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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 154

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, February 23, 1947
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OhiI Saaday Triaaaa: Part 7 Pafe 8 Fab. 23, 1947 Reward Child, but Don't Try to Bribe Him By Gladys Huntington Bevans ICopjrtfht: 1947: Bj Nrws Syndicate Co., Inc. ) "I was Irrought up under a y tern of rewards and punishments. It was practical, I guess, but I don't think I'll use it when my baby is rider. How good do you think a re ward system is? " This represents a certain group of plications that come to me, which I'll try 10 answer rather fully today Cold Mars or candy, ice crenm or a trip to the zoo. money or the rnotir or a bicycle rewards for r'od behavior may take various otnis and may accomplish an im mediate result. I could be very simple and quite weepine in my answer, and say that children should never receive . either rewards or punishments, but should do things because they know they're right or because they are told to do them, Tn the first place, small children Ami I rrcocnle the abstractions of ti?M and wrong. And even If they chtL" I doubt whether it would be feib!e to appeal always to their moral sense. Even with older ehil-cimn we don't use those tactics. ?rna!I children do the things they ahmild or shouldn't largely because eif either the approbation or disapproval of their elders, or because they discover other pleasant or unpleasant results of their behavior by actual experience. Children can be trained to do things without material rewards or definite punishment. Gently, seriously, tactfully, firmly, jovially, playfully, and with appeals to reason. LttJe children can be happily and effectually guided in the way they should go. Hranterj that all this is true, we still can't completely dismiss rewards and punishments. First be-rause there are exceptions to every rule, and second, because there are those natural causes and effects always operating which automatically constitute a sort of reward and punishment. Thru them a child lfarns, and sometimes we have to make use of these logical connections because they serve to "point a moral and adorn a tale." For example: " If you want help with your geometry, Tom, I can give it to you Jot before dinner," says a father tn-Hie morning; "but I'm going out right after." But Tom slays out playing- with the boys till dark, and It's not till after he's eaten that he brines out his homework. Too late - and a reminder from his father is In order. A dozen examples of what I mean by "cause and effect" will come to your mind, I'm sure. Hut as to a system made up of f iyiM' a child's desirable behavior with things or promises, or dealing vith the undesirable by using threats or punishments that is another story and one which leads to no eventual good. Eeing a human being and a mother, I understand what it is to be tempted when you're worn out, rushed to death, or feel the eyes of critical relatives upon you to bribe the children to do the thing that's polite or dutiful or convenient fori j nu. Such bribery often does solve th problem of the moment and solve it quickly, too. But as a system, it gets down to nothing basic. Let us see bow bribery sometimes comes about : Your small boy abhors medicine and always makes a terrific fuss over taking It. This fuss happens each time, however, because someone always promises a treat If he'll kw allow it. Or jour small daughter shows apprehension about your going out in the evening, and you get ready, all 011 edge, and then argue and coax, and only get away by promising her m new baby doll for the next day. This sort of thing, done often enough, lejirls the children to ex-pet t something tangible for doing the ordinary everyday things they should do. It means the downfall ff your authority too if you do it consistently. Patterns by Clotilde 2210 SIZES 12 - 46 i ?? (Fx 7h 4 u err THE LADY of the House Depending on the fabric you use. this dress can be anything from a smart cotton for beach wear to the very gayest silky print for evening. It is scallop trimmed, and neatly belled at the waist. No. 2133 comes In sizes 12 to 20, 36 to 44. Size 36 re quires 3 yards of 59 Inch material. The main fashion story for spring is plaits, plaits, and more plaits. This easy-going casual dress has side panels composed entirely of plaits. The bodice has several tucks, too. No. 3210 comes in sizes 12 to 20, 36 to 46. Size 36 requires 5' yards of 35 inch material. Designs for delightful dress, bonnet, and panties all come in the same pattern. Tiny puff panels give the dress a spanking-crisp full skirt ta balance the cunning puff sleeves. No. 2935 comes in sizes 2, 4,' 6, and 8. Size 4 dress requires 2 yards of 35 inch material; bonnet requires 2 Va yards of 35 inch material, and panties require material. yards of 35 inch ORDER BLANK CLOTILDE PATTERNS ARE 10 CENTS EACH . (plus 2 cents for postage) CHICAGO TRIBUNE, P. O. BOX 837. brand Central Annrx, New York City. Write plainly, aitinr kite of pattern de-alred. Enclose 10 cents In clamps ar coin plan 2 renta to cover mailing costs coin preferred; wrap it careful); for each number. rat terns No. 2133. Size Tattern No. 2210. Size. Tattern No. 2D35. Size. Nama .. Na. and St.. With so many special days to celebrate, February is bound to be a party month. It was your turn to " have club." Did you " do yourself proud " the day of the luncheon, outshining your best beloved enemy by making turnip lilies and dogwood, rutabaga jonquils, butter sunflowers, or red and yellow onion mums, in place of the ubiquitous radish roses nestled in the ever present sprig of parsley? Or was it one of those feverish days when everything piled in on you, and you just had to think of some quick tricks with cans and frozen things from emergency shelf and refrigerator, while fixing baby's formula? Terhaps you live where you could hop in the car and race to your favorite food shop to gather the makings or the made even to the packaged fresh flowers and candles. I understand those packaged flowers are going to be right there with the groceries as soon fls they can devise an entirely satisfactory package. More likely you are one of those very, very efficient persons who shine In an emergency and nort chalantly whip up a French omelet, of a souffle, to the tune of "Little Buttercup," " Comin' Thru the Rye," or some favorite old college air liKe " upiaee, upiaa," or "jingle Bells." Once on a time there really were songs and recitations like that written specially to be used with sewing and cooking lesson cards. It says so on a cupping irom trie Bos ton Cooking School magazine in serted in an old cook book of my very modest collection. Anyhow, I hope it went off all right and no claws scratching thru heavy winter gloves when the ladies left. Virginia Farmer A husbandman of fertile acres On the proud Patomae shores With well kept lawns and trimmed box hedge - resi Housing- feathered troubadours, Hera was the core of all his bring Lands tn till: a horse to ride t'p with the birds to gs fos hunting Through the well-loeed countryside. The ' Wilderness " behind the Home place " Dense with hroad leafed maple trees In spring at " Dogue Run farm " the peach bloom Made a feast for hungry bees. Down at Cnlon Farm " the peepera ftanr when summer had begun At " River Farm " the wealth or wheat fields Grew green-gold beneath the sun. Oak-tall ... the farmer of Mt. Vernon l.eft his loved and spacious farms Father of a brave republic A new-born country In his arms. llKLtN V1RDEN Designs for Needlework B yEllenBruc e &gZ&$ --fir s -' , Ps-i?. On fhe House ly Louis B.rglt We have prepared a free leaflet on brief rules to follow in the laundering of draperies, curtains, and linens. .'. . These articles will last twice as long if certain simple but important rules are followed. . . . We have included a few tips for certain common stains which often need individual attention. If you are in need of storm sash for the remaining cold months and can use screening for the warm weather months, check on the avail able combination storm windows and aluminum screens, which interchange easily and quickly. . . . With this type of screen and storm sash there is no problem of winter or summer storage. For further information on aluminum storm windows and screen an well as metal weather stripping, and for free leaflet on laundry tips, please send stamped, addressed envelope to Louise Bargelt, I'omc Owners' Editor, The Chicago Tribune. i --"-",-- ' - Tbiy " QU me ohuj P an u tie , 3lai i dRcichleb IBLGCH FRERES lit. rir TN Its. WUl lis t:.l Cl t-rir ItM u t fiNE treses - i Old fashioned dancing girls, birds, hearts, flowers, and butteflies furnish the motifs for these hot iron transfer patterns. They add a luxurious touch to pristine white pillow cases and are highly desirable for shower gifts. The new 24 page Needlework Book is now available. It contains mora than 100 suggestions, in color, for needlework gifts. To order this book, send 15 cents in coin to the Needlework Bureau, Chicago Tribune, 220 5th av.. New York I, N.Y. Mischief Maker hair and The spring and summer edition of the Chicago Tribune Book of Clotilde Fashion is on sal at the Public Serried) Offices, 1 S. Dearborn st.. and Tribune) Tower lobby, for 15 cents. By mail it is 15 cents when ordered with a pattern or 18 cents when ordered separately. . -k Your Stars Today -By Marion Drew- WHAT TO EXPECT TODAY Sun In Places General Tendencies With the moon in the sign Aries today and in good relationship to Saturn, be sure to start well by going to church. Iter on spend some time In thinking over your plans for expansion and also pay attention to letters which need answering. This is a great day for writing or handling papers, particularly those of a lasting or serious nature. Today's Watchword Strange to say, one of the most valuable and practical of men, Thomas Edison, was considered decidedly backward as a child, thought by his teachers to be incapable of learning. Until Still, don't think that I'm making! vvalrr-tisht statements about rewards. There are times when we hold up a pleasant thing before the mind's eye of a child to help him over a hard spot: perhaps a dreaded trip to the dentist, a painful experience at the doctor's, a trying convalescence, or confinement to the house or to his bed. Then a present or a picnic or a puppy promised to hint may divert his mind, and are devices which are no more than kind and human and understanding. This is not in the class with brirwrv. Your Horoscope ' for First Half of 1947 Pi-Im, 10 ranla (coJn ar tamps ) and enir-atfldrna4. atsunpfd eavrlop tar mrb boroaeoD ordered bv mail. At the Tribune Fublle fjerv)ce office. 1 Mouth Dearborn etreet. or Tribune Tower, 10 lie tola eoupoai I Marlon Drew. Tribune Aatralocer, a I Trianno Pnblle- Ser-vtre office, 1 a I Sooth Pea horn Street, Chicago, .111. a Kama ' Date ef Birth . J Enclose lO centa aaul eelf-adV I I drveeed, etaanoel envelops. I b . . . as as e s. as . as s. s. . . as as a? the world eateries up with the ideas of certain individuals, these men and women will always seem peculiar talking about things which cannot possibly exist. Try to describe television to an African chief and see how he accepts an idea for which he has no preparation. There are a good many topics which could be valuable in life today, but the sad fact is that humanity is simply not ready for them. (For Ricky O! What Is this arparltion In such deplorable condition? There's llnstirk and jam In his What's this? A frathrr? What's that perfume I smell? O. no! Not mj White Heather! I leave this poem to Jump, stare ran, F-eallr. mothers have sach fan! I (axe at the wreck that he's made In despair Is It any wonder mothers have trav hair MARION MAHONfcV The woman behind the reading desk wore a modish gown and an impressive pince nez. She was well informed on her subject, havin iraveiea extensively - in tne countries whereof she spoke, and her facts were fairly organized. Yet her speech w-as monotonous and hesi tant, full of aahhs; and there were signs of inattention and boredom among the women who had come to hear. She came to my mind when I saw the new book, "Your Voice and Your Speech," by Beatrice Defosses, and recalled the oft repeated criticism of the American voice, especially the American woman's voice. If you belong to this club or that group, are a member of this board or that committee as what woman Isn't these days you must sometimes stand on your feet and talk. Get the book, study it closely, by yourself or with a group. You will profit by the suggestions on all phases of public speaking speech of introduction, after dinner and impromptu speech, speech of public tribute, money raising speech, po litical speech. .... There are exercises for strength ening the voice, improving reso nance and timbre, articulation, enun ciation. ... A significant chapter on listening, silent tongue exercises no malice intended. If you are timid about building yourself a new voice, your group might like to work on choral speech, form a choir, as a more inconspicuous means of learning to use new notes, rhythms, and speech sounds. M. M. Norwegian Ship Tonnage In 1910 Norway had one and one- half tons of merchant ship tonnage per capita compared with one-tenth of a ton in the United States for each member of its population. iff n mt J Ji( "11 Breeze through your day with ease, grace and self-confidence! ... in a Pliantform girdle and brassiere. NEW YORK CHICAGO MINNEAPOLIS x X.-X ri - lir ORDER BLANK NEEDLEWORK PATTERN (15 cents for each pattern) Needlework 230 Fifth I aend ma Bareaa. CHICAGO TRIBt NE. v., New York 1, N. T. flease Pattern. No. 578. Name, print plainly Number and street City and state fete? STOMACH AGOriY da t Gastric Hyperacidity "It's a brighter v.iirl.1 since I've taken just one bottle of I'KMUN TAHI.KTS. llifirrem'e between tiiKlit ainl l:iy in the way I've been rlliiiK niv work clmip lots more tun. t!" l'KNILl.V TAB-LliTS are inspiring souks of praise irom stomach snrierers all over ihr connii v. The NEW amaiiiiR 1'liNILlN TAIL 1-1. TS contain aluminum hydroxide which medical science has proven an efiective antacid! Oiten effects great relief in a few minutes in t-Ases of even extreme discomiort due to RaAtric hyperacidity. Acts as a soothing coating for raw. hurninp; stomach. Try a bottle of PKXILIX TABLETS today. See if the firsi bottle you take doen't mean freedom from pain. Your money hack if you aren't completely satisfied. Don't rik even one cent. Write for free sample todar to Pcnilin, Inc.. Dept. ft". 17. W. Washington, t bicao 2. 111. I'ENILIN is sold on a nmnry-back ituarsntcc at VViiiKieen's. Suncvvay, I. (guru's. Sears Rofbnck. Goldhlatt'a and better dnm and department stores everywhere. s If Ton are run 4asrn om i9 - Ttu'fs not rettinv Ail tlu a m ii t-U ' JO Vitamins jruu ne4 start lUnf . ( Scott a Emulsion ta pranpEJ mtaminm and boild rravs4eev Ckwd-tajting- Scott'a is rkk is natural AID Vitamins tnl vnerB-y-toildinr, natural oil. Buy today I A3 druKisu. j c Be Fashionable - irniT 0 aV H "ad w ... ' l.'a.nS.TlNC. ' 1 In Washington and thruut the rrr:d. O'.rtt Tribune correnpondents are alert rw"t v alcnllieaat event. Experienced tn tf'-nt tacts, they cover the news Snt hand aad reoort It Irom the Amerlcao vitvpotct. IS HIV" LIMES in trn by Nancy Sasser rsrgjsara 1 A Weekly Sponsored Column of Things Advertised end Interesting. DETROIT, MICH., Feb. 23nl Did you know that YOU arc the -appV-of-mr eye" to America's fashion tlesiners? Dili you Tviiow that the rountry's foui manufacturers try to please your every whim . . . and that it Mrs. Johnn- O. Public to whom the tycoons of the appliance indtir-try eater? Make ya feel Bort of important, doesn't it? And this week I've found out that the CHEVROLET Division of General Motors aren't one whit behind in not in jour likes and dislikes . . . for they're lavished on the new CHEVROLET thoe all-important "little things that mean so much to a woman. With men. it's u-u- ally performance alone that counts first ... but they often overlook those refinements of ;ualit v, luxury and service that make a car easy for a woman to "live with." Ease of parking and effortless drivinz. for instance ... and sumptuousness of upholstery and beautiful appointments. To sum it up, CHEVROLET gives you big-car quality at lowest cost, so sec your local dealer. Poor little tike! Ilis mother doesn't know about RESINOL Ointment and what a great help it is in quickly soothing the itchy smarting of baby's diaper rash, dry eczema and those chafed places that happen so easily on baby's tender, sensitive skin. But that's just a beginning of RESINOL Ointment's uses. When the older children are rareless about getting their hands, elbows and faces thoroughly dry after washing them, this dependable ointment brings quick soothing comfort to painfully chapped places. Wise mothers who know about REMNOL Ointment keep it always on the bathroom shelf within easy reach of the whole family. They also insist on RESINOL Soap. Pure and gentle, with wholesome fragrance, it's the exactly, right kind of soap for baby's tender skin. If you haven't learned about RESEN'OL . . . why not ask for both the Soap and the Ointment? $.ooJ ars L. Cf :nf W) NEW. ivV ' FOR EASI ..IMPROVED! ER, FASTER CLEANING 1 1 . Dissolves grease 2. Cleans so quick 3. SAVES SOAP 4 No scratch... No film look for thh new package at your yrocer You've probably never thought of looking for a "label on the soles of shoes but there IS one I'd advise your looking for on every pair you buy. Look for the JSEOLITE mark . . . the mark of the firt truly perfect Soles. 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And then the deodorizing job is done . . . for QUEST actually destroys bodv odors! Because it's iinscenlrd and a powder, men love it . . . it's as easy for them to use as shave talc. In fact, everyone in the familv will like QUEST . . . it's a POSITIVE deodorant in itself, rather than a "masker" of unpleasant scent. Cost is 35c at Drug Counters. The slim silhouette is f Again the universal choice "th for Spring so here's help f. ksr if when ion check xouivr figure wish a critical eve you decide it's time to go on a "slimming" regime. Send today for the popular RY-KRISP reducing plan and let Rl-KRISP ' .L, 1- f over all your bread needs! Deliciously cri-p and crumby, RY-KRISP is a 100'e whole-grain bread made of two types of rje, salt and water, with 23 calories to each slire But at the same time, it's good for you. since it supplies impottant diet inilk. as well as energy-releasing Vitamin Bl, and important minerals! Cet your copy of "Design for Reducing," an excellent FREE booklet that gives the complete plan for any normal overweight person to reduce pleasantly and SAFELY! Write to Nancy" Sasser. 271 Madison Avenue, New York 16. ctiv Quafilif anj, flavor sQlivaijS f-reSent! We'll all agree that it's the marvelous flavor and quality of SCHLITZ Beer that make most of us automatically say "SCHLITZ." when we order the weekly beverage supply from our Food Markets. That quality means a lot to us . . . we depend on it. so I think it s time to lake hats off to the makers of this superior beer for so staunchly holding to that "can"t-be-touched" quality year after year in spite of restrictions and hard-to-get ingredients. Know how far hack that reputation for quality goes.' Io IS 19 when the Joseph Schlitj! Brewing Company began brewing the beer that made Milwaukee famous. That distinctive SCHLITZ quality lias been tinfailinpty present in every bollle brewed and sold since. Brewed with just the KISS of the hops, SCHLITZ hasn t a trace of harsh bitterness . . . just one morn reason why SCHLITZ Beer fits in at any hour ... with any meal. a s2)y and a iinitl .No smart, alert woman wants to put up with dullness . . . and vet how often we endure it in household decorative fabrics that are faded and "wearables" that are color-drab and old. While few of us can afford to toss these things away ... any woman can give them a spanking new "lift" with color-sparkle the DIAMOND-way! All you do is choose from 33 beautiful shades of DI VMOND Tints and De ... dip and rine any kind of fabric, ae. cording to simple directions. Behold . . . pretty pastel brightness or deep, vibrant new color tints! In addition, there are DIAMOND'S Curtain and Stocking Dips and a marvelous new Color Remoter. So start NOW with rolor-fun for Spring . store for color-true. DIAMOND Tints and . . ask tour dependable D;es (13el! 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