay tne foutidati(rJK anotner Aietnouist n.piscoDai Church South,,'9.'i wa8 to 08 erected in that neighborhood. " --.' ., The special object In caTife meeting was tn rnlai' t lid mpana of nuttiiiir fiiemuorary building to be used for public worshiBor a fcaubatn school, 'llie temporary bmlu would bo erected in the Havmarkot Sauaie. i they wanted the meeting to raise $1,000 for the purpose, in response to nis appeal over f 800 was subscribed or paid in a short time, the following geutlemen contributing the larger amounts: Ile.okiah Crotit, $100; Y. O. Williams, J. Edward Bird. Samuel Miles, John W. Davis, (Rheriff.)' David E. Thomas and "A Friend," subscribing f.'O each; C. F. Diggs, T. J. Magruder aud Jackson EJliott. $25 each, and four"Frieuds." $25 each. The remainder was contributed in sums of $10 and $5. The meoting thon closed with singing the Coronatioujhymu aud benediction. Foreign Etporfs and Imports. The foreign clearances ou Saturday were the Norwegian bark De Ger, for Belfast. Ireland, with 27,225 bushels corn; the Italian brie Francisco Tag-liana, for Marsala, with 71.00U staves and 1,500 gallons petroleum; the schoonor C. C. Clark, for St. Andrews, with 30 half bbis. flour. 20 boxt-s raisins, 100 lbs. lard, 176 lbs. manufactured tobacco, 50 gallons kerosene and 98 packages sundries, and the British schooner Petrel, for the Spanish Main, with 24 half bbls. flour. 20 half bbls. bread, 200 lbs. lard, 250 gallons petroleum, 6 bales cotton duck, 30 boxes raisins. 1 iron safe aud $2,:ii in specie. Tho foreign entries were the British brig Italia, from Mavagucz, P. R., . with 227 hhds. and 79 bbls. sugar; the British brig Blanche, from Demarara, with 246 hhds. 186 bbis. sugar aud 00 puncheons molasses; the schooner Anna Gillise, from Windsor, N. S., with 200 tons plaster; and the schooner Lucy J. Warren, from Eleuthera, with 2.6M7 dozen pineapples, 200 bunches bananas. 4 do. sugar cane, 37 boxes shells, aud lots of sweet potatoes, limes and watermelons. . Attempted Robbery at a Motel. George Kuhn, alias Williams, was taken into eustody on Friday night by policeman Berger. charged with feloniously entering tho room of Mr. Sherman Patterson, at the Eutaw House, and breaking open the trunk of the latter by the nse of a jimmy, with the intention of robbing the same. It appears that Mr. Patterson occupies a parlor and chamber at the hotel, and about seven o'clock on the night in question he was sitting in the former, wheu his attention was drawn to a noise in the other room. Upon entering the latter, Mr. Patterson found the accused with a billy in his haud, and be ringing for a servant, they succeeded, after some ditliculty, in handing Kuhn over to the policeman, who"conveyod him to the western station house. . Search being made of the accused's person, seven skeleton keys were found upon him. Captain Zimmerman then, in view of the burglars' tools found upon Kuhn, aieo preferred another charge against ulm. Justice Bride committed the accused to await the action of the grand jury upon both charges. Jtroivmd. Justice Joseph Dorsey, of Baltimore county, on Thursday last held an inquest at North Point, over tho bodies of two unknown white men found floating iu the water near that point. They were both apparently aged about 30 to 35 years, dark complexion, one wearing a moustache, and had on a striped guernsey undershirt, aud looked to be about 5 feet. 8 inches in height. The other wore au imperial beard, and had on a white shirt and gray undershirt, cloth overalls, two pairs of pants and drawers, and had a deformity of the right foot. Both bodies appeared to have been in the water some weeks. The jury rendered a verdict of accidental drowning. The sanj justice on Saturday held an inquest ou the buoy or an unknown white man found near Sollors's Point, apparently 80 years of age, wore a full set of light whiskers, and about 5 feet 6 inches in height; bad a scar on the left side of tho neck. The jury rendered a verdict of accidental drowning. Mint seven acres lu heautiiul Park, balance mostly a linfi chl Cvrouerfy; can b viewed at any Urns, aoi musk , TuiTiifih ile anprcciatea, ,immeai r 1 "J. 4-Me-lra The If o ! .. : Arrival of flu: Steamship America. The steamship America, Capt. Billups, of the Baltimore and Savannah line, which sailed from Savannah on Thursday, at 2 P. M., reached her wharf yes terday morning, nt 4 o'clock, bringing as cargo 144 bales cotton, 89a dry hides, 1 bundle hides 3,000 feet lumber, 34 nackages merchandise, 99 empty barrels, 1 bundle bags, 87 casks rice, and 2 cases merchandise. The America brought the following passengers: Mr. A. L. Green, Rev. Dr. Fuller, airs. Dr. Devenoort, Mrs. Dr. Schoney, Mrs. Franklin, Mr. J. W". Hunter, Rev. Mr. Berg, air. p. o. tuncaia. Mrs. a, rape, master sr. w U- lett, Mr. George U. Williams, John Dames, Mrs. Maffett, Mies Maffett, Miss A. Maffett. Mr. J. C, Durborow, Mrs. C. Girvln and child. Mr. H. H, Moody. Mr. T, W. Shea and lady, Mr. 8. M. Mil lett, lady, two children, and nurse 35 in all. The Sun office is indebted to parser J. S. Ttrackard tor prompt aonvery or report. . Testimonial Presented, Arthur - P. Gorman. Esq., of Howard county, late collector of internal revenue for the fifth district of Maryland, has been presented witn a nanasome silver urn and go Diets oyine acputy collectors, storekeepers and gangers of said district. Tho presentation took place on Friday evening last, at the Rennert House, corner of Saratoga snd Liberty streets. Z. Poteet, Esq-, made the presentation address. to wnicn Mr. uorman maae a nanasome response. The urn bears the inscription. "Presented to A. P. Gorman. Esa.. by the revenue officers of the fifth; Maryland district, 13vi." Tbs assembled company then sat down to a nice tertainuiev.t. served up .is Mr. Kennert's beat etyl,a4 t- evening "TJ passed in a very rreaMe Mr. Gore d is succeeded ia nis c ce s on. oy Da vtd L. suntoL; of Ltu y. , Tke Sscond priffai--&'xr d snad bv Brigadier General i.l.f the folidwW rnS atafl: Capt. JT. t , -t tain and orC , vic- Scbarf,x" 1 " - Tic- f"W 1 IA ue am-ructKifl. . uuueuiaie i -'Vitao ...... ..- 4ne-htr It balance la six l .atti. kPFA a , . .li-. iji; ntfui wr-ii"" A,-r Ami... ". of the finaneian't v :Jrt X'-t. 1-..' 1 "LU " ""T- iipnoa ou saiurtc -it t r .- -"j-w -. ' ;--.,. cideutal omiMniou sxhus salF."-1 ' X ' ; fora the word "stoclV. iNJNG.MayrlMhwo Will read as follows: "ThrTT St W O Clock, by Cat- ... the company prior to tho V.u.vii;u, lr!i. wS will from Union Bridge-to Hagvtstow t lTTi cTiX-k, by Cat-$rt()0,0(Kv.Btock, 4.004 shares, $249.7W)-tria.4'( 1 " v 700. For the extension of . the rond-from Union -Bridge to IIf orstowu tho boud and stock debt . . has been Increased. Xfj now Issues, as follows; . second mortgage debt J0o,0K, preferred raort- -gage bonds $600,066.- Slid stock subscriptions, i' 7.714 shares, $.'15,71D. .Total bond and stock ". debts, $a,-135,410." .. . Tha Law I'amde. The law parade snd review which takes place this afternoon urtmiises to b a grand affair, provided the weather is favorable. -After the review ou Broadway the line ot march will be taken to Baltimore slreet, to Charles, to Centre, to Calvert, and thence to Baltimore street. Col. Schley, of the second regiment, wilt ' command tho first brigade, first division, l.ient. . Col. Jarden haviug command of the regiment. Tho first, second, third, fourth, aud eighth regiments will cany tho new United States regimental flags and markers, furnished by Messrs. Siaco Bros., under the recent contract. Tho colors for the other regiments will be furnished iu a fow days. Cases for Cottrl. Michael Baxter was arrested on Saturday by policeman Ferguson, charged with assaultiug aud beating his wife, and was committed for court by Justico Bride. Patrick Collins was arrested byjpollccman Ilockou Friday night, charged wltn assaulting nnd striking tloo. Cornish, colored, on the breast with a hniiimur. The same magistrate also committed hire for the action of the Criminal. Court. George Hoiio-maii was arrested yesterday by policemau Kldd. charged with assaulting and striking John G. Monsdorflcr. He was released on bail for court by the same justice. Fill' ' Imposed. Mark Casey was arrested on Saturday, by policeman Dowry, charged Willi having loose bay iu a frame stable in violation of a city ordinance. Justioe Brldo imposed a fine upon him of teu dollars and costs. Philip Schwfnd was artcstcd the same day, by pollro-man McCully, charged with driving In Druid Dill Park at a rate beyond that prescribed by tha park regulations. The same magistrate fined litm five dollars and costs. Policemau Burke tho same day arrested John Garey for rast driving upon the street, and he was also fined five dollars aud costs by J ustico Bride. . Postoffice Robbery. la the United States Dis. trtct Court, Judge Giles, the case of W. A. T. Phillips, formerly assistant Iu the postoIHce at Cambridge, Dorchester couuty, Md.. indicted for opening aud destroying a letter from John B. Smoot. Alexandria, to V. B. Smoot, Cambridge, and also for abstracting the contents of said letter, ($6 50 in notes,) heroloforo reported, &a., is on trial. Quite a number or witnesses have bcoit examined, and the case will be resumed this morning. William Fell Giles. Jr., and R. J, Git-tings, Esqs., areconnsel for the accusod. Th4 French War Brig.Tli French war brig Obligata, which for some days bas beeu laying oft'Fell's Point.early yesterday morning weighed anchor and sailed down the river, it is supposed to join ber consort, the steam frlgatojcnu Bart, now at Annapolis. A number of tha officers of the latter ship remained in the city yostcrday. The midshipmen from bb:h .vessels nave beott enjoying themselves on shore during the past few days, aud appear much pleased with Baltimore. - -T-7-., - . Salts of Ground J?n?.-Me9sTs. Gibson & Co., auctioneers, sold on Saturday, at the Bxcbaiige salesroom, a ground rent of $16:i 50 on a lot ot ground ou the southwest corner of Uolliday and Saratoga Btreets; purchased by Mrs. Locklugton, for $2,000. Also one of $74 37 on a lot ou llolll-day street, adjoining tha above; purchased by Joshua F. Cockcy, for $1,100. Also one of () on a lot on Swan street; puicliased by L. L. Peters, for $750, T Funeral of a Colored Clerauman.Tho Rer. . anal'Uiam Williams, paBtorof the Colored Baptist.-. r'Vr,.on North street, who d i ert. oj js ercninaijnricd yestenHv rt.uoon from the church.0 l was largely attended Dy colored persons, ine colored Jasi,ns and other societies attending. The deceased was much respected, and his death is looked upon as a great loss to his church. Fire from Matches. Ou Saturday night, about half-past ten o'clock, a quautity of bedding iu one oi tne cnamocrs ol the second story of tha dwelliug of Thomas Smith, No. 77 Poppleton street, was set ou firo by children playing vfhh matches. Fortunately policemen Broadwater and Doyle were iu the viciuity and extinguished the flames botoru anv materia! was doue. and without giving the usual firo alarm. Sales of Ren! totals. Messrs. Gibxou A. Cr., auctioneers, fold on Saturday, at the Hxcliaitgo salesroom. a lot of ground fronting S2 feet ou Carroll street, near Henrietta, with a depth of hti feet to Chatsworth run: purchased by Mr. Blank, for $250. Alss a lot of ground in Brooklyn. Anus Arundel county, fronting 30 leet on First street, with a depth or loo leet; purchased Dy tho sauitt, for $55. Ciaroed with Rettetinv Oncers. Calhariue Emrick aud Lizzie llikltm-rSi ere taUeu into custody on Saturday by policemau Jcukius, charged ' with rcgiBtiug a. neeier ana uesso Murray while they were acting iu the discbarge of their duties as constables. Tliey were arraigned be fore Justice Bride and released ou ball for court. AV.eaed Larceny of a Diamond Pin. Carrio Carter was taken iuto custody yesterday by Ser- . gtant I'adwnlladcr. npou the charge ot stealing a diamond ring, valued at $150, from Wm. K. Cook. Justice Bride, before whom she was arraigned, committed her for tho action ot tbo grand jury. . The ring was not recovered. O'd of Town. T-he mayor of Baltimore, wif it portion of his family, left Wte city in the Nor-Uv steamer on Saturday afternoon, iuteurUng to be absutit some days. During tho absence of the mayor Henry Duval!, Esq , president of the first D ranch of the city council, will act as mayor ex officio. Sunwed to be Stolen. Robt. Emmert. colore. was arrested Saturday by policeman J. T Ita-ker. charged with having in his possession a lady's under garment and two towels, supposed to t stolen. Justice Hagcrty committed hiui for Urn action of the grand jury. ICeary Fine. John Kennedav was on Saturday fined i5 and costs by Justice 11 ager ty for violating section 43 of ordiuance No. 18 by cleaning a privy without having a license. The uuo was subsequently remitted by the mayor. Frnenslve. William H. Walker was arrested on Friday by Sergeaut Dclauty, cbargod with eu-terinsr the city with his uiirht-cart hefora th hour prescribed by a city ordinance. JubUcs Boue imposed a fine of $20 and costs. , : ' . punav warn . u. uover. auctioneer. sold ou Saturday the pnngyNortb Bend, capacity uij ousneis, luted wltn all necessary sppurto- nanccs for the oyster trade; purchased bv Edwd. Milson, for $355.i - !-.;. Resigned. Mr. John S. Hogg, who soma dava ago resigned the pros'.deucy of the board of fire . commivsioucrs, ou Saturday sent to Mayor Bank nis tesii'uniioii as a mcinoec oi tne Doara. Arrival of a Cutter. Tha United States steam revenue cutter Nansomond, Capt. Baker, arrived at this port on Saturday from Savannah. Sua ' has been brought here for repairs. Salt of Market Stalls. Mr. Saml. II. Govpr. auotioueer, sold on Saturday, stalls Nos. 117 aud n in mo institute Market; purchased by Thos. J. Hanly, for $150. A Curious 6tory. Michigan papers stats that a young mau named George Deuslow, living at Rome Centre, iu that State, dreamed on the night of March 13 that he was deaf and dumb, aud on awaking was horrified to find that he could TritVlir an.,1? n r tiAi. W.Am ,K. .inm .111 . t. ' uw. i. i. . . . w I., ,u. MUI. .Ill .IIV 4th of May, fifty-throe days, he remained total! deaf and dumb. On the evening of that day, while returning from the field where he bad been at work, an odd feeling came over him aud be was obliged to lean against the fence for support. Presently he heard a bird sing, and ha fonnd also that his voico had returned to him During this suspension ot .voice and heating he had enjoyed uncommonly good health. New Mexican Wins. Thirty barrets of wins from the valley of the Rio Graac" t 1 tar rived in St. Lonls. This is the a " of ninety barrels, snd I th v or wine ever broaght f tea i wine was produced sear tbe i .as one hundred and twev . aor , ta Fe, and about t - .Albu querque. The wins r .... The w jflgnt in was present termt-i rarfwsy, s distance ot Mvs miles, s4 tatnes trail.,... -. .-. Bhipmout of ninety I gons irom isi"s i" nus of tbs 1' ' four hundre-i r it came, to f 0"- 4 i Om -iT - or Tut tt. jprp. .i-anl At- , Republic Asso- cis-iua eie - . jona A. Logan, run-maotf ,-iarCbi' vernor Falrchild, or Wis., vtcs-COiutBSBdar; DMi. P. Wylie r'teb" en-Keueral; lier-A. U. Qalut,-c", jbulef.- . s ,-t ..".." "..,,. Ths PotO" .f.WtMPtftOi s ft"' ttf naeut. to . r lria Itee-imeuf. tk c iM'i vice Lteat.rwo. 0"

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