The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1953
Page 3
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MONTUY, JTJT..Y «, 1053 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COU1UER NEWS PAGB Tiffin Beat the Heat wif/i Ice Bags Under Arms, Wife's Surprises By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — Summer's biggest problem is heat waves. If one is coming your way, don't get nervous. Keep cool you should treat a heat wave like an ocean wavve; ride with it — don't fight it. Women know best how to deal with heat waves. They simply pull down the shades, peel off most of their clothes, and lie down and manicure their fingernails until better weather comes along. The only exception are the 19,000,000 ladies who have outside jobs and * can't stay home. But how can a mere male outwit a heat wave? Well, here are a few_ tested recipes ft thoughtful fellow* can use to beat the heat: 1. Imitate the, girls. Strip down until all you have on is the least the law allows in public. If ten men in every city had the courage to wear shorts to work, soon every man in America who wasn't knock-kneed would follow suit. 2. Clean out your pockets. This will cut the average guys' weight down live pounds. All you really need to carry In summer is your keys, your busfare and your .social identification card. Remembei, every extra ounce you pack heat.s up your blood. 3. If you dont' wear a collar, you can't get hot under it. j Remember Ice Bags 4. If you work in a high class place where you have to wear else could be new? Anyway, most small talk is just hot air, and hot air is what you are trying to escape from. 6. When you come home, take off your shoes and shirt and stretch out on the sofa and ask your wife to fan you. How do you know she won't do It Wives are always surprising husbands—one way or another. 7. Don't argue with your wife under any circumstances, not even if she hogs the electric fan. Hot tempers make the blood boil. Most police calls during heat waves are made to separate married folks locked in sizzling quarrels. Also, if the little lady break a plate over your head, you will find that wounds hurt more In hot weather. Don't Run 8. If you are watching television and a beer commercial flashes on, don't run to the kitchen to get yourself a can of brew. Walk, slowly. 9. One of the best ways to cool off before going to bed—as every bachelor knows—is to sit on a chair with your feet in the refrigerator while you read a book on polar explorations. If your wife objects, be reasonable about it. Move over and jacket, strap an ice bag under eacli j let her put her feet in the refrig- armpit. This will do wonders, for you, and you can get ice cube refills from the nearest drugstore. v You'd be amazed to know how many ' ment of distinction wear ice bags under their armpits these days. 5. Avoid useless remarks like, erator, too. The more tender experiences that married couples share, the more they have to remember later. 10. If the heat does become unbearable, follow' the example, of the dog, man's best friend. The dog "what's new?" In a heat wave .what I cools himself by sticking out his tongue and panting, but the process Isn't patented. Stick out your own tongue as far as you can, and pant hard and rapidly 100 times. Naturally, if you feel a chill coming on, stop after 50 pants. You don't want to have to fight a summer cold in the middle of a heat wave. Even if panting doesn't seem to cool you off quite as well as it does rover, it has another advantage. If the boss sees you doing it, he is pretty certain to let you take the rest of the day off. Then you can beat the heat at the ball game. Wyoming Men Comb Mountains For Oklahoma Lawyer and Sons Trouble with Pork ANADARKO, Okla. (IF) — Policeman Bill Johnson found two pigs running loose in the northeast residential district and spent a puffing few minutes before he roped them. Then the frightened porkers dragged Johnson several more blocks before he finally got them loaded nto a borrowed truck. "I guess nothing more ran happen now," he sighed as he got into the truck to drive the pigs to the police station. Johnson got a few blocks—and gas. the truck ran out of Port Isabel, in the southeastern part of the state, and Texline, in the northwestern part, are separated by 931 miles of highways In Texas. PINEDALE, Wyo. W)~Experienced mountaineers combed the 10,000- foot-high wind River Rang today for trace of Gordon Rainey, 40, Oklahoma City attorney, and his two sons. Searchers fear Rainey has been injured and his sons, Gordon Jr., 13, and Tom, 8, nre leaderJess. They went into the area on horseback last Monday on a fishing trip and made camp near Lake Vera in the Bridget National Forest. Floyd Bousman, n guide and owner of the Boulder Lake Ranch, who helped them set up camp and then returned to his ranch 12 miles away, cheeked the camp Wednesday and again Friday. He said the camp of the naval reserve officer was deserted and clothing still hung on a makeshift laundry line. With fishing tackle gone, he presumed Wednesday the group had gone fishing. With the camp still deserted on Friday, Bousman and a forest service worker searched the area. A Wyoming civil patrol plane combed the region yesterday. No coats had been taken from the campsite, the rancher said, and the fishermen apparently have been in the wilderness six nights in freezing temperatures. Bousman said the father, believed to be an experienced outdoors- man, had a detailed map of the area. "I presume he could have found his way out had he been physically able," the guide added. He said he was nfniid Rainey has been injured and unjible to lead his sons back to the camp. NOTICE OF NEW ESTATES ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS BEKN COMMENCED Notice is hereby given that the following is a list of estates upon which Letters Testamentary or of Administration were granted during the month of June, 1953 with the date of the granting of such letters and the name and address of the executor or administrator. No. 2181 Estate of O. W. Lewis, deceased. Letters testamentary issued to Flora Williams, Rt. 1 Box 6 Bly- thcvllle, Arkansas on June 1, 1953. No, 2182, Estate of Walter Evans, deceased. Letters of administration issued to Emily Evans, Manila, Arkansas on May 6, 1953. No. 2191 Estate or Jack Wiser, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Irene Wiser, Leachvllle, Arkansas on June 6, 1053. No, 2192 Estate of Annie Meyers, deceased. Letters testamentary issued to Ella Levy, 1129 w. Heart), Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1953. No. 2193 Estate of Annie LaPar- lette, deceased. Letters testamen- lary issue dto John LaFarlette, R. 3, Box 27, BlythevtUe, Arkansas on June 19, 1953. No. 2184 Estate of Lucile W. Haley, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to C. M. Smart, Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1053. Witness my hand and seal as such Old Tombs Found JERUSALEM UP) - Three burial cnves from the time of King Herod were discovered while the foundations of the new Kiryah (Israel Government Headquarters) to the west of Jerusalem were being dug. clerk this the 3 days of July, 1953. Elizabeth Blythe Parker, County Sc Probate Clerk By Felton Miles, B.C. RADIATOR WORK • BoiUd Owt • Repaired • Flo Ttitcd • R«-eorid ALL WORK G«araiit««J Grovers Body & Radiator Shop 508 Cl. L»k« Arc. Pho. (Ml StJoseph ASPIRIHT 36 Tablets 25C-IOO for 49C-200 only 7»fc I ' I > *, MIE EDWARDS TELLS YOU WHY YOU SHOULD OLD REFRIGERAT ON T 2-i AS LITTLE AS REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER with ROTO-COLD refrigeration PER WEEK after down payment 3 r—'. Your old refrigerator may be costing you money! It's undoubtedly using much more current than it should—as much as three times more than this G-E during hot weather! And it doesn't maintain proper temperatures, causing expensive food spoilage! You get so much more with this new G-E! ACTUALLY 2 APPLIANCES IN 1! A real zero-degree food freezer—and a bigautomatic- dcfrost refrigerator—each with its own separate door and separate refrigerating system. NEW ROTO-COLD REFRIGERATION! Circulates cold air more uniformly—provides even temperatures. Pins every de luxe feature you could ask for! G-E DEPENDABILITY! Famous G-E sealed-in refrigerating system assures you of long years of dependable service. Your old refrigerator may cover the cost of the down payment! 5ust come in or phone us. We'll let you know how much your old refrigerator is worth towards this big 11-cu-ft Gcne'ral Electric! DONT WAIT TILL YOUR OLD REFRIGERATOR BREAKS DOWN! SEE US TODAY! JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY 301 E. Main 'See Jimmie First' Aufhorizftcf dealer Phone 2487 GENERAL^ ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS F° r y° ur • • • BUY PENNEY S JUIiY BLANKET EVENTI SPEGIAO ^"V C K-UP! 2-FOLD PLAID PAIR BLANKET 5.49 72 x 84" 3'/ 2 Ib*. Double warmth!'Woven hi one long 168" piece, thil Penney blanket folds ov«r . . . traps air betwe«« 2 layers of cozy blanketing. 75% cotton, 20% rayon, 5% wool. All Wool Blankets Penney's opens its big annual July Blanket Event with this big-value special! A pure wool blanket . . . wonderfully warm, richly textured, bound in acetate satin. 7 new colors match-up with all our solid color blankets. And Penney's offers 5-yr. guarantee against moth damage. 72 x 84' LENGTH I All Wool Blanket f*?«'ON Warm, fleecy ... with 6" extra length for plenty of tuck-in. Acetate satin bound, 5-yr. guarantee against moth damage. EXTRA WEIGHT! All Wool Blanket Luscious winter weight blanket...thicker, close- woven. Acetate-satin hound. Guaranteed for 5 years against moth damage. H90 -*--*-3 ] /£ Ibs. fOW!.,i 0 * B ' f STwitt 80 • Carnival Green Canoca Red * s "n Flame * Marigold • Sea Mist ' Tropic Blue "'or b'c ; ,ut"To "edroom. HUSKY 4 LB. ALL WOOL BLANKET 13.75 72 x 84" Handsome sportsman'* blanket with magnificent depth of texture ... so warm you can use it outdoors. It's creamy white bordered with brilliant slripes. Wi-i DOUBLE WOVEN i"x90" 72"x90" NEW SCIENTIFIC BLEND BLANKET 790 72 New blend (75% crimped staple rayon, 15% cotton, 10% wool) hns thicker nap with remarkable permanence. Double weave gives almost double thickness. Acetate-satin bound. CHOOSE NOW ON LAY-AWAY! GLOWING ACETATE SATIN COMFORTERS 9.90 72 i 84" Shimmering jewel colors! Graceful quilting! A glamorous comforter filled with .select creamy while wool for uniform softness, uniform warmth, wonderful lightweight comfort. Reversible or in solid colors.

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