The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on February 28, 1906 · 9
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 9

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1906
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THE . SUN, BALTIMORE, AVKDNESD AY MORNING, FEBRUARY 28, 190G. IN SUBURBS AND COUNTY Mr. Perky To Start Big Industry At Phoenix. PARK RESIDENTS TO RESCUE Contract To Repair Gallows Awarded AiiKuat G. llahn Returns After 25 Yfan Of Travel. Mr. Henry D. Perky, of Oread, Glencoe, who owns a large track of land In that locality and is engaged extensively In dairying, has scoured options on other farms near rhcmlx and has leased the cotton duck property at Phoenix. The property includes tr large factory, CO dwellings and other buildings, besides about 100 acres of land. The lease is given with the privilege of buying provided the city does not con demn It for the proposed reservoir. Mr. Perky takes possession of the prop erty tomorrow, lie will at once put in ma chlnery for the manufacture of breakfast food. Within CO day he expects everything to be In operation. He will employ JOO or more rersons. The dwellings are all reserved foremployes In the ractory. Mr. Perky is planning for decided im provements on the Orrnd Knrm. Kntertalned Upworth Social. Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Chenoweth entertained the Epworth League Social of West Liberty Methodist Episcopal Church -at their home. Those present were : Mr. and Mr. William McGlnnis, John Edie. David Starr, Mrs,- A. W, Curry, J. Matthews. J. Six. Annie Almony, Laura Meredith, Sarah McOinnis. 8. S. Van Trump, , Mrs. " Mary Dalton. Fnnnia Wilson, Cynthia MoGinnls, Jennie Cooper, Nellie McGlnnis, Lizzie Hollingshead, KuUi McGlnnis, Ktta Kirkwood, Rhoda McGinnia, Ada Almony, Lenta Almony, Mary Mi-Cullough, Adi l Almony, Reba Matthews, Ktliel Doran, Jessie Van Trump, Mary Anderson, Graoe Birmingham, Alverta Wright, Ray Almony, Fannto Six, Kdna Almony, Rcna Meredith. Ruth Birmingham. Fannie Meredith, Helen Birmingham. Odessa Meredith, Messrs. Frank Curry. Harry Birmingham, Clarence Almony, Grant MeCullough, Grmmlll Matthews, Strong Hollingshead, , Clayton Almony, 8. S. Cooper, Charles Wright, John Elliott. Daniel Six, Morris McGinnls. The Mlssei Morris Entertain, . Misses Lettye and Stella. Morris, daughters of Mr. J. S. Morris, of The Springs, Frecland, entertained their friends at dinner. The house was decorated with evergreens, carnations and roses. Those present were : Mr. and Mrs. George It. Norrts. F. M. Meade, George L. Stocksdale. Misses : Nellie Lamison, Nettie Young. Vemio Lamison, Clara Bamforth, Mollie Stocksdale, Mary Lamison, Ruth Lamison, 8. Leonora Haile. Messrs, , E. V. Cross, P. L. Iledrick, l S. Lowe, Paul Hartenstein, Ira Painter, Clyde Stowe, Charles H. Morris, J, S, Morris. Edward K. Morris. Prlenel ReorKe Cltih Gives Dinner. The Friend George Club, of New Freedom, Pa., gave a banquet and smoker. The Sllver-Tongued Quartet, of Baltimore, sang. Those present were : Mewrs, P. L. Hedrlrk, C. S. Smith, H. W. Freed, New Freedom: Paul Hartenstein, Charles A. Small, J. H, Houston. York, Pa.; James Houston, . John Tolley, Ira S. Painter, John Ringer, ' M. R, Day, Harry H. Barnes, C. II. Nonemaker, John W. Wicks, Adam Swnrtz, N. R, Coleman, E, V. Orr, ,T. I. Bovvers, ', J. M. Zeigler. Prof. E. K. Morris. New Freedom; all of Baltimore, '.Whitehall Ilook Clnlt Entertained. Mrs. Thomas C. Hunter entertained the Whitehall Book Club at her home Monday afternoon. The club passed resolutions on the death of Mrs. Mary Bosley, mother at the president, Miss Elizabeth Bosley. Those present were: Mrs. Thomas L. Parristh, J. Leonard Slade, W. H. r. Read, John P. Mays, W. E. Norris, W. E. Anderson, William Elliott, James B. Luekey. Elmer Miliar, ... Misses Annie Meredith, Bewlw Luckey. Social At Chestnut HI dure. A social was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Frank, Sr., of Chestnut Ridge. A number of young people enlivened the occasion with songs and games. Among those present were : Mr, and Mrs. , William Frank, Jr., Frank Oldham. John W. Hoffman, Mr. A. Knott. Mr. Charles Cross. "Misses Knott. Mr. Anrl Mrs. Dnbha Surprised. A surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dubbs, of Shawan. Among those present were : Mr. and Mrs, A. Bourqui n. ' Mrs. Upton Griffith, Walter Geist. Misefs P. Blanche naille. Lillian Elliott, . Bessie Bourquin, Katherine Gill, Marjrarrt Bourquln, Myrtle Ensor, Rhoda Hilgeman, Rosa Myers, Ethel Kelley, Vesta Griffith, Emma Kelly, Ella Griffith, Ella Royston, Esther M. Geist. Mattie Wheeler, Lila G. Geist. Vcrna Scott, Messrs. Theodore Crommer, Roy Geist, Cleveland Chilcoat, Denis Geist, Lawrenc Chilcoat, Abram Oeht, Charles Chilcoat, Alexander Ensor, John Brooks, Lawrence Ensor, Daniel Brooks, Reverdy Ensor, . y William Brooks. Raymond Ensor, Roy Brooks, Harry Ensor, Harry Gill, Joseph Scott. Lee Wheeler, Upmnn Tibbnlls. - Miss Amelia Tlbballs, daughter of Mr. John G. Tlbballs, of Baltimore, was mar-Tied yesterday afternoon to Mr, Stephen F. Upman, son of Mr. John B. Upman, of Catonsvllle. The ceremony took place In St. Agnes Catholic Church, on the Old 'Frederick road, near Catonsvllle, and was performed by the pastor. Rev. Thomas B. Hughes. Miss Mary Upman, sister of the .groom, was bridesmaid and Mr. Howard Tlbballs, brother of the bride, was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Upman left after the cere- mony on a wedding trip, and will reside at Catonsvllle. Horse's AVlld Dash At Mt. Wlnans A horse and dayton belonging to Mr. Mi chael J. Goeller, of Halethorpe, figured In an exciting runaway at Mount Wlnans Monday night. Mr. Goeller left the team In front of the office of Justice August w. Miller, and while he was transacting busl rtess In the office the horse took fright at a passing train and started oft through the back streets or tne viuage. The team was out of sight when Messrs. NEW PUBLICATIONS. The Wonders . ; of Spiritualism Distinguished scientists in America, Europe, France and Germany are giving much "thought and close study to . ghosts and other psychic phenomena. t A dangerous study indeed, jit has cost many a man his I reason; but the folly of today ; may be the wisdom of tomor-rov. ; See Vance Thompson's re-j marl-cable fact-story in Every-; body's for March'. . 15 ccuU copy. $1.60 a year. Miller and Goeller got' to the street, and, with members of the Fire Department and others, they started In pursuit. The horse passed through the entire village before It was stopped by Mr. Philip Grace, driver of the Mount Wlnans Fire Department. Little damage was done the dayton and the horse seemed none the worse for Its rapid dash. - Sparrows Point And .Vicinity. Rev. Lewis Beeman Browne, rector of St. Matthews' Protestant Episcopal Church, gave a party Monday evening at the parish house to the members of his choir. Those present were : Misses Grace Knapp, Blanche Owings, Lena Stewart, Anna Hopkins, Florence Stewart, Maud Loftus, Lena Everist, Margaret Loftus, Ada Thompson, Helen Holgate. Messrs. Walter Louden, Robert Myers, Harold Ward, Harold Daley, Jay Martin, William Stone, William Wood, Einelyn Liebig, Harry Lewis, Jerome Butler, Jr. Ireston Funk, Games were played, after which there was a dance, followed by refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Wtnfield Hendricks gave a party last evening for their son, Mr. Moss Hendricks. Games were enjoyed, after which refreshments were served. Those present were : Misses Viola Makin, . Nora Ebersole, Lula Paterson, Mazie Ebersole, Bertha Horn, Martha Hcvis. Lillie raterson, Myrna Funk, Eva Strausbai.gta, Pearle Rowe, Mary Strausbaugh, Carrie Hewitt, Goldie Collins, Mary Eifert. Messrs. Robert Welsh, 1 Steiner, Clarence Thomas, George Mummert, Fred Louden, Leon Irwin, Harry Lewis, Edgar Lyter, John Ward, Moss Hendricks, Pul Denner, Wiley Machen, William Kelly, George Weir. Wandered Abroad Many Years. A letter has been received at Towson from Mr. August G. Hahn, who recently returned from a trip to South Africa. Mr. Hahn left Towson about 25 years ago. During his absence Mr. Hahn has traveled to almost every part of the globe. He served In the United States Navy 15 years, and when he was discharged he shipped on board a tramp steamer and landed In Australia, from where he went to Cape Town, South Africa, where he engaged in business. He prospered until the war broke out between England and the Boers. Mr. Hahn threw his fortunes with the Boers and recruited a company, which served under General Cronje. Gallows Xeedn Repairing. Sheriff Elliott yesterday awarded to Mr. Daniel Harding, of Towson, the contract for renairinsr the e-allowa nt th rnnntv Jail, which will be used for the hanging of Isaac winder, colored, convicted of the muraer or Mr. Frederick Relnhart, aged tollgate-keerjer on the Dulanvs nike. In ad dition to the repairs, it will be necessary to erect an lnclosure in the rear of the jail. It has been about two years since this scaffold has been used. The erection of the 6caffold will not be commenced by the Sheriff until the Governor hag set the day for the hanging. Mr. Wade's Mask Ball. Mr. Harry A. Wade, of Lansdowne, gave a mask ball to a number of his friends. The ball waa held in. Wade's Hall, which was nueu ro its capacity with merrymakers. Four handsome prizes were awarded, the wmners being Miss Agnes Kehner, of Bal timore ; Miss May Dugge, of Lansdowne : Mr. Milton Burns and Mr. Herbert Lepson. or iiaitimore. Marrlagre License Issued. A license was issued at Towson yester day for the marriage of the following: Mabqcahdt B t'ETTNEB. Erich Mar quardt, 35 years old, of Kennard ave nue, Baltimore county, and Miss Annie Buettner, 18 years old, of Rossvllle, Baltimore county. Applicant, Erich Mar- quardt. Rev. Mr. Ennis Lectnres. Rev. Daniel L. Ennis, of Sexton's Meth odist Episcopal Church, Morrell Park, de livered the second of a series of lectures on "The Life of Christ" before the young men's class Friday night. The lecture was given in the basement of the church and was illustrated by stereoptlcon views. Moving: Plctnres At Grace Chnrcb.. An entertainment, consisting of motion pictures and illustrated songs, was given Monday evening at Grace Protestant Epis copal Church, Mount Wlnans. The entertainment was under the auspices of the La dles' Aid Society, and the proceeds are to be used to help along the running expenses of the church.: Miss Wiley Entertains. Miss Mary Wiley, of Jarrettsvllle, entertained a few of her friends at tea Monday evening. Those present were : Misses Bessie StritehofT, Kezla Barton, Clara Tucker, Nannie Pennington, Minna Wiley, Elizabeth Galbreath, Marian Hunter Maud Lamb. . Mr. Cross Made Game Warden. Mr. John T. Cross, of Towson, upon recommendation of Deputy State Game Warden Harry Malcolm, has been appointed a game warden, and has received his commission from Governor War field. SUBURBAN PERSONALS Items Of Interest About County Folk And Their Frier Mr. Lewis M. Bacon, of Phllopolis, Is confined to his home with the grip. Miss Mary Moore, of Cockeysvllle, assistant teacher at the public school at nighlandtown, has been ill with the grip for over a week. Mr. John Mays, of Freeland, has been the guest, for two weeks, of friends in North Baltimore. Mrs. Fatrick Scally, of Cockeysvllle, continues seriously 111. Mr. Thomas C. Coleman, of Cockeysvllle, Is spending some time at Spokane, Wash. Mr. Grant Clark, of Hanover, Pa., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Clark, of Cockeysvllle. Miss Le Clair Bosley, daughter of Health Commissioner Bosley, of Baltimore, is the guest of Misses Elizabeth and Ella F. Scott, and Misses Nellie and Elsie Orcutt, of Western Run Valley. Rev. Adolphus T. Pindell, rector of Sherwood Protestant Episcopal Church, Cockeysvllle, has resumed his duties after an Illness of two weeks. Rev. Dr. Harry S. France, presiding elder of the East Baltimore district, preached Sunday at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Monkton. Mr. Joslas Bowen, a well-known trucker of Patapsco Neck, Fifteenth district, Is critically ill with the InflrmltleB of age. Mr. Freeman Botts, of Havre de Grace, is visiting his sister, Mrs. George A. Tra-bert, of Texas. Mrs. John Bauer, of Washington, Is spending a week with, her aunt, Mrs. Alice Newbelle, of Arcadia. Miss Mary Eiseroad, of Upperco, b' returned from a visit of two weeks In Baltimore. Mr. A. M. Ruby, of Glyndon, Is visiting his daughter in Woodberry. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Brown, of Reisters-town, have returned from Plainfleld, N. J., where they visited their son. Rev. T. H. Nicholson, of Loreley, is visiting his son-in-law, Mr. James Penn, of Glyndon. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Spencer, of Denver, are visiting at the home of their nephew, Mr. J. Harry Birmingham, of Shane. Mr. Thomas Ayres, Sr., is quite ill at his home, at Shawsville. Mr. Thomas J. Morris, of White Hall, is seriously ill from an attack o neuralgia of the face. . Mrs. E. A. Bernoudy and her daughter, Miss Mazle Bernoudy, of White Hall, are spending some time with friends atGovans-town. Miss Estelle Miller, of Wiseburg, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James T. Norrls, of Govanstown. Miss Mazie Fitr.patrlck, of the Joppa Farm, Harford county, is visiting friends in Raltlmore. Miss Emily Hutchlns, who has been visiting friends and relatives in Baltimore, has returned to her home. My Lady's Manor. Mr. Nicholas Hutchlns Hope, principal of Gardenville High School, who has been visiting his mother, Mrs. William H. Wilson, of My Lady's Manor, has returned to his home, Belalr road and Biddlson lane. Mr. Harry Standlford, of Woodberry, and Mr. Frank Standlford, of Baltimore, have been visiting their father, William Standlford. of Taylor. Mrs. John Gladden, of The Rocks, Harford county, Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. H. Gllmore Pocock, of My Lady's Manor. Mrs. William Carrol, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. May Stromenger, of Baltimore, has returned to her home, Jarrettsvllle. Mrs. Joshua Marsden has returned to Catonsvllle after a stay with, friends in Washington. Mr. John Z. Whitney, of Melrose avenue, Catonsvllle, is In Lancaster, Pa,, on business. PENNSY TO BUILD New Central Building To 'Occupy Old Site. G. A- BALKE GETS CONTRACT Banking Structure To Be Erected And New Home For Kraegrer Bros. Planned. Three more new buildings are about to be erected in the Burnt District. They are the Pennsylvania Railroad Building, at the northeast corner of Baltimore and Calvert Btreets; a banking building at 23 South street for the Safe Deposit and Trust Company, and a building for Kraeger Bros, at 2 and 4 South Hanover street. Mr. George A. Balke was awarded the contract yesterday afternoon for the erec tion of the Pennsylvania building and Contractors John E. Marshall & Sons are to construct the banking building. It is not certain what firm will occupy the banking building, which will be of one story and a basement. It will be of stone and brick, and is to cost $ 10,500. Architects Archer & Allen designed the plans. The lot nt the northeast corner of Baltimore and Calvert streets fronts 52 feet on Baltimore street and 64 feet on Calvert street. The railroad structure will be three stories high and of an attractive design. There will be two entrances, one on Baltimore street ond one on Calvert street. The drawings were prepared by Architects Parker & Thomas, Worthington & Ahrens. The building at 2 and 4 South Hanover street will be for Kraeger Bros., proprietors of the Northampton Hotel, who leased the property two weeks ago. , John F. Hay-den, Jr., & Co. have been awarded the contract for the erection of the structure, which will be 35 feet by 37 feet It will be heated by steam and will cost about $10,-000. Mr. Frederick Knoch will build two-story back buildings at 515 and 517 Forrest street. They are to cost $800. A number of alterations are .to be made to the three-story building at 308 West Saratoga street, occupied by the Gottschalk Co. A side wall is to be taken out and windows are to be erected both in the front and back of the structure. H. L. Maa's is the builder. Alterations are to be made to the building 29 South Hanover street, occupied by Benjamin Bros. The stairs are to be changed and the front remodeled. B. W. & E. Minor have been awarded the contract. Architects Charles F. Cassell & Sons have prepared plans for alterations to be made to the store at the southwest corner of Lexington and Paca streets for Mr. Howard J. Musselman. The structure will be generally remodeled. . The' South Baltimore Development Com pany has leased from Messrs. Walter B. Swindell and Henry II. Head, trustees, a tract of land on Paca street near Bush street. Mr. Jacob Wheatfleld, president of the development company, said yesterday that new dwellings will be erected on the property, which fronts on the east Bide of Paca street 378 feet 9 inches and 200 feet on Gunpowder street. A deed has been recorded transferring the property formerly known as Union Baseball Park from Messrs. Charles E, Sadtler and others to Air. G. Howard White. Mr. White purchased the property last October. One lot begins at the south east corner of Twenty-fifth street and Hun ter alley and is 464 feet by 573 feet. It borders on Hunter alley, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-fifth and Barclay streets. The other lot touches Guilford avenue and Twenty-fourth street and is about 277 feet by 211 feet. The consideration was ?6o, 000. t It is said that negotiations are on for the purchase of two large sections of this property, one section being located on Bar clay street, north of Twenty-fourth. Snit Over Land Wanted For Docks. Suit was instituted by the city in the Circuit Court yesterday for the appoint ment of a trustee to convey to the city the properties 205 Bowley's wharf, 202 South street, 208 Patterson Btreet and 212 and 306 Spear's wharf, which are needed for the construction of the proposed docks and the widening of Pratt street Because of the contingent interests Involved, it was neces sary to appeal to the court In the matter. For the properties named $21,457.50 was aw-arded, and leave Is asked by the city to pay this sum into court pending Its pay ment to those entitled to it. :- " There are over 100 defendants in the suit. living all over the United States, and some of them abroad. Among them are Secre tary Of the Navy Charles J. Bonaparte, his brother, Jerome Napoleon Charles Bonaparte; his niece, Louise Eugenie De Moltke Iluitfeldt, and her children. City Solicitor Bruce appears for the city in tne proceeding. . MRS. T. E. TALBOTT BURIED Throng Of Person At House And Grave Those Present. . The funeral of Mrs. Temperance Ellen Talbott, mother of Congressman J. Fred C. Talbott, who died Saturday at ber home in Lutherville, Md., took place yesterday afternoon. In spite of the storm there was an unusually large attendance of relatives and friends. Rev. W. H. H. Powers, of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, Towson, con ducted the services, which were plain and simple, as had been the life of Mrs. Tal bott. The burial was in Sherwood Ceme tery, at Cockesville, and nearly all of those who were present at the house drove the long distance to the grave. The pallbearers were: Messrs. Benjamin Bidgely, Joehua F. Oockey, Jr., Albert Booth, Harry Booth, Carl McKindrick, Arthur L. Bosley. Among those at the services were: Mr. and Mra E. H. Stansbury, Benjamin T. Ridgely, Michael L. Welsh, Anion N. Enson, Thomas Logan, M. B. Corkran, William Howard, Dr.W. I Smith. Talbott Kelly, Mrs. Joseph Howard, C Cher-bonnier, J. F. Cockey, Jr., M. F. Eichman, Whitrldge Amos, C. E. Eichman, Isaac Amos, Charles Shipley, N. Charles Burke, Carrick, J. F. Cockey, . Arthur Bosley, Misses Jennie Ady, Flora Ridgely, Bettie Ccekey, Lemley, Mary Needham, Kelly. Hattie Ridgely, Messrs. Frederick Ton Kapfif, Jacob Elliott, Col. E. J. Caaisty, Miohale Welsh. C. J. Fox, J. C, Perkins, Judge Frank I. Duncan, Henry Kellog, G. T. Dalconr, Joshua F. Cockey, Sr., D. Hopper Emory, M. J. Lindsay, Joseph R. Knight, J. H. Turner, John P. Clark, George Glass, Walter B Warner, Roanoke; H. B. McGlone, B. C, Green, M. J. Kehoe, Michael Lindsay, . Lemuel T. Appold, Rev. J. O. Orelgleir, Frank Corkran, C. Lyon Rogers, W. M. Heilig, Samuel Roach, Nerine Ridgely, Dennis Starr, F. W. Emory, Joseph B. Perkins, W. W. C. Stewart, Amon Bosley, James Rittenhouse, Amon Swem, A. W. Ensor, J. K. Chambers, J. Morris Watkins, Thomas Logan, , Elisha Parks, J. P. Smith, C. B. McClean, C. Cockey. J. F. Anderson, Herbert Davis, Edward Talbott, . T. Fiddler, Frank M. Eichman," Pinkney France, Harry Stansbury, . John Grebb, Hugh P. Price, Samuel C. Dale." Samuel Burton, Among the incidents related to show tht remarkable vitality of Mrs. Talbott, even until shortly before her death, is one of an inspection of her farm the day before she died. On Friday, despite the fact that she was under a doctor's care, she drove all over the home place, arranging for crops and planning the summer's work. She was taken ill Wednesday, but her sickness was not regarded as serious, and her death Sat urday afternoon was entirely unexpected. William Clark Dead. Vr. William Clark, 61 years old, of Cockeysvllle, died yesterday morning of kidney trouble. He had been complaining for some time and, on Tuesday, stopped work as an employe of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, In the service of which he had spent 40 years. He was a member of the Two Hundred and First Pennsylvania Regiment in the Civil War and received a pension. He was a native of Harrisburg, Pa., and married Miss Emma Yensel, who survives, with three children Mr. Grant Clark, of Han over ; Mr. George Clark, of Cockeysvllle, and Miss Florence Clark. Ready For Boulevard Extension. The extension of the boulevard from the city limits through Roland Park has been made possible by private subscriptions on the part of the park residents. When the County Commissioners assessed the prop erty along the route of the proposed road there was much dissatisfaction, the result being that the assessment was withdrawn from all property, except what will be dl rectly benefited by the new highway. Work will be begun aj soon as the weather permit. BANKING EIRM'S NEW HOME Messrs. Stein Bros. Open Handsome Qnarters. Stein Bros, commenced business In their new offices, at 217 East Baltimore street, yesterday. The firm has convenient and well-ap pointed banking rooms, in which the com fort of the working force, as well as ot the customers, is looked after. The rooms of the firm are reached from the street level by a small stairway, and visitors at once enter the banking department. This is par titioned off with handsomely ornamented grillwork in oak and iron. The decorations above are particularly striking and pleasing. This room is lighted not only from the front, but from the rear, by an ornamental skylight of tinted glass, which diffuses a soft light over all the desks. In the rear Is the customers' room, which is well ventilated and lighted. The furnish ings are in oak, while the walls are of white enamel. Between the banking room and the customers' room are the private oflices of Messrs. Simon H. and Julian S. Stein, the members of the firm. The arrangements were completed and decorated by Wryatt & Noelting along lines suggested by the occupants. The ceiling is circular and the walls are of white enamel finish, with the wainscoting and decorations of oak. The banking department contains a large steel vault, which automatically lights and extinguishes the electric lights needed for Its illumination. REAL ESTATE RECORD PERMITS TO BUILD. The following permits to build were granted by the Inspector of Buildings : Alexander A. Sanner Two-storv dwellinsrs at 3237 and 3239 East Baltimore street; to cost $2,600. H. Beck-Two-story stove and dwelling on west side of Chester street, between Monument and Aiacuson streets; to cost 51.6UO. Mrs. L. Marshall To raiae roof of ntahls in rear of & and 212 South Spring street; to coat $200. j. tioconzwog xo tear uorni soutnwest corner oi Watson street and Central avenue. The following minor privileges were granted : Mrs. h. Marshall To alter at 210 and 212 South Spring street. D. E. Foot A Co. To erect frame shed in rear of 2035 and 2039 Alieeanna street. Mr. bhaffer To repair wall in kitchen at 1616 Aisqnith street. It. J. Vollnee To erect shed at 1921 Orleans street, street. Baltimore Stone Cleaning and Blast Company To install motor on Eutaw Place and Madison ave nue. George W. C. Wiegel To dig well at 503 Chestnut Hill avenue. F. T. Rossmarck To install safe at 1215 Patterson avenue. Charles Stockhausen To erect shed at 1170 Nan-ticoka street. Charles Trambetta To alter stall at 381 Belalr August F. Kuhl To erect dryer at 1330 North Fremont avenue. Henry Crate To erect shed at 123 MontebeQo avenue. - - John B. Falck To Install safe at 170 St. Paul str6 6t Mrs! Sonneborn To alter at 36 East Henrietta J. A. Hall To repair at 843 China street. American Lighting Company To install motor at 831 Greennjount avenue. F. W, Krause To repair at 931 Druid Hill avenue. J. Douglas To repair at 1106 North Charles atreat. Mrs. oil To repair at 411 Druid Hill avenue. G. -B.-S. Brewing Company To alter at 1001 South Carey street. S. Miller To alter at 109 South Danas street. Frank J. Murphy To put in skylight at 415 Wert Baltimore street. ' J. M. McCauley To alter at 1636 North Bond street. . MINOR PRIVILEGES. The following minor privileges were granted yesterday by the Board of Esti mates : Northern Central Railway Company, northwest corner North and Centre streets and northwest corner North and Monument streets; two crossing watchman's boxes ; no charge. James Cermak, ,1802 Hem man avenue and 1111 Hopkins avenue; drain; $75. F. Steil Brewing Company, Bush, near Wicomico street; drain; $72Lo0. William P. Lyons, agent, Penn street, between Lombard and Pratt streets; drain; $66.50. Thomas Hill and J. E. Spencer, 1311-1313 Linden avenue ; drain ; $34. William Warfield, 2521-23 West Falrmount avnuej drain: $20. . . William Cook, 602 East North, avenue; dram; $10. Vindex Realty Company, 200 South Pulaski street; drain; $112.25. Merchants and Mechanics' Loan Company, 608-10 North Calvert street; drain; $10. Consolidated Gas Company, Bayard street, between 8evern street and Baltimore and Ohio railroad; four-foot steampipe across street; $66. ' J. F. Deal & Son, northwest corner Montford avenue and Pennsylvania railroad tracKs : drain ; V, T T I . ... ; . OO rA M ir.,bat S-nona' rimin' C'7"! ' W. L. WestphaL1801-3-5-7-9-U-13-16-17-19-21-23 North Utrrham street; drains; 3laJ.. Dr. A. Wegefarth, 2029-31 Eutaw Place; drain; no charcw. ' Otto Sehaub,.943 West Baltimore street; drain; no charge. P. Flanigan & Son, Twenty-first, between Calvert and St. Paul streets; Increase size of present pipe, etc. ; no cnarge. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Ohio avenue, be-twpftTi Hamhiirir nrtd CrnsK streets? drain: no rfikrcra. T, Bresnan, 2018-20-22 West North avenue; drain; no charge. ' ' , D. B, Potter and Roland Hartman, 2426-28 Maryland avenue;. drain; no charge. S. Ginsberg & Co., 29 Hopkins Place, rear; drain; no charge. Frederick Meiser, 1033 North Caroline street; drain; no charge. C. J. Bonaparte, trustee, Charles street and La.- aiyette avenue; closets; 3. Flynn & Emrich, northeast corner Holliday and Saratoga streets ; closets ; $10. Mr. Emling, Broadway and Canton avenu; stere-optioon sheet; no charge. The Baltimore News, southeast oorner Fayette and Calvert streets ; awning ; $12. Charles Hilgenberg estate, 203-5 North. : Eutaw street: vault light; $125. Fred Bergner Company, northwest corner Cross and Paca. streets; areas; $89.Z5. J. H. Deuber, 1918-20 Frederick avenue; bow windows: no eharire. F. Appelstein, 921 West Baltimore street; bow window ; no charge. P. Rogers, 228 Park avenue; bow window; no cnarge. M. Monskov, 1028 Linden avenne; area; $1.80. J. H. Sacks. 833 Madison avenue : awning : $6. Navarre Realty Company, 1700 Eutaw. Place ; marquise : $2.65. J. W. Lea kin, 210 West Mulberry street; bow window; $3.20. E. Strupp, 918 South Charles street; bow window; $110. John A. Desverreaux, 1601 North. Wolf a street; step; no charge. B. Smith, 1007-9 East Lombard street; bow win dow ; Mr. Martin, 1735 Pennsylvania avenue; bow window: $1.20. E. J. Perine, southeast corner Saratoga and Little Sharp streets; store front; $3.20. Meyer Bloom. Bayard street and Columbia ave nue; snow window; $ The following franchises were - disapproved : Francis Curtis, 500 East Fayette street; covering. S. Buckner, 106 South Eden street; showcase. Baldwin & Frick, 110-12 West German street; awnr inir. 8. & B. Levin, 1019 Pennsylvania avenue; show case. F. G. Curtis, Greenmount avenue and Preston street; wawr-trongn connection. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Baltimore City. . , Tuesday, February 27. George Miller, etc., to Bernard Fleischman. n.e. cor. Orleans and Ann sts., 16x70, g.r. $-13 $5 Herman Scherr and wife to Anna Land, as. Comet St., nr. Aiaquith, 13x45 5 Charles E. Sadtler, etc., trus.. to G. Howard White, 2 lots 65,000 Jwnest C, fame and wife to Herman H. A. Meiser. e.s. Kirby lane, 2 lots 6 Louis Kirsch to Joshua S. Cosden, 9 lots 5 Joshua S. Corden to E. Macht, several lots 5 Thomas J. Lindsay, trus., to Michael Hess, n.s. North ave.. nr. Druid Hill ave., 15x90 2,000 Tancls lula and wife to v inoenzo Del Pizzi. n.s. Eastern ave., nr. Exeter St., 12.6x100..... 2,700 vv uiiam a. v.rause ana wire to August lxwen-son. etc s.8. Goujth st.. nr. Washington. 13.6 X74.8 1,700 Caroline u. iiinaner to tiowara u. wunaeriy, n.e.s. Gay st.. nr. Patterson Park ave.. 14x72. g.r. $60 950 Mary t . Ginter. admx.. to Mary F. Gmter. several lots 5 Barbara i lupowsxy to Marie JNovaK, e.s. Dur ham st.. nr. Eager, 11.6x50. g.r. $23 6 Henry C, Mitchell and wife to Georgeanna Parrish. e.s. Cator ave.. nr. Stafford st. 60x-, g.r. $50 1,400 Seth H, Linthieum, trustee, to Joseph L. White, e.s. Curley st., nr. Potomac. 163x .. 5.000 Edward M. Viokery, etc., trustee, to Rosa Nachlas, Icor. Lombard and High sts.. 16x48.6 3,090 iawara m. vicKery, etc, zo same. cor. ixm-bard and High sts. 16x48.6 5 Frank J. Melvillo to Gebhard Leimbach. w.s. PoDDleton St.. nr. Baltimore. 13.10Ux50. g r lc X 300 John W. Buck to Samuel Miller, e.s. Barclay st., nr. Waverly ave., 54.8x . g.r. $50.. 1,509 Irving M, Martin to Moses Zalis, 6 lots 5 John W. Sanner to William L. Griffiths, e.s. Luzerne st.. nr. Fairmount ave.. 14.6x75. g.r. $43.50 : 1,750 Frances Pasterfield to Wilhelmina Hentschel, right, title and interest in estate 200 Ernst. Schmidt to Monumental Brewinir Com pany, 2 lots. 6 James L. Pessagno to Ernst Schmidt, 2 lots.. 5 Frank William Bolgiano and wife to Catherine E. Tvson. w.s. Harford ave.. nr. La fayette ave., 12.10 2-7x115 1.276.60 Same to Meta Packard, w.s. Harford ave.. nr. Lafayette ave.. 12.10 2-7x115 1,276.60 Benjamin Lebovitz and wife to Henry ven- . shze and wife. s.s. Granby st.. nr. Exeter. 13.6x50. g.r. $30 5 Abraham Sweetgall and wife to Benjamin Lebovitz and wife. s.s. Lombard St.. nr. Exeter. 25x100. g.r. $62.50 , - S Adit Evenst to Laura Marshall, s.s. Town- send st.. nr. Barclay. 16x100. g.r. $96 5 Herman H. A. Meiser to Ernest C. Paine and wife. s Twentv-third St.. nr. York rd. 14.9x , g.r. $65 1,000 Frank Giles to Henry J. Yientrer and wife, w.s. Small-wood St.. nr. McHenry. 12x70. K.r. $36 500 Same to Marv B. Herbert, w.s. Smallwood St., nr. McHenry. 12x70, g.r. $36 .... 500 Rosalie Vollrnar to Samuel B. Fauth and wife. s.s. Baltimore st., nr. Fremont ave., 13x87.9 - John J. Valentine, etc.. to John L. Foxwell, e.s. Catherine St., nr. Lombard. 13.8x96.2, g.r. $49.50. Anna A. Smith, etc.. to Frank Grossman. n.e.s. Forrest st-. nr. Gay. 16x 3.733.33 Andrew J, Wallace and wife to William J. . Garrett, n.s. Oliver st. nr. Ann. 15x85, g.r. $45 William J. Garrett to Anna Wallace, n.s. Oliver st.. nr. Ann. 15xS5. g.r. $45 Mortimer W. West to Virginia L. Webb, 2 lots William W. Bregel to Lester L. Stevens, w.s. Holbrook ave.. nr. Federal St.. 13.7x70. g.r. $40.75 Lester L. Stevens to William W. Bregel and wife, w.s. Holbrook ave., nr. Federal St., 13.7 xTO. ir.r. $40.75.....; Conrad W. Heilmann and wife to John Chss. Nno-le and wife. w.s. Baxter st. nr. Fair- mount ave.. 12.3x65. g.r. $27 700 Mary B. Zurgable and husband to. Bernard Bannon. 1 lot. 13.7Ux&n. p r. $28 400 Moses Zalis "to Maurice D. Fox'. 6 lots E. Macht to Louis I. Katzner. 2 lots..., TT.rtwn.rd TT. Lachenmnver to Enselbert Encels. s.s. Eager St., nr. Register. 14x63. g.r. $42 5 Michael Pnster and wife to Adam Horning, etc.. e.s. Bethel St.. nr. Pratt, 13.9x72.6 Mordecai M. Garonzik to Ellis Kurland, e.s. Central ave. to Lexington St., 15x53.4, g.r. 4-u.... Safe Deposit and Trust Co., extr., to Joseph Ruffer and wife. 2 lots ; 1.350 John St. Rebmann and wife to Adam Traut- mann and wife. w.s. Chester st-, nr. Aorta , ave.. 13.8x70, g.r. $41 ... 5 .Baltimore County. Towson. Sid.. February 27. Howard Rieman to Emma R. Rieman, 2 lots. Roy Clayton to. House of Refuge, V acre, Ele?-' ... Philip J. Ryan et ai. to Louis M. 3. Becker and Eva M, Becker, his wife, lot 3a on plat of John H, Easpe's property. Fourteenth district 175 William H. Curtis, admr. d.b.n., to William lnrougn z acres, lentn district uu William White and wife to Owen Tracey, 25 acres and 2 roods, Eighth district ' 300 Edward C. Carrington, Jr., and wife et al. to i-v award v. Carrington, b acres, at ijoreiy, . ... Eleventh district 5 Jacob Laudenklos and wife to Charles Lauden- Klos, 60 9-10 acres. Fourteenth district......... 3,000 Same and wife to Leonard Laudenklos and Catharine Laudenklos, his wife, 62 7-10 acres. Fourteenth district... , -. 3,400 COURT PROCEEDINGS Cbimijtal. Cocet Judge Harlan. TmmiN-JnAinTi !Trra.-lw i1nrr4 cna vmp in 4nll George Brown, colored,' six montns in jail ; Henry epayes, coiorea, ixuisa Mcuoy, colored, 8tet. Assault Thomas Kellev. fined $10 and costs: Jo seph Scherbauer, paroled. felling Liquor on Sunday Henry C. Schenck, not guilty; Louis Fedder. Btet. uamDiing lxmis smitn, lined $1 ana costs: juouis Fedder, Louis Goldstein. Arthur Horwita, stet. Violating Vaccina Law James Adkins, colored, not guilty. Keeping Theatre Open on Sunday Leo Largman, stet on costs. Violating License Law Charles W. Anderson, Ir-vin W, Carter, stet on costs ; Bayard & Son, George F. Burke Gohlinghorst & Co., to pay costs and take out license. Violating Fish, Law George L. Jones, John Streckfus, not guilty, confessed. Bawdy House Mamie Jackson, colored. Archer Billipe, Lena Blake, stet. Deserting Wife Alfred Taylor, colored, abated by death; Edgar Birckhead stet. Violating Sweat-Shop Law Morris Horowitz, stet. Assignment for Today Criminal operation. Annie Feldman-burglary, Joseph Holland, Eugene Thomas, Charles Thomas, all colored; embezzlement, Richard Boyer, colored: larceny, Amos Johnson, Walter Lee, William Vigal Daniel H. Smith, Alice Boyer, all colored; defrauding boarding house, Bnrt Clay; disturbing the peace, Maud Lacy, colored; selling liquor on Sunday, Frank Marvousek; violating Sweat-Shop law, Ignatz Welsberg; violating Oyster law. Thomas A. Windsor; bawdy house, Mary L. Clark, Amelia Fountain, Minnie Hackless. Blanche Morgan. Julia Truitt, colored. William Brown, colored: violating License law, Albert Hamlin, Edith Krafman, Leonard H. Neudecker, Sarah Panety, Liza Salsburg, Sarah Schwarz, Lena Scheiderman. Emma Simon, Rebecca Sissman. Superior Coukt Judge Phelps. . James A. F. Winstead, administrator of Garner Andrew Winstead, vs. United States Express Company, verdict for plaintiff for $100. State, use of J. Frank Winstead. vs. United States Express Company, verdict for plaintiff for $700. Emma E. Pnsterer, administratrix of the- estate of Mary Frances Carson vs. United Railways and Electric Company, verdict for defendant. Assignment for Today Nos. 13 and 14, 1078 and 1079, 57, 777, 613, 139, Slurray vs. United Railways and Electric Company (two casec), 104, 80 and 33. CorBT of Common Pleas Judge Dotlw. State of Slaryland, rtse of John W. Smith, vs. United RailwavB and Electric Company, verdict for plaintiff for $600. George Edward Cummings vs. Baltimore Steam Packet Company, before reported ; verdict for defendant under the instructions of the court, Katie Duciiesnev. Martha Pennington, Grace In-nerst, Philip Euler, George B. Pindelle vs. United Railways and Electric Company (five cases), passed for settlement. State of Slaryland, use of John tu Stembler, et al. vs. United Railways and Electric Company, not concluded. Assignment for Today Pending case, Nos. 105, 107, 7, 6732 (stet). 6916 (stet). 106. 6792 (stet), 6793 (stet). Bruce et al. vs. Gill (three cases) and Mary E. McDonald vs. United Railways and Electric Company. City' Coukt Judge Wright. John E. Slalone. David Feldman and Paul Barrett vs. United Railways and Electric Company (three cases), non proa on default of plaintiff Frances and Anton Perina vs. Samuel Goldsmith (two cases), settled and satisfied. John T. Jenkins vs. Karl Freeh and wife and Jo-si'nh W Sf,lhv constahle. for alleged trespass: non pros, on default of plaintiff; judgment for defendants for costs. Len Smith vs. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com pany, passed for settlement. fJeorm? Tl Sanders vs. Ausmst C. Schmidt, non pros, on default of plaintiff; judgment for defend ant tor costs. , Assignment for TodayNos. 80. ISO, 185, 191, 192, 193, 194, 64 and 198. r Part 2 Judge Sharp. James SI. Benjamin vs. McCay Engineering Company, Solomon Goldberg vs. Frank Cohen. Abraham tioldstein vs. j. iiumeniK. uatnenne j. ttnoaes vs. Joseph E. Gartside, judgment afBrmed in each case. Carl Freudenthal vs. Cronhardt Dumler Company, garnishee of John Frank, judgment reversed and for Rutherford F. Barriger vs. Sirs. C. Bixler, Judgment reversed and for plaintiff for $15. Lizzie Sprey vs. Immediate Benefit Life Insurance Company, sub curia. Joseph Schwaber vs. Sleyer Eisner, judgment r- versea ana ior piainuir ior i ; piauniu i pay cusis. TTenrv TriVson vr Warden of the Citv .Tail, and John Carter vs. Superintendent of the House of Correction, habeas corpus: petitioners remanded. Assignment for Today No. 345. Colvert Construction Company vs. Brehm, and Nos. 252, 341, 347, 848, 349, 350, 351. 352 and 337, nonjury appeals; also pre liminary ecu oi Nos. 66 to aw. jury appeals. Part S Judge Baer. Court not in session; Circuit Court Judge StocKbridgo. ' Paris Medicine Company vs. Read Drug and Chemical Company and August Kach (two cases), snH rtiria Assignment for Today Tyler vs. Tyler, exceptions to auditors account. Circuit Court No. 2 Judge "Wickea. Court not In session. ' . . No assignment for today. Orphans' CouRT--Juea Block, OaAther and Dunn. Letters of Administration Granted Estates of Slargaret W. Hines to Blanche E. Barker (c.t.ft.), bond $1,600; of Dubreuil Salfrues to Joseph D. Ste vens. Dona $uu: oi josepn i. ' vyarr. to ttaran v. Addison Vmnd S500- nf flat.harlnn .T Wvatt. to Sarah C. Addison, bond $500; of Adam J. Heim to William P. Heim, bond $7,600; of Cora E. Young to Henson Young, bond $500. Guardian Appointed Gerson Soibel for Samuel goibel, bond smo. Inventories Filed Estate of Louis SIcLane. K375,-338; Patrick J. Hogan, $2,000; Charles P. GUling-ham. $4,275 personal, $3,000 reals Hugh Fitzsimmons, $400. ... Sales Ratified Estate of Albert H. Brandt. $4,590; Lorenz Wachter, $530. Administration Accounts Passed Estate of Virginia Green, $384; William H. Blumenberg, $990; N. Rufus Gill, $137,066: Susan Lemmon, $1,240. Guardian Accounts Passed Estate of Herman J. Hughes, $3,129; Andrew S. Webster. $173. Court op Appeals of SIartland. January term, 1906. Annapolis. February 27. No. 41, Walker vs. Baldwin &, Frick et al., was argued by Walter I. Dawkins for the appellant and Stuart S. Janney and Albert C. Ritchie for the appellees. No. 43, Lindsay vs. Wilson, was commenced by Charles McH. Howard for William B. Wilson et al., David Fowler for the appellee and Conway W. Sams for the appellant. Assismments tor Wednesday Nos. 44 and 45 REAL, ESTATE FOR SALE. FOR SALE. 2101 BOLTON STREET. WHITE A THOMPSON, 1Q4 E. Lexington st. FOR SALE-HAND SOSfE RESIDENCE, on Roland avenue. Roland Park. f21-lm Address L 665. Sun office. FOR SALE A desirable Two-Story DWELLING, 1600 Lamont ave., near Federal st. EDWARD J. STORCK. on premises, or Room 86, Gunther Building.. fU-lm FOR SALE 1900 E. OLIVER ST.; new plumb ing, Latrobe stove and range; in i nerfert order. P. C. DUGAN & NEPHEW, 16 East Lexington street. f24-7t FOR SALE Four HOUSES; first-class White neighborhood; pay 12 rer cent. 10 months' rent. Apply at 423 CALVERT BUILDING. f27-7t FOR SALE 2719 WEST NORTH AVENUE; three-story House; all conveniences; steam heat. FOR SALE T25 HARLESI AVENUE ; terms easv. MAURICE LAUPHEISIER. Sixth Floor. Calvert Building. f24-lm BEAUTIFUL NEW TWO-STORY ; modern stone steps, tiled vestibule, furnace, cabinet mantels; - easy terms; small cash payment; Wert, near Ridgely st ; open dally. WALTER M. HAS1PSON. TWO-STORY HOUSE, FIRST BLOCK SOUTH PAYSON STREET : ALL MODERN CONVENIENCES. CALL AFTER 6 P. SI. AT 2500 WEST NORTH AVENUE. fl5-lm FINE CORNER DWELLING, 2201 Druid Hill avenue; owner will vacate :a bargain. C. & P., EDWARD DOEPLITZ. Mt Vernon 3782. 121 West Baltimore street. PAYS 20 PER CENT. Four two-story HOUSES, Northwest Baltimore; low ground rent; owner leaving city. Address 'Q 601, Sun office. f27-2t STRICTLY UP-TO-DATE, BEAUTIFUL. NEW TWO-STORY HOUSES; ground rent $65. A liberal loan can be obtained on them. 1708, 1710, 1712 1714 1716. 1718 and 1722 Payson street, south of North avenue. GEO. HEBERTON EVANS. fl8-lm 916 North Carrollton avenue. A BARGAIN 8 DWELLINGS, located in Soutn Baltimore; 2 and 3 story; in good condition; total rentals $900 a year; total expenses $300 a year; price for all $5,000. Address A 895. Sun office. f27-3t 1600 BLOCK WEST LANVALE. 3-story, 7 rooms and conveniences : owner must sell ; ground rent only $60. RAMEY BROS.. 22532 Law Building. aj7f EACH WILL BUY SIX DWELLINGS $Ol in NORTHERN SECTION; total expense on each house is $42 and are rented for $130 a year each; tenants have been in the property for years. These Houses are in splendid condition and are a bargain. jAg BEALSIEAR & SON CO.. f6-tmh6 3Q1 Fidelity Building. SOOO WILL BUY A DWELLING on North Fremont street; colored neighborhood; has furnace, new range, ' bath, painted and papered throughout; ground rent $42. redeemable at 6; a bargain for a home or investment, as we will sell to av 15. JAS. A. BEALMEAR Sc SON CO., f21-tmh21 . 3Q1 Fidelity Building. Til HANOVER ST.. Store and Dwelling. LOT 39 E. HUGHES ST., 37 feet front. LOT FORREST ST., near Fayette. STORE 551 MOSHER ST., corner Brunt 2333 NORTH CALVERT ST.. white marble. 1372 NORTH CALHOUN ST. 1106 FORREST PLACE. SASl'L P. SIORTON & SON. 211 St Paul at 770 AND 772 WEST LEXINGTON STREET. CORNER FREMONT. Both in fee. Price $3,230 and $4,750. Eay terms. BALTIMORE REAL ESTATE COMPANY, jj jZ I Bt. taui street. 816 NORTH CHARLES ST., Adjoining residences of Mr. Charles D. Fisher and Governor Brown. In Fee. ALSO, a number of Handsome Houses, tooth large and small, in North Baltimore, desirably located,, several being corners. P. C. DUGAN & NEPHEW, 16 E. Lexington St. 1114 HARFORD AVENUE, three-story Dwelling, in fee; 1700 BLOCK EAST EAGER ST.. three-story Dwelling, Corner: both Dwellings in first-class condition. Apply to GEORGE J. KESS-LER. 325 St. Paul street f23-6t - 1S09, 1811 AND 1821 SUMMIT PLACE; yearly rentals, $468; expenses $234. Will lend $400 on each house on easy terms. f26-tf A. P. KENNEDY. 207 St Paul etreat REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. VALUABLE FACTORY PKOPERTT : (About 1 Acre), COR. FIRST AVE. AND FIRST : ' ' , STREET, CANTON, ' WITH P., W. & B. RAILROAD ' ; " ' SWITCH. UNITED RAILWAYS CARS . PASS DOOR. COUNTY TAXES. ' JOHN T. MURPHY, 232 ST. PAUL STREET. . Both Phones; IN, FEE CHEAP . 602 AND 604 WEST PRATT STREET; lot lx69 feet. To a prompt buyer this desirable property will be sacrificed; easy terms. C. SIORTON, Both Phones. 209 St. Paul street EAST LAFAYETTE AVENUE, Near Guilford Fine FEE-SIMPLE HOUSE. 17x100; price. $4,000. Apply to TELFAIR W. SIARRIOTT, 323 North Charles street. f28-3t AT A SACRIFICE The FEE-SIMPLE DWELL . INGS 801 AND 803 WEST FAYETTE ST. ; only a small cash deposit required to purchase, balance same as rent. C. SIORTON, Both Phones. 200 St. Paul street. 8, E. COR. LEXINGTON AND CAREY STS. 1934 Division st. 1417 W. Lanvale st. 610 Windermere ave. 569 Laurens st. 1218-20 E. Lexington st. 522 East St. 1014 McOulloh st, 1701 Barclay st. 762 Waesche st 1S27 E. Hoffman st 223 Arch st. 702 Vine st, 731 Euclid ave. 608-10 Thompson are. 203-22 S. Castle st. 112 N. Pine st. 913-15 Booth st. 211 N. Carrollton ave. 218 N. Pearl St. 125 McMechen st. 110 E. 29th st. 612-14 E, Baltimore at, 1317 N. Calvert st. 313 E. 25th st. 836 N. Carey st. 1030 Linden ave. 1700 Linden ave. 1815 St. Paul st. PIERRE C. DUGAN & NEPHEW, f25-7t 16 East Lexington street. A VALUABLE PIECE BRICK CLAY LAND, EASTERN SECTION. Also, FACTORY SITES, TWO ON TTDT5 WATTTR. JOSEPH E. RUSSELL. 2Q34 Fairmount ave. VERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR SALE, Suitable for Factory or Dwellings: SOUTH SIDE EAST FORT AVENUE. Between Jones and Porter street, 231x851. Railroad facilities. NORTH SIDE OF BEASON STREET, Between Hull and Cooksie streets: 165.10x90 feet. EAST SIDE OF HULL STREET. Between Cuba and Beasou streets; 56.10x165.10. NORTH SIDE OF CUBA STREET. Between Hull and Cooksie streets : 165.10x90. JOHNT H. LUDWIG, 3QO and 3Q1 Maryland Telephone Building. OPEN FOR INSPECTION. -.22 TkSECOND ST., S-story. IggO WEST FAYETTE ST.. 3-story. JEfiJ, PAYETTE ST.. 3-stor?. i Ji 1 WEST FRAN KLIN ST.. 3-story. All of above Property in first-class condition. If yoj axa looking for a good House see them at once. JOS. E. GARTSIDE, Both Phones. 208 COURTLAND ST. FEE-SIMPLE LOT, CLOSE AN ESTATE, S. E. CORNER CHARLES STREET AND NORTH AVENUE. 105 feet on Charles and 103 feet on North avenue. suitable for any business purpose or an apartment ho2. J- A. BARKER & SON, n-lit 14 East Lexington street. BUILT IN BALTIMORE AND THEY ARE SNAPS. 8 HOUSES IN EAST BALTIMORE. S05 EAST LANVALE ST., 3-story. 125 SOUTH CARRdLLTON AVE. 1230 WEST PRATT ST., 2-story. 8 SOUTH POPBLETON ST., 3-story. 810 SOUTH WILLIAM ST., 3-story. 1614 WEST MULBERRY 8T. 3-story. JOS. E. GARTSIDE, Both Phones. 208 COURTLAND ST. T.nTft T.T si tit. rtTt Tw.iav. Maryland ave. and Oliver st. St. Paul st., between Preston and Mt. Royal ave. Calvert St., between Preston and Mt, Royal ave. York road and Thirtieth St.. 110x380. York road, near Wilson St.. 50x200. T I 1 T T X . 1 I T I T . I 1 " I . , 3QO Maryland Telephone Building. f!4-lm WE HAVE A FEW NICE DWELLINGS. Northwest and West; many would make excellent Investments. MARK W. WRIGHT. 106 E, Saratoga street. FOR SALE Two-Story DWELLING 1020 N. CARROLLTON AVE. ; g.r. $70. 2203 BARCLAY ST.. 3-Story DWELLING, recently papered; fine location and desirable property: g.r. $fl2, 1424 MOSHER ST.. 3-Story; g.ri $74.27. 142(i MOSHER ST.. 3-Story DWELLING; g.r. $70. 1404 MYRTLE AVE. : very desirable location and splendidly arranged HOUSE; g.r. $108. STORE AND DWELLING ; modern improvements; plate-glass front; 120S Pennsylvania ave.; g.r. $140. GEO. H. EVANS, 916 N. Carrollton ave. FOR SALE Those beautiful, up-to-date, Two-Story RESIDENCES Nos. 103. 105, lOO. etc., North Patuxent street, between Fair-mount ave. and Fayette St., one square from Patterson Park; hand-painted ceilings and handsomely deeorated throughout: stationary washtubs- sewer drainage and all modern conveniences. EDW, J. STORCK, on premises, or Room 86, Gunther Building. Fayette and St. Paul sts. fl4-lm FOR. SAT.F Throa twr.nnr TtnTTS'ir.S VW. 1306 Smiths alley. Northeast Baltimore; ground rem a.aa; wui pay & per cent. net. Apply to A. NILY, care J. Giltzan, Harford avenue, near Lake avenue. C. and P. Phone. 673 Wolfe. f25-7t FOR SALE 919 AND 931 W. NORTH AVE.: three-story dwelling, with two apartments and two stores: 31 feet front by irregular depth; ground rent $120, redeemable; net yearly income, $1,100. J. CLLNTON WATTS, f26-6t -. 214 Law Building. FOR SALE FACTORY SITE; East Baltimore; 25x175; fronts on two streets. JULIUS MTNTZ, f27-3t ; 818 Equitable Building. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT. WAREHOUSES. 114 S. CALVERT ST.... 14 McCLELLAN'S AL. ..PER YEAR, 81,100 ..PER YEAR, 1,700 39 S. LIBERTY ST. .PER YEAR, $2,500 LOTS THAT WILL BE IMPROVED TO SUIT , TENANTS. 404 S. CHARLES ST., 26X80. " 107 AND 109 SOUTH CALVERT ST., 60X33, THROUGH TO CHEABSIDE; OR WILL IMPROVE THIS LOT WITH 2 WAREHOUSES. 104 SOUTH STREET. 25X134.. ALEX. YEARLEY & SON, CHARLES AND LEXINGTON STREETS. SINGER BUILDING, 109 AND 111 W. LEXINGTON ST. ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. WILL RENT. WITH HEAT AND ELEVATOR SKRVICE, SECOND. THIRD, FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOORS. 40X60 FEET EACH. Particularly desirable for Milliners, Hair Dressers, Dentists, Architects, Photographers. Manufacturers, Agents, or any business requiring prominent location. P. C. DUGAN & NEPHEW, 16 E. LEXINGTON ST. FOR RENT Strictly modern TWO-STORY HOUSE, 1308 North Luzeme street; first-class neighborhood ; no nuisance of any kind ; rent WO. THREE-STORY HOUSE, 2615 East Preston street, containing eight large rooms, bath and pantry; fancy brick and marble front, cement yard and cellar; cellar under whole house; neighborhood high and healthy; sewer connection; rent $25. Apply to Agent of PETER GROUAN. 1333 Neath Luzerne street. Wilkens and North avenue cars going east. d30-tf FOR RENT IN ADVANCE. 200 E. TWENTY-SECOND ST.. S-story... .25 305 E. LANVALE ST.. 3-story.... J!25 1230 W. PRATT ST.. 2-Btory.... JUS 1630W. FAYETTE ST 3-story.... 5(25 1035 N. MILTON AVE.. 2-story -.......jj(18 All in first-class condition. JOS. E. GARTSIDE, Both Phones. 208 COURTLAND STT FOR RENT 1703 and 1719 GUILFORD AVE.. 10 rooms and bath: in first-class condition: fur nace heat; ready for immediate occupancy. Ap- DlV to UA V 13, bltyilUKU & JUA V 13, Md. Phone 6071-B, or 215 St. Paul st :30-im FOR RENT 851 HAMILTON TERRACE, suitable for a dwelling or clubhouse; now occupied by the Knights of Columbus; possession given March 1. JOHN GLENN & CO., fie-lm 312 St. Paul street. FOR RENT 3000 BLOCK WESTWOOD AVENUEv Wal-broot : 7 rooms and bath; $20 monthly. KENNARD & CO., 215 St. Paul street. FOR RENT Centrally located BUSINESS AND , FACTORY FLOORS. JULIUS MINTZ. f27-3t 818 Equitable Building. FOR RENT Two LOTS, 50x155, for Manufacturing Purposes; 25 minutes from Citv Hall; will improve. Address E 739, Sun office. f27-7t FOR RENT DWELLING NO. 2838 NORTH CALVERT STREET; possession March 1. HOWELL Y. ING, ' fZ7-tf 216 East Baltimore street. FOR RENT WINDOW AND PART OF STORE. 40 feet long; East Baltimore street, near Fred-: erick. Address C 617, Sun office. f27-2t FOR RENT First-class DWELLING 2135 LIN- open for inspection from 9 to 2 each day, f21-ti TPrf-l IJ 1TVT rrrhvn ir.ffla.DtArV "RTiTTftl. "NTrt 20 S. ARLINGTON AVE. - rent $18. Inquire 413 NORTH EUTAW STREET. f26-3t FOR RENT STORE and two FLATS, 228 South Broadway. Apply at 6 N. BROADWAY. f23-6t 11 Rooms Laundry 2 Baths. MARYLAND AVENUE 2206- !206 Kitchen first floor; newer connections. APPLY J. C. ROGERS. SUN OFFICE DWELLINGS. 1228 N. Caroline st.$30.0O I 1910 Mt Royal Ter.$30.00 721 Newington ave. 37.50 1 1303 N. Charles st. . 73.00 Both Phones. TELFAIR W. MARRIOTT, ft-lm 323 N. Charles at. STORE AND DWELLING, 214 North Liberty St.. a few doors above Gas Co.'s office; possession Mav 5. Applv to TELFAIR W. MAE- RIOTT. 323 North Charles street f24-5t FOR RENT Fine STORE and CELLAR No. 21 N. Liberty st. ; reasonable rent to good tenant BALDWIN & FRICK. 501 Amercan Bldg. MODERN TWO-STORY DWELLING 2804 W. NORTH AVE. 23 BUILDERS' EXCHANGE. $25 PER MONTH for STORE AND DWELLING on North Gay street 817 PER MONTH for DWELLING on Lombard st. near Fremont ave.; 6 rooms. JAS. A. BEALMEAR & SON. 301 Fidelity Building. f21-lm 711 ST PAUL STREET Very large, desirable . DWELLING. Apply to DAVID STEWART, 213 St. Paul street. 21-7t REAL, ESTATE FOR RENT. FOR RENT-FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS 107 NORTH HOWARD STREET, desirable for Offices or Storeroom. Apply to LOUIS A. DIETER, 103 North Howard street f28-3t NOW BEING PUT IN THOROUGH REPAIR, 116 E. FRANKLIN ST., 1215 BOLTON ST., 1721 AND 1723 BARCLAY ST.; low rents. C. MORTON. Both Phones. 209 St Paul street. FOR RENT-UPPER FLOORS OF 302 NORTH EUTAW STREET. Apply on premises. f27-3t STORES FOR RENT. STORE 533 NORTH HOWARD STREET, opposite Academy and Auditorium. SAMUEL P. MORTON & SON, f8-lm 211 St Paul street STORES FOR RENT. In absolutely fireproof building, just completed, at NORTHWEST CORNER OF ST. PAUL ST. AND BANK LANE; Mosaic floors; large, weil-iighted, cemented cellars, and large vault in each; electric light, gas, water and steam heat tf JOHN GLENN & CO.. 312 St. Paul st. STABLES FOR RENT. FOR RENT STABLE, rear of 814 W. Lombard st Apply to BALDWIN & FRICK, 501 American Building. FLATS FOR RENT. DESIRABLE FOUR-ROOM FLAT, opposite Harlem Park; hot and cold water on floor; possession March 1. Address D 80S. Sun office. f27-12t OFFICES FOR RENT. FOR RENT DESK ROOM, or PART OF AN OFFICE, Baltimore street, second floor; heat light, phone, etc. Applv to MILIiOURNE ADV. AGENCY. 218 East Laftimore street. j31-lm LARGE LIGHT ROOMS for business purposes. 215 NORTH CALVERT STREET, near post-office. Apply ROOM 6. third -floor, or E. DID1ER, at MacCarthy & Harper's, 345 North Calvert street. fll-tf FOR RENT FIRST-CLASS OFFICES. STEWART BUILDING, GAY ST. AND EXCHANGE PLACE. Apply to C. Morton Stewart & Co. GOOD OFFICES ON GROUND FLOOR; Storage Rooms in rear; complete outfit heated and lighted, with use of phone; $S and $10; onlv two' squares from Courthouse. 218 E. PLEASANT ST. LARGE OFFICES FOR RENT. " SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS, in absolutely fireproof building, just completed, at NORTHWEST CORNER OF ST. PAUL STREET AND BANK LANE; each 70 feet by 44 feet, with large vault; electric iight. water and steam heat; admirably suited for corporation use. tf JOHN GLENN & CO.. 312 St. Paul st. APARTMENTS FOR RENT. VERY DESIRABLE HOUSEKEEPING APARTMENT of tight rooms, facing St. Paul aud Mt. 'Royal, to sublet Apply F-l, the St. Paul.f28-7t HANDSOME APARTMENT 3 rooms and bath. Apply at The Preston, Guilford and Preston Bt FOUR BRIGHT ROOMS AND BATH, $18 per month. 90S WEST NORTH AVENUE. ft THE COLONIAL. 1005 North Charles street; very desirable Modem APARTMENT. Furnished, March 1. f24-7t 'THE READ," East Read st Modern APARTMENT, second floor, three rooms, kitchen, bath 'and private hall. fg-4t APRIL 1. FIVE ROOMS AND BATH ; all conven-iences; second floor. 17QO PARK AVE.f27-3t ST. PAUL APARTMENTS, ST. PAUL ST. AND MT. ROYAL AVE. HOUSEKEEPING APARTMENTS FOR RENT. WHYTE & THOMPSON. 104 13. Lexington st SECOND-FLOOR unfurnished Apartment, 4 rooms, use of bath ; good location ; heat, light, all con-veniences ; owners ; reference. K 7S-t, Sun oftiee. COR. Charles and Franklin "The Rochambeau," new, being finished; Housekeeping and Bachelors ; central ; no car fares, cinders, soot or dust ; unusually desirable; cafe; $375 to $900; engagements now made. f!6-lm THE WALBERT, CHARLES AND LAFAYETTE AVENUES. " Fireproof construction. Housekeeping Apartments complete in every detail at reasonable prices. Well-appointed Cafe in the house. CHARLES J. BONAPARTE. Trustee. f2-lra 216 St Paul street WAREHOUSE PROPERTY. WAREHOUSES. FACTORIES. Number of Improved and Unimproved Large Properties, with water front and rail facilities. dl2-tf WM. MARTIEN & CO.. 15 South st FOR SALE. A Bargain NOS. 517 TO 525 W. BALTIMORE STREET, improved by a Six-Story WAREHOUSE, known as the Central Storage Warehouse; lot 86.6' by 168', through to German street. Apply to CAUGHY. HEARN & CARTER, 32 Central Savings Bank Building, southeast corner Charles and Lexington sts. 27-lin FOR RENT Three GROUND FLOORS, with Basements; centrally located; have 3,500, 7,000 and 10,000 square feet each, with heat and power, if desired. Apply to HENRY SMITH. JR.. 113 Hanover street. Seventh Floor. fl6-lm FOR RENT-ALL OR PART OF WAREHOUSE 315 NORTH STREET, fl-lm Apply at N. HOLLIDAY ST. FOR RENT For storage, about 5.000 SQUARE FEET, in northern part of city. Inquire at ' ROOM 12Q7. AMERICAN BUILDING. f25-7t WHARF PROPERTY. FOR SALE . WHARF PROPERTY, FOOT OF CROSS STREET, SOUTH SIDE OF BASIN. ABOUT 2oO FEET WIDE BY 450 FEET LONG TO BULKHEAD, WITH TWO PIERS EXTENDING OUT FROM niTiffHEin i'n o-in"n C. M. & L. B. REEDER, 5QO East Hughes street fl7-lm REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANT TO BUY OR RENT Three-story HOUSE, iu a desirable neighborhood. Address X 873 Sun office. f28-3t "NO COMMISSIONS." WILL BUY YOUR PROPERTY, NO MATTER WHAT CONDITION; WILL ALSO PURCHASE GROUND RENTS. JAS. A. BEALMEAR & SON CO.. Both Phones. 3Q1 .FIDELITY BLDG. A RICHMOND (Va.) MAN, who has just taken up his residence in Baltimore, wishes to INVEST IN SOME 2-STORY HOUSES that will pay him as a good investment to hold; have about $11,000. Address P 529, Sun office. f27-3t EVERYONE KNOWS We pay the highest cash prices for PROPERTY; don't sell until you get our offer; will not disturb tenants; no commissions. Both phones. BALTIMORE REAL ESTATE COMPANY. 224 St Paul street f27-lm I HAVE ABOUT $35,000 TO INVEST IN CITY PROPERTY; prefer fee-simple and prefer doing business with owners direct; send description. Address A735, Sun office, f27-lm WANTED TO BUY Several HOUSES, in fee preferred; also GROUND RENTS. Address N Tf?T Sun nffino rr oj. f27-3t A LADY HAVING A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS TO INVEST will buy Ground Rents or fee -simple or leasehold Properties; state price and particulars. Address J 783, Bun office. f25-lm HOUSES WANTED All kinds; ONE OR MANY for CASH BUYERS: QUICK SALES; brina oi send particulars. PHILIP H. HOFFMAN f7-lm 842844 Equitable Building. WANTED TO BUY Large THREE-STORY DWELLING, in fee, or with low ground rent on Caroline st or Broadway, between Eager and r euerai bib. aaurtss x t t , sun omce. IZ6-6t I HAVE A LARGE SUM FOR INVESTMENT IN HOUSES. GROUND RENTS or MORTGAGES. Make your offerings and receive promDt reply. A. H. MILLER Both Phones. Room 625, 111 N. Charles st REAL ESTATE SALE OR RENT. REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE, 225 ST. PAUL STREET. Send for BALE AND RENTAL BULLETIN (free by mail), CONTAINING LIST OF PROPERTIES FOR SALE AND RENT BY ITS MEMBERS. FOR SALE OR LEASE ON GROUND RENT 8 ACRES OF GROUND, suitable for Building or Manufacturing Sites, adjoining streets and railroad; location. Eastern part of Baltimore. Address OWNER and see plan at 1925 East North avenue. Baltimore. fl0-sa.w8t REAL ESTATE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITY. STATE AND COUNTRY. MAURICE LAUPHEIMER, 7-tf Calvert Building. Sixth Floor. REAL ESTATE SUBURBAN. EIGHT-ROOM COTTAGE, on Catonsville avenue. Relay, five minutes' walk from station; Furnished throughout; necessary Outbuildings $300 rent for season of six months. C. MORTON, Both Phones. 209 St Paul street MODERN COTTAGE; Garrison avenue; all conveniences: lot 50x150. Several COTTAGES; large lots; West Arlington ; modern in every respect ; on 5-cent fare. 22 ACRES, Harford roadJ Julius mintz, f27-6t 818 Equitable Building. WANTED TO RENT SUBURBAN COTTAGE. SIX OR EIGHT ROOMS. BY APRIL 1 OR - 15, within 5-cent car fare. Address D 738, Sun office. f27-2t WANTED TO RENT In or near Catonsville. a small COTTAGE, seven or eight rooms. Address N 747, Sun office. f27-3t WANTED An UNFURNISHED HOUSE, in Roland Park, by the year. Address Y C14, Sun office. f27-tf NORTH FOREST PARK, HIGHEST POINT IN THE CITY. 35 MINUTES TO CENTER OF CITY. $10 DOWN, 10 PER MONTH. We are selling the finest BUILDING LOT3. BOx 150, at North Forest Park, at very low prices, in order to sell every lot by the first day of June. Prices will be advanced April 1. ' - Make an investment of $10 each month on one of these lots. . They will increase in value 50 per cent in one year. Come out and pick your lot We will reserve It for you. Take Garrison avenue cars and get off at Belle avenue. Apent on the grounds Sunday. Telephone us and we will meet you during the week. WEST-WATSON LAND CORPORATION, 763 to 769 Calvert Building. C. and P. Telephone. Mt. Vernon 5347. f24-8t WHEN YOU HAVE LOOKED AT OTHERS, SEE THIS C TTAGE AND FIVE ACRES on the Ellicott City car line; electric light from cars to the door; modern conveniences: barn, hennery and large poultry yard- price $5,000. Get full description of this and other Properties : also Farms; all sizes. W. B. BENNETT, f25-4t " Law Building. WALBROOK THE PRINCE OF SUBURBS. I have two of the choicest LOTS in Walbrook for sale, or will Build a Cottage to suit your own ideas on easy terms. Can have it ready by spring if yon come at once. JOHN J. WATSON. 763 to 769 Calvert Building, J31-lm" or 3403 Clifton avenue. Walbrook. PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE CHOICE PROPERTY; will sell by acre or in lots, to suit purchaser; have some BARGAINS. PHILIP H. gOFFMAN. K42 K44 Equitable feldg. j31-lm FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT. WM. R. DORSET. Law and Real Estate, 9SO Eauitable Bldg. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SUBURBAN BEAUTY. Just completed, decorated by Dieter and charmingly located on park drive, with everv convenience, annlv on nremises. GREEN- SPRING AND ROGERS AVES. or SIDNEY E. WALZL. 20 West Lexington street fla-lm ROLAND PARK Desirable House and Lot for sale on Roland ave. S 331. Sun office. fl7-14t FOR SA LEW -room Cottage, with ground. Harford rd,; alao Bldg. Lots. Ostendorf. 420 N. Eutaw. REAL ESTATE SUBURBAN. FOREST PARK. WE ARE READY FOR SPRING WITH PLENTY OF COTTAGES ready for immediate occupancy, containing evTT modern convenience, water, gas and electric lights. BUY A HOME IN A SUBURB that is not an experiment, but a permanent success. Come out and inspect our cottages. Terms to suit every purchasei. FRANK H. CALLAWAY, f28-lm Forest Park. HANDSOME COTTAGE. 16 rooms; four acres of ground; beautifully situated at St. George's, W. M. R. R. ; all modern conveniences: fruit, shrubbery and fine water. C. MORTON. Both Phones. 209 St. Paul street SPRING HILL -SUBURBAN HOMES, ARLINGTON AVE AND OLD YORK ROAIX GAS, WATER. B-CENT CARFARE. DRAINAGE. BALTIMORE COUNTY TAXES. ONLY 22 MINUTES TO CITY HALL. TAKE YORK ROAD CARS. COTTAGES FOR SALE OR RENT. Applv to JOHN J. RINGGOLD. ON PREMISES. . FOR SALE. A Beautiful Country Home in WALBROOK, with all City Conveniences, situated on Bloomingdale road, opposite Presst-man street. Large cottage, 11 rooms and bath ; sanitary plumbing, city water, electric lights; heated throughout; porches surrounding the house; beautiful lawn J grand old oak shade trees. Edmondson avenue cart pass this proiierty ; 20 minutes' ride to the center ol the city. Apply at 305 N. HOWARD ST. f24-7t WALBROOK LAND CORPORATION We are now offering our property for Bale in lots as desired, and will improve them to suit purchasers on reasonable terms. - , No one can afford to purchase in the suburbs without inspecting our property. Call for particulars. Office on the ground at Windsor Mill road and Garrison avenue. City offices, 127 and 129 East Fayetta street (Equitable Building) . SEVERAL LOTS FINE BUILDING LAND, IN OR NEAR GREEN SPRING VALLEY. ALSO, SEVERAL FINE FARMS Also, modern DWELLING and Stable. 14 rooms and 2 baths; near Pikesville $3,000 ABOVE OWINGS MILLS, on electric cars: DWELLING 14 rooms, bath, 3 acres SS (XV) DWELLING 18 rxms. 3 acres S4 500 COTTAGE 5 rooms, 8 acres $3,010 West Arlington, fine 12-room COTTAGE So.Ot E. L. PAINTER. Attorney. f24-eo3t SOI St. Paul street DERBYSHIRE. DARBYSHIRE. IOR SALE Choice VILLA SITES of one acr or more, fronting on Park Heights ave.. between the Maryland Country Club and the Suburban Club, and opposite the residences of Messrs. In gram, Fenton. Sherwood and other prominent citizens. Apply to owners, MESSRS. BOLGIANO SKINNER. ja6-6m SO.I and 807 Calvert Buildin. FOR SALE- Four COTTAGES, on Belrieu aye.. N est Arlington : separately or as an entirety. Desirable COTTAGE, on Reisterstown road, near Wylie ave., adjoining Southern Methodist Church ; in fee : lot 50x250. Small COTTAGE, with stable in rear. Par Heights ave.. between Kate and Wylie aves. ; in fee. GEO. H. EVANS. 16 N. CarroUton ave. FOR SALE Nice SUBURBAN HOME. Catonsville; 8 acres; 10-rnom Cottage; artesian well; large barn and other outbuildings; fine old shads trees; abundance of fruit and berries; apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries and currants : priea $8,000. Address O 72S. Sun office. f27-7t FOR RENT Beautiful COUNTRY SEAT. Wil-kens aTe.. near Beachfield ; 24 acres ; large House and all modem conveniences; fine stables and outbuildings. Apply to JOHN H. DUMLER. Attornev, d6-w,mtf 71 2 Union Trust Buildnig. FOR SALE To close an estpte. handsome SUBURBAN HOME, surrounrlfd bv ppaciotis grounds; all modem conveniences. For further partiiulars apply to J. HARRY IGO, Maryland Trust Building, f27-3t Calvert and German streets. FOR RENT Suburban and County COTTAGE3 and HOUSES, by the year or season, furnished and unfurnished. P. C. DUGAN & NEPHEW. f25-10t 1G East Lexington street. FOR SALE Modern COTTAGE. 1353 YORK ROAD, 14 rooms; all latest conveniences; lot 50x250. with larsre Stable; 5a car fare. MER-RIKEN & MERRIKEN, lOO East Lexington street, or on premises. f23-lm FOR RENT-COTTAGE AND GROUNDS, Paradise, Catonsville; 5 acres; 12 rooms, stable, etc. (carriage required) ; season or year. G. A. OGLE.. S42f Madison avenue. f22-lm FOR SALE A most desirable COTTAGE in Ro-land Park; lanre lot; all conveniences. Address A 715. Sun office. fZT-tf FOR SALE Three small HOUSES, in fee. renting for $30 a month; Highlandtown. Address H 742, Sun office. f27-3t REAL ESTATE COUNTRY. VALUABLE) FARM AND SILICA SAND DEPOSIT AT ORPHANS' COURT SALE. Farm is about two miles from Columbia, in Lancaster countv, Pennsylvania. BRICK MANSION, BANK BARN, TOBACCO SHED. WAGON SHED, CORN CRIB AND OTHER IMPROVEMENTS. ON FARM IS VALUABLE AND LARGE DEPOSITS OF SILICA SAND, operated for many years by Hiram L. Detwiler; sand being used in iron and steel works, brick works, plastering, cement pavements, water nitration. The . richest deposit of Silica Sand known of in Pennsylvania. Sale occurs SATURDAY, March 10, 1905, at 2 P. M.. on premises. For further particulars address JOSEPH H. ZEAMER. Administrator Hiram L. Detwiler Estate, or ALFRED C. ERD-NER, ESQ.. Attorney, both at Columbia, Pennsylvania, It FOR SALE Valuable FARM, containing 95 acre and 17 square perches of land, on "My Lady'a Manor," Tenth district of Baltimore county, about D4 miles from Monkton Station, on tha Northern" Central Railway: two-story Frame Dwelling and other usual Outbuildings; land is exceedingly fertile and well adapted for dairy business. The above Farm and Improvements will be sold, at PUBLIC AUCTION, under decree of court, at the COURTHOUSE DOOR, in Towson, Md.. on TUESDAY. March 6. 1906. at 12 M. JOHN MAYS LITTLE. OSBORNE I. YELLOTT. Trustees, f28-w,th,sa3t , Towson, Md. FOR SALE OR RENT A good DAIRY FARM. 150 acres, adjoining the new distillery, between Owings Mills and Gwynn-brook, on Western Maryland railroad; possession April 1. G. H. WHITE & CO.. f28-eolm 1127 Calvert Building. 300 TO 500 ACRES ON THE BEAUTIFUL SEVERN, the Switzerland of America: 5 minutes from Robinson Station. B. and A. Short Line R. R. ; 20 to 80 feet above sea level; adapted to wheat, grass, fruit and truck; fine glass sand; ducks, fish, rabs. oysters and game abound. 43 ACRES AT EARLEIGH HEIGHTS, at $23. 178 ACRES NEAR PASSADEN A AND EL- VATON; unimproved, at $15 per acre. TWO 34-ACKE LOTS AT ELVATON. 34 ACRES AT MARLEY, at $25. 7UO ACRES. WITH BUiLDINGS. from Glen-burnie to Marley : fine clay and water power. 44 ACRES AT DORSEYS. B. and O.. $2,000. FIVE HOUSES AND LOTS and SEVEN VACANT LOTS AT BROOKLYN. Md. , FOREST HOME DWELLING for rent. BODKIN FARM, 353 ACRES; fine summer resort or game preserve: half-mile wire fence would inclose it; suited to wheat, grass, fruit and truck; one mile front on Chesapeake bay. five-eighths mile on Patapsco river, 1 miles on Bodkin creek; fine wharf sites on either; natural orster bars on Chesapeake bay, fish and crabs plentiful; fine manufacturing site and clay in abundance; indications of ore beds; fine bathing shore, sand bottom out 1.000 feet to 6 feet of water; elevation 20 to 40 feet above sea level: bayside wharf site 200 yards to 10 feet of water, increasing in depth to Craighill channel; fair farm buildings; near church and school; 6 to 8 miles from railroad. 15 miles from Baltimore. A two-room HOUSE AND LOT at Glenburnie. $5 a month. C. N. ROBINSON & BRO.. j31-lm IPS South Frederick street. SMALL AND LARGE FARMS. DAIRY AND STOCK FARMS. SUBURBAN RESIDENCES. SEVERAL WATER-FRONT FARMS. MOORE & WALTON. Carroll Building. Baltimore and Light streets. " GREAT BARGAIN 310-Acre (highly cultivated) Truck Farm; 16 miles shell road to Baltimore: nr. Odenton, P. R. R. ; Annapolis June. B. & O., and proposed electric road, and 1 mile to Portland or Admiral. A..W. & B. R. R. ; large dwelling (papered), barns for 12 horses, all needed outbldgs.. dairy, pump, hennery, spring and constant stream; pos. at ones. C. N. Robinson & Bro. , 1QS S. Frcd'k. FOR RENT The SULPHUR SPRING FARM", about four milc-s from Baltimoie and one mi'e from Arbu'.ur.. P. R. R,; about 120 acres of arable lard. G. W. LURMAN. f21-tf ' 4Q7 Stewart Building, Baltimore A BEAUTIFUL FARM, fronting on Emory Grove electric line, of great future value, for sale to - quick buyer at an attractive price. J. E. LLOYD Room 44. Central Savings Bank Building. f24-lra FOR RENT GLENMONT. That beautiful Country Home, situated on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. 15 minutes walk from Bartholow'e Station, for the summer months or by the year. For further particulars, address LOUlS F. DE-TRICK. HQS Maryland Trust Building. f23-lm FARMS AND COUNTRY SEATS FOR SALE; also, Country Places for rent ; Furnished or Unfurnished, by season or year; situated on Emory Grove car line, between Pikesville and Glvndon. M. C. PAINE. Owings Mills. f22-lm FOR RENT Furnished, at Relay, beautiful - -"POPLARS;" 4H acres. 14 rooms. 3 bath. stable, etc. LOUIS CASSARD. JR.. HE. Lexington st. C. & P. Phone. Mt. Vernon 1221. FOR SALE 47-ACRE FA RM on private ovster creek : new five-room DWELLING and necessary outbuilding. Address JAMES H. BULL. Valley Lee, St. Mary s county, Maryland. . f27-2t WANTED TO RENT Small WATER-FRONT PLACE, with small House, for summer months, within 15 miles of Baltimore. Address E 619, Sun office. f27-2t SEASIDE REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE To close estate; HOTEL, on Ocean front; 140 rooms; all sea view; fine porches; gas. electric lights; also ten Handsomely Furnished COTTAGES and BUILDING LOTS. Apply at 121 0 NORTH AMERICAN BUILDING, or 814 PINE STREET. Philadelphia. f25-8u,w-2m WANTED TO RENT COTTAGE, at Ocean CHv Md.: also small HOTEL. Address M. DASH-IELL, 211 North Liberty street. f24-7t GROUND RENTS. MORTGAGES. $GO IRREDEEMABLE GROUND RENT, on prominent avenue; a fine investment; other Rents for sale. PHILIP H. HOFFMAN. f28-3t 842 Equitable Building. WILL PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR GROUND RENTS AND HOUSES IN FEE; direct buyer; prompt settlements: no comrais- sion wanted. Address B 478. Sun office. f2-lm ) I WANT TO BOY GROUND RENTS. MONEY . - LOANED ON MORTGAGE. ; SAMUEL BEALMEAR. . Uli llA , ' lioom 1. Calvert Building .

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