Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1891
Page 5
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f you have a cold Call and get a sample bottle or Syrup, at Only Decorated 4 dozen left , OF THE China Cuspidores. The above we are selling- for 25e; think of it. "iioh't wait! Regu^-Price 75 cents. The Granfl Bazaar, FREE REpiNG ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to M Ladies $500 Reward, JDr. Anderson's English Female Eegulatlng Pills are the safest and mort reliable. Give them a trial and teconvlrced. At Drug Store or by mall, post-paid per box S1.W, 3 boxes for $2.50. Moku ;mcdiciiie Co., Toledo, O. Mention paper. fet>19d&w8m MONEY TO LOAN, o any sum «t the LOWEST rate«. frtvaie toad* only, Jttooej always In hand. Ko red tape or delay. Interest and principal payable In Logtmtr port. Special arrangements as to pBjment of principal and Interest, made to aolt the wlHhmi ol Doprower. For further partlonl&rs apply to Fred W. Mimson, On Mondays, 1 Fridays or Saturdays. 2U Fourth street, opposite Court Honse. M O N E y\ Ocnerml Inrarano* and Loans. All kln'dn o< <n tnrano* placwd In Brat elan* companies. Endow ownt pollute* pnrchared. Bonds of surety*, written tor parties holding positions of wi whtn a bond it required. 31» PEARt ST. S. M. C loss on DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT ONLY. MoMay, Marcli 9th. Superb seeiilc prodnctlDR of Lincoln 3, Curler's Melo-drnma, The;Fast Mail, With all Its wonderful scenic effects including Steamboat Bace up the Mississippi! Engine Room at the Steamer St. Louis. Steamboat Explosion! • Stie Sinking Steamer! GREAT:; IUILROAD SCENE; Introducing a full sized Locomotive and a Freight : ;':Tiain oM4 Cars., Also MAIL TRAIN. '! . • --.:iAIso tbe Beautiful Niagara Falls Dy Moonlight! A fall front view ot Niagara Tails produced with real Water, BollingFoam, Rising Mist etc., as seen from the Center oJ the Suspension Bridge. PRICES'.— 25,' '50 and 75 cents. Seats on sale a Keesline's drag 1 store. Mrs. V. C. Hanawalt has gone to Indianapolis to receive medical treatment. Miss Hessle Roach has departed on an extended visit with relatives in Arkansas. Two more cases jersey ribbed fast black hose—3 pair for 25 cents, at the .Golden Rule. Jersey ribbeJ fast black hose—three pair for 25 cents—extra good value.—Golden Rule. Parker & Johnston are adding a lot of new and improved machinery to their planing mill. Great display of children and misses spring garments in our cloak department.—Bee Hive. Mrs. W. U- Higbee of Urbana, O.. is the guest of her parents, • Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Elliott. With eveiy express, the Bee Hive is receiving the., choicest productions for the'spring season. Mrs. M. J. Ba'Uard, of Delphi, is visiting in the city, the guest of her son. Dr. J. W. Ballard. The bad weather did not effect the bargain sale yesterday at the Trade Palace. Same to-day again. Hez. Brown returned yesterday from Strawn, Texas, where he had spent the winter with his brother. '•Isn't she beautiful?" "Certainly." She uses Flora A. Jones' famous ' -Blush of Roses'-' for the complexion. 1— Mrs. Henry Clay, of Richmond, Va.,is in the city, called here to attend the funeral of her sister, Mrs. M. L. Cassell. Short breath, palpitation, pain in cheet, weak or faint spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Sold at B. F. Keesling's ,'.-) The county , commissioners and Auditor Helvie .made the regular quarterly inspection of the condition of the poor farm yesterday. Five hundred pieces choicest styles dark dress prints, only the most standard makes, b cents per yard; buy a single yard or the entire stock.—Bee Hive. Mr. Will and Miss Laura Dewenter returned to .their home in Lafayette last evening, after a pleasant visit with their brother, John Dewenter, the hatter. Rev. Dr. Birch has kindly invited Rev. \ r an Bennett to fill his pulpit Sunday morning at the Broadway Methodist Church. The sermon will Daily Journal. SATURDAY; MORNING, MARCH i. Oranges, 60 cents a peck, at jfoley's. See the bargain counter at the Trada Palace. ' • ' Celery, -lettuce, and all -green 'yege- tables,,'-at Eoley's. :' L Stanley caps, the latest thing -.for girls. — Golden Rule. The best's^ugar cured; hams, now • 8J cents per'poiind, at McCaffrey & CD'S. Fifty-cent jersey vests for 20 .cents; from a '•, bankrupt stock. — Trade 'Palace. v^i 1 ,;;;,';;, . - . v _ ; i ..- ' Fres.n.. lettuce,,. Onions, radishes and celery; also, bulk and can oysters on sale, at McCaffrey .-& Go's this: m orn- bed-room set. Must beifl-good condition and cheap for cash.-. 1 Addcess ::Eostoffica box 173. be preached at 11 o'clock- Mrs. Joe Michl and Mrs. John Elpers who came here to attend the funeral of their aister Lena Leffert, went to Peru yesterday for a few days visit. They will also visit at Plymouth and Argus before returning home. Beware of immitators of the Snow Ball brand of flour. Unless you see our name on every sack to guarantee its quality you may. then know it is not famous Snow Ball brand. Price $2.35 per hundred.—M. McCaffrey & '•o. Charley Rogers has resigned his position as bill cleak at the Adams xpress , company's office in this city and will locate in the sunny south. ? or the present he is visiting friends at Chicago. He is succeeded here by A. Nichols. John Bliler. who lived in this county or about twenty years, but of late ears has made'Peru his home, died at hat place Thursday, aged 61 years. The remains will be brought here today at 12 o'clock and interment mac* in Mount Hope cemetery. We.always lead and imitators try to follow us as they realize; we never follow, but they try. Come again today aad get all goods at cut prices—no limit. We promise we will always lead in large stock, new styles and lowest prices.—Trade Palace. The remains of Mrs. M. L.. Cassell arrived from Albuquerque N. M. yesterday and were taken to the home of the deceased's brother, John Parker, on the West Side. The funeral services were conducted at the A. M. E. church, yesterday afternoon. Rev James Simpson officiating. l MiniUreUy It was predicted that local theater goers would enjoy a rare treat in the appearance at this pla'ce'of Gorman's famous minstrels, and i,he prediction was fully verified at.Dolan's last night. Two years ago the Germans were here and at that time gave a performance which still lingers as a pleasant-memory, but their performance last night far excelled their previous effort. The Gk>rmans, John, George and James • may be likened to wine for their faculty of improving with age. While the three brothers are the stars, the central figures of the performance, they have surrounded themselves with a company of such sterling excellence that the entire collection is a superb galaxy of stars, nil of ''__tual magnitude, the whole combining to give an entertainment unexcelled in the field of minstrelsy. The Germans are the revolutionists of minstrelsy, and under the capable management of William Eversole, who by the way, is a second cousin of H. (J.Eversole, late of this city, give a performance unequalled on the burnt cork stage. They are possessed of unlimited originality and very generously have they drawa upon their fund in the present production. Last night they were warmly greeted by all old friends and many new ones in this city, and applause of the numer ous original features was unstinted Instead of the time worn first part circle there is a clever sketch entitled "The Lorillard Reception," which offers opportunities for introducing in a pleasing manner the best of the old circle features. The entire company contributes to this part of the entertainment, and exceedingly talented do all prove themselves to be. Joseph M. Norcross plays the title role and his magnificent, bass voice is heard with pleasure in several solos. The Gorm'Sins, that bright trio, John, James and G-eorge, all have characters particularly well suited" to their talents. Arthur Rigby is irresistably funny in several sketches, and Billy Lyons, the belle of all "male stage girls," is again a thing of beauty. Layman surprises every one by his facility as an expressionist and his representation of several well known local faces, especially those of W. E. Haney and Ford Campbell brought down the house. Reto, the contortionest, astonishes all by the marvelous flixibi- lity of his muscles. The Drummer Boys of Shiloh and colored zouaves were very pretty drill features, and were much admired. There are numberless admirably rendered song and dance sketches, all richly costumed. One of the best of those is the "Dancer's Dream," a unique and patriotic 'Sylvester Rizer the tall; pedagogue of Burnettsville is well known in Lo- -gansport, Sylvester has several marked characteristics and -a strong ' ! in'divid- ; uality all of which has -frequently attracted much attention to himself in teachers institutes in this county. Sylvester is teaching school near Monon this year and according to the Mohon Times has struck a plan which for downright economy is to be commended. The scheme is characteristic of Sylvester. The Times says: '•Sylvester Rizer, one of our popular school teachers, has lately struck on a new plan to economize on the wear and tear on shoe leather, in walking to and from his school he takes long steps, thus saving a pair of shoes per year." Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis went down to Burnettsvflle yesterday where the joint birthdaj of ;Fred and his twin brother Frank was celebrated at the old homestead. Fred's twin brother Frank is as much like Fred as Fred is like Frank and their best friends not infrequently get mixed up as to their individual identity. Fred is a well known salesman at Ferguson & Guthries clothing store and occasionally when Frank is in the city calling on his brother at the store he is accosted by patrons of the 'establishment who take him for the saleman. The two Dronoeos could not look more alike. Jubal E. Terry, of Richmond, Va., is a guest at the Murdock. Mr. Terry is a representative of a Richmond cheroot house, and his frequent business trips here has given him quite a following of friends in the city. He is a son of Gen. Terry, the noted Confederate. General in Pickett's division who led the charge at Gettysburg, and is the namesake of General Jubal A, Early, one of the very few remaining •noted leaders of the Confederacy. Mr. Terry will be in the city several days. BOYS, "A SNAP!" 100 Boy's Knee-Pant Suits? (4 to J4 years,) Worth $2.00 to $3.00, Choice for $1,5^ Which includes a Beautiful "OTTO" Hand Sled Iron Frame, FREE OF CHARGE! s cr OTTO A. KRAUS. P. S. This offer only hold&good while the snowJasts. The Deadly Kail. The body of George Groves, a farmer living: neat- Loree on the Pan Handle was discovered lying by the side of the track yesterday morning with his skull crushed and his right leg- and arm terribly mangled. He •had been struck by a train some time during the night, but the circumstance evidently passed unnoticed by the trainmen. ' Groves was 58 years of age and leaves a wife and four children. THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEArlsfii .and Toilet Articles aiid sell I buy the Purest Drugs, the Finest, Perfumes at LOWEST PRICES consistent with the quality of the goods. Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in pers'eription wqrtt. H, C. PUR CELL, Drugiis|3 418 Market Street, Near Pearl/ :";::• S dance designed by George Gorman,also "Twilight in Dixie,"introducing shadow dancing. "The Gomboliers" a very funny t-avesty, is the work of James Gorman and pleasingly ends a pleasant evening's entertainment. The Germans will be back here in the fall, and we are glad of it. They will be welcome. Tlieir Narrow Escape. Monticello Herald: Mrs. Benson, daughter of Mr. John W, Wimer, of Burnettsville, was one of the passengers in the wreck at Hagenstown last week. 'She and her husband and two children—a five-year-old boy and a babe—were on their way to their new home at Harriman, Tenn. Mr. Benson was in the smoking car, while she and the children were in the ladies car. She escaped with a gash on her chin, though it is wonderful that she came out alive. She wore a close fitting traveling dress of woolen material with the high projections above the shoulders so commonly seen. These were cut off as smoothly as if • cut with a kuife—how,she does not know, but suppose that it was done by broken glass. Her boy was the first to be taken from the wreck. . He was not hurt beyond a scratch or two. Her babe which she held in. her arms was the only living ereatuz-e in the car that came out of the wreck totally unbarrapd. Mr. Wimer spent a day with his daughter at Hagerstown after the wreck and has the satisfaction of knowing that the whole family wera able to resume their journey in fair condition after a short rest. Watchman Murphy, at, the Pan Handle station, had some trouble with a pilgrim who resisted the officers efforts to dislodge him from his resting, place in the waiting room Thursday night, and was arrested and lodged in jail. Yesterday morning he was brought before the mayor charged with resisting 1 an officer and fined $10. He is laying out the fine in jail, For the Free Itettdiug Boom. At the Baptist Church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev. Bennett will give his lecture, "The Boys and. How to Save Them." There will be a free will offering for the benefit of the free reading room. No admission fee will be charged, and every one is cordially invited to come. The funeral of Mrs. Judge A. F. Smith was conducted at St. Bridget's church yesterday morning, services by Rev. Father Kroeger. The funeral was uuite largely attended, the presence of the older settlers of the place being especially noticeable. Mrs. Smith was at the time of her death the oldest settler in the county. Its Excellent Qualities commend to public approval the California liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs. It is pleasing to the eye, and to the taste, and by gently acting on the kidneys,-liver and bowels, it cleanses the system- effectually, thereby- promoting the health-and comfort of all who use it. A Collector of Skeletons. In southern Egypt, near the Nubian border, there lives a rich retired Parsee •whose sole ambition is to enlarge a collection of skeletons of eminent persons. In his tropical garden, amid fountains, flowers, rare exotics, statuary and bowers of equatorial verdure, stand dozens .of skeletons of famous warriors, statesmen, kings, queens, lawyers, ecclesi- asts, etc. This earthly paradise, (barring the presence of the skeletons) is four acres in extent, and is surrounded by a high stone -wall, provided with four, grated iron doors. It is believed that he keeps a score of men in every community in the world constantly on the lookout for rarities in his ghastly line. To a correspondent of a Berlin newspaper he admitted that he was the owner of the bones of George III. of England, and even hinted that he would like to have the bones of our Washington to stand beside them. Is it not possible that this crank has the bones of A. T. Stewart and those of other Americans that are missing? Cardinal Newman's Will. LOXDO.N, March 0.—The will of Cardinal Jfewman bequeaths all liis manuscripts and the copyrights of his books to Rev. Mr. Xeville. his real and personal household property to Rev. Mr. Pollen, and the whole of the remainder to members of the oratory at Edgbaston. The cardinal's .estate is.- valued at £3,57i. • -....- •-••• ..,:,,, La Grippe Again. ^jj , During the epidemic of la gi ippe Utfc, K season Dr. King's New Discovery lor, fjf consumption, coughs and colds, proved , "^ to be the best reniedy. Reports fro'm the many who used it confirm tnil"*' statement. They were not onlj quick-" 0 ' ly relieved, but the disease left no bad 1 '* results. We ask.-you to-give tbisi ' : remedy a trial and ; .w.e guarantee thatiM you will be satisfied with results, or >ai the purchase price refunded. It has n ,?j no equal in la grippe, or. any throat,,, chestor lung trouble. Trial free at B. F. Keesling's drug Large bottles,'.OOc and §1-00 ° 2 ,.,., Democrats Get the Loa|f Term*. BISJUHCX, N. D., Jlareh C.—In the drawing for the long and short term seats in the senate the democrats were victorious, The even-numbered districts drew the long terms and six democrats hold over. Had the odd-nurn- bered districts won only a single democrat would have retained his seat. Says the Southern IMediral Worlds 1 " •Mother's Friend" is growing in favor throughout the South and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispensable to those -wb& " know they must pass -through the or- ' deal of- child-birth. Write Bradfield"? Reg. Co.. Atlanta, Ga., for particular*. Sola by Ben Fisher: fojj ,, Major Frank Tennant, the urbane clerk at the Miirdoek, and his guestr Steve Hubbard, took in- -'the sights of Delphi, Thursday night, returnitfg- ear]} yesterday morning. They were guests of the genial, proprietor of the Clifton house at that place. 11 ' "" Monticello Herald: Miss Emma iinvill,of the Logansport city 1 schools,>aid the Monticello schools.! a visit tfonday, using the holiday, allowed isachers for that purpose in ' this way nstead of visiting a larger city. She ixpr£ssed,her3elf much pleased with he management «f the schools, which. ( so. rom r a.teacher of.her.exoerience -is no Tried aud True Is the positive verdict of the people who take Hood's Sarsaparilla. vVhen used according to directions the good 'effects of this excellent medicine are soon felt in nerve strength restored, that tired- feeling driven off, a good appetite created, headache and dyspepsia relieved, scrofula cured and all the bad effects of impure blood overcome. For a good blood purifier, take Hood's Sarsaparilla. 5 Martin Shatter who was Thursday sentenced to.the penitentiary for -fifteen years will not be taken north until Monday. There is a strong opinion prevailing that the Supreme Court will reverse Judge McConnell's ruling against a new trial in Shaffer's case. The little daughter of A. P. Read, residing on Twelfth street, fell yesterday with a-stick in her mouth and the sharp point protruded through the cheek inflicting a very painful wound which was properly dressed and it is thought will heal'all right. To Be~Sut<l by the Pope. R.OMB, March 0.—Papers have been prepared at the Vatican preliminary to bringing a civil suit in the name of tho pope against the government of Italy to-recover certain goods and property belonging to the various papal congregations of'Rome, which, the government has sequestrated. .-,.:,ii in a Ueadiock. SpKiXGF-.in.n. 111., Jfarch 0.—On the Moth biilli.'t for senator in the joint as- serobli- l';iii:.cr received 101 votes; Strcete:-. :iT: Oglesby, (J. Five more ballots '.V'-r- l;i!cen before adjournment, the liisi "--fi-.-v.-ing an incriiiise of one votit ;nr :• ,.v,-t. r,. Jind one' less for At the Christian Church, on Ninth and Spear streets, next Sunday afternoon at 2:30,'I"desire to talk' to my fellow railroad men.. Trains.; will be annulled so., as-to give the men the opportunity jof.;. attending. with their familes, andat is hoped:.;they''- will do ..iAli-are-invited. 7''• • , • :?; .^qs-)-.,. • -jA-vr •" •" I.ady of the Lamb, At Kidlington, England, there is, or was, a curious custom annually observed, on the next Monday after Whit- sun week, wherein a fat live lamb is provided,,and the maidens of the town, having their thumbs tied behind them, cbas« it through the streets, and she that with her teeth catches and holds the lamb is 'declared the "Lady of the La-mb"' until the same day of the following year, when another test is made- After t the lamb has been caught by the fair;one it is dressed by the village butcher, and with the skin hangin^on is carried on a long pole before'the lady arid her escorts to. the village.,green, m?liArA rrm/'li mi-ici/* o-rnl ,T^^i.i. T '-v V ,nl»~,.~ The Soap that Cleans I Most is o ; x. Both tbe method and results Syrap of Figs is taken; it is pleasai$i f and refreshing to the taste, and acffit a gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,. ^ Liver and Bowels, cleanses the ay»; vt pj tern effectually, dispels colds, iead-' " tf '» aches and fevers and cures habitual'" '^ constipation.;' Syrup of Figs is thf "-^^ only remedy-; of its kind ever pro.' 11 ' -^1 duced, pleasing to .the taste and BC- -nu^ ceptable: r tp the stomach, prompt m ,^ its action,and .truly., beneficial in its , »$s effects,' prepared only from the most ,«£ healthy- aid' agreeable substances, its' I* many excellent qualities commend it"'' '^1 to : all. and have made it the most "" *$ popular remedy known. ^ .i/Syrup of Figs is' for sale m 50c *i amd $1 bottles by-all leading dr% gists.- Any/reliable druggist who may not have it on hand 1 will" pro~ cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it' Bo not ''^ substitute;-- . ; CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CQ~ SAN FRAHCISGO.

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