The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on January 23, 1860 · 2
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 2

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1860
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THE SUN. " BALTIMORE, MONDAY, JAN. S3, 1360. PKXOCKACT AKD TBI ClTT PasSITOEK RA.ILWAT i'XASD. There are men who profess democracy nay In tkelr rnpreme arrogance and folly some-timet assume to lie "leaders" of the party" who have no rational appreciation of democratic .Trinclples, either natural or acquired. There is no Inherent power of conception in their minds, eontequenUy they never develope an Idea. Some fortuity h brought them into nominal alliance with. ;the party," and like parrots they prate democracy as they are taught. It is men of this sort who are eternally clamorous for office. They can never have enough. They fancy that office is -their natural inheritance, and upon any sufficient -occasion, with the prospect of an office from me Xiew party or fiction, they jump at the lucky mo-xnent, Care up with some consequence in direct . antagonism to every principle with which they were before identified, and thereafter float as expiring firebrands on the wave, feebly hissed, and smoking with their doom. Others remain in affiliation with "the party" all their lives. They eat their bread and butter, somehow, In the name ef "democracy," and move with it as mere machines. But they never acquire an Idea of democratic principle. What a Baltimore sr Cincir natl platform provides for them, is quite enough and sometimes too much for their capacity to digest. They gulp It down and there it lies rumbling about with no healthy rjeristatte action; bat subject to the Influences of every vague and windy -doctrine which this or that prominent aspi. . rant for some seat of patronage may choose to pronounce. Do any of our readers doubt there i re sueh men? We have an illustration in point In the city passenger railway fraud. We learn, less to our surprise than disgust, that, since the election of November, which indicated the democratic complexion of the legislature, 4 democratic" Influences of all sorts have "been subsidized in favor of the city railway fraud .And now we hear from a reliable source, that a large lobby Influence Is on hand at Annapolis for the promotion of this Infamous scheme, in the jpersons of nominal democrats. This Is a positive ,-iact. We learn, moreover, that democratic lawyers are employed to defend the parties. t thi monstrous imposition, and to advocate the right eousnst of their claims. It Is said by some who want an excuse for their conduct that this city passenger railway business is not "a party matter." We are glad to hear .It. And we trust that no "party" that has any re. spect for popular rights and public opinion will ever take the burden of responsibility and shame -that attaches to it. The -'American party," by the action of a city council which usurped, position in that name, has been obliged to bear the Infamy of the transaction. But there are multitudes formerly identified with that party, who denounce this fraud as heartily as they do other Tiilanles committed In its name. And now, vre are cunningly told, that "party" has nothing to do with it, that a few nominal democrats may pocket their fee, and If possible succeed In luriDg a democratic legislature to the Infamous deed by vsrbieh this juggle is to be consummated. -Let us admit, then, for the sake of the argument, that "partj" has nothing to do with it; but we shall see at once that the whole question from beginning to end, involves fundamental, organic st'vioeratic principles. We shall show to the intelligent reader that the treachery of Benedict Am -old did no more. The msasare of the crime of Benedict Arnold and that of the professed dam. -ocrat who advocates the city passenger rail-- way party now In possession of our streets, differs only in the immediate consequence. The .great fundamental, organic, democratic principle which lies at the basis of all our invitations, :and should govern every public action, is "ti greatest good of the greatest number. ' Benedict Arnold violated this principle only, aside from iiis military cath and national allegiance, when be offered to sell West Point to the British. The act consisted of traffic with a foreigner, and the fraudulent sale of the rights and property of the American people, and erf the principle of '-'the greatest good of the greatest number," taatthi3 same American people might be bronght Into subjugation to a foreign yoke. The very same vicious elements characterize the transaction by -which we have been sold in this city passenger railway business. But because it is less heinous In Its criminal effects, we lose sight of the inhe-lent Infamy of the thing. And because we see the read built and the comfortable cars running for -our accommodation, we submit or some amongst r.s with servile approbation. England, through the treachery of Arnold, might have subjugated these colonies in the hour of their great extremity, and have soothed the people with a golden yoke-titles, wealth and honor for weak and supple tools of Ixer purpose but they would have been free" men no longer. The parallel helds good through out. Our rights and property In oar streets hav6 been sold, by treachery, to foreign capitalists' they are fraudulently In possession of our public thoroughfares, and the '-'greatest good of the greatest number" has seen sacrificed by the same act, In depriving the people of their democratic right to the minimum tax for public accommodation. You may tell us "party" has nothing to do wUh this but we are not so blind as not to see that democratic principle Is inseperable from it. The question is now before a democratic Legls lature. To the majority of that Legislature th people of Baltimore look for action upon demo-ratic principles. If, as democrats, they can Ig ucre the principles involved in thi3 matter, and subject the masses of our citizens to an onerous tax for fifteen years, which of themselves they -can avert, no act of despotic tyranny can surpas It. Democracy would shame to own the deed. What, take from the people their rights and property, and their desire and will and mock at -their capacity to do a thing for themselves at a eninimum rate, to confer upon foreigners the privilege to Invade their rights, trample them -onder foot, scofl'at their remonstrance, seize upon -their property and compel them to pay a mixi-mum rate for the foul and mean and humiliating condition. The Legislature of Maryland may do this, but it cannot, dare not do It in the nam' of dexocxact. It may do it for caprice, for hire, but not for democracy. And in that name for once aside from party we do not hesitate to assure this community that neither Influence, nor wealth, nor the contemptible shams who would .lobby away our rights, will achieve success. And we make this declaration, warranted by the assurance, that representative democracy ha never yet so basely tampered with popular rights and principles, and the precedent will not be set by a democratic Legislature of Maryland. Be sure of it. Not one democratic vote can be se cured for it, and we doubt If a single honest 'American" will choose the infimy of such a -deed. The Eauthqtjakb at thx South. The shock f an earthquake at the South on Thursday evening last, was very sensibly felt at Wilmington, N f; Charleston. S. C and Ausrusta, Ga. At Charleston the shock Is said to have been the se- wrfit within the last fifty vears. The Courier . savs: The duration of the greatest force of the motion or disturbance Is stated by various observers at 6, ? or 10 seconds, and the whole time of the motion or oscillations at 20 or 25 seconds. The direction fmm tVio oct -urpntTC&rd . or nearlv so, and the greatest Impression was felt along the line of .Broad street and on either side. rTte Courier sroes on to note several Instances In r i shorfe vni on severe that cersons fled from their houses. It was also felt in Augusta, .Atlanta and Macon, Ga. MAB.Ti'NsBtfiiG Ra.ilk.oab A bill has heen re- TOrfcxi in the Virginia House of Delegates grant ing a charter for this road. It is to lead from Wartlnsburg to some point on the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, at or near Williamsport, Md-, and the privilege will be asked of an extension to some definite point twenty-six uun wux ium. insburg. i.Tt Vto It has heretofore been stated that Governor Stewart, of Missouri, bad refused in, sltrn the bill Dassed bv Its Legislature, for the exclusion of the free colored population from that tate. It appears that G ov . Perry, of Florida, ha also declined to sign a bill of a like character ex- .cludlng the same class of persons irom t loriaa. a MoivTM-HiT.--Gov. Hicks has appointed Ge. w i.ff-pnmii. Ea.. to the office of private secre- t th Governor, which office Is worth about Wo a vear". Mr. Jefferson Is a young lawyer of Cambridge, Md. a BorT-TEsif Coi-vej-tio--.--Resolutions have been submitted in the Virginia Legislature pro-posing the call of a convention of the slave-holding States, to recommend measures of self-defense .nd protection. , Post-?fic-c Scrip .It Is stated that there have roeen over 54,000,000 worth of scrip issued by the Vntofflr.e Department. One man, It is said, holds .-two millions of this scrip, purchased at 80 cents. m Charles Coriran has been appointed crier -to the Orphans' oouri oi w,.uv., n-Weare Indebted to Mr. Wm. Wilson, of Jk.dams & Go 's Express, for Southern papers. n-Nelther House of Congress or of the Isegls- FaTIX 01 tBS PKttBEaTON MlLL IIA5D3. The boston Journal says that the payment of Wages 520,000 to the operatives, was commenced on Wednesday, and adds: The money due to those who were killed will be paid to those next of kin. Those having homes In other parts of the country, are In most Instances leaving the city. Many of those who came forward to obtain their wages, exhibited flesh wounds and contusions received in their escape from the ruins. Parents came to collect the last earnings of those upon whom thev had learned to lean in their old age, and children to receive the hard-earned wages of parents, upon whom they have until now depended for support. The widow, In the sable garb of grief, accepted the balance due her lost companion, and the last earthly accounts from those afar were settled by their relatives or friends. thb Morocco Rettseks. The New York JewHh Messenger informs us that upwards of ten thousand dollars have already been collected In this country for the relief of the exiled Jews at Gibraltar. When the reports from the Western aad California congregations are received, It may re safelv asserted that the contributions In the United States will net fall far short of twenty thousand dollars. BT TEIEGBAP2 POE TO BAEIIS9EE SHU Special Dispatch for the Baltimore Sun. The Vera Cruz Mail Line. New Orleans, Jan. 20 It Is feared that mail communication by steam hence with Mexican ports will soon be abandoned, as the compensation allowed by the federal government does not pay for the expense of carrying it on. Should such be the case, the regret here will be universal. Special Blsrwtch to the Baltimore Sun. Foreign Exchange at New York. Nkw York, Jan. 21. Exchange for the steamer today was only in moderate demand, bat the leading bankers were firm at 9 percent. Commercial bills very firm at 3 to S . Special Dispatch to the Baltimore San. Texas Five Per Cents. New York, Jan. 21. There have been further private sales of Texas Indemnity five's at 99, which is an advance. Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. Departure ef the Hungarian. Portland, Jan. 21. The steamer Hungarian sailed this afternoon for Liverpsol. She had but few passengers, and took out a private letter bag. Arrival af the Overland California Mail. Sr. Louis, Jan. 21 The overland California mail of the 15th ult. arrived at Malley's station to-day. Politicians were gathering at Sacramento preparatory to the meeting of the Legislature, on the 2d cf January. Gov. Latham's inauguration took place on the atn ult. Ex-Gov. Weller and Gen. Denver were the leading- candidates for U. S. Senator. The complexion of the Legislature had been ascertained to be 93 democrats, 80 antl-Lecomp-tnites. 3 republicans and 1 whig. Tke snow In Carson valley was from three to five feet deep, and the Inhabitants were in great a: stress The cattle belonging to the settlers in Harney Lake valley were starving for want of food. Hay was S150 per ton. The Indians were dying from coid and starvation. Miningclaims were selling at from 3,000, to 850,000 each. Two hunters had been murdered new Humboldt by the Mattole Indians, aod fourteen of the latter had been killed by a party who went in pursuit of them. It was ieported that twentv-flve pamnds of gold has arrived, at Dalles from Canal river as far north as the British possessions. The advices from Washington Territory state that the Assembly had passed a bill to remove the seat of government to Vancouver, but it would probably be defeated by the council. A bill has been introduced into the Legislature to organize the disputed territory as Henrv county. The schooner Harney, ladened with United Stat s government stores, was stove In a storm on the 4th ult., and the cargo damaged to the extent of S3,000. The British government had ordered the troops from San Juan until the question was settled. Business at San Francisco was dull. Coal was unsettled in price. Official Intelligence from Mexico. Washisgtox, Jan. 22d Official despatches from Vera Cruz have been received, conarming the newspaper accounts of the recent victories achieved bv the liberals. The advices received there from England were favorable to the recognition of the Juarez government, which is expected soon to take place, which intelligence has, with President Buchanan's recommendation, relative to Mexican affairs, heightened the liberal topes of complete success, and produced a corresponding depression among the reactionists. The Mexican cabinet howeverdo not think it will become necessary to call for the aid of American troops in the contingency suggested by President Buchanan. A number of military men have written to Washington, making inquiries as to the truth of the report that the Juarez government has invited volunteers from the United States, bat there is no official or any other authority to sustain it; nor would they be accepted without the concurrence cf our government. The armed men who have gene, and others who are preparing to go south, may have other schemes in view, or in expectation of a call for their services in Mexico. As the protest of Mr. McLane against the Tacu-abaya massacre met with no response from the Miramon government, and the protest of the latter agcinst the recognition of the Juarez government, will receive no official notice from our own. The official advices from Vera Cruz mention nothing about tne reported coming of the French and Spanish fleets; and. looking to the present unsettled condition of Europe, no interference from that quarter is apprehended. As the report emanated from the French legation, as did the former one. it is looked upon here as a part of the policy of the French minister to encourage the reactionists at the expense of the liberals. A curious state of affairs in the city of Mexico is noticed. Formerly only prominent liberals were in prison there, but new the ultra reactionists are being similarly punished, owing to their respective political opinions. Frishtfal Railroad Accident Wonderful Escape of the Passengers. New York, Jan. 22 A train for New Haven was partially thrown from the track on Saturday afcernoon, near Milford, by the breaking of the driving wheel of the locomotive. The tender was smashed, and the express car turned across the track bottom up. The first car was thrown down a twenty -five feet embankment, and the second car was also thrown offtLe track, but no one was teriouslv hurt, an event which seems almost miraculous when it is considered that there were 250 passengers on the train! From Washington. Washington, Jan. 22 The postmaster gene-l ti Iniml an order to the postmarters of Cali fornia to transmit, by the overland route, all let-'j ters not marked witn tne woras, -oy steamer, -to or from St. Louis and Memphis, the semi-weekly lines, and New Orleans by way of San Antonio, which is weekly. The postage Is three cents on a single letter, the distance between these points being under three thousand miles. Arrests to be Made for the Senate Harper's Ferry Committee. Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 21. Messrs. Giddlngs, PI tan HanriJnhn lirnwn. Jr.. have not vet been arrested on the warrants got out on behalf of the Senate Harper's Ferry committee. The papers were sent here to the ex-marshal, who bnlds them, and has sent oacs ior insuu.iuu. xucy have not been served yet. Strike ef the German Printers Y."1 New York, Jan. 22. It is unaerawuu v German printers of this city have joined the Printers' union, ana iamug w uu rates for composition, have left ofl work at all the German job, book and newspaper offices, except that of the Daily Democrat. Fire at Marietta, Ohi$. Mabietta, Ohio, Jan 21. Cram's flour mill The loss. was destroyed by lire this morning which is covered by insurance, amounted to 810,000. - Sailed fer Enrspe. Philabslphia, Jan. 21. The steamer Vigo, for Liverpool, sailed hence to day with a iuu cargo and twenty-five passengers. m i Holliday Stkeet Thea. ike. This evening the popular aitress, Maggie Mitchell, ana always a Javorite with a Baltimore audience, commences an engagement at this house. She appears in two nieces, the admired military drama oi i no t renoa Spy, or The Fall of Algiers, in which sha sustains the characters of Mathilde, the wifo of Da Courcy, Henry St. Alme.a French officer, ana an AriD Boy. The young lady has acquired special repute in tnes9 personations. Afterwards she performs Katty O'Shiel, in the charnvng petite comedy of that name. Th MrssrM. This favorite place of resort re opens this evening, under promising auspices, the stage ruanagement being with Mr. iuaiey, whose experience will contribute to the pnblio en tertainment. The performances to night comprise the drama of The Doom of Deville, the plot and m -cidents being supplied by the ingenious fancy of Ms. Southworth. The programme of s-jenery. events, highly attractive. The entertain ments will close with the iaroe of The Greenfinches- The Russia Wau-astj Gifts The great Sanderson the inimitable, the indefatigable Sanderson, who has evidently "prospected a digging of ready-made jewelry, or discovered the philosopher's stone, makes anotner aisiriDuuon or gin oxmui- tionof his grand panorama to-night. 1 nis is ra ther pushing the business past all competition to invite us to the panorama ana give us a goiu waton for going. De you call this enjoying the snow "on tick."' Page's Vents. We observe that Mr. Evans will continue the Venus at the gallery of Messrs. Carnss & Co. a few days longer. Fre:n the genera1 expression of sentiment by the number efladies who visited the gallery on Friday, the artist has won their unqualified approbation. The painting was universally admired. Washington Theatre. The oitizen s of Washington will have an opportunity to eajoy the admirable performances of Mr. James E. Murdooh for a few evenings. To-night he appears as Evelyn, in Bulwei'a play ealled "Money,", one of his very effective personations. ' - I Pass's Vsxus. The exhibition of this remarkable picture at Cabiss & Co.'s, will be continued till Wednesday uezU t Hollidat Strkkt Thbatbk. 2he Dramatic Season wi'l be resumed - ok JTaiHWoTidav) Evening, Janury23d, At this Magnificent Theatre,. . The Optical and Aoj.ustio Properties of which, As well as its Great Strength, Has been, so Triumphantly Tested . n. the Enormous Throng that have occupied it D1 During the Past Three Weeks. This Evening . ,, , The Charming Favorite, Miss Maggie Mitchell, The Charming Favorite, Miss Maggie Mitchell, The Charming Favorite, Miss Maggie Mitohell, The Charming Favorite, Miss Maggie Mitohe , The Charming Favorite, Miss Maggie Mitohe,, The Charming Favorite, Miss Maggie Mitchell, The Charming Favorite, Miss Maggie Mitchell, Will Appear in Foua of Her Most Celebrated Characters, The Famous Military Drama, The Famous Military Drama, The Famous Military Drama, The Famous Military D.ama, The Famous Military Drama, The Famous Military Drama, The FrenDh Spy, The French Spy, The French Spy, The French Spy, The French Sdt. The French Spy,. ins t rencn spy, With Splendid Soonio and Dramatic Effects, i Including the Grand ; Assault on, 'and Fall of Algiers, ; Assault on, and Fall of Algiers, Assault on, and Fall ot Algiers, As sault on, and Fall of Algiers, j Assault on, and Fall of Algiers, Assault on. and Fall of Algiers, . In this celebrated drama Miss Maggie Mitchell will assume Three Different Characters Henri St. A lme, a French Officer. The Arab Spy, with a Danoe and Broad Sword Combit. Mathildk, the Dumb Girl. The performance will conclude with her famous Comic PUy of Kattt O'Shiel, Katty O'Shiel, Katty O'Shiel, Kattv O'Shiel. Katty O'Shiel. Katty O'Shiel. which character she will Sing Trnst to Luck and Dance an Irish Jig, In King 1 rust to LiUck anu uance an usii j it;. Sing Trust to Luck and Dance an Irish Jig, t-ing Trust to Luck and Dance an Irish Jig, Sing Trust to Luck and Dance an Irish Jig, Sing Trust to Luck and Dance an Irish Jig. Oh Tuesday night an Entire Change of Performance. 83" admission 60 and 25 cents. No JSxtra. Charge for. Reserved Seats, ' Maryland Institute. Tliis ( Monday) Might, January 23, Fareweil and most positively BThk Last Wkek!.! Greatest and most valuable number of Splbmdid Gifts Ever offered by the management of the B-RussiAN YVae!JI The immense crowds The immense crowds The immense crowds The immense crowds Who congregate nightly Who congregate nightly "Who congregate nightly WhJoOLgregate nightly To see the great exhibition To see the great exnihitian To see the great exhibition To see the great exhibition Induces the management licuces the management Induces the management Induces the management To Prolong its SUy, To Prelong i.s Stiy, To Prolong its Stay. To Prolong its Stiyi And rive another Distribution Aiid give another Distribution And give another Distribution Ana give another Distrioutioa This (Monday) Night. This Monday ) N ight. This (Monday) Night. This (Monday) N iht. Three Hundred Dollars 1 Three Hundred Dollars .' T pT. Three Hundred Dollars ) 1N UIFTS Three Hundied Dollars! Tnree Gold Watchasl Three Gold Watches trTV1- Awat Three Gold Watches f GIVEN AWAT. Three Gold Watches J Three Silver WTatche Three Silver Wat3hes '. Awav Three Silver Watohf s f bnettAT!r' Three Silver Watches j Silver-Plated Tea Set 6 P.eces.l Silver-Plated Tea Set 6 Pieces, 1 Riven Awav Silvtr-Piatd Tea Set-6 Pieces, f Ulven AwaT Silver-Platad Tea Set 6 Pieces, ) Solid iroia nroocnea i Solid Gold Brooches li.-n- await Solid Gold Brooches f Given Away. Slid Gold Brioches J Besides a great quantity of Silver Plate of all descriptions; also, GJd Finger Rings, Gold Ear-Rings. Gold Gent's Pins, Sleeve Buttons, &o. Notice This most Splendid Lot of Presents can Tut rmi) t Mpssirs fn.nfifM. Hro. fc Co.'s. Tickets of admission price 25 Cents can ba procured at the Hall to day, from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M., aud also at Night. .,., Thiodos's Theatre of Art will shortly open. Baltimore Museum. Under the joint management of Messrs. Stttdlet and Craig. This (Monday) Evening. January 23 1, 1330. Great Dramatized Ledger Story, Doom of Dkville, With the new farce of The Greenfinches. Washington Theatre. Will be Opened This Evening for One Week. In compliance with the many very flattering requests or the distinguished men of the national capital, as well as the urgent solicitation of Many Old Friends, Mr. Murdoch has so arrangei his professional engagements that he -will be enabled to appear in Wasnineton during the present week, In Six of his Prominent Personations! On This (Monday) Evening, Jan. 2Jd, SirE. Ljtton Bulwer's . . Great Modern Comedy of Me net: Or, Duplicity Exposed. Alfred Evelyn . .Mr. Murdoch Sustained chiefly by the same Company who appeared with him during his recent engagement, i Portland Kerosene Oil. The Very Best Ariiclr Ofvered in This Majlirt. Warranted To Givb Satisfctio. It Dors hot Smoke Whilb Btbhim, AND Has No Unpleasant Odox. For Sale by Dobbin k Wabfthlb, Solx Asbnt Portland Kerosene Oil Co., No. 7 South Strsat. Neatness, Cheapness and Beauty . Three most essential requisites when you wish to procure Cards, Circulars, Fosters and HandbillsxOT any ether kind of Printing, to assist in making your business known oan be invariably relied Boon at "The Printing Office," San Irn Building. Cards printed for One Dollar and a Half for On Thousand, on the " Fire Fly" Press, the only re of tha kind in the city. MARRIED. On the 19th instant, by Rev. Wm. H. Chapman, HENRY C. BELL. Esa., to Miss LEONORA HARRIS, both of this city. New York pipers p'ease copy.l Oa the 19th instant, by the Rev. J. S. Foulk, E. WESLEY HALE and IIENNIE E. KONZK, eldest daughter of Lewis Konze, Esq., all of Baltimore. At Norwich, Conn., on the 21st instant, by. Rev. H. P. Arms, C. LEWIS DUN LAP, of this city, to CARRIE M. BLOOMER, of the former place. On the 12th instant, by Rev. T. H. Munroe. WM. N. WHITNEY to Miss HARRIET C. KELLY, all of thin city. , On the 26th of December, 1859, by the Rev. Henry Walker, EDWIN R. YOUNG, of Baltimore, to Miss SARAH HALL, eldest daughter of Wil lam P. Hall, Ksq.,ot frince ueorge's couaty.iuaryiaiii. Prince George's county papers please copy. DIED. On the 21st of January, 1850, JOHN FRAZIER McKELLER, in the 75th year of his age. . . II is relatives and friends are respect! ully invited to attend his funeral on this (Moadaj ) morning, at tan o'clock, from No. 301 East Baltimore street. 1 Carriages will be in waiting at half-past nine o'clk, at the corner of Camden and Howard sts., to convey tne friends to the above named place. On the 22d instant, STEPHEN QUEEN, in the 76h year of his age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this (Monday ) afternoon, at four o'cloek, from his late residence No. 40 Hill street. " On the 21st inst., BERNARD McDERMOTT, in thA 43d Tn.r of his are. a native of Parish of Kil- teevan, County Roscommon, Ireland. May he rest in peace. His friends and acquaintance are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, on to-day, ( Monday,) at twelve o'clock, from his late residence, Fimonioa, Baltimore county. On the 21st instant, PATIENCE F. SNYDER, eldest daughter of George and Mary Snyder. . The relatives and friends of the family am invit?d to attend her funeral, on this (Mondaj) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her parents, ' No. 191 East h ayette Btreet. . . On the 21st instant, after a lingering illness, inthe triumphs of Christian faith, MARY E., oonsort of Thnoilorn Mnttnr. and daughter of Thomas and Rhoda Harvey, aged 89 years and 6 months. Elk-ton and Delaware papers copy.l On the 21st instant, at his residence. No. 6 East Fayette street. MICHAEL McCORMICK, in the 36th year of his age, a native of Askeragh, oou lty Galway, Ireland. May he rest in peace. New York papers please copy.l . On the ISth instant, JESSE A., son of Romeo and Mary Price, in the 214 year ef his age. On Friday evening, 20th mst.. EMMA ADELL, aged IS years, second daughter of Eliza and the late Wm. H. AVest. r t On the 2th tnstant.. of congestion of the lun?s, JOHN CRAWFORD, aned 18 months, youngest child of John and Mary Jane Cum mines. On the 20th instant, WILLIAM NICHOLAS, aged 4 months, youngest son of Charles and Mary On 'the 22d instant, at seven o'clock, IIAMON SIIULZ, in the S6th year of his age. On Sunday, 8th January, 1860, Mrs. NANCY PERRY, wife of Thomas Perry. Farewell, dear lriends, let me go, For angels wait around, To tske my spirit home to God, And there receive my crown. Dearest husband, fare thee well, My stay on earth was short I coulu not dwell with thee on earth, Thonfh hard with then to Dart. On the 21st instant, at her residence, Oak Hill, Harford countv, FRANCES, wife of Wm. f Pat-, terson, in the 68th year of her age. At Yoric. Pa., on the 17th instant, ANNA M., wife of John B. Hanson.and daughter of John F. Carey. But she has gone from earth away To share a mansion in the skies; A robe ol spotless white she wears, She's run the race and gained'tne prize. On Wednesday, December 28th, near Woaden-burg, Baltimore county, of a short but severe ill nes f convulsions, EVA MATILDA, beloved wife ot David Greves, aged 29 years and 11 months. May she rest in peace. We miss thee at home; poCa. THE FIRST ANNUAL MEETING OF TUU 1 lr. AT. PR F. A CHER'S INCOft- ?R ATED ASSOCIATION of the city of Balti more Will te neiu in ino tuoiorenoo nunin, uisui Street, oa TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, the Htm instant, at 7 o clock. Punctual atiendanoe is particularly requested, as an Election of Officers Will take place and other important business. 1 j-2tr JOSEPH FARROW, Swtetarj, rvlsr"!- F. An Adjou-ned Meeting of 'thi LLS R. W. Grand Lodge of Maryland will be held at the Hall, North Gay sweet, on THIS (Monday) EVENING, the 231 iust. at? o'clock. The Installation of Officers will take plaoe at 8 o'clook. Bj order, JOS. B. ESCA V A.1LL.H, lt R Grand Secretary. frREHEARSAL. The Rehearsal for the lk GRAND CHARITY CONCERT willtike plaoe at the residence "f the Most Rev. Archbishop on FRIDAY EVENING. Jan. 27th. Ladies and Gentlemen having copies of Savea tast Words of the Redeemer," are requested to sond or bring them to the rehearsal. J. GEGAN, Director. It LECTUKES BEFORE TRINITY riH H GUILD. ' a Course of Three Lectures win do aeuverea oa-fore TRINITY CHURCH GUILD, at the NEW ASSEMBLY ROOMS, as follows : . ,r By Rev A. Cleveland Coxk, D. D., on FRIDAY EVENING, Feb. 3. Subject "Minute Events in History. , . ,T By Rev George D Cummins, D. D., on FRIDAY EVENING, Feb. 10. Subject "Modern Infi- oelity." By Rev. James D. MoCabh. D. D-, on FRIDAY EVENING, Feb. 17. Subject "Nobinty of Labour." The proceeds cf these Lectures will be applied to the payment of Trinity Church debt "Tickets to the Course, $!: single Lecture, 50 cants; to be obtained at the Epioipal Realing-Room; the Book Stores of Jas. S. Waters, 244 w. Baltimore st ; Henry Taylor Sun Iron Building and C- Walsh. Broadway, aod at the door on the evenings of the Lectures. Doors open at 7 o'clock; Lectures commence at 8 o'clock. Ccmmittee John H. Hugg, R. McC. Cochrane. M. D. and G. A. Henderson. j23 MsfcdtL't rYfEBALTIMORE CENTRAL 113 tiiui.nixr, ASSOCIATION No. 3. The members of the above association and all others desirous of taking shares, will meet in Congress Hall, Gay street, near Second st, on WEDNESDAY EVENlNG.the 25th inst , at 7 o'clock. Members are expected to pay their first installment. Br order, , , . SAM'L DELl-EVIE, j23 3ij Secretary. 'DUCK ERS LOOK OUT.-A bill has been introduced in the Legislature to legalize Shwtin hooting from Sink Boats in the Patasco and lea tributaries look after it. It i Y"A MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARY, un-JJrlJ the auspices of the Mission Committee ofUie Baltimore City Station, will he held in the Light Street M. K. Church, on THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, at 7i o'clock The meeting will be addressed by a number of ministers and laymen, ln-cludmg Bishop Jawes and Dr. Ptjrbix. j21-2t THE LADIES' SEVVING SOCIETY will hold a FESTIVAL in the Basement of the "ihnrph. ortir of I .nmbard and Washinzton sta.. commencing on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jan. 25th and 26t Si. Supper served at 7, 8 and 9 o'clock. There will be a Fancy Tanle,.Cake Table, Oysters, ccc.x an to am tne sewing society. jzi-3.; IT. A. O. D. A SDecial Meeting of tha fSRAlVin RHriVE 1IM1TRH AIMfilRNT niTDFR OF DRUIDS will be held on TUESDAY EVENING, the 24th instant, at 8 o'clock. A punctual attendance is requested, as business of importance -will be brought up for consideration. i21-3t WM. F. COX. G. Seo'v. BURNS' CLUB. The ANNUAL FES TIVAL will be held at MANN'S HOTEL on the evening of the 25th instant. Members can procure their tickets from DAVID ABERCRO.VI-BIE. at Mr. Taylor's. Sun Building, or from the subscriber, JAS. CAI MS. Secretary, ja21- 21 j 1 4 S. Gay street. rY'THE SEVENTH LECTURE OF THE LL3 PRESENT COURSE, BEFORE THE MARYLAND INSTITUTE. Wi.l be delivered in the MARYLAND INSTITUTE HALL. On TUESDAY NIGHT, Jan. 24th, at 7H o'clock, by Rev. E. Ybates Reese, D D. Knhtert Thfl lTldmonti nf lmftliiagfl in P.vflrr Day Life " j-2tt RKV.'D PETER CAKT WRIGHT,., the Western Pioneer Preacher, will aeuver a Lecture in the Caroline Street M. E. Church on THIStf Monday.) EVENING, Jan. 23d. at 7 o'clk. Euojecis "Liiie in me wnusoi ino rar west-Tickets 25 cents Can bo of Isaao P. Cook and Armstrong & Berry, Baltimore st.; Joseph Ramsey and Lewis Audoun, Broadway, and at the door on the evening of the Lecture. j 14.21 23.3t rrHEADOUARTEKS FiRST RIFLE RE-LL GIMENT. M. V. Order No. 25 -Baltimore. Jan. 17.1860 The Members of tne BALTIMORE CITV RIFLEMEN will met at their Armory on THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, the 23d instant, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of Electing Officers for aid Company. Byordr, COL. GEORGE PETERS. Wm, H. H. Evas?, Adjntant HO-Th.s.Mt: BOSA BONHEUR'S EXHIBITION Will POSITIVELY CLOSE on TUESDAY EVENING, January 24th, at thi. GALLERIES OF SAMSON CARI3S CO , 140 Baltimore street. ltT Admission 25 cents. AFE W MORE DAYS. Remembpr the BOOKS of the COSMO POLITAN ART ASSOCIATION close on the 31st inst. All who would secure an Engraving worth .1(1. and the Illustrated Art Journal for one yr ar, besides having a chance in the distribution of works ot Art on the 3ist mst. snouiu cau at once and subscribe. B5Subscription enly S3. SOLOMON KING, Hon'r Sec'y, j 23 tfr No. 1 South Calvert st. ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS against the schooner M ARYLAMD must present the same, properly certifiarf, to the undersigned, on or beiore the 15th uay oi etruary next, otnerwise they will be exel eluded. PLr jutchklu, 53 West Pratt st. j 23-2awtF15 TO DENTISTS. FOR SALE A BEAUTIFUL SET OF INSTRUMENTS. Inquireof A. EZEKIEL, It. 199 Orleans st. A VERY DESIRABLE BUTCHER'S STALL IX FOR SALE, at JNo. 12 FELL'S POINT MARKF.T-it has bean used for tha salt of Beef. for a number of years. Inquire immediately of JAS. STARKEY, No. 23 Centra .uarset. ya -3tr. -VRABF.S. (IRAAiiF.S.v k RANGES. vJ 4 000 HAVANA OR ANGES inst received and for sale by CHAK.Liii; WAK l in ec uu., No. 4 North Calvert street, i Museum Building. j23-3t( 10 BBLS. LARGE SWEET ORANGES. Received and for sale by JAMES SLOAN, No. 91 Lombird street. It TV NOTICE. F.W CASH STORE. The undersigned having taken the stere lately occupied by Messrs. HOOK & BALUWIN, oa tbeS. W. corner of Green and Lexington streets, u'der tne name ana style ot w. E. & S. El- MnVnS. nnll nnon nn TuBBflav. 91th inst. We iiitend putting in a fresh and well selected st ck of FAMILY GROCERIES, which we will of er on the most reasonable termsorea. SAMVL EDMONDS, Green and Lexington sts. N. B. The old firm will remain as beforo. SAM'L EDMONDS & BRO. j 23-tfr N. AV. corne' Lexington and Pearl sts T1YTR A OITAT.ITV OF TEAS. E0 Cts. Der ib. Hd 20 half chests of very fine Imperial TEA, which we are selling at 50 cents per in. .iryit-Oolong TEA, something superior at 50 cts. per lb. Also chmce Gunpowder and Y. H. TEA. 60 cts. ORANGE BRAND HAMS. 14 cents per lb. Family. Extra and Super FLOUR, at low rates. anH in oil ftftGOa TP ft.TTfVr.rPfi. COUNTRY LEAF LARD, in crocks, 12Xc lb, iryMjtiAKS we are ? ivinz away. (Call at EDMONDS & BRO.'S, j23 2tr) N.W. cor. Lexington and Pearl sts. SWEET CIDER! SWEET CIDER!! Just received a fresh supply of pure S W EET ClDER made of apples, and no humbug. For sale by the barrel or gallon, by 8 ' McDONNAL & THOMAS. j23 2tr. 26 E. Baltimore st., bet. Front & High. CTTflAR-CIIRF.D HAMS kT THE ORANGE BRAND AHEAD! Another supply of these superior HAMS, whioh rave so much satisfaction last season 14 cents no nminH Superior Family BUCKWHEAT 75 aud 87 eents per uB. wm -. LAWRENCE & BRO., tffr Cor. Baltimore and Green sts. BEAUTIFUL cROp IKW UK KAI AUOAK. New Orange Brand HAMS, warranted the best -Hams m the country. EXTRA FLOUR, very cheap. DELIVERED FREE. HOOK BALDWIN. tfr: S. W. cor. Lexington and Green sts. TVTF.W CROP N. O. SUGAR. 1 Beautiful new erop Sugar So. a lb.; White Clarified 9 and lOo. Superior Buckwheat, 75, 88 and SI bags; fine Green and Black Teas, SO, 63, 75, 88 and 91 per lb. F. L. LAWRENCE, tfr. N. E. cor. Green and LexingtOB sts. VTS7 F.NSLISH CHEKSE. ?? E HAVE received per steamer Washineton vt cases mi lion inutisiu tO " Cheddar " 80 " Wiltsher " WkJok we offer in quantities to snlt nrchaeer. P. TIERNAN Sc. SON. Importers. tfr. I N. Charles st. YARA lOBACCO. A small lot of GENUINE YARA TOBACOO, very high flavored, received andfor sale by A. SEEMULLER & SONS, j23-eo4t!r 55 Exchange Place. T T T TTTTTTTTTT' T T T T T T T T T T T T r rr t t r t t T T T ' T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T TC r y y T T T T T T T AT THE CHINAMAN'S TEA STORE. j jll-eo6t corner Frederick and Baltimore sts. KEROSENE. DEPOT FOR f BOSTON KEROSENE Olb, At Ne. 1 SOUTH LIBERTY STREET ' For sale in uanhties ta suit purchasers, bv eotftr AMMIOON CO. KEROSENE OIL Acknowledged as the BEST OIL . 1nthbMak.KIT. i Perfect satisfaction guarantied, ; For sale at Manufacturer's prices by DAVID T. BUZ BY, No. 6 Exchange Place. ' Baltimore. Sole Agent Kerosene Oil Company. tF16rt f ANN EL COAL OIL FRgE FROM ALL SMELL AND SMOKE. MADE EXPRESSLY FOR. tfrs : V 3 EXCHANGE PLACE. TT NEW HORSF.-SHOF. IRON. JlORSE SHOE IRON. The subscriber has rei oelvea in store a let of first ona itv HORSE SHOE IRON. Which he will sell low for cash. Ha has alEo an assortment of OLD TIRES, STEEL, snd other useful IRON, iwiifjihla for blacksmiths. Highest prices given for OLD SCRAP IRON. Coi. i;tiew ana sarnng streets. Old Town, i tFeb2;r ... JOSHUA HORNER. RICH JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE. &o. A. E. WARNER, Gold am Silversmith, o. io NORTH GAY ST., has rust HMla rich and varied assortment of fine JEW-KLRY. embracing a varietv of strles and nntterns f Kroeches, Ear-Rings. Bracelets. Finrer-Rines. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Chains. Pencils and Pen. Cntf Pins, Buckles, Miniature Lockets, Ac., which. frie o2ere4 on tne mosi acoormouaunc isrcn, mr NOTICE OF COPARTN KRSHIP. The undersigned have formed a COP ARTNERSHIP under the name of BELL & COMPANY, for the Mtnufactureand Sale of Malt.aX their plaie, Southwest corner of Saratoga and North Streets. ALEXANDER BELL is alone authorize! to uae the name of the firm in signing any obligations whatever. 'j23 2t GEORGE TWEDDLE. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the unde-signd, under the firm of CANNON & MATTHEWS, expired by limitation on the 31st Dpcember, 1869, and is dissolved. Either partner is authorized to use the name of the firm in settlement of the business. J. B. CANNON, Januiry 21, 1850. A.C.MATTHEWS. THE UNDERSIGNED wiU continue the busi-roaa on liia nnrn annonnt. at the old stand 42 and 44 South Charles street, and solicits a share of LibaralCASH ADVANCES made on Consignments of Merchandise, either for auction or private gale. A.C.MATTHEWS, , j23-2t RJ 42 and 44 S. Charles street. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP.- rriia ilnnartnArshin hArntotora Axiatin? be tween the undersigned, under the name ad style of RAKORft rn ia THIS T AY DISSOLVED by mutual consent. The business of the i late firm will be settled by Wm. H. Thomas, who is authorized to use the name of the firm for that purpose. ; GODDARI) RABORG, WM. H. THOMAS. Baltimore, January 21, I860. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have THIS DAY formed a Copartnership under the firm of THOMAS at BOGGS, and have taken the stand formerly occupied by Raborg & Co.. where tney win carryoaine nf.Kivm IICALLX BBAb' ING BUSINESS m all its branches. WM. H. THOMAS. ! "'j-joiis Baltimore, January 21, I860. BOGGS. 'j23-3t t O t CT. DE LAIN ES-60 ds. more opsned: ano- 1&2 therlotat 16c, reduced from 25. NEAL'S Cheap Stores, 97 and 63 Baltimore st. j23-tf Q3 CT. YD. WIDE real FrenchvQHINTZES; z iji aiso ?a. wiae i.ntrnsn unimzefriomv vix,n N E AL'S Cheap Stores, 97 and 63 Baltimore st tf ; CELLING OFF SILKS. SILK ROBES, Velvet 97 jrupuus. vei"uio, luoimuai uiddb uuuub, otu. N E AL'S Cheap Stores. 97 and 63 Balto. st. j23 ti -ID3CT. RF.YaDKRK and Plain Valencias JLOl Best bargains in Dress f; noils in the cit j E AL' cneap Mores, 9 7 and b3 Balto. st. ti TD ICU I riWl'MC-M OI IX 971 Jin4 (V . iV- 1.- A Ail l HL1 tJ4nJl 11174) iff Zt X CLIIVM. UUU)U1III U ing Muslins 6,8,9,10.11 and 12c. NE AL'S Cheap Stores, 97 and 63 Baltimore st. j23 tf SELLING OFF HLK- C LOTH CLOAKS $3, 94. S5, $6, 8 and S10; Woolen Shawls, half. price. ISEAL'S Cheap stores. 97 and b.i Haiti, st. WINTER DRY GOODS SELLINtt OFF At. Q29 I.PTine-ton street, above Green st. RICHARD CHISM. will commence this morning to sell the balance of his Winter Stock below cost. Moui. Delaines. Plaids. Merinos. Cassineta and Cassimers; Calicoes. 6, 8. 10 and I2i cents. A lot of Spring Mous. Delaines, very cheap. Bargains may De expectea. very cneap ;viusiins. JZ3-M,W,F,6tt KlCtlAKU CHISM. MEDALLION COLLARS AND SETS, The Prettiest and Cheapest ever offered. HONITON COLLARS AND SLEEVES. At half-price, REAL LACE GOODS GENERALLY, At reduced prices. CAMBRIC RANDS, very cheap. NEAT HEM'D EMB'D POCKET HDKFS., At 75 cents and upwards. COURTOTSIER'S KTD GLOVES, 76 cents, at UOLULNiJKK WEINBERG'S, j23-tff 67 Baltimore st., near Gay. CLOSING OUT-A great variety of WINTER GOODS, at prices extremely low. PERKINS & CO.. j'22 5trl No. 6 North Charles street. MOURNING GOODS. PERKINS & CO., No, b North Charles street, i doors above JZa7.tim.nre St.. Invite the SPECIAL ATTENTION nr BUY ERS to their large Stock of MOURNING GOODS. 'jS-Str OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF 1 AST SUMMER'S DRESS GOODS, NOW REMAINING oh hand, TTi'M be offered at Retail AT ONE-HALF C03T. Great Bargains in BAREGES. LAWNS. ORG ANDI ES, Grenadine and Barege ROBES, Oreandie and Jaconet Flounced ROBES. SILKS, by the yard, and Flounced SILK ROBES, Tans Trintea UnALiiV s, JJUCAL.S, &o. Manv ettles of these bOODi were onened verv late last Summer, and are very beautiful in JJestgns and Qualities. j23 ltrt HAMILTON EASTER & CO. OfT CENT AMBROTYPES- JdO THE LARGEST AND BEST IN THE WORLD. COSS, LEACH & IRVIN'S." 127 BALTIMORE ST.. tF17r. between Calvert and South streets. 20 CENT AMBROTYPES. We guarantee as good a likeness for TWEN TY CfijN I S As can be obtained elsewhere for one dollar, OSBORNE & CO., tFeb!3r No. 73 West Baltimore st. SILVER TABLE, DESSEKT AND TEA SPOONS, STLVF.R FORKS. SILVER TEA SRTS. and all other articles of SILVERWARE, manufactured and for sale by SAMUEL K1KK & SUN, ., j23-tfr? 17 2 Baltimore street. Gi FINE WATCHES. IEO. TrT. WEBB invites tha attention ef pr- hasers to his atook of GOLD AND SILVER. WATCHES, by oeieeratea maiers, juies jurgen- son, CharieB Froasham, Tatricx rnimppe uo Charles Taylor Son.W m. lleren, Jri. Keynoios tare. Warranted to give entire satiefaotion. ttrt PARIS STEEL JEWELRY, ETC. C ANFI ELD, BRO. CO,, aa iiALTIMORJt STRKBTf Are receiving New Styles Paris Steel Jewelry JsETS,etc. Also, JAPANNED WAITERS, in sets: FINE BRONZES, KUrEKlOK WATCHES, DIAMOND JEWELRY, ETC. tfrj CEMETER y NOTICE. , , Persons who ars about improving ueir is Pnhlin Cemeteries snd Piva.ts Burial Grounds are nenentfiiiiv iiivitrfl to na.ll and examine the larc ana complete lot of Italian and American Marble MONUMENTS, At the STEAM TOMBS ana HEAD-STONES, MARBLE WORKS. SHARP and GERMAN s r ti h. n l a. 1 he Monuments, Jce., are composed of original JamrTia a.n1 nhoinn aplflnr.inns from the most a- yropriate and beautiful structures in modern use, which the srosrietor is determined to sell at reano- attended to with my usual promptness, and experi enced workmen seat to any part of the country to ereot Monuments made by the proprietor. Specimens of Monuments, &o., from these old-established works oan be seen at the principal Cemeteries throughout the South and West. . . On hand, and constantly importing, ehoiee selections of ITALIAN STATUARY-Groups, Figures of different subjects- French Drabstoae Rustto Furniture; Lions; Vases; Fountains and other Ornaments, suitable for Publio Parks, Gateways and Private Gardens. ... I IBSTABLIBHKD II 18ST.1 CHARLES IJ. "EJO. CO-COMMISSION MERCHAMft AND IMPORTER OW MAT AN A CIGARS AND , 0. 3T SOUTH GAY STREET, Tl A T.TTVOH 1Z. Mil.. 9Ser to the trade, on liberal terms, their larjs ui weu assortea ssock oi MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, , f favorite brands and every variety of style KAVAWA, CWBA and . and a full bu pply of IVAN firfiA RS. 2 their iws importation, comprisirg a great varied ty OI popular prangs ana sues. nr THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscrl her has obtained from the Ornhans' Courtof Bal timore city letters of administration on the personal estate of RICHARD GEES, late of said city, de-rensed. All naranns havine claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or hefore the 23d dav of Jnlv next: thev may otherwise. bv law. be excluded from all benefit of said estate. - aii DArsoTis moancou in b&iu estate are reauesieu iu make immediate payment. Given under my hand Ww s 23a aay or January, iswi. j23-laW4f; lit, ii j fliviir r. utica, aumr. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subseri-ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court ot Baltimore city letters testamentary on tne personal ..t.t. of PR A1V1-1S Ci A SSTDY. fate of said Oltr. deceased. All persons having claims against the aid aeoeasea are nereoy warneu 10 ciiuon mo r same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, On Or oeioro nio uay ui Juif mo.i. fcuoj otherwise, by law, be excluded from alL' benefit of said estate. All persvns inusgwu iu oaiu cbiaio us reiuesteu to iiiis.e iiiinioumio poj biicu. uiwa under my hand this 21st day of January, 1850. jS3 law4tJ 33 Pratt street. . yyASHINGTON HOTEL. ISOKTMWEST UUKHbtl OF CAMDEN AND EUTAW STREETS. REOPENED TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned, having just complete there-modeling and repairing of the WASHINGTON HOTEL. Will open It on MONDAY MORNIWU, January 23d, 1860, with a FREE LUNCH at 11 o'clock A. M., to which his friends and the publio are cordially invited.- . vine tiouse nas Been entirely rentteu anu nowij furnished throughout, and the proprietor hopes that these improvements, with a table at all times furnished with the delicacies of the season, and an earnest purpose on his part to render the hotel popular and attractive, will merit a share of the public P Vhe BAR will ba kept furmshed with i the (choicest Liquors. DANIEL MENSEL, J21 2tf rmynowi. JOWARDOUSE STREE,t NSAK SALTlMOaa ST. Fr rednoed to 81 M Pgr day. .KwMalStr N.BUck.rifttef'-. lAQ BALTIMORE STREET. I HP We offer our services to the mercantile and business community for the transaction of the EA.CxlA.NliE, UUL.LblJ l UHN Anil Jvt aj.vt ur BUSINESS. in its various branches. Our facilities enable ns to offer unsurpassed inducements, and no efforts will be spared to render our moue oi transacting umuum kiuuvij dealers with this Dank. . JOIiiNSlUiN JSltU 1. xlCilvn a, y., tfr Bankers. GEO. C.IRWIN & CO., STOCK AND lhLL BROKERS, ( No. 34 Second Strkit, BTT AMD SELL STOCKS AND BONDS ON COMMISSION, and negotiate TIME PAPER. tfr mREASURY NOTES, bearing Bi per cent, in- 1 tereat. for sale bv THO. J. CARSON. tfr; tv d a trT A laYnnrin.- Frederiofsburr. Nor 1 9 folk. Richmond, Petersburg, and all other Vir ginia cities, wanted by THO. J. CARSON, tfr; DVANCES MADE ON COLLATERALS br rs THOS. J. CARSON. COLLECTIONS on all parts of the Union made, ana prompt returns, oy , BLANK BOOKS; BLANK BOOKS! - KELLY, 11ED1AN rittr, IT 4 Baltimork St., Invite the attention of business men generally to their superior stock of ' blank books, memorandum books and Copying books. . Which they have new on hand and make to order Of every description; also, CHECrk uwuanun sums tsariKS oi tne our. NOTES, DRAFTsvBILLS OF LADING, &c, Printed and Engraved in the latest and most beautiful designs. They have also a general assortment of CAP, LETTER AND NOTE PAPERS, Both Foreign and Domestio, of the most approved BtYlGS STATIONERY of every description for Count ing- Rooms and Offices. . All of which they will sell at very low prices. - JOB PRINTING, of every description, with neatness and dispatch. KELLY, HEDIAN & PIET, ! Jg3-eo2.)r' Printers and Stationers. ' " TENNY, DARLING JENNY," . J NEW SONG, , - . Bt Alicr Hawthors, I Just published and for sale at ! j21 3t! ALL MUSIC STORES. MUSIC, AMERICAN AND FOREIGN. MILLER Jt BE AC HAM, MUSIC PUBLISHERS, i No. 10 N. Charles Strkkt. tWM. B.'s Catalogues supplied gratuitously. MMusio sent per mail free of cost. . All American and Foreign Print, oan be had at his establishment. , i BGTMusio Folios of many styles. . . , , BST v gents lor MARTIN'S celebrated tFt Jr GUITARS, i BALTIMORE F1KK CE OOMpA B W. turner of tiUUTJn ana (taijia ojaji.jjjo, -TH. (n,n.nT IMSITR F.S AGAINST LOSS DAMAGE BY FIRE in the city or coax try, en i vaness cesonptions oi property. B0AkbGI?jnCT0RS. s. I. cohen. it., president. K. A. Taylor, iS. O. Hoffman, I Josh's, i.JJsliia,; W. G. Harrison, DavidS.Wilson, Francis T. Kmg, S.T.Thompson, W.F.Worthing- Henry Carroll, t feo. R. Vickers, W.Gilmor, ton, R. S. Stenart, ; FtW. Alrieks, J.Pennington, Wm. H. B;nia. . FREDERICK WOODWORTH, ; M,ThAstft Secretary. f UERU'S COD LIVER OIL JELLY is rwi ; tL more efficacious than the Lrquid Oil in case f Scrofala, Consumption and ail kind of Coughs, : ALBU, S ITP! HIT'S JRT.T.TFTF.D CASTOR OIL. Sis which the offensive rreasmess of the oil is ofenat d, to be had at all respectable Druggists. PEN F6LD, PARKER A MOWER, Wholesal jLgenta. l rteagman St.. new rortciiT. emr TO THE AFFLICTED , MRS. M. COX'S INDIAN VKUKTAKLK UKUUUllUfl : This valuable preparation has proved to be one of the greatest remedies for Erysipelas, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Scurvy, Eruptions and Blotshes on the Skin, Piles, Bilious, Ague and Fever, Old Sores, Nervous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver, Salt Rheum, and all diseases arising from the effects of the. im purities oi the blood ever presented to me puono. Tpstimnnials nnd nort.if? nates from hundreds of respectable citizens of Baltimore and other parts of the country are in possession of the proprietor, teo- UiyiBg to its curative powers. . . So-Ttiaanld bv most of the Druggists of Balti more, and at the residence of the proprietor. Price bi per vuiusi rafi.iui j23-eo2trt between Eden st, and Central avenae. IF YOU HAVE A COUGH, t TAKE MAMT TON'S TiriC TUKjb. TAKE HAMPTON'S TINCTURE IF YOU HAVE BRONCHITIS, m TAKE HAMPTON'S TINCTURE. IF YOU HAVE PAIN IN THE BACK, TAKE HAMPTON'S TINCTURE. IF YOU ARE ALL WEAKNESS, TAKE HAMPTON'S TINCTURE IF YOU HAVE HEADACHE, TAKE HAMPTON'S TINCTURE. STILL ANOTHER CURE OF DYSPEPST PALPITATION AND FLU I IJSKlWtt OF THE HEART. Washihstok, Fayette eo Ohio, I June 22. 1860. S . Ifdiii.'inM Mr A. v Iloor Sii m- T tJLlrs this method" to say to you and the public that I hare tried HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE in a case of Dyspepsy, and have never, in twenty years, found any medicine to equal it, I was so badly afflicted that I had to suit work, by reason of Pn.lnitntion and Flntterinr of the Heart. One bottle of the Tinetura perfectly relieved me. i ours, with respect, Jacob Stover. ntAA rr wrnit TTWF.H . MnWRRAV.44fl Bal timore street, and by all the Druggists in this pity and elsewhere. j23-tfr MERCHANTS' SHOT TO WER COMPANY. The President and Directors have this day declared a DIVIDEND ov THREE PER CENT., payaoie on ana alter tne ist r eoruary proximo. By order, R. KEMP, Secretary. January jb, law. jia-ir iv: CITY COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, Baltimore, Jan. 20th. 1850. NOTICE. The attention of the public is called to an advertisement which willappear inthe columns of the CLIPPER, ol tne Bale oi property lur uupaiu lsaosuu tiiu 03.1110, which said notice will be published in said paper for four weeks, twice a week, under the louowing dates, viz: January 20th, 25th, 30th; IFewuary 3a, 8th, 13th, 17th and 20th, at the expiration of which time an iota remaining unpaid win oe oaereu ior sale to the highest bidler. j a20 8tj w M. T. v al.ian a , city couector. THE INTEREST COUPONS of the FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS of the WESTERN MARYLAND RAILROAD COMPANY falling due January 1st, 160, will be paid at the Banking tiouse oi SA.ii ju njvivrtia a. chines, d28-tl nammore. TGAME. HE ACT FOR THE PROTECTION OF GAME IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND, GOES INTO EFFECT JAN. 15 TH. Sec. 1 provides that lit snail not oe lawiui to kiu any Partridges between tne l5ta aayoi January and the 1st day of October, under a penalty of five dollars and co its for every offense. Sec. 2 provides tnat one nan oi tne nne go to the informer, who shall be a competent witness, and the other half to the Public Schools. Sec. 3 provides tnat tne same taw snau exxeuo. to Woodcock, between the 1st day of February and 10th day of June, acd to Pheasants, between the 1st day of February and 20th day of August. Sec. 4 provides that any person exposing iorsa,'o or having in thir possession any oi. tne anove named Birds, between the times mentionea, snau oe subject to the same penalty, and the possession of tie Birds shall be prima facia evidence they were killed m Maryland. jU- Ihw C-i IT IS NOT A DYE! TRAY HAIRED. BALD, or persons afflioted with Diseases of the Hair or the following, and judge of HE IMSTREETS INIMITA BLE HAlti UUL.Vtt.inir, ana nnu it io ue aii uia. its proprietor claims for it. Do you doubt ltr Grksw Island, N. ., March 8, 1888. Mr. W. E. Haean: I have used your Hair Color ing with excellent effect. It fully restored my hair. which wai auite gray, to its natural oolor,thicnen- ing it up very much. My wife has also used it, and it nas rt stored ner nair, giving ii iibw uio. - Kespeotfully, - J. i. hoobhuh KT-Rnmnthor. fhs.t this result was produced by Heimstrkht's inimitable and original and only r$- habls Hair Restorative. Price CO cents a " V?E?H AAN CO.. Proprietors, Troy, N. Y. For sale by SETH S. HANCE, 108 Baltimore street, J 2-lm HANCE'S SARSAPARILLA VEGETABLE OR BLOOD PILLS, t Ult T L ivlr liww inn bli tjij. Baltimore. July 29, 1868. irhi Is to n.rtifr that T was afflioted with a vio lent pain in the breast and right arm, which, I sup- fosed, proceeded irom tne impure state oi my oioou, was recommended to take Hance's Sarsaparilla or Man Pills, and s.fter takin? one box the nam was entirely removed from my breast and arm. I found them extremely gentie in meir operation, uy wuum reeommendAhem to every person in want of a mud ........ f . iMjipT H nrw. No. 25 Conwav st., between Howard and Eutay. In purchasing these Pills let me add ONE WORD OF CAUTION. Always ask for HANCE'S PILLS, and purchase of none but those advertised as agents, and if convenient call and see the proprietor himself. . For tale by SETH S. HANCE, 108 Baltimore st.. and SWEETSER & CO., corner of Charles and Pratt streets. lJ-lro D R. J, ROSE, Of rtllL,AltJiL,rrilA, TO TRR PEOPLE OF BALTIMORE. Even intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies hatded out for general use should have their efficacy established by well tested experience in the hands of a regularly eduoated Physician, whose preparatory studies fit him for au the duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums, purporting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, but frequently W? J?S. ROSE'S MEDICINES are the results of 35 years' experience in Philadelphia, where he stands at tbe head of his profession. DR.J.S. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP, OR EX PECTORANT, ior tne rauicai euro ui v,ouSu, Colds. Hoarseness. Bronchitis and all diseases of the Lungs. Price 60 cents and SI. Long experience has proved this preparation to. be the only re liable remedy ior tne anove oorapiaiuw. TTT. DR. J. S. ROSE'S ALTERATIVE SYRUP, OR BLOOD PURIFIER, for the cure of Scrofula, Old Eruptions, Chronic Diseases, Sores, Swelled Neck, Ulcers and all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood. Price 1. , "Ho t a i n nacis DTmrrn nnMPfltlND. for u .li.onliAa of th Kidnera and Bladder. Price BO tkt. iroat iloma.n(l for this article has in duced others to bottle up something and call it Bu- nhu. ASK tor nose's, anu uio "L1,D1i, . lar s.n'd never-failing remedv has alone stood the test of thirty-five years. Price 12, 26 ana so cents. rnrii' daIM PITPI7B finra. D liAllfTin.tlsm. THE PAIN CURER cures Pains in the Limbs, Joints, Back or Spine. . THE PAIN CURER cures Colio, Pains in the Rfnmatli nr Rnmftlfl. THE PAIN CURER cures Scalds, Burns Sprains and Bruises. . . - ,. THE PAIN CURER onres any pain internally or externally, and should be kept in i every lamjiv. tT. l tV,a BfflitraH trv the PAIN CURER. If .it gives you. relief reoommend it to Others; 11 it ians, conaemn "r-,n.ronTTn ti r 'r o cnnEi c nv SPJT PTW COMPOUND The oily'sure cure for Dyspepsy and Liver Com plaint. Price 60 cents. Dvspepsy may be known by costiveness, belching apofwind, sour stomaoh, and sometimes diarrhea or looseness of the bowels, headache, nervous feeling, cold feet, wakefulness and variable appetite. If these symptoms are allowed to go on lot out this medioine. (which will always, cure.) then follow debility of the lungs, and a predisposition to lt Vou would get cured of any of the above com-plamte take Dr. J. S. ROSE'S GENUINE MED I CINES, whioh you will know when genuine, by having his signature written over the cork of each For'ssle by SETH C. HANCE. 108 BaUirnore St.. snd Druggists generally. ja-im. G REAT SARSAPARILLA DEPOT Where can do naa at an times mo '"" S. P. Town send's Sarsaparilla; Old JaoobTownsend'sSarsaparullI tr. Guysott's Sarsaparilla; . - ' r. John Bull's Sarsaparilln; ; and s' Sarsaparilla; Bristol's Sarsapariliai PoUetaer's Sarsaparilla SETH S. HANCE. . Jl-lmt ' mTCUl and reoeiviDg. l ..1 KlnW Pratt. DANCING. THIRD ANNUAL BALL" OF THI uX w Rooms, SHIELDS' GUARDS. Will be held at the NEW A&SEMBLT S.onTHIfJfMondjivl KVF.?J11M. I., 4..T Prof. Chsxles' Mlnhntiul Militfirv unH iVr.Mii..- Musio has heen engaged for the oooasiop. EXKCUTIVE COMMITTEE: Lieutenant H. O'Brien, I Serg. Peter Brannan. Ensign T. O'Brien, Garret Staok, Corp. John Holland. A Supper will be served by CHRISTOPHER SHAW, Esq.. of Cottage Saloon. 'jl6-M,w.nt FASHION ABLK D A N n I (M i aimA WALTZING ACADEMY, Mktropolitam in. XI K M I TI Kin H C OT Dunu T a OUET'S Last Session wifl nlnan Inst nl April. Those desiring to jmntheNKW GLASSES can do so, as this quarter will consist of all the NEW DANCES. Gentlemen's Classes on Monday and Thursday nights. Ladies', Misses and Masters' Classes, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. j2l-3MTnThsM6t! MR. T. F. GAZYNSKI. TEACHKR DANCING, has the honor to announoe the Ladies ana uenuemeu oi nammure ma his Second Quarter will oommeace on FR1 DaV, the 20th of January, at Hamilton an. cor ner of Madison and Garden streets. For Misse and Masters every MONDAY AND FRIDAY at 3 o'clock P. M. A class for Ladies and Gentlemen, at 7 o'clock P. M. jI7-Ht. mTA RRHAF.T.'S FANCY DRESS AND MAS iTl QUERADE ROOMS NOW OPEN.- Cos tumes of every description, suitable for Ladies and Gentlemen, oan be hired or made to order upon the roost reasonable terms. Orders from the country attended to. R. MARSHAEL. 3 Low st. tMarl. TO GENTLEMEN SPORTSMEN. For Bale, a well broke and thorough bred Pointer DOG. lnnrn si: liver color and white; a very handsome dog and well mirkud. As the owner has no use for him he will be sold low. This is a chance seldom met with for any gent'e-msn wishing a very superior Dog. Apply at 35 GERMAN ST. It THE LONDON WATCH AND JEWELRY STORE, JYe. 1ST BALTIMORE STREET, A TEW DOORS BELOW CALVX&f. Offers liidueemeats to purchasers of FINE WATCHES. PLAT ED. GOODS. ETC. In order to reduce stock, all the Goods have been marked much below usual prioes. Jas, Henderson devotPS bis entire attention ta the RETAIL DEPARTMENT. J. Alexander guaranties all WATCH AND JEWELRY, JOBBING and REPAIRING tha passes through his hands. , tFeUT WATCHES! WATCHES! Ql, Theverr hest stock of SO LT) AND SIL VER WATCHES has been opened TI1I3 at LARMOUK'Si LIGHT ST. They are warranted to give satisfaction to the purchaser. A so, fine JEWELRY, sterling SILVER WARE, ALBATA WARE, TABLE CUTLERY, SPECTACLES to suit all ages CLOCKS, FANCY GOODS, Ao, WATCHES and JEWELRY REPAIRED All at low prices tor cash. tf j NUNNS & CLARK'S STKINWaV SONS' PIANO-EORTES. FOR SALE BT F. D. BENTEEN, No. 10 North Charles street. and SO Fayette street, MELODEONS, second-hand PIANOS, Piano STOOLS. IO" PIANOS FOR RENT. tfr aspjpsw, PIANOS liSPpS FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, rfflll GOLD MEDAL PIANOS. LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY, WM. KNABE & CO., Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw Si and No. 20T Baltimorb St,, Would respectfully invite the attention ef j pnblio to their well assorted stock of GRAND AND SQUARE PIANOS, which, for fulness and sweetness of tor e,and bet of finish, STANDS UNRIVALLED, k-Every instrument warranted for fivers a , Terms liberal. tfrj WILLIAM KNABE A CO. CARRIAGE3-CARR1AGK3. The subsoriler has on hand at his extensive CARRIAGE REPOSITORY. No. 35 South Gay street, the most extensive an I best assortment of fashionable CARRIAGES thst can be found in this city. Persons in want of Carriages will find it to their interests to give me aca l as lam determined to sell low for cash or approved paper. All work sold at my Repository warranted for twelve months. Old Carnages repaired or takes in exchanged for new ones. Carriages received on storage or held on oommia-lion. WM. McCANN. tfr CORNS, BUNIONS, NAILS GROWING IN THE FLESH, oured withoni pais, so that the boot oan ba worn mme-aiatelr. without the least ir.convenieno CORN ELIXIR 60 cents per bottle. Persons al tended to at their residence without eztra chart; by DR. PAINTER, Surgeon Chiropodist, tfr Office 11T, cor. Baltimore and South sts FOR SAVANNAH. TUESDAY, JANUARY ttth. At 19 o'clock M. The first-elass steamship CITY OF NORFOLK Capt. J. C. Parker, will sail as above. Goods will be taken by this old and favorite line at lowest going rates. First-class Cabin Passage $15. Punctuality in her departure may be relied on, and every attention paid to the interest of shippers. For freight or passage apply to WM. A, IENTZEL, Agent, jal5-td: union vook. ATLANTIC ROYAL MAIL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY'S wuw VfiH K i-xt, GALWAY LINE. The next departure from New York will be th splendid and powerful steamship ClRCAbslA, Captain Campbell, which will leave on THURSDAY, February 2d, 1860 touching at St. Johns. N. F to receive the royal mails. This vessel has been greatly improved at a large outlay, her aooom-modations nave been increased, and she is now on' f the finest and fastest steamers afloat. Tmcss o Pass A.GX. First class, $90, 578 and S50. (latter rate t Galway only;) third, fl ja-oludir.g free tickets to many of the principal .oiae on the main railway routes of Great Britain ana. Ireland. Third class must provide plate, knife,, fork, Ae., and beddirg. Parser eers te St, Johns-First elasB, 35; seoond class, $ 25. Passage in th' third class can be seoured'to bring persons out from Galway for $30. , . For freight or passage apply only t John q. a. herring, Agent, at the omce oi Adams Express jo.. No. 164 Baltimore street, J19-tf Baltimore. Md. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO IRELAND, ENGLAND and SCOT I. ANT) FOR .4X0! Th owerful iron steamships CITY OF BAV- TIM ORE, CITY OF MANCHESTER. EDINBURGH, CITY OF WASHINGTON. KANGAROO, GLASGOW and VIGO will sail from New York for Liverpool, calling at Cork, to land and re ceive passengers, every alternate saturoay. r Glasgow, calling at Cork, onoe a month. irom newborn uspiu, o imru 930. Return tickets, third class, available for six months, 860. Persona wishing to send for thou friends can obtain certificates of passage from Liv erpool. 0;Glasgew, SSS.Cork. $ 30: For passage, apply KJ rv. j. vjun-iin cc j., x "'.V ,T 7 N. Y.; JfxlN B.UALKj l uroaawar, r .iMr R. fl'XUbliL, Wo. . jajveri st., sammoro. N. B. Passengers by this line avoid tne lsk an ieiay of cailiBt at St. Johns. n- BOSTON STEAMSHIPS 4 ( Whir f foot of LongDoek.1 The well-kn'own tiara Jenkins," William N. Hallbtt, oommanaer. and "Joseph nandar. with h W nitney," soloxon howjd, w- with fine aeoommodations for PJseS?L TTT alii lrnn BUSSTUm bbli C5n- DAY at 19 o'clock M alternately, rare maf iuaing meais ana st&serooms. Freight txeH at lowest rates. ml9-tt; A. L. HDS9INS, AgSt. NflTlflK. tF FOR NORFOLK and thiSOUIB niok Ttnxlv (morrtvt Sunday,) t ... d HrvRt 1AX.VA the foot of Conoord street. for Norfolk, Portsmouth and the Sowta, at 4X o'clk P. M. The Steamer LOUISIANA feaves every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. the large and oommo4ions Steamer GEORGE PEABODY every TifESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY. M. N. FALLS. President. U-tt Ti . FOR FREDERICKSBURG tSIAND LANDINGS ON THE RAF-BaSs PAHANNOCK RIVER. STREET, foot of Barry street, every AiiAictvca .'rn rniniv M. nv a t-r J-a. & msa-Mm AFTEI KNUUfl, at ionr o-oiou.. NOTICE. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ThBStn.mnr RKOMtK W E E MS- will continue to make her regular trips to and from the Patuxent River during the winter. Leaving Baltimore on SATURDAY. MORN ING, Jan. 21st. 1860. at 6i o'olock, and continue on each suaoeed-ing Saturday during the season, via 'Pair Haven and Plum Point. Returning, leaves Beneiiot every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6 o'clock, for Passage and Fare to Fair Haven SI 60; to Pima Point S2; to Patuxent River S3. i17-tj28( THEO.WEEMS, Master. BOOTS AND SHOES FOR THE MILLION! &2J CHEAPER THAN EVER!.' No. S Pennsylvania Avenue, near Franklin. St.. Has laid in a large stock of Goods, just received from New York, consisting in part of Ladies' heeled GAITERS a-rt MOROCCO BOOTS at 91. India Rubber OVERSHOES and SANDAL? for Lanies, Gentlemen and Children, at half pnoe, and in fact ail other Goods CHEAPER than ever at the NEW CHEAPgHOE STORE, No. 5 PENNSYLVANI A AVENUE. ja21-3t) opposite the Hay Soales. SCALES. THE UNITED STATES STANDARD. vilsiIPF.HIOR PLATFORM SCALE MADE AND SOLD upon their own merits, by tas 'liventor?No. SohUi Charles and Balderstonita, fUttt "-tu-tJ JESSE MARDEPf. MURDOCH'S SCALES. , , REALLY GOOD SCALES, of legal I-fd st.t. stMidard.and BEST FLAN knpw roved and warranted in all respects aU raade M iff SfllJTU CUARLiMiS OA. riioiwTt. -"Vr-.; ai-tft ing done. FAIRBANKS' STANDAR-D MiAIj&c. 11HM1.M CHARLES STREET, baltimore, over E. Pr AlO m j WM. A WELLS, AfWt , .....r..i lucomrrin cm I.KS Are offered to the publio. by the bsoribwr !is tne moat auraru, t.wip. w.mi- 8CALKS ever put into use. RwIiom.hw.v-CoairPltf6rm and Counter Soales ol every variety and auiteu to any DUBinesB. . .ggortonent ml Evan Watsons SAFES of ail sos an rTei nill aS Sxamiti. them pr send f kaK ER. HOLAiK in.y y i, iu f K ATT AND CONCORD STS.-Edge ,lr...n HARDWARE and METALS. Fio all kinds ef articles for Steamboats and Ves sels. Superior lot ot tj Kir u i ur, sept constantly on hand and will be sold low. Highest prioa-aid for OLD METAL. LEAD PIPE for sate at wholesale or retail. ap2S-M.w.nm TJA VAN A TOBACCO. 11 Received ner steamer Baltimore. S3 bales Ha- rana TOBACCO, and for sale by

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