The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1953
Page 12
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PAGE TEN BL1TITEVHLK (ATUt) COURIER NEWI WEDNESDAT, JULY 1, 1953 Movie Scientist Says Space Travel Is Just Question of Time By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Off we go into the wild space yonder. . . That theme song may not be far off, according to experts who are working on a filrr about space flight. One of them is Dr. Konrad Ruttuer, scientist who researched the efi'ec of heat and cold on pilots for Germany during the war. Now a researcher at UCLA on th> human aspects of space travel, he comments: "The advent, of space (ravel is only a matter of how much money \ve want to spend to achieve it. The principles are established; now il is strictly a matter of dollars and engineer ins. Space travel stands at the same place where the atom bomb was in 1940. Scientists know it can be done." Dr. Buuner has been advising on the technical aspects of "Riders to the Stars," which producer Ivan Tors culls a science picture. Not science fiction, mind you. He claims it's for venl. The story concerns the search for personnel to ride a space ship 350 miles up to capture a meteor in its native state. The idea is to learn why rockets crystallize above certain altitudes. ''The selection of personnel to travel in space flight will be a major task." assured Dr. Buttner. "They must be smaller than average in weight tnd size, but not too small so that they might have inferiority complexes. They must be around 25—fully matured but not yet declining' physically. They must be pilots and have a college background, preferably in astro-physics and engineering. "They must also have high moral aspects. They will have to posess well-balanced personalities and be willing to risk their lives for the benefit of mankind." ; Curt Siodmak, who wrote the I picture, offers the notion that ' women might be the first spa.ce travelers. He points out that women would be .smaller, weigh less, require less food and have a better nature for withstanding the boredom of remaining: in space for extended periods. Dr. Buttner said it was a possibility. He added that the establishment of space stations, or artificial satellites, is actually more important to humanity than ranching Mars, the moon or other planets. The latter would largely serve to satisfy human curiosity, he said. Clothes Make the Man OKLAHOMA CITY (/?') — Informality in dress, brought on by 90- degree weather, has resulted In a Loss of dignity on more than one score by Oklahoma legislators. Rep. Cleeta John Rogers, wearing a comfortably cool sport shirt, was addressed as "page" by one of the post office employes whom he .sponsored. Lt. Gov. James E. Berry, seeing a sports shirt-clad figure on the page bench, snapped his fingers three times and yelled, "Page!" Harold Morgan, state senator, turned bu •efused to acknowledge the command. "But the construction of an ni Uncial saU'UiU' would have a pro found effect on the earth, ot onl would it be ,1 means of assuring travel to other plankets; it wouli also be n valuable military weap on. The sending of rockets t< enemy countries could be dom with accuracy. There is virtually no counter me ami re for such weapon. "It would he a means for in swing peace." Fisherman Is Hooked For Using Two Hooks SAN FRANCISCO <fT) — Hans Lunde, 55. was lined $25 for fishing in a. city lake with two rods. He told Municipal Judge John McMahon he "was Just practicing— first with my left hand and then I with my right hand, to see which worked brsi." Judge MrMahon warned Lunde to stay a way from Lake Merced, which is kept stocked with trout for fishing by children. MAN TO LOOK UP TO—The eyes of Egypt are upon Mohammed Naguib. Egypt's strong man. even as are the eyes of this throng. \vhich listens as Egypt's first Premier and President ndilressus the people from n balcony of the Republican Palace in Cairo. The palate was formerly known as Abdin PaUice, until Naguib abolished the monarchy, and sent one-time King Farouk into exile. HTLY! Wonderful Newly Installed Hardwood Dance Floor FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 GOOD FOOD At All Hours Sandwiches and Short Orders COMPLETELY \ CONDITIONED All Brands Cigarettes $1.70 a Carton Completely Air Conditioned Motel for Tourists HUBERT'S CLUB NEVER A DULL MOMENT! Highway 61 Hubert Utley Holland, Mo. Artwork Makes Hypo Shot Painless — Almost SALT LAKE CITY f/P) — Nurses took the minds of children off the .shots the youngsters got in their arrn.s. At sin immumwition cUnic the nurses pleased the children by dniwing pfctm-ps on their arms with a red antiseptic. Somehow, while the art work wa.s going on, the, needle was injected. ' There was a minimum of protest from the kids. But the nurses won-; clered whether they should take up' art KO as to be nble to meet requests for drawings of elephants cowboys, cats and mice. It's Really Tough in Hollywood: Grable Let Out By HOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD W—The (frowintf peril lo Hollywood's star system was dramatized today with the news that 20th Century-Fox had parted with its biggest moneymaker, Betty Grable. The star and studio reached an "amicable" ending of her contract, which would have expired in September, 1954. During her 13-year reign as queen of the lot. she had earned millions for herself and the company in glossy musicals. She became the No. J box-office draw in w;i rti! ne and has remained among UK- top 10 longer than any other female s'^r. Why? At 3fi. her glamor gams are still holding their own with the nearer names. Then why would 20th Century-Fox grant her wish for freedom? One of the principal reasons is that the, film studios can no Longer support the expensive star lists of tha past, With picture making divorced from theater operation by government order, the studios have to show a profit or else. That meant cutting down th« overhead costs that the theaters could once absorb. Exhausted Miss Grab/i* ft is earning an estimated $5,000 a week plus big bonuses at the end of each picture. Studios now figure they can avoid such year-around expenses and merely hire talent by the picture. The 3-D revolution has caused fewer pictures to be made, requiring fewer actors. This points to the decline of the star system. The studios are letting many of their established stars go and building few new ones. Miss Grable's relations with her studio began to worsen two years ago. She -sat out a year's suspension after turning down "The Girl Next Door." She declared she was 'physically and mentally exhaust- IMPORTS _.-— , FOR CONSUMPTION -^'J^H I i r-l- ed after 18 months of steady work." After returning for a film, she was again suspended for refusing "Pickup on South Street," She explained: "It was a starkly real- dangerous for me to do." She gained her third suspension for refusing a Columbia loanout. Hei' reason: The studio couldn't assure her who the co-star would be. The gorgeous blonde from St. Louis said she has wanted her freedom for the past year and a half but the studio refused until now. She wants to do pictures at other studios, appear and record with her husband, Harry James, and 40 radio and TV. She also wants free time to follow her horses, which have been a convenient enterprise. During her first suspension, her horse Big Noise earned $100,000. Community Smoking In the east and southeast, the Indians pierced the bowls of their peace pipes with several stem holes so that many persons might j .smoke at once, according to the j Encyclopedia Britannica. TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal liclts Kirby Drug Stores Laxative-Menace Read Why Many Laxative Drugs Impair Health Cause Many Serious Digestive Disorders DOCTORS WARN AGAINST 1950 1951 Read Courier News Classified Ads. 2.5 "30 1935 1940 IMS „„ „„ RIDING HIGH ON SEA OF FOREIGN TRADE-Newschart above illustrates U. S. foreign trade from 1830 to the present During the 22-year period, only in 1936 did imports exceed exports, but after that exports held the upper hand. Exports rose to high of over $15 billion during 1952, while imports declined slightly. Difference between what we sell abroad and what we buy abroad is largely the "dollar gap" that plagues foreign nations. Data from National Industrial Conference Board JULY 4th SPORTS SALE SAVE ON PICNIC AND SPORT NEEDS 9.95 CROQUET SET 9.19 Six ball sc(. Plastic balls ami rubber-lipped mallets. Wilh enameled litcel rack. 1.85 BIKE TIRE 1.67 Wards Riverside Balloon Tire. 26" size. Blended of crude synthetic rubber. Grip tread. 98c BIKE TUBE 87 C Wards Riverside for 26" bike. Sturdy, long-lasting buiyl rubber. Tear-resislant. 1.69 i/ 2 GALLON JUG 1.48 New, modern half-gallon jug, with fiber-glass insulation and replaceable lining. 3 Colors. 6.79 CAMP ICE BOX 5.88 Special insulation and ice section. Keeps food and drink refreshingly cool for outdoor fun. 98c SOFTBALL 84 C Official 12-ln. size. Top grain horsehide cover. Lacquered for better handling. Flat seams. 3.29 TACKLE BOX 2.87 Rustproof box of 24 ga. steel. 14'/2" long. Tan hammerloid finish. Double Cantilever Tray. 89c CAMP STOOL 73 C Rest anywhere on this handy stool of strong canvas duck. Folds compactly for jtorina. / ROD-REEL BOTH ONLY 5.99 Regular 6.74 ourflf of solid fiber-glass casting rod and durable, chrome plated casting reel. Rod comes in 5'I* or 5'7* length. Light tip actioni weighted butt gives perfect, balanced action. Reel has adjustable tension; long wearing bear- in gs. Chrome-plated steel and brass frame and spool. MINOWBUCKET 1.45 1 O-qt. Non-floating type. Perforated metal inset. Lead coated for long service. Large opening, slam fastener. MARION "PUWMAKER 11 6.95 Select top-grain cow- hid*, oiled. Marty Marion. Full leather lined; sewed f*H pad. finger*. Doctors denounce habit-forming laxatives and "purging" cathartics that irritate and shock the system. They've seen the serious effects on nerves and digestion. TMy say"the habitual use of irritant cathartics such as cascara. aloes, senna, castor oil. phenolphthalein, etc., is a most harmful practice and may provide the basis for serious gastric intestinal disturbance." NOW ... there is a new SAFE way to gain and maintain comfortable regularity without dosing with vicious drugs that punish your system — undermine your health. A new colloidal substance has been proved so perfect that it may replace all harmful laxatives.— Dectorl Prali* Now Natural.Acting Colloid Medical tests on hundreds of constipation victims prove that it is absolutely effective and completely safe —even for aged and infirm. This amazing new substance is praised and prescribed by leading Doctors because it develops easy, natural regularity without a trace of irritation, discomfort, pains or embarrassment. Get this "Corrective-Way" to natural regularity today by asking for INERGEL. Safo .. [ffoctlvo .. Druglcii INSgGEL Tasteless, easy-to-swallow INER- GEL Tablets never upset the system . . . action begins when they reach the colon. There INERGEL becomes a soft jell-like solution that protects — as its absorbing, moving action, brings comforting natural elimination. Stop endangering your health — g»t INER- GEL for safe satisfying relief. At good druggists everywhere. Insist on genuine ... merge! J»ll-fnrminrt **tnkl«i_ HUGHES-BROGDON DRUG STORE HUGHES DRUG STORE . . . . . . Main at Division Main at Lake I am Proud to Announce: I am now associated with NOBLE GULL I'ONTIAC. INC., selling that beautiful new 1933 1'ontiac. Come in to see me. j H. J. Shaw C " 406 W. Main Phone 4591 GET QUALITY FEATURES AT WARDS LOW PRICE 7.1 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator 179.88 Reduced from {{eg. 199.95 Here's refrigeration convenience at low, sale-saving price. 35 Im. capacity full width freezer with f roster I ray below for small cuts of meat. Fruit, vegetables stay crispy-fresh in 9-qi. food freshener. 3 full, 2 half shelves provide 17.1 sq. ft. storage space with plenty of room for tall bottles. Ask about Wards Terms. Just Received - - - A Shipment of 1953 Model BRYANT ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS ' SEE THE FABULOUS NEW BENDOC PMbifc/... It's t WASHER.,.it's a DMER... alt in one cabinet! Th« Brodh Duomatic drys is well Goihej come o« ready 10 wear, M washes j-otir clothes •womati- iron or put iwty. Sec i demon- calljr m out cooiinuou.1 operation. Mration it our store today. DICK OSBORNE FURNITURE CO. 126 East Mail Phont .1221

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