The Courier News from ,  on July 7, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from , · Page 10

Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1953
Page 10
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PACT TEN BLYTHRVILI.R (ARK.) COURIKR NKWS TUESDAY, JULY 7, I9M CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Insertion: Minimum ch«rR« ..... .... ......... jw. I tlmr prr line ............ , ..... I" t timri per line per flsr .......... » zc 3 tlmri per line pet day .......... Jc 6 (Inifi prr lino per day .......... « II llmffi ri-r line per d*r ......... ** Month prr Hnc ...... I"., Count fiT^ arcrscff words to ine \\ftr-. Ad firdfrrd for thrre or «ir timei a»n itopp^tl bPfnrr pTpfration will efcatjtod loi i\\f number of id appeared and MOVERS HOUSEHOLD GOODS I,ocnl niHl 10'iR rtlstftnre. Vim line omn'cUon. Complete service. Ph. K92H or 8202 W. W. Hi'cklmm. 410 No. 2nd. «:io pk 7.'in Lrt Halsell anil While bid on foul BS UtBtallntlon. Ph «0!>8 3'i ck » Guaranteed plnno tuning pair. Oil 2071 day 2059 nlshl" Nurslnc i Plwiw 4324 nrt Baby For 5a/c* Misc. r shop. Choice, l umber of ttmfri the siiff-l 3 i-hairs, 4 Uivaturli adjustment! o: hill ,.(i\]lpiiinu. I'rlce $:s_onn. . AH raltU city . lassified sdrrrtlsinj; ropy Ki;h- by pi'rsons rfsidins outside of iist be afrompaaled by fash. d f ma tup abo . Aarerthlni; ordered for trrocirlar 1«- wrtfons taHf (h^ one time tafele. No rfsininsltiHit* bf txkon (or mote. than onr incnrrecr insrrlioo of any classified ad. All ads are restricted *" thflr rrop- «r rlasstfirsnnn. style aad type. Tjie Courier News rrstncs th« richt to tali or reject any arf. . . . Lewis, 1U K Davis St. \VK OFFKR you CARD PHOTOS FOK *1. O'STKKX'S STUDIO 115 \V. .Main, 7 7 t'k 8,7 Apartment for Rent I 12 hour service on Kodak : film (lo.volopinj.' and finishing. ' cnor- o'STKK.YS STUDIO ll.i \\'. : pk ° '-"••"• - ^' ck 87 Unfurn 3 room ?W5 or 3331. 3 room -iuf'.irn. locution. PH. 3325. npt Close tn 3 find 4 room turn t\pt. Ncnr Ht^ft '. ^woi-dlall^. All sizes ftqu:i:-im];, in-.plcai School Phone 20P7. 7 6 pk 21 I „] , nls ornainpiu. THE PET SHOP. -133 . • , s Division, ph. 8075. vr, pk 13 Furnl.snert Apt T.lfhts. water nnrl cits j ^ > — Ineluded. Phone E638. 7'fi pk 12 ' yniinl! Parakeets, Zebra ,1 rrr furn pt. EUrm (n. Ph. 4fi80. entranc all 1 !', eln: 7 6 pk : . The I'd Shop. 3 room unfurn. apt. Bath. Reason- Jble rent, 1215 Holly. Ph. 3312 7 ; 1 pk 8 Apartments film, or unfurn. Sam Godwin David Heal E.ctat* Ph. 3633 or 4124 7'2 rk R3 Xlce 4 room unf'irn 1 . npt Rath Ga? hot water heater. Close In. Day ph 2612; Nlfht Ph. 2SOB. 71 ck t.' 1 modern 4 rm. apt. Bath W. He.arn. Ph. 3221 Day. 6247 ntglu. 6 20 p* ~ R 4 rm.. hath, private Apply 628 S. Lake. apt. 117 E. ROSP. 0;30 r*k 7'31 Better class of fnrn. apt. at 702 W. A5h. Call J. M. Jontz. Ph. 3233. 6,29 pk 7;H 3 rm. unfurn. duplex npt. 2038 Chick- RKiwba, Ph. 4650. 6;27 pk 7,12 Newly decorated 3 rm. unrurn apt Ph. 2452 or 3239. Mr H. R. Schmuck 1111 ci tl Unfurn. 4 room modern apt In best residential section. Hardwood floors, large screened front porch, garage, butane Heat. Ph. 2021, 5|27 fit tf MoUirn 2 room him mpt Ph. 4165 or S5H. -11« ck tf Modeta apt 3 tootns and newly decorated, good furniture, gns etj'jlp- Bient. Ph. 3373. F Simon 9,21 ck tf Home killed Brtrndway iind Abraham 6 i Save Money Wlien You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO- 517' W. Ash Ph. 255^ 812 ck tf USED CAR BARGAINS 1951 FORD custom V8 Club Coupe. Radio and heater. Very low mileage. It's just like new! 1<)51 KOKI) 2-<lm>r. Radio and healer. Seat covers. 1951 CHEVROLET deluxe four-door. Radio and heater. A very nice car. 1950 CHEVROF, ET Slylelinc 2-door. Radio and heater. TWO TO CHOOSE FROM,BLACK AND GREEN. 1052 CHEVROLET Flcetline deluxe 2-door with radio and heater. 19.11! FORD 4-door VS super deluxe. Radio and heater ONLY 1947 INTERNATIONAL ,'! I ton pickup. Stake bed ONLY 1917 FORD 1/2-ton pickup. S 245 1919 DODGE 2-ton lonp wheel $y base LS5 1951 FORD VS pickup Cleanest in town. B:IIH:fcBM.-MjljHHj;» 300 Broadway Phone 4453 See one of the following salesmen: • Cecil Connell • Lester Godwin • Joe Shanks • L. M. Maxwell • Jimmie Roherlson • Otis Davis MOWING MACHINES CH'EAP Jack Robinson Implement Co. Allen Hardin, Mgr. Blythcville, Arkansas — I'hone 2371 <*».% ~ TIME DOESN'T ROLL ON—Oxen, almost extinct as beasts of •imk-n, art still used by Seth Martindalc, of Milford. N. Y. The 60-year-old (.inner insists they can do a better job than a tractor, rilthough not quite as fast. He even has a covered wagon, which he uses just for show. Insurance For HospiUiHv.iu.on Insurance call Mrs. McFuH. Ph 3319 6,15 pk 7-15 Whizzer Ambassador Motor Bike I ownir in excellent coiidtttnn used tlrrs perfect. Reason selling, now hnve rnr Price 4250. Come see tmd try "•• W. L. Mculey. 809 E. Main. 6 I ck if Small Apartments, furnish- td. |8 up per week. Bedrooms ?4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2883 8|4 ck tf 5»rv/ce* Would like to keep children In my home dnya. Ph. 6018. 7: pk M Stucco nnd Plnster Bob Ma lone Phone 2771 Carpenterlnc. Painting Mth plnkup. Fhrmc 4224. LUMBER SPECIAL Good usable fir, 2 inches thick. 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10. Only ?C5 per thousand whilt present stocks last. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 8151 4!25 ck tf for Coleman gas appliance* cull Halsell * Whltt Furn Co. Ph M96. ;|5 cl t! For 40 acre farm 3 miles west of Gosnell. For information contact us at 904 Dixie. 7)7 pk 10 •"•i and 1 ton twin Frlgldalre air con- riitloners In stock for Immediate delivery. Adams Appliance Co. 7,7 ck H GOOSE FENCING FARMERS — See us for SPECIAL PRICES on woven wire and fencfc posta. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 8151 4125 ck tf . _ .. TYPEWRITERS ^' ^^iT^ Aul ° DON EDWARDS CO. Electronic Lab H N. "Sonny' 1 Swc;\reiiKen ,!r 111 W. Walnut 2441 — Wire 607fl 6 t> ph tr Complete pns Installation, fi.ilp* iinc! eervlces. LIccHRrrl, bonded Prices yon can pay Ph. 8349. Harry Meyprs 6 Ifl pK 7'16 112 W Wtlnut Plenty of Parking Space When It's Time To Repaint You'll save money by Eeleciln^ good paint. Good paint last longer and the or intervals between painting low- your annual cost. We recommend VANE-CALVERT PAINTS, mafic by far Kent 4 room imlurnlfchRd apt. Tile brick duplex. Gas hot water heater. 324 Dougan. Dial clay 2612—night 2608. 7 ck rf Modern duplex npt. 1506 Phone 2978, Sat. and Sun. 2909. klu-her )m film, house. Ph. 4255. Bath. E!?c. 7 6 ck 1) 5 rooms with bath. $37.50 2 room" find 4 room without bath. $10 and 320 See Dpr. United Ins. Acency. In--rani Bids. Ph. 6312. " 3-ck e 2 rooms, , Ph. 233*. creened porch, fruit trfes. 7;2 pk U) Lost Boy Grocery, fixtures and livmi; "America's! OWctf Ml«d Paint House. • quartera j or cent _ ph ; g951 on M7B " c Phone 4552 and we will figure tlip cost nnd recommend n Rood painter E.G. ROBINSON LBR. CO. (.25 ck 7,25 S. Baggett. , bath. hall, hardwood . , unlurn. Sclllm,- equity. Low payment:;. 837 Anderson. 7;1 pk 7,9 rot your KM appliances «e« jout Coleman dealer Halsell & White Fum Co Ph 609! 313 ci tf Toms Cafe Reason for Belling, own- to retire. 419 W. 6123 pk 7 15 Is 111 and wishes Ash Ph 0602. Used refrigerators J69 30 and up Hal;*[] 4 T'bltB. Pu M9fl H|19 c* U Far Salt. Real Estatt EE HELTON and AVE 19-19 CHEVROLET Stylcline deluxe 1-tloor sedan. Two- tune blue. \VI\Hesidewall tires, radio, lieatcr. SI A nice clean car 1950 STUDEBAKER Commander Slarlilc coupe. Has radio, heater, automatic transmission, new tires, new two-lone paint. Make us an offer. A.XV REASONABLE OI<'FER WILL UK ACCWTKI) 1 . 1951 NASH Riimlilcr station wai;an. Cii plctcly custom equipped. Here's n li;u-irain! !!).•)() CHEVROLET Slylelinc deluxe !-door sedan. Nice clean, one-owner car traded in on a new $"J1fl!C NASH, .leihlack. ONLY .... . ^.. . . 11313 1951 I'LYMOriTl Camr,r:;!gr dull roup t .. Shiny black 2-door. Chrome wheel discs. Super-deluxe healer. ONLY Hl'DSON 8 cylinder .|-door. Radio, heat- ? er. One-owner, only 32.00(1 miles. A HAUHAI.N. 19-11 CHEVROLET Club Coupe. Exceptional car for BKC ONLY 1939 CHEVROLET 2-door. Good fishinj? trans- $• portal ion 149 1850 KAISER Deluxe 4-door. Radio, heater. $CQC Runs nerfeoily. Nice clean, one-owner car. . . . 093 SALESMEN Herman Lovelady — Inlow Wilson SHELTONltOR Co. 117-119 E. Main Phone 8126 Look At the Other 3 Bedroom Homes Then Buy This For Tnliip, check this home with almost 1200 square feet of living space, on TO x 160 foot lot on Pecan Street. Roomy kitchen has plenty of space tor hrpaMnst, inrjlr and washing mar.hine u.onncctlonK already tut. Two floor l;trnacRS, attic f»n. Venetian blinds, concrete drive. About 53,500 rasl, fttid •;ikP o\-er 4';. lonn with total monthly avmcnts of 557.30. E.M.TERRY a room and bnth Turn hou Kitchen. Newly decorated. Ph - INSURANCE Auto — Liability Bonds — Fire Windstorm Hail on Growing Crops Let us assist you in planning complete insurance protection. Noble Gill Agency Glencoe Blclg. Ph. G868 6113 ck tf Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GLENCOK HOTEI RUtt.DINa 124 W Ash 6t 418 ck II Loons AUTO LOANS by phone. W« loan up to ! /2 market ralue of car or truck Ca and ' J .< ton only),. Low rates, easy monthly payments. Make application by phone 1 day. bring car next daj for inspection, get cash that day Phone Osccola No. 175, OSCKOLA FINANCE CO.. Osceola. Ark 416 cfc tl Wanted FARM LOANS WANTED Come to see us now and have your farm loan refinanced and set up on a 20-year easy payment plan. Get ail de- t,ail worked out before payment comes due this fall, by doing this you Will •old this year' payment. No charge for obtaining loan from us, KIALES LAND CO. 3322 4139 BIytheville, Arkansas Lost & Found Lost. Indies green billfold. Contains licenses nnd Important papers. Keep th e money & return the billfold. 119 E. Cherry. 7J7 P* 10 IT'S TRUCK TRADING TIME July if license buying time. Trade that old truck for a new CHEVROLET truck or a lat« model OK reconditioned one. 1951 CHEVROLET 3/4 ton pickup. Has h e a t e r and defroster. Green finish in excellent condi- S7QQ tion ' ** 1948 CHEVROLET half-ton pickup. B&B heater and defroster. This is an extra clean truck for $CQC only' «"tl 1950 CHEVROLET half-ton pickup. Healer, black tires, motor and appearance perfect. 1950 CMC half-ton pickup. Motor A-l, tires SfiQQ extra good. It's OKAY for only V V* 1949 FORD V8 half-ton pickup. Large heat- ?COQ «r and defroster, runs like new. wvw 1947 MACK heavy duty long wheel base truck. 825x20 tires all around. This is a real farm truck. Come in Mr. Farmer and make us a price on this one. Late model reconditioned cars, all makes and models. All priced for quick sale. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Lost, near Ark-Mo Tee Plant., July 4th .white and liver pointer. 45 Ibs. Answers to name Sam. W. S. Johnston. Ph. 2240 or 2383. 7(7 pk 10 Read Courier News Classified Ads. 6 26 ck tf i Lovely 4 room npt. All electric kltcli- en. Close In. Phone 4432. 626 ck tr Store building tor rent. 5. Hl*ay (il j at Dogwood. Ph. 4737. • 23 pk 7,2.1 ; Steam heated office or etore build Ing Ground floor Ph 44fl7 or 6144 Comfortable 5-room house and bath on Holly Street. ! Corner lot. Will finance FHA. 1 Price $8,000. ! 4-room house and bath at 'aOl Anderson. This house is j in good condition. Also good 110 ft. refrigerator and electric j range go with house. J800 icash, $4,682 loan balance I with $33.72 total monthly | payments. i 'Large 4-room house and iliath on Mcllaney Road. This house is two years old, roomy ph 2flM and in good condition. $400 ' lo $700 cash will handle. Loan .balance less than $5,000 with I monthly payments $34.79. | V'try roomy 3-bedroom home in Northeast part of I :cily. $1,500 equity, monthly payments. [ Sec or call 1 JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Ph. 4111 or 26J* 5|7 ck tf ~FoFTi : relBEST IN FARM LAND — FARM LOANS . See EARLS Farm & Loan Co. BlytheTllle. PH. W53 0. L tarl«. Hit—J Unriih. Hit a [30 rk tt For Rent Apply Now For Low-Rent Public Housing Applications to rent standard low- rent dwelling units at ClilCKASAW COURTS (white) &nd CHEROKEE j COURTS inpgrot are being acrepted at ; the office of the Housing Authority of the City of Blythoville, Arknn?.^. at CHICKASAW COURTS, any work day between 8:00 A.M and 4:00 P M. Monthly rents are based entire IT upon family income find Include gas electricity and water Size of dwelling unit in based -nttrely upon Bize of family Families of veterans and Rprvlcempn have top eligibility rating. Urlng copy of Army discharge No units reserved — first come first served Modern housinK I'jr low-income families at rents they can alfnrd. 0 IS ck 7jl8 3 room nnd bath with or A-jt.hout lurnituro Call Dr. SaHba Ph 25.;C. 5 28 ck tl MEYER & CHILES ENGINEERS P.O. Box 778 Is.t National Bank Blclg. BIytheville, Ark. J, W. Meyer BIytheville, Ark. Phonrs Res. 8667 R.L 'Bob' Chiles Osrcola. Ark. Phone 991 Professional Engineer No. 333 Television SERVICE ANY MAKE PA Systems for Sale or (tant PHILCO FACTORY SERVICE WyTocFs" N. Highway 81 Ph. 31tt Rooms Room and meals for men. Ph. 3589. 1129 \V. Ash. Bedroom, private bath, close In. Phone 'iitrance, prlvatr 4432. 7 2 ck tf houekroptnu; room 7:1 pk 0 2 bedroom, prl bath Ph. '4(1-13. ft 30 ph 7j2l Rooms with fans. Blythcvllip Hotol. 62.', pk T:" For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. . Bedroom, ronv Main. Ph. 3325. to imh. fill W 622 c'f 7-;22 »/r,^., I ^ bedrooms. Prm<u f 48.63 ] phone Phone 29.18 tiath ftnr] tele- oil cfc tl Wanted to Rent I h»vp ncvernV people who wnnt to '(-in houses and npftrtments. If you !i;ar aiivtlllni; to rout, come? In i^"' Ili'lty ninlca with RIALKS LAND CO., across tho Btrcct Irom VU« CHy "»". 1,3 ck S,» Job Wonted StrotclilnB cnrtnlns. wnshniK nllkf. 715 3 Franklin, rh. wn. 6.8 pk 1\» Notice REPAIR LOANS | 1 We will give you a complete | price, labor and material on painting, roofing, insulation, remodeling. No d o w n pay ment,, three years to pay under FHA.. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 8151 Will My. »<•« or uiutp livestock. «ny kind Frnnk Hotlttn Ph -lit-lfi s 8 pk 718 Kor complete u\^tu!Uuon call HkUcll Ji Whit* Fura. Co. Pu MM Hi ck K OWN YOUR HOME! Some Builders Build Just Houses, But We Have Built You a Home! THREE beautiful Briok homes to choose from. Built of th« vrry hcsl materials throughout. Larfre Lifetime Geneva kitchens. Forced Air Central heating systems. Partially Air Conditioned. Tiled Baths, ccpiinped with American Standard colored fixtures. Insulated wills »nd ceilings. Thou houses have 2 bedrooms and den or can be used conveniently as 3 bedrooms. Car ports or attached garage. Laric* l:\nrtscaped lots on paved streets. Located at 504 Hardln Street. 1101 & I1QS North Fifth Street in Country Club Area Addition. Open for Inspection Sunday 2 to 6 P.M. Week clays by appointment. See or Call Johnny Marr or Russell Marr Realtors and Builders Phone 4111 Res. Phone 2596 Hays Store Phone 2001 We Deliver High Quality Low Prices Wayne Feeds Li;er Mish . Lijrer PtlleU Ef f Pellets .. Chick Starter Grower Mash Scratch Feed Sugarine 16% aDIrj Wayne 16% Dairy.. 32% Dairy Feed .. Calf Starter Pellets Plf 4 So» Meail... Pit 4 Sow Pellets. 35% Ho; Balancer. 40% Ho; Sup'lmnt PorX Maker Horse Feed Rabbit Pellet! .... Dog Food WR Shorts Polished Chops 100 Ibs. 4.39 1M Ibs. 4.99 11)0 !t». 5.39 101) Ibs. 5.69 100 Ibs. 5.39 100 Ibs. 4.39 100 Ibs. J.69 100 Ibs. 4.49 100 Ibs. 5.39 100 Ibs. 5.79 100 Ibs. 5.39 100 lb«. 5.49 100 Ibs. 5.99 100 Ibs. 6.39 100 Ibj. 4.79 100 Ibs. 4.39 100 Ibs. 5.99 100 Ibs. 8.99 100 Ibs. 3.6t 100 Ibs. 4.19 'rompl DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 I a.m. it 10 p.m. with Delirer; t* 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 121 West Main St. Guaranteed Watch Repair $350 Specie! Your watch Is disassembled, cleaned, pints polished and hair-spring adjusted. Chronographs and automatics not Included. 3 Day Service Thompson redit JEWELER Door to Wade Fnrn. (Cr S VJ S k^"x^"v^ •\.*"*.* •*.*•*.*• y PRICES SLASHED OUR LOSS... YOUR GAIN s, 'CD U (IDC All Pacemaker 4-Door. Ra- SQOC .UW nUllOVn dio, Heater Good Tires A*>3 ^SIM Black 4-Door. Fully Equip- $7ftJ| ped. Give-Away Price I w w J AO AI AC 2-Door, Black with Red $QQC *t* VLUO. Wheels. One Local Owner 033 '50 PLYM. Deluxe 2-Door. New Motor $ ... A Real Bargain. 995 '52 PLYM. Black 4-Door. Low Mile- $11 AC age Clean ... IIww '51 CHRYS. 4-Dr. Fully Equipped $10QC City Driven. Like New 1033 AI DC ULUO s "P cr 8S 4 - nr - Beautiful Fin- S ish New WSW Tires. Loaded UFnA 111 kllV. Black 2-Dr. One Local $ Owner. An Extra Nice Car' 1C A AI n» Deluxe 88 2-Dr. Radio, Heater $11QC 3U ULUO. Covers 1 Owner City Driven 11*3 Firey Red 2-Dr. Hydramat- $OAjC ic, R.H.C. Really Clean 033 Black Cus. 4-Door '10. IICCATA A Creampuff From $fAAE T%f ilCOvlw L. Rock ... Equipped JVJ3 '4TFORD It's a 2-Dr. It Starts & $75 Runs. It'a Dirt Cheap 13 Jot Warren - Calvin Smith - Otho Stanfield HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Ohfeitiobilt — CMC Truck* Phone 2056 Us*<> Car Lot — Phont 6151 ON EAST MAIN

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