Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 8, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated HatS. .Silk, Stiff and Soft. -Spring Styles. DBWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Best and Cheapest. . FOOTWEAR In Town at Stevenson & Klinsick, 403 Broadway. L. CK PATTERSON HM opened ft Fire and Accident Insur- •nceofflco at CO Broadway, up italre, and iollcIU a ihare of the public patronage. None but First Class Companies Bepre- sented. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK — OF — LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA CAPITAL $200,000. A. J. Murdock. Pre«. W. W. ROM. Caih. J. F. Brookmeyer. A§»t. Ca«b, DIBKCTOBB: F. ... A. 1. Mnrtocfc * V Yintta. B. jr. xanra, Banking In ai: IU Departments promptly o 1 Cu«om 0 r. and Stockholder. Re«rv« Fund DAILY JOURNAL^ Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Hirrtoon's, Bom-To Mr. and Mrs. DeWltt .C. Davis on Pratt street, twins. Prof. O. W. Michael has been invited to lecture ou'tlie 'subject of "Rapid "Wtiittaig". at tlie Teachers'- Institute of Fountain county, September 10. The Misses Howe gave : .a picnic to their friends Jn 'honor of tuelr guest; Miss Hoccock of South Bend. The party was chaperoned by Mra.Wlll Fer- nalij. '••;. '' *' ~ •' . • Frank McCarthy, of.Chteago, wlille a guest of ,hte aunt, Mrs. Andy Welch on th'e Fourth,.feli from'a second story win dow at the residence on High street and narrowly escaped serious injury. There was trouble yesterday afternoon at Clara Bushing's marble hall Fifth street. A young man started what Is known as a "rouirli house", brenlclns down, a..door and enjoying • himself at, tlie expense of the Louse. He departed before the complaints were made. . '.."'"•'.• . Professor William Gall, of this city, who went to Delphi the Fourth, to make a-balloon ascension, met with an accident and was unable to fulfill ills "contract: " While filling the balloon it caught fire and was seriously'damaged. He wJll give an.ascenlon at'that.place the. day of the Old Settlers' picnic. -u i_!iia . Awarded Highest Konoirs-^World'5 Fair. •DR; ,:; MOST ;>ERFE<;T ii p>we (Grape -Cteam of TirtAr PoWder.. • '' Fret I.HIkTU » WT*w»"' -. W ;"V ;-»ny other idulUnnt. William Harvey, Charged With Theft, Released by Complainant. William Harvey the man who was charged by Albert Kreligbaum, the dyer and cleaner, with the theft of a number of articles, IncJudJiiK a suit of Olotlies nud a revolver was brought bacU yesterday. The latter, who was for. a time Harvey's employer, made an iillid-avit against Mm and a warrant was issued 611 the strength of Uie eom- plainr. Krelgbauni went to Tern yesterday' on tlio trail of Harvoy, and found him. He brought the traveler home, and at hi.s roomsi succeeded In securlJig possession of the stolen, goods. Nothing was said to the police'of the capture, thonjrh a win-rant was lu the luiuds of Cnpt. SkeJton, and Krelglaum.bad demanded Harvey's punishment. After the goods had been recovered, Harvey was allowed to go by Krelg- banni, so' The police assert, and the whereabouts of the man wanted are now unknown. A watcli that was taken from Harvey was returned to Its owner, an employe at tlie Panhandle shops, KreJffb'an-m having .turned it over to the police after he haxl seen (lie prisoner depart. LOST A LEG. Richard Costello Injured on the Eel River Road. Yesterday morning 'Richard Costello, u fifteen-year-old boy, who li.veg ou the Northside, attempted .to Ixrard a moving train on the Eel River branch of the Wabash, and was thrown beneatli the cars and had Ills right leg mangled Jn sucOi a liorrible maunt-r that amputation was necessary. Tlie-flesh on his right hip was also torn In a frightful mnniiM- as his body was dragged several rods over the ties. He was removed to St. Joseph's hospital and Drs. Hollo-way, Busjahn and Hetherington wero called and amputated the Injured member just below the knee.. The boy displayed' remarkable nerve -and bore up under his Injuries with unusual fortitude. The physicians think that owing to the way the flesh on bis hip was torn, his chances of recovery are very doubtful. ' ' AFTER TWELVE YEARS. W»yw«rd Daughter Once More Taken to Her Mother'* Forgiving Heart. It was under the trees of one of the uptown squares. The rain, which came up with the sudden swiftness of the May shower, had passed away with equal swiftness and, left the newly clothed trees shimmering- In the brilliant sunshine which followed the cloud, Bays the Philadelphia Call. Every leafy fold of aature'a spring dress seemed trimmed with a diamond as the sun rays fell across the pendent^ water, drops. An old woman, in tattered dress, and with work-worn hands, moved -wearily from under the shadow of a friendly tree whither thestorm had •driven b.er. As she stepped into view from the other.side of the tree another woman, younger, but with the same toil-stained, weary look; moved to meet her. Their eyes met. and with a piercing scrctiin the younger-woman fell to the ground. A crowd gathered quickly, attracted by the screams, flat there was no robbery, no assault, no arrests. The old woman, with a softened look in her face, said simply:'"It's my gal. Mary. 1 hain't seen her for 12 years.' She's goin; along o' me .now." The crowd drifted silently away, and two sorry-looking' figures, Jbc' .penitent prodigal 'and 'the ! forgiving parent, moved out into the glare of the sunlit Btrcet and disappeared. The.'Teinptfl of Sorpeiltii, • The small lown.pf Werda;in the kingdom of Dahomey,' is .celebrated for-a loatbesoine dci called'the Temple'of Serpents. : It "is •»' ; 16ug building dedicated to the prieHta'and mystery men of .the kingdom, .and in it they keep thousands of snakes of all kinds and il%e>. Theae-slimy, crawling 1 creatures liter- special aceommodatloD, nnd may be teen hanging : frbm v ihe ! rafters;and door' '.posts of;..any,';houie":intbwij.'. In-Werdli to Wll aiierpent. W a crinie 1 punl»hable"'by, death. The serpent* in the sacred tem- ! - ll<>me Mrs.'-John Wa-liHs-'vlsWln-l'iit Clileago H/'S. Mur'clock-[s,nt Clilcflgd'ou busi- ML* .Daisy Flslicr' is vlsi.tl.ng -at Cli.i- cngo. • ' .' .-'-.' Jue Grace visited'at Kt.- Wayno lust Suu'diiy. • - •: ,' • Harry Ward visited nt ..Clndunat Sunday'. ' '• ..- ''' ••'' "' i '' 11 "' '•''' j'.. QiTliicy Myei* wns :it •Inillaiinpolte Monday. - ' .' ;.' .'"• ( - -.„'.- ..'' • : ..;• L; D, Boyd of Delphi '.wn'a i.n tlie-cit;,v yesterday. - •..-•' . • • '. .' • :-j' ' - 1 -'-' H, Wolf of Wabash, was .in -Uie ! ci-ty. yesterday. ''•"'" •' ". ' ' | j .^ Miss Fannie Mull'-spenl;--Sunday '-iil Maxlnkuckee. ' ''','_ ''"";,',„,'- • H."T..Bott of • iw'pulii'ellp, was'in the city yesterday. ,:•.•, ,'i-,-.-.,:,-.,.•• Judge'Lairy is.-a'tt»udiug>:tbe..conyon tiou at. Chicago."-' -..".i'.'- «»• : : t ". Mr. F. Klstler luis retin l 'ned"'froiii' £ •visit at LaJ'ayctte. ' " ' ".'',. r " . ' •. Mrs. 0. W. Miles js''f'iie -^lie'st of "relatives at Troy, O.',,!.-.;.. ..» :: l.^... Ben Martin has veturn^iffrom a ness trip to Chicago/ •..-'-; -: -. Monday on business.' '.''/.'•'•"' Miss Stella. S.pu¥i'cx:k';'is. friends at Deca-tui:, iii..'^./,,.." - The Rev. S. W- ^Brp^-n yesterday from Marion'.'.-i -,.- .-.- ' Miis. James O'Donnell -has' returned from a vbsit a:t Lafayette' ;;1 ' lX ;' ; Will Feruald hiis.'. ; retuiiied;' : K'oan a bnsi.uess trip to Arkansas. ' . ',' Mrs. E. Sc-limiitit .W'lil^gP , to .. rulaskl today .to visit with .fRleaiils:-,,,, ;. Mi-s. H. R. WlnkliCbletik.and daughter visited at Marlon'the'-Fourth.'J ; . • Walter'UliI aiwV'D'r. -'-.Wrdan- are at Clilrago nttwidi-ug tlie conyeii.t.ion. . Carl Munlock-anti .Tp'n^VHder vlsll- od friends at Lafayctte.ti'ie-Fourth. 'James Martin went to ChJCTgo yes-' tcrday to attend the "convention. '••". Mre. Horatio Thornton has returned, from a visit with'"'lior' daughter, :tt Marlon. ' """;""' "'',- ' "- • It. B. Moore and 'family ...of , High street visited . In . Lafayette! on "the' Fourth. ' .-. .- '!,... Miss Renn Locke-'left -today fOL'"EK wood a-ftor spend I u? a Cow days ivivjt, -her friends. ' " • •''•'• ''' •''" Emmett Mull.ioUarid'ts'tti; fiisfctag Secreta-iy'Sheer.in,durl.ng '-thci' canve,utiou. • ... ...>.....•.,,.,-,. ' !""'_., Tom Duun and Rolwrt Kreu'/.bergei 1 ' spoilt Saturday and Sunday at Lake, Maxlnkuckee.• '-•••;"'••• •^•••" " .... . M. Streuve of : Cincilin'iitirif the guest of his' brother, Al'- 'Strouye; J .the . .Paff- h an die engineer.. • ., ..,.'. . ..' ;" Mrs. Letta WTolford spent.the Ifonrth^ nt Idaville .with her cousins, -Mr." and' 'MrS, Jolm Older, : Mr. Joe Znhradnlck has' returned -to: liis home to GhJtiigo-.roWer a' ! y§lt .with t friends In tills clfj'.' '' '-vw-.l A. E. Bnrr has returned from Marion,-: where he vis,lted his son /Frank Bari-p of the Marion Xews.v-;; 1 '"'^'.-/'••' .! ',. .''; Pem.Chronicle:' M-iss Mollie ~>ror-\ pan of. Lostausport, spent Sunday.' !n,W city tlie,guest pf-frieuxfe",.!'..'^. . : .,-;.• Fred Dykemiin and .Tiunes " ~ " went to Cincinnati! - Monday .to '.| the annual reimloii of tlie Elks. Rochester Republican: Miss Vlney of 'Stenvelit left yesterday-.for .WflShfnjrton, , D. C., to attend the.'C. ;E : rc'OUTCutlonJ Mr.' and'Mi-si-Frh'hk'Albernndjfniaily' have ret'iirned ' 'from '^eni ' whete ithey were the guests of^C^Jbef 8 parents. Miss Dot. Q«lgiey;'-' 1 ol'!/ylndj,ujiapolis, who hns been the:BU«*t of JT.i>>l. .Quls- ley'-for tlie .past *eek, f . has;(i:r6rurned home.' •' •'••••<•''• , ..•:•>::»'•:•'•" •'.•-'.• j . ' Editor 'aud'Mi3??j0'. : '-Oi''Pdnton : ie'fi last nlgM for a nioSliV / \'I»! l f ( 1njJforth;\ ern Ohio. ' They ; wll(Vv$y^gnfa .Fa'l'.s ' .before .returning/ ,-,,. ,.„,-. -|y ,., ,-,,. ,.„,-. -- ..,, . Editor- and" Mrs..-'.;i?)'Ottif-[!(Pfngletoii have • returned to: their 'luepi«jfn; Jlonti-. 'cello after 'a vlisIt-.Aylrh' '%fv. and Mrs. '.T. E. Redmond .^ ^ .Miss Maud Ca%ey; ; wJioyilins lieen nt .Wliiajiinc has eomje, j(o';tUe .cl,ry; to live with her parents;..Mr.^an^l Jjdtesi W. N. Cai-ney of'the WestaWe'..^,,.;. " -, : •'•> -' Mr.' C. H; Wnffnur; Sonrierlj* proprietor of the Mnrdoe^h°i el ,. Q PW of .Elgin, 111., where he hns'tlie^Mercliiints' hotel,' l« in tliuertytor'a'SWoil^-lSit'''•'..' , Mrs. J. W. Llmder .nnd^spn of A'ndcr- son.wlio have been.the;guestS;qi;.Mrs,, lender's siistcr, Mrs. Fii'imk Barnard, (it Clay township, j-rbtmuied' ->hoine ' Mon-.. day. ' - •''•- ^•'''''•'•"i" : •'•.-'•' .;. ' .'••"• .Frankfort TlhiesV'^iTi^T'ra'nk'Dutk^ 'worth and MlsB' "Dp.ra.S&kw'oi'th . of : Logausporf,,,spent the, F.puutli. and returned evening. /.- .•..r$' : :/.-~'. .: A:'DVFa,nsler'.reft for Cimctona'ti J-t&JTeprjsent-.'. FOR A Thin Coat 98c up. Too hot to live without it . Tan Shoes worth $3 and $5 cool and stylish choice for $198. 62c for White Vests, cool and Dressy. 62e for natural Linen Pants very comfortable. YOUR WANTS AT HOflEI Away Comfortably Clad. Don't go into the rush with your heavy Woolens- OT|rO KRAUS "Of Course" SJ?glN(3 NECKWEAR, I SPRING OVERCOATS. 3Q&.-G. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR ~ LESSMONEY ;;: THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOQANSPORT. tlNECOnPLET^ P^^Ldii^ley Hat and be up to Date 'M'^ff.:••"'. 426 Broadway. ,. ; •.,'.>• . • , !••• i'iv itir•%./*.*-. 1.•'" '.''••'• S. If. you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing arid ••reunion.''' Cincinnati..- '" '•«'"''.'•>.•-;,. ; '.:'.-;.; Mr.: C,;O: Medlciia Jeft-Ms !:Mr.v:ahd.;Mr^'|^ej^ .Msbi-iDlck' '^Trtfti^p"^^i^^ni:B[^j(i'leJ i " •'<^$Ftiig*jMv$$r. l iif.'*^'i 7--...:*^_i.-i outing, .iproe^f'tlienr were on wheels ami-others, rode. iiV-a^yagon.' Marion- iChfoul&f':''-It. M. C.ollins;and wife of'r.o£iirispor.t,.''.are the guests of the foniieiisrtpajien.tSj Mr... rind , Mrs. ToseplV 'C"OjIIiijs"."v..'. Charles. Michaels of Loga'nspQ.iVli's In'the city the guest of feo ;NuS«b!iwVii'"':frid family. .'..'. . Lafayett^ I^nl!.:,,,. M.tews Corno'lle Jhaffiiy aiid.'^IrtgsipHalpiu, -from I-o- ganBpo.rNtw.o rei-y fwpiriar yonn-g ladies, "' " pcoit'tlie'-glorlons 1 Fourth "stcect."', ; ''..:.:.'M.teses. Kale Dolan of a'lld' Eni'ina 'Murphy of the.,guests .of Mrs T. FT. .•Sheeharr, oJir.So.uth-,'.'NMi-Mi.. -Street:-.'..... ;Mlss KM? 'V-anlfoni,' who has. been the -MrVtWilliUiiii H.' Magee,'' lias' .<.,..... .. - .... ,.•.-. home.to Logansport; •-. t^Vabasl)" Tribune;,j,MJss ijojlie Gi-a.v ...... Jers'"- o'f ' -Kbgiifepoj*,; ' wroP'ttuj-' guest ':ili«vr'inda.. .'•;. . ' ':& 'Mr: .'M».. : Deer,: .- and •; port lest evening, .after spending the! Only seventy years have cl;jpsed> Fourth, tlie guest of Miss Edna Miller? .'since the first railway in the world wo». on Noble street Sirs. W. C. Dedrick | fiuislicd.. During that comparative of Logaospoj-t, and Agnes Smith of-Ft. Wayne, are the guests of Mrs. S." T. Jones, of West Maple street.... .Miss MoUte. Rltner, left for Logansport -Frl . day eveulng and spoilt Saturday ami Sunday the guest of relatives in that ctty. . ; ." ' BUR.NKD BADLY. The young son of Mr. a.nd Sfrs. 'Henry GUek was another victim of fire works .on tlie Fourtli.. He had a bunch of fire- cnickors-tliat I'iffhi.ed by a falling spark. lllis'clotiiUig was fired and his side, was severely burned. The hurt was dressed by Dr. Hatch. It. will be several days before t.jie lad. will be nble-to be on the streets again. . • ' . . ',. AH'tneiiiibtirs'of. the KcpuKican drum corps.are ordered to meet .at-the hall this evenJng'at 7:30-o'clock,-as business of Importance l« to be transacted. '. ', ; /Patrolman Hlcbey has been t.rnns- ,ferred from night today d.nty. .He goes on-'the day :iforce..this' morning.. ' ...--; '.','• Gordon-Boll,' of Bradford, ',': Ohio,.; ls : faialiy''of Ills; uncle,;,Q;;.;j:-' period JOO.OOO miles .ha.ve been oonstnicred, Uie British empire account-. liig for about .a sixth. The Archbishop of Ixindou estimates the contributions of t-liurch men to. religious object^ during 'the last twenty- , llve'years .'is amountIUK to about ?400,-' 000.000. Over $105.0CO;CCO l-.ave'been- sjH'iit. in rfi»mciit.-ny ethicalion. NaiTflgansctl pier is.to have an vat Ton. thl$ year. A well-known pugilist, h.is opened a vsernp" college. H«.. is there to act .'is tutor for the blue bloods, and will pilot, them through the mysfcries of (he manly art. . Colonel Sinai, of.Brooklyu, Is ihe deam ;'of tJiean-icarmaaiagers in-this country.:/.' He has been ' a inniiaRer for Jiearlj'.. forty-five-y«irs,.and din-Ing- that time- 1 ..'.; he has' never piitwed it salary day or cut. salaries on account of"hard time*or. •';;, bad.business. ' . . -• ;: . Iu«ist on having jnst what, yx>u call f - ;'.- for..Tyb.en you go .to buy Hocd'siSarsa- 1 ' pflirilia,:>the. . — ,_ J: ._..,„ --- ,—,-—. — _. . r -*-**'-^ '''— '^-— «^ — —'-''-'— — . ''V J :.',".'" - '• 'I 1 ,' '.i'li.' •,-'»'"*•'"•

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