The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1953
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE SO, 105S BLYTHEVTLLE COURIER NEWS PAGI THREI Wanna Get Sent Oaf of This > World? Walk on Ocean Floor Bj HAL BOYLK SHELLY BAY, Bermuda (AP) — Do y ou ever feel like you want to get out of this world? Well, one way is to go for a walk on the ocean floor. Then you are in a strange and exciting world and a wonderful one to see. Tro pica! fish a r e a lot prettier than most people, and, by and large more sincere. By HAL BOYLE I was somewhat less than eager when Bronson and Martica Hartley, who escort tourists on conducted tours of the sea bottom, | suggested I maka a deep sea dive. "It has been a long time since I got my Boy Scout merit badge in swimming. I hedged. "And besides, it was in calm water and I didn't even get my ears wet." "You won't get your ears wet this time, and you don't even have to hold your nose," said Martica, and added pleasantly: "We've taken down more than 6,000 people in the last five years— and We brought at least 90 per cent of them back. 1 ' The Helmet She maneuvered me over the side, and a huge, 75-pound diving helmet descended over my head. "Oh, no," I murmured, glancing out the window panel and feeling like a fugitive from a TV Space Cadet program. Martica gave me a friendly push, and down I sank slowly to the sea bottom. And if the helmet had been on your head, this is how it would go: Everything except the quick- darting small fish is in slow motion. You have a feeling of floating • and sinking, rising and falling. You can't walk standing upright. You move in a crouch, moving one leg slowly and finding a footing before you draw up the other leg. Hartley looks out through his helmet and grins. He takes you by the hand and leads you to a coral reef outcropping. He pats it to show you it is safe for you to hold onto. Some live coral can sting and is mildly poisonous. Beautiful Everything around you seems delicate and wavy and beautifully colored. Then you are struck by the fact the only sound you can hear is your own breathing. You are in a world of rainbow loveliness and sunlit silence, e world without noise. Hartley pulls out a knife, digs out a mussel, and cuts it open. One half he holds behind him to draw away the eager small fish, and'thrusts the other half in your cupped hand so you ean feed his pet, Helen. Helen Is an angel fish, with blue- purplish stripes and bright yellow tail. Hartley has pampered her for five years and she is fat and quite spoiled. There ii not doubt it is Helen. She has a purple birth, mark on her right shoulder, and none of the other angel fish has one Quite like it. Helen swims brazenly up and nips away the raw mussel flesh. The other fish swarm up too late. Then they nuzzle your body, exploring each freckle, wart or mole curiously, and each touch leaves a tingling tickle. Helen Follows You move slowly across the floor of the sea, with Helen following. Hartley points out the branched animals that look like plants, and the plants that look like animals. In this submarine wonderland it is hard to tell whether an object is animal, mineral or vegetable. You pick up a sea cucumber- it lolks like an ordinary cucumber covered with brown leather—and let it sink down again. You have no wish to touch the sea anemone —it looks like a nest of waving worms. Here around this small reef are some 200 forms of plant life, 50 to 60 kinds of fish, and more than 1,000 varieties of lower animals, all living, breeding, feeding, and dying in utter silence. This one liness, for it strikes you that life small patch beneath the sea is ac- come up the side of the boat and Square on New Year's Eve. 1 You have a feeling of eerie lone- tually more crowded than Times gle in these watery wastes than it is even more of a desperate strug- wondrously fresh and sweet and the sky never more fair. take off your helmet, the air seems is upon the dry land. When you walked?," asks Hartley. "How far do you think you "Oh. nearly & mile," you »n- swer. Hartley grins again, and says: "You were never more than 40 feet from the boat." State Gains On Flood Control Bill WASHINGTON (/p) —Arkansas gained some 2 million dollars on its river bank stabilization program as well as money to continue construction on Table Rock Dam when the Senate boosted Civil Functions appropriations this weekend. The bill, which had been pared by the House, totaled $413,126,900 as approved by the Senates-some 55 millions more than the House version. The measure was sent to a House-Senate Conference Committee to work out a compromise. Most of the money was earmarked for waterway projects in the year starting July 1. Arkansas projects included in the measure are: $4,560,000 for Arkansas River bank stabilization work (some 2 millions more than the House bill); 2 millions, Bull Shoals Reservoir; 3.5 millions, Table Rock Dam (not 1 included in House measure); $5,225,000 Blakely Mountain Reservoir; $565.000 Red aiver Levees and bank stabilization below Denison Dam; 5 rriil- ions, Texarkana Reservoir; 2.5 million St. Francis Basin; $550,000 lower White River;, and $440,000 north bank of the Arkansas below Pine Bluff. Red Hot Specials For Wednesday • Thursday - Friday at Kelle/s! Large Selection LADIES and CHILDREN'S SHOES Over 200 prs. to be sacrificed at this low, low, price on tables — Just take your pick. 100 Pairs Ladies DRESS SHOES and Growing Girls FLATS Extremely broken sizes ... Values to 11.95 if you find your size, you'll find a real bargain . . . your choice on tables for your easy selection. Special Purchase! Men's CANVAS OXFORDS 100 Pairs . . . Complete Sizes 6-12 Closely-woven, durable Tarman Canvvas shoes — with thick Crepe sole. Some boys blue denims in this group. One Group Jarmon MENS SHOES Not our regular stocks but discontinued numbers & broken sizes. Up to 12.95 Value. L_K YOUR FRIENDLY SHOE STORE LAST TRAIN TO YESTERDAY—You might not believe it, but this is a real locomotive crossing highway 99 in Seattle, Wash. The Great-Northern Railroad's No. 1246 was making its last run, bound for Woodland Park where the 100-ton engine will be placed on e.-hibition. Stassen Calls For Fairness ST. LOUIS Iff)—Thi» nation'j mic- cessful leadership in the world depends largely on fairness and justice without discrimination to all citizens In America, Harold Stassen, Mutual Security admlnitrator, eaid today. Stassen toid delegates to the convention ol the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People that "much more needs to be accomplished in the advancement of the colored peoples within America," He said, "you also know .that the rest of the world doei not realize how much progress hai been made by the colored peoples within America." Misunderstanding, lack of information and "deliberate distortion by our enemies," combine to present a false picture to other nations, Stassen said. Dutch Takf Picture* TUCSON. Ariz, (f) _ A Dutch motion picture crew hat been on location at a nearby school making pictures of Dutch Royal Air Force cadets in training there. Read Courier News Classified Ads. 406 W. Main Phone 4591 Save-Auto Needs Sale SAFETY SALE AUTO MUFFLER R*ff. 7.25 6*64 Save now Sturdy construciion equals or •xceeds original equipment. For "our safefy — re^ 1 — ? no" SAFETY FUSE 2 lor 39^ Keg. 29c a. Spike Fusees give 20 minutes o, brilliant light. 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BULK OIL SALE PrtniJum » Re* Wards Pr»mium-Grad« Vitalized Oil equals oils at up to 40t per qt. can. Buy now. WINDSHIELD BLADES *•?. 49e 39 C M °'< ea " Chromed Windshield Wiper bladet In 10 and 12 Inch sii»i. Iqual originak. Save now. r THE BUY OF THE MONTH Fiber ready-modes | Q»44 Specially purchased—beautiful fine-count Fiber Seat Covers at jpecial low prices. Close-woven and coated with tough vinyl plastic for extra strength. Quilted plastic top gussets. Lastex side gussets for snug tailor-made appearance. Get these values now. SARAH FUSTIC SEAT COVERS, many patterns. 22.44 REG. 2.69 HEAVY DUTY OIL fodtial tax 2.42 laaludod 10-qt. can Wards finest quality Oil. Ideal for oil driving conditions, all makes of cars, all the time. Contains finest, long lasting, lubricating bodies. 2-GAL. WARDS VITALIZED pr«mium-grade oil. 1.59 Patrolman Kills Con ST. LOUIS Wi_The body of a former convict was found in a backyard here after a patrolman tired live shots at two men running from a burglarized tavern. The victim was identified as Rondell C. Carver, 25, St. Louis, who hud served a two-year twro in the Missouri penitentiary for burglary. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McCullough of Pocahontas, Ark., visiting at the home of a daughter, discovered the body as they went to check their automobile for pos- Reds Push Magaxlmt HONO KONO W)-Th« Conm. nliU say more than 100 Dunlin**, ranging from "World Culture" »n4 "Defend the Pe«ce" to comic rtrip* are published now In the red cap* Ital of Pelping. The w-called "comic" strips Hustrit* Communtat <Sof. ma and Include pictorial btrti at western nations and leaden. sible damage from thi allots. Patrolman George Degnaa tatd he fired some warning s!iot«, then fired directly at Carver and another man *ho escaped. He didn't see Carver fall and thought h« also escaped. Carver had been shot under th» left shoulder. r >^/^ 406 W. Main Phon. 4591 25% Off List BUY 4 AT THE PRICE OF 3 I2.70'« 14.20 «.70t 2S Each in sell of 4** Eoeh in f«fi of 4** An extra-quality first-line tire. Extra- strong carcass, extra mileaga, multi- row tread for extra "stop-ability" and extra safety—sale ends July 3. RIVERSIDE DELUXE TIRES AND TUBES Sli. 6.40-15 6.50-15 6.70-15 7.10-15 7.60-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 Liil fr'ff 1 Tin* 18.25 20.45 18.95 21.25 23.25 16.95 21.45 Liil Prica ^ lira' 73.00 81.80 75.80 85.00 93.00 67.80 85.80 Sal, Prk. 4 Tim" 54.75 61.35 56.80 63.75 69.75 50.80 64.35 Salt Met 1 Tub*' 2.25 2.35 2.35 2.45 2.75 2.15 2.45 "Flat Federal Tax "Phi Fid. fox and 4 llru from jour car RIVERSIDE TIRES ON SALE, TOO I Full size, full non-skid depth, full tread width. Every ounce first quality. Fully warranted to give satisfactory service. Save with tafely at sal* priced Jli. 4.50.1J 4.70-V5 7.10-15 4.00.16 4.50.14 Me." 15.11 11.51 H.15 U.M J. r«« ami your M l/rt *l NO MOUNTING CHARGE-AIL SIZES ON SAIH L J

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