The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 5
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THURSDAY. MAY Z9, 1982 ..-French Broaden Drive Grocen Figure Against Reds Causing Out New Prices Riot over Ridgway PARIS Wj—Jacques Duclos, now France's top Communist, today was charged with carrying a gun during a bloody demonstration "gainst Qen, Matthew B. Ridgway and was, Jailed to await trial. By KKSTO.V OROVER PAJUS m—French police broad*n*A their crackdown on demon • (rating Communists today in Ihe wake of the arrest of France's top Red and 900 or more of his cohorts • fter brief but bloody rioting against Gen. Matthew B. Rideway B r a'n d 1 n g the demonstrations • gainst the new NATO militarj commanrter a false front lor a Red revolutionary plot against the French state, authorities seized today's editions of Communist newspapers throughout France. Paris police held more than 700 demonstrators including Jacques Duclos, party secretary genj'rji and France's No. 1 Communist They nabbed him in an automobile at the peak of last night's riots and sain they founrt in the car a pistol, a blackjack, two carrier pigeons and a radio geared for intercepting police radio signals. Others Outbreaks ftenorfeil Other Red outbreaks were reported in Marseille, \vhere 150 were picked up; Bordeaux, on the Atlantic Coast, and in the Mediterranean resort of Nice, where 30 demonstrators were jailed. In the Paris riots one demon Commodity And Stock Markets— Ntw York Cotton Open High Low close July 3875 3910 3809 3900 Ocl. ( 3663 3694 3653 3691 D^c 3612 3663 3639 3058 Mar 3628 3647 3625 3037 New Orleans Cotton Open Hich Low Close slrator was killed, 17 others badly hurt and some 200 police were injured. The toll at Nice was three police and 22 civilians injured. The Heds slruck back in Marseille against the newspaper seizure. Gangs there stopped trucks delivering a non-Communist paper dumped the bundles out and burned Ihem. Other trucks delivering aris newspapers in Marseille were seized and burned. Conspiracy Org.iniezd As the Cabinet met to discuss security measures, sources close Io tho Interior Ministry indicated Duelos, a member of the French Parliament, would be charged with an attempt ngainst the internal security of the state. Interior Minister Charles Bruno said last night the government had proof of an ' organized and permanent conspiracy by the Communist troops." The Paris rioting centered around the Place de la Republinue, where a police cordon barred demonstrators trying to hold a planned demonstration against Ridgway. The firing occurred at the nearby Ojire tic 1'Est (east station) when sj! v e r a 1 hundred demonstrators a barrier of about 30 said thousands wove in- charged police. Police volved in the outbreaks, . Authorities said the demonstrators had usert a new technique. The heart of each marching group was composed of seasoned Red touglis, armed with rocks and spiked clubs. When a group was mocked in one place, some of its leaders would swarm into the subway, ride to another spot and start trouble there. Jl| ly 3875 3910 3872 3901 Oct. 3662 3683 3860 3GS5 P, e< < 3636 36& * 3636 3653 t , i^-mocrauc congressman ™ ar 3628 3645 3625 3H5 from Massachusetts. A number of Soybeans ""•"- "~ ' • High Low Close 3iO-V< 307 310'/J Afore 2SO'/ 2 292?:, world's Senate Group Checking Morris WASHINGTON rtPi _ f, Senate Committee reported today the Justice Department is looking Into "possible criminal violations as well as conspiracy to defraud the savcrnmcnr in ship deals involving N'cwbold Morris, ousted government, cleanup man. and Joseph K, Casey, a Washington lawyer. Is former Democratic congressman ->m Massachusetts, A nun other nanics were Involved Ceilings Tok« tfftct Monday; Food May Co«» 'Penny' WASHINGTON r*_Re|»|| Kro . cers today began computing new price ceilings on hundreds of food Items based on government approval of a higher profit marg n for Ihe industry The ceilings can go - The Office ° f Into w , M- ce ° »« Stabilization Issued an order last night authorizing increases ranging up to 25 per cent in the markups retail food stores can apply lo their cosis. OPS . said f lect averages » ? enny an ltcm on «ie se- list of foods affected TRUCE (Continued from Page 1) under his (Nam's) skin a bit." little Nan. launched into anofliw bitter attack on Allied treatment o( prisoners. But he did not renew his *- "'" 'iui renew nis Tuesday and Wednesday warnings of slepped-up military action. The Allied delegate suggested Nam address complaints on handling of POWs to the International Committee of the Red Cross Falls to Sustain Fast Of Ozark Preacher Till Death *>r AL DOFKING today CHERRYVtLLE. Mo. tft-Offi- *' clals of th* Assembly of God Church expressed two-fold concern today over the fnsting Ojark preacher whose self-denial now enters the Mth day, by his own counl. The Rev. J. J. Ivie says he has not taken food since Sunday. April 20, and explains he plans 'to continue Ihe fast unfil his prayers are answered for a religious awakening in Ihe world—or until dcalh comes. He Lows 28 Pounds Ivie, 57. has tost about 26 pounds, his family said, and now weighs 120. Occasionally he has sipped water, but has been shaken by spells of relching. He has signed a statement to protect his family from legal action should he rtie. He also has banned physicians from his home. The Revs. David Hastie and H. K. L'awson. officials from the church's national headquarters at Springfield, Mo., plan to visit him tlcularly , said In* church was par interested because H feared (he publicity might cast a l>ad light on the church, and be cause it felt It was obligated to help Ivie himself. Man Found Rational The Rev. J. p. Myers, pnstor 01 tlie nearby Steclville Assembly of God Church, spoke nnri prayed with Ivie yesterday and founrt him "very rational." Myers said Ihe church does not sanction a sustained fast which does bodily hnrm. In R recording repnrlntly made m the third week of (he last lyie said he hurt failed as a mimstei and was awaiting worri of his mission from Ihe Lord. Obituary Jly Sep Nov Jan 284% 280! 2 2841 '< 287 283>-i 287 New York Stocks A T and T 155 Amer Tobacco ....' 55 Anaconda Copper .... 43 Beth Steel ' 43 Coca-Cola .......'.' 108 Oen Electric '.'.'.'.'. 59 Gen Motors ':.....'. 51 Montgomery Ward . 60 N Y Central jg Int Harvester , ' 33 J C Penney G7 Republic Steel '..'" 40 Hadio . ; ." * ' n5 Socony Vacuum 3g Studebakcr Standard of N J . Texas Corp Sear« . D S Steel .'..'' Sou Pac • Livestock . 111. >-Hogs 10.000; opened active, later slow: mostly sleuth- to weak with Wednesday's average; some later sales 25 under best tune; little change on 170 Ibs down and sows; bulk; choice Nos 1, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 21.50-22 00' later sales 21.75 down; 240-270 Ibs full width of choice grade 20.5021.40: 280-310 Ibs 19.25-2000' 150170 Ibs 20.25-21.50; 120-140 Ibs'lSOO19.75: sows 40 0 i bs dovvn Iano l 75 mostly 18.25 up: heavier sows ".CO-I8.00: stags 14.00-16.00; boars 13.50-lo.aO. Cattle 600. calves 600; generaliv nbout steady on small supply of all classes: mostly individual heart and small lots commercial to choice steers nnd heifers 28 0033.00; utility and commercial cows 22.oO-2D.50; canncrs and cutters h ?i «1? n: Ulmy ard -commercial bulls 24.00-2fi.75; cutter hulls 20.0023.00: most good and choice ve-il- crs 30.00-36.00: sorted prime to 38.00: utility and commercial veal- ers 22.00-29.00. than « per cent of the sulfur is produced from FOREIGN AID (Continued from Page 1) Eress against Br ,y substantial reductions beyond <he one billion dollars voted-in Senate committee Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio Eisenhower's leading opponent for the nomination, voted for all of (he •eductions proposed yesterday Over half of the money in'the jenate bill, or 53,515.229.500 is for direct military help to America's North Atlantic Treaty Organization partners in Western Europe. The next biggest chunk, tl.542 866,000, is for defense support or economic aid to Western Europe This is designed to assist Ihe NATO countries in using their own production facilities for their defense buildup. Two amendments placing restrictions on the mutual security program were adopted over the protests of the bill's sponsors One. by Sen. Kern (R-Mo). was designed to cut off all aid io anv nation which ships military armaments or materials useful" In war to Russia or any other Communist nation. Steven Crossley, Former Game Warden, Dies Steven B. Crossley, Sr., retired u. S. Game, warden, died at his home at 124 East Sawyer yesterday Mr. Crossley was in charge of the Big Lake Gnme Refuge from 1929 to 1537 and built the heart- quarters at Timin's Point. He was '-'-- transferred to St. Charles RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. • \VED.-THURS. "MAN BAIT" George Urcnl Margurifo Chapman FRIDAY late Ark. He retired In 1917 after 31 years service. Mr. Crosslcy, who was 63, leaves his wife. Mrs. Lillian Lions Crossley; one son. Steven B, Crossley. Jr.. of Bcnton Harbor. Mich.; two daughters, Dorothea Crossley Lc, (lesma of New Orleans, and. Man' Langston of Dyersburg. Tenn.; and seven granddaughters and four great-grandchildren. Services will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the Manila Methodist Church. Tile Rev F M Sweet Is to officiate. Burial will be in Manila with Cobb Funeral Home In charge. THE BIG NIGHT' Preston Foster, John Ban-ymorc, Jr., & I.orinjr Open 6:30 p.m. Show starts it Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nijhl THURS.-FRI. First Showing in JJIylhcville HIDEOUT FOR lit WANTED MENI | MARtENE'DIETRICH I ARTHUR KENNEDY MEL FERRER i Directed b r FRITZ UNG Prcdut.d b r HOWARD WEISCH Screenplay by DANIEt TARAOASK ALSO SHOKTS: "Choo Chnn" "Sleep Happy" "Ca( Tas Trophy" RFC to Be Retained WASHINGTON' l/p,— The Senate Banking Committee voted 6-to-3 today to keep the Reconstruction Finance Corporation iRFC) in business a-s the government's chief lending agency. MAY CLOSE-OUTS FEATURING MANY ITEMS FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK AT RIDICULOUS PRICES FOR QUICK CLEARANCE CITY CLUB AND J ARM AN JAR.MAN SUMMER TWO TONES — ODD LOTS —BROKEN SIZES SLACKS SUMMERWEIGHT RAYONS SIZES 28 to 50 WAIST SHIRTS DRESS AND SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS, ODD LOTS _ ALL SIZES Choice SI 95 BOYS BASEBALL SUITS A'Rcgulalion Uniform with shirt, pants, cap, sox and bell a( below our cost. » ' STRAW HATS Sixes 6 3 /i and 6 7 /» Only Choice 95' Sizes 4 to 16 219 BOYS SOX All sizes — Elastic top — Regular 39c and 49c values Choice MENS STORE everything for Men ami Bey*" SATURDAY "HOSTILE COUNTRY' Jimmy Ellison Ktissell Hayrlen USSR Expected To Reject Plan UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (,,., _ Russia today v.'as expected to give » quick rejection 'in the West's new plan lor ceilings on military forces Quarters usually familiar will Soviet views s ,iid Hie Russians undoubtedly would slick to their owl demands (or a lint one-third cut !i Ihe armed tones at tlie five bis powers. The new Western proposal, «., u bclore the U.N. Disarmament Coin- mission yesterday, cnlls for ceillnps of I 1 ; million men each for llic United States. Russia nnd china nnrt 800,000 each for Britain ant France. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Conimunily Center" MANILA, ARK. Malinoes Sat. & Sun. I'lione 58 \VKD.-THUKS. 'VIVA ZAPATA' Marlon Brando Jean I'ctcrs FRIDAY " COLT 45" Randolph Send Ruth. Roman SATURDAY "Bury Me Not On Lone Prairie 1 Johnny I\Inc Brown Arkansas Steps Nearer Forrf Teacher Plan-for 5 Years LITTLE ROCK W>-Arkansas was step closer to participation In a new program for training school teachers today following adoption of a modified draft of the plan to meet objections of several educators. The Sfi-membcr sliile Planning Committee! yesterday completed the compromise program, which now must be approved by tne participating colleges and the Foundation. The Familial Inn will finance :he so-called "bold experiment." Under the new plan, Arkansas colleges «Y>uld put into effect Ford's proposal? for i 8-ytar M*. tod, M the end at Hie period, th» colleges will decide whether to mak. the change permanent. This IE a departure from (he original Ford suggestion, and the Foundation must approve It. . Training of prospective t«»cber« under Ford's program would tn»olv« lour years of college study in Mn- eral education plus a fifth year O f on-Hie-Job training or internship In actual classroom work. Three colleges have approved tha plan. They arc Hendrix and Arkansas State Teachers at Conway, and Ou.ichita at Arkndclphla. Phohe 4621 Show SUrU Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION « ....... >.......... THURSDAY & FRIDAY AT THE MOX! £•6 DON'T MISS! Fun For All! r All your fav'rite CARTOONS! 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