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Hartford, Connecticut
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THE HARTFORD COURANT: Wednesday, October 17, 1962 2 Congressmen Indicted On Conspiracy Charges Mrs. Risch's Vanishment In 1961 Still a Mystery Washington Report By ROBERT D. BYRNES BALTIMORE UPI Two; Connecticut Skies Wednesday, October 17 Sunset today, 6:07 p.m. Sunrise tomorrow, 7:06 a.m. Moonrise tonight, 9:35.

Last Quarter, Oct. 20.v The planet. Mercury, rises. 8:02 a.m. and is now on that part of its orbit nearest to the Sun.

Mercury's distance om the Earth tonight is about 80 million miles. (Computed for Hartford) Kr CAMBRIDGE. Mass. Iff) Who there the records ends of what happened that afternoon. The car's brief presence has never been explained.

Extensive searches through Edlln's behalf, the congressmen contacted both the attorney general and assistant Herbert J. Miller, head of the department's Criminal Division. 2 Others Named The eight-count indictment also named Edlin, 64, and William L. Democratic congressmen were indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday on charges of trying to influence the Justice Department to drop prosecution of a savings and loan scandal figure. The indictment charged Reps.

Thomas F. Johnson, and SEC Orders Probe of Statements 1 wood areas, and exploration of a large reservoir yielded no due left the bloody fingerprints in the Lincoln, home of Mrs. Martin D. Risen when she vanished on an October afternoon a year Bgo? That question remained unanswered as detectives and other investigators sat down Tuesday with Dist. Attv.

John J. Drnnpv By Banbury Helicopter Company Up the Ladder Oh Well MTDDLETOWN (Special) -How far is up? Joseph Rosano found Tuesday he's spent 40 years rising from road man to superintendent of public works, but geographically he's gotten nowhere. Discussing the city's water shortage, he remembered an old well on Court Place, where he was born. Maps were produced and Rosano was pointing to the 'area when he suddenly realized his birthplace is about the exact spot where his of- fice is today in the Municipal Building. Court Place was eliminated in the city's first redevelopment, project.

But the movement wasn't all imaginary. Rosano's department is second only to education in budget size. to whether Mrs. Risch Is alive or dead. Robinson, 37, a Miami attorney.

Frank W. Boykin, along Weather, Tides WASHINGTON The Securities and Exchange Commission an with two co-defendants, with con- and an associate of Edlin. nounced Tuesday it has ordered a hearing here Oct. 30 to determine No evidence was found that she spiracy and conflict of Interest The maximum penalty for all left home voluntarily. The GOVERNMENT FORECAST in connection with a savings and loan scandal that broke over whether some statements made by Doman Helicopters, of Dan-bury, in a registration statement filed with the SEC are false and misleading.

The announcement said evidence will be taken to determine whether a stop order should be issued, suspending the statement. The company proposes to offer 418,680 shares of common stock. Local: Cloudy, w-ith scattered morning showers today, becoming partly cloudy, breezy and cooler of Middlesex County to review a'Presence of the second car has year's effort to explain the mys-been Pinted to evidence of tery of Joan Risch, 31-year-old abduction, suburban housewife. steP steP- the investigators Somebody else was in the Risch' back through the life of four defendants, if convicted, would be five years in prison and a $10,000 fine on the conspiracy count and two years imprisonment and $10,000 fine on each of the other seven counts. A conviction also would bar the defendants from holding any fed- Maryland in the last year.

Involves Payments Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy said in Washington that i the indictment involved direct payments this afternoon. Afternoon tempera par value 10 cents a share, to present holders through warrant at the rate of two shares for every three shares held, and 189,291 shares -me Cue in her personal tore, in the 60s.

Further outlook. of almost $25,000 and at least fair and cooler tonight, low 40 to two-vear-old snn David asleen un- Past- They found none' to creditors in satisfaction of claims against the company. In addition, some stockholders propose to offer 74,000 shares to the public. $3,250,000 in real estate trans-'eral position of trust, actions. He said these -allegedly I Boykin lost his Alabama used in an effort to pressure gressional seat in the Democratic The SEC announcement said among the items "challenged are stairs, and her daughter.

Lillian, Martin Risch, then 34, hurried 4, at play at a nearby neighbor's New York ofter rehouse. There is somebody, whoiceiving the chlllmg rePort last da not rnm forward. somnr. Oct. 24.

that little Lillian, unable "the manner and order in which the offerings are to be made and the the government into dropping its 'primary this summer. Johnson is 45. Thursday partly cloudy and cooler, highest temperature in the mid-50s. Connecticut: Cloudy, with scattered morning showers today, be participation of the officers, directors, their affiliates and associates running for ke-election. fraud indictment against J.

Ken who can exDlain the blood spots0 find her mother, had gone Alleged efforts by the four de-. neth Edlin, a key figure in the in the offerings, the contemplated uses of the proceeds and the sources of funds necessary to meet current expenditures, the company's past operating history including the lack of reference to the back to the neighbor reporting and stains all the way from Da fendants to block the prosecution 150 Flee Fire savings and loan case, there was "red paint" on the kit coming partly cloudy, breezy and The indictment charged that in of Edlin did not succeed. The chen floor at home. The "red cooler this afternoon. Further out In Meriden paint" was blood.

history of extended and unsuccessful negotiations with various agencies of the Department of Defense for bids on contracts to supply helicopters for military use, the omission of results of tests made on the company's helicopters by various agencies of the Department of one phase of the real estate deal, Miami Beach resident pleaded no Boykin was given a cashier's contest to mail fraud charges and check for $250,000. Ihas just completed a prison sen- look, fair and cooler tonight, The bloody fingerprints, an in MERIDEN (Special) Fire in vestigator said Tuesday, hold the key to the mystery. It said that ij their efforts Thursday partly cloudy and cooler. U.S. Department of Commerce vid's bedroom to the kitchen and outside to the trunk of Mrs.

Risch'i car left parked in her driveway. Somebody who can explain the telephone receiver ripped from its cord, then dropped in a kitchen waste basket. Not Her Fingerprints "We know someone else was there at that time," said a spokes Kennedy Weeftier Bureau Local Weather Report Mill's Memorial apartments here early Tuesday morning forced some 150 persons to flee their homes. 'Fire Marshal William Godburn Hertford, Oct. is.

"67 (Time ii Eastern Standard Time) Defense and the relationship of such results to the present acceptability of the company's helicopters for both commercial and military use as well as to claims made in the prospectus for the company's helicopters, the terms, conditions and present work progress under a license agreement with Societa per Anzione Aeronautic Sicula of Palermo, Sicily, the company's manufacturing agent, the identity of certain optionees and amount of consideration received and to be received by the company for issuance of certain options, the number of shares presently outstanding, including the circumstances surrounding the issuance of securities since September 20, 1959, and the num "White Label" Temneratura Summary (Continued from Page 1) President here a year ago. At that time administration officials i.w a m. p.m. p.m man lor Droney Tuesday. We Torrmeraturft Idea.

52 71 67 said Tuesday he is investigating the cause of the blaze. still hoped Rusk and Gromyko 1 Relative humidity (p.e.) 41 57 DEWAR'S know because the bloody fing er prints were not those of Mrs, might be able to negotiate an DSI WHICH Ft- JJt at sea level 3C.23 30.10 30 05 x-Hiqhest temperature 72 at 1:30 p.m, The fire started in the second Risch. Our investigation turned up ber of shares presently held by officers, directors, their associates x-Lowest temperature 47 at 12:30 a.m. floor apartment of Mr. and Mrs pJWHISKY SCPTCH and affiliates, including the circumstances surrounding such a set of Mrs.

Risch's fingerprints made several years ago. The x-Mean temperature 40 x-Normel temperature 53 x-Degree days 5 Victor Jones in the seven-story based on temperature observations building at 40 Cedar St. Mrs agreement on West Berlin's status. Report to Significant Gromyko's return to Moscow soon after the Kennedy meeting may contribute to a final decision by Khrushchev on whether to vi Bank Merger Approved i I '1 The board of governors of the federal reserve system announced Jones and her two children were in the apartment. One of the to 7:30 p.m.

Highest temperature year ago Lowest ft -ture year ago 51 Record high date In 1954 Record low date 27 In 144 bloody prints were not hers." Brooklyn born Joan Risch, wife of a Fitchburg Paper executive, (her maiden name was Joan Nattras) had livd with her husband in Ridgefield, before they took a home in Lin children discovered the blaze. Tuesday it has approved the merger of the Union and New Haven Trust New Haven, and the Madison Trust Madison. The New Haven bank will operate a branch at the present location of Highest temperature since Jan. 1, Lowest temperature since Jan. 1.

I The 150 persons evacuated the sit the United States later this year after the U.S. election. Accumulated departure from normal building without panic as they this month, through Oct. 15. 14 Madison Trust Co.

i The Soviet premier said some Total degree days since Sept. 1 through I i were warned over a police loud OCT. 15, 321 Patent Office Practitioners weeks ago there could be no use- coln, a town which nas a repu speaker. They were allowed to re Normal degree days same period 764 Total degree days this month through tation for exclusiveness amongiful talks on Berlin while the U.S The Patent Office announced Tuesday that as a result of exami turn to the building at 1:30 a.m. Oct.

15, 142 election campaign was under way. Boston suburbs. She was report nations 130 additions have been made to the list of attorneys and The apartment building is a low- Administration officials fear he, Precipitation Summary rent structure built by the fed agents recognized for practice in patent cases. The new registrants include Floyd S. Levinson of Groton, Thomas P.

O'Day of New Ha may believe that once the cam eral government. Precipitation Oct. 16 to 7:00 p.m. inches. Total precipitation thit month throuah ed in good health and good spirits just before her disappearance.

She had taken Lillian to a dentist on the morning of October 24th. After lunch, she put David paigning is over Kennedy will be ven, and Burtseu J. warns oi XNorwaiK. Oct. 15, 2.60 Inches.

Total precipitation departure from nor- in a mood to make concessions. 1th Child in Family Imal this month through Oct. 15, 1.01 I inrhc Rusk will participate in the Ken Dies of Same Disease to bed, and sent Lillian to playjnedy uromyko session and will Total precipitation from Jan. i through GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. UP et a neighbors.

Mrs. Risch was give a "working dinner" fori Total tor same period last seen standing by her parked Gromyko that night. Each of thej18! vear 1 inches. Stonington Anchorage Area The Army engineers have published a change in regulations that eliminates the Mystic Harbor anchorage area listing and substitutes for it Fishers Island Sound, Stonington. The area is described as east of Mason Island.

Within the area vessels not more than 65 feet long will not be required to exhibit anchor lights. The area will be under the jurisdiction of the local harbor master, but fixed mooring piles or stakes will be prohibited. fourth child -in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Russell J.

Johnson foreign affairs chiefs will be ac-'tt. "m- rnmnaniprl hv siv arlvisprs inrl Ti)M October 17 GOj-DEN SOUND CONCERT HALLHosr ivor hughs do''i 3-hour program of th best in symphonic music can ba hsaf night 6 m. WCCC RADIO, 106.9 FM car at 2:15 p.m. A second car was reported seen in the driveway at 3:20 p.m. and Lnv has died of a strange malady known as Schilder's Disease.

1 assistants, Two vear old Suranne Ma Phone 522-0181 Open Thurt. 'til 9 At New London 12:41 a.m. 1:00 p.m. At Saybrook 1:41 a.m. 2:00 p.m.

At New Haven 6:51 a.m. 7:47 p.m. a m. 8:47 p.m. rie mea oi ine nervous aisoraer 1 i ii iiiLi UL HtMUT.

UHH aMexmiH ate tun eeeea. WTaieeaeemej Area Educators to March At Conn. College Rites 2:15 a.m. 8:26 a.m. m.

:03 p.m. Tides In Daylight Saving Time Monday. The disease strikes young children and it is so rare that a description of it is to be found only in recent books on children's RABAT Morocco has created cr- a a diseases. There is no known cure NEW LONDON (Special) Four illMi-k- a national investment una to mobilize national savings and resources for more productive in FREE inspection FREE cleaning FREE appraisal of your diamond All you do is look at 5-D diamond settings (from 24.75 to $250. Most cost about 42.50) sAvimr augural address after his induction into office by Frazar B.

Wilde, chairman of the board of for it. Preceding Suzanne Marie in death from the same malady college presidents and one other distinguished delegate from insti vestment. 'A-I trustees of Connecticut College and board chairman of Connecti tutions in the Hartfora area will march Friday in the academic DON'T LOSE YOUR DIAMOND See Saritt 5-D Diamond Settings for improved safety beauty value size 5en-ment. Year to pay. cut General Life Insurance Co.

of Bloomfield. procession at the inauguration of Dr. Charles E. Shain as the sixth were three brothers at the age of 2 years, 7 months, in 1957; Joseph, at the age of 2 years, 5 months in 1958, and David, at the age of 2 months in 1959. I The only surviving child is 8-! year-old Barbara.

i Services for Suzanne Marie will be held here Thursday. I This is the third time that a president of Connecticut College. Albert C. Jacobs, president of Trinity College; Herbert D. man has been selected to direct 35 SECONDS FROM MUX, HTFO.

OPEN MON. TIL THURS TIL I vi I lit the academic growth of the pri vately endowed liberal arts col 285 Broad Hartford 1, Conn. Telephone Hartford 249-6411 Published Dally and Sunday By THE HARTFORD COURANT COMPANY Second Class Postage Paid At Hartford, Conn. BRANCH OFFICES Bristol, 81 Wain St. LU 2-6315 East Hartford.

16 Conn. Blvd. Enfield, 100 No. Main St. Rl 5-5198 Groton.

174 Bridge St. HI 5-74M Manchester, 808 Main St. Ml f-5251 Mlddletown, 194 Court St. Dl 4-1482 New Britain, 55 Church St. BA 5-3380 Newlngton.

41 Market Square eio-3381 Old Saybrook, 253 Main St. EV. 8-3495 Rockvllle. 13 Parte St. TR S-62U lege for women.

Dr. Shain's immediate pre decessor was Dr. Rosemary Park who retired earlier this year to assume the presidency of Barn Chatter ard College. Southlngton, 79 Center St. MA 8-5507 Torrlngton.

24 East Main St. HU 2-8511 Welte, president of Central Connecticut State College; Sister Mary Theodore, president of Saint Joseph College: Miss Laura A. Johnson, president of Hartford College; and Dr. Moshe Paranov, vice chancellor for performing arts at the University of Hartford, will join representatives from nearly 200 colleges, universities and learned societies throughout the country at ceremonies in New London. Wilde to Speak At the inaugural ceremonies in Palmer Auditorium delegates will be greeted by Mrs.

Mary I. Bunting, president of Radcliffe Col WIHImantie, 98 Main St. HA 3-2501 Windsor, 181 Broad St. 088-4941 Winsted, 510 Main St. FR 9-8314 SAN SALVADOR -El Salvador's income tax laws have again been revised and liberalized but the final payment date for taxes each year remains May 30.

Represented nationally by Moloney, Regan Schmltt In the following offices: New York 1, 261 Madison Ave. Boston 14, 80 Boylston St. Chicago 1, 75 East Wacker Dr. Dallas 2, 1025 Elm St. Detroit 26, 437 Gr is wold St.

Los Angeles 17, 1709 West Eighth St. San Francisco 5, 481 Market St. Philadelphia 7, 12 South Twelfth St. St. Louis 3, 1521 Locust St.

Subscription Rales Payable k) Advance Daily lege, and hear an address by Wil- Five Days More Sale Sale Sale Scott Billyou Books Trumbull at Pearl THE FAIRVIEW II 9 Here at laet ia the weatherproof that doea what others claim thay do. Tha Fairview II by Burberry achieve tha very ultimata in water-repellency don not require reproofing after dry cleaning. In featherweight cotton poplin J() oyster shad yiy." 115 asylum street hart ford, conn. "Where you can shop in an unhurried atmosphere" One of America's Fine Stores lard Thorp, Holmes professor of belles-lettres at Princeton Univer sity. Dr.

Shain will deliver the In 4 i i One year (21.84 Six months 10.9 Three months 5.46 One month 1.82 Sunday One year $13.00 Six months 6 50 Three monthi 3.25 One month 1.10 Daily and Sunday One year 1M.84 Six months 17.41 Three montht 8 71 One month 2.92 i I gain all tha ground and make mast of tha tackles for my team Cut I get plenty of LINCOLN DAIRY MILK and ICE CREAM at my house If we want to start winning tha rest of tha guys better switch to LINCOLN right naw Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement OMMUNITY 2 Days Only! Thurs.i Oct. 18 and Friday, Oct. 19 77 CHEST HONOR ROLL One luiddced Ice 75c naz cream As of today these are the companies whose employees have made an outstanding record by reaching or surpassing their quotas in the 1962 Community Chest Campaign. Have you helped your company make the honor roll? 100 COMPANIES Reporting at the 2nd Report meeting Tuesday, Oct. 16, 1962 vanilla or chocolate or strawberry Supply Limited Get Yours Early Don't Be Disappointed! available at all I vi ia vn rr-i i it a ma J1512AL I -i Jkmmd 2 iMlrmSwm n.

imn.n ICE CREAM BARS Aetna Lrfe Insurance Company Allstata Insurance Company Connecticut General Lite Insurance Company i Connecticut Mutuel Life Insurance Company Connecticut Manifold Forms Eagle and Emolre Cleaners and Launderers Factory Insurance Association Family Service Society Federal Buraeu of Investigation Greater Hertford Community Chest Council Laundry Hertford Apron 1 Towel Supply Hartford Dispensary Hartford Federal Savings and Loan Association Hartford Hesrlng League Hertford Hospital Employees Hartford Machine Screw Company! Hartford Neighborhood Centers Legal Aid Society 'Life Insurance Agency Association Mayflower Laundry Mount Sinai Hospital Mutual Insurance Company of Hartford Nstlenel Fire Insurance Company New Englend Laundry Norwich-Scottish Group Phoenix of Hertford Insurante Company Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company Royal McBee Corporation Sunshine Laundry Superior Leundiy Underwood Corporation Veeder Root, Inc. Visiting Nurse Association of Hartford Volunteer Bureeu Of Greater Hertford Women's League Day Care Center YMCA 1963 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4-DOOR SEDAN being delivered to Mario Meschini of 756 Burn-tide Avenue, East Hartford, shown above on left, marks his 6th purchase from Dworin Chevrolet. With Mr. Meschini are Hy Dworin, president of the firm located at 476 Connecticut Boulevard, East Hartford, and John Paole, Dworin sales representative. "I keep coming back to Dworin," Mr.

Meichini said, "because I like the way they do business I like the courteous treatment I get here and 1 like the service I get after the sale. They're fair in their appraisals and I always feel I've made a good deal." You, too, can join our growing list of satisfied customers. Pick up the phone, dial 289-3441, and discuss, your new or used car plans with one of our sales representatives. They will be happy to be 'of service. Or stop in and inspect the 1963 Chevy line on display in our showrooms see the new Corvette Stingray and the popular Spyder on display nowl ir.

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