The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1953
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 2, 1953 BlA'THEVII.LE-fARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Male Sea Horse Doesn't Know If He's Daddy or Momma By HAL BOYLE HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) — Last notes from a Bermuda scrapbook: One of the world's most unusual husbands lives in the warm sea water here — he doesn't know whether he is the father or the mother in the family. This confused fellowis the male of billions of coral, budding upon sea horse. After mating he receives the eggs from the lady sea horse in a special pouch. He incubates them himself, goes through complex labor pains, and then fives birth to some 200 baby sea horses, each a tiny swimming rep^?a of himself. '"Well, dear, what do you think-of hat?" giggled a young honeymoon wife who heard this story of sea mrse family life during a tour of the aquarium here. "I don't think," replied her husband, "the arrangement will ever lecome popular on dry land." Bermuda, a pleasure resort Is actually a vast graveyard—a marine cemetery made from billions of calcareous skeletons of little sea creatures called coral. Most people think coral is a form of plant life but it is an animal. And Bermuda owes its existence to an odd fact: A baby coral doesn't leave its home. It Hiilds upon its parent's head, and is offspring build on top of it. Beneath tlie ocean surface lies a 15,000-foot volcano that died a mil- ion years ago. It was the action each other through the ages, that raised above the ocean waves the 159 islands that make up Bermuda, and gave it its famous pink sands. Bermuda fact sheet: The islands import 90 per cent of their food supply, including Bermuda onions, which now come from Texas . . . The largest crop here is tourists, followed by lilies, bananas, fish and fresh vegetables . . . Milt is high because cow feed has to be brought over from the mainland . . . Anybody who leaves a shower tap running is Public Enemy Number One: fresh water often must be imported from New York , . Water is in such short supply that house roofs are built pyramid shape to catch and channel the rain into tanks . . . The population is nearing 50,000, about a third white, two thirds colored . . , There is no such thing waters . . . The reefs keep them as R native Bermudian . . . The islands were uninhabited when discovered . . . Mixed into the general population is the blood stream of North American Indians, num- bers of whom once were brought here as slaves . . . Like Ireland and muda has no snakes varieties waters . Hawaii, Ber, Some 14 of sharks cruise its The reefs keep t em away from the bathers (Sharks detest people anyway), but unfortunately don't keep the fishermen from getting at the sharks ... Some older residents tell the weather by shark oil barometers ... By checking: the degree of clearness or cloudiness in a sealed bottle of shark oil they predict whether tomorrow's sky will shine or shower Moonlight swimming is popular and safe, but it has a special hazard . . . Unwary tourists on the way to the water, sometimes twist their ankles tripping over dreaming honeymooners on the darkened beaches , However, nobody but a *cad would try to sue anybody under those circumstances. Frogs die when kept in too dry Dust May Be Causing Disease TEMPLE, Tex. IB—Huge Clauds of dust raised by maneuvering Army tanks may be responsible for the prevalence of two lung diseases In the Fort Hood area. The diseases are coccldioidomy- cosls and histoplasmosis, fungus diseases of the lungs sometimes mltaken for tuberculosis. U. S. Public Health Service officers and members ot the Bell County Health Unit staff are testing school children In the Fort Hood area for presence of the diseases. The State Health department and Bell County Tuberculosis Association are cooperating. "Three fungae (causing the disease) are soil-born organisms," Dr. Harry Prey explained, "and the huge dust clouds caused by tank maneuvers can reasonably be expected to drift over the area, bearing the diseases." Soys World Now Nearer Religion MANILA I/Pi — Dr. E. Stanley Jones, a Methodist missionary and author of several books on social science, says present world conditions have brought peoples all over the world closer to religion. He observed that "the peoples have felt the need for something to live by because the world they a spot, where they cannot replace I live in is so shaky." This situation their fast-evaporating body fluids, but toads longer. can stand the ordeal Administration Gradually iFitting Itself to New Jobs By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower's moderate statement -about the achievements of the Republican party can be taken as a suggestion to both friends and critics of his administration to suspend judgment awhile. At his news conference yesterday he said the Republican party is gradually showing its ability to assume responsibility and carry it out. In using the word "gradually." le seemed to be making a frank admission that his party, in control of the government since last January, has been something less than i ball of fire. At the same time this can be nterpreted as meaning he expects his administration to be judged more on what it does in the future han on what it has done to date. What the Republican-controlled Congress has done in (he past six lonths in the way of legislation as not been much, and not much p shop .for the year. Extreme Judgments: Since so much human .reaction s based on high hope or great isappointment, it is not unusual or judgments to be extreme. I3n- oubtedly there have been extreme udgments already on the first tux nonths of the Republican adminstration: that it has been wonder- ul or that ithns been terrible. Neither at the moment seems air or accurate. The truth probab- lies somewhere between the two xtremes, which is what EisenhoV;- may have had in mind when e refrained from praising or crit- :izing what the Republican Con- ress has done in 1953. Actually, any attempt a fair ap- iraisal of the success or failure the Eisenhower administration will have to wait at least another year. By the time of the 1954 congressional elections the voters should have a pretty clear idea of what the score it. In the first place, there was the problem of the budget. As is customary, President Truman submitted his budget to Congress early in January. In other years, when the President who submitted the budget was going to continue as President, Congress went to work on it at once with its appropriations committees to examine it, try to reduce It, and finally pass the money bills. » This year it was known that El- senhower would have his own people submit, in the short time they had, a budget of their own. Therefore, Congress was delayed several months in considering appropriations. Only one appropriation bill has been passed so far and sent to the White House for signature. Senate Inactive Both houses passed the bill giving states control of the underwater oil off their coasts out to a line still undetermined. And both houses gave the President an extension on limited controls over certain materials. But while the House has passed a statehood for Hawaii bill and a one-year extension of the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act, the Senate has acted on neither. The Senate no doubt will pass the e- ciprocal Trade Act but practically no one expects it to go along with the House on Hawaii statehood. Both houses are expected to extend the excess profits tax for six months. The delay on this was due mainly to one man, a New York Republican, Chairman Daniel A. Reed of the House Ways and Means Committee. That's All And that will probably be all that Congress accomplishes this year. It was a Congress In which the Republicans, who had spent almost 20 years criticizing the Democrats, suddenly found themselves in the position of responsibility and, as Eisenhower pointed out, it took them, time to get used to it. Eisenhower himself in these first six months has also had the problem of adjustment: In the new Job as president and in trying to get along with Congress^He has moved with extreme mildness and caution. Next year Eisenhower and the Republican - controlled Congress will have had plenty of time to fit into their new jobs. What they accomplish next year, or fail to, will be a much truer measure of their worth than what happened In 1853. he said, is specially true in Japan where the ol.i philosophies of life "are going to pieces and giving ,y to modern ways of living." American oil industry by 1967 will be producing about 8,000,000 barrels of crude oil per day and 1,100,000 barrels of natural-gas liquids daily, an increase of about 33 per cent over today's oil production. Bogart Takes Few Swings at 3-D Movies By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (n t>) Humphrey Bop;art, Holly wood's great dissenter, is b«cl in town and dtlivering R bias 1 at 3-D pictures* Bogai't has nn opinion on every thing. He even knocked the Ac« demy Awards after he had receive one for "The African Queen." Jus back from Europe for one picture and getting! ready to leave to Hawaii on another, he said of 3-D films: "I think they stink. They're go ing to vuin the movie business Take a look at the movie »ds ar see all the junk they're puttir., out in the guise of entertainment Men from Mars and all that ba loneyI 'Ii was the same way wh talkies came in. Any picture tha talked could go out and make < mint, no matter how crummy i was. So they just ground out lousy pictures, knowing the gullible pub lie would snap them up. The fiamt guys who cashed in on the talkie craze are doing it now. "As a result, the real creators o the business—the men with last and ability—are left out in the cold They aren't going to tinker wit! these gimmicks. So the quality o pictures is goin<* to Ivt a new low.' "Bij Panic" Bogart said that he and Johi Huston were ready to start thei European venture, "Beat thi Devil," when the 3-D revolution broke out. "We were in Italy when w« reac a copy of Variety telling all abou it.' 'he recalled. "Big panic! Every thing is a crisis to John and he was running around trying to ge one of the new lenses. Finally cooler heads prevailed, and we gho the picture 'flat and black.' "But we got a good picture. : think the public will still buy 'fla ind black' pictures—if they're REBUILT SERVICEABLE EQUIPMENT for DRAINAGE CONTROL and PLANTATION ROAD BUILDING AT MONEY-SAVING PRICES MOTOR and PULL-TYPE GRADERS DRAG-LINES • CRAWLER TRACTORS and other bargain* TOP LINES Backed By Factory Trained SHOP and FIELD SERVICEMEN Call, Writ* or Wlr« ROAD BUILDERS EQUIPMENT COMPAN V 285 E. Calhoun Phone J7-9471 CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR f OR DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE Midsouth Plumbing Supply Co. (WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY) Rear 213-215 W. Walnut Phone 8353 Save! Save! 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It saves you money another way, tool because it's made to last a lifetime, you won't need replacements later. Start your set today! Ideal for gifts tfl flAVC 1 TDIAI *"I"ACTIOM JU UATi I RIAL •UAtANTIID Un for 30 days and If not •atiifitd, rtlurn for refund. LAST DAY JULY 11th At KROGERS ood." While he was in an argumenta- .Ive mood, Bogart added another >last ni Hollywood glamor girls. I rust this does not Include his wife, -jauren Bacall. "They should take a lesson from the European actresses," he Raid scornfully. "Like Gina Lollobrl- gida, who was In our picture. What a doll! That girl can do anything. She can make her own wigs. 1 don't mean just put them on; I mean make them! She can make her own eyelashes too, and she wouldn't think of asking anyone to put on her makeup or costumes. She does it al! herself. Ther'd Faint "Can you Imagine these Hollywood hot-house flowers being asked to do something for themselves? They'd probably faint dead away." Bogart returned to his Hollywood haunts looking fairly healthy—for him. He is ready to hop off again for Hawaii, to film locations of "The Calne Mutiny," in which he'll play the infamous Captain Queeg. During the filming of "Beat the Devil," there were numerous reports of feuds involving himself, Huston, Jennifer Jones, David Selznlck and even Truman Capote, the fashionable writer who was helping with the script. "Nothing to all that talk," Bogart replied. "Jennifer was okay, once we figured how to handle her. She doesn't take a kidding, the way Katie Hepburn would. I'd say, 'This thing is bigger than both of us.' But she wouldn't think it was funny. 'If you're goinj? to talk lilt* that, I'll loave,' she'd reply. "She's a strange girl—shy to the extreme. But it helluva actress. "As for Selznick, he'd send us three-page cablegrams which we would ignore. But he was helpful with some suggestions when he was at the location. 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