The Wellsboro Gazette Combined with Mansfield Advertiser from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1963 · Page 12
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The Wellsboro Gazette Combined with Mansfield Advertiser from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1963
Page 12
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PAGE FOtJB (Section Two) THE WELLSBOBO GAZETTE, WELLSBORO, PA., THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1963 1962 Passes By... (Continued from last week) JULY i July 26 -- William C. Baumann meets death in car crash . . . The Paul Witts attend Seventh Day Adventist Convention in San Fran- Cisco . . . Bill Johnson, formerly of Wellsboro is appointed football coach at Corning Northside High School . , t Mr. and Mrs. Alvin E. Alexander of Blackwell are honored on Golden Wedding anniversary . . . Norma Rubin Casal of Rosario, Argentine is announced as 1962-63 A.F.S. Student at Wellsboro . . . Albert Sowers resigns Special Education Post in Tioga and Lycoming Counties to accept position in Cumberland County . . . Mrs. Audrey Kelly is announced as speaker at annual Republican picnic. Firt Lieut. James W. Olmstead completes motor transportation and maintenance course at Fort Eustis, Va. Weddings -- Miss Sigrid Johnson of Coudersport to Jack Wilkinson of Wellsboro. Obituaries -- Mrs. Bertha W. Teed, Morris; Mrs. Bernard Mes- ueh, Blossburg; Mrs. Ethel Applebee, Middlebury; William C. Baumann, Mrs. Lucy E. Brown, Wellsboro. AUGUST Aug. 2 -- Philip F. Hallock, formerly of Wellsboro, is named act- nig head of the Department of Agriculture at the Pennsylvania State University . . Richard C. Coole of Gaines becomes assistant county agent for Penn State Cooperative Extension Department . . . County officers honor Albert Sowers and Mrs. Nancy Haus leaving Tioga County for new positions . . . Borden's tin-shop workers hold picnic at Hills Creek Park . . . Impressive ceremonies at Fort Polk, La., honor guardsmen preparing to ar for home sft^r w^rk W A ^ Obituaries -- Mrs. Mary A. Shaft', Wellsboro; Lyman E. Christian, Corning, Mrs. Mabel Youngs, .Morris; Donald E. Bentley, Tut- "wiler, Miss., formerly, Tioga. Aug. 23 -- The Red Cross Bloodmobile visit goes over the top in Wellsboro . . . The Wellsboro- Charleston Schools set September 5 as first full schedule day . . . Dennison Fairchild takes over new duties at Dresser Plant . . . Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Smith celebrate their golden wedding anniversary . . . The Borden-Hardy reunion is held at the home of Kenneth Ayers .. . The Corning Glass Works United Fund presents bronchoscope to the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital . . . Winter's Shoe Store schedules grand opening for Friday and Saturday . . . Samuel L. Orsini is transferred to Corning as manager of C.G.W.'s Lamp Department Project Development; Dominick L. Abrunzo succeeds him in Wellsboro position . . . The Rev. Daniel P. Abrams of the Pequea Baptist Church preaches at Wellsboro Church on Sunday .. . Duane Norman is given Keystone Award at Penn State University qn 4-H Day . . . The Jones family Reunion is held at Hills Creek Park . . . The Rutty family reunion at Ogdensburg is attended by 51 . . , Mr. and Mrs Llewellyn Peak of Lake Worth, Fla., are honored at a family picnic at Blossburg , . . CWO Ralph Moshier has been assigned to the Battalion at Frankfurt, Germany as personnel officer. Weddings -- Miss Doris Marie Kreger of Morris to Donald Lee Bnon of Liberty; Miss Patricia Mary Collins to Jerry William Mitchell; Miss Gale Helen Beaumar- lage to Woodrow J. Wilson of West Columbia, S C , Miss Cylvia Rae Brague of Blossburg to Richard D. Mase of Etmira. Aug. 30 -- The Wellsboro Gazette after celebrating its 87th anniversary, buys the Wellsboro Agitator . . . Mrs. Stephen Neal is named presiding . .. Local Teachers meet Lo organize more meaningful chapter of PSEA using slogan, "We are in business" . . . Mrs, Betty Davis entertained at O'Brien's Restaurant before leaving her position at the Tioga County Savings Trust Company to enter Mansfield State College by the women employees of the bank. Obituaries -- Frank C. Moore, Wellsboro; Mrs. Cleva E. Borden, Corning; Mrs. Elizabeth A. Noelk, Wellsboro. Sept. 20 -- District Attorney Robert Kemp gives talk on the problem of teenage drinkers at the Women's Republican Council meeting . . . Community saddened by sudden death of J. Fred Husted . . . Presbyterian Church holds ground breaking ceremony on Sunday . . . Wellsboro Division Corning Glass Works entertains civic leaders at luncheon at Penn Wells' Hotel and introduces Coming's newest wonder glass, "Chemcor" . . . Rev. and Mrs. Harry E. Berrigar are the new superintendent and matron at the Northern Tier Children's Home at Harrison Valley . . . Campers and Hikers hold get together at Hills Creek Park . . . Mansfield Shoe Store demolished as car leaps over curb and crashes into small frame shop. Weddings -- Miss Gail Ann Cooper to Homer E. Knepp; Miss Beverly Jean Alexander to Gary Roupp. Obituaries -- Mrs. Harry Vandergrift, Wellsboro; Mrs. Gwendolyn Crawford of Cleveland, Ohio formerly of Blossburg; J. Frederick Husted of Wellsboro; William Edwards of Wellsboro; Clifton A. Davis of Little Marsh; Hugh Boyden of Rushville, N. Y. formerly of Wellsboro; Paul Dahms, Sr. of Warren formerly of Wellsboro; Mrs. Rose Ella Clymer of Wellsboro and Miss Mary Crossley of Mansfield. Sept. 27 -- Dr. Ninomiya was voted president of Tioga County's done . . . Mr and Mrs. Alvin E. Alexander of Morris are honored on their Golden Wedding Anniversary . . . The officers of the Bache Fund vote financial assistance to the Community Concerts . . . Tioga County Democrats hold huge rally at Morris Run . . . The T*oga County School Reorganization Plan is approved by the State Department Education . . . Cherry Springs prepares for the llth Woodsmen's Carnival . . . Yvonne Kreisler Gnn- nell, formerly of Wellsboro is named assistant cashier of Pompano Beach Bank, Fla. Weddings -- Miss Alice A Schwab of Glens Falls. N Y. to Norman C. H Denis of Hudson Falls, N. Y. Obituaries -- Capt Wcinmann of Trenton, N J : Ralph D Kenn. Jr . Mansfield. Henr\ J Lovcjoy. Tioga; William M Hartsell, Wellsboro Aug. 9 -- The Republicans gather from all parts of the county* for their annual picnic at Island Park. Blossburg, and to hear 1alks by leaders . . . Beverly A. Wetmore is awarded a four year scholarship at Kutztown State College . . . The 131st Transportation Company turns joyfully ho'Tnward . . . Ernest Downs represents the local PSEA at Presidents' Workshop . . . Might Nike Missile is scheduled for display on Wellsboro's Main Street . . . Eric Marvin, formerly of Wellsboro is promoted 1o sergeant first class* at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. D C . Larue Thomas is named manager of the annual District Dairj Show Walter T McCrcight is appointed to Ta%n- ton's Sales Force in the New York Southern Tier The W h i t n e ville larger Parish celebrates its tenth anmversar\ Weddings --- Miss Martha Jane Bliss to Frank L Greenwood of Doylestown. P a ; Miss Shirlevan Zeaman of Galeton to Stephen W. Mclnroy, Miss Irene A Hodder of Blossburg to William G Johnson of Covington Ob'tuaries -- Mrs Nettie Evans, Charleston, John H Kirkpalrick. Mrs Ada Wood Seeh. Middlebury Center, William F Brown Knox ville; Mrs Delia K Knowlton. Mrs Evan P Rees, Wellsboro Aug. 16 ·-- New double sewers are voted for Main Street at Council meeting . Morris Farms of Mansfield gets contract for pasteurizing milk for Broad Acres . . . Early morning fire breaks out in alley back of Dunhams' . . . The Trust Company, inaugurates a student loan plan . Edwin Monroe is feted on 81st birthday Dyna mile is found planted in the car of the Rev. Bruce Porter . Dr Gordon Bell of the Wilkes-Barrc Blood Center addresses district meeting at the Penn Wells . . .The WeUsboro firemen aid life guards in saving life of Millerton boy at Hills Creek Park . . . Harold M. Adams, principal oJ 1 North Penn School at Blossburg accepts new position at Mill Hall . . . The Me- Inroys hold annual reunion. Wedding* -- Miss Gaylord Griffith of Dallas, Texas, to Andrew C. Bullock, Jr., of Pueblo, Colo.; Miss Verna E. Lawton to Morgan Hilfiger, Jr., of Mainesburg; Miss Diane Lee Sodcrquist to Glenn Schermerhorn of. Albany, N. Y-T Miss Billy Ann Root of Middlebury Center to Lawrence D. Chrislman. hostess for Wellsboro's new Welcome Wagon . . . Jerry Mier, formerly of New Jersey School System is appointed psychologist for Special Education in Tioga and Bradford Counties . . . Miss Patricia Cowan graduates from the Philadelphia General Hospital . . . The Lions hold a family picnic at Smythe Park . , . The Wellsboro Hotel Company votes the addition of twenty new motel units . . . Hon William T Schmidt, Mayor cf Scranton, is scheduled to speak at the Tioga County Young Republican Bar-B-Q . . . The Most Rev Egidio Vagnstolic, Delegate to the United States, formerly of Blossburg is named Right Reverend Monsignor . . . Donald Monks is feted at family picnic before leav ing for Fort Knox . . . Dr Preston Erwav ioms Dr William Ba^hman in Medical Practice in Wellsboro . . Ronald Couch becomes principal of the North Penn Joint Schools . . . Miss Diane Gillespie of Covington RD 2 is selected to compete as Pennsylvania's representative in the Eighth National Dairy Princess Contest . . . Miss Lynette Boyce of Blossburg accepts a teaching position in Horseheads. Obituaries -- Harry F Padgett, Wellsboro; Dr. John Houghton, Trout Run; John Reginald Beggs. Middlebury Center; Mary Alice Louise Schneider, Morris. SEPTEMBER Sept. 6 -- School registration for Wellsboro-Charleston reported as of Wednesday noon was Senior High 480. Junior High 675, Elementary 1491 Wellsboro Riding Club takes 35 mile trek over Labor Drj Robert Lyon serves as talent judge at Eldndge Park Finals The Wellsboro Fire Department plans a fund-raising Bar- B Q . Seven County School Directors plan meeting at Mansfield . Mayor William T Schmidt of Scranton is expected as featured speaker at annual Republican picnic Thieves steal $1,000 from Csrl Thorpe home at Elkland . Miss Sharon Carson joins staff of First National Bank Mrs Mable Watrous is trapped for 32 hours in collapsed building Weddings -- Miss Susan C Gulnick of Pine Orchard, C o n n , to Norman M. Dunsmore of Honesdale, Pa , formerly of Wellsboro; Miss Jane E. Brittain of Hershey, Pa , to Winthrop P Wilcox, J r . of Chevy Chase. Md : Miss Elizabeth T Wilcox of Chevy Chase. Md , to LI Robert D Hampton, USA. of Bethesda, Md Obituaries -- Mrs Nora B. Sly, Lmdlcy N Y ; Mrs Lora P. Malison, Mansfield. September 13 -- Progress Week at the local Corning Plant included a Friends and Relatives Day with a tour of the plant . . . Donna Marie Rentovich. 2%, dies as fire destroys the Knoxville home of Mark Sceley . . . Marsh Creek approved for watershed protection and flood prevention planning by U. S. Soil Conservation Service ... Boro Council discussed water supply situation which is becoming critical because of the extended drought.. . Wellsboro Green Hornets win* opening football game over Coudersport 24-7 . . . DAK holds first meeting of fall season at Mansfield with Mrs. Howard S. Cole of Westfield, Chapter Regent, ga, Mrs. Ella L. Close, Charles C. Edwards. Oct. 18 -- Hon. Albert Johnson featured speaker at Women's GOP Council held at Penn Wells Hotel , . . Era slips further away with the death of Mrs, Annie Doumaux . . . United Fund Campaign gets under way , . . Willard D. Confer, James H. Beauter, and Robert H. Thomas enlist in U. S. Air "Force . . . Clyde Bailey re-elected North Penn Gas Co. director . . . Robert C. Mudge appointed jail turnkey and police radio 1 operator .. . Lions Hub presents 10 year membership award to Frank Nichols . . . Tioga County Educator Association initiates new program on WNBT - Dateline Education. · / Weddings -- Janet Rae Hawkins Tucson, Arizona to William T. Wilcox. Obituaries -- Mrs. Jennie M. Buck of Tioga, Mrs. Margaret VanHorn, Mrs. Eddythe B. Wynn, formerly of Blossburg; Mrs. Annie R. Doumaux,- Mrs. Laura I. .White of Little Marsh. Oct. 25 -- Beloved Pastor Rev. Orrin G. Cocks'dies after dedicated service . , . Surprise alert gets Wellsboro Reserves up at 4 a.m. . . Accident in front of Goodwin's garage sends Miss Donna Monks to hospital . . . Max Villone, 19612 AFSer Student, writes from his borne in Italy to thank all his many Friends in Wellsboro . . . Chamber of Commerce makes plans for Sportsmen's Show . . . Mrs. Marjorie Mosher is made president of DeMolay mothers . . . Governor David L. Lawrence participated in the cornerstone laying ceremonies of the addition to the Blossburg State Hospital, . . Masquerade Ball held at Country Club. Weddings -- Miss Sharen Elaine Carson to Frederick Walter Keck; Miss Shirla May Root to William Henry Walters of Elkland; Miss Shirley Merrick of Middlebury to Gerald Bronkoski of Middlebury; Miss Nancy Pope to Gary Coolidge; Miss Donna R. Kriner to Samuel J. Guiffrida of Rochester. Obituaries -- Mrs. Jessie L. King of Little Marsh, Miss Antoinette Durif, Mrs. Zina K. Bubacz of Blossburg, Fred J. Marshall, Mrs. Keith Warren of Elmira formerly of Cancer Society . . . Miss Mary C. 3oupe retires after teaching more than 37 years in the Wellsboro School District . . . Wellsboro residents urged to economize on the use of water during these rainless days . . . Archibald Laird, M. D., Staff Medical Officer of Pa. National uard promoted to Brigadier General . . . Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huck, Sr., celebrates 65th wedding anniversary . . . Lush Brothers add new building to Galeton Furniture Business . . . Raymond Booth, 68, found dead in his Main Street Apartment . ... Mortimer A. Kentch and John Winter chosen "men of the month" by Chamber of Commerce. Wedd'ngs -- Miss Barbara Ann Mokrzynski of Blossburg to Patrick E. Murphy of Detroit, Mich.; Miss Nancy Corinne Spencer to Larry Joseph Mosher; Miss Linda Patricia Bennett of Kingsville, Texas to Lt. Thomas Lloyd Earle Gehman of Woodbridge, New Jersey, Seaman Bernice Hodder to Sp5 Harry Lee Hoddren; Miss Rose Marie Mitchell of Blossburg to Robert E. Bixby, Jr., of Mansfield Obituaries -- Raymond Booth of Wellsboro, Raymond L. Hall, Sr. of Millerton, Anson John Smith of Elmira formerly of Mansfield, Harold C. Barnard of Wellsboro, Mrs. Dorothy Marvin of Covington, Joseph A. Robinson of Crooked Creek. OCTOBER Oct. 4 -- Wellsboro Volunteer Fire Dept reports whooping success at Bar-B-Q as 800 persons are served . . . 104 local Glass Works employees are given service awards at banquet . . . 19 cars of a New York Central tram derailed at the Ansonia yards . . . John Jungquist injured while crossing East Avenue and Main Street intersection . . . David A. Coolidge awarded an academic scholarship by Western Electric to Duke University . . . Mrs Lee Jeffords dies after long illness . . . Ward Foundaries to negotiate with union officials. Weddings -- Miss Mary Ann Sidehamer of Pittsburgh to David Linton; Miss Janet Warren of Nunda to Gerald C. Johnston of Mt. Morris. Obituaries -- Mrs, Myrtle H Monks, Floyd M. Hill, Jr., of Tioga, Mrs Evan C. Howell of Ithaca, formerly of Wellsboro; William M. Blackwell of Morris, Mrs. Lavinna Smith of Mansfield, Mrs. Lee Jeffords. Mrs. Maude Sampson. Oct. 11 -- Ralph Borden breaks shoulder and wrist in plunge from tree . . . WeHsboro and Kane Men's Chorus hold concert at Senior High School . . . Elkland publisher elecled to office in Newspaper Association . . . New women's dormitory started on Mansfield State Teachers College Campus , . . Mrs. Earl Parsons given party celebrating her 85th birthday . . . Autumn Festival held at Pa. Guard Armory by St Peter's Parish '. . - Wellsboro BFW Club celebrates Thirty-Six years as National Business Women's Week is observed . . . VFW holds chicken bar-b-q and square dance ... Laura Spencer is installed as Rebekah Lodge Noble Grand. WwMlnpt -- Miss Sylvia Beatrice Osborn of .Morris to Bay L. Low of SMngleTiouser Obttuarftt -- Harry P. 43herman of Mansfield, Alvin S. Card of Tio- Wellsboro, Leon L. Rootritev--Br Orrin Giddings Cocks. NOVEMBER Nov. 1 -- PTA protests removal of guard at Central Ave. and Grant Street school crossing . . . Alvin Bush speaks at GOP Dinner rally at Penn Wells Hotel . . . Battery Acid thought cause of small fire at Dresser's . . . Small Fry Footballers close out season with all- star game . . , State Grange urges repeal of Act 561 ... Shetland pony, "Seven Oaks Toni" owned by Mr. and Mrs. David Willianjs won sixth place in Pennsylvania State Farm Show. Weddings -- Miss Lola Simmons to Richard Trippel, Miss Sydna Grace Reynolds of Elmira Heights to Jerome James Shabloski, Miss Charlotte Elaine Bellinger to Norman D. Urban of Liberty. Obituaries -- Raymond M. Teed of Morris, Mrs. Carrie Bowman of Blossburg. Nov. 8 -- Fire badly damages home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marshall . . . County votes Republicans in; State returns Clark to Senate . . . Eberle and Union reach agreement in labor dispute . . . Halloween Parade has 141 prize winners with approximately 250 participating . . . Darlene Nash named girl of the' month by BPW club . . . Lehman Harmon of Morris injured in hunting mishap Robert Frost's daughter speaks on modern poetry at Mansfield College '. . . SP5 'Glenn E. Davis is given Army Commendation Medal. Weddings -- Miss Janet Lou Murtland to Harry S. Bodine. Obituaries -- John P. Hunt of Tioga, Mrs. Alice Newell, George A. Coupe, Mrs. .Gladys M. Brazda of Blossburg. Nov. 15 -- Christmas Club checks top 1961 record by $10,000 .. . U. S. Steel official, George Burnham IV, speaks at GROW and Chamber of Commerce annual meeting . . . Train-truck crash injures Galeton man near Middlebury Center . . . Thurston F. Knapp of Wellsboro stationed in Elmendorf, Alaska, promoted to Captain in the U. S. Air Force . . . Lyle C. Gary of Tioga killed in one-car crash near Lawrenceville ... Ward B. Bastion dies suddenly at hardware store where he was employed for 50 years. Weddings -- Miss Bonnie Fisher to Jesse Allen. Obituaries -- Mrs. Anna L. Fessler of .Covington, Ward B. Bastian, Irvin M. Comstock of Nauvoo, Lyle C. Gary of Tioga, Miss Leda W. Chace of Lawrenceville, Mrs, Anne Noeppel of West Philadelphia, Harold Roland of Albion, Michigan, formerly of Wellsboro. Nov. 22 -- Fire destroys home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Smith of Antrim . . . Union Thanksgiving service held at Presbyterian Church . . . Mrs. G. Mason Owlett installed as board member of GOP State Council . . . Robert Scudder speaks at Lions Club meeting on progress of local North Penn Gas Company . . . Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Robinson of Watrous hold open house to celebrate their 50th Anniversary . . . M~r. and Mrs. Albert G. Locey observe their Golden wedding anniversary . . . Marine Private Barry Davis finishes course at Lejeune. Weddings - Miss Ronnie Earlene Tribe to Robert Carlson Mason. Obituaries -- Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson of Arnot, Mrs. Esther Whitehouse of Mansfield, George Pholror, nf Mf»rT*ic Mrc TformofVi T. DECEMBER Dec. 6 -- Ernest C. Downs, Supervisor of Elementary Education in Wellsboro Schools is appointed Assistant County Superintendent of Schools in Huntington, County . . . Richard E. Nickeson formerly of Wellsboro has been appointed manager of the new J. M. Fields Quality Discount Center in Lakeland, Florida . . . Two hunters and motel owner burned in gas explosion at motel about 11 miles from Wellsboro . . . Craig Truax, former editor of the Gazette named to Policy Committee by Governor- elect William Scranton . . . Tom Moore Urell well known county Democratic Politician dies unex peetedly . . . Motels, hotels, guest houses and hunting lodges jammed with hunters. Weddings -- Miss Patricia LeBlanc to Gary Allan Brown. Obituaries -- Robert E. Knowlton of Lakeland, Fla., formerly of Mansfield; Fred W. Evans of Blossburg, Charles R. Hall of Tioga, Lyndan E. Youmans of Vestal, N Y., Mrs. Katherine Griffin of Canton, Tom Moore Urell of Tioga, Miss Belle S. Palmer of Mansfield, Mrs. Luella E. James-. Dee. 13 -- 8 Boro children left homeless as fire destroys home of Mrs, Ruth Williammee . . . Wellsboro Community Concerts presents Columbus Boychoir for an evening of fine musical entertainment . . . Carol Peake is named Girl-of-the- month by BPW Club . . . Fire at home of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Mason in Asaph causes $6,000 loss . . . Lee Button receives BS Degree from Pennsylvania State University . . , A3c Robert H. Thomas completes Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base and is transferred to Pease Air Force Base. Obituaries -- Mrs Leah S Carto- gan of Lawrenceville, Mrs. Lucille W. Horton, William A. Plumley of Lawrenceville, Ernest Demmg of Tioga, Col William H Oury, Michael H. Davis, Valane Rae Copley, William E. Hawks. Dec. 20 -- Tioga County Savings Trust Co. hosts 36th annual movie party for children of Wellsboro and vicinity . . David Sheperd of local Corning Glass Plant hag hpun maHo manaffpr of nlpnt Land Grant Colleges "Models" For Assisting in Progress of Nations Underdeveloped countries struggling to supply food, fiber, and other farm products for their people should establish land grant colleges and universities such as those in the United States, declared the dean of agriculture at the Pennsylvania Slate University recently. Dean Lyman E, Jackson said the current centennial of the 'Nation's land grant colleges and universities emphasizes the importance of well founded, well-staffed, and well-operated institutions in guiding the advancement of agriculture among new nations. He spoke on "Agricultural Research and Education in Improving World Conditions" during the 17th annual Seed Conference at Penn Slate. "The major portion of training and education in agriculture and related sciences must be supplied through new and improved colleges in countries concerned" he affirmed. "The goal of each advancing nation should he to establish institutions that will meet national needs with the same efficiency as the land grant colleges and U. S. Department of Agriculture in serving citizens of the United States," he added. Jackson announced that India is working on legislation to authorize development of new or im- proved agricultural colleges. Such legislation has been enacted, he said, in the United Provinces, the Punjab, Orissa, and Rajasthan -with legislation pending in several other stales. "As with the United States, substantial numbers of trained and devoted persons will be needed in these countries to achieve progress in agricultural production and in raising levels of living," he stated. Jackson said advances in U. S. agriculture trace directly to efforts of graduates of colleges of agriculture. At present about 7,000 college graduates a year contribute their skills to "agindustry," he claimed. Hammond Vestal, Mrs. Celia Wetzel of Reading formerly of Arnot, Durward D Myers of Marion, Ohio formerly of Wellsboro, Ulysses E. JMiller, Mrs. May Ballard, Edward Coffcy. Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Stevens celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a family dinner on January 5 held at their home and given by their children, all of whom were present The Stevens' have three sons: Walter of California; Daniel of Painted Post, N. Y.; and Ross of Tioga. They also have seven grandchildren. Fuller, Thomas W. Reese, Clyde L Richardson, Charles R. Hewitt of Blossburg, Mrs. Mary E Kaukeinen of Middlebury Center, Mrs Minnie Groover of Blossburg, Emerson I. Oldroyd, Mrs. Lucy Burtch. Nov. 29 -- John H Decker hbn- ored at dinner given by his asso- cfates celebrating forty years at the Tioga County Savings and Trust Company . George S Bodine was elected to chairmanship of the Chamber of Commerce Tourist Division . . . Missing fire truck belonging to Elkland Fire Dept. found in Catlin Hollow . . . Mrs. Ann Cuda elected president of St Peter's Altar Rosary Society . . Fashion show held for teenagers at Senior High Auditorium . . Miss Judie Larrison is elected to office at Alfred Tech. . . Rel Estate Law is passed by Pennsylvania Legislature to assess house trail ers and mobile homes as real estate. Obituaries -- Mrs Maude Warfle, Mrs. Meta F. Colby, Robert Lynn Vail, Frank Cuda of Blossburg; Mrs. Carrie E. Martin of Covington, Thurston W Watson of Cowanesque, Mrs. Mary A. Sutton of Niles Valley, Mrs. Grace Belknap of Mansfield, Walter S. Brant, Mrs. Betrtha M Chappell of Knoxville. in Canada . . . Home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Driebelbies, Convvay Street damaged by fire. . . . U. Wright Kerns has now posiuon with Community Planning Commission of NASA . . Warren Spencer made president of County Bar Association. Weddings -- Miss Joan Kane to Earl Martin. Obituaries -- Mrs Nettie R. Sic- cum, Floyd L. Smith of Elkland, Galon J Lovell, Mrs. Charles Shelman of Roseville, Donald P. Worthington of Tioga; Anthony J. Plocinski of Williamsport formerly of Blossburg, Archie Robertson Dec. 27 -- Bloodmobile sponsored by Corning Glass Works Recreation Association collects 141 pints . . . Donald Krise of Elldand fatally injured in head-on collision . . Ceremonies held to mark dedication of new Hammond Organ at Broad Acres. Weddings -- Miss Patricia Anne White to Arthur Roy Doumaux, Jr . Miss Judy Kay Mosher to Nelson Edward Smith, Miss Ethel Lorraine Weidner to Thomas R Sherman Obituaries -- Mrs. Jessie W Jack of St. Benedict formerly of Arnot Tracy L. Wilson of Albany, N. Y formerly of Wellsboro. Elwyn C Williams, Lynden E Youmans of EVERY THURSDAY AT 6:30 P. M. WNBF-TV Channel 12 Until you have been behind the wheel of a new 1963 Cadillac you will never know bow magnificently a modern motor car can perform. If s one reason, of course, why this new car Js In greater demand tnan ever before. Your dealer will be happy to arrange a demonstration just for f~7*Z? } -//S .VISIT TOOR iOCAi AW*OR1ZSD \tf^WWa DIAUft . \J^ * PUTNAM PONTIAC - CADILLAC CO. 3 - 5 EAST AYiNUE · Phon. 4-5201 WELLSBORO, PA.

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