Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on February 7, 1951 · 23
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 23

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 7, 1951
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TELEGRAF GIFT SERVICE WILL START IN SPRING Hailed as Boon to Late Minute Shoppers New York, Feb. 6 Special A boon to last minute shoppers was announced at a press conference here today by Telegif t. Inc. Daniel N. Sangster, vice president of the new company, said Telegift will bring stores thruout the country as near to every customer as his telephone. It will be available to the public this spring in time to aid them with Mother s day purchases. 1 Un&ef the Telegift service, Sangster said, should you remember that Aunt Minnie, who lives across the country, is celebrating her birthday on the following day, you can still get a gift to her in time. All you need do is pick up your telephone and ask for Western Union or go to any Western Union office. You gic the Western Union operator your message and gift selection which can be found in catalogs distributed thru their offices and the name and address of the recipient. That's all there is to it. Sends Parcel Gift Wrapped Western Union telegrafs the message and the instructions to its office in the recipient's city. This office advises the cooperating department store to deliver the merchandise, gift wrapped, and immediately notifies the recipient to expect delivery. The customer. Sangster said, pays only the Western Union charge for the gift telegram and Ihe established retail price for the gift he selects. Western Union bills him for the telegram; Telegift bills him for the merchandise. There is no additional charge to the customer for Telegift service. There is a 15 per cent deduction from the retail price of the gift which constitutes Telegift's income. Variety of Gifts The gif merchandise to be offered by the Telegift service ranges in price from $4 to $40. Some of the gifts that can be obtained include electric appliances, candy, compacts, silverware, rec ords, toiletries, and cosmetics. . Telegift is a credit and not a charge account service, Sangster said. It is the result of two years planning by leaders in the merchandising and advertising fields, he said. U. S. rui$er's Helicopter Rescues British Flyer San Francisco, Feb. 6 (P) A helicopter from the American cruiser St. Paul rescued a British pilot yesterday from the waters of Inchon harbor, a navy spokesman said today. The flyer was Lt. M. rinsent, attached to the British carrier Theseus, down with engine trouble. 1 liter, t.P.uom g SUMUU THE NAME. DROPPER: That Doktor Putzi Sczerbowski, " the eminent Polish composer," is fictitious, and the "critique" under his by-line in the current American Mercury extolling the voice of Margaret Truman is a thinly veiled rib. . . . When Jack Brickhouse received the TV Forecast " Oscar " for network sportscasting, he had to go thru the acceptance routine twice first on his local Chicago Calendar, and again on his cabled wrestling stint. " Now I know how Andy Phillip felt," recalled Brickhouse, A George Imtl mm V r. Ltif Andrews Jack BriekhonM " when I was assigned to give the Illini Whiz Kid his Most Valuable Player award in 1943. I gave it to him six different times in as many places, from Urbana to Andy's home town. Granite City. The kid got so he'd automatically hand it back to me every time I handed it to him. I had quite a time convincing him on the sixth presentation that it was his for keeps." I GEORGE JESSEL isn't one to drop bright sayings of kiddies Into his story telling, but he just had to get this off his proud, parental chest. Before leaving Hollywood for Chicago last week, Jeftfcel visited his former wife, Lois Andrews, and their daughter, 9 year old Jerrilyn. " Daddy," pouted the child, " don't you love mother any more? " "I like your mother very much," protested Jessel. " Don't you love me? " persisted Jerrilyn. I love you more every day," soothed George. " Then," accused the Hollywood moppet, " why don't you send our alimony check sooner? " "I7ITH almost every jobbing musician in the local working at another trade or business during the day, it remained for Emil De Salvi, band man about town, to finally shelve his music vocation when his odd-hour avocation paid off higher than the union scale. De Salvi has perfected a frozen pizza pie, six fanciful fillings, for the television viewing home trade. Should the neighborhood pizzeria vanish thru vidoo along with the movie theater, we doubt if any former pizza eater would show the ingratitude of a certain Cleveland housewife. This lady recently won the bank night jackpot at her local cinema. Asked how she intended to spend the money, she replied, " I'm going to buy a television set so I won't have to go to the movies anymorff." She'll be back. CEEKERS of that electric mixer awarded by The Tribune for seven subscriptions, should try to get the business of John Piatt, magicjan in the Gay 90s room of the La Salle hotel. Piatt uses four Tribunes nightly in performing his paper tree making trick. It's the only newspaper voluminous enough to work the stunt. " You go ' From Trees to Tribunes,' " Piatt reminded us. " I reverse the procedure." t TJOWARD McKAY calls our attention to present day acrobats, without s troupe of which no television variety show would be complete. " Today's acrobat begins where the old timers finished," says McKay, who was quite a tumbler in his time. A breathtaking illustration of McKay's observation are " The Trojans," Keith Anderson of Fenger High school and James Belfuss and Peter Dopudja, both of Bowen. The prep trio was a last minute booking for Bob Hope's recent Cerebral Palsy benefit show at Urbana, and they so amazed ol' Scoot Snoot that he took them along for his Chanute field show. Now the boys, under Hope's sponsorship, are on their way to the big time, but such is the curse of the acrobat, they'll always open the show. TSADORE MOIDEL, our west coast contact man, advises us not to come to Hollywood for the annual Motion Picture academy award show. " You'll only waste your time," writes Izzy. " From the ever mounting number of week-end drunks in Los Angeles, I can tell you now that the winner probably will be a big white rabbit." TRUMAN'S NAME USED BY YOUNG TO GET RFC JOB Washington, Feb. 6 (JP) E. Merl Young, accused by a senate committee of having claimed "special influence" with officials of the Reconstruction Finance ""corporation, used President Truman as a reference when he got a job with the RFC in 1945, an official of the lending agency said tonight. The White House, advised of what the RFC records show on the point, said Mr. Truman does not remember having agreed to that use of his name, but would have agreed to it if he had been asked. Vaughan Listed, Too The RFC official, who asked not to be quoted by name, said Young listed these references in his application for government work: President Truman, Gen. H. H. Vaughan actually Vaughan is a major general, Presidential military aide; Matthew J. Connelly, secretary to the President; Leslie L. Biffle, secretary of the senate, and Lt. Col., J. W. Norris, marine corps. Biffle told a reporter he knew Young, tho not well, and did not remember recommending him. Joseph Short, White House press secretary, told reporters: "The President states that he has no recollection of having given consent for use of his name, but that, if he had been asked to he would have said ' yes.' Mr. Young is a Missourian whom the President had known in Missouri and, in 1945, was just back from fighting with the marines." Young Says Nothing Young himself declined to discuss anything irt connection with the report of a senate banking subcommittee which reported allegations of favoritism and influence in RFC lending of g overnment money. He is an insurance broker now. He was a sort of major domo for the Democratic national committee on Vice President Barkley's political tour of the country last fall. His wife is a White House stenografer. GIRL. 19. ASSAULTED Miss Joyce Upton. 19. Negro. 1718 W. 13th St.. told police the was assaulted by an unidentified Negro at Lake st. and California av. and was taken to County hospital for treatment. FINDS CHANCES OF IMPEACHING TRUMAN SLIGHT Chicago TribaBS Praia Service Washington, Feb. 6 Rep. Scrivner R., Kan. told his constituents tonight, there is little chance of impeaching President Truman and State Secretary Acheson. "Many letters have been received urging impeachment of Acheson yes, and of -Mr. Truman," Scrivner said in a news letter. "The Constitution provides for impeachment of civil officers not for incompetency or ineptitude but for, and on conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. " In the history of the United States, 12 impeachment proceedings have been instituted. The one President involved, Andrew John son, was acquitted. One cabinet member was acquitted. Of the nine federal judges sought to be impeached, one resigned, four were acquitted and four were found guilty. Once when an impeachment of a senator was begun, it was held impeachment did not lie since he was not a civil officer. "From these figures and the constitutional provisions, you can see why there was, and is, little prospect of ever getting a conviction on impeachment against either Acheson or Truman." Indians May Exchange. Diplomats with Germans NEW DELHI, India. Feb. 6 Reuters India is considering an exchange of diplomatic representatives with Germany, the deputy foreign minister, Balkrishna Kes-kar, told parliament today. CHICAGO DAILV TRIBUTE: Wednesday, February 7, ltSl F Parti Page 23 BOOK SHOTGUN CARRIER ON IS ROBBERY COUNTS Edward Erickson, 40, of 5012 Winthrop av., arrested early Monday in a tavern at 1347 Foster av. with a sawed . off shotgun concealed under his overcoat, was booked yesterday by Summerdaie police on 12 charges of robbery and three charges of robbery and assault. Erickson was identified as the gunman who wounded Hilmer Thomsen, 27, of 4631 Sheridan rd., and Wilbur Peterson, 5039 N. Francisco av., in the arm in a tavern holdup at 5009 N. Clark st. Jan. 20. in tooling and manufacturing the world's most advanced and powerful . piston and jet aircraft engines. We want top quality, experienced men, for good jobs with opportunity for advancement, to become permanent members of the Curtiss -Wright team. We do not need a large number of men. We are advertising in twelve cities to get these men where other programs are being curtailed or good men are available. Write or telephone Mr. James G. Byron dBDSisnr AERONAUTICAL CORP. Weed-Ride. Prescett 7-290O A DIVISION OF CURTISS-WRIGHT CORPORATION oaDfpoo ? sj Mbaa LENNOX Al RE-FLO Here is the furnace that require no dreary iire-ieuaing ... ju set tour thermostat at the de-tired temperature then bak in luxurious warmth oil ttinterl Economical to operate, the efficient, oil-fired Lennox Aire-Flo circulates filtered, humidified warm air through your entire home ... makes eer room wonderfully comfortable 24 hours a da. Call EStebrook 8-2323 TODAY for more complete details on this dependable heating unit. Write for FREE booklet. Jote ! Select Your Heating Sy$tem" ROBINSON FURNACE COMPANY 4600 W. Monro EStebrMk 1 2323 i3MiaHnifai!EEUHG (I 1 V Anacinfl) relieves headache, neural-pia, neuritis pain fast because Anacin is like a doctor's prescription that is, Anacin contains not just one, but a combination of medically proven, active ingredients in easy-to-take tablet form. Thousands have been introduced to Anacin through their own dentist or physicians. If you have never used Anacin, try these tablets yourself for incredibly fast. lona-iasting relief from pain. Don't wait. Buy Anacin today. Take just one sip! Compare C&G critically with other whiskies. We think your choice will be C&G because it's FIVE YEARS OLD INSTEAD OF ONLY FOUR! The extra year of age means C&G is More mellow More flavorful-More satisfying'- C&G IS AN OLD NAME IN BOURBON Sincel865 C&G has been an outstanding choice of bourbon drinkers wherever it was obtainable. C&G IS SOUR MASH BOURBON Bourbon made by the sour mash method is the slowest and most costly way of distillation; MMipipMIMMMMllIM"Mlllllllllll HHIIIIIIIUM Illlll IIHIM IWUmilllllllllMI mll II IMIi H jl 1 , M I M lj mini III WmmfOMUmim mmmm-' NsJ4'';'? U 'My-, x '"( "u I one for'5i y - - ' " - ifcffO J pi nsn s n "i 2 1 1 MOUaRT. "W m' C&G IS FULL 93 PROOF And that makes a big difference it's a hearty drink! KENTUCKY STRAIGHT SOUR MASH BOURBON WHISKEY THIS WHISKEY IS 5 YEARS OLD. 93 PROOF BOTTLED BY , WiJIJI.viHikJ:! 1 IllKlinlM iX tOTTLED BY CHAPIN & GORE, BARDSTOWN, KY., DISTRIBUTED BY McKESSON t R0BBINS.N.Y. A real gas saver Aeverneeds premium fuel (D(Q)E5flMAR3"I2) New, advanced V-8 engine! Performance that sparkles! A "miracle ride" that's comfort plus! Wear-resisting master craftsmanship! Costs less to own than you expect! The eight America rates as great! And here's the top buy of the top 4 loivest price cars 9 51 Studebaher Champion! WEST. NORTHWEST. KOBTB Tom HaTlland, Ine IKOl W. Irvinr Park Hi. Hudee Son. Inc 6517 W. Irvtnr Park Bd. Manaflrld Motor Salrs 58.50 W. IHvision M. N. Park Sale & Service. Ine... 2130 Lincoln Ave. orthw rt Side Motors. Inc 3325 Si. Cicero Placko Motors. Inc 6600 W. North Ave. Jack Sen art & Sons, Inc..21 Milwaukee At. Stromberir Bros l.VM lnrenc Ave. 8. L. Weinberg. Inc S151 W. Devon Ave. SOITH I.oui. D. Arkow. Inc. 7737 S. Alilnif Ave. Anaelo's Anto Sales 3719 E. lOtith St. Uhi Motor bales &tii9 &. Kedzia Michlcan Are. at 2filh Et. 1834 Ridse. Evanston ETCDEBAKEK SALES COMPANY OF CHICAGO 6335 Broadway 4700 W. Wmshineton Blvd. 3041 Lawrence Ave. 7730 Stony Island SOITH Continued AI Payne Motors. Ine 3058 W. 111th St. Boseland Motor Sale U'-'th & Ualsted SCBCRBAS ..Walter Schroeder Motors. Ine. ... Blue lolanil tiarate . . . . . Iiubritlee Motor Salca ....Hawthorne Motor Sales. Inc. , . .Brown-Ortn Motor. loe. Berwyn Blue I cla ml t hi-aco Heielits t Icero lies Plaines Elmhurst .............. .Brisht Auto Kepair Co. SCBIRBAX Continued Glen EUya .......... ..Clarke-Carlson Motors. Ine. Harvey ...Tom's Auto Master Hirhland Park Kavinia Motors. Ine. Ok Ijiwi K I. Motors Oak Park Nelson Motors. Ine. Park Kill re Oflirins Molor, Inc. Villa Park Drrckman Motors. Inc. ILLINOIS Antiorh Amiel Feyerabend, Inc. Aurora Zepelak Motor Sales, Inc. Crystal Lake.. Elsin ticneva .. .... Joliet , Momence Waukeran ... West Chicago Wilmington .. Woodstock ... Crown Point . V.n-t Chicago Uammoud ... ILLINOIS Continued .Peterson's Automotive Servlca Thee Motor Sales. Inc. .Gregg Motor Sales. Ine, Sippel Auto t . ......... Flclcke Implement to. .....Williams Motor Co. South Side (.arata Borrns Slotor Sales. Inc. Mirtess Motors, lac INDIANA Tom Beggii Motor Specker Oarage ti Salea I. W. Lut AutomobUa)

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