Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on January 24, 1939 · 7
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 7

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1939
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THE HARTFORD DAILY COURANT: TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1939. 7 Local Police Assignments Are Revised Action of Board Affects Four Captains and Also 1 Schedule of Detective Bureau Captain Edward J. Langrish, Jr., who has worked the day shift while in ' charge of ' Precinct 1 ' 'since ' Its opening about 10 years ago, has been assigned by the Police Board, on recommendation of Chief Garrett J. Farrell, to duty at headquarters as well as the precinct. Starting next month, Captain Lan-grish and the three headquarters captains will rotate their schedules. The other captains involved in the change are Charles J. Hallissey, James H. Moriarty and Michael J. Godfrey. : These three ,at -present take monthly turns at the three shifts. Under the new plan, each captain will work two months on the day shift, one at headquarters and the other at the precinct, and one month on each of the 3:30 and 11:30 p. m. shifts at headquarters. Detective Bureau Change. On recommendation of Chief Farrell also, the board approved a plan whereby only . two men will be on duty on the midnight shift in the Detective Bureau.. Chairman Shapiro said that it has been felt for some time that there is insufficient work to occupy three detectives, including the officer In charge, on this shift. Under the new regulations, every member of the Detective Bureau, Including Detective Sergeant Robert TV Suthenand, who has worked days only, will have to rotate on the three different shifts, with the exception of Captain Frank Santoro, who remains in charge days, and Captain Andrew J. Williams, in charge from 3:30 to 11:30 p. m. The only other exception to the rule is Lieutenant John F. Madigan, who will work one month days and two months on the midnight shift. The chief informed the board that he contemplates assigning the cruiser detectives to foot duty. He said that he wants the detectives to get a line on new persons coming into town. The arrangement is not permanent, he said. Would Raise Restrictions. A petition signed by 20 merchants asked the board to eliminate its ban on parking on Allym Street between 4 and 6 p. m. This was one of the traffic matters referred to the traffic committee for its first public hearing of the year Thursday at 7:30 p. m. in the Police Court. Referred to this committee also were resolutions from the Board of Aldermen for no-parking signs on Lafayette Street, east side from Kuss Street to Capitol Avenue; on Russ Street, from Washington to Lafayette streets, and a stop-traffic sign at Coggswell and Garden streets. --v . - After discussing a notice of the Public Utilities Commission of a hearing Friday on a petition of the Silver Lane Bus Company, requesting permission to extend its bus terminal from Front and State streets to Market and State streets, the board voted to ask the commission to postpone the hearing, pending study by the traffic committee. Opposition of Francis Russo, operator of a small store at Taylor and Sheldon streets, to a hot dog vendor in front of the Taylor Lumber Company on Taylor Street, was received by the board through Attorney John M. Bailey. The board voted that there are no abuses, and that an order restraining the vendor is not necessary. Tax Of 2d Mills Approved 13 To 5 (Continued from rage 1.) $14,392 to $12,892 to provide funds to carry out these two charges. Hurley Gives Warning. Before the vote on the amendments was taken. Alderman Hurley, Republican aldermanic member of the Finance Board, rose to declare that "the city at the present time faces ft more critical financial situation that one ordinarily realizes" and that "for the coming year. we should exercise a great deal of restraint on appropriations, extra or otherwise." , Asserting he was aware of the needs represented in the resolution amending tne finance .tsoara Duaget Alderman Hurley made clear his remarks were not aimed at the amendments "as amendments" but were concerned with general policy. : "No doubt all ' of us realize Just what confronts the city of Hartford," he said. "Our municipal taxation isn't what it used to be, to use a popular expression. The Board of Aldermen for the ensuing year, regardless of what tax rate is adopted, should exercise a very careful check on any move for additional appropriations." Economy Proposals Recalled. The alderman, who later joined with his two Republican colleagues in voting against the amendments, called attention to the suggestions for economies in the operation of the city government made public last week by the Republican minority, asserting "we thought some of them, or all of them, were good." The suggestions were submitted in reply to Mayor Spellacy's request for specific Republican proposals - to effect, the one-mill reduction advo cated by the Republicans, the Mayor pointing out that tinder the city charter it was illegal to adopt a tax rate without providing a budget covered by this rate. On being presented, 'the suggestions were criticized by the Mayor, who charged they were motivated by "political considerations" since they dealt in "generalities" and thus failed to provide a workable program. Rabinoviti Speaks. Following the rising 'ote on the amendment budget, Alderman Rab-inovitz, Republican minority leader, moved for a roll call vote but his How To Held FALSE TEETH More Firmly In Place Do your false teeth annoy nd m-Mrr&ss by slipping, dropping or bllng when you eat. lauch or talk? Just prinHle ft litt.lft FASTEETH on your piates. Th! alkaline inon-aeid) powr)?r hoies falfe tee'h more lirmly and more comfortably, No Rummy, rooey, pasty tfwte or fe!fns. Does not sour. Check piRs odor (denture breath). Oet FAS-TEETH today at any drug ttore. Noted Torrington Glawackus Hunter Bags Big Wildcat . 1 , ui'lii J ink . h 4 mH orw : rf Mb Courtesy of Torrington Register. GEORGE CLLN'TON, Jr. George Clinton, Jr., one of Tor- rington's , most famous Glawackus hunters, stirred to action by the safaris which have been trekking the Glastonbury forests, set out to see if any of the Glastonbury . animal's mates or cubs might be roaming his, native veldt. Disappointed in his hope to find Glawackus tracks, Mr.- Clinton came home bringing a 37-poxmd wildcat, instead. He shot the big cat. in the bad lands west of the Norfolk road. motion, lacking five sponsors, did not prevail. The budget and tax rate adopted, Alderman Rabinovitz took the floor to assert that some months ago he was named by the Mayor to an aldermanic committee to consider the spread of the tax rate, and to point out that a meeting of this committee has not yet been called. It was now too late, he said, for the committee to recommend any legislation to the present session of the Legislature.' The alderman urged that the aldermanic legislative committee call a public hearing to obtain public sentiment on his proposed merit system program referred to that committee some time ago. . Atkins Attends. After adoption- of the resolution levying the tax rate, the board reconsidered its action in order that the full text of the resolution might be read. Following the reading of the document by Clerk John A. Gleason, the resolution was again passed by the board. A small gallery: attended the meeting. Among the spectators were Carter W. Atkins, director of the Municipal Research Organization established several months ao by a Chamber of Commerce committee, and Joseph P, Berry and Ellas Starquist. leaders in the Property Owners and Taxpavers League. The tax rate for 1939-40 having been fixed, Tax Collector Otis J. Hart will now proceed to prepare the tax bills for the hew fiscal year. The tax bills become due as of April 1, and are payable in quarterly instalments. Insurance Clubs Bureau Gives Vaudeville Show A vaudeville program was presented recently at, the House of the Good Shepherd by the Insurance Clubs Entertainment Bureau, with Bernard Carroll as master of ceremonies and Natalie Kosinski and Fred Schlatter as accompanists. Those who took part in the entertainment were: Betty Quinn, songs; Bobby and Lucille Cary, recitation, song and dance; Doris LaMarche and Ann Markin, danos; Fred Anderson, saxophone solo; Major Harvey and Jeannette Covey, baton swinging; Lucille Kus, dance; Henry Chandler, songs; Thompson and Thompson, comedy; Charles Flynt, songs. Arthur Chouinard, dance; The Prestons, magic, Seaverns Reelected By Bushnell Memorial Charles 'F. T. Seaverns was reelected president of the Bushnell Memormial Hall Corporation at its annual meeting, held at the hall Monday ' af6ernoon. Other officers reelected were : Howell Cheney, vice-president; Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, treasurer; Alec G, Stronach, secretary. The Hartford Chapter, Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers, will meet today at 7:30 p. m. at the Hotel Garde to make preparations for the engineering congress which will be held Fridav night at the Garde. Governor Baldwin is slated to speak, at the congress. fiET RID OF FliSSlI iD FRETTUfi Trade 'em in on car that 'a glorious as .1 new morning and tafe for winter driving. t llil.iJliiiliilwfcs Better H jBdfJwnl V I .'"A Mental Test Must Be In Open Court Insists Woman 'Shenanigans' Feared By Mrs. Lydia Simpson in New Haven New Haven, J&n. 23. (AP.) Expressing fear, that she might have to undergo some sort of "shenanigans" during a private mental test, Mrs. Lydia Pedroja Simpson demanded today that any psychiatric examination planned by City Court Judge .Philip P. Pastore be conducted in open court. The divorced wife of Dr. George Gaylord Simpson curator of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, testified as the second defense witness at her own breach of the peace trial. Charged with creating a disturo-ance when her landlady attempted to eject her from her room last November, Mrs. Simpson declared just before court adjourned today that the original breach of peace factor in the trial had been supplanted by a plan to send her to an institution.. "I am. a hard-pressed woman," she told Judge Pastore, "and I'm fighting with my back to the wall. This whole matter is an outgrowth of a tangled family situation." : She told the court that attempts to incarcerate her were started in 1932 by her former husband. Glawackus Lost Until He Saw Map (Continued from Tage 1.) of a small Glawackus. My parents, I recall, came from Winsted and the stories they told Mister, even a Glawackus has difficulty in believing them. Me, I'm for the truth all the time. . "Well, one day Dad was telling one of those stories and it made me feel more drowsy than usual. Mom gave me a few cuffs on the ear with a warning to be more respectful and refrain from snoring in Dad's face, but still I Just couldn't keep awake. "I don't know how long I slept but the next thing I knew trees were falling all around me. I never remember such a wind and it's a wonder I'm here to tell about it. Perhaps, the reporter suggested, it was the hurricane of September 21. 1933? "It might, at that," the Glawackus went on after a more detailed description of the storm was given him. "Anyhow, I made a bee-line for the cave and just got inside when the biggest gust of wind hit it sideways. Dad was always going to batten down that side of the cave but never got around to It. "Well, sir, that wind picked up that cave, men and all, and it went tumbling through the air for miles. Finally it dropped and there it is over there, almost as good as new. "Until Sunday, when, a hunter dropped a paper near here, I didn't know where I was. That map sure was handy." "How about those eerie screams which people in Glastonbury hear in the night?" he was asked. "I hate to admit it, But that's me. But I resent their calling it screaming. It's music, ihe only way I know to express my true self. And if those people think you can live in a , draf ty cave and keep from having a scratchy throat, they've fot a lot to learn about a Glawac-us." , ; . Those , dogs which came home clawed, and those which never did come home? "You've touched on a sore subject there, pardner, a sad commentary on the pampered, way they bring up dogs in this day and age. ' So help men, I like dogs, and most of them like me. Outside of singing, my only recreation is wrestling. Doe's that explain it, or are you going to be obnoxious?" That Hartford man who shot at you last Saturday, what were your reactions to that? "Well, he thought he missed me, but mister, he didn't. I'm tough, all right, but I couldn't sit down for two days." Using ail the tact at his command, M'Bok stumbled through the next question: "An animal said to resemble you has been reported in Berlin. Any comment?" "An impostor, sir, an impostor! There are no Glawacki east of the Rockies except myself. I shall challenge that impostor to a duel, a wrestling match at one pace." He explained he had had stage, screen and radio offers but had turned them down because he would be denied the freedom ol the woods. The town, he said, had been made a Glawackus sanctuary. The animal looks exactly like a Glawackus (Glawackus Glastonbur-lum) and is described fully in one of Gulliver's notebooks, translated by Baron Munchausen. It is not now in print. Final Rand Strike Settlement Expected Middletown, Jan.' 23. (Special.) Final settlement of the Remington Rand Company strike called by the union nearly three years a?o is expected this week or court action against the company by the National Labor Relations Board for failure to comply with its order to reinstate the strikers which was upheld by the courts, it was learned Monday night. Printing can be a factor in business success. Your business requires good printing. The Case, Lockwood Printers and 85 Trumbull Street Weather " Government Forecasts. Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine Cloudy and warmer, followed by snow Tuesday; Wednesday Inow flurries and colder. Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut Snow Tuesday, changing to sleet or rain Tuesday afternoon or night, ending Wednesday morning, rising temperature Tuesday and Tuesday night, colder Wednesday afternoon and night. Eastern New York Snow with rising temperature in . north and snow changing to sleet or rain with rising temperature in south portion Tuesday; Wednesday generally fair and colder in extreme south and snow flurries and colder in north and central portions. Country-Wide Conditions. Washington, Jan. 23. (AP.) The storm that was central over Maine and the lower St, Lawrence Valley Sunday night has moved northeastward to Labrador. The Alberta disturbance has moved rapidly south eastward to Minnesota and western Ontario, and a broad trough extends thence southward to the western Gulf of Mexico and the lower Rio Grande Valley. Another disturbance of marked intensity is moving rapidly eastward over the Gulf of Alaska. An area of high pressure is moving eastward over the Atlantic states. Another is moving southeastward over the District of Mackenzie and still another is moving eastward over the Pacific states and the plateau and Rocky Mountain regions. Precipitation has occurred in the great central valleys, the west gulf states, the southern Rocky Mountain region, the southern plains states and portions of the Lake region. .The temperature has fallen along the Atlantic coast, while it has risen over nearly all other sections east of the Rocky Mountains. There will be precipitation over all sections Tuesday, and in the lower Lake region, the upper Ohio Valley, the Appalachian region and portions of New England Wednesday. The temperature will rise quite generally Tuesday but colder weather will again overspread the Ohio Valley, Tennessee and the lower Lake region Tuesday night and Wednesday and the North Atlantic and Middle Atlantic states Wednesday and Wednesday night. Winds: Eastport to Sandy Hook-Increasing southerly winds becoming fresh to strong, and overcast weather followed by rain or snow Tuesday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras Increasing southeast or south winds becoming fresh to stronss, and overcast weather with rain Tuesday,. Local Weather Report. Tri-dally Meteorological Observatlont. Hartford, Conn., Jan. 23, 1939. 7:30 12 7:30 a. m. noon p. m. Barometer . , 30.10 30.19 30 22 Temp. (dee. F.) ... S IS 20 Dpw Point (dee. F.) 15 1 5 Rl. Hum. ) 33 46 48 State of Weather . clr clr clr Direction of Wind. .. NW NW S3W Vel. of Wind (mph) 17 21 9 Dally Summary. Highest Temperature, 24 at 4:15 p. m. Lowest Temperature, 4 at 5:30 a. tat Mean Temperature, 14. Normal Temperature, 25. Frecipltatlon 24 hours to 7:30 a. m., .18. Kotes Jan. 24, 1939. Sun rises at 7-n a, m. Sun seu at 4:56 p. m. Highest Temperature year ?o, 48. Lowest Temperature year ago.-19. Total degree days since Sept. 1. 2810. Total neeres days this month. 772. Total degree days yesterday, 39. Apnrox. deerree days today. 51. Vehicle lights must be lighted not later than 5:26 p. m., Tides at New London. Hieh Low 11:35 ft. m. 6:02 a. m. 6:24 p. m. Tides at Sajbrook. 12:24 a. m, 6:57 a. m. 12:30 p, m. 7:19 p. m. Tides at New Haven. 0:34 a. m. 6:56 a. m. 12 50 p. m. 7:13 p. m. Department of Agriculture Report. Earo. Temperature 7:30 7:30 Fre-p.m. p.m. H. L. cip. Eastern. Albany, c 30.16 18 20 -2 Atlantic City, c ...30.34 26 30 18 Baltimore, cl 30. 2H 32 3S 13 Boston, c 30.20 20 22 4 Buffalo, pc ...,...,30.08 22 22 . 6 .01 Montreal. Cl 39.06 8 8 -14 .02 New York, c 30.27 21 26 9 Philadelphia, pc ..30.30 26 26 18 : Pittsburgh, cl ....30.14 24 28 3 Portland. Me., c ..30.16 14 18 2 Washington, pc ..30.24 36 38 20 . Central.' Chlraao. snow ... jaw 22 24 8 na Cincinnati, snow ..30.02 26 28 14 . .02 Cleveland. Cl 30.04 26 28 12 Detroit, cl ,.30.04 24 24 Indianapolis, snow 29.95 24 26 . 14 .05 Milwaukee, snow . .29.84 22 22 -2 Southern. Abilene, pc .......29.68 60 64 30 ,12 Atlanta. Cl .30.16 42 44 23 Charleston, c .....3026 44 46 35 Galveston, cl 21 2 62 68 54 Dallas, c 29.S8 50 54 35 .88 Jacksonville, c ....30.18 54 64 40 Miami, c 30.12 70 74 58 New Orleans, c ....30.00 64 66 48 Norfolk, cl 30.32 34 42 26 San Antonio. C 29.9(1 60 62 42 .24 Savannah) c ......30.20 46 54 35 Tampa, c ...30.10 68 72 54 Western. Bismarck, c 23.82 34 36 10 Kansas City, snow. 29.84 23 30 34 .43 Minneapolis, cl ...29.62 26 23 2 Oklahoma City, c .29.90 42 48 28 .50 Omaha, snow .29.82 26 26 18 .24 St. Louis, sleet ..29.86 28 28 20 .32 Winnipeg, snow ..29.74 14 14 4 .02 Rocky Mountain. Denver, cl 30.08 36 42 24 Helena, c 30 32 34 36 IS Phoenix, c 30.12 62 64 44 Salt Lake City, c . .30.48 34 34 22 Pacific Coast. Lr AnneleK. e ....30.18 64 66 48 Portland. Ore,. C ..30 38 42 42 34 San Francisco, c ..30.32 58 53 46 Sun Diego, pc 30.16 58 60 46 Seattle, c a.a 4 so n Spokane, PC 30.48 34 34 2 4 Sheep with teeth plated with gold have started a gold hunt in Australia. & Brainard Company booksinders Hartford, Conn. Bids Asked on First Dual Highway in Area The State Highway Department Monday advertised for bids on construction of a portion of the first dual highway in this part of the state, a mile and one-half stretch on the East Hartford-Springfield road in South Windsor. Bids on this four-lane stretch of the highway, to be composed of two 23-feet-wide roads divided by a 20-foot separation, will be received until 2 p. m. February 6, the announcement said. The new section will extend from about 150 feet north of Farm Road to approximately 200 feet north of Newberry Road. Dog Disappears After It Saves Mistress's Life Animal Awakens Woman Alone in House Gutted By Fire Berlin, Jan. 23. (Special.) A tiny fox terrier, "Mixie," that saved the. life of its mistress, Mrs. Richard Ramm of Berldale Avenue, when fire spread through the house Monday disappeared after Mrs. Ramm was rescued and was still being ,sought Monday night. When smoke began to fill the house the dog aroused Mrs. Ramm who, being ill, had returned to bed after breakfast and was alone in the house. The dog kept barking and tugging at the bed clothes until the woman awakened. Below stairs she found the fire had cut off her exit from the house. From an upper window she screamed for help and attracted the attention of Peter Falcetti, a neighbor, from 200 yards away. While Falcetti was carrying Mrs. Ramm and the dog down a ladder the woman fainted. Falcetti was unable to hold the limp form and dropped the woman into the snow. She escaped injury and was carried by Falcetti and others to the home of Mrs. Harold Ashworth, across the street. She was clad only in night clothes and slippers, and it was feared her illness might be aggravated by the exposure. From the neighboring home she watched, semi-hysterically. while the flames gutted the interior of the recently renovated home. Mr. Ramm was at work at the time of the blaze. Discovery that the dog had disappeared was made after Mrs. Ramm had . oeen taken to the Ashworth home and began calling for the pet that had saved her life. The East Berlin volunteer firemen fought the blaze in freezing weather that , soon left them sheathed in ice as water splashed on their clothes. They prevented spread of the flames to nearby buildings and finally quenched those in the dwelling. With furniture, clothing, and other articles destroyed in the gutted house, damage was estimated close to $5000. Bridgeport Selected By Young Republicans The 1939 state convention of the Connecticut Young Republicans will be held in the Stratfield Hotel in Bridgeport on Saturday, March 4, it was decided at a meeting of the executive committee at Republican State Headquarters here Monday night. James B. Lowell, state chairman, was authorized to appoint a convention committee. It is expected the program will follow the outline of former years, with the convention business session in the afternoon and a banquet with an outstanding speaker in the evening. Compare National's Eagle IdMC, ii vi lis j.'iitc v liu auj PRICED AT i The call for . ' -'.V'--- '-S$:i : EAGLE WHISKEY . .'V' -- : shows which waf& :i kA'J'Sji I (flip ' I Sf) 1 5t Tie $1 The T Pint JUUtJ Qua YOUR GUIDE TO Copyright 193$ National Distillers Geneva Association Branch President 1 'at If h .v. ' . S vV 'fc I HENRI F. KARN. Henri F.'Karn Installed Head Of Geneva Group Henri F. Karn, wel-known maitre d'hotel of the Hotel Bond, was installed president of the Hartford Branch, New England Section, of the International Geneva Association, world-wide hotel men's organization, in the Egyptian Room of the Hotel Bond Sunday night. Mr. Kara was similarly honored by the association just 10 years ago when it celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in , this ; country. :, Joseph E. Freiberg, honorary member and former national president, performed the installation as the personal representative of the international secretary. Other officers installed at the same time were: Emery Mayoros. vice-president; Carlo Maghochet-ti, secretary-treasurer; Peter Spos-ito, comptroller; Ernest Schneevogl, sergeant-at-arms; Samuel Cardone and Albert Gregoire, sick committee- Steven Garo and Willfrid La-Brecque, trustees; Nicholas Dea-mantis and Frank Russo, investigating committee. Following the installation ceremony, those present were given a dinner by Wiilard Rogers, manager of the hotel and honorary member of the association. Mr. Kam has been a member of the Bond Hotel staff, save for a short interval, since 1913 and maitre d'hotel for approximately 10 years. Steamships Arrived. i Resident Harding, " Hamburg Jan. 23 from New York. Rex, Naples Jan. 22, New York. Sailed. Andania, Cobh Jan. 21, for New York. Gcorgic, Southampton Jan. 21, New York. - - Cameronla, Belfast Jan. 21, New York. A conference of Medical Department Re?erve Officers will be held at 7:30 p. m, Wednesdav m Room 326 at the Federal Building. The instructor will be Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Duenner. Medical Corps, ass gned to the Army base at Boston. its body, its aroma, its f uicuu ai auj pin. ONLY y V f ..... mm, rt 1 1Warim,r'- Pnductt Corpontknt AV York City 90 OOOO UOUORS Pratt and Whitney Gives Show and Revue Tonight Th second annual Pratt and Whitney minstrel show and revue will be presented at 8:15 o'clock tonight at Bushnell Memorial, replete with new costumes, new acts and lighting effects. The entire proceeds will be devoted to welfare work among the company's employees. Lieutenant Lavln will be master of ceremonies, assisted by Jimmie Crowe, Carl Lundbergt James Burke and Philip Thulen a end men. The Pratt and Whitney orchestra, directed by Harry Lussler, will be assisted by Bill Jones and his orchestra.. New Haven Attorney Questioned on Musica New York, Jan. 23. (AP. Assistant United States Attorney Irving R. Kaufman todav questioned Benjamin Slade of New Haven, Conn., attorney for the late F. Donald Cos-ter-Musica. hpaii nf r.h h firm of McKesson and Robbihs, Inc.. wno committed suicide December 18 when he was exposed as an ex-convict and swindler. HA1TF d a Main et Mulberry St. Listing some of the many choice foods you wil find on sale today. Center Cut Pork Chops 25c lb. Boneless Sirloin No Freshly Rindless Bacon Calves Liver . . . Sliced Boiled Ham Sweet Juicy Florida Oranges . Large Juicy Grapefruit Fancy Mcintosh Apples . . . OUR BAKER SUGGESTS Delicious Apple Pies ; ea. 20c Your Favorite Creme Crullers dot. 1 5c; 2 dci. 25c Rich Chocolate Fudge Calces ... ... 23c ea. Graham Bread ... . . . .9c loaf FRESH FROM Fancy Cauliflower Chicory, Large Heads Iceberg Lettuce, Fancy Large Wool Soap For all purposes Wool Soap Flakes Parson's Household Ammonia Lux Toilet Soap Rinso Large sire package 2 pkgs. Quick H. O. Oats (and NATIONAL'S WHISKEY "7&e Kmf c$ 'Bkttdi' . s3? ProJ40 Amtriem itraiht whiskey, E. H. Lounsbury Must Cease GOP Committee Work Elmer H. Lounsbury, veteran Republican chairman of the Thirteenth Ward, will have to cease activity with the Republican town committee upon taking up his duties as chief clerk of the secretary of thu siate's office, a post to which he was i-eoently named. This was the opinion of Harry W. Marsh, state director of personnel and' charged with the duty of enforcing the state merit system, which prohibits political activity on the part of state em-plovees protected by the act. Mr. Marsh said Monday that while Mr. Lounsbury's appointment is provisional, he comes under the provisions of the merit system relating to political activity and cannot continue in his post as a member of a political committee. Announcement of this fact comes close on the heels of the resignation of Miss Lillian Malley as a member of the town committee from the Eleventh Ward. nfTc1" Phent 2-8181 Pure Pork Sausage Meat 20c lb. Steak ... . 45c lb. Waste Sliced 27c lb. 29c lb. 43c lb. Spinach Cauliflower Green Beans Wax Beans 19 box .. ... 2 doz. 29c 4 for 19c .4 lbs. for 29c CALIFORNIA , 20c-25c ea. . : . . 10c ea. . . . . 10c ea. 19c , small pkg. Farina . .4 cakes 17c .2 pkgs. 1 7c quart bottle 3 cakes t?c 2 pkgs. 39c 25c iLiWJ r Mir J 60 American grain nr.tral spirits.

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