The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1953
Page 2
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DAY, JUNK 27, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Bring Suntan Lotion, Golf Clubs And Mamie, Boyle Advises Ike By HAL BOYLE HAMILTON, Bermuda, (AP) — An open letter to President Eisenhower. Dear Ike: When you come to Bermuda next month for the Big Three conference, you are going to run into one big problem that isn't on the program. That problem will be how to keep your mind on international in a coral wonderland white nobody was meant to worry, and few people feel like arguing. Coming to this island paradise with a problem is like bringing your mother-m-law along on a honeymoon. h World politics could hardly find a ^"pleasanter beachhead, and if I were one of the statesmen I would tell the others: "Fellows, why not be sensible about this? Let's talk and talk, but don't settle the issues before us. I we do settle them, we'll have t< leave this climate and go back home." That Dues It This may explain why I am not a statesman. The home folks here are hlghlj flattered that the conference wil May isf Last Bankers Think Situation Will Be 'About Even' B.V SAM DAWSON N W YORK iffi) — Bankers point out today that the ensing in the money market may be only temporary. Mimy investor?, however, interpret the- Federal Reserve Board's action in lowing bank reserve levels as a switch from its previous anti-infla- ^ tion policy. And they back up their ^Interpretation by Bidding up bond and stock prices, in the belief that interest rates won't climb higher and money will be easier to come by. In banking circles, however, a second look is being taken today at the Federal Reserve action—in releasing a little more than one billion dollars to the banks which could be used as o basis for live times that amount in loans to business. Treasury Needs Money- Bankers remember that next \veek the U. S. Treasury is going to start calling in from them around one billion dollars That will leave them about where they were, they argue. The Treasury needs the money to pay back funds It had to borrow re- i cently from the Federal Reserve I when the Treasury cash balance got i uncomfortably low. With the June | tax payments going into the commercial banks in the form of Treasury deposits, the Treasury can now call in this money and use it to pet j out of hock to the Federal Reserve, Under this view, what the Federal Reserve is doing is not a reversal of its earlier policy of making money ti?ht nnd forcing up interest rates to curb the boom and milcliy deflate the economy. Bankers believe that, instead, the ^'Federal Reserve wants to keep money just about as tight as it is now. This view concedes, of course, that more money is likely to be made available to the banks from time to time as the demand for business loans starts its seasonal climb late next month But they believe the money will be doled out as it is needed. center. They regard it as perhaps the most important single event here since a British admiral accidentally ran into the islands in 1609 and had the forethought to claiff them for his queen. The Spanish actually had been here earlier, but made no objection, not realizing how profitable the tourist trade would become a few centuries later. The, Bermudians know that you Sir Winston Churchill, and the French representative — if France sets around to naming one—have a heavy agenda. But they are very proud of their colorful islands, and hope you can take time off to see the sights. The Mid-Ocean Club, where you, will meet, is beautifully situated. Better bring along a pair of blinders. For it will be hard to concentrate on Germany, Korea or the faraway Iron Curtain if you glance out the window. The mind begins to wander, the heart to dream, at the riotous glory of flowers, the sof' sky, the calm wide sea, blue as a child's eyes. Why? You look out at all this loveliness, and you think: "why can't life be as clean and quiet and peaceful as this for everyone everywhere?" ad to ad Bring Suntan 2-36 Inside.. They have erected a wire fence around the clubhouse to keep out sightseers. Your security guard of 250 hand-picked Royal Welsh Fus- ilinrs is drilling daily, Naturally you will want to bring along your golf clubs, for the Mid- ocean course is ranked among -the hall dozen finest anywhere. You probably already have been told to beware of the dog-leg fifth hole. But you'd better be careful also in teeing off for the first three holes. A bad slice—and, If you want your ball back, you may have to awim ou! into the ocean for it. As you and Sir Winston are probably the world's best known amateur painters, you both might want to bring along your easels and brushes. This land is a painter's delight. Two men painting the same scene might find it easier to reach agreement on other things. The Berumtidians hold you in warm personal esteem. It would give them great pleasure it you wi their summer costume—long socks, shorts, and sport shirt. If you are bashful about baring your knees, you might wait and see what Sir Winston does. If he 'breaks out in shorts, certainly no other statesman would need hesitate to follow. The gossip is that Sir Winston's knees have dimples. One final tip: Bring along plenty of suntan lotion—and Mamie. A fellow who visits as fair a place as Bermuda without his wife is bound to get an earful when he gets back home—even if he lives in the White House. Sincerely, HAL BOYLE. Chinese Communists Claim Oil Abundance SAN FRANCISCO (/P)—The Chinese Communists say they now have an "abundance" of petroleum in Ihina, but no production totals The Peiping radio, in a. broadcast heard The Associated Press in Sari Francisco, said the present outpu of crude oil was 12 per cent abov the highest pre-war levels; gaso ine was up 231 per cent and kero sene 687 per cent. The figures, however, meant littli iecau?e China's pre-war petroleutr output was limited mainly to Kansi province and production there wa not large. (Only 18 wells were re ported in operation in 1944, no pro duction figures were given, because of the war with Japan.) Many of today's Hat wall paints are easier to apply because of new !kyd resins they contain. Roils Want Mail Increase WASHINGTON (&)— The railroad industry yesterday asked an increase of at least 46 per cent in payments for hauling the U. S. mail. A petition for the rise was filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission only 24 hours after Postmaster General Summerfield appealed to Congress for a geneva] postage-rate advance. The Postoffice Department is running millions of dollars in the t red each year and Summerfield ask•. ed the postage rate hike—including a boost from 3 cents to 4 cents for letter mail—to close pan, of the gap between revenue and spending. Summerfield estimated that the rate hikes he asked would yield close to 241 million dollars a year in additional revenue. Should the ICC grant the pleas from the railroads for higher mail pay the increase in transportation billings to the postoffice, amounting to about 143 millions a year, would absorb more than half of the revenue increase sought through higher postal rates. OWN YOUR HOME! Some Builders Build Just Houses, Buf We Have Built You a Home! THREE beautiful Brick homes to choose from. Built of the very best materials throughout. Large Lifetime Geneva kitchens. Forced Air Central heating systems. Partially Air Conditioned. Tiled Baths, equipped with American Standard colored fixtures. Insulated walls and ceilings. These houses have 2 bedrooms and den or can be used conveniently as 3 bedrooms. Car ]>orts or attached garage. LargfB liindseap^d lots on paved streets. Located at 504 Hardin Street, HOI & 1108 North Fifth Street in Country Club Area Addition. Open for inspection Sunday 2 to 6 P.M. Week days by appointment. See or Call Johnny Marr or Russell Marr Realtors and Builders Phone 4111 Res. Phone 2596 Monument for State's Confederate Dead LITTLE ROCK W) — A Georgia firm will build a monument—two 22-foot monoliths joined by a 12- ] foot sword—to Arkansas' Civil War dead at Vicksburg National Park. The Vicksburg Monument Commission awarded the 550,000 contract for construction of the memorial to McNeel Co., of Marietta, Gn. yesterday. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored AU, WORK Guaranteed Grovers Body & Radiator Shop MS Cl. Lake Avc Pho. B3SI CING HTLY! Wonderful Newly Installed Hardwood Dance Floor FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 GOOD FOOD At All Houn Sandwiches and Short Orders COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED All Brands Cigarettes $1.70 a* Carton Completely Air Conditioned Motel for Tourist* UBERTSClUB NEVER A DULL MOMENT/ Highway 61 Hubert Utley Holland, Mo. 3"' , 1 -.""*$ J ^f' lv '* -.> J> iA&Wfw^£-i&:'l YOU'RE THE JUDGE—The two runners-up in the "Miss Morocco of 1953" contest caused the judges a lot of pondering before they finally chose Colette Ribes, center, as the winner. Gig Fernandez, left, was second, and Jeanie Respant, right, was third. What do you think of the judges' choice, Our vast oil-using civilization is powered by the remains of marine life which form the crude petroleum of the oil wells of today. It costs about $3,000,000 a year to keep Hie while stripes on the nation's highways in good repair. A Lost Letter from a Korean Soldier to His Wife CHICAGO (/P)—"This will be my last letter to you," the lieutenant wrote his wife from Korea. "That I know, because It will not be mailed unless I am Wiled tonight." The lieutenant, James Ford of Chicane, asked a last favor of his Revenue Man Admits Bribe-Taking BOSTON ffi — Ousted Internal Revenue Collector Denis W. Dc- laney. 57, pleaded guilty t 6a bribery indictment yesterday in a surprise appearance in federal court and was sentenced to a year and a day in JM1 and fined $5,000. The first coutn of the Indictment to which Delaney leaded culpable charged acceptance of a $2,500 bribe in a tax case. . S. Attorney Anthony Julian, appearing in the courtroom in person, recommended the year and a day sentence and, $5,000 fine and Judse Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr., accepted the recommendation. C. Kcefe Hurley, Delaney's counsel, told the court that "Delaney Is exhnupied. mentally, physically and financinlly as a result of what has been going on and is still going on." He said his client now believes it best '.to dispose of the whole matter nnd start life anew." Delaney was ousted as collector by Presdient Truman on July 10, 1951, and in the following January was convicted by a federal district court iutry of bribery and falsely certify- tax lines had been satisfied. 25-year-old Wife, Jean, whom he married only eii;ht months ago. "Pray that all this shall end soon," It ended soon for James Ford, as he suspected it would. But as he wrote the letter June 13~-a few hours before leaving on a hazardous patrol deep behind Communist lines—his thoughts w«« of others. "I pray each nicht Hint they will sign a truce so these young kids can get ,nwny from this blood and death. As it is nmv, they are thrown in here ut IB and 19 before they even know what life Ls all about. It's a cruel way to have to grow tip." Mrs. Ford read and reread th« letter in her North Side apartmttit. On each reading, one fact emerged more clear, and It made her deeply proud of James Ford. "There Is no bltternesi In It," *e said. "I have no fear of going on this patrol." Ford wrote, "and I don't mind going if it will help in the .smallest way to make this messed- up world a better place to live In." He ended: "Pray . . . and always remember that I love you from the bottom of my heart." The average person walks tho Announcement Office in Ingrain Building is closed — Equipment is being moved to new office at 313 N. 2nd Street (across from American Legion Auditorium). New office will be open Monday July 6. Dr. F. Don. Smith Fedders Room Air Conditioner with "Bit in Weather Bureau' 9 A WEEK Fedders COOLS the Fedders has the cooling power of 15 refrigerators... for less than the price of one! And Fedders circulates mountain-cool air... ventilates the room... with never a draft! WRIIVGS OUT High llnsnidid, ! No more soggy days, no more soggy nights trying to sleep on a damp pillow. Fcdders removes up to 30 qts. of excess moisture every day, keeps the air healthfully dry. No pipes needed. FILTERS OUT Dirt, Soot, Pollen! Exclusive Twin Filters help protect your lungs by catching dust, dirt, soot and pollen. Helps relieve miseries of hay fever, asthma. Keeps rooms cleaner, cuts housework and dry cleaning bills! Phone 3303 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE "K TOW, the touch of a button gives you the cool, clean climate you want! Fedders Built-in Weather Bureau the ultimate in simple, flexible controls — is the greatest new advance in room air conditioning. Select the exact degree of coolness you want. Like to ventilate the room? Presto... Fcdders does it! Throw hot, muggy weather out for good. Live cool, sleep cool, work cool... with the great new Fedders Room Air Conditioner in your livingtoom, bedroom or office! Instated in a Jiffy WITH NO MOSS OR FUSS ! Fits on winclowsill without building alterations, ducts, or pipes. Works all day for a few pennies worth of electricity. Plugs in like a standard appliance. Western Auto Associate SI ore yiytheville, Arkansas Please send me youc colorful free 20-page booklet with complete information on the new Fodders Room Air Conditioners. City . Slalf-

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