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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 52

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, May 2, 1951
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r a v CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: Wednesday, May 2. 1951 Part 4 Page 2 F AGRAMONTE AND LOUIS TO FIGHT AGAIN TONIGHT Detroit Transit Strike to Hurt Gate'. BY FRANK MASTRO Chlraze Trisanc Frew 8riJ Detroit. May 1 Joe Louis,- 36 year old former heavyweight champion, will take another step toward a rematch with Ezzard Charles, current holder of the game's most valuable prize, when he meets Omelio Agramonte, rugged 25 year old fighter from Camaguey, Cuba, in Olympia stadium tomorrow night. The bout Is booked for 10 rounds. Louis insists there is enough life in his legs to enable him to take care of the likes of Agramonte and eventually earn a chance to avenge the defeat Charles dealt him in a previous clash in New York last Sept. 25. Joe weighed 218 on that occasion, eight more than his best pound age, lie expedts to weigh 210 at tomorrow's weigh-irr. Seamon Predicts Victory Wannie Seamon, Louis' trainer, said the Brown Bomber Is ready for anything -Acramonte, at 187 pounds, has to offer. lie maintains Omelio Is too strong and cautious to give Joe an opportunity to score a knockout. However, other members of Louis' fistic family predicts Agramonte will hit the canvas for the count within five rounds. Joe scored a decision in a previous 10 round encounter with Omelio In Miami. Feb. 7, lut was unable to register a knockdown. Strike to Hurt Gate A spokesman for the International Boxing club, which is sponsoring tomorrow's encore, said the street car and bus strike will hold the crowd to less than 8,000. The bout will be televised and broadcast by the Columbia Broadcasting system, starting at 9 p. m. Chicago time, over WEKB and VVBBM, respectively. ROOSEVELT'S 112 POINTS TAKE TRACK HONORS Gary Roosevelt High school scored 112 points yesterday to win the Gary outdoor prep track meet. Coach Louis IBo Mallard's squad took seven first and seven second places as well as winning both relays. Gary Froebel's defending state champions finished second with 23 points. Gary Lew Wallace had 21, Horace Mann, 17, Tolleston, 8, Edison and Wirt, 2Vt each, and Emerson, 1. Eskimos May Put Freeze on Canada Caribou Hunts BY DICK JOINER . tViinor Leagues Mrmtrral Baltimore . u ret. 8 .429 7 .34 9 .357 0 .308 L Prt. 11 .450 11 .421 11 .389 13 .lea L. Pet i .500 7 .34 7 .300 S .373 T-. Pet 13 .478 IS .435 13 .435 13 .318 AMERICA ASSOCIATION W. L. Pet. W Mllwiukt 10 3 ."'J Mlnnrnpcll 6 Kaa. City t 8 .634 St. Paul 4 Tol'ito 8 8.57 1 UulsUile 5 Indianapolis 8 6 .545 CUumbus 4 M)I TIIEK1 ASSOCIATION w. i m. i w. I lttlf "oc 15 4 .7 H a i Mobil Atlanta li 4 .765 ! Memuhta 8 Jajlivllle 9 9 .500 iN. Orliinl 7 Ulrfham 8 9 .471 iClMt'nouM 3 INTLRNVriOMAL LEAbl'E VV. L. Pi 1 . 1 w. ft 3 .81 ! FufTalo 8 7 3 .778 Ottawa 4 A at .800 Rorhrsltr 3 B .SOU I Sprwiiucld 3 LEACil'E W. L. Pit. , W ". Antonio 15 8 85i Houston 11 ik)a. City 13 8 Bl! Bfiuiwnt 10 Kt. Worth 11 9 .650 snrrttirt 10 Dallaa 10 10 .500 Tu: 0 WtSTFRN lEAGtE W. L Pit. W. L. PTt Pueblo 9 3 .750 Col. Spring! 5 6 .455 Denvrr 7 3 .700 Omaha 4 8 .444 Mom City 8 3.625 Dh Moltlll 4 8 .400 Lincoln 5 4 .888 Wichita 110.01 T1IRLF-FVE LEAGUE W. L. Pet. W. L. Pet. rmr!!l 6 3 .7 14 Waterloo 3 4.429 Tr. IHuta 6 3 .714 Cuad Cltlr 3 6.288 yulocy 4 3 ( I Crdr Rap. 1 6.167 TISTIROAT'S RBSllTI INTERNATIONAL LEACUK Montreal, 8; Rocnrater, 8. ln1lnapott. !: Kanaaa City. T. NUnnrapolu, 11; Cciumbua, 0 Icalltd tad Pt 7th. ilti I. Ottawa, 2; FyraeuM. 0. 11; Toronto, 8. AMEMCA ASSOCIATION Toltdo. 8: St. Paul. 8. AJllwauar. 8, Lcuuvlllf, T. SOITHERV ASSOCIATION Jash1li. 4: Atlanta. 1. Memphis. 4: Mobile. 1. Ptrmlnrham, 3; Criattanport, 3. hi Crita:ia at Llttic Kot. rain. PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE tnt Anirlea. 10: San Fianctaco, 4. tan Dirca. 8; iiarranwnto, 3. Portland. 13: krattie. 3 Hollywood. 8: Oakland. 8. PASTER LIAGU1 rimlra. 5: bmftiint. r. 3. Hartford. S. Wt.a't-narr. 3. svhrnectadr. 10; WUiaanspurt. S. Scranton, 8. Albany, 3. WESTERN LEAGUE JEloui Clt;. 7. IVs Ii Uin. 8. Lincoln, 3: Omaha. 0. TEXAS LEAGUE Port Wcrth. 3. IKusion. 1. IaUas. 7: fan Antonio. 3. Tulsa at Shreteut rt, rain. Oklahoma City at Beaumont, yarn. THRFE-EA'E LEAGUE Pavenport. 9; F.vanillle, 2. tedar Rapids. 11: ulncy. O. Terr Hauta at Waterloo, rala. CTN-THAL LEAGUE JVO game aclicduied. SOUTH ATLANTIC LEAGUE Aoruita. 4: Columbia, 1. Mai-on. 8: Charleston. 7. JarsscnrUir. 10: Mont canny. 9. Columbus. 13; Sarannah. O. NORTHERN Canada's newest sport caribou hunting "may be nipped in the bud before it has outgrown its swaddling clothes, according to a recent announcement from Regina, Sask., by the Hon. J. IL Brocket bank, minister ..of the province's natural resources. Brockelbank pointed out that the number of caribou bagged by hunters is hardly significant, less than 1,000 last year out of an esti mated herd of 700,000, but the fact that any caribou at all are being killed by hunters rubs northern natives the wrong way. The department, Brockelbank said, has been toiling among the Eskimos and Indians trying to per suade them to practice conserva tion with the caribou. The prov ince wants the natives to feed fish to their dogs Instead of a straight diet of caribou meat. Natives are prodigal users of caribou, killing them wantonly in many instances, often for no more than the animal's eyeballs, which are considered a delicacy worth fighting over, especially when served up with an hors d'ouvres of scrambled auk eggs and other goodies. The Tatty Caribou Meat Goes to th Doge in North A single Eskimo or Indian family will 'slaughter as many as 300 caribou in a year's time, which officials regard as tending toward the profligate. No Eskimo nor Indian needs anywhere near that many caribou, even if every member of the family had appetites like starving anacondas. The inevitable dog teams owned by every family account for a good percentage of the caribou meat, and officials feel that a switch to fish of which an inexhaustible supply exists in far northern waters shduld cut down the kHl substantially. Caribou hide also is used by the primitives for their clothing, but the number of animals required for this purpose would hardly exceed three or four per person, even allowing for an extra suit for Sundays. Word of hunters flying in to connect with the southernmost migration limits of the caribou herd has filtered back, to the native villages. This new development robs the conservation sermons of muci. of their weight. Natives Stump Officials ae Logic Bouncei Off Like Blubber I "Why," the natives demand naively, ' should we lay off killing caribou just so they can go south i for American hunters to kill? " 1 The officials find it hard to answer this one. It doesn't do much good to tell the natives that the number of caribou downed by hunters is like a pea compared to a pumpkin in relation to the hosts laid low by natives. The fact that Americans lavish money among Canadian outfitters and in Canadian cities' bounces off a native's civic sensibilities like blubber off ff mwm Wrr ain't a b SOX PARADE TWO NEWGOMERS.BUT YANKS WIN, 8-3 Continued from first sports page an Eskimo's chin. They never see any of it, Even assuming there Is some un discovered method of bludgeoning the gospel of conservationism thru the natives' skulls, the department has still another bone in its craw. It disapproves of the advertising technique of some outfitters which guarantees the bag limit of two caribou to all comers. Sport May Be Shortlived if Eskimos Remain Obstinate There is a chance that the sport may not be lopped off immediately. officials said, but it is contingent upon several factors. One, of course, is to try to bring the natives around to a more charitable and logical view. Another step might be to lower the bag limit from two to one animal already in effect with moose and deer in most places and to discourage the limit-guarantee, advertising. Since the number of caribou 6lain by American hunters always will be relatively small just getting to the herds is "too rough a proposition to ever permit over-popularity of the sport it seems a shame to see such a great and rugged sport go by the boards just because of the obstinate stupidity of a handful of primitives. Inquiring Camera Girl Maryon 7y1gtrrT The Tribune will pay $5 for each question submitted by a reader and used by The Tribune. Today's question was submitted by Mae Miller, 5110 Race St. THE QUESTION" How did you fare on your first game of golf for the season? WHERE ASKED Dempster Country club, Niles. THE ANSWERS Mel Rascher, buyer, Rogers Park Very well, I think. I didn't keep score. It was strictly for practice. My drives were pretty good but my short shots weren't so hot. My language wasn't either. I found I was using words that had been dormant in my vocabulary all winter! Jim P. McCourt, hotel manager, Evanston My first time out defi nitely revealed that the termites spent the winter in my golf bag. My woods w ere almost devoured and my irons "rusted from the dampness of the basement. I'm looking forward to let ting the sun have some effect on my clubs. ay . v.-aiA-.V.'. W.. VWjSl John K. Christoph Jr:, accountant, Rogers Park I felt like giv ing up! My first drives were terrible and my irons weren't any better. I had a core of 13 on one hole. Toward the end of the first 18 I straightened out and I have high hopes for a low scoring season. Tom E. Galavan, furniture salesman. West Ridge The airplanes were flying. The birds were flying and the balls were flying. Very colorful day. The girls ahead of us in shorts added interest to the game. There should be more . , female legs on the course instead of so many "dog legs." Mill! Vosnos, homemaker, Morton Grove Terrible! I kept count but I'm not talking. The grandest thing of the game was that we got to play with two very fine girls whose company we enjoyed very mudh. We felt fortunate to be able to play nine holes before the rain came. produced three of them with nobody out, but for a net of only one run. Gus Niarhos started it with a single to left. Ed Stewart, batting for Cain, rafribowed a single " over third, and Carrasquel whacked a single straight thru second, Niarhos scoring. Berra's homer dropped into the right field lower deck with one out in the Yankee's fifth and he immediately went to the repair shop for attention to the elbow dented by Cain in the second. Then Gum-pert took up the mound task in the sixth and, with one out, Raschi doubled to the scoreboard in left center. Shortly thereafter he was across the plate, the transportation coming from Mantle's homer. Di Maggio Goes to Hospital Rotblatt's appearance in the eighth stirred up the Yanks to the extent of one more run. The squatty left hander began his chores by walking Collins, who was bunted to second by Rizzuto. With Raschi sort of worn threadbare by the heat, John Mize batted for him and made good on the assignment by singling to left center, Collinsgoing home. Di Maggio, who has been troubled by a lame throwing shoulder, turned up with an overnight development a stiff reck. Instead of being started, he was carted to Mercy hospital for X-ray pictures and the judgment of Dr. John Claridge. Claridge diagnosed the ailment as a muscle spasm that might yield quickly to heat and massage. In the final of the series today the Sox manager, Paul Richards, will give Dick Littlefield, ex-Red Sox, a chance to prove himself as a starter. The Yankees will rely on Frank Shea. Name Shields 9 51 Davis Cup Team Captain New York, May 1 (J?) The youth movement in America's Davis cup tennis forces began to take form today as Francis X. Shields of New York was named captain of the 1951 United States team. Shields, a first 10 player as recently as 1945, succeeds Alrick H. Man Jr., who was appointed earlier this year as chairman of the Davis cup committee. In all probability. Shields will lead a new and much younger team to Australia next winter in quest of the big international trophy which the Aussies won at Forest Hills last August. Most of the veteran players who took part in that .debacle have declared themselves out of future cup competition. ROLLER DERBY LAST NIGHT'S RESULTS Philadelphia. 18; New Jerwy. 15. Only match achedulrd. -J) Cubs and Sox Up to Date Averages SOX AR R H 2B 3R RR ERI PeL Stewart .... 1 O 1 O O O O l.OOO De Maestri.. .1 O 1 O O O O l.OOO Minos .... 4 1 Z O O X 2 .500 Busby 43 8 18 2 O O 9 -419 Robinson ..23 0.13 4 0 3 8 .394 CajrasqaeL. SI It 20 S O O .392 Pox- S3 9 14 6 O O 6 .359 Baker 22 1 O O Z JTt ZarilU .... 45 8 12 3 O 3 12 .267 Leaner .... 4 1 1 O O O O .250 Niarhos ... 20 2 5 O O O O .250 Majesfct ... 24 3 6200 5 .250 Mast 15 2 3 1 0 0 3 .200 Goldsberry.. 10 3 1 0 0 0 1 .100 Team Battinr At list. 388: hits. 118; pet.. .304. Attendance At some, 39.745; local. 01.587. riTcnmo KECOKDS G CO IP SO H W L Pet CHICAGO BEATS PIER BASEBALL TEAM AGAIN, 16-6 The University of Chicago base ball team made it two straight over University of Illinois Navy Pier with a 16 to 6 victory in Stagg field yesterday. Norm An thony struck out seven but w alked 10 in gaining his first victory for the Maroons. CT.lraro 130 610 30318 18 4 Navy Pier 101 000 130 6 5 Batterf-Aiitrwny and Timmi: Helmta, 14 J. YVcitmaa I 8 ) and Kctera. Tunic t4j. SPEEDY HALF MILE WastilnttcB. May 1 'API Jo Desdy. cajv tain ct ccrtetown university tract; team, today ran a half ralie in 1:53.1 to equal the best time recorded ever the dltlamw la trja Lotted State this year. Sports Telecasts COMMERCIAL LOANS Tailor-made to the needs of your expanding business TERM LOANS ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE EQUIPMENT FINANCING WAREHOUSE LOANS INVENTORY LOANS Wc invite you to discuss your financial proMems with us today. 29 Year In th J Wrigtcy Building B NATIONAL OULEVARD BANK TODAT 1:25 p. m. WGK-TV New Trk w. WtHc In. 8:30 f. am. WENS - IT Wrestling fraas Kainbo. an. HBKB BoxJaft Jo Laaia TV Oaatv li Aritawatt. . Thornton Beats Elgin Baseball Team, 13 to 4 Thornton Junior college beat Elgin, 13 to 4. in a Suburban Junior College league baseball game in Harvey yesterday. Gus Basile led the 13 hit Thornton attack with four singles. Leonard Maginot and Tom Leydon held Elgin to seven hits. ' nampert .. 3 1 15 3 11 1 0 1.000 Hoi ram be .11 O 5 1 O 1.000 Pierre .... 3 2 24 13 24 2 1 .867 RtbUtt 3 O 10 4 11 1 1 .500 I Kretlow .. 1 O 3 4 7 01 .000 I Caiai 2 1 14 2 14 O 2 .000 It rows ... 2 O A 1 60O .000 Dorishi .... 3 0 . 4 8 O O , .OOO DobsoH ... 2 O 5 O O .OOO Litllcfield.. 1 0 3 4 2 10 1.000 CIB3 AB ft H 2B3BHRBBI PcL CavirretU . 28 4 10 2 O 4 J 57 ; Parka ...... 43 7 14 1 1 4 IS .333 tout 22 3 7 2 1 1 3 J 18 Saarr 42 3 IZ 3 O 1 4 .288 Baamhltx.. 39 11 1 O O 4 .282 Paady 11 O 4 O 1 O 4 .364 Bariess ..... 4 O , 1 O O O O .250 Sanaller .... 27 2 1 O X O .222 Walker 33 1 1 O 2 3 .212 Terwillicer .45 O 9 2 0 0 1 .20O Jaeksoa .... 17 1 3 1 O O 2 .178 Csk ..... S 1 1 1 O O X .125 Jrffea .... 2 O O O O .OO0 BrfcewsU ..2 OOO'o O .OOO Kaauxsotti X 0 9 0 0 0 0 .000 Team kattinr At bat. 355; kita, 85: awr-eentare. .240. Attea4aacc At bame, 99,322; tataj. 148.224. PITCHING BECOKDS O CO IP SO H W L Pet. Vrr Meer..l 1 12 123tJ 123 123 12 12 l.OOO Bask 2 1 12 2 14 1 l.OOO Halter .... 3 3 27 8 29 2 X .667 frchaJts ... 3 O 18 9 5 11 .500 Mtaaer ... 3 2 23 8 21 1 Z -331 Srbmlta ... 1 O ft 3 at O 1 .OOO MeLiah ... 2 O 4 2 1 O O .OOO Hacker ... 1 O 1 1 O O 0 JK0 Babies .... X O Z O 1 O O .OOO Laws..... 1 O 7 6 O 1 jOOO nun OOOl fiives ; tit tiae k I Coatains fl 1 50 Shares K t 'j ft a3i- " Ha Snub! mm saTS!. i-P utS ' taw NaPsB Paia! Pash tha ballaau Out apiaya mountain at ricfa fa v ( Uthrr rxiTajrn.T. antbewt a brush, be lor a your awry ayas! No loogar elo you hava to cbooa between brashleas far shavicsT spead and lataar lor abannBC piaasura. For tha first tuna ia history yoi je aH the ad-rant airs of BOTH with Rise Notice its cteast retresltasc acesti i iTs i Good fcy sore laca altanria. Get thai near thnU. Fed the razor Bom dears yotar face erith kaa coll. acrape or arms, than eawr batora, lcarm( nothanc bat comfort behind. Yonr fao would katheb be barred with LATHxa bare in it nT better Oarmsi harnnc better after. Get RJSI and ahave ea aarn At drngxarts 59 1. Print Sport Shirt Designs Incite Wits . "BY JIM BASCOM Colorful print sport shirts for men likely will be raore popular this spring and s u m -mcr than in years. Solid colors have reigned so long that some men are rebel-Ing; any degree of in-depend-ence they wish to as-s e r t is available in the stores. The Ha-w a I i a n print sport shirt : sketched here Is an Import from the islands and one of a number of striking and colorful creations. It is a rayon crepe in a dull finish out certain to serve as a lively conversation piece. Recommended for men ready with a snappy comeDacK wnen they re kidded by their less courageous friends. Priced about 57. If the casual wear'at the southern resorts during the winter is a clew, stout men and tall men also want sport shirts bold in color and pattern. Offerings for them include Hawaiian ct batik prints of silk at $15 and Persian paisley rayon jersey prints at about $8. For men who prefer to sprinkle a uiue ot colorful design on them selves in- j stead of splashing it! on, there) are quieter prints such as the Indian pattern shown here. It Is a mad ras weave rayon. Like most of these summery shirts, it has short sleeves, also the shorter point collar winning greater favor this year. About $10. litems described are available in Chicago stores. For informa-tidn, phone superior 7-0200.1 BISHOP SHEWS ANNUAL DINNER SET FOR MAY 22 The 19th annual sportsmen's dinner honoring Bishop Bernard J. Sheil, founder and director general of the Catholic Youth organization, will be held May 22 in the Grand ballroom of the Palmer House. The event honoring Bishop Sheil for his work in behalf of youth will be open to the public this year. Tickets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are being accepted by the a Y. O, 31 li Congress st. A highlight will be the presentation of the Club of Champions awards by Bishop Sheil to men and women who have made outstanding contributions to youth. Cubs Send Dubiel to Springfield on Option tChicate Tribane Press Service J New York, May 1 The Cubs tonight announced the optioning of Pitcher Walt Dubiel to the Cub owned Springfield, Mass., club of the International league. Walt is subject to 24 hour recalL He was obtained from the Philadelphia Phillies with Emil Leonard Dec. 14, 1948, in exchange for Eddie Waitkus and Hank Borowy. He won 12, lost 19 in his two seasons with Chicago. BELOIT BEATS LAWRENCE Appleton. Wis.. May l (Special 1 The Belolt college track team walloped Lawrence college. 80 to 51. today. The individual star was Eid Ward of Lawrence, who piled up 20 points, by winning the shot put. discus throw, tilth jump, and Javelin throw. Today's Events in Chicago NORTH SECTION PREP LEADERS WIN; RETAIN TIE Lane Tech and Schurz yesterday registered their fifth consecutive victories to remain. tied for the City league north section baseball lead. Lane rallied in the seventh inning for two runs to whip Taft, 4 to 3, in Norwood park, while Schurz defeated Amundsen, 7 to 2, in Winnemac park. Winning pitcher for Lane was Fred Schnell and for Schurz. Roy Kolsky. After Don Stramel, Lane center fielder, had singled to drive in the tying run, Nick Nitafin, first baseman, doubled to send Stramel home with the Indians winning run. Scores: Lane Tech 100 001 34 T 5 Taft -000 012 03 6 3 Batteries Jensen. Schnell. and Ferguson; Hanlf. Smusyn, and Meyer. Schurs 101 300 2 T 4 Amundsen .......... .-110 OOO 03 5 8 Batteries Kolsky and Mache; Delaporte and CWlams. Kellv ....450 30214 T 3 Phillips 102 100 4 6 7 Batteries Trakan, NiedoIUal and aV Birba, Jones and Lee, XHitan. Lake View 009 100 01 ft S Von Steuben ...300 OOO 3 8 3 Batteries Hoek and Wiseman; Bkanrren and .Pinkus. Kelvm Park 240 101 19 4 4 Washbume 000 001 45 10 3 Batteries Huck and RoctaU; Fudala and Johns. Senn 000 Oil 13 4 2 Sullivan 200 110 7 3 Batteries Bland. Blanchard. Richie, and .Tackson. Miller; Schmidt and Johnson. Foreman ..............000 100 O 1 S 3 Well 012 112 7 O 0 Batteries achaSrath. Dick, and Paulson; Harris and Rose. Waller 204 400 010 14 7 Roosevelt 001 303 O 7 4 2 Batteries Plnczak and Wllken; Sommerueld, Gaza, ax 1 Swanson. Harper 310 S00 04 11 3 Farker 000 010 33 6 6 Batteries Moakus and Danis; Bromley and Murray. South Shore.. ...... ..000 010 3 4 4 3 Boaen 243 Oil 11 o 0 Batteries Kuthner. Blizzard. W. Kuala. B. Rukla, and Goss; Kazek and Drost. Vacations! 100 103 713 11 Morgan Park. ...... ..000 000 O 0 3 4 Batteries Rock and Toth; Korak. Raddlck. and Larson. Calumet 300 021 05 10 S Hlrsch 220 003 7 7 3 Batteries weidner and Buehler; Cromln and Naylor. Hvde Park 002 000 03 7 1 Fenrer 100 310 5 7 O Batteries Gllck and cneris; Esposito ana Apolon. SOUTH SUB CUBAN LEAGUE Levden 000 000 00 4 S Thornton 001 000 O 1 3 O Batteries Basch and Russell; Kelcaert ana Ethrtdee. Lockport 013 003 07 S 3 Fractional 000 000 0 O 1 7 Batteries MeCahey and Artisuk; King ma. ttis&a ana snanits. Bloom .....030 000 03 B 1 Blue Island 000 000 O 0 3 S Batteries Bill Graham and Rcllo Graham; Hermanson, Kwtakowski and Cladella. KOWALICS PACES MEISTER BRAUS TO 2 VICTORIES Paul Krumske's Meister Braus, champions of the Tuesday section of the Classic league, continued their brilliant bowling last night in Faetz-Niesen, with Ed Kawolics pacing them to the high team total of the night with his 685 series. The team racked up 3,207 to win a pair from Tri-Par Radio. Robby Robinson of the latter fashioned the highest single series of the cir. cuit with his 708. Jockey-Coopers moved Into a two way tie with Tri-Par for sec ond place by winning three from Alcazar hotel with each team mem ber going over the 600 mark for 3,135. The final series of the sea son will take place next Tuesday. f Prep Dcseball XISTEJUJAX'S atsciis Cm LzAGCS Teat Steaaea. S; Lake Tirar. 1. Vecatleewl. II; Marian Park, 0. Fearer, S; Brde Par. Hint a. 7: Calaaact, 5. ma. Hi Seath Khar. 4. ; -Harper. 6; Parker. 3. Lane Tech, 4; Taft, S. SaUivaa, 4; Sena. 3. ahars. Ts Asaaaaaea. t, KelTim Fats, t: Waskbarne, 5. -Waller. 10; St a seen it. 3. - Wells. 7: Pereaaaa. 1. Kelly. 14; PaiUise, 4. SOUTH SUBCBBAN LEAGUE Arra, lx Baakakea, . Lack sen. li Taerato rractieoat, 0. Thai alas, l! Leydea. 0. Bleeaa, Si Mac tstaad. 0. SUBUUAX IXAGCS . Previse, 1; Martea, 0. Bifhlaad Park. 2; rVaafcrraa, 1. Wear Trier, 1 Evaastaa. . 113 saatafs KOBTHWLtT COKFEKEMCC " Barrhtrtoa. lis ICaetharaa-, . PalaUaw, 14; Waaeaada, 3. Ela. 11; AntJock. 4. '' MISCELLANEOUS Laae B. 15; Harrison B. 2. Karth Bkare Ceantry Day, 3; Lataeraa Hlrk tKadnej, 0. GAMES TODAT CITT LEAGUE , Central Sectlaa rarrarat-Daaaar In Washaactea aark. Tudea-EBilea'aed la Sherweed yUrrracad. Cace Para-LtadblaBS ta Maraaetta aark. Bairasan-AUlly U McaUaley park. West Sectlaa' Welb-Taley la HamaoMt park. Craaa Teek-Aastla ta Calamaas park. McIUnlty-KelTya Park ta AvaaeaJe park. PRIVATE SCHOOL LEAGUE vrfcuUa-Cttiraie LaUn la La tie I aiveroiir-Lalbrr la McKinley park. Praacai Parker-Nerth Park In LaBaafk waada. MISCELLANEOUS De La Salle-bt. Ceerf e in Oidea park. Chlcata Chrlstlaa-Saatk Share in Avakoa park. lUini Win 4th Straight in Tennis; Beat Florida Champaign, HL, May 1 Spedall Illinois won two of three doubles matches today to upset Florida and claim its fourth tennis dual meet victory in as many starts. ELfyllai'.ltl i.riTulJ r -a. NOW TO CT THtKl: ELEVATED LWES-Oouslst Park Express Trains connecting with buses direct to race track. SPECIAL BUSES. LOOP-Sherman Hotel. WEST SIDE Washington -Crawford. NORTH" SIDE Surtftyside Sheridan. Howard Street "El". Edfearater Ssaclt Hotel. SOUTH SIDE 63rd- Cottage. 63rd Sangamon. 79th Stony Island. (NO MINORS ADMITTED) U TUESDAY LADIES' DAY FINAL BATTER SPOILS NO HIT GAME FOR GETZ Bill Getz of North Shore Country Day school almost gained prep baseball's hall of' fame yesterday as he pitched his team to a 3 to 0 shutout over visiting Lutheran High school of Racine, Wis. However, a single with two out in the seventh spoiled Getz's ' record. Score: ! Lutheran Tilth ...000 000 0 0 1 North Shore 310 000 3 7 Batteries Mahnka and Uanlveman; and JeSrls. 4 1 CeU I KAMINSKY NAMED MANAGER NIAGARA FALLS. Ont.. May 1 TAP I Mas Kamlnsky who played In the National Hockey league In the 1930s with the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins, today was slfned to coach and manage the Philadelphia Falcons ol the Eastern United States hockey leatue. SUNDAY AFTERNOON STOCK CAR RACES SOLDIER FIELD BIGGEST DOLLAR SHOW IN AMERICA '51 and '50 Pleasure Cars Raced for First Tim GATES OPEN 12:30 P.M. First Race 2:30 P. M. HArrison 7-8677 Meister Bran 3207 Kawolics 245 303 33T Freitag 217 300 333 Sinke 213 213 193 Liooe 223 215 194 Krumske 211 200 212 1109 1030 1068 Monarch 3134 Plkea 212 244 189 Habetlei 202 212 171 Email 243 213 189 Berrer 215 190 248 Flesch 181213 314 1053 1072 1009 Coopers 3133 Ledene 200 183 228 Kenet 238 178 233 Krlstof 194 202 247 Bomar 229 189 188 Day 237 199 190 1098 951 1080 Chapia aV Gere 3 111 Walter 214 212 243 Boed'ker 178 225 214 Kmety 180 198 227 Young 151 194 242 Broslus ,211 223 221 834501147 Tri-Par Kadia 3059 SOWS 203 163 175 Katsalls 181 229 217 Butler 167 201 182 Rob'son 231 279 198 Wllman 235 195 203 1017 1067 975 fordlc Hills 3963 Schn'der 170 257 213 Paul 138 184 180 Warner 214 213 224 Pla'heck 175 212 213 Dollk 152 206 201 849 1076 1038 Aleasar Hotel 2800 KIlbTne 176 208 175 W'dman 208 181 219 Hazucha 169 182 191 Scott 182 213 191 Giovelli 193 169 213 928 950 891 AHa Enterprises 2998 Supple 214 201 245 Morrison 201 220 192 Skovle 173 234 194 Petersen 173 192 176 Hamllt'n 172 213 199 sTTboTiooi BASEBALL New Torfc vs. Chieare White Sex In Cemiskey aark, 35th and Shields av 1:30 a. as. FEOFESSIONAL WRESTLING At SaJnbe arena, 4838 It. Clark st, 8:30 t. SB. HAEXESS HACTKO At A Brora Downs, bishaay 31, Jest aorta at Aarora, S:30 a. sa. HORSE K4.riXG.i9 At Sportsasan's aark, S34 aad deer av, X P SB. De Kalb State Nine Defeats Wheaton, 6 to S De Kalb, El., May 1 Special The De Kalb State college base ball team defeated Wheaton, 6 to 5, today. Wheaton 001 220 000 S 4 De Kalb 01 020 03- 4 7 4 Batteries Davies and Stuber: Odegard. Mc-Cabc 161. Kreeaar (9) and Kiaennao. Florida's Tennis Team Defeats Purdue, 7 to 2 Lafayette, Ind., May 1 Special Florida's touring tennis team launched a midwestern tour with a 7 to 2 victory over Purdue yesterday.. It was the Gators' 12th victory in 16 meets. WINS DINGHY RACE HAMTLTOrT. Bermuda. May 1 API Deforest (Shorty I Trimlntham won the first race today lor the Princess Elizabeth 14 toot slngtry aalllnc championship. sgjenuine Sour Mash is.your Key to True Bourbon Satisfaction Old Fitzgerald is acknowledged to possess a flavor all its own, instantly recognized by any judge, and preferred over all other bonds in Kentucky where men know bourbon best; The reason is the genuine old fashioned Sour Mash manner in which it is made. We scorn modern distilling short-cuts which speed production, stretch grain, cut costs. Consequently, we sacrifice none of the distinctive flavor and quality on which the reputation of Kentucky whiskey was originally built. 100 BONDED KENTUCKY STRAIGHT IOURSON WHISKEY 100 HOOP I 9 a & :! OLD rASHIOMrDf..Vw UlD FITZGERALD -DEEDED -ID'IBfflS. Time Study Engineers Consolidated Vultee Needs TIME STUDY MEN with at Liast Three Years' Actual Experience World's largest integrated aircraft plant, air-conditioned, near Fort Worth, Texas, where B-36 bombers are built. Also Needed PROCEDURES MEN METHODS ANALYSTS Travel and moving expenses of accepted applicants will be paid. Mr. W. L. Bradley will interview applicants at the La Salle Hotel. Chicago, On Tuesday, s Wednesday, and Thursday, May 1, 2, and 3. Detailed outline of experience and qualifications together with recent photograph must be presented at time of interview. CONSOLIDATED YULTEE AIRCRAFT CORPORATION FORT WORTH. TEXAS Genuine SOUR MASK Bourbon STITZEl-WEllIK DISTILLERY. EST. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, 1l4f Was, ' J3at morrj, ta - atUI wood jockary, aen if ho Im geUiag f

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