Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on May 19, 1966 · 38
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 38

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
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nit THE HARTFORD COURANT: Thyrtd.y. M.y If, 196 Insido Fashion Serve Fresh Asparagus for Spring Delicacy Sues for Holiday i 6 r o y SEOUL, South Korea (AP) j STORRS - Everyone can en-the steam. Cook asparagus only paragus to tne not lai. oeisun, . g, conege law student They're Egotistical But Lack Confidence By EUGENIA STJEPPARD NEW YORK If the students at Parsons School of Design looked bright eyed and keyed up at their annual fashion show the other night, If the clothes they turned out look: mora ex citing than usual and the whole show went off like a Broadway musical, it may have been due to the latest success story In fashion. The news was Just get ting around that Revlon had siped up Joel Schumacher, a Parsons graduate of exactly a year ago, at a salary rumored to be around $60,000 a year, Designer salaries don't usually happen like that. Many a big name in the Paris fashion world has sweated It out for $10,000 to $15,000 and thought himself a lucky man. "It's all in the timing. Five years ago we couldn't have been having this conversation," said Joel Schumacher, who is tall, handsome, and barely 25. What Joel means is that he is riding the crest of the International youth wave in fashion. Everything he has done so far has been just far out enough and right to the point. While he was still at Parsons he won the Calire McCardcII scholarship and the annual Norman Norell and Donald Brooks gold thim bles. He worked part time, after Z i f ' f : j JOEL SCHUMACHER E3 mm Cleans Disinfects Deodorizes GETC.JE HE SUSS YOU DUYTC1Q FIQ5T DOTTLD OF FREGII PING. VJEU DUY YOU Tin CZCCIX3. (A 29c VALUE) (2 Fin In . . . anl mall with 3 K tabel from Wllbtit Frtth S g Pine bottta (utkt off m 3 lS Mcondt. A coupon worth S tho fun prlee of your noxt K bottle of Wllbort Froth 3 K Pint will be mttltd back S gterae. HC ll S S SEND TOj 3 o Wllbmt PrtxJueti Co, Inc. 0 003 Em! 139th StrMt grtaw York, Now Vot 104S4 gS (ptoooo Print OooHyl "oont forit to onetooo ""3 S rrothflnoUW 3 S OfforoxplrM Do.n.tSe classes, as the youngest display director Bendel's ever had. Once out of school, he did the decor for the successful shop, Paraphernalia, and joined Puritan, the fashion firm with as many arms as an octopus, as one of its young designers. It was a thrilling step forward a year ago. One of his last dresses for Puritan was a little shift dress with the huge letters M and E appliqued across the front. The ME dress will be In stores across the country in June. 'It makes a statement," said Joe Schumacher. "It says look at me." He thinks the girls of his generation are egotistical but often lacking basically in self confidence. That's why they have to call attention to themselves so strenuously. "We've gone about as far as we can go," Joel says of young fashion, which may relieve quite a lot of people's mind. "Rudi started it and we all went bananas with It." He never thought he would say a skirt was too short, but he has to admit that nowadays some of them are. "The English mini skirt is awful. If a skirt is very short, it has to have a fabulous hem." The real trou ble is that Joel and his friends have run through Just about everything now and find that a sexy cut-out and even the brief est skirts no longer make news In his new job for Revlon, the great adventure will be more quality in clothes than Joel Schumacher has tried for pre viously. He will do collections for Royal Lynne that sells, as he describes it, "older missy type dresses" and Evan Picone, a well-known name in classic sportswear. "I'm going to start the costume look. My collection will be quite separate from Frank Smith's." True to his generation, Joel can't help feeling that the Fashion Establishment has had it from top to bottom. "Once we get new looking, young, ideas into quality, the clothes will sell to everybody. We will be in real competition with the top couture." Joel's first contact with Revlon was his dress with beaded collar and cuffs which he designed for the latest lipstick ads. It made a great hit with Charles Revson, who has just rented Helena Rubinstein's triplex apartment on Park Avenue for his own home. Now Joel will have a hand in all Revlon designing, not only for the fashion subsidiaries, but for its own packaging and even a silk flower company it owns. How will he spend the money he makes? "I'm going to get a good accountant. I still live in Gramercy Park. It's lovely. I used to rent a house in East-hampton, but the parties made too much noise. They took it away." What concerns him about the state of fashion right this minute is the general lack of direction. Or too many directions, to be more accurate. Women are completely bewildered. llii i mmm mmm mm joy low in calories aspara-1 gus, and Spring is the time to serve it at its delicious best. Although low in calories, asparagus is a good source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, C, some of the B vitamins and iron, says Jan-ina Czajkowski, University of Connecticut extension nutritionist. For peak flavor, she advises selecting asparagus with tightly closed buds. Plan to use fresh asparagus as soon as possible after picking or buying it. Break off the tough ends the stalks will snap at the point where the tender portion starts. Cook in a shallow pan or skillet. Prop up the spears so that the tender tips will cook in THE ME DRESS They don't know which way to turn. "You see, the way of the vendeuse is over," he says, "Joe Hughes is the last of the red hot vendeuses." Women are absolutely on their own for the first time in history, Joel goes on to say Only a woman herself can make up her mind about how long to wear her skirt ("I may not like the mini but I certainly like a girl with a lot of leg showing") or how young to dress. ' "It s the year of the mirror," Joel Schumacher says. Fannie Hurst To Address SA - Novelist Fannie Hurst will be guest speaker at the Salvation Army's annual meeting on Tuesday at the Hartford Hilton. Miss Hurst serves on the exe cutive committee of the Salva tion Army Assn. of New York. She is the author of 15 novels, several plays and countless short stories. The Hartford meeting will be chaired by Alan S. Cook, chair man of the Greater Hartford Advisory Board. C. Russell Noyes, chairman of the public relations committee of the board, is in charge of the pro gram. until the stalks are fork tender, or about 10 minutes. I For variety, Miss Czajkowski suggests dressing up asparagus in the following ways: Add crunchy texture to cooked asparagus by sprinkling the hot buttered asparagus with toasted slivered almonds, crisp bits of bacon or tiny toasted buttered croutons. Keep calories low by season ing asparagus with lemon butter. Use 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to each tablespoon of melted butter or, margarine. Marinate asparagus for sal ads by pouring French or Ita lian salad dressing over the hot, cooked, drained asparagus spears. Refrigerate the aspara gus when it cools. Serve the well- chilled asparagus on crisp salad greens. Garnish with strips of pimiento or sliced hard cooked eggs. Prepare asparagus the orien tal way. Heat about a table spoon of salad oil in a large skillet or shallow saucepan. Cut asparagus on the slant Into slices. Add 3 cups of sliced as SKI) c PURE MEAT FRANKFURTS with a half teaspoon of salt and I v Sun-heung, has sued the half a teaspoon of monosodium government' for designating dutamate t Christmas among the national Cover the pan ana cook over high heat, shaking the pan frequently to prevent scorching. Continue cooking the asparagus for about 5 minutes or until it becomes tender - crisp; do not overcook. For a gourmet combination, use half a cup of thinly sliced mushrooms or celery and 2 cups of sliced asparagus. holidays of Korea, contending the noiiaays decree violates constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and separation of church and state. Christians in Korea number about 1.3 million out of a total population of more than 27 million. Buddha's birthday is not a decreed holiday. msnmiw yjut" '- - r 11 ,5 Vi m fillip fx ROOSEVELT MILLS RETAIL SALESROOM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC MON. THRU SATTIL 5:30 AND FRI. NIGHTS 'TIL 9 P.M. 215 E. MAIN ST., ROCKVILLE, CONN. Gioreii on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN Neither vulnerable. East deals. NORTH KJl V Alt 0 10 IS 4 Qlvl! west east Asms aiots VKQCSI VJS 0 K5 .OTS2 47S ASM2 SOUTH AQ5 O AQJI KJ The bidding: East South Watt North Past 1 NT Pais S NT Past Past Pais Opening lead: Five of V Faulty technique by South led to the defeat of his three no trump contract today. . West opened the five of hearts, the ten was played from dummy and East covered with the jack to win the trick. A heart continuation dislodged dummy's ace. A club was led to declarer's king end the jack was then overtaken by North's queen as East put up the ace. East shifted to a diamond and South, who had only eight tricks, took the finesse. West was in with the king and he cashed three hearts to pin a two trick setback on the declarer. South committed two errors on the deal, either of which was sufficient to cost him his game. When West opened the five of hearts, if declarer had applied the rule of 11, he would have realized that East had only one card higher North and South have five between them and tbet must be an honor. Observe that, if West held the K-Q-J, he would have led the king..., By putting up dummy's ace of hearts, South can temporarily block the heart suit, for if East throws the jack under the ace it establishes a second stopper for declarer Having clogged his opponents line Of communications, South must now decide which suit to attack first. ' If West has both the king of diamonds and the ace of clubs, then South cannot avert defeat. If East has the king of diamonds where it is finessable, then declarer is safe. It is only where West has the king of diamonds and East the ace of clubs that South's sequence of plays matter. By taking the diamond finesse first, he can dislodge West's entry before the heart block is cleared up. Observe that, when West is in with the king of diamonds, if he underleads his hearts to put East in with the jack, the latter is unable to reach West again. The heart suit is permanently retired from the play and declarer can drive out the ace of clubs t his leisure. If West cashes the king of hearts first, he establishes a second stopper for South. Goren On Bridge Appears Daily and Sunday in The Courant. r rnr HlfffiTTllr7 mm Ji. JLJQUl. JLWJLiXJU MM it fro w 111 I .ONUS COUPON! SUPERMARKETS J fa tUMtMAtClTI 7 fW" Mi- 00 " coo e-rr!l WS an Ml TOW - 1 BftTrWN- imrwa, winvini ay GHILG r 11 DOLLAR SALE fliU I t.b $1 P0TPIES JSr 6fel BROCCOUotabSE'I00 HeitM ChMW nal ai lbv av a a MACAROW 3a$l POTATOES 5S 3 S Tender one! lr nkAleedL jv-o l Americas Vii,r Rneif Iambi ft rrr DoaifooD TOMATOtS ilor ENOIILADU.2&89c SKSiMP DINNER tC 59e SHORTCAKE BR0WKIES Cl.lllllTIU ESKIMO PIES Hw?DRncxslO-89c irr roriH QQC. 01 S89e .39' COMBINATION RD LAMB CHOPS $109 SHOULDER CHOPS 79e loITlambceops t'l19 UJI21GornLF LAHD you Receive AU.VOU PAVOWTB curs 11,1 KCIUOINO Uta, Ilk, SUCEO BACON 89c COc .89 IBleThan U.B.K BEEF LIVER 1 59' PASTRAMI VEAL STEAKS k 99c GROUND CHUCK 69' TRAV PACK - fOn PRICCA8EE OH SALADS . new c::cwr:D foivi 00 iTaunn onosaoB , BBm"H,rasrfc59c uffiNECKS 299 , SWCmTSHmAo . 79e RADDQgR rn.i.Pf k 7J 0 .lot HAMILTON Gil OTCI1 COOLGn TO TOO SUKDON ORANO UNION MOM tOUMB 1 BABYG0UDA )t-(t. tat 24 12-U. Itlt UCl mmT M0ZZARELLA SWISS CHEESE 5:49' t?43e FRENCH CHEESE t63e cSlby slices 5c39c CHEESE SPREAD -89c Pisnic Jugts&r-H" 4r 701 - CANNON v D2 ACCl B POOL TOIVCLO U SSLT to -J3L - Delicatessen vtrgdSSTham mI t mi h tni m m m iti. ISO 00 U S O. rtH Ik. W. k M. k m4 k .l.iiu M, k. MAXIYCU KSUSI "M 1,437 STRIPS OR PRINT , KH COTTON TERRY CLOTH bio es-xe4 - HARD SALAMI BOLOGNA A Ac Hit 'a INSTANT COFFEE ?85 OVALTIKE V69e tfiPtsft TOMATOES 3S$1M ffiRGARIXE 45 cookies S5EE2S:89e JMaaa efcaelie te.. Mew Ot a a tJi GRAND UNION STORES LOCATED In Watt Hartford, Ct.itonbury, Ntwington, MlJdl.fown, Saathlagfoii, Eit Hirtforrf, Bloomfl.ld Now IriUtn, Sranby, Brlitol Alio GRAND WAY DISCOUNT, W.,f Middl. TurnplU, Mineh.itor TRIPLED REDEMPTION CENTERS, 108 MARKET SQUARE, HEWINOTON) CROSSROADS PLAZA GRAND UNION, WEST HARTFORD f

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