The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1953
Page 7
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MONDAY, JULY 8, 1953 <AKK.y COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE No Real Planning Is Possible At Foreign Ministers Meet WASHINGTON (AP) By JAMES MAKLOW . When the foreign ministers of the United States, Britain and France meet here Thursday, they will be a substitute crew in a boat with an erratic compass and no weather report. It's only'by accident they, are I They would like to think the meeting at all. British Prime Min- j riots in Eastern Germany, Poland ister Churchill suggested they get together when he became too fatigued and had to delay a Bermuda meeting with President Eisenhower and French Premier Joseph Laniel. And of the three foreign ministers, Secretary of State Dulles is the only one who is either full- fledged or has a sense of permanency. The Marquis of Salisbury is filling in for the ailing Anthony Eden, British foreign secretary. The French foreign minister, Georges Bidault, cannot be too sure that whatever he says will have his new government's backing or that his government will be in power long. Moment of Confusion In a general way, the three ministers know . where they want to go: toward world peace. But their compass needle flutters under the Impact of events, And they can't tell what storms lie ahead because they are meeting at a moment of confusion and uncertainty. As they prepared for the meet- and Czechoslovakia, the change of Communist leaders in Hungary the sudden decision of Moscow to call home its ambassadors for conference all meant a weakening of Russian control over its satellites and confusion about its foreign policy. And maybe those events meant just that. But none of the three ministers could guess what move Moscow might make next: a new, hard, iron fisted policy, such as Stalin used, or real concessions to the West. But they knew it might be only wishful thinking if they believed the uprisings in Germany would persuade the Russians to let East and West Germany unite. Fear Germany For if the East Germans can showed such hatred for Moscow while still under the Russian heel, the Russians know these same people, once free of them, would be more foe than friend. And the Russians fear a united, and above all a rearmed Germany, their western frontiers. Yet. ing, none of them could predict | 'he French have misgivings about what the score might be in Korea j a new and revitalized Germany by Thursday: a final agreement *°°on H n armistice by Korea's ob-1 The French hope for stinate President, Syngman Rhee, or a new explosion. NOTICE OF ACCOUNTS OF EXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS FtLED Notice is hereby given that dur- way out of the jungle in which they find themselves in Indochina, where they have been fighting the Communists since 1946 and now are besieged by the Indochinese with demands for more independence. The most the three foreign ministers can do, it would seem at js perhaps to . some minor di{ferences recbn il e view _ ing the month of June, 1953 the fol- ; tn j s lowing accounts of Executors and. some minor diffel . ences ta Administrators have been filed for point and ]ay the ground work settlement, and confirmation in the: for tne Bermuda meeting of the Probate Court for the Chickasawba; Big Thre e, if there eTCr is a Bev . Bi-strict of Mississippi County. Ar- ] muc ] a ,-ne^jno- kansas and that, such accounts with! Wnlle (hey"meet, they at least their respective filing dates are aS |have the C o nsolatiori of know ing follows: the Russians are having their No. 2156 Estate of M. L. Swlhart, deceased. Final account of Johnie Lee Swihart filed on June 10, 1953. No. 1978 Estate of Sidney Evans, deceased. First and filial report of Annie B. Miller, filed June 22. 1953. No. 2154 Estate of Carl George Paul, deceased. First and final report of Elva Poe filed June 29, 1953. All persons interested in the settlement' of any of the above estates are warned to file e^-eptions thereto if any have they on or biifore th? sixtieth day following the filing of the respective account, failing which they will be barred forever firm excepting to the accounts. Witness my hand and seal as such clerk this the 3 day of July, 1953. Elizabeth Blythe Parker, County & Probate Clerk By Felton Miles. D.C. hands full with trouble behind the curtain. It used to be that the Russians called the tune, kept everything at home under rigid control, and made the West jump and dance. Library Gets 41 Books In June Forty-one books were added to the Blytheville Public Library during the month of June, it was announced today by Mrs. Ira Gray, librarian. Of these, 28 were Ford, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Af- fllck; "100 Plays for Children," by Burack, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Taylor; "Complete Book ol Twentieth Century," by Ewen, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rodgevs and Miss 'Billie Jane Rodgers; "Madeline's Rescue," by Bemelmans, and i Big Business Operates in Big Way "Promenade All," Dixie Crawford; by Miller, Mrs. Encyclopedia of donated sfi Australian Birth Figures Revealed SYDNEY-M) — Each year nearly 20 Australians over the age of 70 become fathers, according to a survey by the Acting Commonwealth Statistician in Canbei-ra. The survey, based on birth, marriage and death certificates . for 1950, shows that of the 18 men who were fathers at the age of 70 or more in 1950. one was 80 and another was the husband of a girl aged 20. One youth became a father at 15. and 158 girls had become mothers at that age. Three of the girls were only ;2 and nine were 13. The percentage of births outside wedlock, (3.84) was the lowest for 10 years. One firstborn child in five was born within eight months c , n , nbpll . T h , r of marriage. In 1950 one mother I fll'^ l. i( J If. '£ gave birth to her 18th child and four to the 17th child. Another had her 15th child in as many years of marriage. NOTICE OF SALE One five room house will be sole memorial gifts, according to Mrs. Gray. Books donated as memorials included the following: In memory of Mr. Dwlght Hale Blackwood — "Letters of Sherwood Anderson." by Jones, donated by Mrs. Carroll Blakemore. In .memory or Mrs. B. I. Haley - "Vincent Gogh in,Full Color," by Gogh, donated by Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Old; "Peter Hunt's How-to- do-it Book." by Hunt, Blytheville Library trustees Mrs. H. W. Wylie, L. E. Old, Oscar rendler, Mrs. Harmon Carlton and Mrs. Ira Gray; "Fun Encyclopedia," by Harbin, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Copeland; "Young Heroes of Living Religions," by Gaer, Mrs. Carroll Blakemore; "Treasury of Gilbert and Sullivan," by Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W Huines. "Etiquette," by Post, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Haines; "Modern American and Modern , British Poefry," by Sandburg, Mr. and Mrs. John Caudill ;"How to Beautify Your Home with Color," by Hartley, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cure; Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Correspondence," edited by Dent, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Black; "The Challenge." by Bottoms, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Langston; "The Birthday of Little Jesus," by North, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Coppedge. Collected Poem.s" by Macon July 16 at 8 p.m. in the Super- Leish ' Mr - ant l Mrs. Alvin Huff- intendent Office, Gosnell School! man . Jr - "Wanda Gag, The Story District No. 0. This house is located]?/ [>." Artist," by Scott, Mrs. Jake on Gosr.ell School campus and wiil be moved by the purchaser. Bids Huffman and Miss Luna B, Wil. helm; "Book of the Epic: World's will be receiver! from i - .»• ' ! Greatest Epics told In Story," by Thursday evening July 1C at 8 p.m.' Guerber, Mr. and Mrs. Charles The board reser..--, the . - it •., Penn : "Seven Queens of Eng- ject any and a" hid= rf i,,'-<~ • •': land," by Trease. R. A. Friend; contact C. A. Moody President of " Our Children and God." by Ham- Board. Ph. 4767 or F. E. Luciu,, &.ii-- ilum , Mr - and Mrs - E - B - Wood- erintendent of Schools. Ph. 6684 . j son 623-29-76 "American Homes Today," by American History," edited by Morris, Mr, and Mrs. Chester Caldwell; "Art Has Many Faces," by Kuh, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Horner and Mrs. Elton W. Kirby. "The Vagrant Mood: Six Essays," by Maugham, Charles Penn, Jr., and Mrs. May Matthews; "I Knew It All The Time," by Healy, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Seymore and Mrs. Fred Smith; "Homes for Living," by Paul, Mrs. Russell Marr and Mrs. C. E. Wilson; "The Face of Robert E. I Lee In Life and Legend," by Meredith, Elliott Fletcher Chapter of XI. D. C. Memorial Day Gift. Other books added k> the library included "Crime and Miss Oli- Ily SAM DAWSON NEW YORK W) — In business the bis tend to get bigger. And the post' • Ins stimulated sales volume to the point where more than . i..':.,j)anu-.s now do bettor than a million-dollar-a-tiay business. The goods and services they product touch almost everyone's life. Among them they have millions of employes apid millions of shareholders. Still other millions supply them with raw materials and parts via." by Sargent; "Death Has a Small Voice." by Lockridge; "High and Mighty." by Gann; "Green Country," by Austin; "Kingfishers Catch Fire," by Godrten; "Long toud Silence," by j Tucker ; "Report of the United States Olympic Committee for 1948," "7'/ 2 Cents," by Bissell; "Story of the United States Marines," by Hunt; "Trees and Their story," by Sterling, and "McOonnigle's Lake," by Montgomery. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAST TIME TONITE TROP»C ZONE With Ronald Reagan & Rhonda Fleming In Technicolor and, machinery. Tax collectors look ' demands of a nation of 160 million to them for the bluest lax checks.! people, growing at the rate of two A list of the 100 largest corpora- million annually." tlons in point of sales and revenues in 1952 National City point of sa is compile ipik'd today by t h e Bank of Now York.,' Supplier! Where i-lse did that 102 billion sum the auto company says it'll top I irjo this year. Ilillion C'lul) The list ranuc's from Standard i dollars go? About 57'i billion dol- Brands' 383 million dollar sales total; lars, or 50 per cent of it. went to to Genera] Motors' 7^ billion, a' other companies who supplied the jiyuesr with goods and serv- To their own epiiployps the 100 paid nearly 24 billion dollars in , wages and salaries nnd fringe bene- Twenty-eight other companies bp- ; jji. Si 01 - 24 per cent of the total. sides OM topped the one billionj More than 10'j billion dollars, or dollar sales mark last year. j around UP- per cent, went to fed- The 100 companies — in the fields j oral, state, local and foreign tax of manufacturing, trade, transpor-1 collectors. Reserves for deprecia- 1 lion look three billion dollars, or 3 per cent, and interest payments one half billion dollars. That left the 100 with total net income of more than 5 1 >2 billion tation and public utilities — took in a total of 102 billion dollars of your money last year. But they paid it all out again one way of another — and borrowed 2 Mi billion dollars more. Their current and long-term indebtedness went up by that amount, the bank says, for replacements and improvements and expansion "to meet the dollars, or 5-5 per cent of gross revenues. They reinvested almost 2 J ,i billion dollars in their businesses nnd passed out nearly 31/4 billion dollars in dividends to stockholders. TUBS & WED LOOSE IN LONDON With Leo Gorcey & the Bowery Boys among uy... In West Blytheville Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always A Double Feature LAST TIMES TONITE WARNE.f BROS. PHEJCINT OOPER HAW ALDON —PLUS— CARTOON & SHORT TUES & WED HANCOCHRAN . DARNELL: STCfHfN MCNALLY e/ei PERREAU all qualify cars for performance ... safety... styling and money's worth! Best to drive I * Readier, more powerful command . . , FirePower V-8 with hemispherical combustion gets maximum "drive" from every drop of gas! Surer, more instant control. . . Full-time Power Steering and Power Brakes (or turning and stopping with just a fraction of the effort you'd tis<> in driving the "old way"! Never could your money buy so much ... as right now in this beautiful car! Never could you prove it so pleasantly. Come let us show you how wonderful driving can be ... with a Chrysler Power Ride! Best to rid* In! Stretch-out room for »n entire family. 44% bigger trunk. Full vision in all directions- And ehock absorbers that do twice the job of ordinary typcal Best to own! Beautifully ityied Inside and out . . . offering outstanding new features, unavailable eisf/where or only at extra cost. This means an important difference in the dollars you epend and in the quality you get. Come learn about this difference ... by driviaj a Chrysler today 1 Chrysler FfVefower * VIRGINIA flilD • A Univeiul-Menulanil Ham PETE SMITH COMEDY New Yorker Now Available—The New Chrysler Airtemp Air-Condilioning System T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street Feinberg's Summer Stock Many Items Less TSian Half Price 80 Spring and Summer DRESSES « PRICE One Lot Summer Dresses S?4.50$ ( Value Regular $10.95 Summer Dress ALL SW/Ai SUITS DRESSES 95 Values Reduced In This Sale to - - One Rack Spring and Summer Dresses Values up to SORRY, NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS All Sales Must Be Final Entire Stock Not Included FEINB SEE THE FABULOUS NEW BEtfDtX PUjMW&/.» it's « WASHER. .. //'/ « DRYER... all in one cabinet! The FkndiT Duomuic drjrs u well Clothes come out ready to wear. m washes jtmr ctoiha Monuti. iron or pui iw«y. See « demon- otllj M one comiauoiu operation. MrMioa at our store today. DICK OSBORNE FURNITURE CO. 126 East Main i'hoiic :!2^'l

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