The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1953
Page 2
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FACE TWO m,YTHEVn,LE (AWC.) COURIER NEWS , MONDAY, JUNE ». 1§«8 f/sen/iower Has Made Real Enemies in. Fight Over EP Tax By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower today faced the second big ttst of his leadership with his own lie- publican party in Congress. The first was on an ambassador. This one is on the excess porfits lax. nann i imtMveneu. Some members of Reed's coin- Months ago when he sought Sen- niiilee, Republicans and nemo- ate approval of Charles E. Bohlen cril! s, feel as he does nboiit- Ihe as ambassador to Moscow, Eisen- l!ix pdhaps a mainritv do. But hower ra; < "' — '"*" '"'" But in the case of the excess profits tax, because of the way he went about trying to get Congress to extend it for six months, Ei- leiuuei.s. Almost, every member of Congress has his eye on a committee chairmanship some dny, since a chairmanship is n position of power anri prestige. So even when a chnirmnn or n Billy Graham Sefs Records DALLAS C/P> — F.vangplist Billy j Graham ended n month's preaching I In the Cotton Row! last, nluht before > n rvo\vrt hr sjnrl was the largest ever ! assembled in the u. R. for n sermon ! in a regular scries of revival scrv- j ices. I Graham estimnled 75,000 came to I hear him preach on "the last roundup." Thfit would be enough vlrt- litnlly *o fill the IIURC outdoor athletic stadium Sunday's at tendance pushed the over-nil total to more than 500.000. Grnliam said that was the larpest attendance lie has attracted in any sinple revival. senhower may have inflicted some party wounds which will not heal and may hurt him later. No Feuflinjr In the Bohlen ami tax i-nanci- iu \utc, U»:IB i.-. KH-.H. n.-..H.- Eisenhower's tephnique vns. m •" | t ,, ncc to criticize or interfere. It's general way, the same: no per- lhft oW scnoo | sp i,it; "Don't step Eonal. public quarrel with anyone. on Jnc nnd T wo:rt stcp on vou •- a nmjontv of ihe House, for stance, '" ~~ ~"" ;r "" ., stance, nui^i approve if Riven a cases ' r hance , 0 vote , there is great reliic- m ' riticiz or iterfere. It's Eonal. public quarre w anyone. Instead, working behind closed doors, he depended, upon his personal prestige and pressure upon his party's leaders to get what he wanted. But there was a difference, The contest over Bohlen followed on me and I won't stcp on you. Wiih the tax expiration date approaching and no sicn the extension would ever be put to a floor vote—although thR tax con id be reimposcd retroactively later—Eisenhower put tfie heat on his pfirty '""tiers in the House. They ™' Four Killed In Home Fire 1 re nee 01 "-••"«-••• - •• " i on the an() '" er powerful committee, the any every day, in one way or another, in every administration. But Eisenhower had made such an issue of wanting 1 the profits lax continued, it became a stern test of his leadership. He could then hardly sit idly by while Congress—or, rather, a small group of congressmen—ignored his plea and permitted the tax to die. Or so he may have reasoned. At any rate, apparently seeing himself facing sure defeat unless he did more than just ask for ex• tension of the tax, Eisenhower vised the full force of his party's leaders in the House to smash into congressional tradition, pride and prerogatives. Aside from any question of whether he was right or wrong, it was a steam-roller attempt to get what he wanted, and the roller crushed some toes. Daniel A. Reed at 78 is the oldest Republican In continuous service in the House, This New Yorker, chairman of the House Ways i\nd j Means Committee which considers tax problems, wanted the excess profits levy to die tomorrow night, as scheduled. Almost always before the House votes on a piece of legislation, one of its committees must consider It tf) LIK; nuu.v-T iui a vim-. If Eisenhower acted because h thought Reed was too high-hamied with him, there are members of Congress who think Eisenhower was not only too high-handed with Reed and his committee but with the traditions and procedures of Congress itself. Should Eisenhower win today, his tactics will be remembered those who resent them. Should he, he's lost more than if he had kept mum and Jet Reed scuttle the fax. Thai's part of the prire ho j has to pay for asserting presidetv ; iial leadership. ; Balanced Bottles , Peasants of northern India carry home their weekly rnilK supply in • bottles on their heads. Several of the strange "milk bottles" are balanced atop one another. j ERIK. Pa. WP—Pour persons were killed and four others injured in a lire thai fimrpd the kitchen of a small farm home near Albion, about 25 miles south of this lake-port city. The dead are Georgia Mo.ver, 19; her 10-year-old sister. Judy; Bonnie Moycr, 2, and Marian Chase, nine months. In critical condition at a Con- r.eatit <Ohioi hospital Is Mrs. Dorothy Mover. 40, mother of three of the victims. Also hospitalized from yesterday's tlazc are Mildred Moyer. 12, Charles Mover, 10. and Harry Chase, 12. Fire Chief John Ferguson of Albion said the fire broke out in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kinney, prandparents of the Moyer children, after someone attempted to pour kerosene on a coal stove. EGYPTIAN STRONG MAN AND FRIEND--Efiypt'» Premier Mohammed Naguib, left, chats casually with the country's "number two" man, Lt,-Col. Gania! Abdel-Nasser at a recent party in Cairo. Lt.-Col. Abdel-Nasser has emerged a? the possible real power behind the recent Egyptian revolution of which Naguib is the popular symbol. Tunlnjf Up Orchestras always tune their instruments by "A" In the scale and usually the oboe sounds the note, Recording to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Kindness Does Hove Pay Off PHILADELPHIA M 1 )—Sixty Beltf- vue. Stratford. Hotel employes k^.ov today that kindness has a pay-off. Dr. W. Oakley Hermance died last June 12 at the age of 80. A heart condition had kept him bedridden during most of the two years he was in the hotel. In his illness hotel employes showed hfm kindness, hta wife said. So last week she distributed envelopes to bellhops, doormen, desk clerks, elevator operators, telephone girls, maids and waiters. Some contained a $100 bill, others $50—plus a note of appreciation. Read Courier News Classified Ads. PROVED BILLIONS OF TIMES f MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOTorCOLD A Slice or a Truckload Special Prices For Picnics and Parties BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main St. Blytheville . y CS WHY SWEAT IT OUT ALL SUMMER? Keepl/j ROOM AIR CONDITIONER The new l^gpfe*^ economicol | •way to [' SUMMER : COMFORT 11 'ZELLNER'S Sale on Ladies Spring & Summer Shoes ^ STARTS TUESDAY, JUNE 3fl f ^ ^V" WHITE, BLACK, NAVY BLUE, TAN & BEIGE J&QV • REGULAR $3.99 to $11.99 VALUES • Now $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99, $5.99 & $6.99 CASUALS For real summer comfort, low, medium and high heel wedges. Hundreds of pairs of casuals will be included in this sale. One Lot of Shoes Were $4.98 to $8.98 Now $1.99 SLIPPER SHOP 204 W«f Main DRESS SHOES I, a d i cs, a comp I c I e line of spring R n d summer dress shoes in (his sale. There will he solids and combinations including (an a n d while, blue nnd while, 1 a n and beige and white. Mother Back With Children PITTSBURGH (IP) — Mrs. Marie Nichols Is back with her three children today, thankful to th« policemen who kept her from jumping from « bridge and who then dug Into their own pockets for money to help feed her kiddles. A divorcee, Mr«. Nichols left her hildren sleeping yesterday and headed for the 40th Street Bridge /hlch crosses the Allegeny River. She told Magistrate John Floured he was ready to Jump when an un- .Jentlfled pedestrian grabbed her. Detective Anthony Steckel, crossing the bridge in his car. Jumped out md helped restrain her. Mrs. Nichols said she had difficulty caring for her children—Buckey, 8. Penny, 8, and Joseph, 10. The only oney In the house last week, she ld, was 11.80 brought home by Joseph who sold newspapers. Knight Homes Bureau Head CHICAGO (ft — John S. Knight today announced the >ppolntment of JatntB B. Canel to b« general manager of the Inter-American Frew Association, with headquar- tere In New York. Knight, editor and publisher of the Chicago Dally News anil Knight Newspapers, is president of (lit IAPA, Canel, a natlvt of Montevideo, Uruguay, has had extensive experience in newspap«r work In United Statei and Latin America. Sine* 1942 he has been In the Latin American department of the United Press. First Football Champf Rugby rules prevailed »t th« time Yale won the first football championship In 1878 ,by defeat- Ing Harvard, Columbia and Princeton. INSECT DAMAGE TO CROPS? We offer to the farmers free field Inspection for Thrips, Army Worms, Red Spider and other insect damage. We have six pound toxaphene, 25 per cent DDT, BHC and DDT 9/15 liquids. Also dust. If you have insect or poison problems, feel free to call on us at any time. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phones 6856 — 6957 — 6858 Headquarters for Toxaphene, DDT . and Other Poisons. ARE YOU MR. BVD? THIS QUESTION MAY WIN YOU A $5 MERCHANDISE CERTIFICATE AT THE NEXT BVD JULY 1 & 2 Here's another BVD gimmick for you. The Merchant's Division of the Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a "Mr. or Mrs. BVD" contest for all Blytheville shoppers 18 years of age and older al next week's BVD. HERE ARE THE RULES: 1. Mr. or Mrs. BVD will be In the BVD Stores durinf the days Wednesday, July 1 & Thursday, July 2. 2. Any customer over 18 years of age is eligible to ask—"ARE YOU MR. BVD?" 3. If the person is Mr. BVD he will ask a question concerning the special offered by one of the BVD stores. 4. If the question is answered from memory properly, the customer will receive a $5.00 Merchandise Certificate. 5. Each customer Is eligible for only one question. 6. Mr. or Mrs. BVD will be in Blytheville from 9 to 12 a.m. and 2-5 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. TWO BIG BVD DAYS NEXT WEEK! WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY JULY 1 & 2 Visit the BVD Stores both Wednesday and Thursday. Values will be featured for two days. Read the ads In the Courier or listen to them over KLCN. Then identify Mr. BVD by the question— "Are you Mr. BVD?" Register for prizes both Wednesday & Thursday. Drawing Thursday 5:30 p.m. MERCHANTS DIVISION Blytheville Chamber of Commerce The Stores of Blytheville Will Bt Open All Day Thursday, July 2 ' and Closed Saturday, July 4th. t*. § II THI FABULOUS NIW BENDOC tWifr/., //'/ * WASHtK..,tf's t »ty£t...afMMtait/*ef.' TV« Bndbr DwMiric <irjn M wtfl Claim OHM on rudf w H *Mo*l y(Mf CfOtnVS MttMHKI* IfMI Of WK •"•y- 5" * • optniioB. ffruioa H oar vu»v todty DICK OSBORNE FURNITURE CO. 126 East Main Phoni 3221

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