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Chicago, Illinois
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REUNION Of KIN a business man pilot, reported he saw an object about five or six weeks ago that apparently was the same as now being investigated. 10 CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNEi Friday, Jus 27, 147 Complete Radio Programs and Highlights for Today" 2 OTHERS TELL OF MYSTERIOUS 'AERIAL TRAIN' Pendleton, June 26 Special Altho spokesmen for the army and LisTeners Choice' SPECIAL 10.00 m. W-G-N un Baker Walton league. 12:30 p. m.

WMAQ Elizabeth Hart, Lt, W. G. Hennlngs. Brand New Army Air Corps Type SUN GLASSES the civil aeronautics administration today expressed skepticism over a flyer's report of seeing a train of nine big mysterious objects whizzing over western Washington at 1,200 miles an hour, persons in two other states disclosed they saw the same strange sight. Meantime, Kenneth Arnold, flying business man of Boise, Idaho, whose reports of seeing the objects at tracted wide attention, clung to his account of the shiny, flat discs, each as big as a DC-4 passenger plane, despite officials doubt.

W. I. Davenport, a Kansas City carpenter, said he was working on a roof yesterday when he saw nine objects flying west shortly after noon. He said they were flying so fast he barely had time to count them before they were gone. In Oklahoma City, Byron Savage, 1:25 WIND Cubs v.

PltUburgh Pirates. Telecast on WBKB. 6:00 W-G-N Dr. Treston Bradley rounds out JO years on W-G-N. 9:00 WENR Boxing Bout from Madison Square) Garden.

I VAH1ETV, COMEDY. AND DRAMA 1:30 p. m. W-G-N Famous Names. Guest: Milton Reynolds.

6 15 W-G-N Telephone Quiz. The answer: Lady Nancy Astor. 7:00 WLS The Fat Man, a Dashlell Hammett mystery. 7:30 W-G-N Leave It to the Girls, with Bill Slater and Ted Malone. M.

8:00 WBBM Arthur's Place, Guest. Benny Goodman. 8:00 WMAQ Theater of Famous Radio Players: Herble Has Courage." 8.: 00 WENR Break the Bank, with Bert Parks, M. C. 8:30 W-G-N Murder at Midnight: "The House That Tlm Forgot." 8:30 WBBM The Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore show.

8:00 WMAQ Mystery Theater presents Talk Them to Death." HCSIC 7:00 p. m. W-45-N Burl Ives sings several sailor songs. 7:00 WMAQ Highways in Melody, with Mac Morgan and Paul Lavalle. "3 00 Grant Park Concert, Leonard Warren, baritone.

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m. Sunday, July 6. There's often poignant drama in reunions the kind of sus-penseful drama that cannot be foretold. Milo Boulton, who sained radio fame as conductor on the We, the People show, will bethe master of ceremonies for these meetings thru which he hopes reconciliations may be brought about and cherished dreams made to come true. The program Idea was tested out recently on a special broadcast made in cooperation with the Society for Crippled Children and Adults.

Thru this program Victor Mature, the movie man, was brought back into touch with a 14 year old hospitalized youngster In Pittsburgh who looked upon him as an idol. They naa met several years ago but he had lost touch with the girl. A portion of the first broadcast will be devoted to the problems of a father who seeks to locate and visit the grave of his war-hero son, reported missing in action in the CBI theater during the war. Boulton hasn't revealed how he Is going to find missing persons and get them In touch with their families, but if he succeeds In doing it the program may have more appeal than the most exciting whodunits. W-G-N will be the local outlet.

In the early days of radio the engineers used to hide the mike in a bowl of flowers, lest speakers be frightened by it. Somebody remembered that over at ABC and hopes that by concealing this trade mark of radio he may gather some lively material for a new show to be called the Candid Microphone, which Is to be introduced at 6:30 p. m. tomorrow. The idea Is that by concealing the mike the radio reporter may be better able to capture spontaneous reactions of persons in many walks of life.

A street Interview may be set up with a mike hidden under a lapel. In an arm sling, or. under a scarf. In an office or home it may be hidden under the paraphernalia on the desk, under the rug, or in the chandelier. A half dozen recorded vignettes will be aired on each show.

A wire recorder will be used to obtain the dialog and in order to provide an entertaining sequence extensive editing is con templated. Candid Microphone will require some censoring, possibly, since words not suitable for airing might have to be blotted out. This is a problem encountered by WBKB in its telecasts of the wrestling matches. Some of the ring talk is not suitable for family ears and this puzzler is met by pulling the mike level down so that the words cannot be understood. On the ABC show.

since it is wire recorded, the objec tionable matter can be eliminated by cutting the wire and splicing it. (Man on right) GETS 90 DAYS FOR ABANDONING BABY IN DEPOT Mrs. Valleta Wilmink, 25, of 20 E. Grand av yesterday was sentenced by Judge John R. McSweeney in Domestic Relations court to 90 days in the Bridewell for allegedly abandoning her 19 month old hnby son in the Union station last Saturday.

She admitted in court that she had taken the baby and left her home in Huntington, W. Va, in anger at her husband, Charles, because he had broken up her affair with another man. Wilmink also was in court and was freed on a charge of disorderly conduct. He said afterward he will take his wife back to Huntington when she finishes the sentence. this coupon today! -i I I I LaSalle Chicago 90 obligation, your Saving-by-Mail Folder.

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je- Peggy Ann Garner, who will be starred as the possessor of "The subtle loucn in a drama on Hollywood Theater at 9:30 to night on W-G-N. 4:30 W-O-ff Baker's Spotll.hl. WMAQ Just Plain Bill CNJ. WBBM Treasury Bandstand (CJ. WCFL News; First la Fsvor.

WLS New report. WIND News; Tommy Dorsey. 4:45 W-G-N Quaker City Serenade MJ. WMAQ Front Pag Farrell NJ. WBBM Gold Coast.

WKNR Dick Tracy fAJ. WIND Benny Goodman. 0 W-G-N Adventare Parade r4J. WKNR Terry and the PIratea AJ. WMAQ Don Elder, news reports.

WCFL Teen on the Air. WBBM New report. WIND News; Charlie Kplvak. WILL Music of the Masters. Rosemary Wayne fcplns.

01 WMAQ News reporta. 5:15 W-G-N fiapeiman, aerial MJ. WKNR Sky King (A I. WBBM Serenade by Searle. wmaq Dave Garroway show.

WJJD FourFour Time. WIND Melody Matinee. 8:30 W-G-N Hop Harrlsan. WENR Jack Armstrong, (erlal AJ. WBBM New report.

WCFL News: Xavler Cugat, WEAW North Shore news. WJJD Rosemary Wayne Spins. WIND Band of the Week. 5:45 W-G-N Tom Mis, serial (MJ. WBBM Robert Trout, news ICJ.

WENR Tennessee Jed A. wmaq John Holt man, news reports. WCFI Malcolm Claire. WIND Man Who Cam to Supper. EVENING W-G-N rir.

Freston Bradley. WGNB Fulton Lewi new. WCFL New report (A). WMAQ Jim Blade and Ilia Music 0 wbbm News reports. WLS News reports.

WIND News: Sweet and Solid. WJJD Bob Elson. WENR Ted Malone TAJ. 6:15 W-G-N Telephone Quia. WGNB Dinner concert.

WCFL Elmer Davis, new A J. WBBM Sportralta. WMAQ News of the World NJ. WLS Arthur C. Psge.

WJJD Swing, Sweet and Spicy. 6:30 W-G-N Henry 1. Taylor MJ. WBBM Round Oft A J. WLS The Lone Ranger TAJ.

WMAQ Skip Farrell, baritone Nl. WJJD Winnie the Wave. WCFlr Newa; Dance Parade. WIND Bert Wilson. WCRW Around the Town.

WAAF Jlvln' with Jack Cooper. 6:45 W-G-N Inside ports Ml. WMAQ H. V. Kaltenoorn NJ.

WIND Dinner Serenade. WJJD Broadway Rhythm. WCFL Music for Men; talk. 0 W-O-N Barl Ires Ml. WGNB (tymphonle concert.

WMAQ Highways In Melody INJ. WBBM Hawk Larabee CI. WIND News; Music tor Evertbody. WCFL New report. WBBM The Little Show.

WJJD Bob McLaln quintet. WLS The Fat Man (AJ. 7:15 W-G-N Holly Hnaae MJ. WCFL Frank Sinatra. WJJD Blng Crosby.

7:20 WIND Musical program; new. 7i30 W-O-N Leave It to the Oirla MJ. WMAQ Story for Tonight (Nj. WBBM The Little Show TCJ. WCFL Wag and Needle club.

WLS ThU Is Your FBI (AJ. WJJD News: Ranch Bouse. WIND Cub news. 7:45 wind Time to Remember. wbbm News reports.

0 W-O-N Gabriel Heatter, news Ml. WGNB Grant Park Concert. WMAQ Theater of Radio Players WCFL New report. WBBM Arthur' Place CJ. WIND Newa.

Parade of Star. WENR Break the Bank fAJ. Wjjd Supper Frolic to 10 p. m. WCFL Sorrowful Mother Novena.

8:15 W-O-N Stories from Real Life MJ. WGNB Slnfnnletta. WIND Les Brown, new. 8:30 W-G-N Murder at Midnight. WMAQ Walts Time IN.

I WBBM Durante-Moore show CJ. WENR The Sheriff tAJ. WIND Arlington Park Race. 8:45 WGNB Waltses from Classic. WIND Casa Rhumb.

0 W-G-N Dick Jnrgens' orchestra. WGNB Symphonic hoar. WCFL Labor Flashea. WMAQ Mystery Theater NJ. WIND News: Bert Wilson.

WBBM It Pays to Be Ignorant CJ. WENR Boxing Bout A. 8:15 WCFL G. I. Bill of Rights.

WIND Symphonic hour. 9:30 W-G-N Hollywood Theater. WENR Sport Program A J. WBBM My Friend Irma CCJ. WMAQ Sports Newsreel NJ.

WCFL Roller Derby. WEFM Composers' hour. 9:45 WIND Symphonic hour. WMAQ Edward F. Blake INJ.

WCFL Music 1 Crte. Television Programs WBKB 1:25, Baseball: Cub v. Pittsburgh Pirates; 7:30, TelehaU; 7:45. Film, short subjects: 8:00 The Cordons; 8:30. Film, short subjects; 8:00.

Boxing from Madison Athletic dub. MM Sold at moeb kicker price) Ik! Lteref Can). 4 GREEN 3 CLEAR 2 AMBER PNEUMATIC FLOAT a STATE. CHICAGO'S LARGEST SURPLUS OUTLET STORE STATE STREET Saturday and Moadoy till 9 F. M.

'C-1 CHICAGO rKEQl'ENClES W-O-W 70 WJJD 1160 FM WIND 560 IU-50 WMAO-670 WBBM 70 AIT 30 WLNR K0 Ui 0 wcru iooo MB1-1110 WJOB 1330 WKDC 1340 V.SBC 1240 WCRW 1340 WJOL-1340 WMRO-1310 WGES-13SO WMC 1450 VbMI 4S.9 ji4 98. WEFM 45.1 and 08.5 WHHM U9.3 WBKZ 44.5 WEAW 104.3 and 98 9 WEHS 100. Prorram Ultra In renlTal daylight -ftnc tlm. M) Iridic si i-s MBS, IN NBC. ICJ CBS, -Ud (AJ AKO.

MORNING W-O-N rirm hoar an KW. A MAO Prayer: Early Bird. BBM The Country Hour. WLS Smlle--While lhow. WIND Early Bird Rhythm.

WJJD Brrasfast Frolic to 7 a. Ba, WIND CoOee Pot Parade. W-O-w Ola Tim Maste. WMAQ Ed Alln. ncva report.

WBBM Paul Gibson. WCFL Revtlll wltil Robert. WLS Farm newi. WIND Newi: Pawn Serenade. 43 WV.AQ Town and Farm program.

WLS Mom In devotions. WIND Mnrnuil Salute. SO V-N Farae aervtre. WLS Mac and Bob. WCFL News; Revellltp with Robert.

WIND New; Wake Up Mualc WBBM Paul Clbaon. new. 1.45 W-G-N Morning new. WMAQ New report. WLS Newa reports.

WIND Yawn PatroL 01 W-O-N Iteeord ctevellle. BBS New of the World (CI. I'CFL Martin Agronskv. sew lAj. MAQ Norman Rom (bow.

WL5 The Rage Rider. WAIT Variety Time. WLND Newa; Mualral New Review. WJJD The Alarm Clock. w-i-l Newa Bulletins.

WBBM Newa reporta. WCFL Halloween Martin program. WLS Rex Allen end Range Riders. W-G- Record Reveille In n. WJJD Wake Up.

Chicago. WBBM Musical Clock. WEFM Musical Salute. WLS Mac and Bob. WJJD New reporta.

WSBC Viennese Melodic. WCFL BUI Hamilton, new reports. WJJD Eddl Lamar. WBBM Musical Clock. WLS Ervin Lewis, new.

WAAF The Family hour. WMAQ Clifton Utley; new report. W-0-N Robert F. Harlelgn, news. WMAQ Your Neighbor program.

WCFL. WLS Breakfast Club IAJ. WBBM New reporta. WIND Newa: Annlvrrsary Club. WGES New In Polish.

WJJD Ernie Simon show to 10 15 vv -f i- I Test Baker, singer. WBBM Cold Coast Rhythm. an WIND Musical Time. 0 W-O-N Happy Birthday. WMAO Norman Rosa.

WBBM Paul Gibson program. WIND News; Record Stii'P. Wishing Hell. WMAQ New report. Housewives' program.

WBBM Newa report. W-O-N inimwt Allen, news. fCt WMAQ Katie's Daurhter (Nl I wbbm Shopping wild MISSUS. w. WLS My True Story I A I.

WAAF New; Csnsry rrende, WCKL linn Burton Spotlight. WIND News: Mart the Day Right. WAIT Tmio lor Today. IL1-For Von at Horns. 13 4- fpn.

at WMAQ Nelson Olmsted. WHHM Life. Love, and Louis. WCKL-Coffee And. WIND Dick Jurgens.

J5 WLS Hvmns of All Churehe 9: tO W-fi-JI Stay It With Mssle (Ml. WMAQ Hoad of Lite, aerial IN. WBBM Kvelyn Winter's Romance ICJ WrFL Radio Courtroom. WIND News: Bins Stags, WAAF Bin Crosby. 9:45 WMAQ Joyce Jordan.

M. D. IN J. WBBM David Harum (CJ. WAAF Music that Bint.

WLS LUtentng Post A J. W-O-w Jane Baker. WMAQ Fred Waring show NJ. WBBM Arthur Godfrey fCl. WLS Breakfast in Hollywood WIND News; Song Serenade.

WJJD Music lrom Hollywood. WCFL New report. WAAF Newt; musical program. 1 0: 1 5 WCFL Jack Smith. W-fr-N Mnrl'i Dealrw (Ml.

wbbm Grand Slam (CI. WMAQ Jack Berch show. WLS Galen Drake I A I. WCFL Don Artiste, pianist. WIND News; Jark Fin.

WAIT Ring Crosby records; newa. WJJD Perry Como. WAAF Hot Club of Chicago, 10:45 WMAQ Lore Lawton (Nj. WBBM Rosemary serial ICJ. WLS News reports.

WCFL Ted Malone. WLND Margaret Whiting. WJJD Freddie Martin. W-G-N Kate Smith Speaks fMl. Parade ef Melody to 6 p.

m. WBBM Wendy Warren, news tC, WLS Kenny Baker show (A. WMAQ Food Magician. wjjd News: All Time Hit Parade. WCFL News: Pat Gleason.

WIND News: Music by Martin. 11:15 W-VN Victor H. Llndlahr Ml. WBBM Aunt Jenny's Stories ICJ, WCFL Man Bites Record. WMAQ Echoes of the Tropic INJ.

11:30 W-G-N fpener Allen, news. WMAQ Musical Mllkwagon. WBBM Romance of Helen Trent tCJ ties Alien ana itange Kiaers. WIND News; Songs by Sinatra. WAIT Stella White Streamliner.

WCFL CUB Edwards. WAAF Here' to Vetern. 11:45 W-fi-N Name Gam Oals. WBBM Our Gal, Sunday rCJ. WCFL Don Artiste, pianist.

WLS Rounding Up the World. AFTERNOON W-O-N I et's Rave Fan. WLS Farm News nd Market. WCFL New report (AJ. WMAQ New report.

WBBM Big Sister (CJ. WAAF Symphonic hour. WIND Newa reports; Gratefully Tour, wjjj waits iime. WEFM Noon Time Serenade. WAIT D'Artega Present.

Ma Perkln ICJ. WCFL Nancy Craig (A). WMAQ Tune and Tip. WJJD Off the Record. W-G-N Farmer's Market reporter.

WMAQ Elizabeth Hart Presents. WBBM Young Dr. Malone (CI, WLS Dinner Bell Tune. WIND New: Luncheon Melodies. WCFL Sentimental Bide.

WJJD Blng Crosby. 11:45 Wft heckerboard Jamboree, WBBM Guiding Light I CI. WJJD Modrn Melody Time. WCFL Serenade program. WIND Date with a Star.

WMAQ Believe It or Not TNI. W-G-N Uaeen for Day (Ml. WMAQ Today's Children IN I. WCFL Kternan'i News Comer fAJ wbbm The Second Mr. Burton IC wnu-News; Baseball qui.

WLS Julian Bentley, news. WJJD Ernie Simon show. 1:15 WMAQ Woman In White (NJ. WBBM Perry Maaon. aerial CJ.

WIND Dugout Interviews. WCFL Ethel and Albert (A J. WLS Kay Howard. 1-55 WIND Cub Pittsburgh Pirates. 1:37 WMAQ Maaquerade IN J.

1:30 W-O-N Fasaoas Names. WBBM Lone Journey CJ. WLS Bride and Groom (A, WCFL Woody Herman. 1:40 WMAQ Betty Crocker (NJ. -4- edrlc roster, new.

WBBM Rose of My Drem WCFL Andrew Sisters. WMAQ Light ol the World tci. NJ. W-G-N Meet the Stan. WMAQ Lite Can Be Beautiful.

WCFL News: Musical program. WJJD Dugout Interview. WBBM The Troubadour. WLS Ldie. Be Seated IAJ.

WSBC Rug Cutter. W-G-N Dr. George W. Crarte. WMAQ Ma Perkln.

serial INJ. WBBM News reports. WCFL Don Artiste, pianist. WJJD Red Sox vs. Washington.

or araise. wmaq Pepper Young's Family WBBM Editor' Daughter. WLS Ted Malone" program. WCFL Ton In Town. 1:45 W-G-N Jackie Hill ahaw (MJ.

WMAQ Right to Happlnesa (NJ. WBBM Linda' First Love. aerial. WCFL Bell Ringers. WLS Beulah Karney.

0 W-G-N stoker F. Harletgh. new. WMAQ Backstage Wife INJ. WBBM Hint Hunt ICJ.

WKNR AFL how. WCFL New reports. WAIT Singing string. WLS The Wee Win. :1 v--N Melody Memoa.

WMAQ stel.a Daiia. serial (NJ. WBBM News; Psrade program. WCFL Eddy Hanson, organist. WLS Hollywood Studio Tour (A, I 30 W-G-N Holland Engle show.

WMAQ Lorenio Jones, aerial INJ, WLS Martha and Helen. WBBM Give and Take (CJ. WIND Musical Scoreboard. :45 WMAQ Young Wldder Brown NJ. WIND The Miller Band.

WCFL Is Quit 0 W-G-N Pa.l Neilssn. aews. WLS Memories In Music WMAQ When a Girl Marries fNJ. WBBM Paul Gibson program. wjji Baseball Scoreboard.

WIND News; Spike Jones. WCFL Music Lovers' Matinee. 4:15 W-G-N Norrlty Shop. WMAQ Portia Fce Ufa NJ. WIND Jimmy Dorsey.


Comdr. J. A. Thvedt and with Nlcolai Malko conductor, and News Broadcasts MORNING 6:00 WMAQ 8:45 WBBM 10:00 WCFL 6:30 WCFL 8:00 W-G-N 10.30 WIND 6:45 W-G-N 9:00 WIND 10:45 WLS 7:00 WBBM 9:00 WAAF 11:00 WIND 8:00 W-i-N 9:30 WIND 11:30 VV-G-N AFTERNOON 12:00 WMAQ 12:30 WIND 1:00 WCFL 2:00 WCFL 2:15 WBBM 3:00 WCFL 5:00 WMAQ 5:00 WBBM 5:45 WMAQ 4:00 W-G-N 4:30 WCFL EVENING 6:00 WGNB 7:00 WCFL 11:00 W-G-N 6:00 WLS 8:00 W-G-N 11:00 WMAQ 6:00 WCFL 10:00 WBBM 11:15 W-G-N 6:30 W-G-N 10:00 WCFL 12:00 WIND 6:45 WMAQ 10:30 W-G-N 1:00 W-G-N W-G-N Rw the Story Goes, WGNB Evening Musical. WMAQ The Supper Club NJ.

WBBM Lowell Thomas ICJ. WKNR Paul Harvey, new. WCFL New report. WIND New; ABC Club. WGES Italian Varieties.

10:13 W-G-N Gay claridg' orchestra. WBBM Jack Smith CI. WMAQ Kleve Klrby. news. WENR Herble Mints.

WCFL Music Lovers' Drosram. 10:30 W-G-N Paul Nellson, newa. WMAQ Frank Parker show. WENR Rhythm at Rndom. WBBM Bob Elson on Century.

10:43 W-i-N Jack Brirkhonse. sports. WMAQ Howdy, Mr. Lincoln. WBBM Soorta Final.

10:55 WBHM May wood Park Race. W-O-N New; Maslral Notes. wmaq Myron Wallace, new. WIND News; dancing Party. WBBM Reporta from Washington CJ.

WCFL Concert Hall. WENR Newa of Tomorrow. 11:15 W-G-N Fulton Iwts new. WMAQ Don Elder, sports. WKNR Henry Brandon's oreh.

AJ. WBBM Stan Kenton's orchestra. 11:20 WIND The Bandstand. 11:30 W-G-N IHck Jursena' orchestra. WMAQ World's Great Novels.

WCFL Eddy Hanson, organist. WENR Jack Jlna's orchestra. WBBM Billy Bishop's orchestra. WIND Music till Mldnlrht. 11:45 W-G-N Ray Pearl's orchestra.

wenr Wsmer Trio. WBBM Billy Bishop' orchestra. W-G-N David Le Winter's orchestra. WBBM Matinee at Midnight. WMAQ 11 SO Club.

WIND News: Nite Wstch to 6:30 a. m. WENR Musical Caravan. 12:1 5 W-G-N Bruno Delson's orchestra. 12:30 W-G-N George Olscn' orchestra.

WENR Fireside Thought. 1:00 W-G-N New report. ON SHORT WAVES The North American service of the BBC from London Includes the following program today: The frequencies In megacycles employed after 4:15 p. m. are 18.13.

15.28. 15.31. 11.80, 8.82, ana 0.62. 4:45 p. new: 5:55 n.

new analysis: 6:30 p. Rsdlo Newsreel; 9:30 p. news; 9:38 p. Tomorrow's London papers. CHEZ PAREE PAIR GET COPACABANA FOR RESTAURANT Mike Fritzel and Joe Jacobson, owners of the Chez Paree, took over the bankrupt Copacabana night club at 201 N.

State st. yesterday, and announced later that they would convert it into a restaurant. It will be called the Mike Fritzel. The club, opened last September by Sam Rinella, was sold for $45,000 at a bankruptcy auction two days ago to Israel Perlman, owner of the building in which it is housed. Jacobson and Fritzel purchased the club's assets, and negotiated a 20 year leasee with Perlman.

Jacobson said that the new restau rant will be remodeled and redeco rated at a cost of $50,000, and will open for business on or about Sept 15. There will be no music or entertainment. Amofig many innova tion will be portable phones which can rje attached to any table or booth. Motorists Gawk as Auto of 1909 Balks on 'Hill Motorists on Lake Shore dr. rubbed their eyes yesterday and gawked as two employes of the Sci ence museum drove a 1909 Sears car, a snappy two cylinder job, from the museum to Evanston, where it will beTepainted and lent to the American Legion for their Fourth of July pageant in Soldiers field, The car, one of the more than 200 owned by Maj.

Lenox Lohr, presi dent of the museum, had trouble getting over the hill at North av. GERMAN NURSE HANGED HAMBURG. Germany, -June 38 I Reuters! vera saivequart, last of the 11 persona fenced to death laat February for their Dart In the atrocities at the Ravensbruck women' concentration camp, wa hanged today at Hamelln. where (he was a nurse. She wss found guilty of giving lethal Injection to hospital pauenis.

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