The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1953
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWI WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 1951 OSCEOLA NEWS Sla surprise when he nerved them stuffed lobster tails. In buying the lobsler lulls lie looks for the ones that are uniform In size mid buy them large enough whore only one per person is required. How It'i Don* Into a kHtle of boiling water hf • STARR GATING With two Texas fireworks gtor- month of June, damaging property acre plants explosions during the Gay Driver's Exotic Hobbies: Fancy Cooking and Yachting If you're wondering what on earth you could serve to your discriminating: g-uests on the Fourth of July instead of the proverbial fried chicken, potato salad and baked beans, then coll on a man whose hobby is cooking. Men who love to mess around in the kitchen are not usually the meat, bread and potato type cook. They RO all out for exotic dishe? and dirtying \ip every poV, pan and paddle in their path . They take it seriously and want everybody out of their way. They'll pay $10 for cook books and then change up the recipe so the author himself wouldn't recognize it. They'll go to faraway places to find an herb that Rives a dish that certain flavor oomph which classes them in the gourmet bracket. Cooking, as painting, is nn art. An amateur's skill has first got to be challenged and when you can begin to substitute a seasoning that lies heavy on your stomach for one that practically "lulls you to sleep, then you have ceased lo be an amateur and have mastered the cooking art. No recipe Is so sacred that it can't be altered or improved upon because taste Is a personal thing and the author of a $10 cook book can make mistakes. Sturdy main dishes are n must on a man's menu, whether he's pUnning R stag dinner or his wife's canasta luncheon club and it was throughout the Oh's and Ah'i of the Town nnd Country CanasL* Club that I found out Guy Driver Is the Chef behind those out-of-thla-world dishes his wife, "Toadies," serves her club. Visits the Best Guy is a frequent visitor to An- tolne'a and Arnnuld'R In New Orleans and goes behind the censes in their kitchen, where angels fear to tread, but not Guy. When he wants to find out the ingredients and technique in a certain dish, he maneuvers around until he geta behind those swinging doors and comes out waving the recipe In mid-air. He brings it home, takes a little of this out of It and adds a little of that until he has perfected it, acordin gto hi.i way of thinking, which i« definitely an improvement. Duncan Hines has nothing on Osceola's Guy Driver when it comes to patronizing only the best eating places, not that Guy is a big cater, he couldn't be and be the size that he is, but when Guy took up the cooking hobby, he >jKnt all but for the unusual. His favorites are French dishes. He puts three or four recipes together to make on dish, of course eliminating some of the Ingredients out of each recipe. drops (he lails after he has added ; |B the younge st of five children slice of lemon. 1 button of garlic, a bay leaf an da dash of to- hasco sflijrp. They will need 20 to 25 minutes of boiling. born to the late Mr. and M«. J. ! L. Driver. His father, who all the old tim- He then pours off the water "" *m remember a» "Mr. Pop- where IIH'V were cooked and rinses < OTn , Dr '« r ' na " lc( L ^'s Mcond them in cold water. , i < :au > la - Mlss uSavi "» Driver, who He then splits them, which he ' »'" ">e daughter of J. D. Driver, says Is an art - I wouldn't know '!' e *"""""«•* miln '.". MlwlMlppI — nnd removes all of the meat Countv flt ths time °' hls <*•«». very carefully In order 'not V Hls thousands flnd thousands of break the shell. Cut the mfal into small bilft sixes, Prestare a drawn butter • by using one ntlc kof mar- i E-nrine, one. tablespoon chopped i juice of y y lemon, salt! acres of land extended from Grit- lenden County to southeast Missouri, with extensive farming land. in Tennessee. Miss Savilla's father's as well as her husband's reputation of fair dealing* with both black and white was one oflhe greatest assets they could have handed down to their children, and grandchildren. The Driver clan can thank J. D. largest family of klnfolks in Mississippi County. You can walk one block in Osceola and will meet a Driver. J. D. Driver's parents were Abram and Sallie (DeMosa) Driver, this county's early settlers, coming here In 1834. Figure In History From that year to the present Guy Driver . . . Splitting lobster (alls In an art , . . He will tell you quickly he does-' n't like conglomerations and the dishes he serves must hnvn un eye appeal. A famous eating place would never serve their customer a dish that wasn't appealing to the eye. "A simple dish Is glorified by adding a sprig of parsley or a bright red cherry," Guy said. "It's hard tor a fellow to «at something for the first time but If it's dressed up in the familiar sprig of parsley, he beiilns to feel right iit home with what he is about to encounter." Guy likes brandies nnd liquers for flavoring certain dishes but added that they must be used sparingly or else your euliimry masterpiece turns into n bar room special. Take It Kasy "It's best to leave it, out rntire- ly than to overdose .it." Serving the "girls" from the beautiful tureen that makes the perfect cen- tnrpicce for a different type Fourlh of July dinner. Guy prepared (is a main dish for the occasion. Seafood Del Mcmlco Au Cm tin: Two dozen large size shrimps, two tioxen I urge sl?,c oysters. 1 cnn of crab or lobster. Saute the three in one stick of butter. Make H quart of rich cream sauce, add 1 teaspoon Lea andJ Perrtn HRUCO and a tablespoon of > Newburg Wine Let come to boil then pour Into tureen nnd sprinkle generously with grated cheese. Cover the tureen, allowing the cheese to melt before serving. Serve on rivy toast triangles or puss hot buttered garlic French bread. Serve with fluffy rice, spired crnb apples, diet's salad ! and for dessert, to tic in with this season, Mrs. Driver served chilled watermelon. At another ot his wife's luncheons, Guy•••gftvc the Ruests another von of tinrhc crushed in a garlic; . press (he also has all the gadgets ; cooks need). Set on stove until \ rKBrint» and cheese melt but (Jo! let rome to a boil. Pour this j sauce over tin; lobster meat and j let marinnte over night — or 12 i hours. Smff this into the tails, dot i with butler nnd run under the; broiler just long enough to slightly brown. For garnishing these delectable delicacies Guy used n slice of lemon On car;!) Serving. On one half i year, the Drivers have played an of the lemon slice he sprinkled! important part In Osceola history, paprika nnd on the other half, he I Guy's father owned the first lum- iprlnklcd finely chopped parsley, ber yard in Mississippi County, Guy said fish dishes are his selling dressed lumber only. specialty but when there arc j A few years ago when old store ucsts coming to eat with them buildings in old town were torn he isn't so sure whether or not I down to erect dwelling homes, they like fish then he gives boiled j lumber in all of the buildings bore filet mignon with mushroom sauce, ' His sauce is most unusual and don't this recipe. For you dealer from whom women, try it on hubbyls boss the ; bought his lumbe next time you invite him over and that raise will follow immediately. We will assume you have eight for dinner and will need V* cup of sauce for each filet. Saute in butter one pound of fresh mushrooms if available, of not use (.wo large cans of whole mushrooms. Since you're trying t,o Impress the boss, don't use mushroom pieces. Rub a bowl with gnrlis, chop very fine one small white onion nnd three tablespoons of minced parsley and let stand In the bowl long enough to absorb the garlic flavor. Use L Jigger of sherry maderia, Vt, cup lemon jutce, salt and pepper to taste. Place in skillet where mushrooms were sauted nnd let come to a boil. Pour over the filets. Garnish with watercress ov parsley nnd set a mushroom can in the r~W" of each filet. "Don't forget to dec s the plate and pique the pai i te," as Guy mentions. If there is nny snuce left over pour it Into your best silver sauceboat for the fellow who "Just loves gravy." Ask A Man I hope you will serve one of delicious dishes Guy has mssed on and better still nerve them out in the backyard to make this Fourth of July a memorable day nnd remember, when It's dishes that are different you want to serve, ask a man whose hobby is cooking. Guy, who was born on Osoe oldest street, Broadway, in 1902 the stamp of P. R. Frledel, Memphis, Tenn'., wholesale lumber Guy's father which was brouRht to Osceola ,by steamboat. Dates on the lumber showed the lumber was shipped 60 years ago and was In usable condition. His reputation of paying every penny he owed and collecting every penny owed him put him in a bracket almost to himself. Back in those days, businesses weren't run See GUY DRIVER'S on Paye 3 (or blocks away, Injuring and kill- Ing quite « number of persons — doesn't It make you stop and think twice before buying Junior a nup- ply of Fourth of July fireworks? Jt should. These modern atomic weapons aren't what they used to be. We had to have aome grown person light our little firecrackers, Ihe kind that sold tor a nickel a package, each connected to a string or fuse. You know the kind I mean. They were considered dangerous and were known to put out eyes. And Roman candles have a habit of backfiring and leaving burned scars. There are no fool-proof fireworks. What you think of yourself doesn't count -- unless you can prove It. There are two species of human beings — those who borrow and those who lend. they fit It (U iwiy from you. Auk the fellow Juit b«ck off a two week v»citlon trip, h« c»n explain It perfectly. Women have a keen sense of humor. The more you humor them the better they llki It. If you worry about what people think of you, it means only that you hav« more confidence in their opinions than in your own. Cornucopia, literally, "Horn of plenty," but in Roman mythology, Juniper, who was nursed by a goat, broke off one of its horns and swore that It should never be empty but should produce whatever was asked of it. Man on DUS: Pardon me, lady, you're standing on my foot. Lady: Liisten, you, why don't you ^ut your foot where it belongs? Man: Don't tempt me, iuuy, An old gag, but Just a refresher in case. The art of life is to keep down acquaintances. One's friends one can manager, but one's acquaintances can be the devil. Delay i» never fatal to thoss who are prepared for It. A mama hawk is bigger, strong, er and more bold than the papa hawk. Bet you didn't know that. Wonderful information and there are a lot more species than the old buzzard. Actually some species are comparatively harmless and should be spared for duty In the fields in removing destructive pests. When neither their property nor their honor is touched, the majority of men live content. A Gypsy's Seng: 'A gypsy played his violin That he might lure me far away To a strange and enchanting land In which everyone was gay. Friend: What is your son going i My wandering feet grew restless to be when he graduates from college? Father: An old man. Definition or a ticket collector: The man who never wants to see your ticket unless you're asleep. And I danced to the gypsy's tune. I forgot all my vain desires — Oh, why did the music stop BO soon!" Gwyndolyn Smith. The battles, San Juan Hill and El Oaney were fought on July 1, The first shoe manufacturing machine was patented on July 6, 1858. On the Social Side... You can tell to get old by their attitudes. when folks oegin the hardening of Sometimes you can tell by watching a person, what kind of future he is going to have. Success is making hay with the grass that grows under other people's feet. A nasty remark if I ever heard one — "They live In a beautiful apartment overlooking the rent." A summer resort is where you go to get away from it all, and Personals Miss Bebe Levenstein, Miss Mary Elizabeth BalUme and Miss June Welborn will leave Saturday lor a two-weeks vacation at Daytona Beach, Fla. They will be accompanied as far as Ocala, Fla. by Mrs. Earl Futch who came home to be with her lather, the late John W- Edrington. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Morrow and children spent the week end in their old hometown, Barnett, Mo. Mr. and. Mrs. Ray Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Scales, Mr. and .Mrs. Bob Harmon are leaving Friday for Fla. Shirley George and Nancy Ohlendorf left today for Camp Deenvood, Brevard, N.C. D. H. Blackwood, recently of LOE Angeles left Monday for Los Angeles after being called home upon the death of his father, Dwight H. Blackwood. Billy Alexander made the trip back with him and will work in the California city during his vacation from college . Mrs. Clarence Powell and son, JCITJ' are leaving Friday for a short vacation. eLaving here they will vacation. Leaving here they will "rs. W. J. Driver in Lexington, Va. . ti . and Mrs. Joe Martin spent several days during the past week in Little Rock and Tuckermann. Dr. and Mrs. Joe Hughes and children are home after spending two weeks in New York. Dr. Hughes attended the national optometrist convention while Mrs. Hughes visited relatives. 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