The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1953
Page 12
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XACMETWK.T1I BLYTHEVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER KIWi MONDAY, JUNE If, 1»M Winthrop's Park Avenue Home Is Occupied by Estranged Bobo NEW YORK (AP) — Barbara (Bobo) Rockefeller seized her estranged husband's Park Avenue apartment over the weekend after suddenly arriving here from an Indiana farm. . With her were thtir 4-year-old son and an unidentified woman friend. Mrs. Rockefeller, blonde daughter of an immigrant coal miner, moved into the apartment while her husband, Winthrop Rockefeller, heir to Standard Oil millions, was in Little Rock, Art. She talked briefly last night with newsmen by telephone, indicating she was not impressed by a million dollar trust fund being set up by Rockefeller for her, and then announced she would hold a news conference some time today. The 36-year-old Mrs. Rockefeller and the oil heir were married in a storybook wedding five years ago. They were estranged shortly after the birth of the son. Winthrop Paul, who has since been in the exclusive custody of the mother. Early this month Rockefeller announced he was establishing a million dollar trust fund for his estranged wife. She had complained previously she was broke and living off the charity of friends. Rockefeller replied he hart supported her and the son with $1,000 a week. He added that a million dollar trust fund had been set up earlier for the son. The oil heir on June 7 moved to Little Rock, and nn attorney said he would establish permanent residence there. The lawyer snirl the New York apartment was up for sale. His move to Arkansas brought reports Rockefeller planned a divorce, but he scoffed at this. Arkansas permits a decree after 80 days residence. Mrs, Rockefeller came hero, from Lowell, Ind., farm where she hod been living. She spoke only briefly with newsmen last night, indicating she would clarify details of the seizure of the apartment at today's news conference. Asked how she happened to at the apartment, she replied: be fflj THEIR DADDY DROWNED — Mrs. Normti Cruz. 21, weeps at North Avenue beach house in Chicago as her children, Linda (Inft), 3, and Michael, 2, munch Ice cream bars. The children didn't realize their father, Samuel, 25. had just drowned in Lake Michigan. Police said shore. (AP Photo) the father swam to a piling about 200 feet off shore, rested, and sank while he was returning. Mrs. Cruz saw him drown as shu stood on the OWN YOUR Some Builders Build Just Houses, But We Have Built You a Home! THREE beautiful Brick homes to clinnsr fnnn. Built of the very best materials tlmnifihonl. Lijrsr UlVtimn Geneva kitchens. Forced Air Central heating systems. Partially Air Conditioned. Tiled Baths, equipped with Amrrirun Standard colored fixtures, Insulated waits and i-ciUnifs. These houses have 2 bedrooms and den or c;nt he used conveniently as 3 bedrooms. Car ports or attached guruse. I«irge landscaped lots on paved streets. I.orud'fl at f>01 HnnJin Street, 1104 & 11 »R North Filth Street in Country Area Addition. Open for inspection Sunday Week days by appointment. See or Call to 6 Club P.M. Johnny Marr or Russell Marr Realtors and Builders Phone 4111 Res. Phone 2596 "I wanted to come home. The apartment is here and I am here." definite until I hear from my She added: "My plans are In- lawyer." Mrs. Rockefeller was asked whether she thought she could reenter the apartment If she leit it. Her reply was: "J don't know. I have food enough for a day or two." She made It clear she was unimpressed by her husband's establishing the trust fund for her. "That's something that can be changed at a day's notice; there's a dubious clause In it," she said without elaboration. The New York Daily News said today in a copyrighted article that she spurned the trust fund as a device thgough which her husband might obtain a divorce. She was quoted as saying she does not believe in a divorce where children are involved. The News added that she described the fund as "a publicity stunt to give the public the Idea that I had been negotiating for a settlement, which I had not." The News quoted Her as saying: "Furthermore, it is a revocable trust, which means Winthrop can stop it at any moment and contains a Joker clause which states in effect that. ;C I accept it, I place myself under the jurisdiction of the State of Arkansas, where he has gone for a divorce." At Little Rock Rockefeller's at, torney, Edwin Dunaway, declined to allow reporters to speak with DISAPPEARING HARDTOP—Syrtls, the first hardtop convertible sedan in automotive history was shown at the Ford Motor Company's press show in Detroit, Mich. The dream car, still in the research stage, features an all-steel top which can be lowered electrically under th« rear deck lid, yet ample luggage space remains in th» compartment "'"" ™" Fish, Boyle Finds Out, Are Happy in Summer By HAL BOYLE SHELLY BAY, Bermuda (AP) — Fish are more friendly in summer than in winter. A fish also finds it easier to figure out the personality of a person than a person does that the heir. Half-Million Miners Facing Unemployment PITTSBURGH f;p) — Unemployment is looming for some of the 400,000 United Mine Workers now vacationing, snys John Busarello, president of UMW District No. 5. The miners are scheduled to go back to the pits July 6. Under terms of n contract negotiated sev- L'r;tl years npo by UMW President John L Lewis the diggers got $100 vacation checks. "I really rtont see hmv some of Ihf operators paid." said Busnrcllo. "Much of the coal industry is In bad shape. We've got n, lot of co:>l above ground nnd have lost n pood many markets fot coal (In the) past Tew yenr.s" Busarello said he believes many siv,all mines will not reopen Immediately when the 10-day vacations Mid July 6, adding:; ''I fear that seme large mines will •enifiin closed for awhile, too." After Writers WASHINGTON WP) — Son. McCarthy (R-Wis) says he will call 10 \vrilrrs hrfore his Srnntc invcstisifi- Mnns .stibrommiUce this wcpk for "lies! inning "on the use of books by "omvmmist, auihors In the overseas :nform n I.ion program." The 10, along wit.h 13 other per- rons, will be sutpojcnned for hear! M CS to run from Wednesday through Friday, McCarthy said Snt- urrnv ni<;!H, adding his staff was hjiving trouble locating some who "obviously nre ducking." MrCiirthy said those called include Doiothy Parker. Mrs. Paul Robcson. Corliss Lamont. Lillian Hrllmnn. Prof. Edwin Burpum. Prof. Do.\ey Wilkcrson. Anna Rochester, MargUFrite Stewart, Richard O. Boyer and Rockwell Kent. Kent, primarily nn artist and 11- liif-trator, said at his home in Aus- nblc Forks, N. Y., he hod received no subpoena nnd Vmd. heard nothing of any plan to call him. of a fish. And all fish do have personalities." insists Bronson Hartley, who knows a number of them well enough to call them by their first names, Bronson, a tall, slender ex-New Yorker of 33, has spent more (han one sixth of his life under water ,n the seas around Bermud He nnd his pretty dark-haired Cuban wife, Martica, have taken more than 6,000 tourists for deep sea, dives and conducted walks along the ocean floor here In the last five years. The hidden life that swarms around the coral reefs has fascinated Bronson since he built his Ninety-five per cent of the water But she was narrow and gaunt, and her eyes were sunken. She had had to learn how to fend for herself again while I was gone." spear . . . and they call it a sport! Why don't they take up a shotgun and go out and murder blue- ftoft Day for Dogi SUPERIOR, Arlt. W) — With brakes burned out, a truck carrying u load of 2,700 gallons of cream struck a curve entering this mountain mining town at 80 miles an hour and overturned, spilling the cream down the main street and crushing the truck into sheet metal. The driver, Thomas Brooks of Dallas, Tex., was treated in the hospital for slight facial scratches and released. NOTICE OF IAUE One five room houst will b* aol« on July W at 8 p.m. la th« Superintendent Office, Gosnell School District No. C. This house Is located on Gosnell School campus and will be moved by the purchaser. Bid* will be received from now until Thursday evening July 16 at 8 p.m. The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. If interested contact C. A- Moody President of Board. Ph. 4767 or P. E. Lucius. Superintendent of Schools. Ph. 6684. 6[22-29-7;fl , I asked Marcica If she were ever ! birds? " jealous of Helen, and she threw * back her head and laughed: "That's the kind of competition I don't mind." Why Not Bluebirds Bronson, a quiet, intense man, is bitter over the present popularity of spear fishing: among both tourists and natives. He is particularly angry over the death of Mortimer, a blue-striped grunt. "It took rne four y^rs *o ™et Mortimer to eat out of my hand," he said. "Mortimer wasn't scared —just dumb—because he would let me kneel by him. "Suddenly one day he turned and came into my arms. This went on for a year—and then someone speared him." Hartley paused, remembering, then broke out passionately: "They spear a helpless trusting fish for fun . . , not for food,'because they don't eat the fish they Dallas Car Thieves Miss Out on Lingerie DALLAS (A 1 )-—Somebody stole the car of a New York salesman in Dallas. The salesman, W. P. Stewart, was pretty worried about it because the rear trunk compartment contained imported lingerie and linens which he valued at SlOO.OOO. Police found the car two days later. Stewart anxiously opened the trunk compartment. The merchandise hadn't been disturbed. first diving helmet at the age of 11—the helmet he himself still U5JCS, He spent two years working with Dr. William Beebe, the famous underseas explorer. After completing military service, he went to work for an oil company here, but was unhappy. What Goes On? "I would hop on my bike and ride out to the ocean, and think 'Gee, what a waste of a wonderful day/ " he recalled. So he threw up the job, and decided to do what he most wanted to do—find out what really oges on in the strange world beneath the waters. 'There IR more to learn here than anyone could find out in many lifetimes," he said. Martica and he lead happy, ar- luous lives. But Martica. who steers their boat, "The Arc," and upervises the diving operations, nighs at the idea there is any cinnsjnr to it. "We hnve taken down children of 5, and people as old as 83. she said. "It is much safer at the bottom of the ocean than it is on i highway." Over the years, Bronson has made pets of many fish, which he "ceds by hand. His favorites are ,wo beautiful angel fish—Helen and Ruth. "Helen is so tame now she will swim through a hoop lor me, and cat out of anybody's hand." he said. "It took me only six months to tame her, but a year to make friends with Ruth. "I can make two appointments a day with Helen, and she will always be there on time. But Ruth is unpredictable. Loves Children '•Ruth has an unusual ability. She can sense whether a stranger is neurotic or odd in any way, and will immediately swim away. It never fails. She sometimes o~n judge a stranger much quicker than my wife or i can. On tae ^nt Monday night ... w U e n | other hand, she loves children— ' r ° unless they are mentally deficient And believe me, she can sense il if they' are, and won't come near. Bronson has been feeding Helen for five years, and is as fond of her as if she were his child. "We took a six-month vacation," he said, "And the first day I \va? back and went down to the reef The Big Corn Count RENNTSR, Tex. HP)—Plant breeders at. the Texas Research Foundation here know exactly how much corn ft takes to plant five arres— 110,000 grains for 22,000 hills. They patiently counted out five grains per hill in a test project to observe performance on new varieties. by Felix Carney A new high in television was recorded in New York on a re- in sap that rises in a tree is eva-' she swam out to moot mo. and it i ponttecl into the air by (he leaves. ) was as if I never had been away. Mellow as Moohligh IMOOTHED BY NATURE TO THE PEAK OF OLD-FASH'N GOODNESS CASCADE ..... and only CASCADE, gives you the light, smooth richness of the George A. Dickcl 1870 forniula! KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON tro » oimt Disiiuimi (OMfiiir, louisfiui, HHIIHKI I is 4 runs on "From I!K life and 'vigor of ttii the "I Love Lucy" show was seen by more than seven million people in the New York arta alone. Experts say this is the greatest audience ever to witness any television program broadcast by a single station, in this case the CBS New York outlet, WCBS-TV. ....On June 14th, Eel Sullivan celebrated the fifth anniversary of his "Toast of. the Town," marking 260 consecutive Sunday night TV shows that have made the "unsmiling Irishman" one of TV's most popular emcees. Ed has introduced a lot of new talent for the first time on his show . . . and chances are he'll be creating many more TV "firsts" in the years to come. The day of reluctance on the part of Hollywood film stars to enter the TV sweepstakes is over. Latest list of stars ready to enter television in a big way includes Fred MacMurray, Arlene Dahl, Barry Sullivan and Van Johnson . . . and there are many more to come. Jimmy Nelson, the ventriloquist who's acquired a following of his own doing commercials on the Milton Berle show, will have a show of his own iifcxt year, and won't he back with Eerie. If your TV picture is troubled with "ghosts" or if it's weak and dim, call us for service on your set or antenna. Special aftten- na installations for top reception nre a specialty with us at BLYTHEVILLF: SALES CO., 109 E. Main St. Phone I am Proud to Announce: I am now associated with NOBLE GULL PONTIAC, INC., selling that beautiful new 1953 Pontiac. Come in to see me. H. J. Shaw Sleep C-O-O-L Tonite! Demand heavy for sensational Exclusive Twin Meter-Miser models Investigate the money-saving advantages of the Twin Models {hat offer amazing Selective Cooling for complete spring to fall comfort. One Meter-Miser operatel in moderate weather to provide cooling and dehumidifying at lowest cost. Two Meter-Misers team up In hottest weather to double cooling power economically. Twin 75 only '394 Look at these big early spring extras I 48 • Ventilate with windows closed—no drafts, dust, dirt and noise. * Keep home air fresh and cool during warm rains when windows are closed. Eliminate humidity in moderate weather when full cooling power may not be necessary. Be all set for the first blast of summer with true air conditioning. »ci u.i» HALSELL & WHITE Main & Division FURNITURE CO.Phone 6096 It's time to start thinking about those wonderful, carefree days at the beach, in the mountains or sight seeing in far away places. But whe'recver you go, there will be things you need . . . like American Express Travelers Checques. So, before you begin your trip, drop in the Farmers Bank. They cost you only 75c per 5100 ... and they're honored anywhere . . . just an extra service offered you by the Farmers Bank. J FARMERS DAMI/ & TRUST D AN l\ COMPANY The Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED — PANIC TESTED" F.D.I.C.—110,000 Each Deposit Member Federal Resent System

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