The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1953 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1953
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JULY I, 19M BtYTHETILLS CAM.)' COURIER ?AGB BLliVEN British People Stand Ready To Lose a Powerful Leader WASHINGTON (AP) long it was hard to accept the his clock was running down. Information from Britain about his condition has been vague. Fatigue, it was said. So he may improve and return to his duties. Or he may not. And if he does not 'W-he English-speaking people have TOSt a rallying-point and a shield. He had stood equally indomitable against the darkness of fascism and the medievalism o£ communism. In his own eloquence and courage he symbolized the British character. Symbol of Humanity More than that he symbolized the indestructible and unterrorized human character which rises to its fullest development in a free society, for .which Churchill fought against the enslaving tyranny of right and left. He was a genius, born in an island which has produced more than its share of geniuses who had character and courage and eloquence. But the vitality of any nation is not unlimited. History is full of nations which lost theirs. It is possible that a great man, by sheer force of will and leadership, can pull a whole people, even a tired people, up to a height, unity and determination they could not have achieved without him.- It is also possible that a man who appeared to be providing ^supreme'leadership, like Churchill, was only reflecting the tremendous BT JAMES MARLOW - Sir Winston Churchill had been at the heart of the world so sudden news that he had to take a month's rest, which meant Ship-to-Ship Conversation TOKYO (fP) — This happened off North Korea June 23 but the Navy did not make the incident public Until today. The u. S. destroyers Gurke and Endicott and the Canadian destroyer HMS Athabaskan had wrecked two locomotives and strings of rail cars when enemy shore batteries punched what the Navy described as "a neat little hole" in the Gurke's fantall. and set off the following conversation : Athabaskan to Gur'- a '"^irry you got kicked in the backside." Gurke to Athatbas..a.,: 'Now everyone will know which way we were going when we got hit." Endicott to Athabaskan : "Don't you think that patch on the Gurke!s rear end look slike an advertisement for bandaids?" Athabaskan: "Nothing like a kick In the pants to pep one up.'" will of his people who gave him popular support because he so truly represented them. How much of Britain's achievements these past 14 years was due to Churchill and how much to the British people themselves may remain one of the unanswered questions of history. Answer May Come The answer may be found If Churchill cannot return to his old position of leadership. For that would be a test of the British people. He was such a towering figure no one of his stature is in sight to take his place. The British people must find from among themselves new and younger leadership. If they still have their great and ancient vitality undiminished it will prove itself in their ability, under new leadership, to retain their stability in a fast-changng world and even prosper ihrough the changes. In Churchill's lifetime the British fought two world wars, saw their empire fall apart and themselves descend from a truly No. 1 world power to a power second to that of the United States and Russia. Chaos Avoided Still, as a people, they remained intact, avoided chaos and confusion, and stood firm against the two powers, Germany and Russia, which they knew would have destroyed the freedom they had spent centuries obtaining. The post-Churchill leadership, to popular support. But what direction be successful at all, must have will it take: Lett or tight? Churchill is leader of the Conservative party, which had been beaten by the Labor party after the war and ever since Churchill's Conservatives beat them the last time, the Laborites have considered themselves out of power only temporarily. The Labor party itself is split Into factions, one wanting Britain linked to the U. S., the other less friendly in this direction. If Churchill should not return to his place at the head of the government, his Conservatives will run the country. Perhaps the first test of where the people want to go will be at the next British elc- tions. Seek to Bar Reds from Guild HOLLYWOOD (« — A proposed by-law would ban Communists from membership in the Screen Actors Guild. Directors of the guild announced last night they have unanimously approved the by-law and it is being submitted to the membership. They said the guild is condemning "in the strongest possible terms' members who have been named as past or present Communist party members and who have refused to answer questions regarding membership before Congressional committees. Pusey Didn't Vote for Joe, Sooo ... McMurroy Gets Wife's Estate LOS ANGELES «>) _ Actor Fred MacMurray will inherit most of the estate of his wife Lillian, \vrio died June 22 after a long illness. Her will, filed for probate yesterday. left her personal effects and her share of community property to her husband; $100 each to two brothers, Milford and Beauford Wehmhoener, and $2,500, payable at the rate of $100 monthly, to two sisters, Mrs. Naomi T. Levy and Mrs. Viola G. McKenzie. The only value given in the probate petition was an estimate that the California real property would yield an income of S2.0CO a year. WASHINGTON (/P)—Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) says Dr. Nathan Pusey, new president of Harvard University, "has neither learned nor forgotten anything since he was a freshman in college." "I do not think Pusey is or has been a member of the Communist party," McCarthy said in a letter to Ncal O'Hara, Boston Traveller columnist, made public yesterday. But he said the new university head was among those whose "Hatred and contempt appear to be infinitely greater for those who effectively expose and Injure the Communist cause" than for Communists themselves. McCarthy conceded that he. might "not be entirely unbiased" about the educator, who formerly headed Lawrence College in the senator's home town of Apple ton, Wis., because Pusey fought his re-election to the Senate. At Applcton, Pusey commented: "When McCarthy's remarks about me are translated it means only—I didn't vote for him." TOOTHSOME PRIZE - The [spirit of .adventure paid off in llots of thrills and a real prize 'for Larry Cokenower, left, and Walter Myers, both of Wheeling, 111. Using a snare-pole with a wire loop, they caught a four-and-one-hajf-foot alligator in the Des Plaines River. For Better Plumbing, SfLfCT CRANE & STANDARD FIXTURES Earl Walker numbing & Gut Fitting 418 South Like rhoM SSM Lili Strips Off Second Spouse HOLLYWOOD W)—Lili St. Cyr, noted for getting rid of her clothes, plans now to shed her second husband. The blonde strip-tease dancer, presently completing a movie role, said yesterday she will obtain a Nevada divorce from Armand Orsini, New York restaurateur, whom she wed three years ago. "We get along well enough, but Armand wants to stay in New York and operate his Italian coffee shop," said Lilt. "I guess we just drilled apart." Her first husband, actor Paul Valentine, obtained a divorce in 1949, complaining that "everyone in the country saw more of her than I did." four-Y ear-Old Girl Is Scalped by Tractor CADILLAC, Mich. WP> — Four- year-old Sonta Poggi of Marne, Mich., was scalped yesterday when her long hair caught in the mechanism of a tractor. She was watching her grandfather make hay at Monton, 11 miles north of here. Physicians at Cadillac Mercy Hospital said the child was in fail- condition. CASH BOX—David Whitman, left, and William House, Kansas City. Kan., antique dealers, bid $1000 for the contents of an old house in Lawrence It was accepted by the bank administering the estate Checking through the place, thej found, under an old sevvinj machine, the small woodci chest they hold. It contained neat bundles of cash, totaling $19.090. They turned the find over to the bank. OWN YOUR HOME! Some Builders Build Just- Houses, But We Have Built You a Home! .' THREE beautiful Brick homes to choose from. Built of the Tcry best materials throughout. Large Lifetime Geneva kitchens. Forced Air Central heating systems. Partially Air Conditioned. Tiled Baths, equipped with American Standard colored fixtures. Insulated walls and ceilings. These houses have 2 bedrooms and den or can be used conveniently as 3 bedrooms. Car ports or attached garage. Large landscaped lots on paved streets. Located at 504 llardin Street,, 1104 & 1108 North Fifth Street In Country Club Area Addition. Open for Inspection Sunday 2 to. 6 P.M. Week days by appointment. See or Call Johnny Marr or Russell Marr Realtors and Builders Phone 4111 Res. Phone 2596 The Best Family Reference Work Available is: WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Parents: The lime to answer their questions Is the time they are asked. Can you do it easily? Do you have an up-to-date, pictorial set to refer to? -They soon learn to look up their own answers with WORLD BOOK. Order it now to give them confidence! Bill Palton A. A. Adam* CALL Blythevill* Osceola 8890 836 JUNE GRADUATE - Typical of te^g-agers of mixed ancestry in Hawaii is Helene Robertson of Honolulu. Her ancestor* include Hawaiian!, Dutch. Irish, Spanish and Scottish. She was graduated this month from Punahou school in Honolulu. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Louise Cranick, Ptf. vs. No. 12428 Orrin Edward Cranick, Dft. The defendant, Orrin Edward Cranick. is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Louise Cranick. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1953. Geraldine Liston, Clerk By Laverne Ball, D. C. Percy A. Wright, atty for plf. Claude F. Cooper, atty a& iitem 6i25 7|l-8-15 Price of SoJa Pop Going Up In Many of Arkansas' Towns .. By The Associated Press The price of soft drinks was on the Increase in Arkansas today as many bottlers of soda pop boosted their prices to meet rising operating costs. Many of the manufacturers raised the wholesale price on a case of 24 bottles from 80 to 96 cents — or from 3 and third to 4 cents a bottle. Retailers hit by the boost were expected to pass it along to their customers by adding a penny to each bottle. Bottlers in some major cities- Little Rock, Blytheviile, Texarkana, Hot Springs and Pine Bluff- were refusing to increase their prices on the traditional nickel drink. On the other hand, bottlers in Hot Springs and Texarkana who serve a 7-county area in extreme Southwest Arkansas were reported boosting the price there while holding the line at home. The price Increase came to light yesterday when a Hot Springs bottler. Bill Bundy, said the boosts would take effect today in Howard, Sevier, Hempstead. Polk, Montgomery, LaPayette and Pike Counties. Price Went Up But an Associated Press survey indicated that the increases actually first started taking hold last Aug. 25, when the wholesale price of all drinks except Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper went up to 96 cents in Columbia, Ouachita. Calhoun, Bradley, Dallas and Union Counties. The increase hit Ft. Smith today, along with the 7-county area in i Southwest Arkansas. I Bottlers were quick to defend the higher prices. "It's a natural thing for a bottler to raise his price to six cents," said one manufacturer. "I don't see why anyone should get excited about it. Everything else has gone up." A Little Rock bottler who de- clined to be quoted by name — and who hasn't raised his price — said GO per cent of the bottlers throughout the nation are selling their product at more than 80 cents a case. "They haven't lost any business by doing it, either," he added. The bottler said the Industry's costs have increased us much as 150 per cent on some items, and not less than 50 per cent on all costs. None in Blytheviile • Still .some bottlers held the line at 80 cents, and those in Blythcville added that they didn't contemplate any immediate price boosts. The sales manager of the Coca- Cola company in Little Rock, which serves 25 counties, declined to comment on the price increases. One distributor for "Coke." Forrest Wilson of Nashville, said, however, that he was increasing his price, and added: "It's got to the point where the price had to go up or the bottlers couldn't make any money. We tried to hold out as long as we could." Bundy predicted that the price increase soon would "cover the .state." lie said the boosts were the first for the industry in its Arkansas history WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba iDstriet, Mississippi County, Arkansas. > Jewel Mansell, Ptf. vs. No. 12420 Jack H. Mansell. Dft. The defendant, Jack H. Mansell, is hereby warned to appear within thirty clays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer -the complaint of the plaintiff. Jewel Mansell. Dated this 8 day of June. 1953. Geraldine Listen, Clrt By Laverne Ball, D. C. C, P. Cooper, atty. for ptf. Ed B. Cook, atty. ad litem. 6110-17-24-7.1 Glldlnc ind goirlnf Gliding indicates a flight where one glides from a high elevation to a lower one, whereas soaring means sustained flight where altitude abov» the takeoff, point Is maintained. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Nine building permits were issued by the City Engineer's office last week including one for the construction of a new service station building at Chapman's Service Station at Main and Division. The new concrete block building, valued at $28,000, will replace the present structure. Other permits granted were for: six-room frame residence at 901 South 14th Street, J. T. O'Steen, valu $1.000; car port at 700 Hardtn Street, Mrs. Harry Lewis, value $2,500; one room outbuilding to be used as a hen house at 628 North llth Street, Joe Johnson, value $100; one- room addition to residence at 917 Pecan Street, Earl Nail, value $1.000; one room addition to residence at 1032 South 16th Street, Nancy Malone, value $500; six-room r«»ldence on North Der.nie, William D. Murphy, value, $1,800; one-room addition to residence at 1013 Dennle. James Curry, value $140; four^roorn residence at on Basin Street, O. S. Kolllson, value $2.000. Real estate transfers filed last week: Nathan and Virginia Devers to Russell K. Marr. for $10 and other considerations and subject to indebtedness, west half of Lot 7, and all of Lot 8, Block 4, Highland Place Addition. Hildred and Utopia Bunch to Mildred Bunch Ramey an undivided one-third interest and to Neta Bunch an undivided two-thirds interest, $10. Lot 5, SB quarter of Sec. 34-T16N-R11E. Virgie Bedford to Kizzie JenKrr.s, for $1 and other considerations. Lot 1, Block 3, Wilson's Second Addition. Magnolia Courts, Inc., to Walter J. and Wanda' Wright, for $1 and assumption of first mortgage loan, Lot 3, J. W. Bader Addition. B. J. and Martha Louise Allen to Luther N. and Sybol Nail, for $10 and other considerations, Lot 6, Block 3, Willie Beasley Subdivision. Board of Directors St. Francis Levee District to Charles Rose, for $10, Lots 1 and 6, supplemental survey of Sec. 2-T14N-R8E. Ervie White to Rex D. Warren, for $200, Lot, 4, Block 4, Witeon's First Addition. Ida Rhodes to Eunice Lancaster Young, for $20, part of Lot 6, Block 5, Davis Second Addition. COTTON PICK SACKf LOOK FOR THt SACK WITH THE BEMIS CUT TRADEMARK. AVAILABtE IN DUCK, ASPHALT BOTTOM AND OUR NEW PLASTIC BOTTOM. OUR PLASTIC BOTTOM 1AO MAS SEEN FULLY FIELD TESTED AND WILL OUTLAST THREE OR MORE REGULAR DUCK BAGS. EACH TYPE IS STOCKED IN ALL SIZES REGULAR OR WITH HDOKEYE. Atanuftuturtcf By BEMIS BRO. BAG CO. MEMPHIS 3, UNU. For Sale By ALL LEADING JOBBERS More people drive -I- J_ .FORD V"8's than all of her Vos combined AND IT'S STIU THE ONLY V-8 IN THI LOW-PRICE FIELD! No other engine in the world liis enjoyed so much popularity as Ford's power-packed high-oMmpression V-8. Today, 4 out of every 5 V-8'j are Ford V-8's. A»d while oilier makers are scampering to catch up, Ford and Fwd alona offers a V-8 in the low-price field . . . and for hundreds of dollars less titan most sixes. FORD'S V-8 tS THE SAME TYPE OF ENGINE AMERICA'S COSTLIEST CARS ARE SWINGING TO! Six more makers in the last live years alone linvc switched to V-8 power in their most expensive models. Vet Ford's been offering this same type of V-8 power for over 20 years! What's more, Ford gives you your choice of Fordomatic, Overdrive or Conventional Drive—the widest choice of drives in the low-price field! •FORD'S BUILT OVER 13 MILLION V-8 Fifty Years Forvard on lAc American Road FORD'S V-8 GIVES MORE "GO" PER GALLON! Whether you choose Ford's 110-h.p. V-8 or the 101-h.p. Mileage Malcer Six, your engine lives on a lean diet. For both offer the gas savings of Ford's exclusive Automatic Power Pilot which squeezes the last drop of power out of every drop of gas . . . "regular" at that! See and Value Check all 41 of Ford's "Worth Mores" and you'll agree Ford's worth mor« when you buy it, worth more when you sell it. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone 4453 Broadway & Chickasawba

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