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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut • Page 24
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut • Page 24

Hartford Couranti
Hartford, Connecticut
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24 THl HARTFORD COURANTt ManAy. Jim IW SOLUNAR TA'LES Hill Wins Memphis Open Golf kWHQTO bsh or hunt Coarnnt Competition Suisman Defends Tournament Of Champions Golf Title At Wethersfield Course Today ys KSthard ween mw Vl State Golf Tournament Scheduled Today at Indian Hill Country Club Takes Home Most Money In 10 Years 77) Perrelri, OM-77) Lebelle, 01-21-72. Hutbend end wife Scotch Bell: Low grou. Mr. end Mri.

H. Terdlff, 43) low net, Mr. end Mn. O. Kelly, tournament is South Catholic in 43-11-32; Mr.

and Mn. Mri. J. Gordon, the affair. Coach Joe Reilly's By STEVE NIDETZ Courant Sports Writer While cooler heads are trying 44-1 1-33; Mr.

end Mn. L. Chair, 44-12 34; Mr. and Mri, i. Kearney 47-12-34) Mr.

team knocked off Lewis Mills end Mri. G. Petert, 47-12-15) Mr. end MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) Saturday while Hartford High Mn.

A. Zubrow, 47-1215. TUMBLEBROOK Weekend, It, low net, full handicap, the flrit htrfa af 0 auddan death playoff a'ter 72 ho In. difeatlng Bob LaPrancli. Bom gelferi had 71 toteli.

Btn Lfwtm had 27, and Pat Ztccaanlna had 303. MfRIDIN MUNI Klckeri: 74 Cnnf Tracy, Tad Kandrlor, La Mlldrandt, Prank Girvay, Whlry oilman, L. Donoh-lo. Low Croii Ed EMlion, Lew net, Bill Wrmn, I2-0-43. WRTMIRSPIILO 0 blind hoiei.

handicap, J. Jluci, 424-14, W. Cleveland, 44-11-15, ft. John-ton, 41-415, en draw) medal play, Clasa groil, W. Brew, 74, T.

Braiel, 74, nett, t. Orant II, 74-70, M. WlM, 77-4-71, J. Mawkiworth, 704-71, Olekiak, 704-71, J. Krlitof, 75-4-71) Clau greii, C.

DiFaito, II, neti, A. LKti, 11-12-40, W. Henneiiay, 15-14-71, Dr. B. Bonadlai, 17-1471, E.

McCarthy, Clau J. thoor, 70-7-71) S. Max went down to Notre Dame of Bridgeport. Former caddie Dave Hill, first player even to lead here all the way, won the $100,000 Memphis Open Golf Tournament Sunday y-' ykBjOBSOJBt i According to the Solunar.Ta bles calculated for. this area, the best times for hunting and fishing for today and tomorrow will be as follows: Minor Major Minor Major A.M.

P.M. TODAY 3:30 1:39 5:35 1:50 TOMORROW 10:10 0:35 10:30 (Major solunar periods last from Vk to two hours; minor oeriods are shorter in duration). 4 The Rebels will face No. 1 ranked Ridgefield in Wednes By OWEN GRIFFITH Courant Sports Writer John Suisman, Tumble Brook will be defending the Courant Tournament of Champions title in the 15th golf event today at the Wethersfield Country Club. A field of about 105 is expected to start in the 18-hole competition, which includes the hole-in-one contest at the 17th green for the Savitt watch.

The Connecticut PGA will hold a Pro-Am tournament today at the Brooklawn Country Club. About 20 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts players will be in the U.S. Open qualifying 36-holcs test today at Meadow-brook and Wheatley Hills courses. and took home the biggest day's quarterfinal, game at check of his 10-year pro career. Going into the final round with a five-stroke lead, Hill be Naugatuck, according to the parings announced Sunday night 70-7-72) E.

Kohn, 70-7-72) C. Zleky, II-0-72, B. Youment, 02-0-71) H. Dunn, 435-12-71) Clau L. Solomon, 13-11-70, J.

Goldenberg, 75-11-72, M. Sulmen, 14-12-71) S. Ball 02-11-72) S. Zlekl, 100-27-71) pro tweepi, low grou, J. Suiimen, 74, low neti, L.

Solomon 13-11-70) P. Stitch 07-11-71, L. Neueu, 11-17-71 B. Kohn, 70-7-72) S. Max, 70-7-02, C.

Zleky, 0O-0-72, J. Goldenberg, 15-13-72, B. Goldgarg, 07 75-72. Klckeri, B. Youment, 170-74, Dr.

G. Rotenbeum, 02-17-74, Eltovtch, 14-10-74, L. Saolomn, 13-0 74, Shoor, 70-7-71, L. NatMU, 15-17-71. CANTON Klckeri, R.

ftowert, 50-10 40) C. Mardlo-an 44-4 40, c. Brontord, 40-1 40, D. Rack-llffe, 47-7-40) T. Dyer, 40-0-40, L.

Boyle, 40 0 50. KENEY PARK Member-ouett tournament, Coilowey 11-10-71, R. jonei, 04-15-71. Klckeri, R. Cox, 124-71, C.

Courtney, 00-12 71, J. Diamond, 01-11-71, W. Itruttnikl, 41-10 -71, Mvrlanty, ft-10 71, ft. Cola, 13 5-71, J. Wendy.

714-71, W. Brew, 74-plul 4-7, G. ftutto, 01-1371, R. Kelly, 04 10- 70, L. Graidl, 17-0-71, A.

Gero, 04-4-71, W. Hawktworth, 15-770, Ladlai gan losing ground on the ninth hole but finished with an eight-under-par 272, two strokes ahead of Johnny Pott, who Klckeri, Mn. Sflfert, fl-5-M, Mn, DAVE HILL made a brilliant late charge. A. Kangat, 112-30-12, Mri.

F. O'nelll, by the CIAC. In Class Piatt will play top ranked West Haven at New Haven while Southington, second-ranked, will play Norwich at Middletown. Another Class game will pit Farmington against Rocky Hill at West Hartford. 1124-1).

Indian Hill Kickari, S. Wlienowtkl, 14-5-70, H. Cariion, 01-12-70, H. Rudeck, 04-15-70, St. Bernard's vs.

Middletown at Nor. Watertord vs. Contrel Catholic at Madison. Eest Granby vs. Washington at Tor.

rllSouthbury vs. Woodstock at Wether. Coventry vs. Masuk at Merlden. Cromwell vs.

Hond at New London, Hill shot a three-over par 73 on the final 18 while Pott had an eagle and four birdies on the back nine for a sizzling 66 and a lyittm, P. Indomgncp-A. 71-72 drive of the tournament, hit the green in two and two-putted Irom 40 feet for a birdie. Hill, 30, plays a qualifying round here Monday for the U.S. Seramel, 14-7-70, P.

Lewon, 70-070, R. Pratt, 15 4-70, S. Borkewskl, 04-15 70, W. Iwager, 02-1170, Sweapt, grosi, 274 total. i.

aegui, neti, B. AkI, 7f-ll-40. WEDNESDAYS BAMIS Mtn'i weekend, H. Thl, 15-5-30, Hill, who picked up a check for $20,000, had a two-stroke Open, but said it really does not lead going into the last hole but Class A West Haven vs. Piatt at New Haven.

Naugatuck vs. Notre Dame of Bridge-pert at Ansenla. Southington vs. Norwich Free Academy at Middletown. concern him if he fails to make it.

Mlliwiki, 33-4' i-30'i, T. Gunning, 30-1 -10, C. Sheehan, 40-1-31 H. Lodiei iweept, Mn. H.

Wolder, 14-077, Mlu E. OontlOion, 102-24-71, Mrl. i. Gow, fO-11-71, Mn. H.

Tlernev, 101-2574, Mri. P. Hurlbuf. 103-27. Ladiet weekend.

Mill E. Donaldton, 43, Mlu B. Brouck, sent his second shot into a sana trap. He chipped out, and two- Defending champion Bert North Haven vs. Brlen McMehon at PLAY GOLF CANTON PUBLIC 03OIF COURSI II Miles West at HerMerd ea El 44 th Season 3.

CLIPPSIDt Yancey came in with a 72, giving him a 278. West Haven. Class RidgefleM vs. South Catholic at Nouga ruck. Prg iwaepit Low Grou, R.

Com, 77) low Net, i. Grobard, 01- 070) Last year, Yancey set the Farmington vs. Rocky Hill at West to figure out the quarterfinals pairings and sites for the state baseball tournament, schoolboy golfers will take to the links today at Indian Hill Country Club in Newington in the CIAC Golf Tournament Twenty teams qualified during the season by averaging par plus 41 strokes or less in eight regularly scheduled matches during the season just completed. Among the schools taking part will be Simsbury, Newington, Pulaski, Conard, New Britain, South Catholic, Maloney, East Catholic and Glastonbury. Among the top individual contestants are Bill Rankin of Fitch, Grey Hagin of Bristol Central, Mike Dobzinski of Northwest Catholic and John Aylsworth of Avon.

The tournament will be dedicated to the late Charles E. Bowes, who was principal of Newington High and chairman of the CIAC Golf Committee for 25 years. New Englands Saturday The track season will also draw to a close this week as Bates College in Lewiston, will play host to the outstand-1 nghigh school trackmen in New England. Hartford High will be sending four contestants, East Hartford two, and Conard one of the track powers in the area. Ron Blackwood, Charlie Vann, Mel Taylor and Earl Calloway qualified for the Owls while Chuck Eisenhardt and Bob Amaral made it from East Hartford.

Gerry Parone was the lone Conard entry to qualify in Saturday's CIAC meet Weaver also qualified Charlie Smith in the 220-yds. dash, while South Catholic's Bruce Dupuis made the New Englands by al Vtllln, 11-10-71) R. Rabin, 02-11-71; Harttord. Pre Klckeri: P. Sebotky, 00-12-71) COPMt MILL Nine-hole Mckert! Lew frou, W.

Wir-feurton Mi t. Pertlcr) 31 low net, ft. GibKW, N. Htnton, 50-10-40; E. Gilnni, 404-40) W.

Devlin, 44-4-40. riNI MILL Klckert; C. Wallace, l14-75l H. It Mi, -l-7Jt J. Degnen, IV14-71) A.

Bret-rd. 1-J0-71J J. Leroe, fl-J0-71. tweepa: G. Mtheny, IMS-Mi J.

la-rot, C. VHe, 13-17-40 Penny, U-I7r-M; P. CMC, 10-10 70l W. thykule, 15-11-70; C. WIIC4, Hi 14-71; A.

LeChepelle, 3 73-71; Bolgi M-1 '2, matching cerdV Member-Guttt atertlne; timet potted In club houte, June 11. A. TOURNAMINT Mtf Jatkaika wtt low grMl leeder In the American Leo ion tournament at southing ton Sunday, the Pott Union-vlilt) player had 7t to paca In Flrtt Dlttrict Deoertment'i ftrt tvtnl. Other roii leaoertt Jo DIBim tU Andy Yureak 14 1 Gaorga Yurctk 14; Arthur Pal 15; Thomet Knight IJ Jo-ieoh ftoblnt IS) Low net wlnnari, eobert Ceitte 45; tueene Newreckl 44; Tom Orrtch 44; Phil HOule Sr. 47) thn-nlak 47) William Rich 47; Frad WtKStt 41) Attlllla Brunoll 41.

Ctemt pin en 3rd how, 30 Inehat. Philip Heule Ir.f lonaett drlvt en 41 hoi, 14S yard Tom Leone. AVON Seiomon, 444-71; M. Flerberg, 04-14 71) N. Tolln, 04-1-71) W.

Deilch, 00-20-71) A. Schnleder, 102-14-71; fthll Zleky. 00-20-71) A. Kronleld, 04-14-71; S. Greenberg, 03-1 5-71; S.

Green- Memphis Open record with a 265. Former champ Jack Nicklaus shot a 69 for a par 280. Hill's four-day card read nan, 04-1470. Drown by B. Schwartz, Weekend event, Low Grou, R.

Cote, I. Coie, ft. DatHHky, WOlmleln, 71) low net, Dr. Gywertt, L. Maltzar, I.

Haber, N. Tolln, 50) Dr. Iirnitiln, ld Kaplan, Dr. Lltchner, Or. Welner, 41) Dr.

Pint, Dr. Albert Rtlner, P. Prima- putted to victory irom teei away. Harold Henning shot a 68 and finished third at 275, followed by Randy Glover and Dan Sikes at 276. Next came Chuck Courtney, Jerry McGee, Gary Player, U-bron Harris Jr.

and Don January with 277s. Player, in second place after three rounds, had a 73. "I think the toughest thing In the world is to lead a tournament when everybody is expecting you to fall flat on your face," Hill said. "Unless you're an Arnold Palmer or a Gary Player, they expect you to fall on your ear, and 1 was heading in that direction. know it's just money.

If you shoot 80, the world's not 143, D. Olteveino-R. Stone, 71-7014, K. Kett-Dr. L.

Lewltr, 73-72Vt-145'i, B. Alltkl-W. Hughet, 74-72-144, E. Pallec-nlk-T. Urban, 44 A.

Burgeu-D. McCarthy, 71-74-147. MILLBROOK Mlllbrook Open, Clin low grou, N. Shlembab, 75) low neti, J. El Hi, 10-10-70) G.

Gurley, 74-5-71 0. Per-nell, 71-5-71) W. Holmet, M4-74) P. Johnton, 71 75. Clau J.

Gatparlon, low grou, 17) low nili P. Aloiie, 11-12-71) L. Becker, 01-70-71) C. Ken-nedy, 17-10-73) K. Burke, 14-11-73) J.

St. Pilar, 44 15-73; p. Faulkner, 01- 10- 71) N. Jordan, 01-10-71) E. Shoe, 17-14-71) Clau low grou, B.

Heater, 04i nett, P. Lawton, 04-30-44) B. Bean, 03- 34-40) J. Morency. 101-32-71) J.

II-lelel, 04-24-72, A. Borrowi, 101-20-72. Klckeri: Beulkner, 44-5-10) M. Breton, 44-7-30) G. Brown, 44-540) Shlmbob, 31-1-37) W.

Burke, 47-10-17) Gtipaflno, 41-4-17) L. Sibley, 30-2-37. WAMPANOA0) it-hole low net, Clau T.I, Me-Mihon, 75-7-41) Clau J.R. McClura, 14-12-72) R.J. Lynch, 02-20-72) Sweep-Itakei: Clli A T.E.

McMlhon, 75-7 -41) Dr. V. Tureo, 12-11-71 G. Balf, 12 11-71) W.P. Parrigard, 10-1-72) Clau J.R.

McClure, 14-12-72) R.E. Ken-ler, 14-11-72) CP. Coopir, 10-14-77) 0. Harrlton, 03-10-74) H. Nethery, 00-14-74) Clau Cl J.

Smith, 05-2172) R.J. Lynch, 02 20-72) O. Belt, 12-10-72) Dr. T. Murphy, 14-1472) J.R.

McClure, 04- 11-71) Dr. V. Turco, 12-11-71 R. Kiuler, I4-1J-7D L. Eberti, e-2i7i) Dr.yR, Hughei, 0M2 72) J.J.

Gormen, 04-11-71; W. ft. Perrlgrad, 00-7-71) C. Cooper, 10-1571. ROCKLEDOE Medal pley, full handlcop! Mort Oladttein, 10-21-41) P.

Klapprodt, 710 40) K. Swanton, 70-0-70; D. Bernar, 14-14-70) N. Dorman 15-14-71. Klrk-eri: Low grou, T.

Cronln, 75) rn dri'V) N. Preemen, 11-4-70) 03- 11- 70) B. Scott, 10-10-70) Farmer, 14- 701 J. Cohn, 00-1170) B. Scolt, If-10-70) Farmer, 17-1 70l D.

Farrell, 15- 4-70; M. Gorback, 100-21-70) S. Barbagallo, 01-1270) Detrochei, 10-10-70. i PARMINOTON I Sweept: Mr. end Mri.

R. Smith, 04-24 70) Mri, M. Thompion and S. Sherman, 05 24-71) D. Jecobi and G.

Heuer, 14-13-71; M.rl. W. HorwalH end W. on, ai, MARTPORD Stroke playt J. R.

Brandt, 75-5-70) A. Lumtden, 10-17-72 (matching cirdi)) J. Graham, 10-1772. Sweip- itakei: Clan J. R.

Brandt, 75-5 Tournament Committee trophy, Clet 70) P. W. Prendi, 70-7-72) Clau D. Brooki, n-'MU; Clan ft. uttataon, 7I-70-142) Clan W.

Bancrott, 40-75-14) Club Tournament, C. H. Walleri, Of 15-74) E. Glbton, 02-14-74) Clau A. J.

Lumtden, 0-17-72) J. C. Graham, H-17-72. Klckeri: J. H.

Shew, 04-20-74) E. A. low nat-Dr. T. (ponto, I0-1J-4I; G.

Guty, 14-17 4 ft. Gutlalton, U-1J-70; Cowle, 13-0-74) H. M. Tenney, 47-11- Sweepitakea, Clou Ai Dr. M.

T. Sponio, 45-4441-73-272 71- 71-73-71-206 72- 71-45-66-274 47-60-71-40-275 40-73-47-47-276 71-40-44-71-274 70- 65-73-40277 71- 40-67-71-277 72- 70-45-70-277 72- 60-60-60-277 47- 60-60-73-277 71-747-70-271 67- 60-71-71271 70-71-60-60270 48- 60-71-70 271 70- 60-60-72270 75-70-67-47270 40-40-72-40-270 73- 45-72-40-270 71- 40-73-40-200 77-67-47-60200 4-72-70-72 200 73-72-7044-201 70-70-74-67-201 70-60-70-72 281 70- 71-40-71-201 40-70-70-72-281 71- 67-70-73-281 60-66-72-74-281 68- 73-47-73-281 74) W. S. Chtndler, 04-12-74; r. 0-11-44; J.

DICaorlo, 77-4-71 1 ft. Dunna, 0-0-77) D. Brooki. 14-12-77) 1. Bohanon, Cook, 15-11-74) H.

T. Mettenger, lt-14-74. Team iweeptteket: Mr. and Bl-10-7) E. Doyle, U-10-71) Clau ft.

Gutlalton. I3-1J-70) E. A. Davlton 0M4-71) T. Certello, lt-14-72) C.

T. Haugh, 17-14-73) C. Robarti, 11-14-74) MACHINISTS! MACHINISTS! MACHINISTS! GET WITH COLT'S BIG 7 TODAY! COLT'S HAS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS IN A NEW DEPT. Requires setting up and performing machining, assembly and inspection operations. Work to blueprint, process sheets and instructions.

Plan and determine methods for open type of work Set speeds and feeds, stops and controls. Work includes drill, mill, lathe, power press, bench assembly and other operations. SEI COLT'S AD IN TODAY'S HELP-WANTED SECTION FOR FURTHER DETAILS COLTS FIREARMS 150 HUYSHOPE HARTFORD AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER E. C. collegan, TO-14-74; tiati A.

A. Currle, 10-17-711 J. W. Bowman, M-7J) c. Si mm a if 7J5-Hi R.

pmxe list Dtve Hill 020,000 Bob Verwry J13 Johnny Pott SI 2,000 Harold Henning 07,501 Rendy Glover 4,650 Dan Slkei US0 Chuck Courtney 03,149 Lebron Herri Jr. 13,140 Den January 03,140 Jerry McGee 03,140 Gary Player 03,140 Tomn Bolt $2,000 Babe Hlskey 02.0C0 Hugh Rover 02,000 Sikei 02,000 Steve Spray 02,000 Bert Yancey $2,000 George Archer $1,50 Alan Henning $1,500 Wayne Yatei $1,500 Roger Ginsberg $1,200 Jack Nlcklaut $1,200 Bert Weaver $1,200 Tommy Aaron $121.11 1 Miller Berber $020.12 Gay Brewer $121.12 Bobby Nichols Bob Charles $021.12 Bob McCalllster I 1J Bruce Crampton $020.12 Deve Stockton $020.12 Homero Blancns 0M2.50 Terry Dill SM2.50 Deve Merr SM2.50 Art Wall $402.50 Dale Douqlai D. Flchelberger $453.75 Billy Maxwell $502.50 Jim Wiecher $453.75 Bob Rosburg $502.50 Bob Zimmerman $271 Fred Haaa $453.75 M.C FlthJ John Maurycy Lionel Hebert $27j Bob Stanton $275 Rives McBee $136.07 Bob Verway 07 Littler $275 Mri. M. s.

Snow 47) Mr. and Mri. R. W. Jlmpkln 41) Mr.

and Mn. A. Carey 41. GOODWIN PARK ABC Pour-ball Tourney i U. Plemmlng, Myen, J.

Pakanat, ill Cooney, C. Cepoblenco, C. Drago, 50) B. Saucier, P. Higglm, E.

Tovald, 50. Sweopt: Clau Low grou, J. ftayman 71) low NET, O. Silk, by draw, 75-5-70. Clou Low Grou, J.

Dziekan, 77) low net, 6. Meneran, by draw, 70 0-70. Clau Low grou, G. Perkany, 10) low net, C. Capoblnco, 15-3045.

5 RLLINOTON RIDOI Lew Grou: T. Schiller, 77. Crlert going to end," Hill said. "But today, I couldn't get that 'so what' attitude. Winning every week would send me to the nuthouse." i Hill had four bogeys, a double bogey and only three birdies in the final round and said: "I almost quit breathing out there.

I didn't think I was going to make it." I Pott's charge began on No. 9 most pulling off a sweep in the Sterkev, fl-1l-7 J. Drummer, 1 1-1 7-74) Dr. A. Celebrete, ff-25-74) L.

Martin, -17-74) Klckert: H. J. Pllh-r, 7-ltn, J. Starr, fO-10-B0) L. B.

Hough, 05-1110) D. IwlcktT, 12-14-74; C. B. Stadtmlllar, 14-1-74) P. Bleo, 101-25-74) A.

ftolonda, 74 0-74) Ladlai SwtctMtakti: Mn. R. P. Morrow, 00-13-7S) Mrt. L.

J. taltlllon, 15-20-75. DOBWOOO I wwii, low (roil ft. Plarion, 77 1 low natl B. Murphy, 74-1044) P.

Boccaccio, 14 1470) B. Salad, 74 4-70) Ban Salad, 01-21-70) O. Lexlui, 14-14 70) Kickari Dr. Zimmermen, 44-21 70) J. Dlnuntlo, 77-7-70) P.

Jervli, 00-5-75) J. Nolan, 12-775) ft. Zecca-pnlno, 73plui, 1-75) Stona, 11-4 75) O. Leiclui, 14-4-75) J. Wallh, 07-IJ 75) Pinal at Club Champlomhlp Peter Plerton wen with par four on Goodwin, 01 20 71) Mri.

W. Gamble and W. Whedon, 14-1472) Mr. and Mr. E.

Burke, 05-13-77) Mri. W. Goodwin and tournament: Clou A. Parralra, 75-10-45) C. Chitholm, 74-7-47) Clou B.

R. Hartminn, 11-14-45) Brawn, 10-14-44) J. Vandervoort, 11-15-44) Clau B. Kami, 14 25-44; O. Trabltl, 00-24-44; H.

Fleldt, 17-21-14. W. Horweth, 15-1572. Low grou, Mri. Mn.

Jacob end Heuer. 04-1171. Clau A iwrept: 05-4-lf W. Mach- Klckeri: Dr. W.

Warmlnoten. 05-17- 73- 70-40-70282 70-n47-72-282 47-72-73-7028? 40-4O-73-71202 74- 40-72-40-283 72-73-48-70283 70-7548-71-284 40-73-77-60-283 70-72-60-73204 72- 60-68-74283 73- 71-72-60-285 70- 73-60-72-214 72-70-72-71-285 75- 60-71-70-285 71-72-74-60-2BJ 70-75-70-71-206 71.71-73-71-286 60-72-73-71-285 onil, 774-40) L. Burke, 77-7-70) Clau after a double bogey. He birdied the ninth and 10th holes, sank a 30-foot putt for an eagle on the 13th and birdied the last three. On 18, he smashed the longest J.

Rehm, 15-14-71) W. Herrli, 14-14 two hurdles events. South Catholic Left The pairings and sites for the quarterfinal round in the three baseball tournaments should be announced shortly. With the first round games over, the baseball committee will have to re-align the ratings before coming up with the quarterfinal pairing, The only city team left in the 71) A. Zubrow, 01-13-71) A.

Kemp, 13-5-71, B. Zalman, 17-0-71) ft. Naklenli, 15-7-71; 72i R. Sullivan, 04-1171) A. Canconet-tl, 00-17-71.

Klckeri: W. Horiefleld, G. Sweeney, 15-7-71) B. Weber. 01-11-71) P.

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