Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on January 24, 1960 · 41
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 41

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, January 24, 1960
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CHICAGO SUN EPA Y TRIBUNE: JANUARY. 24, 1960 F Part 2-Page 9 Those O'Sheas Again Looking for Battle-in Golden Gloves; Entered by C.Y. Q. ' S:ii-:i:;i;'-'' . -X A v I; . - : - 1 k w TOr-' i .-til - 1 r The fighting O'Shea brothers, a year older and a year wiser in the ways of the ring, are raring to resume Golden Gloves competition. Pictured before mirror at C. Y. O. are (from right to left, and vice versa): Mike, 16; Tom, 21; Rory, 18, and Brian, 19. Brothers will be among top C. Y. O. entrants in 33d annual Gloves meet. t tribune Photo Irish Foursome Headed by Brian, A.A.U.Champ BY MAURICE SHEVLIN The O'Sheas are at it again Brian, Tommy, Rory, and Mike! The four some of Irish born scrappers is at the top of a list prepared for entry in the 33d annual l jf 1 oiaen uioves f " J tournament olo, director of boxing for Chicago's Catholic Youth organization. Brian, the older of the fighting tribe, twice has been Chicago's - Tepresentative in the Tournament of Champions in the Stadium, the event that annually brings into Chicago the leading amateur boxers in an area bounded by the Pacific ocean, the Alleghenies, the Canadian border, and the Gulf of Mexico. Rory is a former Golden Gloves champion himself, while Tommy has won a C. Y. 0. title. Mike Making Debut , Mike, however, will be mak ing his Golden Gloves debut 'when the sectional tournaments get under way early next month. He'll be trying for the 126 pound novice championship. His three older brothers will be aiming at open division honors. - Brian O'Shea, who won the t! h i c a g o lightweight championship last year, will be back at the same poundage. Tommy, will compete ,as a featherweight, and Rory will box as a welterweight. Altho Brian was beaten in the 1959 Tournament of IChampions, the hard .hitting Jyoungster went on to win the National A. A. U. lightweight '.crown in Boston. He also Scored triumphs against foes tn C. Y. 0. intercity bouts in St Paul and Cincinnati: T Brian won all of his bouts In the Pan-American trials in Madison, Wis., thereby qualifying 'for the United States 'team, but was declared ineligible by the American Athletic union because he was live months short of becoming a citizen. Marck Has Protege Triolo, who will be assisted ihis year by Chuck Bodak, Tor several years boxing instructor of the Gary C. Y. 0., includes on his early roster of Golden Gloves eligibles the names of Bob Kennedy, 126 pound protege of Jake Marshall, a former C. Y. 0. champion; Dan Altman, a middleweight with high school letters in football, wrestling, and baseball; Frank Nunez, novice Joe Kirkpatrick, 112 pound C. Y. O. champion, is another son of Erin, who will try for additional honors in Golden Gloves. heavyweight protege of Max Marek, a champion in the early days of Golden Gloves, and Joey Kirkpatrick, 112 pounder from Belfast, Ireland, who has won 10 of 12 bouts including the 1959 C. Y. O. open flyweight title. Others on the list are Andrew Jackson, 160 pound novice; Johnny Nate Jr., 112 pound open class, winner in 1959 of the 112 pound Golden Gloves novice crown; Chris Rafter, former champion of Ireland and twice Chicago s flyweight champion; Dan Little, heavyweight, 1959 north section finalist; Eugene Williams, 1959 C. Y. 0. novice welterweight champion, and Mike McGrath of Fen wick High school, runner-up in the welterweight class of the 1959 C. Y. 0. novice tournament. Silver Skates Summaries U.S. A. F. CREWS SET BOB MARKS AT ST. MORITZ ST. MORITZ, Switzerland, Jan. 23 UP) Two American air force officers headed four-man bobsled crews in record runs down the mile- long Olympia run Saturday. The United States crews, in training here for next week-end's world title meet in Italy, were steered by Maj. Jerry O'Toole of Castle Air Force Base, Cal., and Capt. Hillary Moore of Patterson, AFB, Ohio. They shattered the old mark of 1:17.42 four times in four trips, down the St. Mor-itz course. The record was set a year ago in the world meet by Art Taylor of Weston, Mass. First OiToole was timed in 1:17.24, then Moore did 1:16.98 and 1:16.65. O'Toole capped the show with 1:16.42, now the official record. Two German racers survived a crash at 70 m. p. h. at Horseshoe Corner. P. Schaluplein, 19, was taken to a hospital with a broken leg and several broken ribs. The driver escaped with scratches. MIDGET BOYS f Under 11 jtan of ael 1 110 yards n qualify FIRST HEAT 1. Dean Clausen. TJ. C. T. Skating club: 2. Michael Hynes. North-brook S. C: 3. Jim Shugruc. 2657 N. Burling. Time. :14.8. SECOND HEAT I. Bob lngalls. Northbrook S. C; 2. Reginald Freeman. Harding plygrd.; 3. Richard Harwell. 330H X. Nordica. Time. :16.2. THIRD HEAT 1. Terry Laughlin. Northbrook S. C; 2. Ronnie Butts. IT. C. T. Skating club: 3. Charles Rankin. Karthwest S. C. Time, :14.2. FOURTH HEAT 1. Timothy Lwis. 9712 S. Longwood; 2.- Gary Pasternack. Northbrook S. C: 3. Bobbie Knight, O'Hallaren Park S. C Time. :18.4. t FIFTH HEAT 1. Eddie Olczak. Har vey Elks Speed S. C: 2. Greg Lyman. Northbrook S. C.; 3. John McArthur. Keni worth S. C. Time. :18.4. SIXTH HEAT 1. Tim Jilek. Mount Prospect S. C: 2, Bobby Olczak, Harvey Elks Speed S. C: 3. John E. Hewitt. 2329 Thayer. Evanston. Time. :16.2. SEVENTH HEAT 1, Larry Alfred, Northwest S. C.; 2. William Kinsle-hoofer, U. C. T. Skating club: 3, Roger Smith, Northwest S. C. Time. :lo 8. EIGHTH HEAT 1. Ken Knight O'Hallaren Park S. C.: 2. John Coyne, Kenilworth S. C: 3, Thomai McKillip, Bellwood. 111. Time, :16.4. NINTH HEAT 1. Bill Trotter. U. C. T. Skating club: 2. Glenn Oscland, Ken ilworth S. C: 3. Ricky Westlake, Tioga V. f - W.. Bensenville. 111. Time. :14.8 TENTH HEAT 1. Larry Carlson Northwest S. C; 2.. Scoop Helentail. Iowa Skating association: 3, Roger Bar ton. LHacia s. C. Lombard. Time. :15.4 ELEVENTH HEAT 1. Robert Kugbn. Ohio S. A.: 2. Brian Han. Sko- kie: 3. Bill Fisher, Ulan Ellyn S. C. Time. :14 4. TWELFTH HEAT 1. Dwieht Moore TJ. C. T. Skating club: 2. Jerry Scharlau. Lilacia S. C. Lombard: 3. Raymond Ja- nego. 2832 S. Kidgeway av. Time. :14.6 THIRTEENTH HEAT 1. Michael Jursich. Stehman plygrd.: 2, Brian Jon- land. Northbrook S. C.; 3. Charles Lary Slchman plygrd. Time. :16.8. FOURTEENTH HEAT 1. Warren Berckman. Glen Ellyn S. C-: 2, Billy Livingstone, Peirce S. C: 3. Kirk Soden, Tioga V. F. W., Bensenville. Time, : 14.3. FIFTEENTH HEAT 1. Chuck Shire-!y. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.: 2. Gunars Bep- ztns. isaa W. Granville: 3, Peter Lee, Highland Park. Time. :14.4. SIXTEENTH HEAT 1. Robert Lee, Northbrook S. C: 2. Michael Connelly. 4847 N. Oakley; 3. Bob McMillan. Mount t-rospeci s. lime. :15.2. SEVENTEENTH HEAT 1. Dane lvelady. Ohio S. A.: 2, James Hynes, Northbrook S. C; 3. Chuck Hahn, wneaton h. c Tune. :13. EIGHTEENTH HEAT 1. James Rambert, Northbrook S. C-: 2. Danny uuigiey. reirce t. c: 3, Scotty Kitzerow, Northwest S. C. Time. :I4.7. NINETEENTH HEAT 1. Kenneth WaDack. Northbrook S. C; 2, David Lind. Glen Ellyn S. C: 3, Dennis Byrnes. Lindblom, S. C. Time, :14.6. TWENTIETH ' HEAT 1. Bill Mea-cham. Glen Ellyn S. C; 2. John Thompson Champaign-Urbana Speed S. C; 3, William G. lllsley, 8750 S. Peoria. Time. :14.7. TWENTY-FIRST HFflT 1. Gregg Halstead. Glen S. C: 2. George Money. Peirce S. C; 3. A. Cale CarvelL Evans-ton. Time. :16.6. TWENTY-SECOND HEAT 1. Roger martens, noga V. r . W.. Bensenville: 2. Steve C. Martin. 2330 W." Rice: 3. Bill Fisher. Glen Ellyn S. C. Time. :1S.5. QUARTER-FIX AM lift Yard Two Qualify FIRST HEAT 1. Bill Meacham, Glen Ellyn: 2. Bill Fisher, Glen Ellyn; 3. Bob SECOND HEAT 1. Terry Loughlin, Northbrook: 2, Dick Franks. TJ. C. T.; 3. Brian Han. Skokie. Time. :13.2 THIRD HEAT 1. Eddie Olczak, Har vey fclks; 1. Uwight Moore. U. C. T.; 3. Danny Quigley. Peirce. Time. :14.2. FOURTH HEAT 1. Larry Carlson. Northwest; 2. Greg Lyman, Northbrook; 3, James Hynes, Northbrook. Time, ' FIFTH HEAT 1. Scoop Helentail, Iowa E. A.: 2. Robert Kughn, Ohio S. A.: 3, Chuck Shirely, Glen Ellyn. Time. :13.5. SIXTH HEAT 1. Dane Lovelady. Ohio E. A.: 2, Warren Berckman, Glen Ellyn; 3, Bill Trotter, U. C. T. Time, :13. Northwest S. C: 2. Bobby Midland. 1 Lilacia; A. Spencer Zinchuk, Stehman pldg. Time. :23.8. SIXTH HEAT 1. Rillv floorf P.lrr. S. C.: 2, James Weinstein, Stehman pldg.; 3. Donald Robert. Champaign-Urbana. Time, :25.4. SEVENTH HFAT-1 Srntt AnH.r.n TJ. C. T.; 2. Jeff Meacham. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.; 3, Jerry Kobylareik, O'Hallqran Pldg. Time. :25.6. EIGHTH HEAT 1. Scott Kranse. Northbrook: 2. Donald Jursich. Stehman: 3. Jim McMillan. Mount Prospect. Time. :28.2. NINTH HEAT 1. Terrr Evans. TT C. T.: 2: John Loventhal. Northbrook: 3, James Flickinger. Peirce. Time. :25.3. TENTH HEAT 1. Brian Bro. Glen Ellyn; 2. Eddie McClendoik Champaign-Urbana: 3. Richard Dittmer, Lilacia. Time, :25. 1 ELEVENTH HEAT 1 . Terry Luttrell, U. C. T-: 2. John Horan, Glen Ellyn; 3, Dennis White, St. Mel. Time, :27.2. TWELTH HEAT 1. Gerald Hutch-croft, Iowa S. A.: 2. Dennie Mundell, Glen Ellyn: 3, Terry Marten, Tioga V. F. W., Bensenville. Time, :27.8. THIRTEENTH HEAT 1, Paul Hughes, Champaign-Urbana: 2. Gaeg Landon. 2611 W. Agatite; 3, Paul Bent-ley. Park Ridge. Time. :24.6. FOURTEENTH HEAT 1. Ricky Carlson, Lilacia: 2. WTally Olczak. Harvey Elks: -3. Ted Gordon, U. T. C Time. 125 3 ' ' - ' FIFTEENTH HEAT 1. Bob Grady, Mount Prospect; 2, Ted Collison, Northbrook; 3. Cliff Ratza, Northwest. Time. :26.7. SIXTEENTH HEAT 1, Skip Derner. Northwest: 2, Steve Olson. Lilacia: 3. Bill Watrous, Glen Ellyn. Time, :26.8. QUARTGR-FIN.4I.8 520 Yards Two Qualify FIRST HEAT 1. Robert Ganong, Stehman plgd.; 2, Gerald Hutcocroft, Iowa S. A.; 2, Jeff Meacham.' Glen Ellyn. Time. :23.9. SECOND HEAT i: Eddie McClen-J don, Champaign-Urbana: 2. Ricky Carl-1 son, Lilacia: 6, Brian Bro. Glen Lllyn. Time. :25.1. THIRD HEAT 1. Jim Rybarczyk Mount Prospect: 2. Phil; Dabbert, C,len ciiyn: omp uerncr, rtuuuwcsi. nmc, :23.3.- FOURTH HEAT 1. Terry Evans. U. T. C; 2. Bruce Gabney, Glen Ellyn: 3. Steve Murray, Northbrook. Time, :23.7. FIFTH HEAT 1. Michael Passarella Northwest; 2, Bob Grady, Mount Pros pect; 3, John Horan, Glen illyn. Time. :23 5 sixth HEAT 1. Billy Good. Peirce: 2. Scott Anderson. U. C. T.: 3. Dennie Mundell. Glen Ellyn. Time. :25.4. BIG 10 MEETS AGAIN SUNDAY ON BOWL PACT Another sounding of Rose bowl sentiment among its I 1 deadlocked members is sched-, uled at a special Big Ten ! meeting Sunday in the La Salle hotel j The session of faculty representatives and athletic directors will consider an invitation from the Athletic Association of Western Universities to join in another long term Rose bowl contract. The Big Ten group also will consider a coaches' proposal for free substitution in conference football games, divergent from N. C. A. A. rules for 1960. This proposal is expected to be rejected, even tho as an intraconfer-ence experiment it Would be permissible as far as the N. C. A. A. is concerned. It's a Deadlock The original Rose bowl con tract between the Big Ten and now defunct Pacific Coast conference expired with Washington's 44 to 8 rout of Wisconsin New Year's day. Since last spring, the Big Ten has split on - signing a possible new agreement, al tho the conference code still has a clause permitting any member to play in the Rose bowl. Bowl proponents now hope that at least two develop ments may break the 5 to 5 a"er practice enas. l neb loot deadlock on a Big Ten com-! 2 inch 195 P?und senior can Races in Six Classes Clear Way to Silver Skates Finals' Hi ' i i , V - - .,11....' -r'-,TiJ ! Continued from first page LIKE PAD, LIKE DAUGHTER Reno of the Champaign-Ur- ibana club, who was juvenile. champion in 1957. Melrene Matthis of Peirce, will be seeking her fourth Silver Skates championship when she races in the intermediate class. She took the midget in 1954, the juvenile in 1956 and the junior in4 1958. Contender from Champaign -Another 'intermediate contender will De Candace Clark, representing the' United Commercial Travelers of Cham-pagn, who was the junior champion last season. - Bunny Dyer of ' Elmhurst will attempt to add the senior girls title ta the intermediate championship which she won in 1957. Winners in all ten divisions trophies. There will be chromium and bronze skates for second and third prizes, and medals for fourth, fifth, andt sixth positions. All to Receive Buttons In addition there will be lap prizes and all contestants will receive souvenir but tons. A team trophy will be awarded the organization re-! presented by the greatest number of skaters in the ; preliminaries. t ine distances of bunday s ' ; semi-finals and finals, re- spectively, follow: ) MEN'S SEXIOR-l mile, 8 miles. I I BOVS' INTERMEDIATE One hall f TRIBUNE Photo) Beverly Baacke, 7, of Cedar Lake, Ind., is coached by her father, Tom Baacke, winner of intermediate boys' title in 1937, at Saturday's Silver Skates preliminaries in Lincoln park. Prep Scores 114 Points; Shy of Mark Bristol, Pa.,' Jan. 23 (if) Basketball isn't just a game for Bristol High school's Pete Cimino who fell six points shy of a national record Saturday n i g h t by scoring 114 points. Basketball is something to be worked at for Pete even 114 POINTS! mitment. One is the fact that the A. A. ,W. U., composed of California, Stanford, Washington, U. C. L. A., and Southern California, now is established formally as successor to the Pacific Coast conference and has signed as official Rose bowl host. How Schools Lined Up The other is the fact that the Big Ten now has a spe-' O., in 1953 cine invitation to continue be seen shooting almost daily at a basket hung on a neigh bor s garage. Still Pete never had scored more than 34 points in a game until he hit on 44 of 79 shots from the floor and 26 of 29 from the foul line while pacing his team to a 134 to 86 victory over Palisades high. The national scholastic record of 120 points is held by Bob Boginrife of Sedalia, Rose bowl play, .Last May Illinois, Minne At times, Palisades put as many as three men on Cimino but my jnmp shot from the BOVS' mile. Jl'X'IOR 140 yards, one-hall MIDGET 110 yards. 22 SENIOR one-half nile. ana TAP Wirephotoi Pete Cimino, 6 foot 2 inch forward on Bristol, Pa., High school basketball team, scored 114 points against Palisades High Friday night. i BOYS' JlNVEMI.E-220 yards, 44 ' yards. BOYS' yards. GIRLS' mile. GIRLS' INTERMEDIATE 410 yards, one-naif mile. GIRLS' yards. GIRLS' yards. Jl'MOR :S0 yards. 440 MIDGET 110 yards, 220 JUNIOR GIRLS sota, Ohio State, Northwest-! side was working and I just ern, and Wisconsin voted against the Rose bowl. Favor ing were Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, and Iowa. OFF TO ARGENTINA LONDON, Jan. 23 API Stirling Moss. Britain's star race driver, left Saturday for the Argentina Grand Prix on Feb. 7. He also will race at Los Angeles before returning home in April. I rrmlrlrvf mice SS in Last Quarter He got hoter as the game went on, scoring by quarters, 20, 24, 32 and 38 points. High school games are only 32 minutes, compared with 40 for college ball and 48 for the pros, which should give an indication of the rapidity with which Cimino was scoring. Cimino is in his third year on the varsity. He's an average student and hopes to go to college. Last year his team won its league championship and now has won 11 straight games. . ARGONAUTS SIGN YEWCIK TORONTO. Jan. 23 fUPIl The Toronto Argonauts of the Big Four football union Saturday announced the signing of Torn Yewcik, former quarterback at Alich- I fll and 15 Years of Ace 1220 Yards Two Ouahb I I FIRST HEAT 1. Marianre McKeon. 1 LakcwoodOhio: 2, Gerrie Miller. Mid-way-St. Paul; 3. Carol Petty, U. C T. lime, :z4. SECOND HEAT 1. Judv Kostrol. Pierce: 2, Mary Blair. U. C. T.: 3. Rosemary Derner. Northwest. Time. :24.1. THIRD HEAT 1. Kathy Sponseller, Ohio S. A.: 2. Kathy Reno. Champaign-Urbana; 3. Cindy Bands, Lilacia. Time. :24.7. FOURTH HEAT 1. Meg Noble. Glen Cltun' i Dnnnis Dl... TT T - 1 . . 1 1 J I . tt, X ... 1 1 1 1 1 V UIUC, l . . . 1 .. I, , Joanne Koster. Lakewood, O. Time, :25.3. j TOTTENHAM WINS, 2-1 . LONDON, Jan. 23 API-Unbeaten Tottenham Hotspur beat Manchester United, 2 to 1. and increased its lead loan State. Yewcik has not played football: in the English Soccer league first division since lo. his senior year at college. ' to tour points. GOLDEN GLOVES Please enter m in the 33d annual Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament sponsored by Chicago Tribune Charities, Inc.: Print name and address plainly with pencil. Check your division, novice or open. NOVICE DIVISION 1 . OPEN DIVISION (itdar 21 yaarsaf oga) Name... Street. City. t Club (if any). Age .Number of Previous Bouts Mail applications to Howard Barry, Sports "Department. Chicago Tribune, Chicago 11. Illinois. You will receive instructions for medical examination by maiL MIDGET GIRLS f Under IS yean of acel THO Yards Two tlnalify FIRST HEAT 1. Nancy Kinrer, U. C. T. Skating Club; 2. Sarah Schu-man, Northbrook S. C: 3, Judy Glickaut, HiRMand tarn, ill.: Time, :16. SECOND HEAT 1. Lynne Moore. 17. C. T. Skating Club; 2, Peggy Terrell, Ohio Skating association,' 3. Ann Bukow- ski. Harvey Elks S. C. Time, ;15. i miku tit. A l I. l aryn Anderson, Peirce S. C; 2, Leslie Ann Wilson, Highland Park. 111.: 3. Elizabeth Grange, Mt. Prospect S. C. Time. :16.3. FOURTH HEAT 1. Candy McHugh, Peirce S. C: 2. Mary Haenisch. Mt. Prospect S. C; 3. Patsy Olczak. Harvey Elks S. C. Time. 16.2. . FIFTH HEAT 1. Judy Magee. Scan-Ian Plgd.: 2, Debbie Jensen. Elmhurst S. C-; 3. Vicki Glazer, Stehman pldg. Time. :17.8. SIXTH HEAT 1. Gail Christensen. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.: 2, Cheryl Wells. Northbrook. S. C: 3, Karen Derner. Northwest S. C. Time. :15. SEVENTH HEAT 1, Donna Mundell, Glen Ellyn A. A. A.; 2, Maggie Kelson, Northbrook S. C: 3, Bonnie Meyer, Lilacia S. C. Time. :14.9. EIGHTH HEAT 1, Tool Evans. U. C T.; 2. Laura Peterson. Northwest S. C: 3. Patty Soden, Tioga V. F. W. Time, :15.4. NINTH HEAT 1. Susie Blair. TJ. C. T.; 2, Pam Boke, Lilacia A. C; 3 Kathy Szelonski. Kenosha. Time. :15. TENTH HEAT I. Holly Blatchford. Northbrook, S. C: 2. Delores Kobylarik, O'Halleran pldg.; 3. Kiisten Olsen. Glen Ellyn A. A. A. Time. :13.6. ELEVENTH H E A T 1, Margaret Reno, Champaign-Urbana S. C: 2. Chris Thomson, Northwest S. C; 3. Linda Baacke. Peirce S. C. Time. tl5.2. TWELFTH HEAT 1, Linda Norbera, Glen Ellyn A. A. A.; 2. Gwyn Schmalti. Lilacia S. C.;-3, Lynne Dozer, Elmwood Park. Time. :14.9. QUARTER FINALS file Yards Two Qualify! FIRST HEAT 1. Linda Norbert. Glen Ellyn; 2, Maggie Nelson. Northbrook; 3, Margaret Reno, Champaign-Urbana. Time, :143. SECOND HEAT 1. Para Boke, Li lacia: 2. Lynne Moore. U. C. T.: 3 Sarah Schuman. Northbrook. Time. :14.7. -THIRD HEAT 1. Holly Blatchford Northbrook; 2, Gail Chustensen, Glen jiiyn. o, iou x.vans,. u. . lime, :13 6 ' FOURTH HEAT 1. Donna Mundell Glen Ellyn; 2. Susie Blair. U. C. T.; 3, Peggy 'lrreil. ihio S. A. Time. :14. JUVENILE GIRLS 1 1 2 and 1 3 yean of acel 110 Yards Two Qualify FIRST HEAT 1. Mary Meyers. Mid-way-St. Paul: 2. Nancy Moser. Northbrook S. C.: 3, Susan Abels, Highland Park. Time, :12.6. SECOND HEAT 1. Beatrice Peno-vich. Northwest S. C: 2. Julie Petty. U. C. T. Skating club: 3, Georgianna Gauck. Stehman playground. Time. :15. THIRD HEAT 1, Rita J. Neidigh. U. C. T.: 2. Nancy Little. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.: 3, Kathleen French. St. Mel S. C. Time. :14.6. FOURTH HEAT 1. Judy Alfred, Northwest S. C: 2. Nancy Bush. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.; 3. Linda Curbow. Peirce S. C. Time. :15. FIFTH HEAT 1. Mary Hemerlck. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.: 2. Karen Leary, Northbrook S. C: 3. Judith Werik. Peirce S. C. Time. :14. SIXTH HEAT 1. Maureen Krause, Peirce -S. C: 2. Donna Jeanne Wilson. Highland Park; 3, Bobby Carson. Northwest S. C. Time. :15. SEVENTH HEAT 1, Sally Blatchford, Northbrook S. C: 2. Barbara Dyer. Elmhurst S. C: 3, Mary Kay Buch, Iowa S. A. Time, :14. EIGHTH HEAT 1, Susan Campbell, Glen Ellyn A. A. A.: 2. Debby Larned. Northbrook S. C; 3, Pat Curran. Northwest S. C. Time. :14. QUARTER-FINALS rilO Yards Three Qualify 1 FIRST HEAT 1, Mary M?ye. Mid-way-St Paul; 2. Mary Hemerick. Glen Ellyn: 3, Barbara Dyer, Elmhurst: 4, Bobby Carson. Northwest, Time, :12.7. SECOND HEAT 1. Karen Leary. Northbrook: 2. Susan Campbell. Glen Ellyn: 3, Julie Petty. U. C. T.: 4, Beatric Penovich, Northwest. Time, :14. THIRD HEAT 1, Rita J. Neidigh. TT. C. T.: 2, Sally Blatchford. North- ! brook; 3. Nancy Bush. Glen Ellyn: 4, Pat Curran. Northwest. Time, :14.3. FOURTH HEAT 1. Debby Larnea, Northbrook: 2, Nancy Little, Glen Ellyn; 3, Maureen Krause. Peirce; 4, Judy Alfred, Northwest. Time, :13.7. which member of the Volkswagen family JUVENILE BOYS CIS and 13 year of acel 220 yards two aaalifyl FIRST HEAT 1. Robert Ganong. Stehman pldg.; 2. Brace Gabney, Glen Ellyn A. A. A : 3. Scott Nottke. Tioga V. F. W. Time, :24.1. SECOND HEAT 1. Buddy lngalls. Northbrook S. C; 2. Phil Dabbart. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.; 3. Bill Gaffney. St. Mel a. Tim. :25.3. THIRD HEAT 1. Jim Rybarczyk. Mount Prospect. III.: 2. John Maher, Glen Ellyn A. A. A.; 3, John Marrett. U. T. C. Time, :23.4. FOURTH HEAT 1. Steve Murray. Northbrook S. C; 2. Gordon Brown. U. C. T.: 3. Dennis Ola, Lilacia S. C Time, :25.6. FIFTH HEAT 1. Michael Passarella, ' JUNIOR BOYS HI and IS years old! 1440 yards two qualify! FIRST HEAT 1, Neil Blatchford, Northbrook S. C: 2, Robert Stacho, Lindbloom S. C: 3. Robert August, Chicago Vocational. Time, :44.2. SECOND HEAT 1. Richard Busch, Lilacia S. C: 2. Jack Gehl, Mt. Prospect, 111.: 3, Joseph Pest in a. Lindbloom. Time, :46.9. THIRD HEAT 1, Don Tyminskl, lilacia S. C: 2, John Sundquist, Northwest S. C: 3. James Hinch, O Halloran nlric Time. :47. FOURTH HEAT 1, Peter Morse, Northbrook S. C; 2, Thomas Thompson, Northwest S. C: 3, Frank Garner, Chi-f9tn Vocational. Time. :45. irrrTH HEAT-1. Earl Weinstock. Northbrook S. C: 2. Jeff Penovich, Northwest S. C: 3, Dave Gobeille, Mt. Prnsorct. 111. Time. :45.4. SIXTH HEAT 1. Bill Walters, North west S. C: 2, Mike r etz. Elmhurst s. u.; 3. Clyde Behrens, Chicago Vocational. Timr. :4R 2. SEVENTH HEAT 1, Bog Angell, Glen Ellyn A. A. A.: 2. Michael Host, Northwest S. C: 3. Stewart Thornburg, Peirce S. C Time, :48.4. EIGHTH HEAT 1. Bob Nrtrberg. Glen Ellyn A. A. A.: 2, Richard Wester-berg. Northwest S. C: Dave Schmudde, Lindbloom. Time, :46. vtMTH heat 1. David Schuman Vnrthhrnnk R. C. .: 2. Roger Capan. U. C. T.; 3, Tom Haenisch. Mt. Prospect S. C. Time. :44. TEXTH HEAT-4. Jim Kinne. North brook S. C: 2. Heintt Wittie. Glen Ellyn A. A.. A.: 3. Richard Garms. U. C 1 i?t 'rvrwnj TJ1T4T 1 Tlirtr Ttnlriwin. Northbrook S. C: 2. Neil Mahall. Ohio S. C: 3. Dan Paulsen. Elmhurst S. C. Time. :47.2. QUARTER FINALS FIRST HEAT 1. Neil Blatchford: 2 Roger Capan: 3, Bob Norberg. Time. "42 2 SECOND HEAT--1. Richard Bush: 2. David Schuman; 3. Bob Angell. 'lime A- R THIRD HEAT 1. Earl Weinstock: 2. Heintz. Witue. 3, NeU Mahall. lime. '42 5 FOURTH HEAT 1. Bill Wolters: 2. Peter Morse: 3. Dick Baldwin. Time. :42.6. HOCKEY TONIGHT AT 7:20 f.M. MONTREAL CANADIENS vs. BLACK HAWKS B Seats S4.M. Mezzanine anil West and East Aran $3.00. First Balcony $2.00. (ALL RESERVED TAX INCL.). 2d Balcony $1.50 (UNRESERVED-TAX INC.). Unreserve uats will mt t sal aatil tM i.m. th aight f th gam. - CHICAGO STADIUM fl3i W. Madison St. St 3-5300 - - "Iwf ',KV for your family? For tfie average family, the Volkswagen De Luxe Sedan offers more leg room in front than many big cars have, plus ample room for luggage. The VW Sunroof has a rollback top that you can open or close with one hand, "even while the car is in motion. And the dashing VW Convertible has an air-tight, all-weather top that keeps the family protected from any weather when it's up, lets them have plenty of breeze and sun wh,en it's down. Even if you have one of the biggest families in town, either of the Volkswagen Station Wagons (de luxe with sun-roof or standard) holds nine adults or countless children. Both VW wagons can also carry an astonishing amount of luggege and equipment: an open playpen fits easily through the wide side doors. If a family is still a gleam In your eye (or everi'if you do have a couple of youngsters) the Karmann Ghia (hard--top or convertible) styles Volkswagen reliability with the look of an Italian sports car. , All -Volkswagens have air-cooled aluminum engines. (No radiator problems. No water to freeze in winter, boil over in summer no anti-freeze.) The rear engines give superb traction and greater economy. And VW's torsion-bar suspension gives you uncanny control on the roughest roads. Best af all, Volkswagens are fun to drive. Nimble and responsive. Park where other cars can't fit. Best way to find out how your family fits in a Volkswagen: bring them down and try one out. Make it soon. t V 1 Loop Import Motors, Ine. 32 W. Wacker Driva Fhona: Financial 4-244S South Import Motors, Ine. 1511 E. 71st St. : Fhons: BU 1-4700 North Import Motors, Ine. 3638 "N. Southport Av. Phona: WE 5-2200 Fred Leemhuis, Ine. ' 415 Roosavalt RdM Maywood, Illinois Fhona: MA 4-5800, Fl 5-0330 Chicago Heights Import Motors, Inc. 755 Oixia Highway Phono: SKylina 4-470O or PUIIman S-3244 Doyno Motors, Inc. 530 W. Northwest Hwy.. Mt. Prospect. Illinois Phona: CLaarbrook 5-4300 Chopin Import Motors, Ine. Mb Srn Bay Road, Winnatka, Illinois Phono: HI 44100 Chicago's Ntwost Volkswagen and Porscha Sorvlco Canter, 400 I. Ohio St., Chicago , European Delivery: For information c!l BR 3-2000

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